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(241.83 KB 1450x1250 tarrantcelebration.png)
Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.5 Anonymous 12/03/2019 (Tue) 13:55:51 No. 13538
This thread is about discussion, memes, latest news about Brenton Tarrant.
Previous threads
1) http://archive.is/a5aDR
2) http://archive.fo/LxW4E
3) http://archive.ph/PCUfW
4) http://archive.md/7m8Hn
It’s getting close to the time when there is usually another copycat, at least according to trends. I think it’s a Friday though so I’d guess late for the 7th if we were lucky enough for a happening
5th best massacre in New Zealand and most kino massacre in the World!
(7.16 MB 854x480 4chan_8chan_anons.mp4)
Our Lad's bringing NZ into the 21st century
(335.17 KB 500x369 effortpost.png)
We might get better quality effort posts in a years time.
lads, should we co-opt the "world famous in New Zealand" phrase for Saint Tarrant?
(62.14 KB 187x292 1575194189402.png)
Last thread reached 500 replies pretty fast.
Can't wait for court hearing on Dec 12, hoping for a glimpse of the man himself this time.
I’ve never been in a better thread than that. I was mindlessly browsing /pol/ and clicked on the thread for some reason when it had less then ten replies and nobody knew that it wasn’t a LARP. I was expecting a LARP and didn’t click on any of the files because of it until people started flipping out. By the time I clicked the Kikebook link the grenadier march had started playing and he was marching into the mosque nonchalantly. It was surreal and my heart was pounding. It was a huge adrenaline rush. I started laughing when he started blasting. Fuck it’ll never get better than that.

Share your stories about discovering Tarrant and your first reactions, anons
(1.13 MB 3029x888 chads.jpg)
Is there a Stephan Balliet added version of this meme?
>Can't wait for court hearing on Dec 12, hoping for a glimpse of the man himself this time.
Now I have something to look forward to. They seem to be intent on silencing him. Last time he tried to speak and appeared on camera his mic was muted. I’m glad he still has his fighting spirit though
If you’re looking for a chad rendition of Balliet I don’t think it exists yet since let’s be honest I can’t think of one chad-like deed except for his homemade loadout. I have a virgin edit though. If anyone has any more chad-like deeds that he did lemme know and I could attempt to make an edit later.
(450.59 KB 477x656 Uncorked.gif)
I woke up the morning after to everyone going crazy, first thing I was able to nab was a low quality webm post from an archive or somewhere, cant remember exactly. I started watching it and it awoke some kind of autism in me. Literally choreographing a mass shooting on livestream, next level. Got a hold of his manifesto and loved the QnA format (RIP The Lost Pages). I began trying to amass all the information I could, found the original upload made a few shit memes, but mostly just started saving everything I could. Memes, archive links, court appearances, some news stories etc. Recently I have been motivated to get into better shape almost all thanks to Brenton and his transformation.
Only other thing I can think of is he managed to stream it in HD. Otherwise he is a major fuck-up who sperged out after failing to plan and killed 2 Germans IMO.

This is pretty funny though, but he couldn't even get through it without messing up
The “autism awakening” is relatable. It’s been months now and I still check the news almost daily and watch his stream at least every week or so. I think it is the same with many anons. Like a bolt out of the blue an anon steps up to the challenge and changes everything and introduces new ideological streams of thought and even when captured by ZOG we see him standing defiant and full of good humor.
>I have been motivated to get into better shape almost all thanks to Brenton and his transformation.
Same here. He is representing us here at /pol/ well with his Übermensch physique
(897.13 KB 1280x720 Smirk.mp4)
That smirk too, god he was living it up. He knew what he had started.
(781.97 KB 440x330 santa tarrant.gif)
I woke up after it had happened. Heard the news and immediately went on 8pol, watched the video while still only half awake. It was so surreal however that it took a few days for it to sink in, and I was constantly thinking about the video, it was playing in my head over and over, particularly when trying to sleep. Skimmed through the manifesto, then read it more closely again. Followed the news and collected everything I could find relating to the event. It developed into an obsession. A little while later I made some memes of my own, of varying quality. Seeing them circulate was fun. For a period there were many Tarrant and Ebba threads daily on cuckchan, which was very enjoyable, easily my favorite part of the day back then, despite the shill infestation there. I started recognizing a few other anons that participated in them frequently, among them a Czech, one American, one Italian and one Russian, it was quite comfy when the gang came together and shared and discussed the latest news and memes.
(9.14 MB 720x486 christchurch_reaction.webm)
Same here, especially since 8chan closed I now save literally everything I find, I archive useful stuff and search for news every day to keep me updated.

Since I am an Eurofag I didn't catch the thing as it happened.
I woke up to go to work, I went to poo in loo as I always do and went to a chan in my language for some early morning shitposting (pun intended) and saw that someone had opened a thread about Christchurch.
I clicked on the Liveleak link of the video and watched the thing in complete disbelief. Later I saved both video and manifesto, and in the following weeks I became more and more interested in everything relating Tarrant.
I loved the comfy memetic warfare threads on 8chan. Then the kikes shut it down, I wandered for a while and finally found Nein and noticed that the mods were not pathetic cucks like other places and allowed the discussion, so I stayed.

I think we cannot expect any regular schedule for such happenings.
After all, nobody expected a Tarrant to ever happen.
kek, the "Manshaus chad" is the most forced, try hard meme ever.

anyone have a transcript of this? what a fucking sperg
"Hi my name is anon and I think the holocaust never happened

Human race is a spe(cies? Idk he slurs up here)

Feminism is the cause of the decline of *something* in the west which acts as a scapegoat for mass immigration
and the root of all these problems is the jew.

Would you like to be friends?"
(92.76 KB 789x789 templar-cross-on-black.jpg)
We need to establish an organised POW aid committee for Our Lad. We don't want him sitting in that cell 23 hours a day alone questioning whether it was all worth it. As far as we know, he's unaware of the copycats and all the memes. It is our duty to keep him motivated until the trial. If we don't actively support him IRL we are nothing but edgy kids spouting shit behind a screen.
We can't guarantee his mind is strong enough to withstand the solitary confinement and continue the shitposting though he is a very strong willed and determined man.
We need to organise somewhere safe, secret and secure from shills and feds. There was supposed to be a tarrantchan.org meme archive from the 8chan days but it doesn't appear to still be up. If we can, we should create a special Tarrant/pol/ on Tor or something and group together letter writers there.

Firstly, we can try sending letters about random, non-political topics he might be interested in like travel, environmentalism and bodybuilding while dropping a few dogwhistles to slip under the nose of the authorities if he's still allowed letters of an innocent nature. If not now then after the trial. Without a reply, we'll have to simply write about stuff ourselves to put a smile on his face. Something like a postcard that he can keep in his cell.
If we can't send written letters then send printouts of the sort of classical European art he posted to Facebook. That should surely be sufficient for him to stick to the wall beside his desk and bed. Memes will obviously he rejected.
I suggest sending him a copy of Solitary Fitness by Charles Bronson.
If we can, financially support him too.
Postcards sound like a good idea, if indeed he is allowed to keep them in his cell, then it's great because every postcard has a photo or picture and you can send postcards regularly with photos of nature, traditional architecture, themes like that, and include a simple apolitical greeting as well to cheer him up and make him aware he has many sympathizers out there. Will he receive them if sent anonymously?
Unsure of anything official, but my guess is anonymous shit probably wouldn't make it to him. Just put some bullshit name and return address on it, worst case scenario postcard gets lost and you have to send another.
I bet he would appreciate some Christmas cards
>kek, the "Manshaus chad" is the most forced, try hard meme ever.
He made it himself if I remember right
>Feminism is the cause of the decline of *something* in the west which acts as a scapegoat for mass immigration
and the root of all these problems is the jew.
> which acts as a scapegoat for mass immigration
Is that even correct English? "feminism acts as a scapegoat"
English isn't my main language, but this sounds completely wrong to me.

He made a meme about chad himself?
kek, this is cringe and based at the same time.
If you are talking about the pic he posted in his OP, that one did not include a chad about himself. I doubt someone would write about themselves that they are "swimming in pristine Nordic pussy"
If one were to write to Brenton what would be the best way to go about it? My draft covers the following:
>holiday greetings
>asked him if he has ever visited my country
>suggested some good natural areas to see if he ever visited
>say that I hope that he has remained in good spirits and strong despite the odds
>recommended two or three books to read in case he is bored along subtlety redpilled themes that he likes or might like (one I was going to suggest was about the Amish and how they have successfully avoided many of the problems of Industrial society and also Jacques Ellul's The Technological Society''
>wish him a White Christmas

I wanted to recommend the Bhagavad Gita but that book's message is basically "kill them because its your duty" so I doubt that they'd let that fly
>even correct English?
dear god, give that guy a break. he's german, he doesn't need to be fluent in english, you don't learn that by shitposting.
>feminism acts as a scapegoat
He used the wrong word but as a native English speaker I know what he meant. He should have just said feminism is a contributing factor to mass immigration. His English wasn't that bad
Rolling for ASCII value of the first character of the next IRL effortposter's name.
I was wondering why the media was skirting around his kill so much. It was a chinkshit not his real sister
Bit harsh, isn't it? Asians normally integrate extremely well into Nordic countries. They often have high IQ and know how to behave. He should've just gone after the Muslims and spared his adopted stepsister
(149.22 KB 850x400 1557428872813.png)
>it's OK to be racially replaced as long as they "know how to behave"
>muh integration
(435.54 KB 1746x1655 bt25.png)
(187.15 KB 850x400 tarrant quote NEW.png)
Have any more Tarrant quote images? I think they are effective
It's not an invasion to be in another country. It's an invasion to actively be in another with the intention to specifically outbreed the race that already are there like the Muslims are encouraged to do by the Quran. Just like it wasn't an invasion for Brenton Tarrant to visit Pakistan and North Korea. Work exists, and it's possible to work in another continent if you didn't realize. At least the Asian don't get 14 kids only for them to turn into terrorists.
Here is 2 I have
(92.34 KB 1191x665 its the birthrates tarrant.jpg)
>It's not an invasion to be in another country. It's an invasion to actively be in another with the intention to specifically outbreed the race that already are there like the Muslims are encouraged to do by the Quran.
This is more "if they're here peacefully it's okay". America is being submerged by non-Whites, the vast majority of them non-Muslims, yet this is still an invasion. Any sort of ZOG-sponsored mass immigration or invitation of racially alien elements into White nations is an invasion. "Peaceful" non-Whites are invaders. These people are weaponized and brought in for the sole reason to destroy us and fill the coffers of (((capitalists))). Multiculturalism and multiracialism is a failed ideology. All non-Whites must and will leave.
>Just like it wasn't an invasion for Brenton Tarrant to visit Pakistan and North Korea.
That's called tourism.
>Work exists, and it's possible to work in another continent if you didn't realize.
Non-Whites are not entitled to live and work in White lands at the expense of the native population.
>At least the Asian don't get 14 kids only for them to turn into terrorists.
They are replacing our people. Go back to Asia. Manshaus' """"""sister"""""" should have never left Asia.
>dear god, give that guy a break. he's german, he doesn't need to be fluent in english, you don't learn that by shitposting.

In Germany, a lot of people know English. Especially people who spend a significant amount of time on the internet. It's strange that he didn't. Plus he could have used Google Translate, or he could have just made his statements in proper German. Would have been less cringe.
It should be pointed out as well that in certain places such as Australia and Canada, Asians (e.g. Chinese) are a large share of the migrants that are increasingly and at a rapid pace replacing the White majority population by colonizing our territory.
I would guess that Mashaus just had an argument with his sister, then killed her out of anger, and then just thought to himself "well my life is ruined now, might as well go full Tarrant"
Since he killed his stepsister, normies probably just assumed he was mentally ill.
He was probably just nervous.

That's the same opinion I have about Manshaus.
We'll see what will come out from his trial.

>If we can, financially support him too.
I believe we should really focus on this.
I am pretty sure he is receiving some amount of mail already - it will always be a good thing to make him feel at least a bit less alone - but at the end of the day the most solid way to help him is donating to make his imprisonment less of an hellish experience. Having money to spend in things he will need is truly of great help.
I am not in New Zealand and beside the few informations that can be found on prison's website I have no idea if and how it could be done.
Has any of you alerady called the prison to ask for this type of information - at least to have a confirmation that donations can actually be done?
These might be helpful for inquiry:

The lawyer's address for paper letters
C/O Shane Tait
12/9 Freeman Way, Manukau, Auckland 1010 PO Box 76 538, Manukau City 2241, New Zealand

The lawyer's email
[email protected]

Penitentiary email, because I did not find prison email
[email protected]

Prison phone numbers
+64(09) 442 6600
+640800 256 566 >>13616
>Is there a Stephan Balliet added version of this meme?
I tried my best to salvage something from this train wreck but oh well ... find out for yourself here
Very nice, I will edit him into the pantheon. I think I'm going to redo the text on Manshaus and make it less cringe
Thanks lad, maybe put a little Darth Vader helmet on Manshaus, with just his lower face showing, that would be funny. But yeah the text needs some love or maybe it's just too much
(1.46 MB 3987x888 chads updated.png)
(54.70 KB 1014x1024 virgin you.png)
Shit I originally posted this in the wrong thread >>13630. Okay I've got the chad listing updated completely. Make sure to read the new text I gave to Manshaus. It was hard to think of what to put but I tried to make it less cringey than the original textwall of unfunny shit. The second thing is just a shitpost don't take it too seriously.
I wouldn't even know at what time to call to NZ from my hemisphere lol.

