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(95.57 KB 1280x720 nuke_explosion.jpeg)
HABBENING! War with Iran imminent! Anonymous 01/03/2020 (Fri) 03:13:16 No. 17274
America strikes head of Iran Quds Forces.

Iraqi State TV:

>Iraqi state television reported Friday that the powerful commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps, Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani, was killed in a strike on the Baghdad International Airport early Friday.

>The strike killed five people, including the pro-Iranian chief of an umbrella group for Iraqi militias, Iraqi television reported and militia officials confirmed. The militia chief, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, was a strongly pro-Iranian figure.

Who is this nigger?
http s://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2013/09/30/the-shadow-commander

Iran says they will strike back:

Buckle up anons, here we go! Guess we are going to find out if Iran really has nukes after all.
On one hand I’m glad I stopped liking this shabbos goy back in April 2017, but on the other I’m ashamed that I did not recognize that he was going to be such a giant kike far before that. All we can do now is surf the Kali Yuga and accelerate. Buckle up
To any agent of the Iranian government that may be monitoring Neinchan.
Only revolutionary White Nationalism is capable of overthrowing the ZOG. There are a number of ways you could begin helping us, covertly. There is no need to endorse us in your foreign media, you can continue projecting whatever you want for your sympathetic English-speaking audience. But one we can fight the ZOG.
We need weapons. We need cash. We need military know how. We need White Man Hezbollah! Now is the time! Find a way!
>We need military know how.
And mortars. Lots and lots of mortars.
The mortar is what turns the guerrilla from a pest into unstoppable military threat!
Iran is a sandnigger mudslime regime that deserves to be overthrown. The blood of everyone killed by the Hezbollah terrorists and other despicable actions of the Iranian regime is on the Ayatollah's hands. Trump will bomb Iran back to the stone age.
(175.87 KB 1024x768 jew_troll.jpg)
>Iran is a sandnigger mudslime regime that deserves to be overthrown.
You're a Kike cock-sucker that deserves to be killed, along with everyone in your family.
Rolling for the first nuke to hit tel aviv.
Iran is like a satanic cancer that must be wiped out. the Ayatollah is an antisemitic cockroach who wants to start wwiii by nuking Israel. We must preempt him by nuking him first
I gotchu
Thread theme.
You guys claim Iran is based but why did they not do anything about israel yet? Honestly think they are control just like all the rest.
>he says as Israel is about to be wiped off the map
(554.62 KB 1000x731 HappyMan.jpeg)
>Iran is like a satanic cancer that must be wiped out. the Ayatollah is an antisemitic cockroach who wants to start wwiii by nuking Israel.
Yeah, isn't it great?
Because they want it at the expense of mine. Now eat shit and die, faggot.
(30.06 KB 500x325 DukeAhmadinijead.jpg)
Oh look the shill has arrived
JIDF got here quick. Pretty late in tel aviv right now, isn't it?
I will believe it when i see it with my own eyes. At this point they are just barking not doing any of the biting.
This is a pretty bold move by trump, it won't be unanswered by Iran.
True but do you really expect them to do anything? Its just going to end up being an angry worded email and nothing more. All everyone ever does these days is talk and talk, they never actually deliver on the threats they claim. Its kind of getting frustrating.
>ZOG will destroy itself if it goes to war with Iran and it will redpill people on the jews and the failures of the current anti-White regime like never before
Not happening. The best we can hope for is a counterstrike against israel. Hopefully something can get past iron dome.

The Iranians have been spoiling for a war for a while. They are about to go all in. Screencap this.
The reason for this assassination is because Iran has been wrecking the US presence in the Middle East in the real world.
Sorry for my ignorance but i dont see how a war with Iran will redpill people about the jews. I feel like they will find a way to make it go to there advantage.
This isn't a "war for Israel". Israel is an important ally that we must protect to ensure we have influence in the middle east. You know deep down that your anti-Semitic nonsense has no basis in fact. You're basically a libtard.
why won't you just leave neinchan and go back to 16chan already...
correct. The Ayatollah's have never done shit to Israel and help them with things like ISIS in Syria.
I actually had a dream that foreshadowed this a day before, I remember when I heard voices about jews ruining everything until I woke up in some place filled with destroyed structures and buildings. Holy shit!
(49.56 KB 1200x675 wwgnZBCHHCJ3RXwY.jpg)
since there was never a declaration of war in Iraq, any U.S. service member who is killed there is a traitor who deserved their death. thanks based quds force for thinning the heard of traitors and zogbots.

