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(37.77 KB 716x403 alicia suprised anger.jpg)
HAPPENING IN NEW JERSEY Anonymous 12/10/2019 (Tue) 21:18:42 No. 14639
>Five dead, includes shooters, cops, civilians
>multiple shooters, possibly still active
>multiple explosive devices, including a truck bomb
>3 jews among the injured


Wonder if it's one of /ourguys/
sounds all pretty weird so far

The best part so far is listening to these nigger cops argue with each other over the scanner.
(11.64 KB 588x108 anudda 3.PNG)
(361.30 KB 633x609 anudda2.PNG)
(12.82 KB 578x115 anudda 1.PNG)

Scanner just asked for a transport for six injured officers too, wow
have we any confirmation for the shooter?
first report was blacks
and whatabout the pipe bombs
weapon deal gone wrong?
>rabbi complains according to officer
>lockdown releases a minute later
Really makes me think
(9.55 KB 242x208 1574760384246.jpg)
Rolling for a bunch of dead muzzies
how come some dirty crack niggers are able to fire away for hours while Earnest rifle jams after some 5 rounds?
(40.32 KB 475x562 1567899882485.jpg)
Because the niggers are used to gun violence.
Piano man is unironically a good boy who acted on a rush of desire to take revenge on the evil kikes.
Apolitical Nigger Death Squads
(24.77 MB 640x360 John Earnest's final waltz.mp4)
Niggers shoot each other all of the time so they know how to use them. Earnest became fired up by Saint Tarrant and took action with little forethought
(45.52 KB 780x439 joe-seals.jpg)
The dead officer left behind 5 vibrant and diverse children.
Racemixing ZOGbots feeling that karma finally, eh?
>having to deal with diversity crimes every day
>overlook it and have children with diversity
>muh dik muh dik
>gets life ended by diversity

Poetic justice if I've ever seen it. ZOGbots really are dumb donkeys, no doubt.

In france ZOgbots blew people's eyes and limbs off with explosive(gas grenades) which they knew were explosive. Just because they were "ordered" to shoot at protestors who were using the "democratic" rights of free speech they thought they had. French police also work with antifa and hired them as thugs gave them weapons, and obviously coordinated them to attack, especially journalists.

Instead of disobeying such nonsense and such a sick system french police would rather kill themselves later in regret. And they did it all for a measly taxed sum the protestors and cops alike have to pay instead of simply quitting being a fucking globohomo cop for the jew oligarchy. ACAB.
(74.15 KB 236x283 goebbels_hat.png)
His goblins don't even look Whiter than the mom lmao. Into the trash it goes
Anyone have more info on this? We need to learn and encourage this behavior.
Nigs vs jews. My jimmies are rustled.
White men are racemixing more and more, because starting a family (with 5 kids) with a White woman has become nearly impossible, unfortunately.
at least she has nice milkers
(264.66 KB 500x500 kangz.png)
>Three sources say Anderson was a one-time follower of the Black Hebrew Israelite movement, a group whose members believe they are descendants of the ancient Israelites and may adhere to both Christian and Judaic beliefs. There was a note with religious writings in the U-Haul he and Graham allegedly drove to the scene.


>Negerwaffen Division
Based kangz did nothing wrong
Incompetent nogs. 100+ shots, 5 kills.
Niggers have always been better at generating chaos more than high body counts. White boys do it better
(12.47 KB 480x360 1436494429754.jpg)
>The footage shows the shooters deliberately bypass other people on the busy street, aiming directly for people inside the kosher deli.

(49.11 KB 800x760 black pepe.jpg)
>tfw didn't get the high score
(27.16 KB 400x600 saint tyrone.jfif)
>Black Hebrew Israelite movement
Remember everyone to prioritize infrastructure.
Are blacks now recognizing the fact that jews are the one oppressing them instead of the Whites? This is interesting.
(1.74 MB 480x270 niggersknow.mp4)
(142.67 KB 665x443 kfc.jfif)
I've been saying for a while that niggers need to be redpilled on the jews. Looks like it is happening on its own accord merely by having to live next to those dirty Chassidic freaks
(34.63 KB 540x540 1431603231793.jpg)
Niggers can not really be red pilled though. They are saying this shit mostly out of stupidity. It's still nice though and we should definitely take advantage of this.

also, can anyone shoop pic related in front of a kosher store?
don't know how to do this. I tried manually cutting it out via paint, but it's a hassle
I've been saying it too, and gently redpilling them whenever I see a chance. Basic stuff like cotton = textiles. jew slave ships. Some music industry stuff. "Do most White people you know act like the stories you hear about us as oppressors or do we usually just want to be left alone?" There's no end to easily digestible redpills that hit close to home for them.