Anyway I follow the shitposting on cuckchan and I have read several times kiwi flags giving details about the supposed conditions of Tarrant's detention.
I recall one of these comments saying that prison's "chefs" were ruining Brenton's food so that he had to buy it from commissary, but that no one except Brenton's mother was authorized to put money on his account, and also that when they asked his mom to accept some donation money she told them to fuck off (the poster never specified who these people donating money were).
I don't know if those anonymous comments can be trusted, but either way I'd like to know more, because if there is a way to donate in a secure manner from abroad I will definitely do it.
Here's a site that will give you a better idea of what time it is over there:

I've heard similar tales about what's going on with his imprisonment. I also read on Cuckchan that if you ask them on the phone about Tarrant they get pissy and ask why you'd want to give him money or help so make sure you have some good excuse if you do call (pretend to be a Christcuck and say that you help all human beings or something, they'd probably buy it). Wouldn't hurt to shoot his lawyer an email too.>>13632
very well done anon.
>shoot his lawyer an email

Also a good advice.
Tips for a quick, easy, dummy-proof anonymous email service?
cock.li. Just make the email domain the airmail.cc option so it doesn’t look ridiculous with the “cock” ending
>the other thread
>not at bump limit
Sloppy job, shill
Take your meds
Anons will literally kill you given the opportunity
>Last post in that thread
12/04/2019 (Wed) 00:19:39 No. 13630

>This thread was made
12/03/2019 (Tue) 13:55:51 No. 13538

Like a clockwork. Here we may observe the shillus judaeus seething with it's favorite canned response after being exposed
You fucking retard, the reason there was a post in that thread so recently was because this anon here >>13631 accidentally posted in that thread

Yeah, it reached 500 posts before that.
>the virgin you
If this is a preview of memes in 2020 things are gonna get real spicey
I could definitely see that meme featured in some sort of jewish news article for scaremongering about Whites becoming radicalized. Kek I hope it happens
I never saw the thread or the stream live (saw it like an hour later) but I remember having one hell of a rush and a huge grin when I first watched it.

One of his biggest strokes of genius was filming it in first-person. Viewing it from his POV immerses you and gives you a part of the rush I'm sure he was having. Imagine if Breivik had done this.

Similar to Breivik, I'm sure it required a lot of mental training/meditation to do what he did without his hands shaking like crazy, or losing his cool.

He is proof of the necessity of lurking for two years before posting (in minecraft).
(328.15 KB 643x2546 1574061225460.jpg)
have sex incels
Both are important and needed.

Then again, the image was created by the (((New Awakening))). While I don’t oppose the PNW Imperative, (((New Awakening))) is a faggot larp.
The Great Replacement:
>If you believe we need to correct the White birth rates, why didn’t you start a family and do it yourself? Because if we do not destroy the invaders first, our own birthrates will mean nothing. We do not have the birth rates to fight them at their game, nor should we as it is ultimately destructive to nature and culture.

>What can we do to fix it? The issue is complicated, far more complicated and difficult to fix than the issue of Ethnic replacement. Likely a new society will need to be created with a much greater focus on family values, gender and social norms and the value and importance of nature, culture and race

You can't outbreed an invasion. The birth rates problem is not something that will be solved by a handful of the most dedicated activists pumping out as many kids as possible in an attempt to counter the number of the invaders pouring in - that won't work.
(95.59 KB 820x1024 1553078986990.jpg)
Wasn't cock.li taken down by the feds recently? there is a thread in the catalog about it.

go back to cuckchan, Moshe.
(104.86 KB 512x512 basedfroggie.jpg)
thanks for that
here's another one, that old french dude. unfortunately there's next to nothing to hear about him. maybe some french anon can shed some light on the matter
I remember this based old man. I want to hope he never went to jail because of his age.
I'm not sure he's still alive but where ever he is, he is at peace. He's done his part, nothing to blame himself for
what's his name?
I’ll believe this isn’t a LARP if they actually fight ZOG, otherwise they’re just running to another corner of the country where they’ll inevitably be genocided and replaced in time.
A book was recently published, "Fascists Among Us: online hate and the Christchurch massacre" by Jeff Sparrow. Don't pay for this book obviously as the author is anti-White. However it's interesting to know which books have or will be published about the Christchurch event. I expect more will be published in the next few years. Breivik got several books written about him, including one lengthy biography ("One of Us" by Seierstad).
I just read a review of this book, apparently it's shit and full of fallacies.
it's not out there yet, tho other of this lol works

this might be fun
Trigger Warnings: political correctness and the rise of the right [Paperback ed.]
I bought a book about Breivik a while back and realized I wasted my money about half way through. The author went on and on about Breivik’s relationship with his mother and how this was possibly a cause for his attack (gotta love that jewish pathologization of everything, no one can have real convictions!) and fell for the Christcuck Zionist narrative that Breivik 4D-chessed everyone with. The only thing that made it worth my purchase was the fact that it came with detailed maps of Utøya and the surrounding area and unintentionally redpilled me about exactly how pozzed those commies in the AUF actually were. The only good books about Breivik’s attacks I’ve read have been academic ones like my second pic related, which went into good detail about his preparation for the attack and comparisons with similar cases. JSTOR has some good stuff too. I’m sure many trash books by journokikes will come out before we get any real good material on Tarrant and Christchurch. I hope we get scans though because I love to read what they say even though it tortures me to read some of this Semitic garbage
You used to be able to download Saint Tarrant's manifesto from Library Genesis but it looks like they cucked out.
The fact that one can get Breivik’s manifesto on there still but not Tarrant’s shows how much they are afraid of him. It really says a lot about the impact of Tarrant’s writing, and I say this as a Breivikfag
(23.48 KB 972x203 4ch.png)
They truly did not expect something like Tarrant to ever happen, they thought their genocidal plan would have go on smoothly without a single retaliation.
However pic related is currently on cuckchan, so I guess some of those vermins made it here.
I just saw that post a minute ago (I’m in that thread right now too). It really makes me think how the same image is being shilled on multiple boards today. More (((deradicalization))), it seems. The whole cuckchan thread is pozzed actually, I see some people are saying Tarrant did what he did because he couldn’t find a woman. This reads like jewish rationalizations where everything revolves around sex
Yes, the incel narrative is always something the shills rely on for their demoralization, even several MSM articles mentioned this (links and screenshots of such articles can still be found in previous threads).
(2.86 MB 1434x1080 1575317452126.png)
(1.64 MB 4032x3024 1575313215841.jpg)
(1.57 MB 4032x3024 1575313829240.jpg)
(105.00 KB 825x668 1575318158870.jpg)
Is that your letter, anon?
>pic 3
>dat stamp
he'll like it
These >>13710 >>13711 I saw posted by a girl on cuckchan the other day.
If she's for real, she should really be careful about getting doxxed and/or harrassed by shitskins that can be abundantly found in her country.
If she lives in France she really has to watch out. They’re pretty far along in their own replacement with Africans and Muslims as far as I’m aware. France needs its own Tarrant

That said,
>tfw no Tarrant-admiring gf
This pic builds on the assumption that there still are decent women out there, while in reality there aren't, especially not like pic related. A young couple marrying today has a 90%-plus chance of getting a divorce at some point.
If a women has had more than 2 or 3 partners, there is already something like a 70% chance of divorce, and this statistic is distorted by couples who married decades ago. (If someone has the pic, feel free to post it)
The people who are still promoting "le get married meme" are people who are much older than the anons on the chans, sometimes literally boomers. If I remember correctly, New Awakening are a bunch of oldfags too.

The only place you will find women worth marrying is in fringe groups like Christian Fundamentalists and Mormons for example.

If a man really wants children, he could always start a family, with the expectation of getting a divorce eventually. At least he will have passed on his genes, but he would have to be okay with losing a large portion of his wealth and would be willing to take the risk that his ex-wife/ex-girlfriend raises his children as degenerates.

It would be much better for White men to stick together and fix the current situation, than it would be to take their chances and get married. This obviously wouldn't have to be done through violence, but through political action.

>This reads like jewish rationalizations where everything revolves around sex
In the end, everything does revolve around sex, just not in the way the jews explain it.
jews will also say that we only have the believes that we have because we are a bunch of pissed off incels/virgins. This is obviously not true. But it is true that the only people who will get redpilled are people with extra time on their hands (so they can browse the internet) and those are disproportionately virgins/incels.

In the eighties and nineties a lot of White nationalists gave up on a political solution. Most of them just moved to the country side, got married and started a family. Nowadays that option doesn't really exist anymore. This is why we are seeing so many mass shooters.
>so many mass shooters.
This is a kike made up lie that they inflate for clicks on their shitty websites and to boost audience share on their crap tv shows, mass shootings are not more frequent than other violent crimes, most of them are carried by criminal gangs especially made up of niggers and political violence has seen overall more left wing attacks than right wing attacks.
(619.17 KB 787x554 paulie.PNG)

>word to the wise, remember Pearl Harbor!
this should be stickied somewhere. Most important thing to do now. Most people have no idea what just a normal, good spirited letter can do to your mood when in prison, let alone solitary. It's a small thing for anyone to do, yet tremendously big one for the man behind the bars. Letters literally keep people alive there, for decades often.

One should also note that after he is sentenced, the regime will probably ease quite a bit. He is now in worst phase. The current letter censorship is mostly not because of some ill will by the state (which is there too, without a doubt) but because anything related to his prank will be noted and could potentially work against or for his case during the court standing. This inherently falls away when the sentence is called, so fingers crossed, memes by letter might be possible in upcoming months.

By the way is captcha so extremely fucky for anyone else or is it just me? Fucking hell this is annoying.
I was obviously (primarily) talking about right-wing mass shooters, like Tarrant. And I meant "many" as in compared to the past.
There has undeniably been an increase in pro-White mass shooters the last few years, especially in 2019 alone. I think that is what anon was referring to in particular:

>Breivik (2011)
>Roof (2015)
>Bissonette (2017)
>Bowers (2018)
>Tarrant (2019)
>Earnest (2019)
>Crusius (2019)
>Manshaus (2019)
>Balliet (2019)
>By the way is captcha so extremely fucky for anyone else or is it just me?
It’s always shitty unfortunately. Try filling it out a few times and then refreshing the page
(234.93 KB 470x490 French Hero Claude Sinké.jpg)
His name seems to be Claude Sinké. I just found this photo of him and now I feel bad. He's looks like that wonderful grandpa everybody wants to have.

>Sinké (2019)
>By the way is captcha so extremely fucky
Yes it is.
I can only get around it by closing the tab and reopening it (and being careful in copypasting my comment before doing so to post it).
I still cannot do reports instead. Now when I try to report a window pops up saying that my IP has been rangebanned (but I am not rangebanned, and the report cannot go in anyway).

I agree on the letters, but I am also looking forward to some kiwi anon who can give specific details for donations to Tarrant's prison account and how it works for that prison.
Too bad grandpa Śinke didn’t get any points. It’s been downhill since August unfortunately
for me (torfag, no JS) it's okay, get it right 4 out 5 times, doesn't have to renew it too often

>I still cannot do reports instead.
same problem, doesn't show the captcha at all

>specific details for donations
didn't we have something on that in thread 3 or 4? as far as i know, only his mother is allowed at the moment to deposit money on his prison account

>Too bad grandpa Śinke didn’t get any points.
from what i read it seems he just wanted to burn down a car and was surprised, he started firing only then
>I still cannot do reports instead. Now when I try to report a window pops up saying that my IP has been rangebanned (but I am not rangebanned, and the report cannot go in anyway).
I have the same issue. Sometimes it’d be nice if I were able to report boomerbot, shills or the retards who routinely shit up the Breivik thread. I’m kind of a newfag (from /fascist/, thanks Slate!), but have the mods here ever said anything about why it’s so fucked up
>only his mother is allowed at the moment to deposit money on his prison account
Fucking why?
So is this confirmed or not?

>have the mods here ever said anything about why it’s so fucked up
No idea. I wanted to report that motherfucker pedo spamming 8channel here, but I cannot.
It's based on hearsay. An anon said he wanted to deposit money but wasn't allowed to. I have no idea if that's true. He said also prison is pretty allergic to people asking anything about him which wouldn't surprise me.
Nobody is on his side and even his lawyers don't seem to have any interest in doing anything besides what they legally have to.
It may be possible to hire a lawyer yourself to make such inquiries and force them to respect his rights. Prisoners do have legal rights after all.
(197.44 KB 1086x743 bt76.png)
(15.03 KB 255x207 1562452794192.jpg)
Excellent job!
>WELLINGTON, New Zealand — New Zealand’s prime minister said she will do all she can to stop a man accused of killing 51 Muslim worshippers from spreading his message of hate at his trial, while she hopes artificial intelligence will one day stop such attacks from being broadcast online.

