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(149.36 KB 517x421 roof.jpg)
St. Roof Thread Anonymous 12/04/2019 (Wed) 18:30:54 No. 13742
What's going on with Dylann Roof lately? I haven't heard anything since he wrote that letter to Tucker Carlson.
The Saint dead from lethal injection anon
He got nine consecutive life sentences and the death penalty, but he’s still alive
Why do you lie?
He's not been executed yet.
Also, I laughed a lot when the dumb (((ADL))) kikes put the bowlcut among the hate symbols.
Why are they so ridicolous?
(183.13 KB 1022x1022 1567519758784.jpg)
(81.42 KB 520x412 1517467281038.jpg)
(95.79 KB 480x600 1488054826970.jpg)
(2.12 MB 1100x1600 1557007354620.png)
(123.58 KB 459x683 roof christmas.jpg)
(15.33 MB 480x356 practice.mp4)
What's with these St. so-and-so slide threads, Soros?

Everybody knows that these lone wolf attacks targeting innocent people are not going to do anything but create a pretext for cracking down on conservatism.

We must focus on real methods of national rejuvenation, like accepting Christian values, instead of agitating for a fantastical and delusional DOTR.
>Christian values
Okay boomer

>What's with these St. so-and-so slide threads, Soros?
>Everybody knows that these lone wolf attacks targeting innocent people are not going to do anything but create a pretext for cracking down on conservatism.
>We must focus on real methods of national rejuvenation, like accepting Christian values, instead of agitating for a fantastical and delusional DOTR.

Are people so dumb as to fall for the "lone wolves are good" meme? They're trying to radicalize us in order to undermine true Christian values. Soon they'll begin to call anyone who opposes mass immigration a terrorist, and it's all thanks to the dumb lone wolf terrorists.
>quotes his own post
peak boomer
this dumb faggot also posted in Tarrant thread, soon he will be shitting up the whole board, I am sure.
>"soon they'll call anyone who opposes immigration a terrorist"

Is this supposed to be a bad thing? When people are labeled terrorists for thinking the obvious, they'll start opening their eyes. No matter what happens, anti immigration nibbas will eventually be labeled as terrorists anyways. This will also benefit the election chances of any anti immigration or slightly radical candidates. maybe the next leader.

I'm not sure what the correct path is, but I know for a fact they want to push Orwellian laws on us via shitty retarded hardly noticeable attacks with no symbolic or literal meaning perpetuated by some mentally ill (((spergs))). I also know they want us to do what we've been doing for the last 70 years, nothing while hoping the next leader shows up, larping up and down the streets. That's actually why they've been so obvious with the subhumans. They know the leader is near. They know millions of radical primates will, at the very least, slow us the fuck down when we gain control back over Europe.

I am Absolutley not encouraging anything violent. But I know brievik and Tarrant were huge benefits and eye openers. People could literally feel "something" watching BTs video. Dylan roof did nothing at all except make niggers hate us. Beneficial? idk. Patrick cruisius didnt do shit but help push an agenda and get laws put into place, either then or in the future, while getting mongrel mestizos to hate us when we should be siding with them, at least for now.

slightly unrelated I keep hearing that people up north, particularly New York and particularly lower classed people, are not only self segregating, but also largely woke on the JQ. would like thoughts
(77.59 KB 494x740 1505334526712.png)
What do you gain from disavowing them other than looking weak if not implictitly than explictily. You can longer vote your self out of this situation. Trump had promise, but now look, none of his campaign promises that ever mattered got passed. You can keep being a coward all you want, but its only gonna get worse. This is only the begining.
You can tell that this one is a (((globalist shill))) because he's all about pushing a DOTR that's never going to happen. To put it simply, White nationalists are few and in-between, and all White nationalist organizations have already been infiltrated to the core. There's simply not enough people who would be willing to commit terror attacks.
But terror attacks are bad in the first place. They do not help White people; they only serve to exacerbate tensions and provide a pretense to crack down. Terror attacks also deteriorate the White man's sense of virtue and morality. They target harmless civilians and fail to make any real change. Fundamentally, it's murder, and it's wrong.
A real life DOTR wouls be bad for White people. The collapse of societal order and the economy would cause many innocent White people to suffer. We would end up in civil war like Yugoslavia, whose successor states are poor, corrupt, and ruined due to the civil war. Now, Montenegro is relying on Chinese usury to be able to build roads. DOTR would end the glorious Western civilization.
What we need to do is mount a successful political campaign. The left is less united than you might think. That's why Evangelicals have been able to convince radical feminists to work with them to oppose transgenderism. We should be playing political chess. We should create a bunch of slick "Bible websites" or "news websites" biased towards a traditional nationalist point of view.
You should stop advocating for useless violence; you will be arrested someday if you don't stop now.
>We should create a bunch of slick "Bible websites" or "news websites" biased towards a traditional nationalist point of view.
>You should stop advocating for useless violence; you will be arrested someday if you don't stop now.
No way in hell you’re not an FBI agent or deradicalization shill. Either that or a good baiter
Fuck your optics
(60.24 KB 600x458 d7c.jpg)
>Oy vey I have no argument
>Hurr durr killing innocents good
>Hurr durr actual political strategem bad
The Woke Alone picture is Mr. Bond album cover.