>it will redpill people on the jews and the failures of the current anti-White regime like never before
don't be so sure. boomers are completely incapable of realizing jewish tricks. they suffered through an extensive kike propaganda campaign for most of their lives and they can't be unplugged from the matrix.
War with Iran is neccessary. Iran is one of the saddest stories I know. A once great nation inhabitated by our Indo-Aryan friends turned into an Islamic hellhole. The question is whether it can ever be saved, but a war is good
Based af
But I doubt Iran has shill teams like the kikes do (to the shill ITT: why don't you fuck off to your home on plebbit and cuckchan?).

I feel the same, however now I just hope in more acceleration but I am afraid nothing but angry tweets and some sandnigger blowing up in MidEast will happen.
Will we ever see Israel nuked in our lifetime?
Apparently everone that doesn’t support a Mudslime nation that helps Islamize our countries are shills
Shut the fuck up heeb, Iran has never caused trouble to White people, unlike Pissrael and its obese american Golem.
Sorry, wrong reply, comment was meant to quote >>17329
Stay on the_donald and drown yourself in semen. Youre not welcome here
If we don't give a shit about israel, we have no purpose in the middle east anymore. The US is now a net oil exporter. We should let them all kill each other, and watch for the lulz.
Why does the US cover Israel so much anyway? Does Israel pay them? What could they possibly offer to make the US waste a bunch of resources on them?
It as to go deeper than that. Israel must have some excuse to make american fight for them. The people would be enraged if they found out they where fighting for no reason at all. jews are dumb but not dumb enough to let possible damming information like that fuck over their plans no?
>MAGAtards will defend this
>Israel must have some excuse to make american fight for them
Why spill precious chosen blood when you've got jewish buddies in America who will serve as cannon fodder for Israeli foreign policy?
>The people would be enraged if they found out they where fighting for no reason at all.
Good thing they'll never find out since they are blasted 24/7 with propaganda about "muh freedumb" and how we must bow at the troops' feet. jews are able to get away with this stuff easily due to their control over media, education and entertainment, not to mention their control over social media as well. They can mold the minds of the goyim to accept almost anything.
> when you've got jewish buddies in America who will serve as cannon fodder for Israeli foreign policy?
Meaning that the jewish buddies in America will use gentiles
There is a complete shillfest on cuckchan right now, the kikes owning the place are having multiple orgasms along with thier MIGAtard useful idiots.
Personally I don't care if the entire Middle East with both muslims and kikes gets nuked into oblivion, but the show those kikes are giving there is truly disgusting.
>Israel must have some excuse to make american fight for them.
Military enlistment is collapsing. What they pull in is substandard. The industrial capacity of the United States has totally cratered. Foreign buyers of T-bills have vanished. The Philippines, South Korea, Bulgaria, Greece, and Germany are all very publicly uninterested in continuing their status-quo relationship with America. The UK is collapsing on itself in an orgy of brown commonwealth immigration and neoliberal life support disguised as populism. Russia and China have achieved technological and military superiority over the United States in the actual, not just theoretical.

Whoever is fighting for israel at this moment is literally the only people they are going to get. It's over.
(69.36 KB 640x645 young crusius.jpg)
>you will live to see iranian hackers on steroids break out bowers and crusius
(50.98 KB 413x243 soy.gif)
>mfw this will cause more Islamic happenings in the west
(166.69 KB 907x374 The Chad Soyboy.png)
I just hope the happenings don't start before they can finish this season of the Mandalorian.
Happenings are my entertainment now. I look forward to happenings like normalfags look forward to the next episode of their preferred show.