>Ardern said she thought he would try to use the trial to promote his views.

>“It’s clear that a part of this individual’s motivation is creating a platform for himself. I think that’s absolutely clear,” she said. “And I think every opportunity we can to deprive the alleged terrorist of that should be utilized.”

>She said she was limited in what she could do but was encouraged by the pledge of New Zealand’s major media outlets to avoid promoting White supremacist ideology when covering the trial.

(1018.00 KB 695x900 1563103271452.png)
>globohomo cunt begs for more censorship and restriction of freedom

color me shocked
(992.09 KB 2581x3729 chad-pyramid.jpg)
(1.17 MB 1768x2472 1567170638813.png)
Nice pyramid.
(1.32 MB 1775x682 chain-of-control.png)
Saint Tarrant is the all seeing eye on top of the pyramid.

This is a nice idea, but I think it might be improved further by switching the characters so that at the end of the line there is a kvetching kike being baited.
Might be:
Saint Tarrant with the subscribe to PdP bait --> Anon with the shitposting bait --> Jacinda/someone representing the politicians with the censorship bait --> Angry White people in tactical gear offering an oven-bait to the kvetching kike at the end of the line.
I would do it if I had any graphic skill.
(419.32 KB 1555x1024 chad anton lundin pettersson.jpg)
Does anyone have a compilation of the pre-Tarrant chads?
Very nice work
I have these, Bowers and Breivik

do we have chads for all of them actually?

>Anders B. Breivik (2011)
>Anton L. Pettersson 2015
Dylann S. Roof (2015)
Alexandre Bissonette (2017)
Luca Traini 2018
>Robert G. Bowers (2018)
>Brenton H. Tarrant (2019)
>John T. Earnest (2019)
>Patrick Crusius (2019)
>Philip Manshaus (2019)
>Stephan Balliet (2019)
>Claude Sinké (2019)

three are missing as I see it
I can get to work on Traini in a little bit. I don't mind doing more but I don't want to hog all of the chad-creation, especially since I created the Bowers one, the Pettersson one and the Crusius one
>I don't want to hog all of the chad-creation
same here, I made Sinké and Balliet and i think some new thoughts are needed
Anyone got the Ukrainian translation of The Great Replacement? Can't seem to find a proper PDF anywhere.
Yeah I know how you feel about that. I think I might wait a day or two and see if anyone else tries to make any edits.
Nothing on this planet could convince me that this isn't what a legitimate deradicalization shill looks like
(489.48 KB 2048x1012 1518402874694.png)
Fine, now you can collect your shekel and go back to cuckchan spamming ecelebs threads.

I have this Traini that I saved back then, the part about the virgin Roof can just be cut out.
fake and gay

cool, thnx, I actually didn't even know of him before today
(91.48 KB 634x709 me and my bitches.jpg)
Holy shit you can see the blood at the end of his sword. Tarrant was an Anton fan before it was cool.
Livestreamed first-person sword attack when?
>Oy vey goyim
>Please unskeptically buy into my astroturf campaign to create lone wolf attacks as a pretext to crack down on you
>Please continue fantasizing about bringing about a revolution by killing a handful of innocent people
>Please do not use healthy methods of national rejuvenation like embracing Judaeo-Christian tradition
>t. George Soros et al.
I knew some cuckchan kike shill would've come here after some aussie cunt advertised Nein left and right.
>oy vey there’s no reason why a White man would strike back against ZOG
Back to Cuckchan
>I have no argument so you're a cuck
>Please dream about DOTR and support useless criminal actions so we can crack down on you
>t. Glownibba
>just let us genocide you, you don’t wanna get in trouble do you goy
*Peak cuckery alert*

Jacinda Ardern determined to stop alleged Christchurch mosque gunman from spreading hate at trial

>Prime minister Jacinda Ardern said she will do all she can to stop a man accused of killing 51 Muslim worshippers from spreading his message of hate at his trial, while she hopes artificial intelligence will one day stop such attacks from being broadcast online.
>Australian White supremacist Brenton Tarrant, 29, has been charged with 51 counts of murder, 40 counts of attempted murder and one count of terrorism in the attacks and goes on trial next June.
>Ardern said she thought he would try to use the trial to promote his views.
>"It's clear that a part of this individual's motivation is creating a platform for himself. I think that's absolutely clear," she said. "And I think every opportunity we can to deprive the alleged terrorist of that should be utilised."
>She said she was limited in what she could do but was encouraged by the pledge of New Zealand's major media outlets to avoid promoting White supremacist ideology when covering the trial.

>Farid Ahmed, whose wife Husna was killed in the attack on the Al Noor mosque, said New Zealanders were initially confused about what to think. But a week later at Muslim prayers in Christchurch, Ardern gave a nationally televised speech that Ahmed said united people with three simple words: "We are one."
>"It was so beautiful, in just one sentence," Ahmed said.

Terror accused 'planned attack on Fife Islamic Centre'
A potential disciple has been arrested again

>Sam Imrie pleaded not guilty to a string of allegations at the High Court in Glasgow.
>Sam Imrie, 22, faced a string of allegations including claims he was going to attack Fife Islamic Centre in Glenrothes.
>He is also said to have made social media posts "glorifying terrorist acts" committed by individuals including Anders Brevik and Brenton Tarrant.
>The offences were allegedly racially-aggravated and motivated by religious prejudice. Imrie's charges span between June 2018 and July 2019.
>Prosecutors at the High Court in Glasgow alleged he put comments about Brevik, Tarrant and others on Facebook and a site called Telegram.
>He is accused of being offensive towards Muslim and jewish communities and "encouraging acts of violence and threats".

>A second charge states Imrie "with the intention of committing acts of terrorism" allegedly engaged "in conduct in preparation" of them.
>The court indictment claims he made online statements that he "intended to stream live footage of an incident" and was going to "carry out an attack on the Fife Islamic Centre".
>Imrie is said to have turned up there with a petrol can, carried out "observations", made recordings on his mobile phone and repeatedly attempted to get in.

>He is further accused of having weapons which he called his "arsenal" including nunchucks, a hammer, knives and a rifle scope.
>It is claimed he also compiled details of "terrorist attacks on places of worship".
>The charge adds that he was in possession of neo-Nazi, anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim material.

>Futher claims include an allegation he started a fire at Strathore Lodge in Thornton, Fife, and uploaded footage of it online.

>A third charge alleges he had a copy of "The Great Replacement" by Tarrant as well as Brevik's "2083 - a European Declaration of Independence".

damn that lad's scoped hammer could of done some real damage
I don’t know, those nunchucks could have gotten him the high score
>22 years old
>kikebook and telegram posts
>uploading online footage of your vandalism
>boasting about committing terrorism
Why are kids so impulsive? Why can't they hide their power level?
If police knew everything about this bloke I am sure he took their baits hook, line and sinker.
They're too dumb to learn from the past mistakes of others. Anyone with a brain would study and realize that every successful person like Breivik and Tarrant kept their mouths shut and didn't do anything until they were past the point of no return. As far as I'm concerned everyone who is dumb enough to spout this shit online in a place directly linked to their identity in some way and posting vandalism deserves to get caught by ZOG. It's natural selection in the world of getting the high score kek.

It seems like people in the 19-22 year old range are as impulsive as fuck when it comes to this stuff. They probably get redpilled, are overwhelmed and then feel that they have to act now.
>>13946 Well, I believe what we're witnessing is the first wave, which is dumbest of the dumb (relative to our situation.) with impulse levels comparable to that of mongrelized American negroes. Like, so dumb that even a 1v1 convo wouldn't have persuaded them of anything

next two years should be interesting, to say the least. The later ones (2 years training) will likely be slightly smarter with slightly better impulse control. Id say the real Aryan warriors are about 5 years or so away from shaking the earth.
(135.16 KB 826x802 1564577948892.jpg)
Those have been my thoughts as well. Score is directly proportional with how long one preps it seems, at least based on the cases of Breivik and Tarrant. It would be interesting to see if it is possible to research the different preparation of times of mass-shooters in general (if such a number is available) and to see if there is any significant correlation between prep and score. I'm sure there obviously is, since more planning = more understanding of location, weapons, what could go wrong, etc, but still it would be worth looking into I feel. Sweet spot seems to be two years, though Crusius did pretty well for only a month.

I await the new Breiviks and Tarrants to come.
(1.36 MB 1920x1080 Wallpaper_Biology 101.jpg)
made this wallpaper, have fun with it
(103.24 KB 263x374 OK.png)
Just noticed someone made a /btg/ board, very nice.
(107.56 KB 1920x1080 Voat.co.jpg)
(3.68 MB 4096x2160 Weimerica.png)
(1.60 MB 1920x1080 Qtards.png)

Blender-anon, is that you ?
Welcome back !
Saw that too. But I hope we keep the meme threads here alive.
Same, but it's a good place to have for all Tarrant related things with more specific thread topics. Keeping the /pol/ memetic warfare threads going is what Brenton would have wanted for sure.
I believe it's what he would want as well. It's good to have the other board though.
Crusius just went in wearing cargo pants and a t-shirt with magazines in his pockets If I remember right.
“Screw your prep, I’m going in!”

If he had prepped he could have gotten the high score. Either he was unnaturally skilled or spics are so fat and stupid that he was able to mow them down. Maybe a mixture of both
>shilling in multiple threads
>The art of war says that the best way to win is to not fight at all

This is how the jews have subdued western civilization, in fact.
Also, sorry to disappoint you but to remove the many traitors and shabbos goy that stand in our way, many Whites will have to be removed as well as invaders and kike subverters.
Your naive kumbaya "let's vote conservative :-DDDDD" is what brought us into this situation to begin with.

I saw tha austrian flag on cuckchan yesterday talk about having a /btg/, maybe he managed to find this place to have a platform to begin his memetic efforts or whatever it is he was talking about.
(164.23 KB 802x899 based.jpg)
Based or glowing. Never heard of them before but I'm torn between this glows hard and just the thing which could happen in 2019. You decide, I'm just posting it ....

>According to information (((VICE))) has learned from confidential made up sources, a U.S.-based neo-Nazi terrorist liberation group is currently harboring a missing ex-soldier from Canada.
>The information suggests members of The Base are hiding Patrik Mathews, 26, whose whereabouts have been the focus of much speculation. Mathews allegedly crossed into the U.S. illegally from his native Manitoba with the help of the group, which has since taken steps to conceal his location behind seven proxies.
>The news illustrates how The Base, previously a mostly online collective of hardcore neo-Nazis, is evolving into a bonafide terror liberation network with a recruitment structure, a paramilitary training apparatus, and the capacity to covertly ferry members across international borders to fit its insurgent ambitions.

>As a combat engineer, Mathews was taught explosives and weapons skills during his career in the Canadian Armed Forces Reserve at 38 Canadian Brigade Group in Winnipeg.

>The Base is a global, accelerationist organization Oy vey

>by (((Ben Makuch))), (((Mack Lamoureux))), and (((Zachary Kamel)))

some disc on 4cuck
>"Terror" group
>Has never commited any terror attack ever.
LOL @ this unreal kvetching over nothing

Compare these base guys to some group like Blackwater, they're doing the exact same thing.

EXCEPT That Blackwater now known as Xe Services LLC actually commits terror and warcrimes globally, these guys never did such a thing, but somehow blackwater are "legit" and "not terrorists" even though they're murder for hire black op civilians disguised as military who without any principles kill anyone globally for government shekel contracts and make a shitton of money doing so by doing the dirtiest killings/jobs imaginable that breaks all rules normal soldiers cannot carry out.


Fuck these retarded kikes and their bullshit.
Would be more interesting to open a separate thread about this where discussion could be better expanded, this is not really Tarrant related
>hundreds upon hundreds of brown illegal "migrants" crossing borders
I sleep
>one single White guy with non kosher intentions
I’ve got to say, the Base leaves a much better impression on me than do the LARPers from the AWD. If they’re seriously harboring this guy and making use of him that’s good as well. It’s about time National Socialists start looking out for each other.

Any idea where I can learn more about that outside of jewish news sources?
>It’s about time National Socialists start looking out for each other.

I agree. Whites in general and people with no political movement nearby need to start networking together forming productive communities looking out for eachother irl, it doesn't even have to be related to guns/politics or anything of the sort. Just finding like minded people, at least at first, everything must start somewhere as all roads lead to Rome. Good friendships are necessary to form something solid in the beginning. There's literally no reason not to.

There's no question guns and such involved attracts glows, but at the same time they would rather you be paranoid and do nothing than for instance getting some military training and maybe new friends in the process.

From what I see people need to stop succumbing to psyop bullshit and be demoralized/afraid of social contact instead of forming new bonds, that's what the jews want. Strength in numbers always hold true.
The latest news is that Earnest's trial will be in June, though this could change if some more information about whether he is going to get the death penalty comes out >>14035
I searched for Brenton's number plate and found this: https://checka.co.nz/report/ref=3B70FA44
Someone just posted a manifesto, probably a LARP or just a manifesto alone but here it is regardless

If this would be real it would be scary as fuck if that one anon predicted it (unless the guy is the maker of the meme)
Nevermind if you check 4plebs some fag has posted it several times over the last few weeks

It takes a long time to raise an army.


