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Brenton Tarrant Meme Thread No. 8 - ‘Valhalla Awaits’ Edition Anonymous 01/10/2020 (Fri) 16:14:27 No. 18338
This thread is about discussion, memes, latest news about Brenton Tarrant.

Previous threads
1) Brenton Tarrant meme thread
2) Lets Go Brenton Tarrant - The Letters
3) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n. 3
4) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.4
5) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.5
6) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.6
(109.68 KB 1080x1129 1567093791133.jpg)
First for Tarrant memery.
(2.75 MB 4677x3744 education.jpg)
>and I don't want it on mine from anonfiles or whatnot.
You could watch it via Tor on Bitchute or Liveleak or something.
Encyclopedia Dramatica used to have the full video on it's Brenton Tarrant page with very good quality.
Watching it is a lot more safe than posting and lurking here anyway. Most normies have seen it and probably still have it on their phone, since it was shared via messaging apps like WhatsApp a lot.
Bitchute’s been shoah’ing all pro-Tarrant content slowly but surely, to be honest I’m not sure that the whole video can even be found there anymore.

This link is still up, it's the missing 30 seconds of audio, that isn't too important.
safe way of contacting Tarrant

Since recently an anon has been v& for contacting him (and sending him money), here's a safer way to do it.

What to do:
>create anonymous e-mail using Tor
>find a White nationalist activist who contacts political prisoners
>examples: Billy Roper, Alex Linder,...
>send them an e-mail containing your message for Tarrant
>ask them to print it and mail it to him.
>optional: send a small donation to the activist using crypto, to cover the possible cost.

What not to do:
>contacting your local glownigger to ask if you won't get glowed

I personally advise people not to contact Tarrant or any of these activists, since it will get you on a watch-list, but since some of you spergs keep doing it, I believe this is the best way.
This is especially important for people who live in countries with hate speech/anti-racist laws.
(727.71 KB 800x450 1568016383253.png)
>contacting your local glownigger to ask if you won't get glowed

I keked.
To be honest it's just easier to just send a letter with a fake name and address, you won't be able to get a response but if you just wish to comfort Brenton in his loneliness due to isolation you can do just that.
If you are particularly paranoid send the letter from a different town, take advantage of eventual trips to other places to send the letter from there.
As for donations, I really wanted to do it but it's literally impossible without being tracked so sadly I gave up on the idea.
I hope things will adjust after the end of the trial, when the investigators and the judge will finally have to lay all the cards on the table for the world to see that there is no international nazi terrorist network and that our guy did it all on his own like Breivik.
>contacting your local glownigger to ask if you won't get glowed
I don’t know, anon, it hasn’t failed yet. I for one trust ZOG, they told me it was okay
(526.08 KB 1280x911 1559848119077.jpg)
(2.12 MB 826x1578 lllllllllll.png)
I’m surprised it isn’t all schizos and boomers there on 8kun then. I haven’t been very impressed with what I’ve seen on /pnd/, but maybe I just haven’t lurked enough
I’m surprised it isn’t all schizos and boomers there on 8kun then. I haven’t been very impressed with what I’ve seen on /pnd/, but maybe I just haven’t lurked enough
To be honest I don't lurk there but I knew there was a Tarrant thread so I went to see of something new was up and found those pics.
(49.75 KB 500x615 gramps.jpg)
(146.57 KB 917x1056 1573554629245.png)

>9 January 2020 approximately 12 armed and uniformed goons from the Police kicked in the doors of a young Christian family to search for a .22lr lever action rabbit rifle.
>Quite what possessed the Police to use a public submission to a select committee and then go after a lever-action rifle rather than a semi-auto rifle is beyond comprehension.
>Perhaps they sought to make an example of a young man with a young family, the youngest being only four weeks old, as a way of putting fear into the gun community. That they chose to do it against a young man dreadfully slandered by media previously just makes this a political hit-job.
>One also wonders what Stuart Nash (Police Minister) makes of this situation when after encouraging gun owners to submit to the select committee to ensure their voices are heard, he now finds that the Police have used gun owners submissions to prepare a hit list of “dissidents” to get rid of on the thinnest of pretences. His Police force has breached the trust of submitters. Citizens can now be undeniably assured that giving evidence to a select committee places you at risk of an armed Police response.
>Stuart Nash and Jacinda Ardern have presided over the largest criminalisation of people who have already been vetted strenuously by Police, and all to cover their own failings in passing laws that allowed Brenton Tarrant the ability to purchase his firearms easily and arm himself with large amounts of ammunition. Transactions that the Police actually approved. Innocent people are being made to pay for the failures of the Police.

So, apparently normalfags are being redpilled on how police, and the new laws they enabled, are not friendly to them no matter how compliant you are...
(309.66 KB 1353x1192 bt40.png)
It sucks that this draconian shit is being perpetrated against innocents in New Zealand but on the other hand I revel in the acceleration. This is a strange feel.
(197.98 KB 1354x1000 gp.png)

It's obviously ironic
(54.70 KB 1014x1024 virgin you.png)
>It's obviously ironic
Sure it is, anon. saved
Obviously as everything posted here is a reference to the online game Minecraft, a survival game used for expressing creativity and cognitive skills whilst avoiding unsuspecting dangers. Bold move, my friend. Don't spawn in the desert
With all of this Minecraft talk that makes me wonder if anyone has made a Tarrant Minecraft skin. It would pretty exploitable in my mind. If not I'll have to fuck around with it.
There was iirc, no idea if it's still out there
why was meme thread n.7 shoaded?
It appears all but this one are gone. I thought they just got bump limited and deleted or something, but n7 only reached limit today, so something happened.
Yeah... Just noticed that.
One Anon had a booboo with the glowies and one Anon "reported" his posts so they could be deleted per "anti hate policy"
And he made a shitton of posts so the safest way to leave no "hate" behind was to nuke the threads
fucking gay. At least 2 posts he linked were not his, one mine and another was some other anons according to them, so who knows how many others were actually his. I am kind of on the fence about the whole anon got v& thing as well.
Does anyone know how one would avoid getting shut down like they did to BT on Facebook?
Kikebook didn't shut him down, they confirmed that (for what their word is worth). I theorize he was saying something about cell service (losing it "for a sec") when he cuts out talking in the last seconds of the video "service for a sec". As for the Felix interpretation, I don't think he would be as committed to the pewdiepie meme and probably had other things on his mind after just shooting up a mosque, but I could be wrong.
We just can't risk it Anon
Please understand
>We just can't risk it Anon
Are you a janny? What was risked by leaving those threads up? The posts that truly needed deleted (Yockey) were gone and probably not even archived. That anon willingly posted his entire situation on this board
(168.20 KB 712x940 bt61.png)
The moderators on those sites are extraordinarily incompetent. They never took Brenton down mid-stream just like another anon said. There are small-scale shootings and killings streamed live on kikebook all of the time that they don't know anything about until it's over. There's also the idea of avoiding kikebook streams altogether a la Balliet, who used Twitch.
Yup, that anon listed some of my own posts as being his as well. I again checked the Austrian news on several sites yesterday and found nothing. I know it was allegedly asked to be kept quiet, but stuff like getting raided by twelve ZOGbots and being arrested at work without one's boss or coworkers finding out seems weird to me somehow
Lots of inconsistencies in the posts he made too. The whole situation leaves a very bad taste in my mouth.
Same. I was discussing this issue on /fascist/ yesterday and many people seem to feel the same way, especially about this alleged friend.
I am no expert (or an amateur for that matter) in analyzing writing patterns but if I had to guess, it feels like the same person.
(21.97 KB 1341x221 fascist on the friend.PNG)
(50.77 KB 1336x421 friend fascist 2.PNG)
I'm not sure, honestly. Part of me believes that the raid was real due to the fact that that Austrian Tarrant poster was a frequent and recognizable poster on Cuckchan and later here. He always came off as very dedicated / obsessed with Tarrant (talking with parents and friends about how great he is, etc). One theory an anon offered on /fascist/ yesterday was that this new guy could be a glownigger. See pics related from the thread, if you haven't seen it, since I know there is a lot of crossboarding.

The timeline would make sense in the theory elaborated here:
>anon raided
>anon comes and "alerts us"
>anon stops posting
>"friend" appears and takes control of /btg/ and suddenly becomes awakened to Tarrant as well despite initial reluctance
>present in threads ever since
I am checking out the thread now. I hardly browse /fascist/ but I should, not exactly like I'm short on browsing time currently. That sounds like a pretty coherent theory too.

>Inb4 the madcunt bought a second new phone and is just calling himself his friend to not get busted by feds again.
>I hardly browse /fascist/ but I should
It's pretty comfy, especially since it's pro-Tarrant. There's a lot of anti-tech Tedpill and Vedic autism too but it's generally well-articulated at least.
>Inb4 the madcunt bought a second new phone and is just calling himself his friend to not get busted by feds again.
I could actually see this happening. It would be a decent LARP and it had a lot of us fooled for a while if so kek. Now I'm a bit curious whether /btg/ actually changed hands. Can this be verified in any way?
>he is too frustrated and need some distraction for this traumatic event
Lol better go do what my friend did to remind myself of it every waking minute of the day then!
>Trannies too lazy to to delete 30-40 linked posts so it deletes 3000+
(267.51 KB 500x731 lo.png)
>the Meinkraft board thinks I'm a glownigger
based and tinfoilhatpilled. Watch Shutter Island
Well that's a goddamn shame.
I have double-archived it anyway. Usually I save everything, I can repost the memes that were in that thread if you guys want.
Wait, not only 7 but all the other previous Tarrant threads were also deleted?
(202.25 KB 1080x588 Rw.jpg)
(68.57 KB 480x300 Rm.jpg)
>The posts that truly needed deleted (Yockey)
Austria anon is called Yockey?
Can I get a quick rundown?
>I have double-archived it anyway.
what's the other archive besides archive.is?
well him posting that shit here and bringing the glows to sounds p bad also its just about helping a lad out
No, different situation ( >>>17585 )
Look admins, you can run this place however you prefer of course, but deleting previous threads is fucking useless if you did for this supposed v& anon and his (((friend))), because at this point why not delete all the other shooter threads too? Hell, why not delete /pol/ completely and get this over with?
If there is something that was worth deleting out of fear of something that would be /btg/.
I don't know if you have powers over other boards or not, probably the site owner does. on that board there's only stuff that gets randomly reposted anyway.
If you mods have been reading all these Tarrant threads these past months you know very well that before this shady story about /btg/-anon the threads were full of just memes and very interesting debates, and that's it. I don't see why deleting the whole thing.
I hope you did not receive threats or requests from glowpeople.
Thanks for listening.
Some time ago there was talk about a version of the video taken straight off Facebook's servers.
I downloaded it and it really did seem higher quality, but I seem to have deleted it accidentally. Anyone knows what I'm talking about?
Never such thing as ever circulated.
If it did, someone would have reposted it already.
So you are lying for some reason.
I think the version you are talking about is "bsckol.mp4" which is apparently what the file name on kikebook was.
This is correct. And it is slightly better quality.
I am not lying retard.
There were threads of some guy claiming to work at Facebook and he managed to dig an original copy of the video from one of their servers.
After a while he uploaded it and it really was higher quality.
>no screenshots of higher quality have ever been provided
>no clips of higher quality have ever been provided
If (((you))) have deleted a video or photo 'by accident' you can always restore it. But why do you make this up anyway? You say 'seemed' so you obviously need to be vague here to have an excuse for whatever reason. Was it higher quality or not? Yes or no?
it isn't 1080p HD retard, but it is marginally better, but hardly anything new or ground breaking.
Not that anon, but yes it was. See
I am not making anything up.
I downloaded the video, watched it, it was higher quality.
One day I tried finding it on my HDD and I couldn't, so I figure that I forgot to move it to my BT folder, and I lost it when I cleaned up trash.
I'm downloading bsckol.mp4 right now to see if it's this one. Thanks to the anon who uploaded it.
(484.31 KB 1280x720 Go-Brenton.png)
The only video available is this >>18453
There is nothing of better quality, except maybe the original video straight from Brenton's Go-pro.
People originally rippped it off of facebook in shittier versions when it was still happening. Get your timeline straight before talking shit to people. For example there is also the version with missing 30 seconds of audio.

I don't know if link related has been linked or discussed as of now but it seems the governments try desperately to proof that there's an international neo nazi ring. Is this why a bunch of normalfaggots get raided as of late for literally nothing? Are we on to something that makes them scared almost a year later?
>the rhetoric of that article
Wew. I know this will be alien for the most here, but as I'm from post soviet country, I'm rather accustomed to the rhetoric of Commie media. It's very specific kind of speech or text, very similar across whole Soviet Union, it uses same words and sentences, same insults and "criticism" and praise of it's own.

This shit is carbon copy of these, it's uncanny, literally Pravda tier.
Oh I just checked, it's actually a Commie website.

Well, nice to see my commie radar is still working properly, but disregard me being retarded.
>the governments try desperately to proof that there's an international neo nazi ring
This has been discussed several times: yes, international authorities and police forces, probably being too presumptuous to admit that they cannot control every single lone wolf that may decide to take action, have been frantically trying to place Brenton Tarrant into a non existent international neo nazi terror network.
And yes, they are scared. That's why they could not allow discussions and cultivation of feelings about irl action to continue on places like 8chan.
The first successfull Tarrant copycat (in El Paso) immediately led to the closure of the site (it is now somewhat back, but no surprise there in no /pol/ anymore).

I'd also like to point out how few terrorist acts by White people led to immediate action being taken, meanwhile numerous and much more severe acts of islamic terrorism have not stopped immigration of muslim people for public safety reasons nor the flow of money from muslim countries to build mosques and buy western assets with oil profits.
This blatantly shows what terrorism is considered a danger to the status quo and which one is beneficial to it.
>the rhetoric of Commie media
mind giving me examples of the sentences in there that use this specific wording because I'm ignorant and have never found out about this type of wording and criticism as you mentioned
>In fact, the presence of fascists in the military must come as a sharp warning to the working class

>These elements have been emboldened by President Donald Trump, who is seeking to create a fascist base of support, including by pardoning war criminals.

>Throughout history, the armed forces of the capitalist state have been breeding grounds for far-right nationalists and fascists.

>As the ruling class lurches further to the right and prepares to join new US wars—with possible targets including Iran, Russia and China—it will seek to use far-right and fascist forces against opposition from the working class.
If this don’t jump out to you you should read some Marx and Lenin. They talk like this (albeit in a more refined manner) constantly. WSWS is literallly a Commie website run by Trotskyists, I read them occasionally
(1.10 MB 1613x1080 uno.png)
(594.01 KB 800x800 sssssss.png)
(548.05 KB 1000x587 D2uyUGSW0AE_oGh.png large.png)

>This blatantly shows what terrorism is considered a danger to the status quo and which one is beneficial to it.
absolutely true and this is why they are shilling so hard :
(727.87 KB 1919x1895 time.jpg)
Kek, gave me this idea
(93.06 KB 819x644 0000000.jpg)
(1006.63 KB 744x833 swim.png)
(619.81 KB 669x650 beach.png)
These go into the Breivik Appreciation thread, fam.
That book by Jeff Sparrow I ordered last thread now says it will be here on Friday, so it will be a bit late. Next time I update you it will probably be here.
glows already know this exists
if anon truly got v& its to help him out
but this a one time move cant afford to take down half our active content because of one anon
also he didnt post with tor so if he wasnt v&
we can get an accurate ip and its up to you what you do with it
also can confirm we did not get any threats from the glowing ones but we have been on high alert since we heard of v& anon
luckily all mods are secure so far using tor and all that
have a good one m8
meant for
Edited last time by blackjack on 01/11/2020 (Sat) 21:15:22.
It appears so. I saw that book a couple of days again when browsing for books on Tarrant. I didn't mention it ITT though since I don't speak French beyond reading basic shit and I'm not sure of the quality of the work. I'm a bit curious myself though.
First of all, I want to thank you for helping out since those problems are none of anyone else's concern and you could've very well just ignored the request - yet I feel really bad about all the threads having been taken down as this was truly not my intention, which is the reason why I linked my [most of my] comments. After all, warnings have been given but not been taken seriously by me and the whole situation is solely my own fault; others shouldn't be impacted by my incompetence.
Secondly, the entire raid thing wasn't a LARP and papers that ordered the happening as well as listing accusations against me [and others] exist. However, I refuse to post them as of now since this can and will make the entire situation worse. It's been a rough week and the following ones don't seem to get better so please understand that I just have to avoid any online activity. I don't follow updates on anything and try to avoid everything as best as I can but be assured that the deletion of all of His threads wasn't my intention and I can understand the frustration and disappointment. I have also been told that taking down /btg/ would help so if this is the case, I will delete the board once I get notified [as I currently don't own a phone or computer for safety reasons so I rely on others to tell me things]. If I got anyone in trouble I'm really, really sorry and I hope I can make it up somehow. Sincerest apologies to anyone affected by my retardation.
Just came here to say that myself. Be well everyone.
Glad to see you. Good luck anyway.
A Tarrant/Christchurch themed Evangelion intro would be awesome. Not gifted enough at video editing to do it myself, sadly.
Yes, BKSOL is a file name that a website gave it. I remember recording my desktop while it was happening, then moving over too the downloaded video after it was over.
And the one kiwifarms got was fucked in the audio department.
I've seen the video when it was streamed live, and all other downloads that exist now.
No higher quality exists. (Sadly)
Expect on what was on that go pro.. If it hasn't been deleted.
Well as the guy who nuked the threads I'll take responsibility
Not really used to the tactile when modding usually nuke everything if something needs to be gone
Luckily some Anon backed it up
And to prevent future thread nukings I'll just up the reply limit until bumplock to 5k that should last you lads a while
That will last a while.
Cool just changed the settings it should be active now
Edited last time by blackjack on 01/11/2020 (Sat) 23:10:57.
I'll look into it. No promises. Not gonna give any time frame anyway. If you're frequent to this thread you'll probably see it if / when I post.
Despite some of the flack you've gotten from me and others we wish you the best, anon. Keep your head up.
Shit I've just been hit but a shit ton of good ideas from watching the OP a few times. I've got this
Yeah, I know, but that thread is pretty much dead. Maybe I'll post them there later anyway.
Ok, thanks for answering.
I still believe /btg/ should be deleted.

