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Stand with the Iranian people fighting the Islamist regime Anonymous 12/02/2019 (Mon) 03:04:04 No. 13401
Iran continues to be a threat to its neighbours and to the world. If we do not stop Iran, they will destroy our freedoms.

The Iranian people are protesting peacefully against the Iranian Islamist regime for their insistence on threatening their neighbours with death that has earned them their position as a pariah state burdened with sanctions. The regime has responded with gunfire and tear gas, because the Ayatollah does not want freedom, but rather despotic Islamism.

At this critical turning point in Iranian and world history, it is high time to ask who we wish to support. Do we want to stand with crazed dictators seeking nuclear weapons like the Iranian regime, or do we want to stand with decent democracies like Israel, America, and Saudi Arabia?

This choice is all the more important because of the crazed Islamism being exported by Iran. For instance, the Ayatollah infamously clamored for the death of an author just because he exposed the falsehood of the Moslem faith.

It is time we stood as real Americans against the Iranian regime. No more Ayatollah! No more Rouhani! We must vote to help the Iranian people! We must support one of my favourite world leaders, Netanyahu, leader of the jewish nation!
Iran is something to look up to unlike ZOGmerica
Go back to /ptg/ jew.
Virtually every terror org which has attacked the White race adheres to the sunnite branch of islam.
Iran is shia, they are only a threat to the kikes, which is good, and will sort out their mudslime problem once left alone when their indoaryan blood starts rejecting their false faith
Hopefully the Iranians realize one day they're going to have to form White Man Hezbollah in the ZOG, so we can go around killing people like OP and his family.
>Iran is shia
Didn't Iranians/Persians use to be of a different religion/ideology before islamization? I thought it was Hinduism or something.
They were Zoroastrianism, which was a dualist religion created / revealed in Persia back when Iran was completely White Aryan like Northern India was too at the time. All Abrahamic religions are rip-offs of Zoroastrianism, which really goes to show how spiritually dead the kikes are
Hezbollah, which is often called a terrorist group, primarily attacks Israel and other foreign interests in Lebanon (aka they targeted the "peacekeeper" force in Lebanon during the civil war). It is also sponsored by Iran.

In fact, most Iran-sponsored groups primarily targets Israel or other (((foreign interests))) in the Middle East. Iran sponsors many of the Palestinian militias, as well as the Houthis in Yemen.
Hahahaha, get ahold of this dirty kike shill!
No anon, they had a true aryan religion before muh zoroaster. Zoroaster was the first try to kike up the aryans in the region, but failed in the long run.
I agree actually. Zoroastrianism was the first shift away from Sanatana Dharma, and look what Abrahamic monstrosities its copycats made off of it in time.
I'm not exactly a fan of Islamism, but it isn't Iranians that control the media and education telling me to hate myself for being White, nor were they the driving force behind the Iraq War having American soldiers suffering after being poisoned from burn pits, assuming that they survived at all.
The American government and its shills want to point the finger everywhere except where it belongs: capitalists, kikes, and niggers.
>Josh Hawley
Interesting, since he was also one of the few in Congress to speak out against Internet censorship.
It's not interesting at all. Hawley is a faggot and a shill. He was very obviously a typical republican nigger loving postwar stooge from the beginning.
It is doubly delusional because the real world hard power of the US is in complete free fall. It has literally no military options with basically anyone that doesn't have to go nuclear. None of its energy machinations in Eastern Europe will work. It will be driven out of Bulgaria on a rail. PiS in Poland will be dislodged and their kosher edifice will crumble, and the US will be bounced out of there, too. Niggerfaggot US troops are living on borrowed time in South Korea, as that country will unify peacefully with the North with absolutely zero consultation with the US. Japan and the Philippines won't be far behind, as they make security deals with Russia and China, respectively.
>>13488 (Heil'd)
Yes, I never trusted his word, but it's good that you posted this. I'm going to share the hell out of it, because there were people praising him for speaking out about Internet censorship, but that's just a mask of his. Just like Macron is saying the stuff that he is now, it's bullshit, and I'm glad that more and more people are seeing right through it.
>South Korea, as that country will unify peacefully with the North with absolutely zero consultation with the US.
I can't say that that would be a good idea for North Korea to unify with the Talmud reading obsessed South. South Koreans are literally obsessed with reading the Talmud for some reasons, plus they have high circumcision rates, although it seems like it's starting to decline just like here in the States. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3526493/

NK may be Commie, although they've long since shed the Marxism–Leninism with Juche.
Always keep in mind the logical conclusion of an entity or agent's interests. It helps cut through the nonsense immediately.
The North has the nationalist credibility in Korea and they will be providing the nuclear umbrella. The philosemitic elements in the South will be smothered until they don't exist.
North Korea is one of the greatest states on Earth today and is single-handledly keeping ZOG at bay with nuclear weapons and a massive army through its songun ideology. Their anti-Zionism and hostile attitude towards Israel in general, combined with their pseudo-monarchical government makes it something to be looked up to. Let’s not forget that the DPRK has brought American White nationalists over for visits and given them free propaganda for founding Juche study groups
>Let’s not forget that the DPRK has brought American White nationalists over for visits and given them free propaganda for founding Juche study groups
Oh shit? Really? I heard that the DPRK was planning on doing research on the Third Reich, but I thought that was just a swipe at North Korea from MSM.
Yes, but the group that they allegedly got in contact with was pretty shitty, which is too bad. If I had a group it’d be worth sending the Kims a letter honestly and seeing if one could get any sort of ideological training or books from them. If they’ll give trailer park retards propaganda and a trip to the North it wouldn’t take much