He got shoaded off of minds.com and bitchute I think. I have no idea where to find his content now, very glad I downloaded it.
>j-just keep voting red!
>Doesn't refute anything
>Strawmans complicated poltiical strategem into "voting eed"
>t. Soros
Shut up, demotivation shill! You're just trying to convince us to focus on useless, immoral, and illegal terrorism instead of doing effective political work. That's why you're asserting that peaceful politicking wouldn't work without a shred of evidence.
(1.42 MB 802x854 1517052954755.png)
>you are few goy
>you are weak goy
>you are outnumbered goy
>you are outbred goy
>no one will join your cause goy
>there will never be a DOTR goy

If all the above was true, there would not be teams of paid posters, feds and other assorted fluorescent ebonic people and several gorillions of shekels spent to search, monitor, shut down the places where these few goyim assemble and eventually arrest them, often on mere accusation of wrongthink.
Remember lads, that's what they do:
(135.71 KB 415x483 xdfdsfojso.png)
(43.92 KB 700x440 8475jfefhe1.jpg)

you are a fucking idiot or a kike in disguise, american civil war was a race war and even a friend of niggers like abraham lincoln recognized the power of force : "This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or exercise their revolutionary right to overthrow it"
(77.91 KB 749x724 18brnud65ax31.jpg)
After 3 years of making fool of yourselves with the muh Russian trolls that of course was a hoax now you glowniggers switched to muh Chink shills (meanwhile you go glowing around in Honk Kong).
Meanwhile you are also derailing the thread.
Back to topic, pic of Dylann Roof as a kid in class.

ok moshe
They aren't low IQ, They just lack the gene that codes for "freedom". they have taken many vaccines and the most important (to their employer) ensured they would be subservient and nothing more. They are a drone, NPC, nothing more. In fact, they could be a machine learning bot!
(47.78 KB 750x563 dylann_roof_american_flag.jpg)
(78.84 KB 844x640 please-forgive-any-typos.jpg)
>alienate and bully White kid for entire childhood
>get shot up
Mind blown
Right now, the former Yugoslav countries are poor as shit because they fought a useless civil war over ethnic lines. That's why Montenegro has had to rely on Chinese usury to pay for a simple highway.
If America ends up in a civil war/DOTR mass-terrorism situation, it would be bad for America and bad for the silent majority of Whites who only want to preserve Christian values.
(78.40 KB 850x482 vbfgglhf.jpg)

>the silent majority of Whites
the silent majority of Whites shoudn't be silent anymore and should rise up in arms against the zog tyranny
>when your grandma stays at church just as long as your daddy stayed at the convenience store
They are poor because CIA instigated a bloody civil war so they could force those countries into debt slavery and install ZOG puppets to rule them. And it was precisely the religion (Islam and two branches of christcuckoldry) that were the basis for their "nationalism" , not genuine nationalism.

Then they got sold integration into EUZOG and absolute poz as the only alternative to war.

The same false dichotomy that seems to be shilled to Americans now.
I wish I could see the look on the face of every traitorous scum who thought that serving ZOG will give him an upper hand and that he will somehow be spared if he is good of a goy enough, once they stop being useful and get discarded by their masters as if someone flushed the toilet. In fact, I wish for the kikes to go an extra mile ruining and torturing them.