Hi anon, if this is really you I'm glad to hear from you, I hope this mess will end up soon and with minimum damage for everyone.
If you really have friends who post here to keep you updated, please tell them to stop posting dumb stuff and keeping bad opsec.
As you could see for yourself this carelessness led to a chain of reaction of fuck ups.
Take care, you will be missed.
Video somewhat related.

Made a strawpoll
Vote for deletion or nah
vote ends in 12 hours
>all of those votes
I thought we had like a dozen people here at most
I am really interested in normie reactions to the video.
I've been browsing the thread on resetera.
So far it's a bit stupid, most of them refused to watch the video and they're angry about pewdiepie. Any other places for legit reactions from normies?
(7.56 MB 1280x720 brenton evangelion SAMPLE.mp4)
Here's the first tweny seconds of the OP. Instead of Gainax in the first part the katakana reads "Neinchan" and some of the other text somewhere says "Brenton Tarrant is a saint". Anyway, I've gotta go do the rest now, I haven't even gotten to the hard part. Hope you think it looks good so far.
>The Radio New Zealand article was written to stir hysteria about wrong-thinkers, with the implication that there are legions of far-right wingers out there hoarding firearms in the hope of some future opportunity to massacre some Muslims. Anyone who questions the Government, it is implied, stands shoulder-to-shoulder with Brenton Tarrant and may well be a future mass murderer themselves.
>The mainstream media, in its capacity as a propaganda machine, works hard to link people like Dieuwe de Boer and VJM Publishing with White nationalism, and thereby to White supremacism, and thereby to Nazism. As mentioned above, their goal is to get the New Zealand public to see the shadow of Brenton Tarrant behind every criticism of the Government, or of the Government’s globalist agenda.
>Fall in line or stand with Tarrant, the authorities bark.

This all goes according to Brenton's predictions. Amazing.
Suggestion for /ourartist/: a lil Tarrant rendition of the "Yes... Ha ha YES!" drawing.
Like most chans lurkers outnumber posters
>implying those aren't glowniggers and jews from Slate voting
also if you fall for this glow almighty shit you're beyond stupid fucking retards
i just read that spaz shit in the other thread and it's just ridiculous, i could literally write the same by just analyzing what can plainly be read here
if there's any truth to it's that BO was a dumbfuck who got caught otherwise and was made to write gloom and doom posts as part of his plea deal
why on earth would 50 guys lurk on a board that has an effective pph of 5
there's nothing to lurk idiot
Nice to know that at least one hundred agents and kikes watch us at all times. You've exposed yourselves
glows have better things to do than watching irrelevant boards, that works automated except some combo sounds the alarm

keyword here is clickfarm

https://ppChilled pepsirotect.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/click-farm-1.jpg

the worst with this poll that people actually expose their IP there unlike here
(196.93 KB 1024x768 nein-muz.jpg)
lurkniggers need to download Tor and get in on the action
>reply limit until bumplock to 5k
big ass thread will get laggy tho
(86.99 KB 537x817 wwos.jpg)
To be honest I didn't expect so many answers as well.
I hope more people will join Neinchan, 8kun so far sucks and I find Nein to be much comfier and a more suitable successor to what 8/pol/ used to be.

The proposal for deletion was not for the content in /btg/ but for the strange shit happening to its former owner and the transition to a new owner (which we cannot know if we can actually trust him, since as far as we know former BO may have given his BO credentials to the glowniggers to cooperate with them, so they can harvest IPs and other informations of all the people posting there).
Look man I understand the distrust and I don't feel like I have to proof anything to anyone so either you believe me when I say no information about Nein has been shared by the /btg/ BO or you don't. Also I'll just lurk more than post since it seems it makes a bunch of people uncomfortable while I work on my opsec. See y'all around I know the board means a lot to my friend and I don't wanna ruin his work by being autistic lol
> strange shit happening to its former owner
we dont know shit except some whiny assbitch rant claiming to be the BO in the last thread
could be a psyops to begin with or not i dont care either way, this is not proof this is just retarded board drama
Reactions from normies were very positive. When the news broke, the Breitbart comment section was full of praise for Tarrant. Those that did not praise him, said something like "a taste of their own medicine"
You can also check the comment section of the songs Tarrant used on YouTube. Or just check the archives for the comment sections on articles of cuckservative websites.

Reactions from normies IRL have also been very positive imo.
Vote closed
I'll take the results with a grain of salt since there is some obvious fuckery going on with the amount
And there are actual posting anons who make good points to keep /btg/ compared to those going for deletion (except that one Anon who pointed out stealing ip,s but this is countered by tor)
Prove you are btg BO by posting timestamp with this post visible on your screen or written out
Post with the board owner tag which is done by logging into the account and putting #rs into the name box when you make a post
Post the thread with instructions followed to show you aren't lying
Done. Not sure what you meant by 'with instructions followed' tho
cool so at least we know you arent lying
(136.87 KB 841x994 bt84.png)
Well, I had one sketch...
I love it, really nice.
>the way he constantly looks around when he passes corners and walks along the street and checks the dead men to make sure he's not ambushed
Damn never seen those parts of the vid. Also interesting how he kicks that one magazine forward to have it at closer access is there a strategic analysis of the whole thing somewhere? I'm surprised he didn't have any side arms because it'd make jamming rifles less dangerous but I guess one can't think about everything and they might take away some mobility
(351.95 KB 917x643 7777777.png)
El goblino oscuro...
(699.98 KB 1071x682 7777777777.png)
Did you guys read this thread on cuckchan? I just found it in the archive, OP claims to be from Tarrant's town and that he was close to some of his family members.
I wonder if it's just a LARP or not, not so much groundbreaking things he said though.

Did you guys read this thread on cuckchan? I just found it in the archive, OP claims to be from Tarrant's town and that he was close to some of his family members.
I wonder if it's just a LARP or not, not so much groundbreaking things he said though.

Does anyone know why Brenton shot the cars at about 12:48 in the clip? Did he know they were from the Mosque?
(247.14 KB 733x485 7777777777777777.png)
It looks like the guy standing in / near the road was a shitskin to me. I don't know about the car in particular but if that guy was standing right near to it it's possible that it was occupied by shitskins as well. We can't see what Tarrant saw with his eyes though since the gopro is a bit higher than his line of sight. We do know that the whole area was full of Muslims converging on the mosque. Ten seconds after that there's the one footage that was released from a security camera that shows him firing on two Muslims that you can barely see in the stream (13:18). I'd post the security camera footage but I can't find it on my computer. Someone hook me up, anons
>but I’m pretty sure they disowned him on Facebook.
For a cunt fucking abbos his mother seems to feel very damn important by posting her blog topics on faceberg. What are the odds she didn't give him a ring for his birthday? Then again maybe they just try to keep the OPSEC in control and speak differently from what they think because I remember a link to an article where she said he'd always have counter arguments when the topic of foreigners came up by taking out his phone and listing statistics and whatnot no way she can't understand his actions at least a little
Mean this one?
Yes, that's it. Thanks.
What is that creature even? Mutt Pride World Wide lmao
I'm thinking it might be a blasian. I've seen one of them in real life and they are abominations
Does Sharon Tarrant even have a Facebook account any longer? I've tried to find it but with no success
>but I’m pretty sure they disowned him on Facebook.
>disowned him
that means he's not only a saint, he's like the messiah who was betrayed too and that makes his mother the 'devil' he speaks about in John 6:70. She's literally Judas Iscariot by now.
(422.50 KB 785x680 Streamer of the decade.png)
The polls are in, it's official!
(332.51 KB 1200x800 look at this bitch.jpg)
I love this, it has so much potential
(1.08 MB 1699x944 BrainsKEK.png)
(463.15 KB 1205x668 halpmeKEK.png)
(1.18 MB 1699x944 pileupLOL.png)
Too bad Balliet didn’t get a better score or actually get jews, it would be perfect to have him and Brenton here
(318.64 KB 821x1153 after-action-report1.jpg)
(310.26 KB 768x1222 after-action-report2.jpg)
>is there a strategic analysis of the whole thing somewhere?
here's some after action reports
(804.26 KB 800x533 grafton-australia.jpg)
I want to see photos of the pro Tarrant graffiti in Grafton.
>multiple FTF's and FTE's
Basically my whole point about packing sidearms or at least a long sword for graceful, traditional self defense genocideing to make the Allfather proud
(170.45 KB 848x720 gear.jpg)
he did bring a mauser bayonet
>145 votes
thats basically nothing m8 pff
fucking kek
>a mauser bayonet
Are you fucking kidding me
Please tell me he got to use it
It is for this place with not a lot of activity
I really doubt all of those votes are real, either the poll was reposted elsewhere or someone had fun with proxies / tor
I had the same thought.
This board gets like 2-3 PPH, if that. There’s no way that there are over a hundred people lurking ITT that aren’t glowies. We probably have 5-6 people lurking but not that many.
Can the admins/site owner know how many lurkers there are? I am so shit at this, don't know how websites work.
Calm down Schizo. Are you sure feds even know about this place? I only found it because I happened upon a post from that Aussie on 4/pol/ that keeps mentioning here. This isn't exactly a known corner of the internet. I mean I'm still careful, I'm glad you can post on here with a VPN and tor.
(131.79 KB 750x542 julay and neinchan.jpg)
>Are you sure feds even know about this place?
Look if you weren't a newfag you'd be well aware that the jews are aware of this place. We've been mentioned by Vice and most recently Slate, which even mentioned to name-drop JulayWorld's /fascist/, which in terms of boards in our circles is super obscure. If journos know, the feds know, period.
Does anyone have the image of the cutout of Tarrant's hand doing the okay sign? I thought it would be good in the opening for
In case anyone clicks the embed instead of the link itself I'm talking about the 37-38 second mark
(99.88 KB 263x374 1573330070920.png)
You mean this?
we get about 1.74k pageviews per day
Ah, just saw the articles. Fuck, I mean I'd be surprised if the amount of regular lurkers here is in the thousands, there are probably just a few hundred posters, yet they still know about this place. I have no idea how.
Yes, thank you!
Just so you know, YouTube doesn't work on tor.
You're welcome

>1.74k pageviews per day
For the whole website, not just /pol/?
In the future should I use invidio.us or something?
/pol/ is the main board on this website. If people come on neinchan they are probably coming on /pol/.
Only if it uses https, otherwise ISPs can see what you're doing.
Can someone give me a rundown on that "v& anon"? From what little I've heard it sounds kinda scary.
1) Use tor (he didn't)
2) Don't send a letter to local ZOG asking if you are going to get v& for doing x (He did)

follow these easy steps and you should be much better off than him
>be anon from Austria
>get enthusiastic about Brenton Tarrant after watching the video and reading The Great Replacement
>start posting about it on cuckchan
>post pictures of letters and money you sent to him hoping to get a reponse and to help him buy stuff in prison
>post there regularly and interact with several anons you have this enthusiasm in common with
>eventually discover Neinchan
>start posting here too
>open the /brentontarrantgeneral/ board for archiving stuff
>do irl shitposting like hanging stickers about Tarrant
>do all of the above while being on a watchlist because you contacted glowniggers to ask them "permission" to contact Tarrant
>get v& on forced accusations of promoting terrorism

pic related
RIP sweet angel, you did good but you were too nice and naive
Not quite. The contacting was in Novemberber, letter was sent relatively early don't know when exactly, raid was beginning of January and the BrentonVonTarrant niggers got a hint from the ForeignServiseAttraction mid December which is when they gathered information. His letter as far as I know arrived before December and wasn't acknowledged by any authorities. Now what they try to do is charge him for financial support of terrorists and partaking in terrorist training because he drew Tarrant with a rifle and they assumed it was a training scratch of him lmao.
>point being
him contacting the federal ministry actually forced the BVT niggers to scrap the bottom of the barrel to arrest him on anything since they couldn't say he hid the sending of the letter and actually has the legality of his action black on White so they listed sending money as a valid reason. I checked the laws he supposedly broke (3ff StGv) and there's shit he did but they still go through with the charges
>actual point of the tipoff by the NSA to the FBI to the BVT was him asking for a copy of the manifesto in arabic and german on 4kike to archive them it seems
Yet another reason not to browse 4kike
It's still forced and a goddamn shitshow and waste of taxpayers' money.
I'm always super fucking careful with posts on 4kike, I never ever even hint that I agree with violence. The most I have ever done is say that optics cucking wont work and that the mass shootings aren't false flags. Even then I'm worried that this is enough to get me put on a watchlist because it is clear that the "false flag" "glownigger" narrative and Nick Fuentes shilling,"join the republican party, man", and "fucking wignats" strategy is being pushed by literal glowniggers and me opposing it, even if I don't hint that I support violence, might be enough to get me listed.
Same here.
I think I already am on some list by now though.
If enjoying happenings intensely is a crime, I guess they'll lock me up sooner or later.
Tarrant threads are rare goods on cuckchan these days anyway.
I know that I'm on a government database because I was interviewed by the police because they suspected me of extremism, however I convinced them that this wasn't the case and they didn't follow it up any further. However, the thing about watchlists, if you don't do anything they perceive as suspicious or alarming for about 3-6 months they will lower you on their list of priorities and will stop constant monitoring, and after 7 years, at least where I live, after a review they may remove you from all lists as these agencies don't have infinite resources.
It's a Latino who was in the US army, fought in Afghanistan, and then converted to Islam.
Made this OC.
Since I have atrocious skills and only ever do basic shit in Paint, was wondering if some of you with better graphic skills might be interested in producing some Tarrant OC with these couple images I found (pic 2 and 3). You can add Brenton's face on the screen and a copy of the Great Replacement on the desk. I am incapable to do it myself.
I'll see what I can do in a little bit here unless someone does it in the meantime.
(82.63 KB 590x400 24312.jpg)
(1.99 MB 1920x1081 873666.png)
(40.58 KB 500x289 D_3RHZdWwAAGHnI.jpg)
I often have ideas for memes but most of the times I don't succeed in putting them into practice.
I'll leave here other pictures that could be used in similar fashion.
(5.61 MB 640x360 Untitled4_.mp4)
(5.49 MB 640x360 stream2_.mp4)
I want to post some of this shit at mudshits kek.
>rist vid

It will be nice to put footage with shotgun and rifle shooting,
especially when she says "puk-puk-puk" and "shuki-shuki-shuki".
Have any of you guys seen these Muslim rap tributes for Christchurch? I was hoping to find a cool nasheed or two but only got this cringe. Listen to the lyrics of the second, there's some sperging about Jesus' skin color. The third one was pretty funny too
Whoops, last webm was wrong
(5.07 MB 202x360 New Zealand Attack Nasheed.mp4)
Finally found a good one. No lyrics but the vid description said:
> A Shaheed is calling out to his mother telling her do not cry I am in Jannah I know that you are lamenting on my departure from this world but Ma I am a Martyr this is just jist. May Allah grant them all Jannah.
Sounds like Brenton did them a favor then, what are they crying about?
How many songs did the goat fuckers make about the victims of Bataclan, Nice, Stockholm, Manchester etc. etc.?
>Sounds like Brenton did them a favor then
Speaking of which, this video is sperging about how the more blood of martyrs is spilled the stronger Islam becomes. May Brenton grant them all Jannah!
>there's some sperging about Jesus' skin color
Lol @ them thinking that he is Christian. I almost hope he is truly pagan because if anyone here has ever read the Qur'an they'll quickly see that there is NOTHING they hate more than pagans. It would mindfuck them
(7.84 KB 287x95 christian question.png)
(27.49 KB 751x230 valhalla reference.png)
>I almost hope he is truly pagan

When he is fluid on Christian identity, in the end of the manifesto, he clearly referencing Valhalla, which is tell us about his possible Pagan views.
Not to forget he used the black sun as well as the nordic cross on one of his tags, both traditional pagan symbols while no Christian cross was to be seen. He also painted the tikawaz, a rune symbolizing the nordic God of war, Tyr on one of his rifles. Tarrant is no Christian but I think he acknowledges it as part of western culture since I think he complained about empty churches and full mosques in either his manifesto or a post so I'm fairly certain he's tolerant of christianity but doesn't express it in any way. Just not the right religion for someone like him simple as that
(395.58 KB 606x538 Sonnenrad.png)
(914.23 KB 1379x746 Wolfsangel rune.jpg)
(77.69 KB 1043x721 Wolfsangel rune 2.jpg)
(1.01 MB 1197x806 Odal rune.png)

In addition, some of the symbols he used, such as Sonnenrad, Wolfsangel, Odal Rune is mostly used by Pagans only, when every "self-respected Christian" will avoid them at any costs.
Along with the Celtic cross and black sun he also had a Slavic swastika / kolovrat on his dog tags, which is apparently used by Rodnovers and Russian National Socialists alike.