If they wake up in mass it's a complete game changer because they actually will start spilling blood with no thought for the consequences, and interracial propaganda will IMMEDIATELY stop.
You're wrong about niggers. They're not White smart but they're also not actual literal retards, and some of them have been onto this stuff on their own for a long time now. A based black was telling me about kikes and 911 years before I was redpilled. They also have a free pass to speak their mind. Or if you're right then we're smart enough to manipulate them. Either way they exist and can be used so we should be on that.

Get GIMP for image editing it's free and does everything.>>14789
>Niggers can not really be red pilled though
(453.62 KB 640x358 baste black guy.png)
figured it out
Goddamn it, just when I had it.
(186.55 KB 1920x821 shomrim jersey 3.jpg)
(275.53 KB 1421x533 shomrim jersey 2.jpg)
(42.47 KB 700x467 shomrim jersey.jpg)
Some Shomrim sightings
haha, good for practice bro, thought you wanted the actual shop from the shootout
what is that? kosher body removal service?
but damn they are ugly, why are kikes so fucking ugly? after all the race mixing and shit
(1.68 MB 1200x1184 greta & African-American.png)
All I meant was that niggers are too stupid to become ideologically red pilled, they will hate jews based on instinct though, just like rednecks hate Mexicans and niggers based on instinct.
It's useful to some extend, but in the end the rednecks always vote for Zionist "muh LEGALLY" politicians.

There's also the fact that jews are objectively good for niggers. They hand them tons of free money, let them get away with crime, glorify them any chance they get and so on. So niggers are never (fully) going to be our ally.

But, by all means, when an opportunity arises, exploit it. It's useful without question, and even when it isn't, it's still funny.

He is the perfect example of what I meant. On first sight he appears based, but then you find out that he literately believes that White people were created by niggers in laboratories in some sort of Wakanda type scenario.
Thanks, I figured there wouldn't be any good pictures available. guess I was wrong
(46.96 KB 600x400 1559061558450.jpg)
(113.73 KB 996x566 1542906230610.jpg)
(1.72 MB 1334x750 1570067057900.png)
(1.06 MB 272x480 jew police.webm)
The Shomrim are private jewish police forces that are active in Orthodox jewish neighborhoods and are given state-funding to protect jews against anti-semitism and shit
(214.30 KB 658x688 merchant police.png)
>and are given state-funding to protect jews against anti-semitism and shit
So just like the regular police, then?
A thought came to me in the early morning hours after waking up. Often, I believe some of my best thinking happens at this time. Thoughts are able to rise out of me, without the fog of ideas required to get through daily life.
Anyway, it is pretty simple. Some of these mass-shooting incidents may or may not be false flags, or they may be done by people who never bothered to write down why they did it, and it seems, the ZOG media is increasingly trying to stop people from knowing why in any case.
So what is a revolutionary White Nationalist to do? Why, forge a manifesto for them, of course.
Not only could it potentially generate tremendous traffic to this site, it would also spread a political message far and wide. It would probably be several days before anyone discovered the manifesto was a hoax, and by then, thousands (maybe millions) of people will have read it. And even more will read it, after it is discovered to be a hoax, which will itself be a story.
My proposal: all serious anons should write such manifestos now. Every time there is an interesting mass shooting, simply post it here, or somewhere else, and say "Here is the shooter's manifesto, found on blah blah blah."
This should be accompanied by fake press releases, pointing to it. See how many news outlets will carry the article.
it was sheer coincidence I had seen it on cuck yesterday, so I knew where to look
oh my, found it
Pretty much, except for one is composed of armed shabbos goyim and nigger wranglers while the other is composed exclusively of jews and operates within jewish inhabited areas.
(53.65 KB 1141x392 mesirah shomrim.PNG)
oy vey
>Often, I believe some of my best thinking happens at this time.
Same, sometimes I dream about a solution to a problem in my daily life. Then I wake up and am like: "damn, that's actually a good Idea".
Sometimes I dream I'm watching a (completely made up) episode of a TV show I like, then I wake up and am sad because I didn't get to finish it

About your idea, it's pretty good. To and extend that is what anons have been doing with Sam Hyde (OMG White supremacist shooter !!!) for a while.
There was also the case with the (jew/spic) school shooter Nicolas Cruz. A SIEGE sperg group (Republic of Florida) said he was a member of their group to the ADL, as a joke. They were pure cringe though.