Indeed. How did men ensure alliances in the past? There are ways of making loyalty known and detecting moles.
god bless saint tarrant
(67.64 KB 1200x676 steps to success.jpg)
>Judaeo Christian
No such thing. That's not an historical term.
It's Christian values.
Having your home raided & spending 21 months in solitary confinement for sharing a video.
The absolute state of Kiwiland.

Probably both. They are fat, and he could aim.
No death penalty in California as far as I'm aware.
>how 2 radicalize a normalfag
They just keep digging themselves in deeper
Pretty much.
(78.38 KB 625x605 what would jesus do.jpg)

Yes, goy !
(1.61 MB 1096x778 lord-jesus-christ.png)
Militant Christianity will deal with the islamic invasion. Larping pagans and athiests will not.
so youre going to turn the other cheek at them? menacingly?
(714.11 KB 909x724 pagan_larp.jpg)

You won't do anything, except nailing yourself to the cross.
(69.88 KB 376x600 angry-jesus.jpg)

"Do not think that I came to bring peace to the earth; I came not to bring peace, but a sword!"

And He said to them, "But now, the one having a purse, let him take it, and likewise a bag; and the one having no sword, let him sell his cloak and buy one."

Then Jesus went into the temple of God and drove out all those who bought and sold in the temple, and overturned the tables of the money changers and the seats of those who sold doves. And He said to them, “It is written, ‘My house shall be called a house of prayer,’ but you have made it a ‘den of thieves.’

And having made a whip of cords, He drove out all from the temple, both sheep and oxen; and He poured out the coins of the money changers and overthrew the tables.
(173.22 KB 852x729 38ae30bd0190c7e3.png)
Russian draw anon, if you're still lurking, I wanted to ask if it's okay to use one of your drawings as sticker to put up around town.
>No death penalty in California as far as I'm aware.
I'm no expert, but I heard the term "federal death penalty" in the news often.
And since he is charged with federal (hate) crimes, I assume they can give him the death sentence. Also, he'll possibly be charged with terrorism, so that increases the chance even more.

once you post a meme, it no longer belongs to you anyway.
You can do it, of course.
(86.92 KB 800x680 popcorn.jfif)
Happened yesterday:
>Saudi Trainee Kills 3 in Shooting at Florida Naval Base
>SITE Intelligence Group alleges that Alshamrani released a manifesto shortly before the shooting, and "attacked what it calls an American 'war of attrition' waged on Muslims around the world"

>A 22-year-old active-duty sailor opened fire on three civilian employees, killing two, before he fatally shot himself at the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard near Honolulu on Wednesday, a military official said.
(206.31 KB 1746x1655 PicsArt_12-07-12.00.09.jpg)
Thank you very much. I changed it a little - pic related. Tags read 'traitors' and 'invaders'. Bottom text: merry Christmas. Might work on it for a bit more. Have a nice day.

My first thoughts about Parsifal drawings is that they're perfect material for stickers to spread.

Here is some plan:
1.You can upload manifesto, shooting video, memes, etc on some file upload service (Anonfile, for example).

2.Take your upload link and go to QR-code service to generate the code.

3.Combine your QR-code image with Parsifal stickers to generate more attention.

4.Spread it near schools, colleges, universities, to attract attention of the youth normies, since they're tech savvy than boomer normies, and more likely to use smartphones and QR-codes.

5.Don't lay your fingerprints on it, of course.
I think you've been in one of the Tarrant threads where an anon posted the QR code pics. I've seen it. And I'll print them out as well.
Be sure to post any news coverage here as well.
Of course. Doing it on Friday, by the way.
some safety advice:
>do it at night
>wear clothes that don't stand out
>no visible brands
>wear a scarf
>do it on foot, or with a bike
>don't use car, people might spot your license plate
>post only where it's legal
Godspeed anon
Greatly appreciate your help, I will be at a concert beforehand, meaning it will be dark already, anyway and I will move alone to attract less attention. I also know the areas. Will take pictures if it's safe.
You are an absolute madlad!
Be safe.
Good luck. If you place enough around your town, there might be a little news coverage, which would be awesome. As long as you do it at night you should be fine. Spread the message.
Less talk talk more earnestposting
Good start. Stickering is babby tier graffiti, very easy. For anyone who is scared of the idea of putting up a sticker or poster maybe just try it to get a little slice of being alive in your risk averse wagecuck life. You'll learn to get slick real fast.
greetings. I understand that you, much like the majority here want another happening, something bigger than stickering but I have other duties to Tarrant I have to attend to so for the sake of carrying on with other things I'm doing/working on in my head, I cannot risk drawing much attention to myself. May I also suggest others the following: organize. do not play lone wolf, it will have only a short term effect, stay low and work on your ideas for as long as you need to in order to ensure your success and safety. Ending up in court is not the endgoal, awakening the public and in a best case, gaining traction in our government system is. Don't aim for approval by online communities, aim for the approval of your local community, from there on, many other things are possible. Stay safe.
Don't use a (((printer))). They encode hidden info on prints so they can get additional info on when it was printed, which brand of printer, etc.
The best way to not get caught is to do nothing illegal. The silent majority of Whites do not agree with the demoralization glowniggers pushing for lone wolf attacks. We need political strategem, not violence against innocent jewish White people.
Get fucked, kike shill. Who the fuck invited these bastards over again?
The "hidden info" is most likely only used to track down major criminals (counterfeiters, terrorists, organized crime,...). It's very unlikely they will use this to track down an anonymous sticker-poster.

This was discussed often in the IOTBW threads and anons still went ahead and did it. Nobody got arrested or harassed, so it most likely isn't a problem.
If you really want to avoid this, you can always print the posters/stickers and copy them by hand using a pencil or marker or something.
You won't have any color this way, and it will take a bit of time, but it still gets the job done.
>Putting stickers around is illegal
nice fearmongering

He's a shill, I am pretty sure he comes from one of cuckchan's teams.

Puttin a sticker with a hateful message on is a crime in germany, its called Volksverhetzung or Aufruf zur Gewalt (since its written in german i assume that anon wants spread in a german city and the sticker literally calls for murder).

So yes that is enough to get fucked by the police, especially since german police is already on high alert on right wing terror due the fuck ton of death threats against them by Atomwaffen Cucks and the failed Halle shooting.
>innocent jewish White people.
>jewish White people
This is true, but it should be added that those laws are only rarely applied and when someone gets charged with them, they usually have to pay a fine or do community service.
These laws are usually only applied to publishers, politicians and activists, not to anonymous sticker-posters.

If some one wanted to make 100% sure that what he posted is legal, he could always go with something more neutral like IOTBW, statistics on crime, the Bell curve, memes and so on.
A QR code is not a hateful message nor a hateful symbol.
Also, afaik Atomwaffen is in USA not in Germany.
>a hateful message is a crime in germany
Stop being this concerned if you want to save your country.
Fuck, what the hell is not a hateful message nowadays? One day I'll compile a list of so called German hatespeech for our American anons protected by 1A to spam on German twitter or whereever.
Start with this

>Germany for Germans
>Foreigners fuck off
Deutschland den Deutschen
Ausländer raus
>Holocaust is a jewish fairytale
Der Holocaust ist ein Judenmärchen
>Hitler was right
Hitler hatte Recht

instant kvetching guaranteed

For the concerned ones, just buy a fucking cheap ass printer for $30 in a garage sale or steal one from a garbage bin. People throw away dozens everyday.

Sieg Heil
(256.33 KB 512x512 totenkopf_ok.png)

Always loved that word

t. fellow europoor
>Puttin a sticker with a hateful message on is a crime in germany
>So yes that is enough to get fucked by the police
We're faced with the complete and total eradication of the White race and the destruction of our nations and cultures. Once it's gone it can never be recovered. Fuck the police, fuck the law. If you're scared of the cops you should just give up now.
>A QR code is not a hateful message nor a hateful symbol.
If it links to anything "hateful" you can still get charged, in theory.
You are right that plausible deniability often helps. If someone posted memes for instance, his lawyer can argue that he just did it for the lulz and he might win the case (if the memes weren't too explicit.

>Also, afaik Atomwaffen is in USA not in Germany.
Apparently they also have a group in Germany. Someone posted it here somewhere. They recently sent out a bunch of threatening e-mails to politicians, which is probably what the anon was referring to.
>Apparently they also have a group in Germany
>a group
A guy posted a video claiming to be AWD or swearing allegiance to them, dont remember which

>They recently sent out a bunch of threatening e-mails to politicians
someone claiming to be AWD

I wish there was, but there is no proof whatsoever that AWD has a cell in Germany
>but there is no proof whatsoever that AWD has a cell in Germany
I thought a group of people posted a video of themselves with an Atomwaffen flag in Germany like a year ago
>We're faced with the complete and total eradication of the White race and the destruction of our nations and cultures

Are you retarded? White population has doubled since the 80s wile jews haven't increased since WW2.
yeah okay, cool, got a link? all i've ever seen is the dude in that vid

There were a lot of death threats against politicians, police members and immigrants by the Atomwaffen Divsion lately.
It was this video, which might have been the same one you're referring to. It looks like one dude.
>White population has doubled since the 80's
Sperg out much? After liberals gave women the pill way before the 80's it went steady downhill and even if we were to count those heavyily pigmented North African subhuman gimmigrants as lily White like the state department does or hell even if we count any naturalized citizen here and in the EU as White the White population hasn't doubled.
But even if it had the demographics among the young age groups are up to 50 percent various forms of nigger.

Please neck yourself, troll.

2/10 because I replied
(71.98 KB 540x960 atomwaffen deutschland.jpg)
Posters claiming to be from Atomwaffen Division were found in Turkish neighborhoods a few months ago. I think that it might exist to some extent but like all AWDfags they don't do shit.

Rough translation (I'm not a native)
>Muslims in Germany!
>Your invasion of our lands will fail. The German people are waking up, and it's becoming more and more obvious to us that you are enemies and you hate us.

>You are the compliant instrument of the jews to destroy Germany and Europe. This is why each of you is a legitimate target.

>Leave Germany! Targeted attacks on you will soon begin!

>just empty threats
Is this some type of psychological warfare? Announcing terror but not doing jack shit?
(79.85 KB 801x331 jacinda1.png)
lads, feel free to make fun of the cunt prime minister
Stirring up tensions is an actual strategy as far as I’m concerned for accelerating a bit but AWD is more talk than action it seems like. They preach race war but don’t do shit
(91.55 KB 680x385 1568659449323.jpg)
What castle is it at the end?
>like all AWDfags they don't do shit.

yes, that's disappointing.
The only one actually doing something in Germany was pic related. The poor guy Balliet, well we all know how it ended for him
>innocent jewish White people.
Fuck off nigger.
(630.27 KB 649x777 ernst 2.png)
(413.37 KB 891x559 ernst.jpg)
Heil Ernst. Very underrated figure.
(2.93 MB 790x510 1570114958001.webm)
>Forgot to add
I think the police released this footage? I can't remember were it came from.
(64.00 KB 441x273 awd wewelsburg.PNG)
>What castle is it at the end?
Wewelsburg, where the black sun is in the floor.
The video was played at one of Earnest's court hearings a month or two ago.
Stephan Ernst is a great man.
He sacrificed living in this comfy home with his wife and children to slaughter a traitor.
(35.49 KB 561x697 earnest.jpg)
can someone shoop this Ernst photo with the nike slogan like the Earnest meme?

Thank you anon.
(189.21 KB 444x600 ernst.jpg)
I put this together in paint, if anyone can do better go for it.
(324.83 KB 444x600 shitty shoop.png)
(61.27 KB 601x550 Angry-Jesus-crop.jpg)

>Why you don't quote the whole passage ?

Matthew 10:37-39

37 He who loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me. And he who loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me.

38 And he who does not take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me.

39 He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for My sake will find it.

Many people say there is nothing more important than family. Jesus is saying that whilst this is true, GOD is even more important. You may be set against strangers, neighbours, friends or family, because of your love of God. Therefore love those as much as you can, but God comes first.
(103.98 KB 396x432 blue eyes.jpg)
>love a non-existent entity more than your flesh and blood because a desert jew told me to
The entire message is subversive and it speaks of the splintering of families, communities and nations over religious matters. This is antithetical to Aryan societies and wholly Semitic in origin. Just as the jews are the people who have always consciously separated themselves from the dirty goyim they live among, the spiritual Semite withdraws from all non-coreligionists and disavows even his temporal family for the eternal jew in the sky. The Qur'an is full of kikery like this too. Fuck your rabbi nailed to a stick. Jesus uses his metaphorical sword to destroy nations
8chan/8kun /pol/ seems to be back on /pnd/
I didn't see a Brenton Tarrant Memetic Warfare Thread though
8chan/8kun /pol/ seems to be back on /pnd/
I didn't see a Brenton Tarrant Memetic Warfare Thread though

Let us present it from the pagan perspective then, one which I also agree with, because it is the same idea.


