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Volunteering Anonymous 01/06/2020 (Mon) 19:25:27 No. 17968
Where can a woman volunteer that is based and red pilled
Not necessarily volunteering, but ways to help the community in general.
Just marry and have lots of babies.
Most charity organizations are completely pozzed and end up disproportionately helping non-Whites.

Alternatively, there are a few nationalist/identitarian you could join. You may be able to contribute to fundraising by cooking food and such.
Tits or GTFO, tranny spic.
I never said I was a chick. I just asked what are some based and red pilled was for them to do
That’s why I said not necessarily volunteering but just general ways to help out their local community.
Since the vast majority of women are not redpilled it's a redundant question.
The best ways to help out is to actually do their job and have a litter of kids.
Charity begins at home. Get to the gym, get to /sig/, find yourself a nice White male and start a family. Train in weaponry, and train your children, DOTR will surprise us all when it arrives.
Good advice, accept that I disagree about DOTR coming to us from out of the blue. Acceleration is the only way to reach DOTR, it won't come if we don't do anything (and anything is meant in a broad sense, legal or otherwise).
That’s why I think it would be good for them to do stuff that is red pilled to help out the community. Even if they are not red pilled themselves they have a natural tendency to want to help other people, so they will be able to help out the cause without necessarily fully knowing the implications.
We need to get more women involved.
(4.68 KB 250x174 cringe.jpg)
>women should train in weaponry
>women should go to the gym
The volunteering organizations are complete shit. Just help people you know, baby sit for other White families, help others, and be supportive of other White families and those who want to actually have kids. Any Whites that choose not to have children and just live a life of promiscuity, drugs, (((fun))), etc.. should be ignored and outcasted. Lutheran and LDS churches are pretty based as well.
>ever based
Christianity is the main reason why lefties and other fedora tippers are infesting our society today, not to mention the fact that Christianity pervades our culture in a degenerate secularized moralistic form used by (((them))) to control us. Become pagan
(464.47 KB 888x638 again.png)
the alternative is ending up fat and miserable as well as lacking experience in a self-defense situation
Change isn't continuous. It doesn't follow a straight line, there are watershed events that push people over the tipping point. I don't know what the tipping point will be and neither do you.

I didn't say women should inject T. Cardio benefits everyone and people should take care of their bodies, including women. Even women should do some lifting too.

When DOTR comes, everyone will need basic self-defense skills. It's going to be frontier days again, the man can't be home 24/7 the woman needs to know how to handle a pistol and a shotgun.

Yep, all you younglings don't realize that when you pass your 20s, if you aren't actively maintaining your health and your body, you will begin a slow decline. You lose muscle tone, you gain fat. You find yourself starting to get winded going up stairs. It sucks.
Gym culture for women involves sluttery 100% of the time.
Women only need a little bit of basic exercise, which they can do at home.
As for weapons, maybe basic self defense with a pistol, but that's about it. Women shouldn't have access to guns at all imo. It does more harm than good.
There are no Traditional (by Evola's definition) cultures in which women train in combat/weaponry.
Women should absolutely know how to defend themselves and their children in case the man is not at home when something happens.
The LARP is real.
>not being a feminist is LARPING
>Not finding fit wholesome chicks to breed with
>only noticing girls who dress like sluts in the gym
>fucking a land whale because you’re DYEL and need to preserve your ego
>can’t attract quality girls so they must not exist

Whew lad
Nice strawman arguments.

>ad hominem attacks
>desperate attempt to shame men (on an anonymous image-board)
>u r incel

You're the fat femanon who's been shitting up the entire board aren't you?


no cookies?