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What would you do? Anonymous 01/13/2020 (Mon) 19:11:01 No. 18645
>Be me
>Eating at my favorite Pizza Place
>Tranny serves me food.
>I ask wheres my friend Brad who makes the best Pizza?
>Brad was fired. Maurice is now the lead Chef.
>Flip out
>Demand Tip back
>Tranny says naw bish
>Im like I aint giving my tip to a nigger.
>Go sit down to avoid any more conferentaton.
>Start eating
>Gook bugs me saying LKSJDFKLJSKLEJf in my face.
>Wtf.jpg are you trying to say old man
>I nneee mohneee.
>Im broke old man
>Gook leaves
>Two teenage girls are sitting by me
>Probably no older than fourteen
>White girl sitting with Achmeds younger sister.
>They start giggling.
>White girl drops Napkin
>Bends over in front of me like its a game
>I act disgusted
>They continue to giggle
>Im trying to just eat because Im starving just woke up.
>White girl does it again.
>5 more times
>Im disgusted
>Shes wearing stripper stockings with that strap on the side of her legs.
>I almost say something.
>Niggers are eating everywhere.
>Fat White Slobs have overtaken what used to be a great place.

I barely could finish my Pizza. it was my favorite place.


That poor girl is going to be boned by Achmed after hanging out with his sister.

How do I save the White Race in this scenario?
Don't focus on subhuman antics, especially when it comes to White people. White subhumans are like bugs to me. I only feel a small pang of pity for some of them. Focus on self-improvement, building relationships with good White folks, turning the purplepilled over to the light and preparing for DOTR
you can only save those who want to be saved. not all Whites deserved to be saved
(95.24 KB 460x258 meme-vomit05.mp4)
That sounds fucking awful. I live in AZ and it isn't even that bad with all the beaners and what not, where the fuck are you? California?
America is a shithole and getting worse every year (and it's clear nothing is going to get better unless a literal war happens). I've decided I'm moving to Europe within 5 years. It's our real homeland anyway.
More or less every degeneracy comes from the Americas, UK, or France.

>play videogames and watch Niggers you goy
Just murder yourself already cuckchanner/Plebbit.
AZ here as well. Generally the beaners just stick to themselves and fuck off. Sometimes you see obese mexican women with smart phones begging for money to feed there kids but you also see able bodied Whites as well which pisses me off even more.
I’ve thought about escaping Muttmerica as well but even though Europe is ultimately my homeland I feel like I myself have been made too rootless by the environment I was born in. I’m a Euromutt with ancestry from all over Europe
Euromutts do have several nations to choose from. It's racemixing if Euromutts move into homogeneous European countries, but Euromutts still have the USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia to call a rooted racial homeland of fellow Euromutts.
Don't do it, europe is even more cucked than the US.

Most europeans are literally worse than US niggers, when it comes to gun-rights and freedom of speech. You also won't find any european country with an effective tax-rate below 70%.

Stay where you are, and hope, that you'll at least get a chance to fight. Europe is in dire need of some bloodletting.
eurpoe has gotten what europe deserves

remember, they all wanted the israeli proxy EU

read >>18747

Europe is further down the drain than the US. We have EU-socialism. According to european standards, the democratic party in the US consists of rightwing-extremists. Hillary would be too right-wing for any european parliament. European politicians are either like bernie sanders or like angela merkels, or are nothing but bootlickers of those two. You idiots have no idea what you're getting yourselves into. Angela Merkel was voted in as an RIGHT WING, anti-immigration politician. That's how far europe is gone.

Stay in the US and hope, that you'll get a chance to fight. If you want to move, don't move to europe. Move to some place in the US where you have a secessionist movement, and join them.
ou guys can fight if you want. But I’m not. I’m not a coward. I don’t mind fighting. I’m just demoralized, disgusted, and black pilled. I want nothing to do with this world anymore. Just let it burn. Let them have the White women. They deserve each other. To hell with everything else.

P.s...As I’m typing this I’ve just sat down at a quiet, empty diner and got my cup of coffee when in walked this young black male/White female couple. Then the young White waitress walked up to their table and was telling them how “cute of a couple” they looked, and was bragging on them heavily, etc. No joke. I slapped $2 on the table, got up and walked out.
(2.77 KB 100x56 Mudsharks everywhere.png)

You should have stayed to follow them afterwards and done something about it. It's the least you could do if you plan to be a black-pilled faggot for the rest of your life.
>>18645 If this is real then you're a race traitor. I can't imagine seeing a little White girl acting promiscuous with Muslim filth and not at the very least beating the dogshit out of the nearest non White male.
Pull out your gun and commit suicide right in the middle of the joint
wow --- a /b/tier blog post on /pol/. this board is just like 4kike! neat-o!


no cookies?