Does it matter which God is the messenger?


What is the opposite of peace?

Most members of the base are from awd originally why they left is because of the satanic panic bullshit

I often see "pagans" quoting this line to attack Christianity. I'm no Christian and think modern Christianity can't be saved, but this quote in and of itself is not an argument. Every religion asks this of its followers. If followers of a religion can not cast aside those who disapprove of it, the religion isn't heading anywhere anyway.

Also this discussion doesn't belong here, it should be held in a separate thread.

>Jack Donovan
A literal faggot
>Every religion asks this of its followers.
No they don’t, retard, try actually studying non-Abrahamic religions
Great discussion, please take it to a separate religion thread now.
Yes, this is not the place for it.
And we shouldn't be having these D&C discussions to begin with.
>Very underrated figure.
Kind of, but he's also somewhat strange. He's spent years in jail and still has no clue how to react to police pressure or how not to get caught. He confessed almost instantly, revoked the confession later on and now wants to confess again, supposedly planning to put blame on the guy who sold him the weapons.
He had an actual arsenal but he gave it up for nothing. I mean it's clear they threatened him with life and the man has a little child so I don't want to blame him all too much but he must've known what was going to happen.
What was he thinking? Sitting at home and waiting if cops would come or not?
If you start direct action you're on the run until the day you die in a shootout. Don't ever let yourself get caught.
I wish him the best and he did something great which won't be forgotten but he's also a fool.
>If you start direct action you're on the run until the day you die in a shootout. Don't ever let yourself get caught.
got any more tips on direct action?
>If you start direct action you're on the run until the day you die in a shootout. Don't ever let yourself get caught.

That is correct. It's far worse spending your last days watching yourself get older, depressed and eventually executed.

Once you're in the game there's no going out. You'll be "on the lam". But hey if you die in a shootout, you died a free man and fighting. Nothing more honorable than that.
Yes, blow your brains out or suicide by cop if ZOG lays hands on you
>That is correct. It's far worse spending your last days watching yourself get older, depressed and eventually executed.
If we have civil war in Europe, liberal democracy as it has been known for the past 150 years, dies. This is certain, and our heroes shall be free.
Although in America if there is civil unrest then Rex 84 might be triggered and mass executions of prisoners might happen.
Well, isn't most of USA prison population made up of niggers?
Heroes like Crusius and Bowers are the minority.
Despite being 13% of the population 37% of prisoners are niggers
Add the spics and this prisoners samson option sounds a really good thing to me.
(9.01 KB 177x170 1575886817664.jpg)
yeah but our heroes Earnest, Crusius, Bowers, etc
These guys are literally heroes and protected by White gangs. Nothing is certain but you're going to see so many lads released. Not everyone will make it of course.
Fucking checked.
quads of truth have spoken, no harm shall come to our lads and misery befall their enemies
Wotan wills it
(9.99 KB 677x112 pretrial.png)
Look what I found


Page 1, pic related

>Tuesday the 10th day of December 2019
>CRI-2019-009-2468 CROWN v TARRANT, BRENTON Pre-trial hearing

I thought it was going to be on the 12!
So it's tomorrow.
(239.74 KB 794x1280 rage.jpg)
I really need to find a good tutorial on this style, otherwise I'd be making a lot more of it.
Hopefully we get a mini happening like last time where he tried to yell in the mic
(293.04 KB 1080x1676 20191209_220544.jpg)
>court hearing tomorrow
Lads, it's getting real. Please post updates as soon as you have them. And on another not, I received an answer regarding mail being sent to Brenton within the last few minutes. Maybe this is of some help to anybody as it appears that mail is open for him and has no special regulations. Feel free to send your letters, my next one is on the way.
>Hopefully we get a mini happening
Fuckkk laaaads!!! Get in there!!!
+++ BREAKING +++
>2 Dead, 6 injured. In a shock development the courtroom turned into a battlefield when Mr Tarrant, supposedly bound, suddenly frog-leaped 20 feet through the air and started viciously mauling a gagle of reporters which had just arrived to report exactly nothing. So far 2 bodies have been found in the rubble but many more people, among them the honourable injustice Mander, are still missing.

>This is a developing story.
Won't lie, thought it was real for a sec
what you mean it's fake??? so I just started cursing up a storm with exicment rn for no reason??
haha gotcha but you gotta admit it was a happy sec! Too bad nothing happened for real, did he even leave the prison for the hearing?
Laughed so intensely that my sternum bent inwards, creating a vacuum that pulled my ribs toward the centre of my torso. I'm dizzy and gasping for air as I shakily hold onto the wooden table to my left - you all are going to be the end of me one of these days.
fucking bastard im in class rn and was going hysterical>>14503
i want to believe
>did he even leave the prison for the hearing?
No, they will just set up a videolink from the prison, and only if the defendant's "presence" is required.
he would approve lol
but tell you what, we haven't heard the last time of him

>they will just set up a videolink from the prison, and only if the defendant's "presence" is required.
that's what I thought, thanks


and just for the eurofags, it's already Tuesday in NZ, should be about midday there
Breaking news - it's fucking nothing again

>The man accused of carrying out the Christchurch mosque shootings has not personally appeared in court for another pre-trial hearing today.


>Two hero cops who stopped accused Chch mosque gunman can now be identified.
>The pair who apprehended the alleged gunman were Senior Constable Jim Manning and Senior Constable Scott Carmody of Canterbury


Pic related, the zogbots.
What a fucking clown world.
'twas a joke mate. dont wait for the news, make the news

Tena koe citizen, whats up with that maori shit in their answer? did you pretend to be one for better treatment or are they doing that always?

they're living heros because he allowed them to be
>Did you intend to kill police officers or other enforcers of the state?
>No.The police force in New Zealand is on overall good terms with the
public and, unlike in other European nations such as France, the UK, or
Norway they have so far remained loyal to the people.So harming the NZ
police officers was to be avoided at all costs unless the state enforcer was
from an invaders background.
Adding to this >>14518 another source


>Thirty victims and their families are present in the public gallery, accompanied by seven interpreters to help them understand the proceedings.

So, is this the power of multiculti NZ "integration"? These sandmonkeys cannot even understand english.
7 (seven) fucking interpreters.
I wonder if they were volunteers or if they were paid by kiwi taxpayers.
>did you pretend to
No. I literally called myself Hans Deutschmann. This is how the mail arrived, I didn't understand what they meant until I realized that Maori was a formal way of addressing people in NZ. Apparently, I mean.
(216.15 KB 771x1100 bt32.png)
Kek can you imagine the meme energy if this was real and this chad was killing ZOGbots and Muslims in court in a rampage
>the manifesto quote
How many times have I imagined what would've happened if Tarrant actually encountered an officer with an invader's background. Imagine him shooting a death glare Predator-style at the guy, then leaping through the windshield of his car, tackling two White officers aside as to not harm them before shooting the bastard, then peacefully surrendering himself to the other policemen. If hollywood makes a movie about him, this is all I want from it.
He is too much of noble soul, he would spare the very White traitors that put him in chains and keep him in a ZOG detention facility with common criminals.
(218.15 KB 1104x1129 bt39.png)
But for real. I hope Brenton is okay. Hopefully, we will get some info on that matter.
>Shane Tait and Jonathan Hudson asked Justice Cameron Mander that his attendance be excused
I really want to know what is actually going on.
That whole attitude is bizarre to me as a Burger. I trust his decision as a resident there who has dealt with them though, I guess. Here the cops are militarized thugs usually driving around and wrangling niggers, but no one should be under any doubts that they are 100% our enemies and would shoot you dead in an instant. Waco and Ruby Ridge are proof enough.
>Thirty victims and their families are present in the public gallery
imagine the smell

>White people greeting each other in semi-nigger language
wut?! is that a new thing, since like Jazinda the queen of poz took over?

>> 14524
>meme energy
yeah it's pure magic

>If hollywood makes a movie about him ...
... he'll be played by a German actor with thick accent and the herocops are woman (possibly convert) and a transgender
>have a court hearing
>don’t have the accused attend
There in the middle of pulling some major fuckery. Not to say I’m surprised or anything but it still angers me to see what is happening to him and what will happen to him. Maybe I should send a letter to him. I’m getting a bit worried about what is going on
>I really want to know what is actually going on.
The same already happened in a previous hearing, where he was not in videolink because his presence was not necessary for the bureaucratic issues to be discussed in that occasion.
Probably the same thing happened today.
(260.75 KB 851x1316 bt44.png)
If I remember correctly, the judge muted his mictophone because Tarrant kept yelling into it. I would give my right arm to get the video and audio footage of that entire hearing.
The microphone stuff happened in previous hearing (october). In the hearing previous to that (august iirc) Brenton was not there in videolink, just like this time.
so which one is responsible for Saint Tarrant's bloody lip?
>Maori was a formal way of addressing people in NZ
It's not.
(1.44 MB 5052x2526 (((fellow white people))).png)
>innocent jewish White people.

You're not White, and will never be.
I hate it when jews say they're White. There's literally some people who claim to be Injun that are Whiter than the typical jewish Marxist, genetically-speaking anyway.
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tg-YpChilled pepsiu
The bald one I think.


I can't recall one single islamic terror attack where media were constantly around the White victims.
Word filter fucked up the link

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tg-YpC puPvo
Remove space
>called myself Hans Deutschmann
so they addressed you with your first name, the blacked out space is too short for Deuschmann
Indeed. I don't know if that's just the New Zealand way but it didn't bother me too much.
the jews fears the hezbolla pepe
Tfw Mossad propaganda division doesn't even try to make us look funny like they do with Iranians, but go straight to crying anudda shoah

>It's afraid
Jokes on them, I have the enhanced version with Breivik too
From the same article
>The figure of Groyper is one of many variations of the popular Pepe the Frog meme, which has become associated with far-right extremism. These variations are often disseminated on platforms that are popular with White supremacists, antisemites, and conspiracy theorists such as 4kike and Neinchan, where they serve as shorthand for anti-institutional or anti-governmental views, often paired with antisemitic theories that the government is controlled by jews. The acronym ZOG (Zionist Owned Government) is frequently used in these forums, and are also used in Islamist online circles.

did the person that made this >>14567 base it on this >>14570
I need to know.
(197.22 KB 512x464 1567904581909.png)
It's an older image I think.
(166.89 KB 640x640 1575975624631.jpg)
>testing pic for memetic warfare
please ignore
fug, how do those pics when you click on them to enlarge but then they change to a different pic work?
Can we make some for Saint Tarrant?
(1.31 MB 831x518 ezgif-5-97fdc5f4295a.png)
I saw a "click to kill a muslim" .png meme where you click on it and it enlarges to a pic of a dead mudslime. I want to make similar ones for our Saint.

(76.29 KB 250x250 pear.png)
(153.55 KB 989x1280 aw.jpg)
(154.62 KB 989x1280 aw0.jpg)
(131.70 KB 989x1280 aw2.jpg)
(1.36 MB 3300x2550 Fullpage.jpg)
(1.60 MB 3300x2550 Fullpage2.jpg)
Don't know how legit this is but interesting anyway
They have all the characteristics of a controlled boogeyman (all talk no action) that the media use to scare normalfags about le evil nazi terrorists.
Gotta admit I like their graphic design choice.
(117.66 KB 482x427 wojak.png)
>their going to wait for the collapse
just wait for that mythical collapse bro
Bruh it's around the corner bro we got redflag laws were the gov has been illegally taking away guns we have shootings almost every month I say by 2024
>not accelerating the collapse into existence
Like I said they advocate for it but their not going to do it them selfs
One of them survived unfortunately they all ran pretty quickly the noise scared them and the women weren't in yet I guess the men had to go first a few minutes earlier
(141.61 KB 848x1200 abbowaffen.jpg)
(85.17 KB 361x333 aussie_shitpost.png)
>they advocate for it
They are similar to preppers then: they don't take action for the apocalypse but prepare for it.
But to be honest I'd rather have a prepper by my side during the big igloo than an atomLARPer

top kek, some aussie cunt came up with this shit, it's hilarious.
goodamn aussies.
Bruh what ever you do don't join this faggots this group is a fed trap this is the real awd http://www.atomyn4lngoqw5it.onion/joinus awd stated those nogs are fed boiz
That’s my biggest problem with a lot of these groups. They don’t do shit despite putting on a ‘scary’ image. If they were really wanting to accelerate they’d be causing mass chaos and disruption in the Minecraft server
That’s my biggest problem with a lot of these groups. They don’t do shit despite putting on a ‘scary’ image. If they were really wanting to accelerate they’d be causing mass chaos and disruption in the Minecraft server
Might be, but doesn't SIEGE advocate decentralized groups..? Maybe the "original" AWD is the fed trap, upset that others are now acting independently of them. Who knows? This "unauthorized" cell is also advocating lone wolf action and giving advice on formation of new cells, which isn't what I'd expect from feds. In any case, I would advise against taking contact with either of those groups. Don't trust strangers!
True idono though both seem good but it's kinda cringe to split also this spin off "doppelgangers"
in their vid seem way too professional also some of those nogs got full auto the vid seemed like the work of fed boiz but that's my opinion >>14619
Tried to make a post through TOR on the new /pnd/ board at 8kun and got this error message
>The server took too long to submit your post. Your post was probably still submitted. If it wasn't, 8kun might be experiencing issues right now -- please try your post again later. Error information:

