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(75.52 KB 790x411 QTerrorists_.jpg)
Time to expose the "Q" kikes. Anonymous 08/22/2019 (Thu) 03:00:29 Id:134c69 No. 1891 History File history
Reason why they got the 8-chan site shut-down is described in this image.
I have a PDF to post also but canĀ“t post here...

Particularly interesting is this PDF file (this board does not accept the format, after I tried to upload it...will post link later) which exposes the origin of Bitcoin as being built upon the social media code constructed by Leader Technologies.



See the latest Youtube video about this on the AIM channel where Michael McKibben realizes all this info posted four months ago is true and he explains how now he can see that Bitcoin was built upon his social media platform which was stolen by James Chandler, IBM Eclipse, the British, Intel agencies etc... Great material and the gov now owes him trillions for the theft of his invention, which became Facebook.

It took Leader a year to realize Source X was right all along.

Here is a more recent post on this:


Hope you enjoy the file and links.
(139.31 KB 395x572 qoomer.png)
Q is a retarded kosher LARP.
>it's the jesuit venetian black nobility of the iranian nazi deep state founded by hitler's hidden children
If this is true, then the assumption is the q team is a strong force, then they should be back in the public vision, or deepstate actors should be arrested.

What i've never understood about q followers is, let's say you have a countdown clock. When the clock strikes midnight, basically spics will have turned texas blue. So this clock is counting down, but q followers sit at home and assume q will take care of it all while the clock continues to countdown. Every month, every year, no one is arrested. But every year the clock counts down eliminating peaceful solutions.
The thing I never got about the Q LARP, was that the level of vetting involved with getting the high level secret squirrel jobs that Q apparently has, why they would risk their careers talking about secret squirrel shit knowing releasing classified materials carries a longer prison sentence than murder. Secret squirrel shit is secret. The last thing those involved in those leaves do is talk about it
Q is a propaganda campaign intended to offer a conspiracy-themed affirmation of the postwar White genocide project and neoliberalism. It does this mostly by aping source material from the old Rumor Mill News and Drake/Wilcock/Fulford fairy tale.

All the bad guys are the familiar ones: Adolf Hitler, Jozef Mengele, Iran, Palestinians, White Americans. The heroes, same thing: niggers, nigger lovers, israel, neoliberal capitalists.

Without even getting into whether you think high-level officials would leak this kind of information, just follow the end result of the information you're supposed to swallow. If you already know the narrative around the Second Zionist War is bullshit, there's nothing in this LARP/psyop for you. The only thing it is trying to do is offer a Tel Aviv/Hollywood/Madison Ave crafted counter to the genuine alternative history that doesn't need riddles.
(98.19 KB 768x380 Qregimechange.png)
This is the kind of shit you get right from the horse's mouth.
(98.19 KB 768x380 Qregimechange.png)
This is the kind of shit you get right from the horse's mouth.
there needs to be ahuge operation against qtards because they are stealing /pol/ memes and fucking up shiton the chan communities without any backlash since 2016 alot of anti q threads get filled up with boomers shilling for that fake shit i was big pro trump at the time but i saw through all the shit and knew q was fake when it posted a pro regime change shit
that and the fact q never mentioned aipac or the JQ was huge red flags


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