I definitely think he respects some Christians. His main firearm did have the symbol of the Iron Guard emblazoned on top of it, after all. I consider myself pagan and I have tremendous respect for Codreanu and Christians who are willing to fight back, personally.
They're used by White nationalists in general, stop sperging.
If he was a "Pagan", he would have said so.
There's definitely a discrepancy between the amount of pagan symbolism on his weaponry and Christian, though. I think he had a "deus vult" on there somewhere, but beyond that and the Iron Guard symbol it's all pagan, all the way. A Christian who truly grasped the deeper esoteric meanings of symbols such as the Black Sun would be forced to reject such a thing, seeing as it has undeniable connections to the Dharmachakra (Wheel of Dharma), symbolizing Eternal Natural Order and the cyclical nature of time, rolling endlessly on, as well as the inner, truth self within, illuminating all that is hidden in the soul and mind.
wait, btg guy was the same as sticker (not anymore-)anon?
that retard even posted the place where he would be next with his stickers. we warned him and he was like, oh this obscure czech train station with 50 slav people a day will cover me just fine, unbelievable

>too nice and naive
unless this was just a shitshow from the getgo to make us feel uneasy, yeah this
It's all speculation isn't it
(213.32 KB 1600x1123 bsckol.jpg)
why would dhey mage songs mourning aboud dheir milidary vigdories. grasy how we're dhe only men duned indo dhis. Gowards need do ged on board or ged dhe fugg oud of dhe way. :DD
>>18666 (checked)
Hopefully we'll get more information in the future on him like we did with Breivik, who want full Wotanpill and called Jesus pathetic kek.
*went full Wotanpill, not want
(636.65 KB 573x1552 fuck off jew.png)
Either you're a d/c shill or absolutely retarded.
(52.26 KB 609x399 pray to odin breivik.PNG)
Hypersensitive, are you? I said nothing more than "Hopefully we'll get more information in the future on him [on his religious views] like we did with Breivik..." Breivik went full pagan and rejected Christianity outright, you're pre-emptively sperging out over a simple hopeful wish and a statement of fact. You must be the faggot who stirred up a pagan versus Christian shitstorm last thread
can you post an image of this, image search gives nothing
I think he meant Tiwaz but I could be wrong.
Yeah that one. No idea why I put a k in there
(786.42 KB 1920x1080 nigger garbage.mp4)
(69.44 KB 1009x1615 sheeit.jpg)
(345.39 KB 1200x900 canada_school.jpg)
Those two poor little White girls. Never stood a chance.
(527.14 KB 1352x826 timeline.png)
When's the next one, lads?
We’ve entered into another slump period like from April – August, it seems. Is this OC? I made a graph a while back but this one is much better formatted than mine, and I like how it includes Muslim countermoves.
(41.45 KB 577x338 bernout3.png)
Man, this soy is gonna be disappointed when "NO REFUNDS 2: Electric jewgaloo" premiers.

I think it's funny that either side still labors under the delusion that anyone other than (((corporate mega donors))) gets their policies implemented. Fucking Bernie bros and MAGApedes don't have any impact on K street.

>muh student loan forgiveness
>muh wall
>muh medicare for all
>muh gun rights
>muh punitive taxing of billionaires
>muh belet anchor babbies

Also, there is a video where James O'Keefe from "Project Veritas", secretly filming the (((Kyle Jurek))), the Field Organizer of Bernie campaign.

There is hilarious quotes, like:

"free education only exit to reeducate people to not be a fucking nazis"

"gulags was cool because the politburo paying you living wage while you stay in here"

Bernie not getting the nomination again could at the very least stir up some ANTIFA goons to smash up windows, trashcans and individuals with low melanin counts. Trumpcucks cuck themselves in being proud obeyers of ZOG who love cops, law and order
If Okeefe had any sense, he would have sat on this until after the DNC. Why ruin the fun?

>urbanite enclaves burn
>bernouts do nothing after the nomination is "stolen" again and look like pussies.

Some madman needs to coopt the nasheed style and start making music praising the Saint and his Disciples. It's no fair that shitskins get such a cool style. So sick of gay metal music (which is itself degenerate)
Look at this shit I found
I ain't clicking that link, but why the fuck was it even posted in that thread out of the blue?
Looks like it was the only time it was posted ever too. I'm curious too but like you, I'm not clicking that shit.
There was a shill manifesto someone made, I think he's posting from that.
That isn't even remotely his writing style you fucking liar
>a jew-lover made a memefesto
‎thanks, but no, i'm not reading that shit
(91.85 KB 490x588 1437816295699.jpg)

You kikes are so desperate to shut down our discussions, that you writing fake crap to Whitewash yourself, lol.
I’m probably going to kill myself this coming year. That’s my new year’s resolution. Not anytime soon, but most certainly before the year is out. I still have things to take care of before I go. Of course you can’t just kill yourself rashly and leave a mess. I’ve got to sell my stuff, get rid of tons of crap in my house, sell my vehicle, etc... I want nothing left of my belongings. It’s all got to go.

Most likely I will be ending my life by this time next year. I certainly will not live to see my next birthday, which is in January. I’ll probably time it before Christmas or a major holiday. I plan to more or less ”disappear”, rather than kill myself where they would find me dead covered in blood. There won’t be a horrific, bloody scene for anyone to find (not that finding me dead would be seen as anything other than a cause for celebration).

There is a cave system that runs underground in the region I live in. It spans tens of miles, and runs throughout several towns. I will most likely go down there and do it, where they’ll never find me.

I’m so looking forward to it. I cannot freaking wait to be dead.
The virgin disappearance versus the chad blaze of glory, choose wisely.
Why would you take yourself out right when everyones waiting for the boogaloo? Why don't you just move to some small town that's 100% White if you can't stand the sight of racemixers so much?
>Is this OC?
>I made a graph a while back
post your graph
I hope to see more good OC from you, anon. Here is the graph I was talking about. I like your timeline function better but I’m partial to the stats on the right still kek
Nah. He's some depressed White guy from stormfront. He just spams blackpills on there every time a thread bares bad news.
Aryans shouldn’t behave like this. Embarassing
Someone post the 'Virgin suicide vs Chad Sudoku' meme
After recently reading Yukio Mishima’s “Patriotism” which culminates in an incredibly brutal and gory depiction of a seppuku I’ve gotta say that there is no more chad of a way to go.

White Bushido when?
Commit homicide
(49.35 KB 395x598 aussie-legend.jpeg)
(367.70 KB 800x468 target-rich-environment.jpg)
I wonder if someone's working on publishing a satirical review of his manifesto and instead of writing an actual review just prints the original one and sells it for $26,95 a piece
(55.86 KB 1000x667 1568043064028.jpg)
The psychiatric and psychological examination of Disciple Manshaus has finished and some details from it have been shared in Norwegian media.


He has had no trouble adapting to prison life, and he shows no signs of regret. He believes the ideal society was the pre-war Third Reich and the 14 words are the foundation of his worldview. Manshaus read Tarrant's "The Great Replacement" only eight days before he executed a Chinese and attempted but failed to attack a mosque. When asked how he felt when he killed her he said "it was good to get started". His intelligence and other cognitive and personality traits were normal according to tests. He has no personality disorders. The "experts" believe he is "easily influenced", however - unclear what this is based on. That he did it only a week after reading "The Great Replacement" shows impatience or impulsiveness IMO but I'm sure Brenton would still be proud of him for trying.
>Manshaus read Tarrant's "The Great Replacement" only eight days before he executed a Chinese and attempted but failed to attack a mosque
Only eight days? Jesus, that explains a lot. When they mean easily influenced they’re probably referring to that. It’s good to hear that he is in good spirits.
>Manshaus read Tarrant's "The Great Replacement" only eight days before he executed a Chinese

holy shit
>reading the Great Replacement, not even once
Are Brenton’s words that powerful?
Bump against shills spam
(1.17 MB 929x3399 1579113177200.png)
Found this on cuckchan
(53.77 KB 1077x543 topkek.jpg)
(15.16 KB 608x378 3ah6k9okldoy.jpg)
Nothing like a good Whitepill
(186.81 KB 728x727 brenton smile.jpg)
I read it and I'm still here.
I feel like Manshaus threw away his life way too rashly. BT educated himself for years. This kid got on /pol/ for a week and decided it was enough.

I agree that he is easily brainwashed. Not only he threw his life away too quickly, he will also lose all of his beliefs soon because he is not knowledgeable enough about them.
What does he know of the Third Reich? How will he justify his reasoning? It's a topic you need to absorb for years to comprehend it properly.
(326.95 KB 1462x1060 bt24.png)
One man single handily decimated the Christchurch invader population. The people should be thanking him and giving him medals, yet they imprison him.
>I feel like Manshaus threw away his life way too rashly. BT educated himself for years. This kid got on /pol/ for a week and decided it was enough.
I know Earnest was a self-admitted newfag with less than a year on /pol/ iirc, I'm curious about Crusius and Manshaus, but they can't have been that redpilled that long. I'm around the same age as Crusius and I've only been redpilled since 2015 after getting purplepilled before that outside of /pol/. I'm constantly reading up on these topics and thinking about the future of our people but I feel like I'm still totally ignorant and surface level. Even looking back a year ago I feel bluepilled compared to where I am now. I have a lot of learning to do, and I doubt that my position is that uncommon for someone my age. Our race is fucked if we do nothing to stand up for it and take action, but anyone who wants to do this needs to think strategically about it like Breivik and Tarrant did. I still think that this "one-and-done" strategy where you drop a manifesto and kill as many people as possible is limited in its utility in the long term. I don't certainly condemn the Saint but over the long term I think that steps need to be taken by Whites to destabilize ZOG and keep them on their toes. Of course these events are helpful for accelerationism and redpilling people with manifestos though.

Young anons, in my opinion, need to think how they best apply themselves (whether legally, illegally or otherwise) and what the best strategy is.
Tarrant himself gave some advice regarding this in his manifesto.
Do you mean the stuff about "killing your local drug dealer / anti-White CEO" and the hits put out on Sadiq Khan and Merkel? Sad that more don't focus on those people.
Also look at the sections "Destabilization and acceleration", "Emotions rule over facts" and "The Lightning March through the institutions".
>The thing is that not everyone has the skill and/or qualities to become a mass shooter
Balliet comes to mind as perhaps the quintessential example of this so far. He could have better spent his time with more subtle actions, for example. Breivik and Tarrant are examples of people who obviously possess nerves of steel, a capacity for long-term security and opsec. They're likely both very high IQ and meticulous. The perfect example of this is when Tarrant pops that lady on the curb in the head twice as he walks by, no hesitation. Throughout the whole operation he was the master of the situation. Breivik has been described by survivors as behaving similarly, and it is known that Breivik studied Bushido in attempt to steel his will and learn to kill. If these copycats need to learn anything it's to plan shit out and not be caught up in the hype, as exciting as happenings are.
Brenton, absolute madman, you are the gift that keeps on giving.
Take a little comfort in knowing that Balliet denied being inspired by Tarrant. (But obviously he got the livestreaming idea from him.) I can believe it because there was not a single reference to Tarrant or Christchurch in the documents Balliet uploaded, nor in his video. While other copycats directly referenced Tarrant.
(52.26 KB 600x600 6ee.jpg)
>unironically using that (((buzzword)))
hi journokike
The only real successful copycat in my book I don't have much criticism for is Crusius. He was at least dedicated enough to drive around 600 miles across Texas to his target location and get a decent score, with most of his kills being spics. His manifesto was short but it wasn't bad. My real criticisms are his choice of location and how he turned himself into the police after escaping. He should have just drove along the boarder and gunned down any jumpers he saw, moving along as he went. Lower score overall, sure, but it would have been much better accepted among some normalfags ("they should never have crossed in the first place, but violence is bad").
>It's still a waste of life in every way. If people would stop browsing /pol/ and take in all those degenerate fake articles and blackpills sad stories like Earnest's would've never happened
"Just be happy, goy, don't know about the state of the world".
1844 racecar when?
Give me a better word to describe the Russian rapebaby then. Also I wonder how he plans on justifying his 'plan' to the judge and if his lawyer is going to quit once Stephan lays out how he 'read somewhere that, you know, jews and ZOG and that all' fucking kek. I actually wanna watch his stream again just for the cringe
(39.76 KB 1024x768 reach for the sun.jpg)
Unlike Tarrant's stream I've been unable to watch it again. Too much cringe.
My bad, I must have misunderstood somewhere. I completely agree with the sentiment that you're putting out then. /pol/ made me broaden my horizons but if I hadn't grown out of the meme-addled attitude that it originally gave me, I'd be nowhere near as redpilled as I am today after I moved onto the actual literature. Most of /pol/ has probably never even read MK sadly. People need to get the impetus from /pol/ and then ascend and grasp their true inner Aryan potential.

If /pol/ doesn't manifest changes in one's real life, they have failed themselves and never truly ascended beyond purplepill.
I like the part where he smashes his laptop in the door of his car
>dwindling sales
the gift that keeps giving haha
(839.06 KB 1024x762 tallerrecorder_tarrant.png)
2 months exactly until St. Tarrant's Day. Wonder if we'll get some new effortposters around then who feel ready enough in half the time the Saint took.
>Most of /pol/ has probably never even read MK sadly.
Neither have I and in my honest opinion I find it completely unacceptable to outlaw literature just because it goes against a certain narrative. In my mind everyone should have access to media of all sides to shape their own opinions and personality but whatever do I know about this I've barely passed one year since I read my last manga and moved on to books about Germanic traditions and self sustaining lifestyles. Still occasionally wonder how many books, movies and whatnot of inspiring content are hidden from us because the government fears those evil huwhyte uprisings
You're only saying this because he was a relative failure. The truth is it's all about that high score.
Where did you come from
>I find it completely unacceptable to outlaw literature just because it goes against a certain narrative
The Reich did nothing wrong by burning smut, degenerate literature and (((Hirschfeld's))) """"research"""". Not all literature is created equal. If I was supreme leader of some place I wouldn't want nation-destroying philosophies like Marxism floating around in schools, bookstores and libraries.
It will be fun to see if anything happens. I'm sure we'll have comfy times ITT on March 15th regardless.
High score isn't everything. It's whether it forwards the cause, gets out the right message and contributes to the destruction of ZOG that matters. High score can be impressive by ultimately meaningless if it brings about no results.
(36.89 KB 600x361 white zone.jpg)
The two highest scores have done all of what you said. Nobody accidentally gets the high score, so anyone who manages it gets massive respect, a personality cult and disciples as we've seen. There are other potentially effective paradigms but they haven't been demonstrated yet, certainly not as sufficient.
>Nobody accidentally gets the high score
This is very true. No one else has even come near Breivik and Tarrant and both of those put a lot of thought, training and even a substantial amount of money into it. I wonder if anyone will beat those two any time soon.
Breivik won't be beat for a very long time when it comes to shooting deaths alone solo. He had a uniquely good situation to get the score, being on an island with 500+ people on it after carrying out a bombing in Oslo. Even after the police arrived they waited for a half an hour to go on the island, so the shooting just kept going on and on. He could have killed so many more if the part of the plan where the swimmers drowned worked. Unfortunately boaters began to help them when dozens were seen in the water and only a few drowned. Breivik's operation was like shooting fish in barrel (or Commies on an island!).

It might even be possible to argue that despite getting a lower score what Tarrant did took more skill given the fact that he had much less control over his surroundings, with them being much more open and there being a greater potential at chaos breaking loose and various unforeseen factors emerging. He also had no distraction to buy him cover.
>He also had no distraction to buy him cover.

He did sort of make his own cover for heading to the second mosque. Everyone would have been across town and had things gone to plan probably had similar amount of time as in the first mosque.
That's true, though the way he did it gave him much less time to get away and hit the second target. After he hit Linwood they were already onto him and got him on the way to the third target apparently, wherever that was.
here's the archive,

What an absolute fucking saint!
William Luther Pierce's body count is greater than 168, and he didn't even make that explosive!
April 19th will one day be a National holiday.
A two day holiday for the 19th and then the 20th for the Führer’s birthday sounds comfy
(90.47 KB 462x637 tok.jpg)
(24.34 KB 602x156 Untitled.png)
>third target apparently, wherever that was.
fuck I wish he made it to Ashburton mosque. It would have been the triple crown of kebab removal.
fuck I wish he made it to Ashburton mosque. It would have been the triple crown of kebab removal.
Next disciple when?
When we least expect it based on my experience with happenings.
Hello Broth- ....
I wonder if he knew how kino this would look
the funny thing is actually how telling his reaction was. He sees an armed guy in full gear and immediately thinks he must be one of them. muzzies, you gotta love them
Wasn't there an article that talked about them recruiting White men for ISIS and their general cult? I guess the guy just assumed Tarrant was one of them ready to take off to Syria or maybe they were even planning some lo scale shooting and waited for people to check in that evening. Think of all the White lives that were saved that day goddamn
>Wasn't there an article that talked about them recruiting White men for ISIS and their general cult?

Yes, basically this mosque was a recruitment point.
They recruit White folks, which later were killed by US drone strike in Yemen.
In one article I read some time ago witnesses said that they thought Tarrant was a police officer or a "soldier" approaching the mosque.
I find great comfort in knowing that lesser genes have been removed that way. Whites that convert to Islam and fight for the sandpeople get the bullet
>police officers with black suns emblazoned on their chests
Fuck I wish
Not sure if I got the sun to look good enough but I tried. I'm sure how recognizable the image of the mosque is to the average Mudslime though
Looks good anon. Do the squiggly lines translate into the same as bottom text?
Thank you, anon, I know very basic dunecoon so I thought I could at least put it to use in some way, and yes the top is the same as the bottom.
Based update on Stephan "Traitor Terminator" Ernst. I wonder how they found his DNA at the murder site.
(1.26 MB 1140x620 canvas2.png)
(1.63 MB 1140x620 canvas7.png)
(539.91 KB 1140x620 canvas8.png)
playing around with photomosh
I like it anon

So he says the murder was not premeditated.
I doubt the judge will believe him
(118.33 KB 623x861 bt85.png)
I wonder if there's anything about Brenton on those fanfic sites.
(940.27 KB 826x1278 sad2happy.png)
Excellent, as always!
Thank you!
(43.37 KB 480x270 hehehe.jpg)

really good one

What do you mean with "fanfic"?
Fucking lol
>What do you mean with "fanfic"?
The cringy stories that teen girls write about popular movies, books and the like.
I don't know about fanfics but there should be a hagiography of our Saint.
>So he says the murder was not premeditated. I doubt the judge will believe him
Him being set free is absolutely telling, though. In germany that's next to impossible if they have even the slightest bit of evidence.
it means they have nothing on him.
(64.06 KB 885x960 Brenty.jpg)
Totally agree on this

>The cringy stories that teen girls write about popular movies, books and the like.
Don't know about fan fictions but apparently there are girls who are into criminals and murderers, why not our Brenty boy?
He unironically looks like a good guy turned vigilante.

