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(7.09 KB 224x225 angry wojak.jpg)
Anonymous 01/05/2020 (Sun) 22:11:02 No. 17861
Back in around late 2012, a Yid came to our School to talk about privilege. As soon as he entered the class, he had very different features from most Whites. Hell, I've seen some mongrels who are like 1/4th injun looked a lot Whiter than him.
His face from the sides was very sloped, both his chin and forhead. He wore a Yamaca and both his eyes were bulging, almost out of his orbital bones.
As he lectured us on White privilege, my right hand balled into a fist. Most of my other classmates, all of whom came from a White Middle and Upper-Class, agreed with the filthy shylock. I, a working-class White kid, wanted to tear that filthy little shylock's throat out. I was only 14 years old, and this was back when I started ninth.
I grew up in Toronto, in a black, nigger infested neigborhood that was a microcosm of South Africa. My Dad was a working-class White who couldn't afford to move. My mother was a fat cheating landwhale who fucked every nigger there, so my dad kicked her fat, stretch mark-riddled ass from his property. That whole "loyal White Women" meme only applies to boomer Women. White women from Gen X on wards are coal-burning whores who'd rather hump a knife than one of us, at least from my experience. all women and 90% of men are fucking Sheep, and the jew is their Shepard.
If we ever retake our homelands, we'll have to rape White women to continue the next generation of Whites. Then after that, once the jew's conditioning has been broken, they'll back in the home, barefoot and pregnant as nature intended. Petty morality needs to be thrown out the door to save our race. The breakaway White Nation could be an autocratic police-state with a social credit system for all I care, I just don't want to be under the rule of jewish despots that hide under a phony vail of democracy and libertarian principles.
As for the religion of the future White Nation, I don't give a shit. It could be Aryanized Islam or Aryanized Christianity. I'm an Atheist, not the Fedora-tipper who uses his Atheism as an excuse to be a sexual degenerate, but the objective kind. I'm an Atheist because I've been so blackpilled as a Christian.
If there was a God, he would've punished the Kikes for trying to destroy his greatest creations; they wouldn't be his chosen people unless God himself was a sadistic sociopath. It was that blackpill alone that made realize he didn't exist. Religion is just a philosophy. Nothing more.
My Dad, despite having some redpilled qualities, is still brainwashed. He reads Atlas Shrugged and believes Bioshock's Rapture is a good template for a breakaway White Civilization.
MFW I'm a working-class White lectured by wealthy jewish Parasites about being privileged.
>If we ever retake our homelands, we'll have to rape White women to continue the next generation of Whites.
The Day of the Rope will occur nearly simultaneously with the Day of the Rape. White men who miscegnated with spicks, niggers, and mongoloids will just be executed, but many of the women who did it will branded, and turned into literal slaves as punishment for their crimes against the White Nation. The worst of them, will, of course, be killed alongside the men, but many of them will be put to better use.
They will have their face branded with a large N, standing for Nigger-fucker, and it will not be a crime for any White man to rape or kill them. They will not be able to go out in public, and will be passed around from owner to owner. It will not be a crime for their owner to simply kill them.
In the generations to come, stories about their experience will fill the minds of the youth of the White Nation. Women naturally go to the rape fantasy from a very early age, and in the case of the future White Nation-State, this sexual narrative will become a Foundation Narrative of the Ethnostate. The sexual sins of the White Woman will fill her mind from a very early age. No doubt, many, many years in the future, young teenage girls will put fake N's on their faces, to entice their would-be male suitors into some sort of sexual encounter with them.
This episode will also form an academic discipline. Scholars will be divided for generations on whether to sympathize with the plight of the nigger-fucker women or not. Monographs will be written on the topic, personal stories of the women who survive it collected, and made into dramatic films. The Day of the Rope and the Day of the Rape will become part of the fabric of our National Mythology.
It will also been seen as the end-result of the pornification of our sexuality. Porn will not (legally) exist in the future White Nation-State, but stamping it out completely will take a very, very long time. National-minded feminists will write erotic fiction about the triumph of the White Man over all sexual challengers, and while this fiction too will be illegal, we will look the other way as it spreads to the minds of young women.
Can't tell if black pilled or just shill.

>Let's end porn and start rape.

