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(389.01 KB 1600x891 gas gas gas.jpeg)
Brenton Tarrant meme thread Anonymous 08/22/2019 (Thu) 04:06:41 Id:6507d1 No. 1898
Post your OC or the best stuff you saved from 8ch
Don't know if the archives went down with 8chan but you find some good stuff here on ED

(681.60 KB 1012x610 hotline christchurch.png)
(136.05 KB 1015x809 mad lads.jpg)
(132.54 KB 683x1024 deus vult.jpg)
(422.31 KB 1920x1080 who that shitposter 1.jpg)
(438.95 KB 1920x1080 who that shitposter 2.jpg)
(71.14 KB 447x447 it's birthrates.jpg)
(314.08 KB 700x900 christchurch call.jpg)
(608.02 KB 599x751 ben's new artwork.png)
(133.03 KB 1024x576 sub to pewd.jpg)
(128.31 KB 1151x768 new zealander of the year.jpeg)
(172.11 KB 422x332 tom kebab remover.png)
(72.18 KB 1024x1001 pepe know.jpg)
(128.25 KB 1024x1024 world is a birthrates.jpg)
(88.79 KB 1280x720 gopro hero session.jpeg)
(774.90 KB 778x441 DontWorryCunt.png)
(95.75 KB 962x518 coservatives hate him..jpg)
(239.27 KB 503x581 that's where you're wrong.png)
(282.12 KB 1339x570 14.jpg)
(367.23 KB 595x737 expectation and reality.png)
(140.66 KB 680x680 the-28-year-old-memer.jpg)
(114.50 KB 438x891 today_and_tomorrow.jpg)
nein starting to feel like home
thnx lads
the images in this thread are much more funny than those in the YLYL thread
gets me everytime
(641.66 KB 512x4096 brentonletter.jpg)
brenton letter
you don't expect someone advocating for mass culling of shitskins to laugh at everything, do you?
anyways the last one with the kvetching niglet was quite funny, tho
(132.66 KB 1596x330 Fuck Brenton Tarrant.PNG)
There's a lot of paid shills in this thread but all the real /pol/acks know that it was a false flag.
(68.37 KB 672x586 MAGA to SIEGE.jpg)
>(((hello fello /pol/acks)))
"Real /pol/acks" who have done their lurking for 2 years and have studied the history of the "movement" know that ZOG has complete control over the lemmings through the mass media, thus rendering them useless. This is why every attempt to appeal to said lemmings for a mass revolution has failed. It also rules out all other options than bringing down ZOG itself ( in minecraft ). Calling opposition to your optics cucking paid shills and giving no reason other than
>s-s-sloppy job mossad!
isn't going to win anybody over.
Just an FYI, the Turner Diaries starts of with a mass gun confiscation to kickstart the plot.
(253.94 KB 820x495 to go to bed forever.png)
> be you
> want to accelerate the fall of western civilization to escape the control of zog
And how you may ask?
> go to some random mosque, not even conveniently near you nor in the same country
> shoot random mudslimes
> but don't shoot actual key figures like religious leaders, Isis members, political members who favor white genocide, human traffickers or their leaders, or registered mussie child-diddlers
> don't shoot zog, or members of zog, don't go to shoot kikes in an random synagogue even though every offsprings has the potential to lead the next gen of subversion
> don't even use the publicity you started to refer to jews having an hand in immigration or white genocide (don't even call it white genocide, call it "displacing"). Remember we only have ourselves to blame so says another guy's quote
Oh wait but it gets even better...
> get incarcerated
> do not raise your family because of lifetime incarceration
> have the state act as an replacement for an father figure (because we all know the good that will do)
> have school raise son and daughter on tranny dick because their father wasn't there to reassure their doubts about the ills of the world
> By all means, do not be the one firm presence in their lives that could teach them pride and love for their heritage and/or people
> just be jailed
> Never make love to your wife again
> Off-chance, have someone else take your wife because she can't stand being an lone parent
> Remain incarcerated while the world goes without you, because of an short-lived moment of bloodlust which final result will only be 50 kills and an board coincidentally flooded by feds posting you as an saint

> have months pass yet not inspire ONE massacre since
> have said so-called "fellow anons" do nothing except larp on image boards, egg each other on to start the next preconceived massacre while calling everyone in doubt "cowards"
> continue to tell /pol/acks with more than two braincells to rub together "cowards" to call off self-own inaction
> have nothing inspire in your name except threads after threads of forced memes (with maybe the couple of funny ones) that will never leave said image boards

Yeah yeah yeah I get it, I'm an coward because I'm not an retard like your saint. If I'm going to accelerate, it's not going to be on my (((enemies))) terms. It'll have to be an ongoing struggle with long-term outcomes, not some short-lived moment of bloodlust that'll result in the end of my lineage.
Although the act of lone aggression for righteous grievances is, in and of itself, noble...but this post does sum it up correctly. It's a fools game to waste motivation and skill like this.

Anons have to work smarter. Getting caught is actually not part of the plan. Unpredictable surgical strikes against smart targets are what makes the difference. Announcing targets for fame or narcissism is brainlet level. Living to fight another day is intelligent and absolutely paramount when you have to run with extremely low support from the public at large, at least in the beginning.

Unquestionably -it- has already started, but -they- have already anticipated this blowback and are ready to contain the inevitable lone acts that can easily be painted as that of a lone nut. Think before you act. The end game that elites want for those who act against the system is destruction. Do not hasten that goal.
No one is buying your shit, Moishe.
Im surprised it took this long for them to show up.
This is it. We need to think long-term. How did the Vietnamese win again dear students of history?
(474.24 KB 250x250 fucking-watermark.gif)
> I got a few more months before my funds run out. Expect my manifesto in about 4 months.
Okay see you in 4 months, otherwise we'll know it's larp. I'll cap this just to make sure.

Also don't be a faggot like your saint and actually mention jews this time.
(324.75 KB 644x362 el paso taco shooter.png)
Now that I'll actually commend.

> b-but my Turner Diaries
Was a poorly written self-insert fiction where somehow the protagonist gets away killing niggers in public settings without any repercussion, and every fight against zog is won with bombings and artillery fire, yes freakin' artilleries set up in urban areas. Oh and then the protagonist at the end puts on his mason robes as part of some council member . Not exactly the most realistic depiction to take example from.

I agree the most part with what Dr. Pierce has to say outside his novels, but holy crap he was not a fiction writer, and certainly less of an tactical planner.