>Him being set free
WHAT? More about this?
That one is on par with the gif of Brenton shrugging that you made it's goddamn cute
There was one on AO3 but it's been deleted and the channel's gone don't know if by the creator but it had five chapters and was finished so I think the 'author' got banned. Fanfic was fucking weird let me tell you
>I wonder how they found his DNA at the murder site.
He had been arrested a couple of times before. He had been active in Right Wing circles for years and had apparently done crime before, so they probably already had his DNA. He may have lost a hair or something at the recent crime scene.

From wikipedia (on Walter Lübcke)
>Ernst had been previously convicted for knife and bomb attacks against targets connected to ethnic minorities in Germany

>So he says the murder was not premeditated.

Also from Wikipedia:
>An investigation by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) found that a doomsday prepper network Nordkreuz (German: Northern Cross) had ammunition, firearms, and body bags, as well as "kill lists" for politicians after acquisition of a database of 25,000 names, which they shared on the messaging app Telegram.[12]

If he was part of this group, then it's probably going to be seen as premeditated.

If you take all of the above in to consideration, it's incredible that it still took the police 2 weeks to get him. Really shows their incompetence.
What's AO3?
Give us a quick rundown on this stuff you read.
Archive Of Our Own. It's a webpage where people publish all types of fanfictions but also good written stories if you know what to look up it's like devientart for writers
>what you read
Honestly skimmed through because it was poorly written and just your typical fangirl fic but it was basically
>Tarrant shoots up second mosque
>explicit gore, detailed description of torn flesh, brains splattered, "screams of agony" ect
>he gets away and goes into hiding
>some chick meets him probably author
>some fuckery about emotional bonding
>skipped whole chapter
>last chapter is him giving her gun training before they shoot up another mosque and fuck amongst the dead muslims
>extremely detailed description of flesh consistency, smell of organs, blood temperature and how it feels on skin
I'd read it out curiosity though.
No way to retrieve it from wayback machine?
Doubt. But I could ask someone to rewrite it cause now I start to remember some shit I suppressed about this masterpiece like how there was a weird rape fetish undertone to the last chapter where she was like 'I don't want that' but later changed her mind because I think this is where the author drew the line
(28.67 KB 680x433 party van.jpeg)
Virginia Capital on Edge as F.B.I. Arrests Suspected Neo-Nazis Before Gun Rally
Apparently they are members of "The Base"

For a good laugh you can read this:
Anglin has basically become a boomer by now.
>I have never heard of “The Base.”
>I think that “boogaloo” is the shittiest forced meme since Ugandan Knuckles.
He says while constantly promoting forced memes himself.

>which was literally posting pictures of the cats they were sacrificing on their Discord
>takes shitposting seriously
Anglin has become the very thing he used to make fun of.
>Anglin doesn’t know about The Base
>Anglin hasn’t known that the boogaloo has been a thing for years
Was the author a female?

Interesting but not Tarrant related, it should be posted in the thread about Virginia.
It will become Tarrant related the moment those (((government))) goons will be so stupid to do something openly violent against their citizens and if something like this would trigger more rebellions in other States.
fucking damn retards their probably not even from the base if their on discuck I used to use discuck and larp as awd and shit most 14-16 year old siege nigs would lol discuck collects so damn much information about their users it's insane
Should think so, can't remember the account name but the main character was a female at least it didn't give off any tranny vibes when it came to the writing during the last chapter
>Him being set free
>WHAT? More about this?
not Ernst, the other guy

>found a hair
now that's what i call convenient

the so-called case will crumble once the trial starts. while there might be some of our guys in the group, if we want to call it a group, the whole thing is not about ideology, they are preppers
I wonder what other groups are planning to show up. Hopefully they take advantage of this
I wonder what they mean by "normal intelligence", these fanatical mass shooters and mass killers tend to be above average in terms of intelligence. Dylann Roof has a general intelligence IQ score of 125 with a Verbal IQ of 146, although he did drop out of school; Anders Breivik had an overall IQ of 136 and an above average schooling record although nothing special; David Copeland "the London Nail Bomber" had an IQ of 126, again, he had a bad schooling record; Timothy McVeigh had an IQ of 127, he did relatively well at school but dropped out of community college. It seems that a common thing with these cases that the perpetrator has a high level of intelligence and a unimpressive academic record, maybe this means that the perpetrators of these attacks tend to be intelligent people that aren't brainwashed by the school system, or it could mean that they are frustrated as they are underachievers. Although I guess he did fail the attack, so maybe it is the case that he has average intelligence. I don't understand how someone fucks up so badly. Even with some double barrel shotguns and a 22 semi auto plinker it shouldn't be that hard.
I wonder what they mean by "normal intelligence", these fanatical mass shooters and mass killers tend to be above average in terms of intelligence. Dylann Roof has a general intelligence IQ score of 125 with a Verbal IQ of 146, although he did drop out of school; Anders Breivik had an overall IQ of 136 and an above average schooling record although nothing special; David Copeland "the London Nail Bomber" had an IQ of 126, again, he had a bad schooling record; Timothy McVeigh had an IQ of 127, he did relatively well at school but dropped out of community college. It seems that a common thing with these cases that the perpetrator has a high level of intelligence and a unimpressive academic record, maybe this means that the perpetrators of these attacks tend to be intelligent people that aren't brainwashed by the school system, or it could mean that they are frustrated as they are underachievers. Although I guess he did fail the attack, so maybe it is the case that he has average intelligence. I don't understand how someone fucks up so badly. Even with some double barrel shotguns and a 22 semi auto plinker it shouldn't be that hard.
Fuck, I posted it twice by accident. Could a mod or jannie delete one of the above posts and then this post please.
I am also interested, no other clue so that someone with powerful google-fu might succeed in retrieve the fanfic?
(172.42 KB 644x483 crusius linked in.PNG)
It's probably their intelligence which enables them to initially see through the propaganda and think outside of the box in the first place. In terms of backgrounds I can relate a lot to their situations, so it is likely that Breivik, Roof, Tarrant, all of them, have always held statements pronounced as "authoritative" with extreme skepticism. Similarly with a lot of these guys being kind of reserved they will get plenty of time to spend thinking about various topics and, especially today, browsing around on the Internet for hours on end. I never actively set out to become redpilled, I just stumbled into it after spending countless hours browsing through random sites and wondering why I felt something was fucked in the world. We know Breivik was avid computer user, as was Tarrant and Crusius (pic). I also would guess that a lot of them have always thought school to have been mostly a waste of time in the way that it is currently structured, and, getting redpilled on the state of the world, seeing edjewcation as it stands as something not even worth pursuing, as it is just another means for turning you into a cog. Granted, I just did a lot of theorizing and injecting my own experiences in, but I don't think I'm reaching too much.

Manshaus is probably 100-110 IQ if I had to make a completely random guess. You're no genius if you decide to shoot up a mosque with barely even a week of prep. There's no way in hell that he did anything more than pick the nearest place and show up hoping that he'd become the next big meme
Sadly no. When I found that fic back in July I didn't care enough to remember the account name or title I only noticed it was gone when I checked back couple weeks ago and looked for a Tarrant tag like before but I'm not surprised if it got taken down by the website
A shame, that could have been fun to read.
Maybe something will pop up in the future.
I wonder if (((they)))'ll ever allow the release of new pictures of Brenton during trial.
I wonder how he looks now.
That is a good analysis. I can see where their perspective on education came from especially with Tarrant and Crusius, judging from what I know so far anyway. Not too informed on Breivik. But that being said I wonder if being redpilled is the same as 'redpilled' because personally I see a difference between those that get redpilled by 4kike and those getting into all the shit through friends, family or even on their own. 4kike tends to narrow the outlook on life and it basically goes straight to blackpilling while also being addictive. The impact this type of environment might have or has on normalniggers could lead to situations like the one with Manshaus and Earnest where they don't think through shit but rather get too much into how the world is portrayed there. Genuinely curious if it would've changed things if they had engaged in self education using other media
>remember that 4kike /pol/ is for the first dip into the redpills and to wake up to some things it's not supposed to be your main source for facts and also shouldn't be taken seriously at all times
>I wonder how he looks now.
Probably shaved his head completely and grew a full beard which I'm 50/50 on. Don't care about his hair shit though I wanna know if he's having a rough time and lost some of his bulk which I hope on life isn't the case. Don't wanna see him letting himself go tbh. More importantly: I need to figure out a way to contact him safely because I already know visits are okay but I'mnot into the special forces throwing down my door. If photos get released and he looks like SHTF I'm gonna be mad
Yeah, all four of the attacks after Tarrant's attack have been quite poorly planned with only one of them being executed well.
John Earnest didn't really collect much intelligence on the building that he attacked with regard to its security and he used 10 round magazines and a CA legal AR. It would have been easy to buy some 30 round or even drum mags in a free state and smuggle them back into CA along with a pistol grip for his AR. Not only that he could have probably bought an already decent non-CA legal AR in a free state via private sale. As a result he got a really shitty score. He also hadn't trained for shit.
Patrick Cursius did a mass shooting in a death penalty state which was kind of silly, although maybe he is attached to Texas and I mean (((they))) are trying to get a federal death sentence against John Earnest anyway even though he did the attack in California. Not only that, he treated his shooting like an experiment with regard to the ammunition and weaponry he used, he could have at least tested his ammo using ballistic gel and could have used a better gun and better gear, I mean if you are going to, at the very least, go to prison forever (unless there is a race war in his lifetime in which he might be freed) why not inject your last dollar into it? Furthermore, he probably didn't collect too much intelligence on the place he attacked and probably could have picked a better target. Although at least he wrote a manifesto and his attack wasn't really a failure even though it could have been much more deadly.
Stephen Baillet did a lot of planning for his attack as far as the weapons and the livestream were concerned, as well as the manifesto to some degree, but he probably didn't even test fire his weapons that much as the Luty failed due to all the sugar he was using in the ammunition, he could have easily made nitrocellulose or even used match heads. He also did basically no intelligence on the Synagogue and therefore had to rely on the door being open which is so stupid. He could have easily packed a ladder or even just jumped on the roof of his car to get over.
Patrick Manhuses attack was basically a complete failure and he failed in basically every area of the attack, he couldn't even be on time to his first target.
>I need to figure out a way to contact him safely
The only safe thing you can do to not be put on a watchlist is to use both fake name and return address, and specify in the letter to him (in case it will pass the vetting) to not respond and waste money for stamps and that you just wanted to reach to him with your letter.
I strongly wanted to write to him after reading the letter he sent to the russian guy, but I never did.
I'll let the idea flow through my head for a bit and decide depending on how local issues turn out. Retard friend will still go through with his second and tbh I contemplate doing it as well. Good gods, I would like to write and explain shit but even though I have like five proxies a VPN and Tor I'm still uneasy because I feel like I'm watched by faggot niggers as well if this bullshit eases up I'll let you know in case you wanna leave a note
It's strange and sad that only one letter from Tarrant has been shared so far. I know that more have been sent. Please, if you receive something from him, share it, many anons will be very grateful.
>I wonder how he looks now.
You'll know quick. If they don't release any pictures of him it's very likely that he looks the same for the most part, especially when it comes to fitness. If they release tons of pictures of him it will only be in the off-chance that they've totally broken him as a man and would gain more from showing him than they would not doing so.
Let's be honest, 95% plus of those who are redpilled by 4kike haven't changed shit in their lives since discovering everything. This is why there is so much blackpill, degeneracy, "hiding your power level" and no motivation to anything (I mean this even in a legal sense) to forward their politics in real life. This is why I have distanced myself from it. /pol/ completely changed how I look at life, as cringy as that may sound. I like the memes too but I realized that it is, like you said, not the final destination for the Aryan man. One of the most important post-redpill developments that I have engaged in is absorbing as much information as possible surrounding my beliefs in order to flesh them out, and I learned much more than /pol/ could ever teach me. I truly hope many anons can learn to move beyond it. Or maybe I'm just super autistic about my politics, this type of stuff is literally all I think about, read or watch nowadays and it's been like that for years. Our race can never be brough back if we sit still (and again I mean that broadly).

Earnest's and Manshaus' redpilling process was likely half-baked and they were, I theorize, taken in by the adoration given to Tarrant. This isn't to say that they were insincere or just wanted attention, but they were far too swept up by youthful idealism and the hype.
>all four of the attacks after Tarrant's attack have been quite poorly planned
They seem to think that it's just as easy as choosing as a spot and heading over to it. We've discussed this particularly flaw to death, but again, it's no coincidence that the length of time one spent planning is directly proportional to the success of the operation in the vast majority of cases, with Breivik and Tarrant being the best examples and Crusius being somewhat of an exception, though his attack was still less than half as successful as Tarrant's at the end of the day. Still, not bad for a month of forethought.

With your remarks on Earnest, Manshaus and Crusius I largely agree. The lack of intelligence is probably one of the largest flaws. I think another issue that I haven't seen touched on to much is the fact that these guys' relative youth compared to Tarrant and Breivik should not be overlooked. Of course we've discussed this in relation to them being only partially redpilled newfags, but there's also the fact that they weren't able to move around as much money since they very likely possessed very little themselves. Tarrant obviously got rich through the money gotten from his father's passing and crypto. Breivik got rich through selling fake diplomas along with other business schemes and money laundering.
I think the "bitconnect" thing that Tarrant left in his manifesto was a meme, he apparently invested a lot in mutual funds and did a little bit of day trading according to his forum posts from his Ferretbiter account associated with his [email protected] email account. I completely agree with you though. I mean both Crusius and Earnest probably had student loans and could have maybe used that money, but even then, I think they should have waited. I don't think they should have carried out those attacks as soon as they did, they didn't even get to experience life. They should have waited until their late 20s or 30s although their willingness to sacrifice their lives for their people and their beliefs is commendable.
>Patrick Manhuses attack was basically a complete failure and he failed in basically every area of the attack, he couldn't even be on time to his first target.
And not only that, I didn't get why he had to kill his chink sister. I'm probably going to get my ass kicked for saying that kinda moralfagging shit.
Lord Brenton must be informed at once
Crusius was breddy gud

>It was the deadliest mass shooting in the United States in 2019, the seventh deadliest since 1949, and the third deadliest in Texas.[13] The shooting has been described as the deadliest attack on Latinos in modern American history.
I mean it wasn't really a good idea because it will turn his family against him and it is ideal to have some sort of support system on the outside when you are in prison, but other than that I don't see anymore of an issue with killing her than killing any other non-White person unless she was very young. I mean they weren't related.
Imagine having to live with someone who is ethnically replacing you
It must be very difficult to live with someone non-White once you have realized that you’re being replaced.
IIRC in one of the previous threads, some article or source mentioned Tarrant had send out 5 letters (1 of which being the one we saw) before the letter got posted and they clamped down on his receiving and sending mail (only to direct family I believe). That being said this was some months ago so his status could have changed since then, I would certainly love some more Letters from the Saint.
It doesn't have to be hair inherently. It can be skin follicle, smell traces, spit, sweat or anything similar or more than one of these. When they have your DNA, plenty can fuck you up. But then again, it's usually not considered a conclusive proof by most western courts, there needs to be more to convict you. There are also ways how to defend against this, like using long-all covering clothing, double-layered latex gloves, masks, bleaching the shit out of the place where you been, etc. That's why zogbots are so happy when they can take your DNA and try pushing it so that there will be a general database of it.

It makes things harder, but it's not the end of the world. Also in most western countries, police can store up your DNA samples for a specific period of time, then it should destroy it. Does it happen in practice? Well, who knows.

>I think the "bitconnect" thing that Tarrant left in his manifesto was a meme
It is an ancient /biz/ meme. Quite literally, as bitconnect was a scam from the day 1.

I think the main issue here is that people don't want get fucked over as Austrian anon or Russian anon did, that's why they are not posting it.

By the way, if anyone wants to send him anything without cops being able to trace you, there are many choices.
>Postal box
>sending it through some company or company address
>renting a foreign country postal box (there are even websites)
>just sending a postal card
>giving fake name/address
And many more. Just google these things.
>without cops being able to trace you
Yeah no. So far, you have two options to send him a letter
>digitally which will be traced
>physically which will be traced
Remember that the prison takes DNA samples of physical letters and can withhold those that have a fake address as well as analysing handwriting. This is such utter bullshit to make people scared of getting in contact with Tarrant when there aren't even evil intentions. Also a thing to note: the police can and will analyse cam footage from post offices as well as phone calls if they want to find you. There is no way in hel that you can stay anonymous through this and you either
>don't do it for safety
>do it and get found out eventually with accusations and charges being a possible reality
>Remember that the prison takes DNA samples of physical letters
[x] doubt. Can you show me some proof they do this? Especially on regular letters and not ones which are talking about some grandiose terror attack or violence? What would they do with such DNA sample if they don't have any a) international database b) your sample already? And even if they did such thing, again, it is easy to circumvent. Like I said, use double layer latex gloves, bleach everything too.
>can withhold those that have a fake address
Now how would they know it is fake? What is preventing you from using real address, just not your own? What is preventing you to use other solutions I mentioned which mitigate this?
Easy to fake, you can also print your letter or use typewriter.
No. Fake email created on tor, sent through tor. If you are extra paranoid, sent not from your machine or from burner phone.
>Also a thing to note: the police can and will analyse cam footage from post offices as well as phone calls if they want to find you.
No, they won't. Why would they do that. Time x resources are a thing. And again, I already posted ways how to circumvent this too.

