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(14.54 KB 501x585 Aryan.jpg)
Operation #FreeTarrant Anonymous 01/08/2020 (Wed) 02:09:36 No. 18128
You know how a bunch of broads swooned over the Boston Marathon Bomber? Well, we should find a way to get THOTs to protest at Tarrant's trial. I have a plan for this. We pose as THOTs, post propaganda about how Tarrant is sexy and doesn't deserve life in prison on Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr with fake accounts, and watch them protest at his trial.
On an unrelated note, I asked a purple-haired feminist if she would rather fuck Tarrant or a soy boy doing the glory hole face, and she begrudgingly picked Tarrant over the soy boy. Women find cold and calculating men attractive over those moody, emotional liberal men.
Pic related. We're Kiking the Kikes.
(2.91 MB 640x360 chad tarrant court.webm)
There's no way Jacinda didn't get wet when she saw this Aryan beast stride into the courtroom. Your idea could work pretty well if it coincided with the start of the trial.
We should do the same for my dude Earnest
That comes next.
Tarrant will live. It's Dylan Storm Roof that won't. ZOG gonna execute him for slaughtering their ChristKike niggers.
this is so gay omg "lets pretend to be thots" bruh theirs more then fives "trad girls" that love the saint pretending to be thots and shit while the same time feds watch this chan and jernos watch it too they will report this faggotry so fast "no head line nazis pretend to be thots to protest Tarrents trial" I can see it right now
I worded this so badly and I have so many mistakes in mt spelling eh im not even going to correct my self
Earnest and Crusius will likely be executed as well. Crusius for sure
This, sadly. And add Bowers to the list.

Anon is right.
Unlike Operation Blue the jew where many other people from outside Nein partecipated, I don't see this idea catching up, especially on cuckchan where anti Tarrant deradicalization shills are rampant. We are too few to bring such a psyop to success alone. Also, there are too few actual women who would come out on social media as Tarrant supporters, as OP's plan expects.
Someone should write a short fiction story, where one of those guys is broken out of prison. The more details, the better. Title it "Un-jailed by the ZOG." or something. Write it as a future paper-back bestseller about "Greatest prison escapes of the 21st century" describing the details. Have the prison breakers go on to be leading figures in the war, and even influential statesmen in the post-ZOG Ethnostate.


no cookies?