>tfw someone responds to your post with your own OC
>Happenings are my entertainment now
Yep, that's where I'm at now. Nations rise and fall, I am amused.
Nations rise and fall
Happenings entertain me
I shall be amused
Hey everybody, it's HaikuAnon!
Not bad, really
>china and russia are the new world superpowers.
Top laugh. Are you really still looking at the world this way? The old us vs them and we or they win here and there?
The governments of the world cooperate now more than ever and the people of each nation continue to be the losers.
Do you really think the people of russia and china are experiencing top tier quality of life? Do you think America and Germany hold the highest standards of living?
Youre looking at life in the world all wrong. The cultural singularity is happening and places like china are desperatly trying to hold off the ocean of degeneracy flooding social media. China actually believes they can maintain a social credit structure in a society of over 1 billion without all hell breaking loose at some point and places like the USA think thr markets will sort this shit out and people will find equalibrium yet still continue to import hordes of people from nations with polar opposite beliefs to those of the core US population.
Are you lost?
(19.64 KB 300x100 HappeningsAmuseMe.png)
I was inspired.
(17.97 KB 300x100 HappeningsAmuseMeWhite.png)
I think I like this better.
You are literally me.

(59.48 KB 816x445 666666.jpg)
This image makes no sense.
Enjoying the specific happening here does not automatically equals being ok with Trumpnigger embracing the full ZOG neocon agenda of wars for Israel, betraying his electoral promises.
It's obviously ironic and a reaction to the specific post that was answered.
Ok, sorry I misunderstood.
To be fair, you have to have a really high IQ to understand this meme.
(37.23 KB 488x488 cup.jfif)
One person killed, two injured in stabbing attack in Paris suburb

>Prosecutors said that some religious items were later found in his bag, but that there was "no evidence at this stage suggesting he was radicalised".
There was also a second military strike in iraq against a caravan of iran loyalist military leaders.

The fire rises anons. I was going to say that Iran was going to strike next, but I'd have been completely wrong. Iran has gotten cocky and lack with their OpSec and now they, and their sympathizers are getting slaughtered.
Exactly, no one really supports Israel. If anything, if the Middle East sandniggers can get their shit together, I'd be content.
Israel is the only democratic country in the Middle East. In Israel, Arab citizens are given the same civil rights as jewish ones. Why should we hate Israel again? Is it because the jewś are your favourite boogeyman for your personal problems?
Why does being a democracy mean we have to defend them? If anyone interferes in our elections, it's them, yet all we hear about is Russia Russia Russia.
Why does being a democracy mean we have to defend them? If anyone interferes in our elections, it's them, yet all we hear about is Russia Russia Russia.
Why does being a democracy mean we have to defend them? If anyone interferes in our elections, it's them, yet all we hear about is Russia Russia Russia.
If Israel is surrounded by nations it considers an enemy for its survival, it's not my fucking problem.

t. europoor
Talk about not knowing your audience.
>muh democracy
Where do you think you are
OK stupid leftist millenials. Clearly you anti-war libtards are the real nazis. Why do you guys hate Israel so much? What did they do to you? All Israel has done is build a prosperous country out of the desert through their own hard work.
(569.12 KB 1002x1140 postww2_(((terrorist).png)
(247.30 KB 710x872 kikes harvesting organs.png)
(449.50 KB 2048x1835 kikes harvesting organs 2.jpg)
(248.04 KB 1270x803 forced birth control.png)
(411.46 KB 519x643 the g-d chosen people.png)
>Israel is the only democratic country in the Middle East.

Mazel Tov !
Why these pathetic antisemites can't acknowledge this simple fact ?
Why don't you go cry to your avocado toast, anti-Israel demoncrat?
(205.84 KB 1585x605 mussolini_democracy.png)
Having trouble determining if it's a troll or a genuine script guy on assignment.
Israel invented things like drip irrigation and built a thriving country out of the desert. Places like the Gaza strip are poor because they are blinded by Islamic extremism and antisemitism and just want to fight Israel rather than build themselves up. Israel is a model to follow; they're not the bad guys.
By hating on Israel, you are denying the jewish people's right to their own state. That's despicable behaviour from libtard demoncrats like you.
It's bait. The "real nazis" shit gave it away
Must really be getting some metrics you don't like if you feel the need to shill a ghost town like this place.
>Hurr durr here's some libtard fake news
>Israel bad amirite?
That's biased libtard fake news. The mainstream media is biased against Israel because they're full of demoncrats. Biased news isn't news. Thus, what you have is fake news. It never happened.
(194.70 KB 850x446 ArguingWithJews.jpg)
Yes, the jewish owned media is definitely biased against israel.
(399.33 KB 1242x1813 ISRAEL = ISIS.jpeg)
(106.86 KB 566x796 the samson option.jpg)
(221.41 KB 614x682 jewish racism.png)
(1.18 MB 708x1115 White_man's_burden.png)
>even jewish newspapers confirm organ harvesting and pedo-scandals
>libtard news

