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Mall Shooting in Oklahoma City Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 23:08:07 No. 15779
Possible happening in an Oklahoma city mall, apparently there is a note left by the shooter but it looks like a suicidal by cops tendency and nothing else.

Please be another disciple with a good score
Nevermind from that manifesto he’s just a Herostratus
No interesting news, apparently it might be just some nog nogging around.
What a total fag. Shooting randoms
A White guy kills someone it's the end of the world but a nigger does it and it's just nogs being nogs, keep that news cycle moving. We are surrounded by cowards and traitors.

At least Niggers just kill each other in gang related crimes and usually their death score is below 5.

When Whites do it, they kill a fuck ton of people and mostly innocents, like kids and students.
People expect niggers to act like animals. When a White person does it it’s something unusual and out of character and more calculated oftentimes.
>defending niggers
So he wanted to kill himself by cop but police are now searching for a suspect, so he presumably pussed out and ran? Can't even kill himself right.
The second pic is from the pastebin of the first pic, someone posted it on cuckchan.
(15.76 MB 640x360 Shooting_-_1.webm)
>When Whites do it, they kill mostly innocents
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