> millions and millions of people support zog
Unless you plan to kill millions and millions, I suggest you render your target list down to a few most influential and vital to zog then, hence the term KEY targets.
> There is no magic target that can be killed to make the ZOG cease to exist.
In that same line of reasoning, it would mean killing anyone including muzzies would also be futile. So why any violence in your opinion?
> Higher value targets merely increase the terror felt by the rulers of the ZOG.
Which would affect the judgment and make them act on irrational decisions based on fear and make more unnecessary actions. They will have to make policies for jews alone which calls more attention on to themselves.

You're really not doing well to discourage us from targeting your masters.
> Sunni Muslims who choose to immigrate to that thing called "America"...
I really don't see the point of your emphasis here. There flooding Europe as well.
> deserve death as much as spicks and Kikes do.
> as much as kikes do
One legislates and advocates for our genocide and does so without impudence, the rest are the "symptoms" of these said policies taking into effect. Meanwhile fighting one brown tide that continues to flood in through open borders because those kikes are conveniently left last means you'll eventually run out of manpower. Jeez I wonder why fag Breton didn't mention them now.
> ZOG-faggots like this poster want everyone to believe everything is controlled by the ZOG.
I only gave mention to the possible premise that Breton might be an mossad agent to which I admit was irrelevant to my case in point. Even the slight mentioning of it have you going on an tangent, which makes other anons suspect more of this possibility.
> In fact, Tarrant has inspired others, one of which went on to kill a couple dozen spicks lately
You mean THIS guy in pic related? You really want to support the mainstream narrative that THIS guy was an white supremacist, the same white supremacist who shot BOTH mexicans and whites in the same walmart? You want to affirm (((their))) narrative to the rest of us that he was inspired by Breton with no other basis for evidence other than his manifesto was posted on 8chan, the very same line the media used to pressure the site down?
I hope to whatever god out there you're just a fed, and not this mentally challenged.
> Celebrity in Chief to say "white nationalism bad," which was a massive victory for anyone serious about combating the ZOG.
How the fuck does that help us!? That pushes our influences even further into the fringe and leaving our propaganda to reach even fewer. We become more of an niche with fewer potential candidates to influence.

Also no one take alarm, my id keeps changing in every post.
>Expect my manifesto in about 4 months.
unironic you wont do anything you nigger post?
iirc his attack was on a major sandnigger holiday
(1.98 MB 2004x2688 st.tarrant.jpg)
(204.21 KB 729x824 artist of the year drawning 3.png)
(2.71 MB 2500x1750 artist of the year drawning 2.png)
(3.51 MB 3024x4032 aoty artwork.jpg)
(559.34 KB 790x522 who that shitposter.png)
(844.14 KB 600x824 rampage.png)
(1.11 MB 1350x811 not guilty.png)
(3.51 MB 3024x4032 aoty artwork.jpg)
(559.34 KB 790x522 who that shitposter.png)
(844.14 KB 600x824 rampage.png)
(139.80 KB 700x1000 irl_shitpost_starter_pack.jpg)
(475.87 KB 800x1000 streams timeline.jpg)
(283.15 KB 1276x716 try_not_to_laugh_challenge.jpg)
(127.99 KB 660x480 new zelander of the year.jpg)
(19.52 KB 775x222 jews.PNG)
(134.88 KB 1439x301 anuda shoah.jpeg)
>Also don't be a faggot like your saint and actually mention jews this time.

Stop being a lazy HIV-bag and read the manifesto.
(1.29 MB 1456x970 slate_kikes.png)
(515.76 KB 1366x768 gun laws.png)
>oy vey, stupid goy !
>you're saint is sloppy job mossad !
>he's achieved nothing and nobody knows about him !

Entire world kvetching ? Check.

NZ government cut the immigration flow ? Check.

Mass censorship and gun laws introducing ? Check.
(4.07 MB 4032x3024 tarrant cup 1.jpg)
(4.08 MB 4032x3024 tarrant cup 2.jpg)
(26.27 KB 348x463 1457997730074.jpg)
> Look at the government legislate more gun laws and push for more censorship
> We just keep winning
Like I said many times before in this thread, acceleration in your (((enemies))) favor.
>rage trolling

You don't understand what accelerationism is.
It doesn’t matter when they will be banned, they will be banned anyway, as long as there are Semites in the country.
But the faster it starts, the Whites will be able to rebel before it's too late. We do not have much time to wait, until kebabs and kikes are completely replace us.
(85.37 KB 490x386 1437167814391.jpg)
Fucking hell can my id remain consistent.

> rage trolling
I admit I was more fluster beforehand since I never spoke against the retards back at 8chan for falling for this. Now I'm finding myself kinda enjoying this. Who would of thought it be so easy to pick on you udeful idiots and your petty pseudo-catholic idol worship?
> You don't understand what accelerationism is.
Also I should note not all forms of acceleration are in favor of zog. There are many vectors to which speed the fall of civilization, such as living in a woods to starve the machine like that Varg guy, making generations of saboteurs in the system itself, drying up the welfare state by enabling more useless people to become neets, seeding bombing infrastructure to disrupt country's revenue. Etc, etc, the possibilities that have yet to be imagined. It seems ever since Bretard went on a tantrum right after his visit to Israel the goalpost has moved from /pol/lacks brainstorming cunning ways to speed this fall, to just commiting some premature orgy of violence that ends with them incarcerated, and whites no longer the means to defend themselves (gun control).

> It doesn’t matter when they will be banned, they will be banned anyway
Because certain mossad agents making incentives to do so, amiright or amiright.
> But the faster it starts, the Whites will be able to rebel before it's too late.
With what? They won't have guns anymore. Nor the platforms to advocate to others. And all the rambos/Turner diary wannabees with illusions of grandeur would be incarcerate and/or dead because they couldn't bide their time.
where did these posts go?
>And all the rambos/Turner diary wannabees with illusions of grandeur would be incarcerate and/or dead because they couldn't bide their time.
That time was 50 years ago, ZOG-faggot.
There is alternative to violence. There is no sitting around waiting for a "right time" for ZOG-faggots to get on board with violence. That "right time" is never in their minds.
The only 'non-violent' activities worth doing are themselves illegal. If you aren't going to become a soldier, than you need to be funding soldiers, which is illegal. If you aren't pulling a gun, then other forms of sabotage can be done, again, illegal. There are no legal means of fighting the ZOG.
If you think sitting around on welfare is fighting the ZOG, you're retarded and worthless. Might as well do that while in prison for fighting the ZOG. Or better yet, take out tens of thousands of dollars in students loans, go to school to teach yourself how to make high quality explosives on the ZOG's dime, and then fight the ZOG. You didn't mention this possibility because it is a real (but minor) threat to the stability of the ZOG, which sitting around collecting welfare isn't.
>They won't have guns anymore.
ZOG-faggots think the ZOG making guns illegal will stop people from getting their hands on them! Newsflash: it will not. It will just finally expose the lie the ZOG cares about the worthless ideals it was founded upon.
>There is no alternative to violence.
(14.13 MB 1280x720 Metamorphosis.webm)
(895.23 KB 3000x2096 image.png)
(145.80 KB 826x802 image.jpeg)
(1.08 MB 1920x1103 image.gif)
(15.03 MB 638x360 minecraft_letsplay.mp4)
>Australia, which issued 378,292 student visas in the year to June 30, 2018
Bloody hell.
(748.76 KB 1333x1874 terrorism works.png)

No, you mad and frustrated to the bones, otherwise you would not be here.
You mad at Tarrant, because his example will lead to obvious copycats, that cannot be tracked and prevented due to high de-centralisation and anonymity methods.