Zoomer thread apparently.
(388.69 KB 1548x1200 70416.jpg)

what is this kind of bullshit ?
the liberation of the White race
will not succeed creating a totalitarian state full of brutality, hatred, resentment and thirstiness for revenge. We will probably need the use of violence to retake our homelands and keep the jews at bay but that's it, nothing more. This is why nazism got crushed you know. You talk about the sexual sins of the White woman and you pretend to punish them committing even worse sins. It is very sad to hear you talking like that
>what is this kind of bullshit ?
He's the best poster on the site, ZOGfaggot.

no, he is an idiot
Great post. It should be made into a banner to inspire all White men.
>ad hom
And you're a shade
>mount and blade pic
Bannerlord will never come
(69.32 KB 700x599 570139037a.png)

fix your shit up, I am saying exactly the contrary, rape is always worse because it is a deliberate act of violence while miscegenation is done out of ignorance and jewish brainwashing. Don't tell me this is moralfagging, if a war is not moral and rightous is doomed to fail, stop dividing us please
>muh hate
>muh resentment
>muh brutality
>muh revenge
This isn't Plebbit, go be this gay somewhere else you absolute faggot

muh kike
Deliberate acts of violence are absolutely necessary to destroy ZOG and its enablers. He who does not fight is doomed to die an ignominious death. Violence in defense of your Volk is moral and righteous, only Christcucks will deny this.
(482.11 KB 2000x1249 Yes Accelerate..jpg)
Shut it, you fucking poofta. I know on places like Cuckchan I'll get a called a fucking Wignat or a Glownigger, but I don't give a fuck. In a war for survival, petty, kike morality, as what you describe, goes out the window. We're only a decade or two away from having fate sealed, so man up, grab a gun, and accelerate the crash of this shitty Minecraft server we're in.>>17956
What the fuck is this term and why am I seeing it everywhere from cringey civnats all the sudden? It sounds like “haha you don’t want to go extinct, let me say White nationalist in a funny way”
(935.94 KB 1023x2835 Lenny the Lemming.png)
That term, sadly, comes not from Civnats, but from optics-cucking White Nationalists like Anglin. It's kinda depressing when we have people in our movement debating on whether to use diplomacy on a group of genocidal (((despots))) who want us dead.
I mean, who in their right mind cares what the lemming nigger cattle think? If we ever take control of the West again, the purple-haired degenerates will start turning in jews for us. The masses are herd animals: they don't care if Natsocs, jews, or even Martians rule over them. They just want TV, food, sex, protection, and are loyal to any state that can provide such for them. They don't give a fuck about the agendas of their rulers.
>If we ever take control of the West again, the purple-haired degenerates will start turning in jews for us. The masses are herd animals: they don't care if Natsocs, jews, or even Martians rule over them. They just want TV, food, sex, protection, and are loyal to any state that can provide such for them. They don't give a fuck about the agendas of their rulers.
Bingo. Most people are borderline subhuman, even Whites. Our race though has the potential to produce the cream of the crop in the perfect environment though, and due to what a subsection of us is capable of, I am not a total misanthrope. I have very little faith in the masses, but at least some degree of lemming compliance is required if we ever hope to come to power, hence why I’ve wholly embraced accelerationism as the main means of disrupting ZOG and taking away some of the lemmings’ material comforts. Otherwise they’ll never wake up.

Also it’s sad but not surprising that that term originates among optics cucks. Luckily as time passes the optics cuck’s position becomes more and more untenable and ridiculous.
Ok, I have finally figured it out. Some femanons show up, even show some tits.
>oy vey, women are becoming part of the movement.
>must jew quick...
The jidf is real folks
That femanon was a spic whore. If the femanons we’re getting are non-White and sluts who show their tits to anonymous anons I’d rather keep them at arm’s length
im going to say it but I agree with this shill pff all the fags that say we need to rape and shit are incel faggots also shill pick up a book please your idea of "nazism" is just larpy ass faggots in nazi uniforms that are stuck in the time when rockwell was at his height fun fact rockwell had more then half the american people on his side.If you look at it's better for us he got assassinated instead of kind of being in power by playing the ZOG's rules this time we will crush them with a iron fist Rockwell was a politician with a paramilitary he built and trained Rockwell wanted White revolution and know he would be killed with hundreds of units across America they did nothing when he dead we put up a good fight playing by the ZOG's rules but this time for TOTAL SIEGE OF THE SYSTEM total drop out or total revolution if you don't want to fight in the White revolt go to the northwest take your wife and kids with you and live a life like varg if you do not have a wife or kids find a wife and make kids then move north >>17904
If you don't like his solution for coalburners, then why don't you marry one before his plan can be implemented?
not him but have you considered just killing coalburners
if you want to fuck a coalburner you are just as degenerate as one yourself since you associate with them despite their subhuman status
Not even that, women are incapable of engaging in politics or most any hobby for that matter. They are far more social creatures than men, as historically they depended on society to survive because they were (and are) the weakest members, as such they view all activities as opportunities to expand their social network because in the female mind, that is where value comes from (gibs from other people [men]). It's not hard to draw the conclusion that women are naturally egalitarian socialists, that hierarchical natsocism will never appeal to them enmass and it is foolish to ever try to reach them. On top of that, great political change has never been caused by a woman (except maybe Alisa Rosenbaum), so it is useless to try and reach them too, especially when so few men are even lukewarm to natsocism.
(219.47 KB 500x870 kathy_turner.jpg)
>not him but have you considered just killing coalburners
Of course not. That anon is talking around the question. This is a question of that will determine everything. We can not win without tens of thousands of Katherine Turners.
Whatever is the line that makes the woman fight the ZOG, we will say it. The woman will have free domain over practically all questions related to whatever the fuck Katherine Turner cares about.
Whoever our Katherine Turner is, she will be forever beyond Saint Tarrant, Bowers, Earnest, etc. They will be a merefoot in history to her greatness!
Ii agree that he is a good poster, but this >>17869 is plain cringe.