He is right about pointless attacks though, not because of (((morality))) or because violence is bad per se, but because they are stupid, thoughtless moves that only harm the cause.
(223.73 KB 994x700 codreanu plot 1.png)
(137.41 KB 955x518 codreanu plot 2.png)
Everyone redpilled should read Codreanu's book and see who they saw as worthy targets. These excerpts attached to my post don't even cover the prime ministers they assassinated later and other enemies.
Didnt know that the hero dylann was left-handed until now.
never feed those glowies we should just ignore them and enjoy talking about hating on niggers and devotion for sain tarrant.
Goy Volcker just died, really bad for the contrast

#Bluethejew thread
>Volcker just died
Didn't know that. Now all former Fed chairs are jews.
it was only like yesterday or so? guess he was not useful anymore and they refused him his loliblood infusion, he crumbled like a we paperbag
>be African-American
>get shot
im crying
(86.13 KB 1280x1275 _.jpg)
(1.51 MB 951x608 rhodesian.png)
(65.84 KB 1024x621 1556371994089.jpg)
(67.81 KB 575x1024 dylann roof.jpg)
(53.56 KB 534x401 gdrf.jpg)
(103.10 KB 1200x675 letter to Picciolini.jpg)
(63.31 KB 615x738 DylannRoof.jpg)
(55.29 KB 800x599 ph.jpg)
(355.11 KB 960x1280 1556369467483.jpg)
(348.87 KB 499x583 afraid9.png)
Nice handwriting.
Who is the recipient of that letter?
One of those "former neo-Nazi" deradicalization faggots https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_Picciolini
anti raid bump
He targeted a bunch of old coons in a church. Tarrant is a ultimately better example of action.
>Dylann Roof specifically asked for Pinckney and later opened fire on the congregation, killing Pinckney and eight others.

I had heard the state congressman was there and killed, but I had never heard Dylann asked for him by name. Always assumed it was Dylann got lucky in having a political figure there. Definitely knocks Roof up a (another) level in my book.
Roof is just another White man bashed by antiWhite shills for screwing optics and going in.
(123.58 KB 459x683 roof christmas.jpg)
(99.41 KB 600x600 Mein_Kampf_Mixtape_Vol.1488.jpg)
Woke alone was probably my favorite bond album. Sad he isn't around anymore.
I noticed they wiped most of his shit from Bitchute as well. So much for a free platform. Here's a good archive
>Christian values
Fuck off with your slave religion.
(39.88 KB 374x321 bowlwaffen.png)
I am not into any scene whatsoever so I didn't make up my mind about this "bowl" stuff: was it ironic at the beginning like the OK sign? Since ADL put the bowlcut too into its dumb hate symbol list etc.
>>Dylann Roof specifically asked for Pinckney and later opened fire on the congregation, killing Pinckney and eight others.
Does anyone have any information about this?
I watched the entire FBI interview with Dylann Roof. The agent asks him all kinds of specific questions like:
>why did you target these people specifically? (multiple times)
>why did you pick this specific location? (multiple times)
>where did you get the gun?
But he never mentions the politician and neither does Roof. He tells the agent that he was just looking for a location where he could shoot a group of blacks. He also doesn't mention the politician in his "manifesto".
I honestly think it's just a coincidence that the politician was there.