I agree with Hunter Wallace's take on China, but his quote from the WSJ article does not in any way support what he claims to be the thrust of what Hawley said. I'm going to assume that he's made an incredibly retarded take on Hawley's words, otherwise he would have had a better quote to support his claim. I'm not paying the WSJ kikes just to find out if Wallace is incredibly lazy and retarded at quoting.
His quote very clearly supports that. He's saying the reason why America is declining is because of those White people "over there" and the intelligent yellow people who apparently acquired our industrial base through osmosis. He explicitly calls for a new strategy abroad -- why would we even a need a new strategy abroad? All of America's problems are from deindustrialization and non-White immigration, specifically to shape the country to the ruling proclivities of jewish neoliberalism [the people who pay Hawley]. America's foreign policy at this juncture is centered entirely around routing tens of millions of niggers into European countries to make them more like America and less like Russia because they want to have a big military confrontation to block Russian hydrocarbons from heading West.
Do you think Kim knows about imageboards?
(21.43 KB 620x388 kim jong un laughs at you.jpg)
Kim probably shitposts all day long. I know for a fact that he'd gulag the trannies at /leftypol/ if he could
(9.76 MB 1280x720 Hezbollah.webm)
Hezbollah is the crypto-SS, too bad they are filled with shitmuds and worship le semitic moon good.

Netanyahu is the apex kike, he is jewing the other jews. They are his goyim.
Fuck all you mudshits. Death to every last non-White, non-Christian subhuman filth. Get the fuck out of White countries and get the fuck off of this board, sandnigger.
(3.62 MB 640x360 KIM.webm)
kek I wish to shitpost with Dear Leader one of these days.
(662.52 KB 1192x1352 christcucks 2.jpg)
(330.12 KB 864x494 christiany national socialism.png)
Back to Cuckchan, spiritual semite.

"The Führer is deeply religious, though completely anti-Christian. He views Christianity as a symptom of decay. Rightly so. It is a branch of the jewish race. This can be seen in the similarity of their religious rites. Both (Judaism and Christianity) have no point of contact to the animal element, and thus, in the end they will be destroyed. The Führer is a convinced vegetarian on principle."
t. Goebbels Diaries, 29 December 1939
OP is literally a CIA operative.
>implying there is a difference
Why are you calling people shills instead of refuting their arguments? It is well established that Iran cannot be trusted with nukes. Is anyone who points out that truth somehow a CIA operative now?
>well established
Established by whom? I'm not the one calling others shill but literally everything we know about Iran is presented to us through the jewish lens.
Shut the fuck up yid, you will find no brainwashed cuckservative boomers here.
(547.75 KB 1537x1066 Ben names the semites.jpeg)

You both stole our technology for building nukes, and we don't give a fuck about your internal semitic infighting.

Go Kill Yourself => Make The Yahweh Proud Of You.
Iran is destabilizing the Middle East with its anti-Semitic campaign and its attacks on oil tankers. We must stop Iran before it starts targeting us. They've already targeted Rushdie and others who have criticized their religion.
(26.43 KB 441x300 iran_nuclear.jpg)
Wtf I love Iran now
based ancient Aryans
hatred of the jew is in their genes and someday their blood will revolt against their false faith
>Oy Vey goyim
>Iran is great goyim
>Believe in Islam
>t. George Schlomo Soros
lol. so this is a troll right? why would i care if someone targets that brown satanist?
they think recycling the old boomer script is going to work on you.
>Unironically shilling against Iran on /pol/ of all places

Why is this spam still up? Yeah, I get that it's ironic, but a thread died for this.

If anything, anons who are fed up with kikery are better off joining Hezbollah, that way they can actually kill some kikes in an organized, tactical manner. Much better than randomly shooting people at home. Maybe /pol/ should make Iran as it's base of operations. I'm sure that their govt would appreciate our expertise on certain matters
(1.12 MB 2040x1509 nika.jpg)
Iran is a dangerous ticking time bomb. If it blows, it would hurt the average White person the most. Iran has been exporting its terrorism and extremism overseas, as seen in the Rushdie incident. Iran must be stopped, and it's clear that you Nazi LARPers do not like to hear the truth.
(1.12 MB 2040x1509 nika.jpg)
Iran is a dangerous ticking time bomb. If it blows, it would hurt the average White person the most. Iran has been exporting its terrorism and extremism overseas, as seen in the Rushdie incident. Iran must be stopped, and it's clear that you Nazi LARPers do not like to hear the truth.>>13967
(474.16 KB 1186x768 ueryiuw3y.png)
>Plebbitfaggot (((/ptg/))) thread
Yikes, fuck off ben garrison
JEWS like Dennis Prager and Ben Shapiro have been vocal opponents of mass immigration. The "JEWISH" liberals are basically just liberal White people, since they do not believe in JUDAISM. Those who believe in JUDAISM have never been a threat, and instead are our friend
Shoah Status: Annuddah
We should take all the sanctions that are placed on Iran, take them off of Iran, and place them on Israel instead. They're the rogue nuclear state (we know this thanks to Mordechai Vanunu), they sponsor terrorism (ISIS), and they've attacked the United States (USS Liberty).
(1.18 MB 708x1115 White_man's_burden.png)
(1.31 MB 1700x1252 stuck_in_the_middle_east.jpg)

Nobody cares about your internal semitic conflicts, foreskinsucker.

Go fuck yourself with your "Oded yinon plan" and shove your "Samson option" into your ass.

>The "JEWISH" liberals are basically just liberal White people,
>just liberal White people
>but not the jews, goy !

Daily reminder, that jews are not White and Cultural Marxism (a.k.a liberalism) is a jewish tool to undermine the Western societies.


no cookies?