If revolution/civil war wil ever erupt, of course there will be violence, and with violence usually come rapes too.
But to be honest his Turner Diaries fantasies often seem to go too far into unrealistic paths.
Regarding race mixers, in an hypotetic ethnostate I would be favorable to a variety of punishments, the first being sending the race traitor and her mutt spawn into her partner's brown homeland, or in alternative (in case of surrender) the sterilization of both the race traitor and the mutt spawn.
All the collaborating mutts can stay if they accept to be sterilized imo.
I am no spic dickface, I am a White European woman.
t. femanon
I don't know rockwells plan for coal burners but I know he was fine with half White fags living
I think the anon was talking about the spic who would come here and post her tits and say "would you want to dominate me"etc also femanon please describe what national socialism in your view
I am the woman who posted the picture, I am not a spic I am European, that faggot does not see straight.
In my view national socialism means a healthy society in every field: economically, racially, socially, morally.
That's what national socialist Germany achieved on its own strenght, that's why its enemies banded together to destroy it and work tirelessly to this very day for something similar to never awaken again.
While I don't agree with OP's point, he is correct. Almost 100% of women are lemmings. There are a few exceptions to this, however. Sadly, the women who gravitate towards male-dominated ideologies, like Nationalism and Capitalism tend to be mildly autistic. Their brains are essentially more masculine in the sense that they're more rational than your typical female.
About what OP said, raping roasties into submission is redundant, because after Day of The Rope, they'll be whoring themselves out to the men who hung the kikes and they'll be raising a generation of illegitimate, White children. Simply put, powerful men arouse the clits of women, no matter if he's a nigger or a White man. Their attraction is not as visual as men are, dame. That's why men end up being seduced by gold-diggers, black widows, and jewish Women who've undergone loads of cosmetic surgery to look Nordic. We just care about the packaging more than what's on the inside. This, sadly, is also why women are more likely to miscegenate with lesser races. These traits are both double-edged swords, just as our empathy and altruism is.
Those weren't spic tits. My town is overrun with beaners, and their tits have their own peculiar shape.

Regardless, femanon, every time you mention you are female you must post tits. It's the rule, and I am loathe to buck tradition.
I know that, but to be honest in that thread I posted the pic out of spite of the other anon claiming to be a woman.
I've been on Nein for several months now and never once mentioned being a woman, actually I never do it on imageboards because it's fucking irrelevant to discussions 99% of the times, but she thought she could start crying muh woman just like that, completely unnecessary in my opinion.
Sorry for attentionwhoring again, I did it just because I was specifically mentioned by the retard who called me a spic.
Hopefully I will shut my mouth about my irrelevant gender from now on.

inb4 banned again

Christians and mudslimes make holy wars too. And you say it, necessary in defense and to defeat the enemy, but the goal is our freedom not to destroy other nations. To rape, enslave or kill civilians is morally wrong and you know it, the right reasoning and the laws of human nature tell you that

more or less this, we cannot kill our women, even mudsharks

the best punishment is to send them
to third world countries , I mean exile, is what they wanted didn't they ?
There's nothing wrong with enslaving, raping or killing civilians. Sorry

it would be very nice if you collaborate on redpilling other women because its very difficult to us males to do so, nice day

oy vey lol

it would be very nice if you collaborate on redpilling other women because its very difficult to us males to do so, nice day

Read the Greeks
Read the Greeks
didn't see you but I was talking about a woman who would do that none stop from the beginning of neinchan

and this is why we don't have women on imageboards
Oh shit, I said they weren't spic tits. Where's my fucking sword, shield and White knight banner?

We all gonna die!
Imagine being this retarded

imagine being this degenerate


no cookies?