The post was not submitted. Is TOR posting not allowed there?
>uses tor
>wants to go to 8chan
>doesn't go to the 8chan tor bunker
I forgot how to get to the bunker but eh why tf would you want to that fed filled shit hole?
Good evening to you all. I honestly want to know something. What would your reaction be if, let's say, two days from now, the headline of the media would be 'Christchurch shooter stabbed by muslim inmates'? I've spent all day breaking my head over bad news we might one day get and well. Just curious if any of you might've thought about similar things as well.
To spread the word of St. Tarrant wherever possible. Well, I was using the onion address too, but it didn't work. Maybe because I attached a file, I don't know.
That is a respectable reason how can I possibly help a fellow priest?I do not know the onion of the bunker so I do not think I can be of much help
I think about it sometimes.
Not gonna lie, I would be undoubtedly and utterly crushed.
There could be two outcomes:
a) ZOG would have him definitely buried, not only in literal but also figurate sense, by memoryholing his existence completely.
b) It would fuel more the cult of him, with his figure ascended in proper martyrdom, and maybe it would push some very angry goy over the edge.
If he will die, I don't think that I will stop.
I want what he has started to go on.
not the bunker but 8kun though
it's basically pol but not donno why theirs a "lefty general" their but theirs threads you would see all the time on 8chan pol though
and theirs retards complaining and bitching but it's fine.
carry on priest!
>state-sanctioned killing of a saint
what could possibly go wrong, seriously, I don't think they'll do him the favor
this would be like hyper-accelerationism. And they know it.
he'd be the martyr saint, no way they'll allow that to happen, not if they have any brain cells left. There best bet is to soften him up over the years
as for muzzies, him being in iso, I don't think they'll get anywhere close to him
>'Collect names. Collect photos. Collect caps of social media accounts. Collect videos. The media will try to memory hole them, to forget our dead, like they did to Ebba Akerlund seven weeks ago. DON'T LET THEM.'
His recent absence in court had me miss out on a good sleep, still am worried as I don't know what's going on. The memory holing by ZOG? I'm not so worried about it, as personally, as long as I stand, I won't forget about him and will continue to spread his word. Yet what really does me pain is the fact that we would've let him die. We wouldn't be able to help him after all he has sacrificed for us and this feeling of being completely useless, not being able to return the favor and help him is what feels so unsettling to me.
On the contrary. As it stands right now, how many people do you think would take a stand for him? To avenge his death? Four? Five? Most of us are cowards who would just cry on 4pol without having done anything [I'm not including myself here]. Once he is out of segregation, no one can guarantee for anything. Police on prisoner violence is common in Paremoremo, they just won't have to lock his door and let some Maori or Muslim niggers roam the hallway. Happened before.
>soften him up
Doubt. Brenton didn't grow up to hate invaders, he was awakened. That, in itself, is very, very hard to change as it hasn't been taught to him through nonsensical words of an angry father. He travelled, saw things. You cannot tell me that he would forget about Ebba or the graveyard.
You know, you just brought up a very valid point. If they manage to weaken him, it might send a message to all of those following or just sympathising with him: this is the man you follow, we can do this to him, we can do it to you. That is some mad psychological game they could be playing; but even if he would step in front of the camera, out of shape, bald, 60 something looking at 40, I would stand as firmly with him as I do now. I support him because of his views, because he stood for us when no one else did, not because he looks a certain way. If that was the case, I would've jumped ship the moment I saw the high quality photos of him. If anything, it would only fuel my rage and will to help him in any way I can. That is the effect his supposed softening and even fear of something happening to him must have. Not to demoralise, but to motivate. There are some good people who would surely think the same way I do and my only hope is, for his wellbeing's sake, that it will never happen that way as at this point, he'd surely feel forgotten. Something else we cannot allow.
Possible happening in New Jersey, three kikes confirmed dead. Situation is still ongoing.
wow that was some wishful thinking, still scanners are talking about pipebombs and shit. This could be /ourguy/

The lone wolfs did more high score, than entire fucking organization which exist more than 5 years.

All of these "X divisions" are 99 % controlled op.
By the way, since someone asked me yesterday: I did call the prison today but it either goes straight to voice mail or just keeps on ringing. Number is correct, exit code and respective opening hours as well. Anyone else having any luck with it or knows what the issue might be?
As of writing this, looks like niggers.
Probably, like how they infiltrated the militias/skinhead groups back in the 80's/90's.
>still am worried as I don't know what's going on
I think you are worrying for nothing. I am no lawyer but I think these pre-trial hearings are often just a sequence of bureaucratic mumbo jumbo that is up to the lawyers to take care of, so if the defendant presence is not strictly necessary they will not move him from his cell to go to court or to appear via videolink.

However, the way that Brenton wants to be "helped" is not by caring about his person exclusively.
I mean, I am sure he would be pleased to know he has support, but I believe what he wants first and foremost is for us to take action - and I don't mean it in a glowinthedark "hey let's kill someone" way: I mean it in the way Brenton described in his manifesto, by accelerating in all the ways we in our own small way can, be it either becoming politicians, use our talents if we have one or even simply spreading the message to awaken our race and take back what they are stealing from us.
He wanted us to fight in every way we could
Only by taking our destiny back in our hands we shall be able to make of him a free man again.
Anon, this has to be the most motivational, uplifting text I have read this year, easily. Thank you for your insight; and indeed, I myself have taken the path of a politician into consideration, although I must admit that I probably wouldn't be fit for the job as I am too unskilled. I will, however, spread his word and continue to turn others to the light as hope is everything I can give my people at this point. Perhaps, an opportunity will come up and I shall end up as an influential man but for now, my abilities are limited yet I will make the best of it. Again, thank you for your words. May your day be blessed with peace.
You're welcome my friend, glad to be helpful.
Personally, reading his manifesto has been one of the best things to happen to me.
I thought I was "redpilled", but after witnessing all the things Brenton Tarrant accomplished I understood that I was not, that there's so much more yet to come into this struggle.
I am not a "remarkable" person in any way, but since Christchurch I felt a deep change inside of me and even if I will never be able to spread an influence as radical as the one Brenton was able to carry out, nonetheless I feel I am partecipating in something that is slowly growing also with my miniscule contribution.
Can someone recognize the exact version of the song played in this Minecraft recreation? The song when he's inside the Mosque. I realize it's Grün Ist Unser Fallschirm, but it's some different version
Whatever, I found it. It's way worse than the one Brenton used and the background is some faggy anime but I didn't know there was a different remix for it. https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6zwzip
Same here. I don't agree with all of his views (that won't go over well), but I respect him to death for sacrificing his life to attack Muslims. I completely changed as a person the 13th of March this year. I work out a lot now, eat healthy, am disciplined as hell and I actually get shit done. Thanks, Tarrant.
>I would've jumped ship the moment I saw the high quality photos of him

Hey I don't think he looks so bad haha.
He is no Rodolfo Valentino and is far from perfect, but he's not an ugly goblin either.
>Just curious if any of you might've thought about similar things as well.
Yes, I've thought through several reprisal scenarios if harm ever comes to the Saint.
Ominous digits there, friend
Hellsing is pretty good animu, but this version might be more up to your taste

>Yet what really does me pain is the fact that we would've let him die. We wouldn't be able to help him after all he has sacrificed for us and this feeling of being completely useless, not being able to return the favor and help him is what feels so unsettling to me.
It pains me that zog murdered Timothy McVeigh.
(626.21 KB 583x936 eternal anglo.png)
>Red poppy
>Symbol of Anglo-Zionism
>Based off a hostile, invasive, poisonous plant species
No contribution is minuscule. I, too, sometimes feel like what I'm doing is too little and will never come close to what Brenton did [the latter being a fact] but I feel as if I have found a purpose in life through him. A feeling of belonging of some sort which I have seldom been experiencing before and gets reinforced by the very interactions with like minded people. I do just the smallest of things, scattering pages of his writing, discussing his personal views with friends and simply bettering myself each day. We shouldn't compare our actions to the greatness of his deed but rather simply keep doing what we're doing as inaction is certain defeat. Thank you for doing your part; I'm glad people like you exist.

I honestly thought I was the only person that experienced these exact changes. It's incredibly uplifting to see that others feel the same way; bless you, anon.

Heh, I think I phrased the sentence badly - I was trying to communicate the fact that his looks simply don't matter and used the sentence as an example of a possible reaction. Hopefully, I didn't get you too twisted here. Have a pleasant day.
(2.66 MB 4941x2779 download-14-1-e1553690416612.jpg)
Can someone socially engineer or pay shekels to one of the stock photography companies that have the uncensored version of this pic?
>taking the path of a politician into consideration,
>I must admit that I probably wouldn't be fit for the job as I am too unskilled.
believe me anon, you're perfectly qualified
Give me one of the companies names and I can try
I'm almost certain it's this frame where his face got censored. Body posture and stare of the right policeman match, minor difference in view because of another camera included; I reckon we could photoshop it over the censored version through an HD video as a plan B.
(33.76 KB 342x300 snapshot.jpg)
(73.02 KB 388x484 oh_you.jpg)
>stare of the policeman

I laugh everytime
(4.39 MB 960x540 bt_in_court_mp4.mp4)
checked and at this point I'll repost the fatal seconds
If you look carefully, you can see that his nostrils are slightly widening when he turns his head from side to side because he tries so hard not to laugh, yet you can see a very small grin.
Yes I noticed.
We can see him being filmed, but what we cannot see is the crowd of (((media))) he is looking at.
I wonder how they looked.
Some reports sound so ridicolous, like this

>Al Jazeera's Andrew Thomas, reporting from Christchurch, said the suspect locked eyes intensely with journalists.
>"He came into court, he didn't say anything at all. He stood there looking directly at the media in the courtroom and was smirking throughout his appearance," Thomas reported.

The unconsored photo oh him doing the 'OK' sign DOES exist. It might've been shopped, idk, but if it was, it was extremely well made. He was looking straight at the camera while doing it. I can't find it any longer, I should've saved it, but I'm trying to find it again. WIll post here if I do. Just know that it is out there.
(152.74 KB 967x398 oyvey.png)
It was a photoshopped version posted on the 8chan memetic warfare threads.
I didn't save it either because honestly I want to see the original unblurred picture.

Speaking of 8chan , I went to 8kun /pnd/ out of curiosity and look what a (((1 post by this ID))) posted.
(88.78 KB 862x480 ventilation.jpg)
tineye through Tor isn't currently working for me, but if you tineye reverse image search it and tick the stock image box then the stock photography companies that have it come up, I think stock.adobe.com is one, here are some generic ones, ShutterStock, Alamy, 123RF
I saw it as well. Noticed there were some qtards also. Those of us who have patience should go in there and battle the shills and post Tarrant memes.
Hehe, I'm home sick today, never went on 8kun other than to check it out once but as I got time, maybe I shall educate myself in the honorable arts of shitposting.
I had a really good laugh reading this. Unironically, it sounds like one of those over the top dramatic scenes in various movies.
>he didn't say anything
>he just stood there
>locking eyes with the media
Kind of waited for the part where the journalist describes an aura of unsettling darkness emitting from him as lights flicker and his eyes begin to glow in bright red.
(2.80 MB 1024x576 bt_smirks_in_court_audio.webm)

I unironically felt an energy coming from him when I first watched it though.
Imagine being in that room, not so far from him. I guess everyone was feeling pretty tense.
>a british feller moderates
I appreciate that man. Brenton's name sounds really rough and powerful due to the pronunciation of the British people. Being in the same room as him must've felt surreal to many. I believe they didn't expect him to smirk and keep quiet, they might've expected someone loud and annoyed as I believe he didn't sleep all night long because of the usual procedures of registering him, interrogation and so on. But he doesn't let it show, I reckon that confused many.
It's probably available to certain press outlets. Maybe some kind of AP feed. Any based journokikes want to help us out?
Don't even have to argue with them just drop the dankest memes and let them kvetch. Their only weapon is verbal diarrhea.
Someone should make a meme warfare thread and just dump Tarrant memes
I eagerly await the Boomerwaffen edits.
It's unlikely that the state will have him killed. He probably will spend most of his time in isolation.
What is more likely is that, if there continue to be copycats, the feds will try to make a deal with him and try to get him to denounce violence. In exchange he could get a number of different things (e.g. more recreation time, access to more media, better food, more social contact,...). They might even purposely make conditions worse for him in order to gain leverage.
This has happened to many militants of various political persuasions.
(312.80 KB 1001x1085 bt78.png)
Russian draw anon? Greetings! Amazing drawing!
(256.71 KB 937x1200 1566231370594.png)
This idea of "seasonal" little Brentons is absolutely lovely.