The second reason why you're bitching is because /pol/lacks have learned that "peaceful solution" doesn't work and only will force Whites to stay obedient sheep's which being lead to ZOG "left vs right politics" slaughterhouse.

And /pol/lacks start to look towards terrorism. And that piss you off, because it is the only tool that will help to overthrow your JWO.

Even if you erase all imageboards from the internets, it will only a help to create the 4th Reich (unironically).
(1.31 MB 1961x818 4 types of shills.png)
Not a memes, but useful anti-shilling redpills saved from 8ch.
(3.89 MB 2052x2417 video artifacts explained 2.png)
(3.89 MB 2052x2417 video artifacts explained 2.png)
has anybody been making poway/el paso memes? I saw a thread with some st crassus memes on 8 before it went down, I can give it a try myself but I'm not much of a visual designer
(1.31 MB 1841x3525 the_christchurch_initiation.jpg)

now blocked in a whole bunch of countries for some reason
(274.84 KB 654x654 image.png)
(1.83 MB 1651x916 image.png)
(98.60 KB 1024x683 image.jpeg)
literally everything you said is a lie, including the crap in the screencap.
(77.65 KB 830x500 Brenton_le-face.jpg)
(591.72 KB 500x700 Ebba.gif_2.gif)
What part of "this is exactly what Tarrant wanted to achieve" you do not understand?
What part of "accelerationism is about making everybody uncomfortable" you do not understand?
(53.03 KB 585x470 1531461204379.jpg)
>Someone screencapped my comment.
I am honoured, fren.
(70.86 KB 816x320 nz-politics.jpg)
(473.21 KB 167x138 Hiler drinking tears.gif)
>The sudden call for violence that came on 8ch
(86.21 KB 478x632 knzb_1488.jpg)
(15.14 MB 640x360 pumped_up_kicks.mp4)
(2.87 MB 854x480 jolly pol anthem.mp4)
(1.72 MB 1280x720 Birmingham.mp4)
(4.41 MB 1280x720 Clown_Brenton_Honk_Honk.webm)
(3.31 MB 640x360 gasgasgas_Untitled.mp4)
(193.59 KB 976x549 Brenton_doge-1.jpg)
(138.69 KB 1272x1280 Brenton_doge-2.jpg)
(678.84 KB 2454x1892 Brenton_doge-3.jpg)
anymore doge memes?
(473.41 KB 507x492 2bc.png)
it looks like pest control
(243.08 KB 1024x1024 black sun doge.jpg)
thats because IT IS a pest control post Anon! :^) <3 xoxo
(1.20 MB 1117x1521 1562669765910.jpg)
(9.14 MB 720x486 christchurch_reaction.webm)
kek, what game is this?
Do you guys think the madlad made a series of test footage before the show? I mean, did he know beforehand the stream was going to look very much like a videogame?
There is a thread about Crusius in the catalog, you can post some memes there.
The guy looked so desperate, it didn't help in meme factoring, but probably there are some unexplored territories, like "Taco removalist" or something along these lines.
(5.43 MB 640x360 AIDS.webm)
(1.02 MB 2250x1346 1567181395279.jpg)
>mistery meat children in western countries

that's just sad, watching the classroom pictures where barely any white kid is present is truly blackpilling.
(105.37 KB 786x1088 knzb_babe.jpg)
Would you, lads?
(1.82 MB 362x640 frenchguy1.webm)
(1.44 MB 360x640 frenchguy2.webm)
What happened to french anon?
(134.83 KB 496x606 Brenton_names-1.png)
(24.45 KB 461x230 Brenton_names-2.png)
(42.83 KB 534x394 Brenton_names-3.png)
(68.63 KB 463x437 Brenton_names-4.png)
What's his name again /pol/?
(95.82 KB 830x500 bruce.jpg)
(83.22 KB 830x500 feel.jpg)
(96.04 KB 830x500 groyper.jpg)
(74.42 KB 830x500 pepe.jpg)
(92.13 KB 830x500 pepe2.jpg)
(2.02 MB 1756x1317 Brenton_car.png)
(2.07 MB 1756x1317 Brenton_car-breivik.png)
(2.05 MB 1756x1317 Brenton_car-breivik-2.png)
(2.07 MB 1756x1317 Brenton_car-jacinda.png)
(252.99 KB 1035x438 Brenton_car-moonman.png)
(35.10 KB 589x459 1564568731401 (1).jpg)
(27.80 KB 590x458 1564568731401.png)
My humble OC
(818.14 KB 1021x887 1567265857151.png)
(146.93 KB 738x779 ChristchurchHill.png)
Managed to screencap this before 8chan went down.

I heart Tarrant memes. Wherez noo memetic warfare threadz?
(111.15 KB 445x410 mexicanmigrants.jpg)
(3.50 MB 610x340 AlNoorMusic.webm)
(5.42 MB 1280x720 TarrantCallofDuty.mp4)
(12.35 MB 480x270 accelerate.mp4)
(4.41 MB 1280x720 Clown_Brenton_Honk_Honk.webm)
(7.96 MB 640x352 lol.mp4)
(2.79 MB 854x480 dood.webm)
(15.89 MB 648x360 mosley.mp4)
(1.67 MB 600x338 wrestling.mp4)
(15.27 MB 720x480 Real Human Bean.webm)
(3.38 MB 1280x720 pewds 2.webm)
(3.58 MB 640x360 pewds shoots.webm)
Anyone got the Mad Max edit?
If you want Tarrant memes to get more distribution I highly recommend making a habit of posting a few in the humor threads on cuckchan. Those are usually highly popular.
There are threads about Tarrant on cuckchan daily, sadly they turn always in massive shifests, but still they attract many posters and manage to collect many replies.
I am glad here the situation is not so far gone and memes and discussion can still go on peacefully.
(2.63 MB 3120x4160 1567341480691.jpg)
There are threads about Tarrant on cuckchan daily, sadly they turn always in massive shifests, but still they attract many posters and manage to collect many replies.
I am glad here the situation is not so far gone and memes and discussion can still go on peacefully.
(579.53 KB 924x1488 1565398622997.png)
Sorry about the double post, have a meme in the meantime.
(2.92 MB 640x356 Queen.webm)
(240.56 KB 768x516 1567354810188.jpg)
(364.12 KB 522x619 1567354074766.png)
I know this is a dumb question, but I see people saying that Tarrant is a ginger.
Is he though?
At first his hair looked brown to me, but some of the higher res pictures from the court appearance might suggest that I was in fact wrong, as I noticed a shade of reddish beard and noticed he has the freckled skin that gingers have.
Also I can't clearly tell the color of his eyes either.