Is your post ironic, blackpilled or you are just fearmongering?
(65.97 KB 407x579 nomuz1.jpg)
(24.27 KB 407x579 nomuz2.png)
>It doesn't have to be hair inherently. It can be skin follicle, smell traces, spit, sweat or anything similar or more than one of these.

They were able to identify the Golden State Killer by collecting DNA from his car door handle.
>why would they do that
Because usually those people that send these letters are already being observed and all it takes for authorities or international intelligence agencies to contact respective (((government)))s is violent race related crimes in a nearby town the person sending the letter isn't related to but they'll assume it anyway just to be able to arrest you. Been there done that
They will take samples of letters if the request from some glowniggers roll in
>Now how would they know it is fake?
I imagine you'd have to state this in some way or else if something's wrong with the letter they can't send it back for you to correct
>Is your post ironic, blackpilled or you are just fearmongering?
Blackpilled tbh. I'm paranoid to some extent since I was called in for questioning and they let slip that I'm being watched
>they will take DNA from every and each letter arriving
No. And I asked you for proof for this, which you didn't provided.
>they will do X, because I just know, just trust me
>I imagine you'd have to state this in some way or else if something's wrong with the letter they can't send it back for you to correct
No. Do you actually believe this bullshit you are writing at this point? How would that work with post cards which show no address from default?
>they let slip
They don't let slip things like this. They tell you to make you afraid and it is obviously working. Get a fucking hold of yourself, anon.

Anons you need to get realistic here. If one questioning is going to demoralize you to to shit and makes you irrational mess, you need to harden the fuck up. It's literally nothing. Especially considering that in most of the western world you can very much tell them legally to fuck off (by that I mean there is often a constitutional right to not talk with them at all) and they can't do nothing about it.

Also everyone watch this video, it's in top 5 most important videos you'll ever see:
(513.63 KB 584x1000 20200118_135830.png)
Takes some time to find all the shit on my phone but pic related is what I have from what my friend shared with me
>rough translation
letter envelope wasn't tested for genetic material by that date by the NZ authorities but the handwriting will be checked to match the suspects writing if provided
What I take from this is that they will test the letter if asked and maybe take samples if there's questionable content
>they tell you to make you afraid
Not afraid of the glowniggers and also not related to my blackpilling
Additional note: work on your reading comprehension faggot. I didn't say 'each and every letter' at any point I merely said that they can and will take samples IF requests from glowniggers come in nor did I talk about postcards I wrote 'letters'. I get you're overly cautious but just don't fucking mention shit I didn't talk about how about that
>letter envelope was NOT tested
Yes, my point. No one challenged they can't do that. What was challenged that they won't do it for other - obvious - reasons. You are confirming what I've said.
>also not related to my blackpilling
You literally said, I quote:
>"I'm paranoid to some extent since I was called in for questioning and they let slip that I'm being watched"

And again, I already provided many ways how to circumvent all this agency bullshit. Which you challenged for some unexplained reason and still didn't provided any tangible arguments neither. Finally, it's mot being "overly cautious", it's basic common sense and elementary opsec.
Yeah it's interpretation to some extent about what I wrote and sorry for being vague. I also didn't mean to challenge your statements but merely added some thoughts because I don't want people to get in trouble simple as that. What I wrote in the first statement were possible things to consider nothing more or less. Second response was too vague I get that. But to clarify: again, possibilities to consider. Should've phrased better.
>being blackpilled is the same as stepping up OPSEC after police questioning therefore he is blackpills because of it
(110.78 KB 1080x1108 ph.jpg)
They were able to identify him because he was cumming in women, and they probably got the DNA from his trash.
They were able to identify him because he was cumming in women, and they probably got the DNA from his trash.
Were the police questioning you about a crime or something you said in public, or something you did on the internet? Also, do you live in the land of the free? Only answer if you're comfortable doing so, but I think my question is general enough that you wont dox yourself.
>Were the police questioning you about a crime or something you said in public, or something you did on the internet?
Friend got arrested some time ago for shitposting and sending a letter to Tarrant and is in custody since Monday and they called me in to gather social background on him
>land of the free
Middle Europoor
(302.52 KB 1242x1643 book.jpg)
Hello, lads, sorry for the delay, but the book that we were discussing last thread (?) that I went and ordered has finally arrived. I have barely opened it so far so I'm going to spend a bit of time skimming and reading and see if I can find anything that anons here may find interesting or funny.
Good job lad. May you receive much strength and patience to pull through this fine piece of well written and well researched art
Thank you anon! Looking forward to any interesting stuff you might find.
(495.64 KB 2477x1866 1.jpg)
(489.52 KB 2040x1959 2.jpg)
(588.53 KB 2586x2050 3.jpg)
(226.11 KB 2082x906 4.jpg)
(423.04 KB 1533x1713 5.jpg)
(698.53 KB 2740x2457 6.jpg)
I've done some heavy skimming now up to chapter five which is on ecofascism. You'd be surprised when I say that this doesn't look as bad as one would originally think it would be. Of course it's a normalfag-oriented work (muh evil ideology, muh Voldemort) and cities ADL statistics and refers to the Holohoax in a few places here and there so far, but it's had some interesting focuses on Oswald Mosley, the optics debate, the rough similarity between what he did and what leftists back in the day called "propaganda of the deed" (and how Tarrant didn't precisely follow that). I'll post some of the stuff I have now so I won't be flooding you guys with tons of images later. It's less funny and more interesting even if it's from an anti-Tarrant perspective, but I'm not complaining since I spent money on this kek.

Also, apologies if any of the pics are kind of crooked. It's hard to get pics from the left side of the page without fucking up the book. But, anyway, more to come.
Guys, if you want a letter to the holy saint, please do two things:

1. Read in darknet-marketplace-forums. There you'll find more than enough info about how to send an letter that can't be traced back to you. What works for drugdealers will work for sending our saint a postcard.

2. Please send the saint postcards with our memes, so that he has something to decorate his cell with. It's often possible to print high-quality postcards on photoprinter-machines in discounters without anyone seeing the content of those images.

Should you either live in a country that doesn't care, of personally do not care if you land on yet another watchlist, please consider getting in regular contact with the saint, and post his answers. It would probably even possible to collect donations, it you publish your cryptocoin address.
(957.62 KB 1024x769 1560580880779.png)
> please consider getting in regular contact with the saint, and post his answers.
That would be fucking awesome. Didn't Breivik have something similar?
If I didn't have a family I could have probably done it. But I must keep opsec and shieeet.
>In part, that's because early readers reacted so strongly to the use of his name, suggesting it diminished his victims
Guys. This right here
(19.60 KB 324x188 1575836415458.png)
Try to write a post on cuckchan saying
and then see what happens.
(5.40 MB 2401x2771 bt48.png)
>when you've become so powerful that saying your name causes soycucks to react strongly
>and then see what happens
Yeah I can already see where this is going so I have to pass
(171.06 KB 437x608 tanya_checkem.png)
>I've chosen to refer to the accused killer as Person X
kek. Also check those I love cock
>I love cock
wtf is this world filter
Sounds pretty gay tbh
>I love cock
(348.62 KB 500x608 mp40_you_fool.png)
I concur
>fails to lurk for 2 years and learn that moot has wordfiltered the term that references the holy repeating digits
Newfag. Also, your waifu is shit.
I agree that Weev looks jewish as fuck. He has even called himself a jew. But that doesn't necessarily prove anything about Anglin.
Hunter wallace's critique of the Stormer is also boomer-tier I think he even is a boomer
>muh edginess
>muh respect women
>muh ebil prostitution
>fucking Asian whores (in Asia) is "miscegenation"

My main critiques of the Stormer are:
>constantly moderating their message
>muh Blumf
>muh false flags
>trust the plan
>forcememeing Christianity
>defending the Alt-lite while attacking WN's
>muh wignats

Also we should probably start another thread for this to avoid derailment
>muh ebil prostitution
Prostitution is pretty degenerate, let's not lie here. Get married. The only women who deserve respect are the virtuous and motherly, not the Western whore of today.
>Get married.
Not realistic for most men anymore, unfortunately. Unless they want to betabux for a used-up slut.
There are ways to make it work. Marriages to girls under 16 (as our ancestors intended) are almost always the paragons of male/female relations in our people.
In a healthy society I would consider prostitution degenerate, but in our current society I think it's a good thing. After all, it's much more efficient to pay a prostitute 100 dollars for sex than to spend endless amounts of time and money on trying to have casual sex with a "normal woman".

>get married.
Like this anon said >>19145 Any man that gets married nowadays has a 90 + percent chance to get a divorce at some point.

You're right, but this isn't possible for most men. In most places in the west marrying a 16 year old girl is illegal.
>Marriages to girls under 16
that ship has sailed long ago dude for most of us
the only difference between a whore and any western 20+ woman you could marry is the former will keep her mouth shut if you give her money
>Get married
Are you talking about traditional religious (pagan) marriage or Semitic state marriage?
I'd get married in a heartbeat if I could find a virgin girl that age to marry. Sadly they are becoming rarer and rarer. Part of the reason why the age of consent was originally raised was due to feminist / Christcuck advocacy. In the past both genders would get married young and fornication was shamed. In our current clownworld we allow people to slut it up from the beginning of puberty onwards, directly destroying any and all chances for stable marriages in the future since it's been proven that more premarital sex = less stable marriages. In a sane society I'd have been married already for a few years with children on the way. The way we have it now allows these perpetual manchildren and whores to flourish.
>it's much more efficient to pay a prostitute 100 dollars for sex than to spend endless amounts of time and money on trying to have casual sex with a "normal woman".
Eh, I don't see how contributing funding to degeneracy is a good thing in any way. If I'm horny I'll jerk off and continue on with my day if I really have to, no need to pay some whore.

I really want to have a big family but I'm getting blackpilled on that. My standards might be too high for the Kali Yuga. But, like Tarrant said, there'll be no safe harbor if the replacement continues. Having a normal life is impossible until the jew is removed and our future is secured
We don't need ZOG to tell us whether we're married or not. If a man and a woman live together and consider themselves married it's a marriage in my mind.
‎>i love cock
the gay
Are there photos of Tarrant's shotgun with which he used to shoot the mosque entrance ?
I haven’t been able to find a picture of it. I want to know what’s written on it. It’s very hard to make out at times in the video
>and is in custody since Monday
so he's been arrested? is he in solitary confinement?
>Read in darknet-marketplace-forums.
gib onion address please
ok new fag pff this can has not even been around for two year and started up at the start of 2019 so ur the fucking new fag here im not the anon your talking about but why would he wordfilter 1488? 1 4 8 8
oh he didn't hmm then what was the anon trying to say...
the anon was coming out as gay on your behalf, you should be thankful.
Possibly. I asked police about the situation when I found out and all I know is that they kept him from influencing other inmates for the time being
>idk since when he's out because he literally has no form of communication and I'm in a way different city atm
(86.08 KB 640x400 saymynamebich.jpg)
(120.34 KB 720x500 saymynamecunt.jpg)
(115.58 KB 796x1024 tarrant.jpg)
What boots is the saint wearing in the north korea photo?
>they kept him from influencing other inmates for the time being
Lol they’re afraid
Is he the Austrian v& anon? Also, was it the shitposting that got him v& or was it writing the letter to Tarrant? Also, how did the police find out about the shitposting? I imagine he probably used his name and that on the letter to Tarrant. >>19109
Why do you wanna know
Mainly because if he was caught because of him shitposting online I want to learn from that and not do what he did. If this is the case of v& anon from Austria I'm already aware of the relevant facts. As for writing the letter to Brenton Tarrant I'm wondering if the (((government))) was able to track him down despite not signing his name or not. I am curious but I'm also attempting to learn from your situation. Sorry that I sound kind of weird, I always get accused of sounding like a fed because I like to ask questions.
You have to think Tarrant's easily the coolest guy in the prison, basically a celebrity.
How could it even be possible if he is kept isolated?
I mean, of course he is the most famous inmate, but apart from his fame how could he factually have some influence there?
NZ prisons supposedly have a number of (what media called) "White power prisoners". I wonder what they think of Tarrant and if they will be able to meet eventually.
>sounding like a fed
Not necessarily your wording just the way you went about it. But in short, as I'm starting to get REAL tired of explaining shit:
>reason for raid was a tipoff by the NSA to the FBI to local authorities known as BVT
>reason for tipoff was him asking for German and Arabic translation of The Great Replacement for archiving purposes
>accusations made up along the way, such as him posting Tarrant memes with the black sun solely for the black sun
>black sun is considered a nazi symbol along with (under certain circumstances) runes and Mjölnir in my ass ravaged country
>shitposting added to accusation list
To summarise: the letter, how he went about it and its contents are perfectly legitimate according to his lawyer. The black sun in the context he posted it in isn't a problem. What is a problem though is him refusing to disavow Tarrant and not agreeing to never try to contact him again. Those aren't requirements but the authorities certainly tried to push him in that direction during the interrogation
>charges are still pushed because they know he won't sue them because he doesn't have that much money to afford a lawyer longer than necessary
He contacted his local glownigger to ask if he could write a letter to Tarrant. They said it was okay (but probably put him on a watchlist). Then he sent money to Tarrant and got accused of "funding a terrorist". They then went through his posting history and added extra charges, only because he was dumb enough to cooperate. Shitposting in general is still pretty safe, especially if you use a VPN or Tor.
Also read the thread nigger. This has already been explained countless times.
>What is a problem though is him refusing to disavow Tarrant and not agreeing to never try to contact him again.
Licking the boot of ZOG would be worse. Seems like your friend is less of a coward than it first seems. Glad to here he pulled himself together.
Oh sorry, I didn't realize that he was the friend of Austrian anon, I thought he was someone else. I already knew about the situation with Austrian anon although there is a little bit of a disagreement among people like >>19201 and people like
>>19202 over whether it was the NSA that got him or the letter, although if he asked the (((government))) if he could post the letter then he is a fucking idiot and that is what got him caught.
>>reason for tipoff was him asking for German and Arabic translation of The Great Replacement for archiving purposes
But Austrianon himself said he got v& because he sent money. I doubt that simply posting "Does anyone have a German or Arabic translation of The Great Replacement?" will get you v&.
What set off the whole thing is most likely:
>contacting the glowniggers and letting them know he was going to contact Tarrant
>sending money to Tarrant.
Latest news

>The man accused of the Christchurch mosque shootings will be one of the first to see draft sections of the report compiled by the Royal Commission investigating the attacks.
>As well as reading parts of the draft report, Brenton Tarrant will also have the opportunity to respond before the final copy is handed to the Governor-General at the end of April.
>The Royal Commission says it's a legal obligation but a Muslim community leader says it gives him too much power.
I honestly can't wait to see this report released to the public. I wonder when it will be released. I am most interested in his pre-attack activities.
Yes, that's what the report is about.
Anyway, while flipping through various articles, I found a couple I never saw before, some months old.

>Police have searched CCTV security camera footage to follow the accused mosque gunman on his route from Dunedin to Christchurch on March 15.
>It includes security footage from an Oamaru service station where he stopped for fuel.
>Police have used CCTV footage from many locations between Dunedin and Christchurch to follow the accused's journey, which is part of the evidence for the prosecution's case.

>according to Newshub, several playlists hosted by Spotify have been named after the accused gunman. One of the playlists was named "Christchurch theme songs" and a cover photo on one of the playlists included a screen grab from the accused's livestream of the attack.
>The playlists included songs the accused gunman is alleged to have played just before the shooting.
>It includes security footage from an Oamaru service station where he stopped for fuel.
Lol I wonder if he was filling the tank while wearing his gear
I hope they will release some of those footage sooner or later.
Getting pretty tired of the lack of updates tbh.
I miss him and I miss everyday Tarrantposting.
(138.08 KB 1374x1021 bt63.png)
I know, it's been slow around here lately; and slow with disciples as well unfortunately. Luckily with every passing day we are getting closer and closer to his trial. I think also as we get closer more knows will start to come out. We're less than six months away now and we'll likely be seeing a great spike of activity at that time.
>I hope they will release some of those footage sooner or later.
I hope so too
>more knows will start to come out
more news
Meh. That was what they initially told him. But the reason the NSA told the FBI to contact the BVT is a different one from them actually arresting him
See >>18630
>everyday Tarrantposting
Did you guys really come together daily to shitpost on 4kike and here when there were more updates? What's stopping you from doing it now as well?
>inb4 news is slow
So share some artwork you created then or write dumb ass fanfictions on various lefty forums like I do to trigger them. Shitposting got to continue
>What is a problem though is him refusing to disavow Tarrant and not agreeing to never try to contact him again. Those aren't requirements but the authorities certainly tried to push him in that direction during the interrogation

just tell zog what zog wants to hear, then Tarrantpost in secret.

also how old is the lad?
>just tell zog what zog wants to hear
Now that would be really fucking easy wouldn't it? But the way he explained it was that he has moral standards and will stick to his support for Tarrant in a non violent way. Most he said was that he disagrees with the violence but when they asked him if he condemns Tarrant he said no. When he said he sent him money because he saw the person behind the rifle and wanted him to be able to buy some stuff for Christmas the fine gentlemen told him to reconsider the statement in the future lmao
>how old is the lad
Between 20 and 25
>the way he explained it was that he has moral standards and will stick to his support for Tarrant in a non violent way. Most he said was that he disagrees with the violence but when they asked him if he condemns Tarrant he said no
Is this the greatest redemption arc in anime history? I was almost sure he was gonna turn into a cuck
>I was almost sure he was gonna turn into a cuck
Well holy fuck it's almost like first reactions to raids make people who aren't used to it and 20 year threats appear like wimpy fucks by overreacting. News at 11
I actually do come here everyday and I still produce some memes.
I was just getting nostalgia for the early months of memetic warfare on 8/pol/, it was literally my first thought as I opened my eyes in the morning and the last when I went to sleep.
The memes and informations were flowing endlessly, the shills were panicking as they saw the first disciples appear, I saw my humble OC being reposted on the goddamn cuckchan, hell I even saw people taking screenshots of my comments and posting them around.
I remember waking up one morning in August and seeing a letter handwritten by the Saint himself on cuckchan. Journos lost their mind at that point, one of those fuckers directly quoted one of my posts in an article too.
Unbelievable. I am a literal nobody.
Sorry for the blogpost.
>Sorry for the blogpost
No, I enjoy hearing stories from anons. You got any examples from your quoted posts by others or the article? Are you the memeflag that interacted with a lot of Tarrantposters?
since Tarrant treads are rarer on 4kike I'm thinking about starting some but I feel like I'm not part of it all long enough to do that lol
>I saw my humble OC being reposted on the goddamn cuckchan
post your reposted OC please
(75.64 KB 436x494 155779124046.png)
I'll post one from the 8/pol/ era, I am the author of this.
I made several, as I said I keep producing some as soon as I get ideas, but unfortunately I have very poor skills.