Ok, kike boomer
As a Messianic jew who loves the G-d of Isaac, Jacob, and Abraham and follows all of His mitzvot in the old and new testaments, I take offense to your calling me a "kike".
While reasonable criticism of Israel is not anti-semitic, calling for Israel to cease existing and judging it under a different standard to everyone else is.
(363.83 KB 2183x1149 oyveynewsnetwork.jpg)
>sound of goyim knowing intensifies
i hope israel get destroyed
I'd be fine with jews if there wasn't rampant jewish nepotism and they didn't import refugees. But neither one will ever happen.
When the Kikes say jump, the Celebrity in Chief of the ZOG says "How high?"
Hope Iran nukes Israel, America, and Saudia Arabia. After Tel Aviv, please start with Hollywood, Washington D.C. and New York (in that order).
Don't forget Lakewood. I'd run one in myself Starcraft ghost style if given the opportunity.
(16.19 KB 234x255 Das_ist_Dubs.jpg)
check'd. odrob odrob tel aviv
Kill yourself you fucking kike! You are lower than a dog !
Looks like we could have some legit happenings tonight anons!
? What did i miss? Anything big happening possibly?
Check'ed young sir.
>general leading anti-ISIS coalition releases letter saying they'll move 'out of Iraq'
Yeah, 4DD chess! But wait!
>draft letter released by mistake amid anger over attack that killed Qassem Soleimani
So maybe not. But they are apparently thinking about it.

We really need to get the fuck out. We have out own oil, let these fuckers kill each other.
(83.15 KB 634x655 iraq_letter.jpg)
pic related
I agree that getting out would be good but can we really trust a dailymail source?
They're already backpedaling and denying
(62.72 KB 782x751 01e.jpg)
‎Did anything happened yet? COME ON, i want to see jews and mudniggers killing each other
>We have our own oil
But other major economic blocs don't, or not enough at present. East Asia and Europe. Controlling the oil isn't about literally needing Iranian supplies to make sure Kroger's can run its trucking network. It's so the United States/israel can turn economic growth or plain industrial survival for China and Western Europe on/off whenever it wants to ensure globohomo niggerjew compliance.
(37.72 KB 558x528 basedvlad.jpg)
Almost a week since we put a hit on Captain Iran. Nothing from sand niggers but faggot mortar attacks and stupid shitposting from their cucked clerics. I just want to see jews and muslims kill each off by the millions. Nothing. Why are sand niggers so cucked?
(554.58 KB 909x923 the two sides of semitic coin.png)
>Why are sand niggers so cucked?

I used to raise the same question.
But i just begin to realize, that they're all semites after all.
Sure, there can be infighting between them, but in the end they will be united against Whites.
There is more common overlaps between their religions and mentality, then differences.
Based Aryan Iranians are literally attacking multiple airbases in Iraq with missiles as I type this. Reports of US ZOGbots dead. ACCELERATE
the only drawback i see with zion don's war with iran, is that it will distract from the coming 2nd civil war, and trumps son in laws tribe will remain in charge.

zog did something similar with ww2. social security and other socialist programs, were so unpopular in their inception, that revolt was brewing. there were former soldiers setting up camps in dc (read bonus army), and after mac arthur broke them up, fdr looked and did everything he could to drag us into war with japan and germany to subvert it. by the end of ww2 everyone was so distracted and war weary, everyone just accepted the social programs as fact of life, so much so, that today, one would be crucified for suggesting undoing the new deal.

zog knows the tactic worked before, so theyre trying it once again, 80 years later, to maintain their control.

dont buy into the disctraction.
>is that it will distract from the coming 2nd civil war
The way I see it is that a large-scale and drawn out war with Iran would be extremely damaging to the US empire. If we get bogged down there and start taking lots of causalities anti-war sentiment will go down and trust in the government with further plummet (it's already dismal but people still hold faith in it due to propagandizing and being scared currently of other options). This sort of war has a very good potential of destabilizing the US internally in the long-term to an extent, and it should be the duty of White nationalists, if this actually heats up, to exploit that situation in any way that they see as helpful and to point out the obvious jewish connections behind the enmity towards Iran and our larger Middle Eastern foreign policy, which is obviously a proxy for Israeli action 99% of the time. From there it is a short step away from pointing out (((who))) pulls the strings domestically as well.
Missiles fired on US base in Iraq right now.
they are all freaking out on cuckchan, will this bring further escalation in your opinion?
i agree that it could be a unique redpilling opportunity for the jq. even as we discuss this, the comments on any daily zog news article talking 'muh holohoax' or 'our greatest ally' are becoming more people talking about how israel has its hand in everything in our society, just a few years ago, the ratios were completely inverted. due to zog over-propagandizing, its triggering the striesand effect.