Inb4 homo
Look here pic #1
It's very low res.
(43.97 KB 477x471 1562563572737 (1).jpg)
Posting the non shopped version of the second picture for clarity
Does it help the fact that he was blonde as a toddler, then his hair got darker?
I thought actual gingers would have red hair since birth.
why did he go to Israel my dudes?
suspicious face.jpeg
(171.29 KB 326x326 0943 - vau6Xw1.png)
He visited half of the fucking world.
(171.29 KB 326x326 0943 - vau6Xw1.png)
He visited half of the fucking world.
(27.75 KB 516x212 eyes.jpg)
Blue eyes
Yeah, but why did he eat a Bagel?
Do jews eat Bagels?
(51.05 KB 321x322 1469081182676.png)
I think you're right. His eyebrows are also not dark but light brown/reddish/blonde(?)
I think you're right. His eyebrows are also not dark but light brown/reddish/blonde(?)
what the fuck is wrong with this site, always giving me connection errors when I click Reply?
(69.11 KB 1000x637 pol1.jpg)
yep. but why Jewkikeistan? why would a based shitposter go to kikeworld?
and don't pepe me faggot ill REK YA
Because he had a huge interest in the crusades.
you type like a fucking mong.
(60.29 KB 667x601 1501565010685.jpg)
motherfucker I never saw this edit

holy shit I'm dying here
(114.84 KB 817x742 chchcall1.jpg)
(114.32 KB 817x742 chchcall2.jpg)
(136.08 KB 817x742 chchcall3.jpg)
(169.32 KB 816x826 chchcall4.jpg)
(145.28 KB 815x651 chchcall5.jpg)
(99.51 KB 817x742 chchcall6.jpg)
(348.95 KB 700x900 chchcall_1561287668417.jpg)
(444.85 KB 1250x1500 chchcall_collage.jpg)
(90.78 KB 1200x649 chchcall_logo.jpeg)
>no 16
What did he mean by this?
(430.18 KB 586x1010 leaderboard.png)
(2.21 MB 1386x5368 1566931613326.png)
(373.51 KB 1920x1080 1567584961564.jpg)
(385.67 KB 949x1024 1567468601738.jpg)
>I can't detect sarcasm
good luck Anon.
>hurr no one is allowed to ask questions
>hey, im just asking questions
Obvious concern troll is obvious.
>cringy /b/ meme from 2004 or some shit
>why was he in isreal?
>but why was he there?
fuck yeah, so glad to see the intellectuals are on tonight!
>obvious X is obvious xDDDD
why not post the troll face or a rage comic aswell? just to let everyone know you're a classic /b/ memester?
lmao faggot
(292.71 KB 821x689 15858ee9a8c2da43a021bcfe14….png)
> 2 different ids
> same response
> same pic name
>I got a few more months before my funds run out.
How much we talking about?
it glows
(177.24 KB 626x626 our-lad-our-land.jpeg)
(64.87 KB 700x400 proud-straya.jpeg)
(376.89 KB 989x1267 1567588458900.jpg)
Yang shilling must be one of the cringiest thing I've ever seen, only EU shills working for Martin Schultz were worst.
>Hey, im just asking questions . . .
The clue is that your questions are bullshit.
You forgot to change your vpn, dipshit.
(66.70 KB 399x351 1534868158573.jpg)
I have a couple of request: do you have the edited version of pic related where the frame has Brenton's picture in?
Also, do you have the faceapp version of Tarrant where he is a girl?
(189.96 KB 512x512 1563222219034.jpg)
(61.98 KB 562x677 1559812500618.jpg)
(485.08 KB 640x660 1567699228219.png)
(259.09 KB 1200x1162 1566779978392.png)
(228.60 KB 560x521 1567713651480.png)
(284.36 KB 744x605 brent.png)
(135.51 KB 1366x768 brent7.jpg)
(67.86 KB 500x428 brent13.jpg)
(1.66 MB 1499x2032 brent1488.png)
(356.35 KB 574x378 brentdoom.png)
(3.54 MB 640x360 brentpweds.webm)
>making two posts means your samefagging
>hurrr change vpn lol
(yes its me again, this is not samefagging)
>hurrrr shilll
>hurrr bullshit questiom
imagine LITERALLY being a blind follower.
I wasn't even saying it was a mossad job and you faggots start chimping out... interesting.
That's because you're a concern shill repeatedly "just asking questions" while ignoring any answers you get to them.
concern shill?
no one has answered me you faggot.
why did he go to Isreal?
just keep getting angry and defensive because you don't know the answer, fuckwit.
Because he liked to travel, he visited dozens of countries in Europe, the Middle East and Asia and had an interest in the crusades. Israel/Palestine being on the long list of the locations he visited is therefore nothing out of the ordinary. As has already been said. Now fuck off shill
>hurrr because he liked to travel
>imagine believing this
*breaths in*
If I had the opportunity to visit some ancient middle eastern sites in Israel I would. Nowadays might even be the time to get your international travel in before things clamp down.
I get it but,
>surrounded by literal kikes
yeah fuck that
you are simply ridicolous
He spent many years traveling the world, retard. Take your meds.
Shills are successfully derailing what's supposed to be a meme thread. Take your "just asking questions" bullshit elsewhere, perhaps to a psychiatric hospital.
(406.44 KB 900x999 Brenton_invictus-1.jpg)
(482.90 KB 1800x1282 Brenton_invictus-2.jpg)
(164.38 KB 1024x768 Brenton_hospital-for-ebba.jpeg)
(160.81 KB 1024x768 Brenton_hospital-for-ebba2.jpeg)
(74.64 KB 644x1024 990320605791637504.jpg)
(145.78 KB 625x790 1567733051412.jpg)
(195.49 KB 366x488 1567728382002.png)
shut it LARPER no one wants to hear your whinging.
>kikes are kool and I wanna be surrounded by them
*breaths in*
Why do you go to synagogue every Sabbath if you don't like your fellow kikes?
>u r a kike xDDDDD
why do you want to go to isreal you bluepilled plebbitor?
>he went to Isreal because he travels!!!!!
lmao what the fuck retard
listen wannabe, I'll say it once, and I'll say it now.
WHY THE FUCK would any self respecting White man want to go to Isreal and be surrounded by kikes? even just for a day?
have you got down syndrome cunt?
Kill yourself, shill.
nice one! thanks for answering the question!
keep sucking my dick faggot, whats the bet you're overweight and wear glasses? you are talking to Chad cunt.
admit you've been REKT cunt
>posting a literal kike reaction pic
thats better
btw fags
>WHY THE FUCK would any self respecting White man want to go to Isreal and be surrounded by kikes? even just for a day?
you cunts lierally haven't answered this.
and unlike you gutless cucks I'll say what I want and not care about how many fags agree or disagree with me.
you literally belong on plebbit, you depend on the majority of posters to tell you if you are right or wrong, you. are. an. NPC.
welcome to the big boy debate cucks, I am literally the fucking balls cunt.
bow down bitch boys.
(12.86 MB 854x480 gas.webm)
Didn't you know, that free traveling across the world is OBVIOUSLY makes you a mossad agent !
nice one!
>asking quetions means you are a jew
excellent mate, fucking excellent.
OY VEY eveyone pays money to kikestan, don't you know that goyim? its perfectly normal!!
and for for the record faggot, I didn't think he was mossad, I was just interested in why he went to Isreal.
thanks for shooting yourself in the foot :^)
>went into this thread to laugh at memes
>ask a question
>nothing but hate and insults.
>starting to think its mossad.
good job (((anons)))
literally thought Tarrant was based.
I ask a question about why he was in Israel, and get nothing but hate.
thanks (((guys)))