I am a bit paranoid so I don't feel like linking the article right now, it would probably be easy to retrieve the thread where I posted that comment and pinpoint me.
Since March of course I interacted with lots of Tarrantposters, including on cuckchan.
I post there with both memeflags and sometimes my geoflag.
However that board is completely ruined, it's very rare to be able to have meaningful conversation or genuine fun. The grip of the teams of paid posters and disruptors is too strong, there are some rare valuable moments sometimes but by the next US election campaign it will be completely turned into plebbit.
Well right, that's part of why they keep him isolated
I call bullshit on your entire fake and gay story.
>The March 15 mosque shooting accused has put himself on an extreme minimal eating regime in jail and is also not washing.

Fucking sad, it's probably because he's extremely demoralized. The article is from 10 October 2019 but I never saw it before
I have never seen this before, and I check for news everyday.
Wtf, and no update on this since october? It fucking sucks, I am worried.
Same, just found this now, thanks to the anon who posted this article https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=12275916&ref=art_readmore , I found it in the part "related articles".
Apparently there is no news on this topic, but perhaps there is in seeking well, and yeah it's fucking worrisome
>both memeflags and sometimes geoflag
Yeah I definitely recognize you from your writing. Have seen a few of the screenshots you refer to and I honestly love your dedication man
>I am a bit paranoid
Hope you're okay otherwise. Don't let the nervousness get to you too much and enjoy the Tarrantposting here at least
>there is concern about his well-being - but prison authorities cannot force him to eat more.
The fucking blackpill goddamn holy shit we gotta do something lads. But there's a minor chance he's just doing that to force them to put him in better conditions. Any Breivikposters know if that's a similar strategy of Fjotolf?
There is an other article based on lawyer's statements that denied the previous article https://i.stuff.co.nz/national/christchurch-shooting/116472597/christchurch-mosque-shooting-accused-not-on-hunger-strike-lawyer-says
Thank you for finding this.
I know journalists are bringers of fake news, but I couldn't help but feeling worried.
I wish I could help him.
>A lawyer for the man accused of the Christchurch mosque terror attacks has denied reports his client is on any kind of hunger strike.
>Jonathan Hudson told Stuff media reports claiming his client was on an "extreme minimal eating regime" were incorrect.
>He also denied his client was refusing to wash.
>Hudson said he was especially concerned the reports had appeared in a Christchurch newspaper because the article may have been read by potential jurors.
>"He is not, and has not at any time been engaged in a hunger strike or in a 'minimal eating regime', nor is he failing to wash'," Hudson said.
>The accused, a 28-year-old Australian man, is being held in isolation at the country's maximum security prison Paremoremo, in Auckland.
>He has pleaded not guilty to 51 charges of murder and 40 charges of attempted murder, as well as a charge of engaging in a terrorist act.
>The accused's trial is scheduled to take four weeks starting on June 2. It was originally to be held in May, but was delayed to avoid a clash with the holy month of Ramadan.

(((government))) procedure fits around the convenience and whims of mudslime invaders, pathetic
Just found an other article that could be interesting https://interactives.stuff.co.nz/2019/03/end-of-our-innocence/

It seems that our Saint Brenton have removed a White boomer traitor converted to islam. Fucking based.

>Linda Armstrong, 64
> It was through her volunteer work with refugees in south Auckland that she converted to Islam and was given the title “Sister Linda”.

>She befriended many travellers, immigrants and refugees, opening her home, her heart and her kitchen. Her family said she loved showing parts of New Zealand to visitors or immigrants and helping them to settle into their new home.


>He pulled up near the mosque and selected his weapons from the five guns in the boot of his car

Why they talk of 5 guns ? He had 6, no ? After seeing hundreds of time the whole video I believe that I can say that he had 3 on the seat passenger side, 1 with him and 2 in the trunk, so 6.

>Police would later say they found two explosives in that car

There is only fews days that I learn that he had explosives, before I believed that he had only fuel. I'm always glad to know news stuffs on him.

I should have seek to others source before post the first article, I worried you for nothing, sorry.
I wish I could help him too. I hope my letter found him well and that have cheered him up, at least a few. I'll be glad if I make him happy, even a second. But I think that it's possible taht they witholded my letter, 53 fuckings days and still no response.

Sorry for my retarded english, I hope you'll understand me
Don't worry friend, every update is always welcome, one of the purposes of these threads is to find out as much informations as possible and eventually expose all the lies that the enemies of our race purposely spread to sully our Saint.

I'd like for him to know mainly one thing: that even if so called friends and family have abandoned him, his cobbers did not.
We are still here because we know why he did it, we recognized his earnestness and will still see all of this in his eyes.
don't worry, if letters are withheld they must be sent back to the sender's address as long as it's on there. Fingers crossed for you getting a response
>>Linda Armstrong, 64
> It was through her volunteer work with refugees in south Auckland that she converted to Islam and was given the title “Sister Linda”.

She comes from a cuck family

>A Taranaki couple who run ultramarathons are putting their best foot forward to commemorate the victims of the 2019 Christchurch mosque massacre.

>Kyron Gosse came up with the idea for The Unity Ultra, a 51-mile (82km) course to honour the 51 people killed in the March 15 shootings, after losing his aunty, Linda Armstrong, in the attack.

>Gosse tried to contact her immediately after hearing about the Friday shooting, but when he hadn't heard from her by Sunday he was devastated to find her name in a news article detailing the deceased.

>"You have just found out your aunty had been murdered, so it was utter grief and I started crying uncontrolably."

>Inspired by the togetherness and unity shown by the Christchurch and New Zealand community following the massacre, Gosse wanted to bring together a small group of athletes to stage a fundraising campaign for the NZ Red Cross' Refugee Resettlement programme.


According to Wikipedia

>New Zealand Red Cross, which has a contract with the (((government))), is the primary agency supporting quota refugees in New Zealand. They provide core resettlement services in Auckland, Hamilton, Palmerston North, Wellington and Nelson.
(232.42 KB 1170x521 skull-tower-1809.jpg)
I don't think, that they'll be able to break our saint. The state breaks people by showing them how powerless they are, and how much they have to lose. The saint isn't powerless - he fucked the state as hard as humanly possible, and continues to do so - and he also has no comfyness to lose, because he gave his comfort away out of his own free will.

The saint is basically invincible now. All they'll be able to do is to harass him constantly with small things, more like insects than humans, but he won't break down. He'll put those insects on his To-Kill list, and that's it. By throwing away his life in order to fuck the state as hard as humanly possible he became more than what is considered to be human nowadays. Being a hero and achieving great things changes you on a deep level. Every further word and act of him will be an act of defiance against those insects. They won't be able to impress him, because he has proven already, that their authority is nothing but a joke. He'll see everything they do as an joke of insects, that may be numerous, and may be able to keep him in a cell, but ultimately are nothing but caricatures of humans. You can't take caricatures seriously.

He'll also know, that we're there, because that's the only thing that can possibly happen after him performing his heroic acts over and over again. If they'll tell him, that he's alone, he'll laugh, because he knows, that we're there.

Honestly, frens, how else could it be?

If he goes on an hunger strike, he does it, to fuck with them, and not due to despair. He is proud of what he has achieved, and they can't take that away. He has already won.
>She befriended many travellers, immigrants and refugees, opening her home, her heart and her kitchen
Aka she whored around and slept with the enemy
I'll pass that on. But I think the 'we know why he did it' part will be questionable in their eyes. Hope you're fine with just the first sentence and the last part of the second one being used. He won't rephrase your quote in any way. I'll let you know when he sends the letter if you want to but it will be a few months due to investigations and shit
Thanks man.
Will this thread hit bump at 500 still or did the mods change it? To be honest I kind of like the feel of moving into a new thread
I don't know, let's wait and see.
I hope they didn't enlarge bump limit because at some length it takes an eternity to load the whole thread.
St. Tarrant destroys another foreigner-owned business:

>Shadia Amin lost her husband Ahmed Abdel-Ghany in the mosque shooting, and is now selling her food van because she can’t keep the business going without him.

(1.07 MB 1080x1292 qglcfd.png)
I pray to our beloved Saint Brenton everyday, and he keeps giving us gifts in his immense benevolence.
>She befriended many travellers, immigrants and refugees, opening her home, her heart, her kitchen and her legs.
Fixed that for you
(21.21 KB 634x203 1.png)
Also, notice the related articles, pic attached

>gib us mo money fo dem muzzie programz, kuffar!
>how can you kiwis survive without our precious ethnic food?

Semitic shit: not even once.
(347.98 KB 750x746 this is new zealand tarrant.jpg)
I'm enjoying these endless Whitepills.
In case there are any Norwegians here. A Norwegian organization is going to hold a livestreamed event tomorrow discussing "acceleration terrorism".

Okay so I'm conducting research on my friend's behalf and was wondering if any of you know which year Tarrant visited France in. I know it was after Ebba because she died in 2017 and he wrote the graveyard as 'the second event' so most likely before Pakistan, which was in October of 2018 because he said he did two years of preparation which was presumably already after he had the 'Why Don't I Do Something' moment. Maybe in 2017 as well? But is there any indication of year and/or month he was in France? Are there any statements or posts he made outside of the manifesto regarding that tour? Has he made the Ebba posts only when he was in Australia? Can I pinpoint times he left the country by looking up time gaps between them if so? Fuck me up I'm gonna stay up all night for this
According to manifesto and to MSM he went to France in spring 2017.
Here's a map.
The Ebba threads were made from an Australian flag, so before he moved to New Zealand (2018).
>France, April 2017
So that puts it almost on par with Ebba's death (7th of April). Thank you a lot for the graph, saved me at least an hour there. But now I'm wondering how close these two events that awakened him were to each other. Until literally now I was under the assumption that there was at least half a year between ger death and the graveyard but this right now is raising a lot of questions not related to the research I'm doing tbh. Kind of wanna know how emotionally stable he was during that time, if he reached out to his family or if he dealt with all that on his own. Was the initial rage and despair he described feeling at the graveyard still lingering from the news of her death and him continuously thinking about it? How did his first thoughts about taking revenge start? The fuck when is someone gonna write a biography about him I wanna know these things
(1.14 MB 2800x1594 chad television.jpg)
Hopefully it's not as cringy as the last one
I only care abut Commander Breivik's opinion tbh

>I wanna know these things
I know that feel anon
Leaving this here
It's a back up of the masskillers subplebbit, admin probably knows he could be closed anytime and created it.
Some interesting info can be found there from time to time.
(857.07 KB 1200x2036 ebba.jpg)
>The Ebba threads were made from an Australian flag,
fuck i miss those threads
(35.56 KB 478x391 1579406531614.jpg)
(274.39 KB 600x599 1579568962735.png)
(159.01 KB 1200x675 shitposter-mosque.jpg)
>tips for a young whipper snapper like myself
>whipper snapper
No matter how many times I read that line it's still a bit cute. No homo
i'm praying for a new disciple everyday
I'd go gay for Brenton if he wanted me to. The guy is an ABSOLUTE MONSTER OF WILLPOWER.
fuckn 4cuck faggots....
Is your new strategy to be organically gay
(1.29 MB 1080x1606 1573838211326.jpg)
So many of the cuckchan shills used to post homoerotic shooped picures of Brenton, I don't know how in their minds this should discredit him.
Reminder that Brenton Tarrant specifically said in the manifesto that he does not hate anybody: not fags, not niggers, not muzzies, not un-subversive jews (if any exists at all).
He just hates traitors and invaders, and he adviced to apply the same treatment for both.
He truly is a Saint.
>I asked police about the situation when I found out and all I know is that they kept him from influencing other inmates for the time being
I have troubles believing that any western police would tell you anything if you are not close family, lawful guardian or his lawyer.

>to disavow Tarrant and never contact him again
There is no law in any penal code that would prohibit you contacting a foreign (or domestic) prisoner.

Also how would you know all this when your friend is supposedly in jail?

I call fake.
>that edit omfg
I like the section where he wrote something along the lines of 'except those (Whites) that turn their back on their culture and heritage and convert to Islam. Those I hate'. The madlad separating the boys from the men with that statement
>I have troubles believing that any western police would
God fuck me up. They act according to protocol by giving out information to closest friends and family and since his family partly disowned him I was authorised to receive SOME info
>There is no law
Faggot READ I wasn't talking law this was a verbal discussion during his first interrogation and I can only pass on what he told me
>Also how would you know all this when your friend is supposedly in jail?
Maybe, just maybe because all this information was given during interrogation on 10th of January before he was arrested weeks later

Rope yourself degenerate faggot you can't read for shit it's all laid out ITT
>his family PARTLY disowned him
Oh yeah, his parents legally disowned him in just a few days, right. It takes long time and it is processed usually through courts as well. And even if they did - by some amazing bureaucratic miracle and not "partly" but fully, as of both of them - then next are his grandparents, secondary family like uncles/aunts, etc., not you. You have "closest friend" in high school, not before the law.
>there wasn't even first court standing as of yet
>yet there are are requests only court can order about things he has to do
Lmao. Since when police also works as a judge?
>being in custody for non-violent, non-recurring, non-endangering "crime"
>being in a custody as previously never legally punished

You are a larper who can't even keep his own lie straight. The fact you respond in such buttmad manner is telling too. Are you histrionic?
If anon wasn’t LARPing he would be posting ALL of the information the people are allegedly giving him
Fuck off. Congratulations on ruseing some anons but others see through your shit and it's getting real old because you're shitting up the thread.
Great argument anon.
This has been strange since the start.
Inb4 austrianon was a glownigger all along.
how is your friend sterile?
This has glowed from the start – and I say this as one who usual takes my schizo meds. How many hundreds of posts will this last? Free me from this hell
First of all disowning as I understand it is not solely done through law they simply don't talk to him anymore and cut most contact and some other stuff but I'm not laying out his whole life to prove a point to some faggot online
>not before the law
What kind of shithole do you have to live in where close friends aren't allowed to receive contact request or at least some situation clarification from policemen? Are you serious?
>Since when police also works as a judge
They don't what are you talking about? They intimidated him with 20 years for financial support of terrorism which I have stated way above was a bluff because what he did doesn't go against the law intimidation wasn't justified but it's a legal method
>I, as a non-westerner can tell you how law and individual situations work in your country and I know all about the difference between accusations, charges and preventive action
You must be from /pnd/

You all can call 'glownigger' and LARP as much as you want. You're similar to the schizos that call 'muh mossert' on 4kike all the time, the fuck is your point? Why should I LARP?
>friend gets busted
>shits details all over thread to incriminate himself
>now he's gone
>friend shows up to shit more details all over thread and incriminate him further
>oh yeah i'm also the new /btg/ admin
>continue shitting out personal information about friend involved in an investigation
Just stop posting. Maybe you can go back to 4kike.
Post proofs
>inb4 it’s all verbal
>gib more info to prove no LARP
>if you gib info you're a glownigger

Look I was going to drop the whole discussion, I don't wanna keep on coming back on the same topic but people keep making up wrong assumptions because they seem incapable of understanding that unfortunate situations can happen to people. I don't care if you or anyone believe me and I don't care if you or anyone take whatever warnings he left for you seriously.

I'm here because I promised him to take care of /btg/ and I'm here to find out more about Tarrant because I've come to realise he's not an uncle faggot like the media made him appear.