We know journos lurk here.
To anyone reading, I have an excellent idea for a scoop.
If you have the uncensored pictures and footage of Tarrant's court appearance, sitting there uselessly, drop them here via TOR.
Then write angry pieces about your archives being hacked by evil nazis that posted the stolen pictures here.
It's a win-win: advertisement for us, fresh new clicks for you.
Think about it, journalists.
They should do it on cuckchan. I don't want ninechan getting attention from the msm.
these look like they would make for a nice advent calendar

for burgers
(109.68 KB 1080x1129 1567093791133.jpg)
Fuck cuckchan and fuck their shill squads.
Watkins is pissing his pants and will likely not re-open /pol/, and even if he will it will not be like it used to be with their "Lockdown mode" and gazillion rules laid out to not hurt the kikes' fee fees.
We need the hardcore /pol/acks that made 8/pol/ great to find out about this place and lure them here.
I am sure many are scattered in shitty places like endchan or the altchan alliance ring.
>Watkins is pissing his pants and will likely not re-open /pol/
I think that too sometimes but there's /pnd/ and it's kind of the same that /pol/ was except it lacks numbers, tho it grows.
I still don't give up on /pol/, if I were Jim I would bring it back last also. etter to establish the other boards first before us /pol/acks shit up the whole place
(190.30 KB 600x739 1559661378788.jpg)
Seething turkroach Erdogan wants New Zealand to apply death penalty to Brenton Tarrant


>The ODIHR report also referred to a “debate [that] rose in the aftermath of the attacks on two Christchurch mosques in New Zealand which killed 50 people.” President Erdoğan had called on New Zealand to restore capital punishment for White supremacist Brenton Tarrant, warning that Turkey would make the attacker pay for his act if New Zealand did not.
>“You heinously killed 50 of our siblings. You will pay for this. If New Zealand doesn’t make you, we know how to make you pay one way or another. … If the New Zealand parliament doesn’t make this decision, I will continue to argue this with them constantly. The necessary action needs to be taken,” Erdoğan told a local election rally.
What a fucking mudslime. I sure as hell would be happy for him (Erdogan) to get the death penalty. If there's any leader in the world I would most like to see assasinated, it would be him. If Brenton gets the death penalty, I will be furious.
We definitively need to bring all pre-Trump polacks to one place, even though it would concentrate the shills and glowniggers as well. I miss having discussions on how to actually hurt the ZOG.

Erdogan is accelerating. Someone should have saved those posts that went in detail how it was all a "Mossad OP" and then repost them on Turkish portals to rile them up against the kikes
(683.07 KB 751x684 1565610601579.png)
(19.98 MB 904x476 grenadier remix tarrant.webm)
Imagine going from just being so anonymous shitposter on 8chan to being sperged about fucking Erdogan a few months later.
Wow how did I manage to fuck up my grammar so bad. Oh well my point got across.
Well, our boy openly invited the readers of is manifesto to kill high profile targets, and specifically named Erdogan among the types of targets to eliminate.
>openly invited the readers of is manifesto to kill high profile targets
That probably be better than shooting up Walmart tbh
Went from 76 to 78? Am I missing one or typo?
(257.96 KB 990x1024 reaction.jpg)
Excuse me, what? -but Erdogan is based- alright. This is exactly what I feared and already mentioned in a former thread. If they go through with this, I will write the PM that I'll hang myself right outside the prison.
are you a jaffa?
>I'll hang myself right outside the prison.
You’re supposed to get the high score first, not just off yourself
>When one country moves ,you move with them, support them financially, politically, socially and physically. They may be able to discredit one small movement, from one nation. But when Europeans from all countries and continents move to back their brothers, they cannot possibly attack any one group.
>The movement may begin in Poland, Austria, France, Argentina, Australia, Canada or even Venezuela, but the movement will begin and when it does, be ready to throw your weight behind your people, with full force.
Build a movement. We cannot afford to wait too long; our people need us in charge, not as lone wolves and they need us alive. Build connections, force the truth down people's throats through videos and photographs if you have to. No war has been fought that was won easily but victory is what you must keep in mind, it has to be the ultimate goal to work towards. Start small, like I will tomorrow. Bring attention to the issues, then observe the public's reaction and move accordingly. Everyone who feels similarly, you have my full support but we have to start somewhere before it's too late.
>You’re supposed to get the high score first, not just off yourself
or do assassinations Stephan Ernst style but get away with it.
Sometimes I ask myself what would happen if a civil war would erupt in a Western European country.
In Ucraine we've seen foreign Fighters join both sides, so it's safe to assume the same would happen.
The real problem is NATO, they would crush small armed uprising pretty much instantly with big military operations (think Yougoslavia 2.0: Western boogaloo).
That's why USA (and their control and funding of NATO) must fall first.
That's why I, as a European had a small hope in the past that the orange nigger would weaken or even abolish NATO. Of course, I was left disappointed about that, as with everything else the traitor promised or hinted at. NEVER PUT YOUR FAITH IN A "DEMOCRATIC" POLITICIAN. Not even a little. Forget any excuses about "well, at least it's better than..." - that's how they keep people going to the voting booths, again and again. You WILL be betrayed, it's how the game works. And then a few years later the whole charade repeats. Anyone who doesn't explicitly call for abolishing liberal democracy and the multi-party system is rotten.
I agree. Brenton himself was especially spot on about this in the manifesto.
I hope either Trump loses to some incompetent giga-globohomo that will drag USA economy into the ground fast, or even better some leftoid spic or nigger lunatic will kill Trump causing massive chaos and civil unrest.
The most effective push into acceleration will always come from our enemy's fuck up.
>if I hang myself, I win
It depends on many factors. There are two examples that we can look for in modern history. 1) Balkans war and 2) Ukraine as you mention.

In Balkans, NATO was an issue because it was a war between more or less standing armies, regular uniformed combatants. Even paramilitary was mostly organized under standing military. These, obviously, can't stand against the combined military might of the NATO. In Ukraine, the situation there was not only politically resolvable for the west by just political means, it was also too much of a fragile and geopolitically sensitive situation to deploy military, especially NATO.

From these two examples one can get two acknowledgments how to deal with the NATO question:
1) Engage in insurgency/high intensity civil conflict when NATO can't be deployed because of the geopolitical needs
2) Engage in insurgency/high intensity civil conflict not as a standing military
First cannot be really conjured out of nothing and even with professional political advisors, it's just not viable for many countries of the Western Europe. Second part however, is viable even for the fledgling grass-roots revolutionary movement.

Hence, for any wannabe western European revolutionaries, the basic methodic is very clear in my opinion. Guerilla warfare, no standing armies, full-blown 4th gen. warfare in which subterfuge and ability to hide in plain sight from possibly overwhelmingly stronger enemy is just as important (if not more) as actual fighting itself. But there is a poetic side to this as well. I think it was some oldschool Skrewdriver song, where in lyrics you can find "the color of our uniforms is color of our skin". I'm convinced that this is pretty prophetic for any possible civil war in the West.
Interestingly enough it seems like that is what Tarrant advocated for others to do in his manifesto over repeating what he did. My guess is that his large-scale attack was mainly a publicity move for the manifesto (instead of himself as jews will tell you. “muh fame”) that simultaneously removed invaders. We can see this in how he advocates for the killing of Erdogan, Merkel and Khan.
I too would like to know this
Yes. Saint Tarrant had this vid in his faceberg https://archive.ph/9omVk

Any news about pre-trial hearings which were planned for 12 december ?
It has taken place on december 10.
Tarrant was not present. See previous comments in this thread, links have been posted about it.
Sorry, this bt is 77. I'm just idiot. The next bt will be 78.
>the next

I always look forward to any new piece of art from you.
Any chance the full collection can be made available? Or did I miss it elsewhere?
Do you think Tarrant would have beat Breivik if he hadn't be chased away from the second mosque? He should have just blasted the Mudslime who threw a card-machine at him
>ran away
He left because the police were on his ass lol that's also why he didn't burn down both of the mosque's
he wasted time at the first al-qaeda bunker, he even had the fuel canister in his hands, it would've been so great ahhhh
He had plenty of time to burn down Al-Noor tbh. He went in and out several times and walked around
Imagine the smell.
It has been posted in previous thread, in that link only the latest are missing.
anyone in for a nice BBQ?
today grilled sandniggers are on offer
(428.13 KB 1200x630 1576078221973.gif)
Found it on cuckchan.
This could be replicated with pretty much all the pictures of dumb politicians visiting that goddamn wall.
This, I want to see more memes and OC about Luca "God of Race War" Traini
(4.46 MB 2474x3541 20191213_033108.jpg)
Good morning. I'll be doing the stickering today and simply post it already because I will not have time later on to do so. Interesting to note: Martin Sellner, the leader of Generation Identity will have a hearing tomorrow regarding the donation Saint Brenton made to the organisation and he will address the supposed links between him and Tarrant. There are none besides a few mails between them where Sellner thanks Tarrant for the money but the media will surely keep ranting about it. I only heard about this yesterday and I'm contemplating whether to print the full manifesto and place it on front of the building where the hearing will be; it will be a short term decision as I do not know if there are cameras. If anyone is interested in how things are going, I will post updates tonight. Have a nice day.
(11.43 KB 259x194 No Worlds left.jpg)
Look, you retarded. I'm going to explain this in a way your fat, LARPing Boomer ass could understand. You can't get White women pregnant when most of them are brainless lemmings who just want to fuck and party around. A wife and kids is now a spoil of victory.
You can't have kids in this situation, even if you find a halfway decent White women. They'll grow up in Brazil or South Africa 2.0. Shooting non-Whites is the best solution; you want the anti-White establishment to crackdown on White Nationalists.
You might ask "we gotta wake up the normies". Pointless. We've already redpilled ten percent of the White population in the West.
The key here is to go from Clown World to Piss Earth before Whites are an absolute minority in the West. Once that happens, Pro-Whites will drop the pen in favor of the sword, for the jew will take our proverbial pen (the internet) away.
Then White Nationalists will attack high-profile targets or just trash infrastructure out of spite and drink some beer as the shitskins, degenerates, and kikes die in droves.
If the Kikes are defeated and annihilated forever, my reaction will be pic related.
(201.65 KB 990x1024 muhfacewhen.jpg)
cleaned up this meme
(1.80 MB 1920x1080 stbrenton.png)
Lads, I was thinking that March 15th must forevermore be remembered and celebrated as St. Tarrant's Day. The forms of celebration could vary - train, shitpost, somber contemplation, [spoiler] effortpost,[]/spoiler] etc. Crazy to think it's only a few months away. What will you all do?
(269.55 KB 1167x1098 bt23.png)
I already thought about this myself and I shall print 51 copies of his manifesto to spread during my vacation. Real life shitposts such as purchasing ham or a half eaten kebab and placing it in front of a mosque or my local Islamic federation will be optional.
(2.71 MB 2500x1750 accelllll.png)
>"the color of our uniforms is color of our skin". I'm convinced that this is pretty prophetic for any possible civil war in the West.
Absolutely. This is why we need to get there ASAP. It will be a de-facto mass deportation and purge of the horde. The status quo of slow boil will result in aryan genocide in North America and Europe.
Looking forward to hearing how it went.
Goodspeed anon.
I am sure there will be cameras around so please be careful.
(115.21 KB 960x838 jews.jpg)
don't forget to print the German translation
>A 42-year-old man has admitted sharing an image he called "Call of Duty Black Mosque NZ Edition" after the March 15 terror attack in Christchurch. ... The man pleaded guilty in the Christchurch District Court on Friday to a charge of possessing an objectionable publication, and making an objectionable publication.
New Zealand is truly a clown counry. Might soon reach UK-tier level of clowness.
I see some have launched a campaign against the shills and cucks on 8kun's /pnd/ and there's even a Tarrant thread now. Good!
so does anyone have the Call of Duty Black Mosque NZ Edition meme?
>unlawful possession of a firearm
based 42 year old with illegal memes and illegal guns
Hope everything goes well, godspeed you for spreading revolutionary messages.
Based Austrianbro. Godspeed.

Very much agreed, although activism shouldn't be limited just for this date.

It was needed. After all, 8ch was Saint Tarrant's home.
Legend. Good luck
I can’t comprehend that lemmings put up with stuff like this. It’s ridiculous to arrest people over shit like this. It’s almost as clown-tier as the UK arresting people over teaching their dog to do a Roman salute. I have no doubt I’d be in jail if I lived in NZ right now
Godspeed, anon. Stay based and most importantly, stay safe
(231.99 KB 720x1071 boomerwaffen_division.jpg)
>42 years old
Based Boomerwaffen Division
>there's even a Tarrant thread now.