Groups like ISIS always claim responsibility for actions, even if they had nothing to do with it. This way they appear more powerful than they actually are. We should obviously not see them as an example or aspire to be like them, but it's interesting to observe.
amazing how the jews are able to piss off anybody they go live among.
(112.48 KB 454x685 they're antisemites.png)
If there are any websites that let you set a "release date" for your writings, then, after each shooting some anon could release the fake manifesto and pretend the account and manifesto was made by the shooter.
He could say something along the line of "I wanted to make sure the manifesto was released after the shooting, so as to not alert the cops in advance"
This of course should only be done if it's legal.
>and pretend the account
This part is the most likely to get one in trouble. If there's a shooting the cops are gonna investigate into the account
>If there are any websites that let you set a "release date" for your writings, then, after each shooting some anon could release the fake manifesto and pretend the account and manifesto was made by the shooter.
Great thinking! Whatever finishing touches one could put on it to make it appear that much more authentic, the better.
It will be impossible to verify it for several days, but that won't stop many news outlets from covering it, even with a warning, simply to generate traffic to there websites.
There is a lot of potential here. Want to write that manifesto, but don't want to kill people (yet)? Well, have a go at sitting down, and writing it out, and just wait a few days for the next mass shooting, or perhaps a few weeks for one that you think is particularly interesting.
Find some kind of dead-man switch website, or hell, any website and just claim you "wrote a program" that would send it out automatically in case you didn't stop it, and post it to a bunch of websites.
Come here, and say "Look guys, I found there manifesto." Then write a press release "Neinchan finds manifest of shooter," and start sending it out to every media outlet you can find.
It really depends. Generally US nigs have enough White mixture to generally not be complete retards. Go to africa for the full retard experience.
This. Most niggers are something like ~20% White in heritage, I’ve read. They’re literally just rootless mutts
Only glowniggers want lone wolf attacks against civilians, which are immoral and ineffective. We do not need a civil war/DOTR right now. The glowniggers want to trap you in the pipe dream that once DOTR ends, there will be a White utopia. In reality, civil wars generally set societies back while allowing bad actors to take power through the power vacuum.
We must instead work with nationalists of all stripes, including black nationalists, Zionists, etc. to create a peaceful solution that would ultimately be more realistic than DOTR.
>Only glowniggers want lone wolf attacks against civilians
In fact, the exact opposite is the case. ZOG-faggots never advocate for violence. Their line is always "Violence is wrong, vote Republican."
>We do not need a civil war/DOTR right now.
Translation: Forced integration with niggers and slavery to Kikes is just fine.
>The glowniggers want to trap you in the pipe dream that once DOTR ends, there will be a White utopia.
ZOG-faggots don't want a real Nation-State. They are happy living with millions of niggers and being enslaved to Kikes.
>In reality, civil wars generally set societies back while allowing bad actors to take power through the power vacuum.
A ZOG-faggot would rather watch his daughter marry a nigger, than fight and die for his people. That's because, in their mind, they don't even have a people. Being an "American" is pretending that Nations aren't real things.
>We must instead work with nationalists of all stripes, including black nationalists, Zionists, etc. to create a peaceful solution that would ultimately be more realistic than DOTR.
There is no "peaceful solution," except surrender. And that's exactly what ZOG-faggots advocate.
>We must instead work with nationalists of all stripes, including black nationalists, Zionists, etc.
Joining with nationalists of all races does seem to be a greater advantage, except with Zionists.
>create a peaceful solution
Probably not possible, it would be better to rally all the races against their traitors and kikes.
(272.69 KB 508x492 jewyork.png)
>The Shomrim are private jewish police forces
NYC is such a corrupt jew-run shithole. In other news-

>With Rise of Far-Right Extremists, N.Y.P.D. Creates Special Unit

(what is their obsession with civnat mutts? Is it encroaching on their faux egalitarianism?)
(252.43 KB 785x1000 merchant wojak.jfif)
>Nooooooo, you schwarzes can't just shoot up our kosher stores, you just can't!!!
(39.98 KB 492x311 delet this, goy.jpg)

Good founding, anon.
I hear about "mesirah" in the first time.
(90.09 KB 680x492 111111.jpg)
This concept really contributes to my theory that Judaism is nothing more than an ethnic crime syndicate.

Ass bro of truth.

The whole purpose of ADL is trying to Whitewash rapist and pedo leo frank, just because he was a "fellow jew".
>Ass bro

Why Nein changed "d.u.b.s" into "ass bro" ?
Checking your remarkable digits

>what is their obsession with civnat mutts?
This stuff is a preview of how they intend to put into practice the purge of the last remaining Whites in the near future, when we will be reduced into such a tiny minority throughout all the West that gathering us in ghettos and "correction camps" will be an easy task done by their armies made up of shitskins.
This will be our future.