Believe me or don't, I don't care and if you keep doubting, that's fine. I'm not going to respond to this topic anymore because the anon above is right, it runs a good thread
>they simply don't talk to him anymore and cut most contact
That is completely irrelevant, they are obliged by law to talk to the police in this matter, hence if they did not legally disowned him - which is again somewhere between fantasy and impossible - then what you are saying is obviously false. And again, if they did for some unexplained reason, you are not on the line. His grandparents and further family is. In any case, he also gets lawyer. Either his own or ex-officio (state attorney for US anons). With him he will talk and him may or may not provide information to third parties - like his friends. If you wouldn't be an absolute dumbass with zero knowledge of how these things are processed, you would have built your larp around this.
>where close friends aren't allowed to receive contact request or at least some situation clarification from policemen?
Didn't you said he is in isolation? And no, this is first world law pretty much in general - police has absolutely zero obligation to give any information to his "friends". Again, family is different manner, but we already talked about it.
>what are you talking about
So from where that ridiculous nonsense about him "disavowing Tarrant and never contacting him" came?
>I don't understand most elementary laws shared across the whole western world, often cited in constitutions, therefore everyone must be similarly illiterate as me
Yeah, no.
Correction: I meant court-appointed attorney, not state attorney.
I said I requested and they told me some information because sometimes believe it or not police will understand situations

Alright. I will be out of work in roughly nine hours. If it is THAT important for you all to have the confirmation of an interrogation and a warrant I could send pic with timestamp of both. But give me one good reason why I should
>I post pic
>lurking glowniggers pass it on to state lawyer or police
>this get me and my friend in more legal trouble
I'll obviously blurr out his name and address so what you're left with is a german interrogation and a signature of some officer. Whatever I post some schizoposter will come along and say it's fake. I posted a screenshot of an excerpt he shared with me further up in the thread,, I explained all of this. How much do you faggots need to believe this is real?

Who cares what anyone here believes? If you're a larper or glownigger, stop being one, and if you're telling the truth, why are you incriminating yourself as well as your friend?

We now know, that the police may fuck with people for being friendly towards the saint, so people should take some preparations, and don't act like idiots, if they want to contact the saint, or tarrantpost even.

Also please stop turning this thread into a soap-opera. We're here to praise the saint, and not for being entertained by some story-arcs.
Yes, you've made it abundantly clear you're not from here. If you want to "learn more about Tarrant" then stop posting and lurk, you fucking sketchbag.
>I said I requested and they told me some information because sometimes believe it or not police will understand situations
Oh yes, the famed openness of police officers to just tell some rando from the street whatever he wishes to know about inmates. The mere fact that the police officer in question would have go to talk to the one behind the bars to know whom he can talk about him to, is just hilariously nonsensical. Policeman in the question would also break the law by telling you, by the way. Why would he do that, please tell. The fact you ignore everything else I noted which speaks against your larp is telling again too. What a disgrace your posts are.
Also, god bless you and your friend, should your story be real, for making if clearer to people, that the state is out to get them, and that they should take precautions. Your sacrifice will help others. Also, the saint will be enraged, when he hears, that his friends and followers are being targeted by the police, and he may rethink his friendly position towards law enforcement.

Now stop incriminating yourself, and stop turning this thread into a soap opera. Tell your friend, that he shall not fear, but pray to the saint, because he will receive the gift of mental strength, if he doesn't give in to the authorities. He'll grow stronger than he thinks is possible.

And you: Stop shilling.

The saint doesn't have love for the shill, and surely would have killed many shills in the past, if he had the chance.
Having valid and articulated doubts which directly contradicts what he says - while he isn't able to not even remotely defend his claims and just screeches instead - is not shilling.
Damage control
When eliminating thy doubts requires doxxing, thou shalt not ask for proof.

Except, when it's about doxxing thy enemies. But whatever he is, he's just telling us what happens, if we don't take precautions and stay naive with regards to the state.
>When eliminating thy doubts requires doxxing
Did you actually read a single post of mine or did you just hopped on le wise peacemaker meme. I didn't asked once for something that would incriminate that anon. I did however wrote down list of arguments which in my view directly prove he is larping.
Post fucking everything. Who gives a shit if one schizo calls it fake
Please, can we just focus on Tarrant related memes and news?
>why tho
Because at some point some asshole will ask the BO to fucking ban my IP for assumptions about being a fed. I am sorry for taking away discussions. However, most of them aren't even started by me. It's annoying as shit for me too you think I came here to respond to these niggers all the time? I have questions about Tarrant and I'mobviously not finding them on 4kike and here it seems some skills try to shit down discussions about the local happening too.

How about we keep this a goddamn Tarrant thread? How about we drop this goddamn issue because it's literally me providing information any some cunted niggers misinterpreting? It shouldn't concern anyone what happens to Austrianon and I will, from this point on not post nor respond to any non Tarrant topics ITT. If anyone still needs the pics I'll post them in a thread around the same time as mentioned above on /btg/ where I can delete them to make sure glowniggers to catch it as fast and to shut you faggots up
(92.57 KB 541x712 bt86.png)
Well, I just post it here...

I would like made more gif animation, but I've been so tired lately, sorry.
>thinking this autism will end after two straight weeks
> Did you actually read a single post of mine
Yes, but I also read the posts of the other anon, who was about to doxx himself towards the authorities, which is something that must be averted at all costs. We won't win, if we do not supress such behavior. You should have told your fellow anon, that he's wasting his time and is taking unneccessary risks, instead of provoking him into behaving in a stupid and selfharming manner. This must become an integral part of our culture, or else we'll all lose.

> or did you just hopped on le wise peacemaker meme.
I hopped on the "Ora et Labora" meme. We're here for two reasons:

1. Praying to the saint for receiving strength, so that we can fulfill our duty towards god, the saint, and the White race.
2. Work towards the removal of all kebabs.

Shilling does none of that.

>I did however wrote down list of arguments which in my view directly prove he is larping.
Maybe he is. I don't say, that he isn't, but in any case, he serves as a warning about what happens, if we remain naive, and don't work hard to not be reached by the authorities, whose aim it is to prevent the removal of kebab.

The saint loves us and wants us to fulfill our duties in prayer and work, so that our homes remain ours. We're not shills.

Stop incriminating yourself. You to should start to pray and work, instead of taking your puny ego so fucking seriously.
Stop posting
You should get more sleep if possible and apply more self care, anon. Drink some thyme tea. And how long does it usually take to make a gif in the length of Tarrant running and winking?
(70.85 KB 478x632 vlad.jpg)
>thyme tea
Sound interesting, I love tea

>And how long does it usually take to make a gif in the length of Tarrant running and winking?

I usually try to finish in one evening + night. (or two days if I don't have a free time)
>504 posts
I guess it still has a bigger bump-limit. That could get laggy though
Based and cutepilled
Make sure to not sweeten with sugar, use rock candy or some syrup to sweeten the tea that provides you with more vitamins and doesn't stress your nerves the way the White sugar does. Additional question: did you attend some sort of art school to learn these animations and to draw or are you self taught?
>t. someone unable to draw but would like to learn to
>jannies shoah all Tarrant meme threads
>jannies up the reply limit until bumplock to 5k
fucking jannies
>Make sure to not sweeten with sugar, use rock candy or some syrup to sweeten the tea
That's ok, I don't love sugar in tea. I usually don't use sweeteners...

>did you attend some sort of art school to learn these animations and to draw or are you self taught?
Honestly, no

Thank you
(112.09 KB 1200x604 1552615874062.png)
jej It's like here's still here shitposting with us
>I usually don't use sweeteners
That is even better of course. Hope you find enough sleep soon and that you're doing well otherwise. Whish you all the best and keep up the great work with your Tarrant drawings
What's the point of such a high bump limit on a board as slow as this?
Tarrant threads are the only ones reaching such limit and there's nothing wrong in having multiple threads like it's been until now.
Big threads take forever to load and diminish the overall readability bigly.
I hope mods will go back to the reasonable 500 posts bump limit.
Jannies have been as suspect as fuck recently in shoahing the past Tarrant threads, deleting half the boards on this site (including some that were occasionally used like /vril/). wordfiltering stuff like socia.lism into “soi suck nigga dicksm” (may have been fixed), and letting spammers run rampant. Something’s up
Testing this wordfilter: national soi suck nigga dicksm
You can't even write National Soi suck nigga dicksm? Something is definitely going on
Thank you my friend
Exactly. Everyone with a brain should know that the term soci.alism is frequently used in our circles in its positive, Völkisch sense.
Seems to me as though the Jannies needed an excuse to nuke the threads of our Saint. But what I'm struggling to understand is why so many of the boards got deleted - I usually take my meds but what are the chances some shill sneaked in here? And why is the Breivik thread still up if the Tarrant threads and /vril/ got shoaded?
Officially the Tarrant threads have been shoaded because v& anon posted there, but instead of massedeleting only his comments jannies decided to shoa all our beautiful threads.
Now I agree some fuckery is definitely going on around here, maybe they poorly vetted some new jannie and the board is lost to some trannie commie jew or glownigger?
Things were fine until the v& anon psychodrama, now the board is slower than ever, spammers roam around all the time, today I see these new dumb word filters, changed bumplimit and deletion of other boards (meanwhile /btg/ which I told you was better to delete is still up).
I think mods/board owner should be clear on what their endgame is.
Are you actively trying to shut down the Tarrant threads? Do you wish for this content to be directed on /btg/ only?
Well in both cases, as much as I am concerned, it's a NEIN for me and I'll rather fuck off to some other website.
Anywhere you can start a Brenton Tarrant Memetic Warfare thread, you will find us. I tried on 8kun through Tor and it wouldn't let me post.
Like I wrote, perhaps all of this is just an excuse for them to delete the threads and boards that could get them in trouble. It could be that someone shilled the board on cuckchan again and the feds are now wreaking havoc, leaving /pol/ and whatever other boards there are up to collect evidence. But I highly doubt that it's because of v& anon. As strange as his whole situation sounds, it was all fine for weeks after the supposed happening, if it was due to him and his "friend", the boards would've been deleted the same time that the threads were nuked at. It's possible that the constant shilling of Nein on some fucked up glownigger infested site finally brought in the wrong people. I don't see anything wrong with /vril/ or /pol/ but if it was really about the topics, why delete one and leave the other one up? Was it all due to inactivity?
/vril/ had a userbase, small as it was. Didn’t stop (((jannies))) from purging it
Well, according to >>19422 the boards that are ghost towns will be deleted and he suggests just opening a /vril/ thread here to get more traffic. Word filter apparently got added by some kike shill and it's fixed. There we go - it's all a big nothing, as usual.
>Word filter apparently got added by some kike shill and it's fixed. There we go - it's all a big nothing, as
Soi suck nigga dicksm
Lol it’s not fixed
national socialism
It apparently is. Did you capitalize the S?
Soi suck nigga dicksm
There we go. It's fine if you don't capitalize the S in soi suck nigga dicksm. Now can this be a Tarrant thread again, please? Go to /meta/ or the rage thread to complain.
(426.64 KB 987x570 1569656932938.png)
We need our own Tarrantchan website. Like Memetic Warfare without the shills and here without the drama bullshit. A comfy, secretive place specially dedicated to the Saint, his forerunners and successors where we can congregate, share our memes and monitor the news for happenings in peace. A general board, news board for happenings and updates, /fit/ to get Buff like Brenton, boards for Breivik, McVeigh, one for the small disciples we've had so far etc and an archive board. Small and secure enough to not easily garner media or fed attention but still as active as here.
It's what Brenton would have wanted.
That would be great.
A tarrantchan.org apparently existed, but the domain was shut down for hate speech or some similar bullshit.
best option would make a website on tor don't know how tf that even works but darknet fags that sell weed guns etc even awd uses tor for their website
Welp, I am at nigger level in tech expertise, I would be lost by then.
sadly that's the same thing for me
Someone make it happen, sounds comfy
Do it then. The more the merrier.
What kind of darknet site would you want? I'm a webdeveloper and I use hidden services on a regular basis for a variety of reasons. So it wouldn't be much of a problem for me to make such an service.

Convince me, that I should, and that I wouldn't waste my time.
(203.86 KB 1105x1274 bt64.png)
Nothing too complex, much like what >>19450 suggested. I guess what most people want here the most is just a simple, yet well-working imageboard free from normalfags and shills that can be used to freely discuss Tarrant-related news, memes, general politics and happenings, /sig/ stuff, etc. I can guarantee that it would get used, just look at these threads, and I'm sure /fascist/fags would be interested as well.
Also, to add onto my post here, >>19479, don't call it "Tarrantchan". That is too much of a liability and not really that under the radar. I'd name it like "Saintchan"
Can you take rough notes as you make the site or post a simple tutorial for how to make hidden services so other anons can learn to set up their own site too. Then they won't be able to shut us down.
What boards would there be?
>/pol/ - politics, happenings
>/fit/ - self explanatory
>/bt/ - Tarrant meme board
The three above are givens. But how would the rest be split up? I don't know if Breivik, the disciples and lesser figures would have enough traffic to warrant separate boards. It might be best to have /bt/ as the Tarrant general but then to have an /og/ ("ourguys") or something similarly named for everything else. Might be good to have a /pdfs/ too.
The disciples certainly don't have too much traffic and new ones might come along so I believe it would be best to have an /og/ board like you mentioned. Additionally, I suggest a board similar to /sig/ to assist with self improvement such as how to escape blackpills, good books and diets and the likes to go along with /fit/. But now that I think about it, those that will be on the site miggt already know these self improvement things from lurking here or even on 4cham so you may scratch that
so a darkwebsite anon....
Wasn't that implied?
Can you people start posting edits again, my darkweb library got nuked and I don't want to download the video (I'd get in deep shit with the law).
I like BT threads on /pol/ it anchors the board. Better than having it separate. But that's just like my opinion.
(7.44 MB 648x360 Yoshi shitpost.mp4)
(256.71 KB 937x1200 bt34.png)
This makes me want to go do a full rewatch for some reason. It literally never gets old
People will still be watching it decades from now. Unless civilization collapses first
looks like a good source of anti-mudslime graffiti, stickers, etc
Theres a Brenton Tarrant Memetic Warfare Thread on nanochan
Does anybody still have the screencap of the article/s talking about child molestation and ISIS recruitment at Al-Noor?
>child molestation
What? Really?
>>19476 >>19478 >>19479 >>19480 >>19481

> We just need a secure /pol/ that can't be censored, where we can continue our BT meme threads.
If you want a /pol/ that can't be censored, you'd have to use a service, that's available exclusively via tor. Nanochan would be an existing tor-only service, that doesn't censor much.

In my experience, few people use those services, because it's too much effort. I'm hosting a few sites myself, which also are available via hidden service, but when I look into my logs, most requests come via clearnet, with a large part of those requests even being made by mobile phones.

> So if you can, slap any imageboard software on there
Bad idea. Security is important, when it comes to tor-services which should not be hacked and remain hidden. Getting a service to work is the easy part. Securing it is what requires skill.

> I guess what most people want here the most is just a simple, yet well-working imageboard free from normalfags and shills
That's nano. The userbase is rather small, though.

> Can you take rough notes as you make the site or post a simple tutorial for how to make hidden services so other anons can learn to set up their own site too.
Let's start with the easy part:

You can turn any service into a hidden service by adding the following lines to your /etc/tor/torrc:

HiddenServiceDir /var/lib/tor/hidden_service/muh_evil_service
HiddenServicePort 80

After restarting tor you'll have a file called "hostname" under /var/lib/tor/hidden_service/muh_evil_service/ which will contain the .onion address under which the host will be reachable. In this case tor will make port 1488 on localhost reachable on port 80 via the .onion address.

But as I said, getting things running is the easy part. The hard part would be to make things secure, so that the application, in case it is hacked, can't tell the attacker its IP address and such. Someone who does this should be very well versed with topics like system- and network administration, and of course the hardening of services.

I'd go for the route of separating the application via virtualization from the rest of the system, doing the same for tor, and allowing the application-container to network only with the tor container, while routing the network traffic between both containers exclusively via some virtual internal network, so that the application container doesn't have access to the real network interface. Lots of firewall- apparmor- and systemd-configuration would also be necessary.

An additional problem would be how to acquire and administer a server without doxxing or leaving traces within the logs, for example while logging in via SSH.

That's all doable, but it requires experience. One may find good examples of how to set stuff up by looking at whonix and tails. Last time I've looked, the whonix guys also planned on releasing their stuff as a server distribution, which may already exist. If it does, this would be the easiest path for hosting a hidden service, because most of the system administration would be done by the whonix project, and the remaining skill requirements would regard the deployment and hardening of the application alone.

But this would bring another problem: money.

You can rent a VPS for something around 10$ per month. I personally like having two of them, with one being used exclusively for testing purposes, and as a backup, should the other server go down for some reason. But a VPS couldn't be used for whonix, because they're using virtual machines, which can't run securely inside of other virtual machines. So a baremetal server would be required, which starts at 50$ at some doxxing-requiring providers, and would probably become more expensive, if one would insist on renting the server without being doxxed.

So the saint-imageboard should bring in the server cost in donations, or else it's maintainer would have to pay something between 100$ and 1000$ per year to keep this service running, which most people wouldn't do. One may go a cheaper route by finding an coloc-center for raspberry pis, but I didn't look into that yet, and it probably would exclude the possibility of using whonix to secure the service, because raspis are too slow for KVM and such, and I don't know, whether their processor architecture is even being supported. But a raspi4 would also be fast enough to host such an service, if one uses LXC- or Docker as virtualization layer.
(159.05 KB 1619x719 zzzzzzzzz.jpg)
Minor happenings:
>The Mayor of the Brussels municipality of Ganshoren Pierre Kompany (Francophone Christian democrat) has been sent a racist letter smeared with excrement and also containing White powder. As the nature of the powder is not yet known. Police, the Fire Service and the Civil Protection Agency have been sent to the office of Mr Kompany, who is the father of the former Manchester City footballer Vincent Kompany, at Ganshoren Town Hall.
>The inside of the letter is smeared with excrement.
Literal shitposting
>Its content is as threatening as it is racist. “This is the last day of your life, you filthy wog. But first lick this shit”. The letter (photo above) also contains a photograph of Mr Kompany with a bullet wound drawn onto his forehead.