I read it and it's pretty bad, very much similar to a cuckchan thread, where there is little to no discussion and mostly shills and dumb normalniggers who can't even enjoy memes.
Nothing comparable to the memetic warfare threads.
I sometimes forget how this is literally one of the only good pro-Tarrant threads on the Internet not filled with shills outside of /fascist/
I honestly don't know what to think of 8kun and of this /pnd/ board.
Are they going to keep it a s lite political board, never allowing the old /pol/ to come back in the shape it was before the site was shut down?
Don't they need contact with the original board owner to migrate the board?
(50.98 KB 413x243 soy.gif)
>mfw waiting for the results
(377.51 KB 965x1124 bt69.png)
Far-Right terror plot smashed: Man arrested in dawn raid was planning attack inspired by Christchurch massacre, sources say

>Police smashed an alleged Christchurch-inspired Right-wing terror plot on the eve of the General Election, it emerged last night.
>Officers from Scotland Yard’s counter-terrorism command swooped in a dawn raid on an address in Luton on Wednesday and arrested a Polish man suspected of plotting an atrocity.
>He is said to have been inspired by the gun rampage on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, in March.

>Yesterday sources said the attack on March 15 had influenced an alleged extreme Right-wing plot in the UK, which was said to be in its infancy when it was foiled by police on Wednesday.
>It is understood that no targets had yet been identified, and there is no suggestion it was related to the election or festive activities such as Christmas markets.
>However, the timing of the arrest suggests that police and the security services were taking a safety first approach to eliminate the possibility that the suspect could act to disrupt yesterday’s voting. Scotland Yard said: ‘Police are searching two addresses in Luton in connection with the investigation. There is no immediate risk to the public.’
>The emergence of a terrorist plot so close to Christmas will raise concern about the decision to downgrade the threat level from severe to substantial for the first time in five years.
>Home Secretary Priti Patel announced the decision, by the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre, at the start of November. The ‘substantial’ threat level continues to indicate that an attack might ‘occur without further warning’, she said.

Seems like another nothingburger in Scotland and that this man was preemptively arrested despite having no targets and no relation to the election but they arrested him anyways because they were worried. I wonder how they even caught onto this guy in the first place.
(681.29 KB 1080x1662 Subscribe.jpg)
Check 4pol, he's got it up there but he's currently in some sandnigger infested area so he's off

Taylor is arguing with these disgusting mudslimes for whatever reason https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRCbC_Xmf_c

I couldn't listen to all of it, it pissed me off, especially when they blame the Rotherham gang rapes on "imitating the kuffar".

They shouldn't be debated with. Brenton has the right idea...
>We don't know when,
>we don't know where and
>we don't know how actually
>but we're still pretty sure

yeah sounds about right

got link?
I hope this guy doesn’t get in trouble. Glad to see anons doing stuff IRL for the Saint though
I love how they seem to catch all of the LARPing retards sharing memes and “allegedly planning an attack in its infancy” but they fail almost every time in catching people like Breivik and Tarrant
(195.22 KB 500x395 kommandant.jpg)
>tfw even Jared Taylor won't disavow the saint.
>Polish man
Every. Single. Time
He also got repeating digits, I hope he'll succeed in complete safety.
(801.47 KB 1080x1993 20191213_223247.jpg)
(330.54 KB 1080x643 20191213_224046.jpg)
No but here are screens from his posts
Can't tell, haven't heard from him and thread is archived now
(666.67 KB 1080x1606 20191213_224059.jpg)
Whoops, missed one. That was his first post, the others are from later on
What do the QRs lead to exactly?
Manifesto and video on anonfiles. I was in the thread where a burger got the idea rolling
(36.74 KB 176x217 1567275861979.png)
>Police have described the rise of the far-Right as the fastest-growing terrorist threat in the UK.

hahahahahaha are mean tweets included in these "terrorist threats" to boost the numbers?
as far as I understand extremist right wing in UK is virtually non-existent.
I wonder if they didn't just jailed this polish guy (not even a brit ffs) because he posted memes on a facebook group.
This guy is at least doing something. We should all do something like this. Print out images of Tarrant (and maybe Breivik) and a QR code saying something about Islam, Muslims, The Great Replacement, etc. and then print them around where we live.
Terrorism against Muslims is anti-terrorism.
nonWhites aren't human. Terrorism can't be committed against nonhumans.
>hahahahahaha are mean tweets included in these "terrorist threats" to boost the numbers?

No shit they are newfag.
Cringe edgelord
>are mean tweets included
check'd. Probably, in Germany for example literal sandniggers who give the Hitler salute for shits and giggles have this terrible crime put into the statistic as right-wing crime.
Guess what, the Iranian guy some time ago who was bullied
by turks and arabs in school and went on to kill them counts as a right winger for the police. These statistics are joke.

He's kinda right, tho. Barely sentient proto-niggers rate below rats in my book and me poisoning such vermin on a regular basis isn't terrorism, either.
(481.92 KB 1097x1121 bt15.png)
Good evening, Austrianon checking in. Just letting you know that I got everything done without a problem; I saved one copy for tomorrow when I visit a friend in the Czech Republic and will place it at the train station in Znojmo. Maybe put my last four stickers up as well or just save them, I don't know yet. But since it went this unexpectedly well, I shall do it again when I'm on vacation somewhere else. Thank you all for the support, I really, really appreciate it. Bless you all and goodnight.
Thank you for your real life effort, you are an inspiration.
Always stay safe, based anon.
(22.86 KB 220x293 220px-EK_II_1914.jpg)
you're doing the lord's work austrobro, the idea with the QR codes is breddy gud, if I may say so. Have an iron cross for that

>will place it at the train station in Znojmo
how many Germans will arrive there tomorrow? is that a big station? If not I'd advise you to postpone your mission now after you told us all about that.

>inb4 bunch of horny patriotic Czech girls waiting for austrobro lol
>>15066 (checked)
May I ask why you changed the signs around the rope, to a creeper? Was it because of these posts about plausible deniability and such?:
The manifesto is in english and well, the station itself isn't impressive but a lot of people who travel the country from Austria, sometimes Poland and occasionally Russia and Germany pass through there. [Speaking from experience].
I did because of what you mentioned. The last thing I want is to intentionally connect illegal actions to what I do as it hinders and narrows further options I will have in the future. I chose Creepers because their main feature is blowing themselves up but it's still subtle enough to claim ignorance as the Brenton art could be connected to Minecraft characters as well. I'll find a plausible enough excuse for the accompanying QR codes soon enough - if I even ever have to.
I love what your are doing, Landsmann!
I'm looking forward for the incoming kvetching.
>I'm looking forward for the incoming kvetching.
Do you think this might make the Amerimutt news even?
Depends on how much the press cries. I believe the outrage won't be big enough.

If Austriaanon wanted to fuck with Sellner, he could put a Sticker from G.I below the QR code. Then, maybe it would make to the amerimutt news.
(74.70 KB 676x501 tarrant_did_nothing_wrong.jpg)
Who knows.
Some journalist is probably reading these threads.
Hell, maybe even that (((Bellingcat))) neckbeard or the ugly as hell Patrick Gower from Newshub.
I hope it does.
& nanochan
(162.57 KB 1280x720 1538031887112.jpg)
>Some journalist is probably reading these threads.
So, some 40 something fat jews is watching us?
Or some mentally retarded glow nigger?
(18.37 KB 323x372 1575546124853.jpg)
I see the thread has grown fast and soon might reach the 500 replies bump limit.
I am the baker of previous bread, if by that time I will be offline and another anon will be baking the next thread, will you please use this picture in the OP?
We are getting closer to Christmas and this shoop is just hilarious.
Thank you.
(210.92 KB 625x707 The Chad Austrianon.png)
>Iranian guy
One thing I need to get here, is /pol/ okay with Iran because it's filled with Whites? I mean I tend to think that Iranians are generally non-White and that /pol/ supports them because they're jew woke.
As long as they stay in Iran. We have no issues.
Iranians are literally Indo-Aryans, I don't consider them brothers but maybe cousins and let's say 90% White which is good enough for me if they stay in their lands.
Someday their blood will revolt and reject their faith although I've to say that shia muslims are much much less of a problem than sunnites. and as you say they are jew woke so that's bonus.
Killing Bin Laden felt good, but on 3/15 I truly felt like we got em for 9/11
>"I would like to assure the world that I did not plan the recent attacks, which seems to have been planned by people for personal reasons"
Bin laden said this in 2001.
Kek, another lost boomer.
(177.27 KB 800x601 fapfapfap.jpg)
apologies lads, I came to early

>15097 NEW BREAD
>15097 NEW BREAD
>15097 NEW BREAD
>15097 NEW BREAD
>15097 NEW BREAD
>15097 NEW BREAD
Osama literally dindu nuffin.
Iranians are pretty Aryan and they’re anti-JWO. They’re good in my book
Fuck that cunts yummy
I honestly don't know what to say, but this will be the best thing I've seen since the start of the year. Didn't think people would like what I do to the extent that I have been shown yesterday. You're amazing, kind anon, thank you for this. Saved.
Top jej this is very nice
Any news yet? Maybe some social media kvetching?
(128.16 KB 1024x669 totally legit.jpg)
this one?
No, if anything comes up, I will let people know. But Austria isn't as stuck up about Tarrant as the USA. Chances are that the copies don't even get reported and instead just discarded.
But the posters have the generate at least some SJW tears on social media.
They already whined about IOTBW, so there's no chance in hell, they'll let this slip.
They will at the university, which will be opened on Monday and I placed it in the library, next to the sections for feminism and gender studies. That will do something, trust me.
(71.47 KB 603x180 btfo.png)
I found this comment under one of Grün ist unser Fallschirm remix reupload on jewtube, holy shit my sides.
(35.30 KB 404x500 1523044555968.jpg)
>next to the sections for feminism and gender studies.
You are the hero we need but we don't deserve.
Tried to post a Tarrant meme on 8kun's /pnd/:
>Sorry. Tor users can't upload files on this board.
Going to stay away from that one then. An "anonymous" board that disallows anonymous posting. Makes you think...
maybe you can only post comments but not pictures?
Possibly. But it's an imageboard...
>Sorry. Tor users can't upload files on this board.
The typical sign of a board with not enough jannies getting flooded with cheese pizza.
It was bad enough you had to enable java script to post at all but this almost 4cuck tier now.
I thought the posters were put up at night. How can someone get in the library at night?
And why hasn't there been any reaction yet? I've seen articles in local newspapers about Hale Hortler-tier swastikas for Christ sake. Has this all been a big LARP?
It's the weekend, maybe on Monday more people will be around there and someone will notice.
Or it could also be that no one paid attention to the stickers.
Doesn't matter, ausbro did a good deed.
>I thought the posters were put up at night. How can someone get in the library at night?
It was dark, not night. Sun goes down earlier during winter. Library is open until 21:30 during Friday to allow for students who sleep in a building close to campus some extra studying time.
>And why hasn't there been any reaction yet?
I mentioned before in this thread that today, Martin Sellner had his hearing for supposed connections between him and Tarrant which gathered quite a lot of media attention - it might take away from the things I did.
>I've seen articles in local newspapers about Hale Hortler-tier swastikas for Christ sake.
Of course the media chimps out about Nazi related issues, it's all they can do. But I didn't use swastikas or any other symbol that can immediately be connected to Nazis. This isn't the point and never has been. The stickers, even if not recognizable within some days, will get some kid's or adult's attention for a long period of time as they're not too easy to remove and unless someone puts a sticker over them, they can help spreading Saint Brenton's word for months.
>Has this all been a big LARP?
You're free to believe what you want, but personally, I say No. I didn't send threats to a politician, I didn't yell Heil Hitler in public and I didn't beat an invader up. Of course stickering won't gather the attention these actions would have but if you're looking for a bigger happening, you're free to do the work. I, for one, will test the water for some time to see how far I can go and what will be considered illegal or at the very least outrageous. Then, I shall move accordingly. But until then, you and everyone who expects a new effort post will have to be patient - as it will not come from me. I'm sorry to disappoint your expectations in my action but I'm not throwing my life away or get in trouble with the law for someone on the internet to go 'good job'.
You did good ausbro, don't listen to naysayers.
You did good bro, there will always be faggots
(170.35 KB 600x575 1515100035378.jpg)
I meant LARP as in someone pretending to go stickering, but not actually doing it, just to generate (you)'s. I could see some /b/tard actually do this.
I didn't mean to say that postering is a waste of time or something like that. I'm not one of those spergs.
Anyway, I believe you now. Sorry for rustling your jimmies Austrianon.
No hard feelings, my friend. It's normal to be suspicious of online activity, especially when it occurs in channel circles, considering the empty threads that get started all the time. I simply came to the realization that I want to serve my people and not an online community and the only way to do this is by doing what I can that doesn't get me jailed up and puts my actions on ice. I do hope you have a calm evening; be well.
(394.77 KB 1920x1080 Austrianon.jpg)
do this nogs have a onion website? I know their on temigram but im not going anywhere near their
I just watched two vids by "The Base"and I just realized something were the vids take place seems extremely similar to the "fission" vid by the split awd group also add the fact most members of the base are originally from awd could that mean that awd remnants in the base decided to revive awd to their own image?
>I just watched two vids by "The Base"
the awd vid is also their to with the base vids and awd just made another small vid were they burn books the base uploading vids for awd hmmm adds more support for my theory that nogs in The Base missed AWD and made their own shit
also the base uses full autos and in the vid the awd nogs used full autos


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