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(87.75 KB 1160x629 epstine maxwell.jpg)
Epstein (((suicide))) Anonymous 08/10/2019 (Sat) 13:28:43 Id:5bfaf4 No. 193 History File history
Epstein allegedly commits suicide in jail
Arkansas style, I'm quite sure.
Would have been great to watch him rat out all the elites for sure, but the only thing good that can come of this is the fact that it's waking normies up to the elite's methods of tying up loose ends.

All the major comments on the news articles I read are about how he was "silenced"
Not sure he would of ratted anyone out tbqh. All eyes must surely be on Virginia Roberts and Ghislaine Maxwell now. With yesterdays document unsealing and much more to of been unsealed later big names will be wanting this to stop procceeding. I hope Virginia has police protection and Ghislaine is arrested quickly after this
he plead the fifth on like every question they asked him. imagine being White and trying that
Quelle surprise.
You might be right on that, but I do think that for all his pomp and arrogance, he was just a middleman dealing in blackmail, who sold himself totally to the elites. Probably thought he was under their protection. He would have cracked like a bitch if he was legitimately interrogated.

Maxwell probably has deeper connections to foreign intelligence i'd wager

All of this was a warning to any victims to shut their mouth or they end up like him and to neatly tie it up for the average person to put all the blame on him and him alone.
RIP to a real nigga.
And nobody's surprised. He knew too much to live. I don't suppose his 'suicide watch' was too intrusive
It's entirely possible that his death was actually a suicide. This wasn't just some rich guy who was in it for the money and the young pussy, but a jew who did what he did and had what he had out of racial solidarity, for the betterment of the tribe.
I think this too. He may seem powerful to the average normalfag but to the cabal he’s just a pawn used as an initiator for inducting people into the cult through pedophile sex rituals and recording it all for blackmail use to keep them in line. They can just as easily toss another person into his position to fill the slot, and when that one gets caught or is about to speak out they’ll be terminated as well.
(139.31 KB 395x572 qoomer.png)
Spotted the boomer.
looks like all the pedos from /b/ have finally migrated over.
he probably isn't that easy to replace, the dude did have an island. but this does confirm what Brice Taylor wrote in her book "Thanks for the Memories" that the political elite are caught in blackmail scandals doing pedo shit, so they can be manipulated. mind control sex slaves have been around since babylon, but starting in the 50's-60's it became more scientific and less cult like. everyone interested in the use of mind controlled sex slaves to manipulate governments and corporations needs to read her book.

it doesnt look like i can upload a pdf, but its easy to find for free.

she does mention the clintons
Cabal is the proper usage for a secretive cadre of banker kikes and their shabbos goyim.
>it doesnt look like i can upload a pdf
This would be useful if the board owner could add this. I’ll look for it anyway, but I’m finishing up a different book at the moment.
Can we see the corpse?
Calling bullshit on this one.
The whole thing screamed bullshit from the start. Give the mongs some token gesture.
But don't despair because in the grand scheme of things Eppstein was just a pimp anyway.
we all saw this coming, hes back in israel
(120.33 KB 1024x682 good jew - Jeffrey Epstein.jpg)
Somewhat, but it's a term that's been corrupted by kosher conspiracy theorists. It's funny how David Wilcock uses the term, and his phony insider "Drake" was clearly the conspiracy for the Q LARP, but none of these boomer retards have caught on yet.

Reminder that Cathy O'Brien and her late handler, Mark Phillips claim that Brice Taylor was lying, and Phillips has even gone as far as to claim he made up Project Monarch, despite it having been discussed before he came onto the scene.

On the other hand Ted Gunderson (kind of a mixed bag) and Walter Bowart, author of 'Operation Mind Control', have both vouched for her and her story.

Pic related.
(202.48 KB 830x1200 nypepstinephotofake.jpg)
EMT here. Yes, you can turn off your ambulance engine. We often clean the units after a drop off, which can take 20 minutes or so, and your boss yells at you for wasting gas while the hospital staff yells over the emissions in their bay.

And those are not gurneys. They're backboards. They pile up at emergency rooms, since you can't take them back after you deliver a patient. The hospital cleans them and they're all collected every few days.

Hospitals are all filthy as fuck.
That looks pretty realistic for US Hospital tbh. Major cities are filthy. His head is really badly proportioned though. The dude would have to be like 7.5 feet tall.
I've seen the "Turn engines off" signs in the ambulance areas at hospitals as well as seeing EMTs just chilling on an ambulance with the engine off
(133.06 KB 713x1026 ElitejewishPedoRing.jpg)
He has a massive head, compare it to the ZOG Emperor's - although, golems traditionally have small heads.
>jew committing suicide

C'mon now..
>Reminder that Cathy O'Brien and her late handler, Mark Phillips claim that Brice Taylor was lying, and Phillips has even gone as far as to claim he made up Project Monarch, despite it having been discussed before he came onto the scene.

>On the other hand Ted Gunderson (kind of a mixed bag) and Walter Bowart, author of 'Operation Mind Control', have both vouched for her and her story.
Reminder that Mark Phillips is CIA, and once a company man, always a company man. I believe Brice, the 6 years since I have read her book have only reinforced that belief. I also read Cathys book, but I dont trust Mark, he seems shady in interviews. You should read these books for yourself.
>Phillips has even gone as far as to claim he made up Project Monarch, despite it having been discussed before he came onto the scene.
yeah he's lying.
(68.96 KB 1280x720 That_Sucks.jpg)
>Camera malfunction
Ohhh. . . That sucks!
(15.35 KB 390x273 Epstein_Suicide.jpg)
Twitter is being unusually based at the moment.
will thei be an autopsy, or will he be buried at sea in accordance with muslim tradition?
I was freaking out when I heard hed been snuffed, but then I realized there is Maxwell. The thread has been pulled and it's all unraveling.