Do the kikes realise, that only because of White people they have access to civilisation and when Whites are gone, (((they))) will live among low-IQ shitskins, which probably start to kill the "chosenites" too in the process ?
The jews don't care, they just want to rule over the docile masses of shitskins.
Best poster on the board. Every thread, every time.
(204.76 KB 960x555 lololol.png)
killed by black israelites hahahahaha LMFAO
Did she delete the tweet?
possibly, i took the screenshot from cuck and someone mentioned lefties were deleting their tweeds
(693.33 KB 1080x2220 tweet.jpg)
So radish tilapia said huwite supremacy is so awesome we can outsource it to the coloreds?
It'd be pretty nice if niggers started adopting fascistic thought and hating jews tbh.
People of color are doing the jobs White people don't want to do!
New Jersey shooting is being probed as an act of domestic terrorism motivated by anti-Semitism – State AG
ZOG is going to clamp down on /ournigs/

>The attack on a Jersey City kosher grocery is being investigated as an act of domestic terrorism motivated by anti-Semitism and police hatred, authorities announced. Six people including the attackers died in Tuesday's shootout.
>The investigation into the shooting at JC Kosher Supermarket is now a domestic terrorism probe, Attorney General Gurbir Grewal and New Jersey US Attorney Craig Carpenito told reporters on Thursday, adding that the violence was believed to be motivated by anti-Semitism and hatred of law enforcement.
>“The evidence points towards acts of hate,” Grewal said.
>While the attack was initially thought to be random, surveillance footage showed the pair deliberately targeted the kosher market, driving there after gunning down a detective who attempted to question them about a recent murder in which they were also suspects.
>They shot three more civilians inside the store before they were themselves killed by police in a gun battle that lasted for several hours.
>Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop did not hesitate to describe the shooting as a “hate crime against jewish people” on Wednesday, a description echoed by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, though law enforcement were initially more cautious in applying that descriptor.
>“We are not in the position, at this time, to say definitively why the suspects decided to stop in front of the supermarket and begin firing immediately,” Grewal stated on Thursday, while Carpenito clarified, “They were clearly targeting that store. They were clearly targeting the Jersey City Police Department. We don’t know why.

They have literally evolved for thousands of years as a parasite race specifically designed to suck the teat of Aryan civilization dry. They are mostly mutts with a great deal of European admixture, and their religion had to be modified with matrilinear rules to accomadate for their women cucking them with men of foreign races. In other words doing what they are currently doing is all they know. They do not have a true racial soul it's why they constantly wander and subvert. Basically an advanced form of gypsy. If we could pair off every jewess with a nigger this bullshit would be solved in 20 years.
(27.76 KB 164x299 Nigworth Arthnig Mathnig.jpg)
The Black Hebrew Israelites are niggers who believe that
>they are the descendants of the ancient Israelites.
>jews are devilish impostors
cant make that ship up

mfw I love niggers now lolno
Nigs morons confirmed. Main target was jew school next door. Went to the deli first and got bogged down. Ok nigs, listen up, high priority target FIRST, then you go shoot everyone in the deli afterwards and get your sandwich.

nigger israelites is a jewish controlled oppo group.

It obfuscates the fact that Judea was a White state of Christianity

>inb4 plebbit niggers / jews cry about Christianity and claim it's a jewish religion
bump against the slide raid
>Judea was a White state of Christianity
>We must instead work with nationalists of all stripes, including black nationalists, Zionists, etc. to create a peaceful solution that would ultimately be more realistic than DOTR.
Jesus, are you real?
Be sure to grab a ticket for the DOTR not to miss the first noose.
Even back on 8/pol/ we were calling this for years. I can't believe even though the kikes were monitoring us they STILL didn't think their own nigger puppets would turn on them. We called this. We fucking called this. A question to anyone that still watches the (((mainstream media))); was this covered a lot by the news? Or was it a five minute segment aired on one day and immediately swept under the rug? I've noticed any non-White shootings are swept aside even if kikes are the victims. Their agenda to make Whites look bad is so strong that even their own dying at the hands of niggers gets pushed to the side.
It has been covered very shortly and poorly in my country (I am in Europe) despite some kike being actually killed, while the Halle incident was covered in great detail and for several days.
That's the most accurate definition of the jews I have ever heard.
checkin that nice ass bro
>> 14793

It can be done to Muslims too. They hate the kike's guts and their religion actually commands them to kill jews who are dammed in God's regard.
bump against raid


no cookies?