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(189.50 KB 1200x1513 whitemapofgreenland (2).jpg)
Greenland Ethno State General Anonymous 08/20/2019 (Tue) 17:59:18 Id:843e19 No. 1669 History File history
The New Homeland of the White Race has been decided.
Greenland shall be the homeland of our people (as it was before) and shall birth forth a renaissance of our civilization leading us to heights never before imagined.
The current population of greenland is 65,000. Over the next few years somewhere between 100,000 and 500,000 white nationalists from sweden, england, south africa and the whole of the western world will immigrate there, demand independence from Denmark on anti colonial grounds, and set up the white ethno state
>Inb4 taking land from the inuit.
The Inuit litterally murdered raped and genocided the original inhabitants of Greenland who were nordic.
>Inb4 to cold
Stop being a fucking nigger.
Not exactly a location that immediately springs to mind that has much potential for a self-sufficient white ethnostate. Any analysis available on its resources and its viability as a long term solution for the Aryan question?
The entire population is under 60 thousand so it wouldn’t take that many people there to start influencing politics in a big way.

Greenland would be the northeast corner of the USA, displacing Maine.

Veterans should be alarmed.
Why not pick some tropical islands that can actually support life rather than frozen wasteland? Chad Aryans conquered and settled warm and fertile regions while cucks remained in cold places to become the pussy-whipped, refugee welcoming crowd many centuries later.
white nationalists

lol you mean pozzed le 56%ers
Would be weird if people did this and then Trump bought it...

>>1710 they suggested other races don't like the cold
No more white flight.
We need white FIGHT!
As long as you are a Caucasoid and have family values and morals its fine. Its an unfortunate fact our ancestors mixed but there can still be a homogeneous Caucasoid society
>I can't shitpost from jail mate.
Dont get caught, dont tell anyone, do it alone.
Kill your local drug dealer.
The same moral police officer who earns $24,000 per year and says that he loves the Bill of Rights might be happy to torture if he was paid $100,000 a year.
how are you going to deal with the asian inuit mongloids living in greenland. if they stay here, one day or another, there will be racemixing and thus a small amount of gene injected in the genetic pool of the white habitants of greenland.
just like smelting iron, raise the heat to cook off the impurities
The war has started.

Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, Samuel Adams, Thomas Paine, Ben Franklin, Paul Revere, and George Washington probably never wished for a war and likely would have rather stayed home with their families, but they did what they were born to do.

Now Americans need to make some sacrifices and resist.

Nothing is going to get better. The government has crossed every line and waiting just makes tyranny more permanent.

Patriots need to spend money and risk being arrested or killed. Only those who are here understand the problems.

You can either promote freedom or fire on government buildings.

The US is a bankrupt warmongering police state and Americans think that the problems will be solved by having free college, slavery reparations, and banning straws. Complete insanity.


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