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(649.10 KB 871x1540 conservative failure.png)
Anonymous 12/03/2019 (Tue) 12:21:16 No. 13529
Conservatives are the real enemy at this point. What has the GOP ever done for the White working class man?
Far left anti-White jews masquerading as conservatives in order to pacify White resistance. Popular "conservatives" like Ben Shapiro and Dave Rubin fit this perfectly.
They are controlled opposition and have always been our enemies. They conserve nothing, they always cave in the end and they are adherents to memes like democracy and equality. They think things were good 50 years ago, the truth is that Imperial Rome should be our ideal, not some idealized jew-controlled America in the 1950s
I agree.
The two party/left-right system is the way ZOG was able to take control of all Western countries by infiltrating both sides.
Both must be destroyed if we want to reach a new dawn for Western civilization.
if you vote at all, win or lose, you consent to be governed. by not voting, anything the government does ins non consentual.
They're liberals and accept liberal claims.
Boomerbot strikes again!
(338.47 KB 1536x864 Conservatards 16x9.png)
(263.59 KB 576x527 conservatard.png)
Conservative. Centrist. Coward. Coincidence?
goddman boomerbot, can't even report it because captchas don't work
>Oy vey goyim believe in my made up freeman on the land theories that will save you!
NO! Romans 13 says that governments have legitimacy, period.
They'll concede mass immigration, to a degree, so long as the goyim are giving their lives to expand Israel's borders.
Worse, they are usually "legal immigration" shills that accept the 1965 Hart-Celler act which doomed America to complete replacement. "We want the best and brighest to help fuel our (((capitalist))) economy, no matter their race or origin!"
Fuck off, you dumb kikenigger. jews are mixing out/declinging faster than Whites. They're degenerate by their very nature, which is why they're letting in non-jews. Rabbis want some exotic shiksas to fuck.

Mods, ban this nigger.



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