It started in the discord group of the Daily Stormer. People were posting semi-ironic Bowl and st. roof memes. After a while they got banned and started their own Discord group called Bowl Patrol. Then it turned out Discord in completely pozzed and they went to Telegram I think. They also made some low effort podcasts, (which were funny at times)
Ok, thank you for the info.
https://twitter.com/breaking911/status/1222299006547554304?s=21 >JUST IN: White supremacist Dylann Roof appeals convictions, death sentence in killing of 9 black church members in South Carolina - AP
>>20031 Look at all the golems in the comments thirsting for White blood
>>13742 >Saintt Tarrant >Saint Roof it's Saint Brenton and Saint Dylann you assbackwards fucktard
>>20043 This anon gets it. I don't know why people refer to them by their last name
>>20043 Most people on the internet use the last names of the Saints.
>>13921 >innocent >muh conservatism >muh christian values >basically just worship christ, do not conserve anything, and let the based christian negro breed your daughter
(378.19 KB 767x438 sda916xa3xd41.png)
Note that Roof wrote for his parents, I found it on plebbit.
>>20143 DRDNW tbh
(391.91 KB 1000x1537 roof tan.png)
(67.58 KB 800x534 superbowl.jpg)
(50.77 KB 480x360 prb.jpg)
The Prayer of the Bowlerboys™
(146.26 KB 1440x960 instagrammugging.jpg)
>>20676 Wtf is this supposed to mean?
>>20706 I think it's supposed to look like a "the weak should fear the strong" meme, but it just looks gay tbh. do one of Dylann Roof Choking a black grandma, saying "the weak should fear the strong"
(92.36 KB 720x480 instagrammugging.jpg)
>>20706 It's a reference to this newfaggots
>>20747 Don't know what that pic is, never seen it before in my life.
>>20750 Alright. I'll avoid obscure references in future OC
(2.25 MB 1058x1548 barber.png)
>>20971 LMAO the kikes fear the bowlcut.
(109.35 KB 1280x719 photo_2020-01-28_02-54-02.jpg)
https://youtu.be/148eVf-BEvM?t=85 >my opinion about Dylann doesn't change. My feelings about him doesn't change. I still love him as a friend Based black guy
Why nobody ever did a movie about Roof? If there's one thing the kikes love is depicting "evil" White guys on the big screen, I wonder why they never picked on the Charleston shooting. Or maybe there is one and I didn't know?
>>21792 They don't because they don't want to bring attention to him. There are many people like Roof who would make for great movies, even if you depict them as evil, but they are all ignored. You can think of Paul Joseph Franklin, Eric Rudolph, The Order and the A.R.A. They made a movie about Breivik and that led to many outcries about how he shouldn't be given attention.
>>21800 Well that's probably for the best if the kikes don't even dare put their hands on certain matters. I truly hope they will never touch the Christchurch shooting to sully the soul of Saint Tarrant.
>>21815 I don't know, the movie about Breivik was pretty good. Most /pol/acks liked it. His character reminded me a lot of House (from House MD) with the sarcasm and him being a genius and all that.
(42.65 KB 258x384 last.jpg)
>>21815 The Breivik movie was honestly kino aside from who they chose to portray him. If they had chosen a roided up blond beast like Breivik to play him people would’ve sympathized with him more. Just watch this, even the trailer makes him look based. Netflix made a great testament to the GOAT shooter: https://youtu.be/ey8cSvaxs30
>>21829 >aside from who they chose to portray him. I've seen people say this before. (maybe it was you) But I personally think Breivik always looked a little weird. He has a weird looking forehead imo. Maybe it's from the alleged plastic surgery. I honestly think the actor looked better than Breivik, not to insult Breivik or anything.
>>21840 I think if anything is really “strange” (I hesitate to use word) about him is around his brow and maybe the shape of his eyes. Apparently he only got plastic surgery on his nose and chin And kek yeah if you saw someone here talking about that actor before it was probably me.
>>21841 He certainly didn't need plastic surgery. Maybe he was chasing perfection.
>>21851 He had a cucked “metrosexual” phase so maybe it was from that period
>>21855 I guess we are all human. That reminds me to get back to reading Mein Kampf. Hopefully there are some funny akward stories about him in the first part.
>>21858 Good luck with Mein Kampf. It’s long but it’s an essential book. I remember some parts of Mein Kampf making Hitler feel very relatable, such as the parts when he awakens to the jews or his behavior in school, where he is judged to be very intelligent but only applies himself where he himself is interested. At some point, if you want what is the most important overview of Hitler in his youth, you have to check out August Kubizek’s “The Young Hitler I Knew” — >“In the midst of this corrupt city, my friend surrounded himself with a wall of unshakeable principles which enabled him to build up an inner freedom in spite of all the dangers around him. He was afraid of infection, as he often said. Now I understand that he meant not only venereal infection but a much more general infection, namely the danger of being caught up in the prevailing conditions and finally being dragged down into the vortex of corruption. It is not surprising that no one understood him, that they took him for an eccentric, and that those few who came in contact with him called him presumptuous and arrogant” >“He went his way untouched by what went on around him, but also untouched by a really great, consuming love. He remained a man alone and– an odd contradiction – in strict monk-like asceticism guarded the holy flame of life.” We also learn that he was nofap. jews hate this book too, they say it makes Hitler look too good
Bump again necro-fags


no cookies?