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The real reason for all this Greenland talk Anonymous 08/21/2019 (Wed) 00:30:44 Id:4eefe3 No. 1721 History File history
Little St. James island was once also Danish. I believe Epstein is in military custody and is trying to argue muh fringe on the flag and muh US corporation.

This is all about draining the swamp. The glowniggers operate under City of London corporate status and Epstein was LARPing as a pedo Danish duke. Cap this.
4d israeli chess

also trust the plan goy

based also fuck jannies
Why? Even if he is still alive, they have disappeared him. As a legally-dead person he would have no rights, and no sovereign citizen conspiracy retardation is required in order to seize everything he owned, imprison him indefinitely, or torture/kill him.

Explain why any of your proposed extra steps would be necessary, as well as why any group with this level of power would be so autistic as to needlessly bind themselves to follow some sort of secret interpretation of the law. What would happen if they broke it... some non gold fringe flag court would put them on double secret probation? Who would arrest these people?

>sage for pointless retarded conspiracy
epstein is dead. no point in keeping him alive. the (((people))) in charge were the ones that controlled him. they know everything he did. therefore, no point in keeping him alive
Americans are completely crippled by fear today.

Americans are scared of blacks, illegal immigrants, Muslims, Nazis, Commies, guns, Ebola, and Russians.

Now Americans must also be scared of the Gestapo because everything is illegal and the government can wiretap you, torture you, steal your property, indefinitely detain you without trial, and extrajudicially assassinate you.
Please explain the "gold fringe flag." I've seen them, but had no idea it was significant.
>epstein is dead.
The jury is still out on that. It's also entirely possible that Mossad staged the suicide to recover their asset, and they've set him up someplace on a fat retirement for his years of dedicated service. I didn't give that option too much consideration until the faked Maxwell photos dropped. Whole thing reeks of a jewish intelligence operation.
No one cares that blacks are killing white people in South Africa, but Trump would invade South Africa tomorrow if blacks killed Jews.
Yup. But Trump's philosemitism, while nauseating, is doing an excellent job educating the public on ZOG, even if indirectly. Just why does this desert tribe deserve so much attention? Why are Trump and the Democrats arguing over Israel? Why is eliminating, or even reducing, the ridiculous sum of $4bn in aid to Israel every year considered beyond the pale? Why do the bloody jews matter so much in the American conversation?
This is why you have jews from across the political spectrum criticizing Trump for his statements. There is nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, that jews hate more than having light shone on the unusually subservient relationship between the US and Israel. The jews and the jewish state should be relatively insignificant in the American political conversation, but now they are the center of the it. And that leads people to ask the question that the jews want desperately to avoid: why?
(138.29 KB 854x980 killing floor.jpg)
>operate under the city of london
If the Jews send white people to the gulags then Libertarians will join with the Nazis to resist, but if Fascists send Jews to the concentration camps, will Libertarians defend Jews?
(139.31 KB 395x572 qoomer.png)
I pray for the day where Qcumbers finally realize they were being had and there is no "storm", and there are mass boomer suicides.
Better yet, would the Jews ever defend us ever? No? Never? Then why should they?
Americans scream dogs in restaurants are unsafe, but then Americans turn around and say seeing-eye dogs in restaurants are just fine.

Americans say that they love the police state, but when Americans travel to Communist shitholes like Vietnam, Americans are happy to drink in public.

Americans swear airlines would have a vested interest in crashing their planes if airlines were not regulated, but regulated airplanes still crash.

Americans insist everyone would die of food poisoning if people didn't wear a shirt in a restaurant, but people in China don't wear shirts in restaurants without a problem.

Americans scream only businesses are evil and love to pollute the environment, but the Socialist utopia in the USSR was an environmental disaster.
maybe it was done simply to create a media buzz to keep attention on Trump
Racists say that the US collapse is solely because of illegal immigrants, but Hong Kong and the USA have been successful while having mudshits, immigration, and free trade.

North Korea has closed borders and they are poor.

What if illegal immigrants paid sales taxes that funded welfare for Americans?
sales tax goes in the state coffers; welfare comes from federal income tax, moron.

hong kong has not been successful, look at the situation theyre in now...

thank you anon
dubs checked and welcome lad
but I almost forgot

>Racists say that the US collapse is solely because of illegal immigrants, but Hong Kong and the USA have been successful while having mudshits, immigration, and free trade.
A nation that has amassed a 17 fucking trillion debt is not what I would call successful you retarded faggot; even less so when almost anything of value is owned by a bunch of kike billionaires and soulless transnational corporations that literally shit in your mouth while laughing at you.
1920 universal suffrage was enacted, women, coloreds got the right to vote....

...the great depression happened 2 years later.
What would racists say if they took a DNA test and found out that they were 1% Indian?
>What would racists race-conscious people say if they took a DNA test and found out that they were 1% Indian?
Nothing, because you know what? 99.99 percent of all DNA is the same, hell, even a chimpanzee shares about 98 percent with men and I don't care. I care about the precious 0.003 percent that make the difference. If that part of your DNA is in fact Indian you ARE Indian and have just as much right to complain as some guy from Outer Mongolia.


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