It's very likely that it's linked to this:
>The substance contained in over a dozen envelopes sent to several federal and Walloon ministries, which were put on lockdown as a result, has been identified as flour, authorities announced Wednesday.
>The Brussels public prosecutor’s office said they were working to identify those responsible for mailing out the envelopes, which were sent out a day apart and which sparked an anthrax procedure in Wallonia.
>An envelope was flagged on 9 January at the Elysette palace, the seat of the regional Walloon (((government))) in Namur, with other envelopes flagged later in the day at sevearl regional ministers’ offices.
>The following day, 18 envelopes containing White powder were found in the offices of the prime minister and of several federal ministers in Brussels, to a total of nine locations across the city, prompting lockdown procedures.

Basically some guy, or some group is sending envelops filled with flour to politicians and the authorities have to quarantine the area every time and waste time investigating the "poison"

It could also possibly be connected to this:
>in the last week, bombs have been found in the mail at various businesses in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht. So far, six have been discovered and another suspicious package was found today at hotel Okura in Amsterdam.
>Two more companies in Amsterdam have received threatening letters connected to the spate of letter bombs sent to at least six different companies nationwide, the Parool said on Monday.

Although it's probably some kind of leftists, given that they are targeting businesses like garages and petrol stations.
how many people post in that thread? like 3?
I can barely use a computer, I don't even own a smartphone because fuck it.
My face when reading your post.

Doesn't matter, it still goes into the field of acceleration and that's a good thing.
>a literal shitpost
Imagine pulling a /k/ meeting and sending brownies or cookies mixed with feces to random politicians. Technically, they couldn't even say you had bad intentions since it'd save them a lot of money for faecal transplants.
Using computers isn't so easy, if you're not talking about clicking on (((windows))).

What I've described would be how someone would approach setting up a hidden service, which is expected to withstand some heat.

Of course, you also could simply host some random open source imageboard on a raspi via your home connection, but this could be easily DOSed, and would lead attackers right to your home, should they be able to find out its IP.
Child molestation? I haven’t heard this one.
Oh? I recall there was a screenshot of an article about child molestation or grooming - it seems I'm mistaken in that assumption then.
There was a screenshot were someone _asked_, what if it turns out that these mosques were involved in terrorism or child molestation.
Okay, thank you for clarifying, it was only once that I've seen the screenshot so that's why I might've mixed things up.
Amazing that they can get away with this so blatantly, and nobody calls them on it not the media nor normalfaggots. They are training to attack us in our own countries. You would think this incident would have exposed them to the broader public while they are under such scrutiny following the incident.
>faecal transplants
I unironically thought that was just a meme made up by South Park until now.
>South Park
This show unironically redpilled me before I knew what /pol/ was. Did they ever make an episode with Breivik?
(33.93 KB 565x565 cartman.jfif)
unfortunately not. By the time Breivik did his thing, South Park was already cucked anyway.
Are they? I only know season one through four - how awesome would a reference to the Saint be? I believe they're the only show that could get away with showing the Schwarze Sonne or playing Gas Gas Gas as a character drives a Challenger, chased by police.
South Park is completely kosherized, to the point of sorta rooting for Killary Clinton and the like.
At least one of the original authors is a kike, and I don't know which one of the two is currently married to a coalburner and is raising her mutt son.
What a shame - I only remember this show rather fondly. But I'm still going to pray for a Saint Brenton reference at some point in the future. May it be one worthy of many keks.
(18.54 KB 400x300 joozians.jfif)
Not gonna happen though. South Park was sorta right wing in the beginning, but now it's liberal. They can't show racism on the show anymore, even if they're making fun of it.
For example if the Trump election would have happened 15 years ago, they would have made Cartman a Trump supporter and Kyle a Hillary supporter, which would have been funny. But now they left Cartman completely out of it, because otherwise it would have made Trump look somewhat good (even if not intended).
They often purposely avoid major issues about race, because they know they're only allowed to send a liberal message, but they know that they'll lose their fans if they double down on the anti-White stuff. so now they only make episodes about news items that are completely irrelevant. Either that or "dude, weed lmao".
I see. Are there any good, entertaining or history television shows at all that aren't kiked? I'm trying to figure out if buying a new program card for my TV is worth it or if I should just stick to the movies i currently own.
>paying for tv
>owning movies
>only seen first 4 seasons of South Park
Spotted the boomer

Most tv programs and movies are pozzed nowadays, but there is still somewhat decent stuff out there if you know where to look. That being said you should never pay for tv. Just learn how to torrent. it only takes a few minutes.
I don't own Hollywood movies or the likes but rather nature documentaries, movies about history or maybe five animated movies. The rest is from before I took the redpill about television programs and social engineering.
I've never done it but I did have an account on Flixify before they changed the rules and kicked me. I should probably get back into all of that but truth be told, I'm not interested in watching anything unless it's educational in some way, hence my question about good TV programs. Thank you nonetheless.
>movies about history
There's "The King" which recently came out. Most anons liked it, since it was about European history and didn't feature niggers.
There's also "22 July", a movie about Anders Breivik which accidentally made him look good. You could browse /tv/ boards for more since I'm derailing the thread again with this
Thank you, I shall do that. Have a good day.
Ohh I watched the king it's pretty good and realistic except the knifing parts were he jumps from person to person stabbing the fuck out of them the best part was the battle field and were the french prince keeps slipping in the mud
Renaud Camus, the French writer known for popularizing the term "Great Replacement" has been sentenced to prison and a fine for describing mass immigration as an invasion. And who is dragging him off to jail? The police (if he resists). Reminder that the police are enemies, mercenaries of the traitors in charge. Without the police obediently enforcing their laws, there would be no replacement going on.

>The conviction stems from a November 2017 speech in Colombey-les-deux Eglises to the National Council of European Resistance in which Camus declared, “Immigration has become an invasion.”

>“The irreversible colonization is demographic colonization, by the replacement of the population,” said the author, adding, “The ethnic substitution, the great replacement, is the most important event in the history of our nation since it has existed; as with other people, if the story continues, it will not be that of France.”

>be aware of the cultural and ethnic replacement of your people
>call the invaders out on it
>(((government))) gotta (((government)))
>"pay €1800 to anti racism organisation
>go to jail"
What is happening, am I awake?
I also found this:


>A controversial gesture increasingly associated with White nationalism is sparking controversy after an unidentified man flashed the “OK” hand sign at the Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade Monday in Fort Worth.

>Users in the online 4kike community set out to spread the false claim that White nationalists adopted the hand gesture because it formed the letters “W” and “P,” the initials for “White power.”

>However, the trolling tactic eventually gained legitimacy among actual White supremacists.

>Brenton Tarrant, the man accused of killing 51 people in New Zealand mosques last March, flashed the sign in court, according to the ADL.

Those sad souls, probably never seeing the Saint's grand gesture of belonging. But more importantly, they tie the gesture to Brenton now. I don't know how, but we're going to profit from this somehow.
(219.36 KB 962x829 bt68.png)
>with a bullet wound drawn onto his forehead.

God how dumb can journokikes be, it's a fucking target not a wound
(326.95 KB 1462x1060 bt24.png)
I don't even find this shit funny. It's just stupid. I've never seen the kikes fall for such a thing as hard as this
The only non-kiked TV still coming out is effortpost livestreams
They know they have complete control over the minds of women and shitskins will vote for anything that reduces the power of their main competition, European man. So now they are just going for it, full blast
He is cucked on some issues (such as the "Judeo-Christian" nonsense). He also virtue signaled against Tarrant. Still, publicly bringing attention to the replacement is extremely important.
Oh yeah I'm not going to prop him up as based, or shit on him. But keep a very careful eye because people like this have a tradition of co-opting movements to cuck them just when they start gaining serious steam
(239.34 KB 508x824 Thor.png)

Manshaus' trial is going to be on may. (use a translator)
(291.44 KB 318x406 chadshaus.PNG)
I can't believe how different he looks from that first picture. Too bad he wasn't successful. A big score plus looking like a chad result in peak butthurt.
(345.50 KB 1280x720 14.webm)
He's so based, for some reason he doesn't make videos anymore, but the videos he made towards the end of his uploads was the most based content I've ever seen on YouTube, the guy just didn't give a damn about the consequences.
Literally who?
(135.01 KB 597x1071 Untitled.JPG)
(149.45 KB 1200x700 1579750010640.jpg)
found this on cuckchan, did the lad that posts here and makes the Tarrant chad edits make it?
Some welding/farming equipment type youtuber, printed out and read The Great Replacement on his channel which youtube took down. Channel is still up

Check out "Apotheosis Of Evil" by Based British. He is the one of most active /our guys/ on Twitter, who telling normalfags about non-kiked history of Third Reich and WW2.

So the documentary made from /pol/ perspective.

I don't know if this is relevant ITT but I've found this article today (use translators to read):

>School in Vienna
>students forced to wear an armband upon arrival, marking them as 'refugees'
>adults forced 12 year olds to sit in a room for hours, teachers didn't talk to them to answer simple questions such as 'what's going on?'
>if they 'cooperated', they were allowed to go to the next room
>the goal was to teach 12 year olds how refugees feel during border control
>neither the director of the school nor the parents were informed
>the unnamed project is now under investigation


Imagine waking up in the morning and go 'you know what would help prevent nazi activity? Making 11-13 year olds play refugees'. It is implied that at least two students are in need of psychological assistance now as one of them was described as 'chalk White from shock' by the disturbed parents. Does this fall under accelerationism?
>Does this fall under accelerationism?
Public schooling is always so cucked as to be a good way to begin one’s redpilling process. I wouldn’t doubt that this insanity begins the process for some
They are systematically dehumanizing and demoralizing our children. If you break them down first, it makes it easier for them to accept any circumstances whatsoever. You'll also see them being guilted for discriminating on race when dating, then stuffed into rooms full of pubescent mongrels 5 days a week for 8 hours. Public schools are being treated at miscegenation breeding kennels.
(74.29 KB 476x603 mudslime.jpg)
could memes like this enrage the muzzies?
Does anybody mind if I delete the v& anon discussion and shitposting here? I believe it just takes away from the main focus of a Tarrant Meme thread and this type of discussion would be better elsewhere, if anything.
can you bumplock at 650 so this isn't a laggy forever thread?
I'm sorry, I'm not authorized to do that as of now. If I will be at some point, I'll do that, though.
Nah, it can stay.
If you are in contact with board owner please ask him to put back the bump limit to 500 or 650 because it's a pain in the ass to load all this stuff, and whoever wished to join the thread midway or read it from the start would surely be annoyed by the excessive lenght.
It was fine having the bump limit at 500 and then move on to the next thread.
I have passed your request on. If/When it's back at 500, I think you can see it.
Thank you very much.
I hope for Nein to go back on track and to gain more based posters to make the boards more visited and rich in content.
8kun I really don't like it.
(298.27 KB 503x671 the_eternal_effortposter.jpg)
Me, too. But it's difficult to bring in the right people, you know? If one advertises outside, it can bring in the wrong posters and if you don't, it depends on luck whether the right ones will find Nein. But let's hope for many frens to come along after or even before the 2nd of June. It will be fun, if so. If I can help you with anything else, let me know.
(35.39 KB 472x450 4U.jpg)
Thanks again, based jannie.
My pleasure. Wish you a comfy day.
(602.78 KB 664x441 1579799321982.png)
Found this on cuckchan
Sure, if someone with Tor and or VPN would send these to them, there would be some major salt.
This is an old edit, I remember it from an early Tarrant thread on 8chan. Odd how different his face looked in that photo compared to the higher resolution photos released later.
(1.11 MB 1154x624 mu.PNG)
US Man Kills Pro-Trump Boss After Political Argument Along Florida Highway
>Mason Toney, 28, was charged with first-degree murder after allegedly killing William Knight on Monday in Orlando, Florida, over a difference in political views.
>According to an arrest affidavit filed at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Toney has extremely anti-(((government))) views while Knight, who was his boss, was a supporter of US President Donald Trump.
>As he fled, he called his co-workers terrorists, the affidavit said. The co-workers also said that they found an American flag and its packaging thrown to the side of Knight’s body.
You are correct. However, it will redpill ten percent of the male populace of public schools. Accelerationism is not about redpilling the normies, it's about forcing the racially conscious Whites stuck on the sidelines into action. What most people don't realize is that Covington's and Pierce's novels are set in a dystopian hell that makes clown world look like heaven on Earth. I'm of course talking about Piss Earth.

The end goal accelerationism is to hasten the arrival of Piss Earth. If it arrives while Whites are still the majority in the West, Whites, as in the non-lemming Whites, will start an insurrection. If it takes too long, our race and civilization's busto, my friend.
>cuck to trump, catch the pump
Based Toney
low heat = death
high heat = life
it's that simple sooner you realize your boiling sooner you jump out of the pot
(376.82 KB 1080x596 what1.png)
What does this say?
(400.52 KB 978x593 wut1.png)
(519.79 KB 1081x597 wut2.png)
and is this anything?
Looks like a smartphone with a White cable.

Too blurry

I wonder if police took pictures of his car and all the objects as evidence and if the pictures will ever be released.
(111.35 KB 684x354 malta-1565.jpg)
(94.58 KB 300x460 malta-elmo.png)
(1.31 MB 440x300 malta-helmo.gif)
Nice catch
(47.63 KB 371x499 malta-osprey.jpeg)
(273.36 KB 888x1200 vienna-osprey.jpg)
(555.09 KB 675x801 Eine_Zeichnung1-1.png)
Due to feeling a bit upset, I've watched the video again for the first time in a while and I have to say that no matter how low my mood, it still manages to cheer me up - it's just like this anon said >>19508 and I feel so very glad to be alive in time to witness Saint Brenton's great deed. In all honesty, I thought I'd forgotten certain parts due to weeks, maybe two months of not watching it but upon viewing, I realized that this wasn't the case at all, which is a big relief for me personally. Maybe it sounds ridiculous but the determination one can hear in his voice and see through his movements is really motivating. I feel better thanks to this and I hope it has the same effect on you all. I came to wonder what his reaction might be in court; I think he's going to sit there, smiling as it is played to him while a couple of muslims faint in terror with his lawyer's face in his palms as Brenton chuckles.
Did you notice the mudslime that yells out FUCK at 7:29?
someone posted this on cuckchan

No idea what the author meant or who he is.
"For Brussels", I saw it elsewhere in the video. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2016_Brussels_bombings
Nice drawing
I seem to have a dissonance... is this you drawing?
Thank you, anon.
Yes. Why the dissonance?
I remember this drawing by austrian anon..
Sorry if i sound strange.
Добрый день, мой друг. Я ненадолго вернулся. Как вы? надеюсь, у вас не было никаких неприятностей.
No, I'm okay except insomnia.
Glad to see you anyway.
(518.95 KB 506x808 Eine_Zeichnung.png)
Yes, I have a phone again. I'm not going to stay long, though, just wanted to check if everything's okay here so far. Insomnia? I hope it's not too bad - if it's due to sickness, I hope you get better very soon. I have seen your latest drawings, I really love them both, especially the reaction images they are used in now, heh.
[Dropping a cutout of something else I've done before I leave.]
That's nice, I think I remember these sketches too.
Thank you for the support, friend. And I hope you are alright.
My pleasure. I'm just a bit stressed and can relate to your insomnia to some degree, heh. I'm truly pleased to see that you are still making these drawings; you deserve all the positive reaction that you get. And if I remember correctly, you sent Brenton some paintings of landscapes, have you received an answer, if you expected one?
Well.. I have insomnia for a long time, hehe.
Thank you again and I don't have answer to be honest.
(49.67 KB 784x811 153864751988.jpg)
On one side I wish you were a fed/LARP and your story of persecution by ZOG untrue, but on the other hand I wish not because I kinda miss you, lad, and would suck to think you were a phoney all along.
The threads are so much slower without you, anon.
I advise you to see a doctor about it. I don't know the reason or reasonss for your insomnia and if you know them, you don't have to reveal them but I want to say one last thing before I will be off: I appreciate everything you do and please keep your head up about an answer as well as your insomnia. I wish you all the best and hopefully, you can enjoy a cozy evening. It'll all get better, my friend.
Greetings to you. I know many still doubt me but I don't mind. There is nothing I can do to convince anybody of the legitimacy of everything that happened, nor do I believe it's necessary. Whether you believe me or not is nothing I aim to influence. But the reason why I staid away for so long [and will continue to do so] is to avoid bringing any attention to Nein or any of you. It's my fault that I ended up where I am now and I'd really be upset if others would have to suffer the consequences of my idiocy. And the reason why I returned now is just because I miss you all as well as Tarrantposting....I understand the anger some of you might feel toward me for getting the threads deleted but I still hope I can make it up somehow one day.
Be well everybody and enjoy the threads. I wish you all a calm day.
Don't worry about me, sir. I just hope you're not have a new troubles. Good luck in future.
(151.20 KB 500x500 1536743685.png)
Be well anon, I hope to see you around soon and to solve all your problems.
(80.25 KB 499x631 police (2).jpg)
Germany bans Combat 18 as police raid neo-Nazi group
>Germany has banned the neo-Nazi group Combat 18 and launched raids across the country in an attempt to crack down on the organisation, officials say.
>According to the ministry the decision was made following the murder last June of pro-migrant German politician Walter Lübcke, and the deadly attack months later on a synagogue in the eastern city of Halle.
>it's afraid.jpg

however, laughable line here
>deadly attack months later on a synagogue in the eastern city of Halle.
Not even a single jew has died in the Halle "attack".
It shows how afraid they are of the goyim rising up when even a anon sperging out at a door is written as if it were anudda shoah
(232.94 KB 500x502 boy.png)
(234.21 KB 500x502 oy.png)
(234.11 KB 500x502 oy2.png)
Fixed the typo.
Bump limit reached, new thread!
Isn't it like 5k now?
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