It was real in your mind.

It was real in your mind.
thats your response? Jesus Christ. you cunts are pathetic.
went into this thread to laugh at memes
ask a question and get nothing but insults.
even if its not a mossad job, you have made it look like one.
>literally didn't think it was a mossad job
>ask a simple queation
>"huurrr shill kike shilll
kek wtf have you cunts got a brain?
(6.08 KB 197x250 1405983178374.jpg)
>he visited north korea and china, does it makes him a communist ?


>he visited arab countries, does it makes him a jihadist agent ?


>he visited israel, does it makes him a mossad agent ?

>nothing wrong with visiting kikland goyim!
can you JDIF cunt be any more obvious?
(((hello fellow anti semites)))
wew lad

Yes, nothing wrong to travel the whole world and visiting even those countries which are hostile to you.
Know your enemy.
(465.38 KB 812x479 reddit reaction.png)
(119.73 KB 1218x928 reddit reaction 1.png)
(131.08 KB 853x866 reddit reaction 2.png)
(98.84 KB 867x793 reddit reaction 3.png)
(31.75 KB 884x279 reddit reaction 4.png)
(5.93 KB 527x93 reddit reaction 5.png)
(446.08 KB 475x842 1557055725664.png)
You are a bad troll and ignorant as a donkey, middle east reeks with ancient history, it's not the fault of the place itself if it's currently inhabited with smelly dubm muzzies and disgusting kikes.
I'd go there too to visit all those ancient places if I could afford it.
Hopefully a new crusade will wipe those subhumans out one day and the land retaken.
All his travels are currently being investigated extensively by the police of all the countries he went, soon we will have a timeline of all his movements across Europe, Asia and Middle East.
Hopefully some of the shills will shut the fuck up about it.
Not a detailed timeline but shows how extensively he traveled and his interest in history


>He travelled incessantly. His stint as a personal trainer at the Big River gym seems to have been his only foray into the workforce. From then on he was constantly on the move. By one estimate he visited 78 countries in eight years.

>After northern Australia there was Southeast Asia, China, India and South America. He often went scuba diving on his travels through Southeast Asia. A brief trip to Rwanda saw him robbed at knifepoint. The incident rattled him and he left the country within a few days. Later he would travel further afield — Japan, Russia and even North Korea.

>In 2016-17 Tarrant toured the Balkans and Bulgaria in what amounted to an ideological pilgrimage of ancient battlegrounds between East and West. He visited sites associated with the Russo-Turkish War.
(1.31 MB 1841x3525 the_christchurch_initiation.jpg)

(((They))) never shut, because they want to convince "some of us" not to do "copycats" or even simple analyzing of Tarrant's methods.
His "edgy shitposting" was glorious and well planned "show of force" which changed the world and scared all semites to bones, what one White man can achieve when he finally rejecting the ZOG and start fighting back.
(13.84 MB 480x480 BrentonsMissingVideo.webm)
Very interesting video. Only for Muslims. Please do not redistribute
(13.84 MB 480x480 BrentonsMissingVideo.webm)
(1.76 MB 1840x7217 Brenton Tarrant_twitter.jpg)
Very interesting video. Only for Muslims. Please do not redistribute
>middle east
being a pedo camel fucker is history now.
kill yourself non white.
To find out?
(1.94 MB 1280x720 ladies love brenton.mp4)
Sweet jeezu, lol. Its like watching a 13 year old trying to troll.
>everyone that asks questions is a troll
welcome to the Tarrant thread
no criticisms
no questions
>its like watching a 13 year old troll
>replies to every post
Are you guys drooling in wheelchairs? I'm serious man this is embarrassing. I'm working on the future of the white race and the only people that agree are mouth breathing literal retards?
blackpilled as fuck right now.
the most based response would of been "I don't know" instead of getting autistic and defensive over something you don't know, you cunts are faux intellectuals with anger issues.
>le epic based saint xDDDD
fucks sake if I was gonna shoot up a muzzie centre and write up a manifesto you can bet your left bollock I'd call out the hebrews.
(5.70 MB 720x404 bt_in_court2.webm)
They'll keep preventing his figure and voice to be seen/heard during the trial, will they?
Stop shitting up the thread retard. Where are the mods?
Don't reply to these posters, they come here to derail the thread.
Just report them.
where is this from?
Turkish broadcaster TRT.
Well, that explains it.
It seemed strange that a western media could broadcast so many excerpts from the manifesto.
(50.66 KB 512x512 StephenErnst.jpg)
Walter Lübcke wasn't on the list but Tarrant would definitely be proud of this Deutscher Held.
(162.13 KB 738x479 1567354687668.jpg)
Are you sure it's Ernst?
>calling for mods over opinions you don't like
go back to r*ddit
(197.22 KB 512x464 1567904581909.png)
(120.09 KB 965x535 LGBT-lets-go-brenton-tarrant.jpg)
(791.85 KB 2800x1594 1567943979384.jpg)
(590.88 KB 936x1352 1567811536157.png)
(121.14 KB 616x978 soggy benis 1.jpeg)
(145.01 KB 686x1056 soggy benis 2.jpeg)
>Jacinda meme
delet dis
(126.01 KB 792x1143 heil benis.jpg)
(1018.00 KB 695x900 1557413517311.png)
>and get in the game, bitch.
>Grow a pair, pussy.
oy vey!
>WE are the Wizards now, nigger!
Schizo shills (like you) using VPN to false flag.
look at the COPE on this hebrew.
>I'm not alone in the slightest when I say it inspired me!
>My Mom still makes copies of the Manifesto and gives them to her friends.
what the fuck is this shit?
mods pls ban all Israeli posters.
>reporting here the screenshots compiled by kike shills on 4chan