as for destabilizing our nation, the usa stopped fighting wars with the intent of winning them since korea and vietnam. sadly, the war i was in, iraq 2, was the same. that experience is what red pilled me to commiecrats jews and muslims... i dont think we need to worry about a war with iran going badly, the libtards will ensure it does, including vetoing money for new armor, equipment, and guns, just like in iraq 2.
> will this bring further escalation in your opinion?
Just saw a report about six or more f-35s taking off from the UAE in response, undoubtedly things will get worse.
Iran launches 'SECOND WAVE' of retaliation strikes against US assets in Iraq – reports

> Iran has launched another volley of missile strikes on a number of American facilities in Iraq, according to the semi-official Tasnim news agency. The new round of missiles follows the first by just over an hour.
>“A few minutes ago [3:30 am local time] the second wave of Iranian missile attacks on the US base is launched,” the news outlet reported.
The best timeline is truly being able to watch /pol/ users shoot up mosques live and watch countries duke it out from the comfort of my basement.
(515.60 KB 498x498 excited.gif)
Will there be Islamic happenings in the west again tomorrow morning?
(257.53 KB 443x376 pepe tarrant.png)
Not if they're smart
(35.42 KB 766x385 zognald speaks.PNG)
(98.18 KB 1013x658 trump israel jews.jpg)
Kike-in-chief to speak tonight
(24.71 KB 770x308 DO IT DO IT.PNG)
I'd rather them wipe out Israel but this could be pretty comfy too
(6.32 KB 230x250 bull.jpg)
Iranian funding incoming
>tfw this site is going to be working a lot faster in a couple of days
(23.44 KB 812x321 israel is next.PNG)






(142.11 KB 640x640 1578319799165.jpg)
(291.77 KB 600x702 de4.png)
(306.55 KB 809x910 aryan mujihadeen.png)
>fear not, Aryan brothers of the West, we'll take care of the kikes for you
Yes yes yes
ironic support for kikes is still support for kikes
you do know democracy is shit right?
(193.01 KB 1545x869 coomer.png)
Hell yeah!
(85.61 KB 1200x630 trump zog jew wall.jpg)
ZOGnald will be speaking in fifteen minutes, buckle up
(911.40 KB 698x720 THICC.png)
So, the king of Israel just spoke.
He toned down quite a lot.
However I see how much he is applying the talmudic "cries in pain while he strikes you" hypocrisy.

>muh Iran must stop violence and mayem (against Israel) and we will be at peace!

He probably realized that Israel would be endangered if he didn’t de-escalate.
(452.14 KB 624x1276 ggggg.png)
(235.38 KB 640x858 ggggg2.png)
Don't worry, he's doing 4-D chess

1.This was done by Iran, but it just show the whole world, that Arabs are literally low-IQ sandniggers, who can't even retaliate for the dead of their general, in the smart way.
2.It was done by Mossad/CIA, in order to blame the Iran for tragedy and create the pretext for incoming war.
Pretty much option one. If they had misled going out and anti aircraft systems on high alert why the fuck would they ok planes to fly? Russians gave the monkeys a machine gun. I guess it's all good, they mostly killed Canadians and Iranians.
Damn autocorrect should have been
>Missiles going out
Earl Turner 2020.
(103.87 KB 597x668 whisper.jpg)
There wil be war or not?
(1015.32 KB 634x819 bill_clinton_zombie.png)
Nothing ever happens.
Cuckservatives and MAGAtardism are just pressure release valves, slowing the genocide and demise of our civilization just a little bit.
I regret you burgers didn't elect the crazy harpy Clinton, she would have probably delivered mass chaos by now.
More immigrants have come into the country under Trump than before him. There is nothing left but to move things to a head ASAP


no cookies?