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Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 02:52:06 No. 15701
How do I introduce Fascism and later National Socialism into the minds of my peers without having them instantly recoil in disgust and hatred due to the propaganda we all know they have been infected with? I have slowly gotten a few of them to eek over bit by bit on some stuff, but they're still either hardcore Trump worshiping Zionists or Libertarians that refuse to even listen to what I'm saying. Is it the rhetoric, do I give them books to read, how do I do this?
discuss the precepts with them without it tied to ideaology. dont even mention nazbol. phrase it in ways you know they wont disagree with it.
I think memes would be of great help.
We all know how it works: see some funny meme about nazis or a cartoon frog, go to funny meme page on Faceberg, then on imageboard, then get stucked in the discussions and get redpilled.
Spread memes and drop casual redpills here and there.
In my experience - and I believe it's the same for you - swallowing the redpill is something one does on his own, not because someone pushes you.
(65.00 KB 880x1360 61BTytUZxOL.jpg)
MAGApedes are in a cult, read Snapping by Conway on how different kinds of cult deprogramming work.

Libertarians like books, especially stuff that isn't explicitly aligned.
Russell Kirk's Conservative Mind redpills on why Reactionary thought reacted to Classical Liberalism in Jacobin revolution.
Dugin's Fourth Political Theory and Troy Southgate's Tradition And Revolution are good places to get at Anarchist oriented people.

Feudal Society i&ii by Bloch and Gies' Cathedral, Forge And Waterwheel are great for deprogramming Hollywood/Liberal memes about how "awful" and "unfree" the feudal system was, and are purely History books.
These are good books (4PT, T&R, Feudalism books) for redpilling anprims too.

(All these are on libgen and b-ok in multiple formats; recommend Fbreader and/or Ebookdroid for the ebook-challenged)
(68.03 KB 946x1002 merchhd2.jpg)
This is probably the best idea for faggots who still haven't figured out that we're being genocided in the Current Year. Keep it light humor. If you take it seriously they will push you away so they can keep getting social brownie points for signaling that they too agree with the television.
Ted Patrick's work in deprogramming can't be underrecommended in terms of his critical insights. The key to breaking deprogramming is to highlight the contradictory and hypocritical issues with the cult member's ideology. Anything at all can be used, but the important part is to use a progression of increasing situations where you engage the critical thinking in the target.
The way cults work is suppression of critical thinking of the target.

Get them to think first, about anything, even sports or movies, and you open the door to further insights until you can start dropping redpills
everyone i know hates black "people" or just accepts that i am a nazi. very few people will actually have a passion awakened for facism. if you are the dominant social force among your peers then they will become like you. you must be loud and proud, if someone doesnt like what you are talking about dont say sorry, that makes you look like a fucking beta. you must be enthusiastic about it too because like i said not many people enjoy talking about politics so they will get bored if you arent making jokes. so basically just be yourself bro
i agree anon, apologizing is a form of capitulation. by apologizing, your allowing (((them))) to dominate your conversations. ive found being even more rude, crass, and 'hateful' usually drives the snowflakes right away, when they demand you apologize.
(221.45 KB 800x382 yes.png)
I agree.
Lately the YES meme is going into this direction.
Notice how the biggest concern of cuckervatives is to always cater to libtards and they worry greatly to not be called racist and shit.
This is a defeatist mindset, anyone indulging in it is not a friend and is just another enemy of our people.
You can be far more influential if no one knows you are a nazi. You are just an in-shape (if not /SIG/) guy with his life sorted out who happens to speak some harsh truths about niggers and jews.

If you don't have your shit together, don't bother trying to convert the masses. Start in the gym. I can't begin to explain to you how much more people give a shit about you when you are in shape and attractive. If you are unattractive, it doesn't matter, no one gives two fucks about you.
This man gets it. Lifting, leg-lengthening surgeries, steroids for clean skin, and a good hair transplant do make all the difference in impressions. Our society is more visual than many of us realize.

sage for promoting industries dominated by the tribe
This. I would add that you don't even need to directly speak about National Socialism or fascism, just speak on the principles. I regularly talk on inequality, hierarchy and nationalism -- all principles of those two worldviews and get normalfags agreeing with them. I namedrop Hitler occasionally but it's not as necessary as one may think. If OP can get people agreeing on basic ideas like the ones I've listed he can then move further. Also one should never discount humor.


no cookies?