(135.57 KB 522x656 1567986455408.jpg)
(100.22 KB 522x656 1567986042536.jpg)
cringy LARPer lmao
>you try so hard
>types out a literal navy seal tough guy monologue in response to a shitpost
Now its trying to sound like a human by parroting simple phrases.
(102.54 KB 800x850 1424933369558 (1).jpg)
looks like I win again.
I WIN !1!!11!!
I WIN !!!111!!
I WIN !!1!!1!!!
I WIN !!!111!!
>Details of Tarrant’s roaming among far-right circles, along with his obsession with first-person shooting games and his membership of a New Zealand shooting community have also been uncovered. In July last year, Tarrant changed his name on the online gaming platform Steam to “Commander Rockwell”.

Tarrant's steam friend has just been doxxed, good job journalist scum!
>Commander Rockwell
>Grafton, New South Wales, Australia
>Level 10
>14 Years of Service
Thank you for your service
(131.10 KB 940x627 weet-bix.jpg)
(593.84 KB 643x829 shit happens.png)
(283.15 KB 1276x716 try_not_to_laugh_challenge.jpg)
(70.79 KB 649x365 initial_shitpostin.jpg)
(131.10 KB 940x627 weet-bix.jpg)
(593.84 KB 643x829 shit happens.png)
(283.15 KB 1276x716 try_not_to_laugh_challenge.jpg)
(70.79 KB 649x365 initial_shitpostin.jpg)
What does it mean by this?
Dunning Kruger?
(683.21 KB 2000x1318 court.jpg)
neinchan exclusive
(110.33 KB 900x506 polyg.jpg)
>our lad when he's out of jail
(399.67 KB 768x727 1563656483656.png)
(839.15 KB 2500x1873 1568146872637.png)
>Nothing can be gained from shooting a bunch of people
That is a flat out lie. Firing squads do great work dealing with undesirables. It's highly efficient
>Warning: This article may be upsetting for some people
I don't know how some people are able to live
That's awesome.
absolutely based.
nice can control too, I like the font.
(256.71 KB 937x1200 bt34.png)
(309.02 KB 1089x1146 bt35.png)
(314.30 KB 1118x1400 bt36.png)
anyone got bt37 through to the latest?
(39.02 KB 600x450 brenton and lauren.jpg)
nice spacing too
definitely, excellent use of space.
(267.06 KB 813x1479 shitmeme.jpg)
(1.97 MB 728x1734 1568214382078.png)
(161.99 KB 598x465 parade.jpg)
>"This kind of threat has become real and it puts fear in the community."

And that's a good thing.
I laugh at the shills and the guillible idiots with their kvetching "muh terrorist did not achieve anything".
They must be afraid, they must learn that things will not keep going smoothly as they've been up until now, with them getting all cozy in western nations with their victim card and their leeching on welfare provided by taxpayers.
These are all the same people triple and quadruple posting a thread with 353 replies on a sleepy board.
(88.74 KB 495x660 1568237059143.jpg)
I have no idea, IDs here are fucked up.
Honestly I believe the orphans of 8chan's memetic warfare threads found this place and started to come here and dump some memes since 4chan is pozzed and threads are too quick threre.

Look closer at what Tarrant wrote in his manifesto. Her made a joking comment he expected to spend 27 years in prison and be made prime minister. It was a reference to Nelson Mandela whose party engaged in terrorism for decades, he was imprisoned for it for 27 years after which the terrorism paid off and he was made president.

Indeed terrorism has been shown to pay off. Lots of examples. US firebombs in Germany and Japan, the IRA, Hizbollah, Hamas, PLO all former terrorist groups that put down their arms after their violence forced concessions in their favor and they became politically mainstreamed.

Further, Israel was founded by methods of pure terrorism coupled with ethnic cleansing.

They aren't random in the least. Are you paying attention or are you some prog anti shill?
oy vey goyim, only (((we))) can use terrorism and call it defense!
friendly reminder of the based blokes in a wrx in Sydney years ago that threw a bag with a pigs head inside it over the fence of a muzzie school/mosque (I can't remember) but it had a swastika on the side of the bag and they were in a GC8 WRX tough as fuck
>Whatcha doin', imam?
(48.17 KB 1024x591 20brisbane-1-jumbo-v2.jpg)
based legends in the rexy shitting on muzzies.
for any non Aussies;
modified jap cars are considered a wog (ethnic) thing here, I don't know why and its bullshit. but I love this incident because its based Aussies in a WRX giving it to the muzzie invaders.
I thought this too, but I doubt those faggots can tag, and it sets of a pretty strong message of "you're not fucking welcome here"
but you never know, maybe Muhammad decided to throw up a paint job to make people feel sorry for his "people"
why is Australia so based when it comes to making muzzies shit themselves? lmao
No footage of this?
yeah there is
(259.09 KB 1200x1162 bt37.png)
(273.99 KB 1126x1192 bt38.png)
(309.66 KB 1353x1192 bt40.png)
(229.79 KB 1038x1251 e0b88c2e2d7b58f6.png)
These are so cute.

link please?
Thank you.
It's awful to see there are so many of these vermins that they are able to quickly build their own churches, schools and then entire areas of a city.
God bless Saint Tarrant and other brave australians who will fight this.
>build their own churches, schools and then entire areas of a city.
exactly, and NPC's still claim that muzzies (and other non whites) are "assimilating". what a joke, they have nothing but contempt for our Western ways, but I'm sure you already knew this
I know it very well.
This has been happening at a very fast pace in the city I live.
These people seem to literally appear over night.
How in hell all these people manage to leave their shitholes and show up in every corner of the world? I had never seen a scarfed woman until a few years ago, now I see them all the times, and before I could even notice it was not only kebab shops anymore, but entire neighborhoods, and then islamic schools where children were teached jihad.
ISIS fighters have been living in my city now, police found out.
I wish I was joking.
>These people seem to literally appear over night.
on my last post I was going to say it feels like every week there seems to be more non whites in my reasonably small down but I didn't sat it because I thought Anons would think I was exaggerating and being blackpilled.
>small down
*small town
its friday night here and I'm having a drink
>didn't sat it
fuck I'll stop posting soon
(161.57 KB 1000x700 NZUntitled.jpg)
(135.51 KB 960x1280 ukr3.jpg)
(106.45 KB 960x1280 ukr4.jpg)
(12.42 MB 1280x720 Holding out for A Tarrant.mp4)
what place is this?
I grasped that, I meant what city.
(131.44 KB 949x503 tarrant tree1.jpg)
the absolute lineage of this lad
How did you obtain that?
Also i don't know if it was the usual character assassination attempt, but one guy on cuckchan said that his maternal grandmother is a jew, and said that grandma's sister is buried in the jewish lot of a NSW cemetery.
Named a name but I couldn't find a picture of the grave or solid proof about that cemetery having a jewish lot.
Wait a sec, that guy on cuckchan was probably rusing me because he provided the name of a woman named Fitzgerald, but of course the nubile name of Brenton's grandmother was not Fitzgerald (I see it's Hicks).
Son of a bitch, goddamn shills!
That image looks to have been generated from the Mormon website ancestry.com
(138.20 KB 949x503 tarrant tree.jpg)
it came up in an image search, i added the kebab remover excellence
his granny does usethe name Fitzgerald in an aussie news clip on jewtube
>image search
So you don't know if it's legit?
>his granny does usethe name Fitzgerald
If Brenton's mother (Sharon) nubile name was Fitzgerald this means that her father's name was Fitzgerald, while her own mother (Maree) has her own nubile last name (Hicks according to your picture).
Meanwhile the guy on cuckchan told me that a jewish grave of a woman named Maude Fitzgerald was the sister of Tarrant's grandmother.
Of course this can't be true because the sister of Tarrant's grandmother could never have Fitzgerald as last name, but either her nubile name - Hicks - or her own husband's name.
I was rused.
(162.13 KB 738x479 ernst.jpg)
(630.27 KB 649x777 lubcke ernst.png)
(116.48 KB 967x1280 ernst.jpg)
(413.37 KB 891x559 stephan ernst2.jpg)
(231.70 KB 961x720 stephan ernst_.jpg)
Somewhat off topic perhaps but let's also remember this hero, Stephan Ernst.
(434.28 KB 600x700 1563459560251.png)
Sieg Heil
(550.72 KB 1104x1484 2751449046b0be50.png)
this guy looks amazing, wish we had more informations about him.
do german media at least report about him?
I dont watch TV but I read magazines when Im waiting at the doc n so on.
And yea those do. And they obviously do it in a very bad light. They take the worst pictures they can find of him to make him look inhuman and like an untermensch, almost like antifa if youve ever seen one of those idiots up close.
I was actually surprised at that that they even try that with pictures. Its pretty much the same with the way they report about him, that ethnomasochist of a politician gets praised endlessly while the guy that murdered him gets painted as the worst person alive. Ive read about this in 3 different magazines(the 3 main ones when it comes to stuff like this) and they all had the same thing going.
Forgot to mention, they actually play with color contrast n brightness in the pictuers to archieve that.
(99.36 KB 792x446 1568414974768.jpg)
(54.08 KB 666x375 3aisc8.jpg)
(437.98 KB 1080x593 20190914_052719.jpg)
Stephan Ernst memes are also welcome.

Anyone know if there any photos of "Werner S." the hero that stabbed the pro refugee mayor Andreas Hollstein in the neck?
didn't know about that.

Thanks for the info.
What do you mean "they play with color contrast n brightness"?
(138.31 KB 740x740 tarrant-street-no-muslims.jpg)
(1.15 MB 2550x3300 1487542839979.png)
(41.51 KB 499x369 lgbt_brenton.jpg)
(250.91 KB 1200x800 saint brenton convert.jpeg)
(310.75 KB 960x720 tarrant_redbeardquote.jpg)
(1.14 MB 2800x1594 1568470308209.jpg)
(791.85 KB 2800x1594 1567943979384.jpg)
I like this picture very very very much anon.

Today someone on cuckchan said he found this logo posted in a 2018 /ptg/ thread, pic related.
(30.33 KB 673x167 182869810.png)
sorry, forgot pic

these "experts" are so cringe.
lmao someone link me to the original. I wanna see a kike explain memes incorrectly kek
(279.76 KB 958x1278 yuyjjh.jpg)
were these ukrainian lads persecuted? some faggy minister promised to New Zealand they would.
dubs checked
>were these ukrainian lads persecuted? some faggy minister promised to New Zealand they would
did he promise that would lead somewhere?
No, not yet in any case.
(61.13 KB 640x293 inspiration.jpg)
(32.83 KB 463x663 images (1).jpeg)
He took so many pictures of his travels. I am surprised journalists have not tried to find some of the people who might have been with him in one of these travels. Who took this photo, for example?
didn't work cuz cuckstralia.
thanks anyway Anon
<3 xoxoxoxx
(16.69 MB 1274x718 Dumb Woman.mp4)
thanx but also fuk u for showing me that gay shit ;)
(353.70 KB 1181x785 brentontarrantsfinalwords.PNG)
(1.76 MB 744x1181 littletree.PNG)
(1.16 MB 1575x907 muslimdundee.JPG)
We should meme the little yellow tree as white supremacist symbol.
(375.31 KB 904x1541 kebabfreshener.PNG)
(262.85 KB 904x1541 kebabfresheneryellow.JPG)
Never really took off on 8chan. Mind you, there was a lot going on at the time
what do you mean?
Good work anon
Someone's got to color this in with a wacom tablet
(1.48 MB 960x540 air-freshener-meme.webm)
(243.15 KB 487x639 tree.png)
is there an anonfile link with all of the latest drawings?
(2.44 MB 3024x3024 IMG_20190509_181459.jpg)
(652.49 KB 1200x2800 1.jpg)
(529.07 KB 1200x2240 2.jpg)
Spot the difference
This is rellay nice

One is cut so to censor the Rotherham part.
(86.57 KB 640x360 kek.png)
kek at the mudslime that yells out FUCK @7:29 then Brenton just grabs a mag from the hallway and comes back
>One is cut so to censor the Rotherham part.
also the name Brenton Tarrant
Never noticed that, I'll watch it again.

Did you guys notice how many people mispell his name?
(82.79 KB 622x1280 ukr6.jpg)
(46.66 KB 629x1280 ukr5.jpg)
That tracksuit
100% slav
(115.06 KB 634x564 1568657820404.jpg)
this is literally me, kek
(53.30 KB 400x507 troy.jpg)
A casualty of St Tarrant when the NZ government went apeshit
Tarrant did nothing wrong, except not choosing a more meaningful target. Kebabs aren't human, he will rot in a cage because he was cruel to animals, rather than targeting a corrupt government
(8.07 KB 335x347 willis6.jpg)
Tarrant's masterpiece has been described by scared leftist lugenpresse - rightfully for once - as the 9-11 of right wing terrorism.
Everything about it - the livestream, the manifesto, the planning, the little details, the execution, the reception and even the choice of target - all together nearly achieved perfection.
It doesn't matter what will eventually be of him: no one can undo what he has done.
Agreed, Tarrant's act was a very successful shock attack, even though I always prefer it when traitors are the targets (as with Breivik and McVeigh).
(181.05 KB 937x720 htrh.jpg)
While I respect him for removing kebab, in the end, all he accomplished was making zealand kebab land. In many ways, 'twas counterproductive.
Tarrant achieved many of the goals he wanted to achieve and described in The Great Replacement. Stop blaming revolutionaries for inevitable government repression.
You are very very wrong, anon.
They are scared, never seen them so scared. Not even after Trump.
They are acting exactly like he said they would in his manifesto.
They are overplaying their hand, they are showing their true authoritarian colours.
They will not stop, and sooner the masses will be angry and fired up enough the better.
can I please get bt39 bt43 bt44
(218.15 KB 1104x1129 bt39.png)
(251.90 KB 905x1118 bt43.png)
(260.75 KB 851x1316 bt44.png)
(450.77 KB 880x925 ed0a99d7707700e7.png)
(501.67 KB 1033x1002 a7304479187f8bea.png)
Not including these two I have 40 cute Tarrants.
I wonder wich ones I am missing.
>They are scared, never seen them so scared. Not even after Trump.

>wtf not knowing that trump is a puppet of the system wtf not knowing the system controls the government wtf not knowing that trump is a complete puppet.

everything else you said is right but you should know trump is a kike!
>I have 40 cute Tarrants.
we need them as emojis on here
theirs emojis?
>:( how to I get emojis anon is it only for phone users anon
the fuck are you trying to say?
I want Brenton Tarrant emojis here, no idea if that's technically possible but hey maybe some code wizard comes along and gets the job done.
there is literally no point of having emojis on an imageboard.
it would be fun to turn them into doodles that the zoomers could use on their zoomer apps like snapchat and whatever shit they use.
Imagine the kvetching of parents and MSM finding out zoomers use terrorist emojis lmao
(3.64 MB 1067x1535 ae260b187550d709.png)
(137.96 KB 1484x989 john-earnest-quote.jpeg)
Earnest, Roof, Crusius, Bowers, Breivik, Tarrant, Ernst:
I hope we will kill ZOG one day and that they all will be released and granted high honors.
(28.87 KB 600x399 eric-frein.jpeg)
and Eric Frein who tried to kick off the big igloo
who this?

>fight and die for zog goyim, come her and kill white russians for the EU and NATO, please help fight for globalist CIA john mccain affiliated interests by fighting our wars for us!!!

(147.81 KB 668x473 moscow muslims copy.jpg)
As if Russian soldiers aren't killing white Ukrainians too.
Really great work!
(6.30 KB 214x235 Rest Easy, Akerlund.jpg)
(39.52 KB 1249x609 Ebba_google-trends.png)
St Tarrant reminded the World
(809.19 KB 838x694 Ebba-heart-template-2.png)
What version of the song pumped up kicks is this?
(3.38 MB 720x576 pumped_up_kicks.webm)
I don't know.
Have this one in the meantime.
version by 3TEETH
(5.97 MB 640x360 remove bagel.mp4)
(966.01 KB 708x535 earnest bowl.PNG)
hail saint tarrant of grafton
(314.12 KB 1280x911 beer4brenton.jpg)
Cheers Brenton
and Alexandre Bissonnette, Luca Traini, Justin Bourque, Darren Osborne, Thomas Mair.....

All are heroes that must be released.
(113.77 KB 944x554 darren_osbourne.jpg)
>Darren Osborne
Too bad he didn't get an high score.
(122.07 KB 406x512 nosurrender.jpg)
Your thumbnails triggered my autism. Have the original.
(304.93 KB 634x783 ecoposter.jpg)
Couldn't find much about his motivations beyond "getting things started"
(355.48 KB 2048x1152 lets get this bread.jpg)
(19.13 KB 184x184 1569151114504.jpg)
(1.17 MB 1083x1513 manoncaroni.png)
(212.27 KB 996x1008 Brenton_sharpie.jpg)
(113.82 KB 700x600 Brenton_sharpie2.jpg)
(131.44 KB 1394x722 wolfsangel.jpg)
(16.69 KB 747x340 1552618700528.png)
What did he mean by this?
Brennen, burning, rebirth.
>due to high de-centralisation
There's a difference between "decentralization" and "being a lonely retard with no friends, nevermind an organization"

Decentralized cell system organizations work
Lone retards who do a one-off suicide attack against the local kebab shop accomplish absolutely nothing
>Brennen, burning, rebirth.
The burning of Notre Dame on the 15th the next month being an omen.

>Lone retards who do a one-off suicide attack against the local kebab shop accomplish absolutely nothing
What about lone men who do repeated attacks against high value targets?
thanks anon
(804.88 KB 1137x1441 7bb1b6cb0ac0863b.png)
I love this pose
Is Brenton Tarrant the most interesting man in the World?
He is.
Very good hint in putting a Steinlager beer, I see you made your homework.
madlads even have drawings of him
madlads even have drawings of him
(550.72 KB 1104x1484 how many.png)
(18.00 KB 618x417 a-fucking-aussie.gif)
(508.95 KB 1200x628 Steinlager-Pure_1200x628_1.jpg)
(343.04 KB 992x1064 steinlager-pure-ad2.jpg)
Steinlager Pure for a Pure New Zealand
New thread since this is bumplocked?????????
We could use this one that is already in the catalog as second thread.

That would be a whole other ballgame
(495.51 KB 511x505 Cunt.PNG)
Never forget what they took from you.
Literally kill yourself you ugly hook nosed faggot.


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