>just a middleman
He was intelligence working in operation brownstone. Imagine you are c_a or mossad. Now imagine the possibility to ensnare power players and billions of dollars they hold with their power to collect more info. Now imagine not pursuing that and walking away. That's the implication here. The blackmail tactics are breaking.
What makes you think anything will happen to her?
This is how they sweep all the connections under the rug because they know the stupid goyim will just forget it all now. Go back to watching Niggerball shhh so sleepy.
This is all really interesting friends, but boy am I sleepy.
I think we should all try to get some sleep.
what do you mean? all of the msm says he committed suicide, thats proof bro
(15.75 KB 226x255 Concerned_Merchant.png)
(263.49 KB 764x551 big brain 4 chess.jpg)
looking for a big brain take here.

so you're powerful enough to call a jail, and get the director, employees and inmates to play ball while you send the guards on a break, turn off surveillance cameras and then kill Epstein and leave someone else to deal with the body (assuming he was killed and not simply vanished to israel or something)

you also have the power to deploy mind controlled assassins across the country to shoot up walmarts etc which not only advance your disarmament goals, but redirect the national attention.

if you have said powers, why even let epstein get caught and make the news cycle, why didnt they tell the prosecutors to stand down? why didnt they tell the media to not cover it? the MSM chooses not to cover massive stories in complete international co-ordination all the time.

so i assume this is planned, and allowed. now the overton window is OK with normies discussing elites using underaged sex slaves to blackmail politicians and other corpo powerplayers. which means this is a limited hangout. and a massive redirection of international attention.

what is the massive elephant in the room that all of this is leading us away from noticing?
I’ll add to this. There is definitely an elephant. What is gained from his death specifically. Yes, he was probably silenced let’s put that aside for now. My question is on his estate. Suicide nullifies all sensible life insurance policies so there is no additional gain from his death. Casual reading says there could be a liability on the institution if suicide watch fails. Could this be a potential motive? If he was whacked in public and it was determined as a murder there would be some kind of payout too. Why not go that route? What happens to his assets now? No doubt there’s a lot of money, real estate, and physical assets that now have to find new owners. As much as Qlarp is not liked there was a quote I enjoyed: “Follow the money” and there’s a lot up in air right now.
(169.88 KB 720x622 4PolDrop.jpg)
Steele also claims there are colonies on Mars. >>364
Epstein must have stepped on a (((fellow tribe member)))'s toes for him to get suicided in jail.
Anyone think Barr is gonna do shit or will America forever be known as a corrupt evil? Here's my take. Shit's happenin, normalfags are talking, Epstein had to be cleaned up in the public eye. It can't all be deepstate, because why make a spectacle when you could have avoided a national theatrical problem to begin with. I think overall these are good things.
Barr is a demonic kike with the blood of Waco and Ruby Ridge on his nose. He was involved Kirkland & Ellis, and his father hired Epstein at Dalton. Of course he isn't going to do anything.
Anon that was Epstein's whole gig. He would invite powerful people, jews included, to his island for sex with underage girls and record them doing it. That's how he made his money. Extortion and blackmail.
>That's how he made his money. Extortion and blackmail.
A random jew just decides to offer children to powerful people.
They accept because 'fuckit! What could possibly go wrong?'
He attempts to black mail them and for some reason he doesn’t get immediately suicided?

Anon, its not possible for one random kike to do that.
It had to be organised and large scale.
It has to be a fundamental part of the system for it to work.
Otherwise Epstein wouldn’t have lived 5 minutes.
(130.50 KB 610x584 838261.jpg)
(26.49 KB 478x478 838262.jpg)
hurr durr derpsteinovitch is ded - no he isn't, he's already back in tel aviv. but hey, keep voting for the miga clowns. miiiigaaaaa
(455.10 KB 828x828 Epstein comparison.jpg)
It's him.
i see the jews are here
(76.26 KB 1013x520 DefineXpol.png)
Disclaimer: Obviously I'm aware that the following links are blatantly /x/ tier, non-Epstein related & don't at all belong in this thread, but on account of your comment, I feel it my duty to drop a related redpill on the subject:
>Steele also claims there are colonies on Mars.
Indeed he has! And what balls on the guy to have done it! If for no other reason than nothing queers ones public reputation more than admitting knowledge, not to mention the existence, of the SSP & its various offshoots; Nazi breakaway civilizations & Mars colonies included! So, for those anons who are interested, I got something for you:

Based [Capt] Randy Cramer don't give a fuck! Even better, he is so matter-of-fact & forthcoming in his replies that it's hard not to take him & what he has to say at face value. His first interview with James Rink [Max Spiers associate] is well worth viewing as well. If you've ever thought the film "Starship Troopers" was obvious soft disclosure, well, you were probably onto something:

As a counterpoint, the harrowing tale that Tony Rodrigues has to tell might hit a little closer to home considering he claims to have been a mere civilian who was literally kidnapped off the street & put through a 20-&-back program [sent offworld as a slave]:

Let me add that once you've sat through enough of these interviews by vastly different persons [Iraqi war vet & MMA fighter Anthony Zender is another good one] all laying out similar scenarios with near-identical technical details, at a certain point you realize you've officially taken the Marspill & you're never coming back. To Earth that is, kek.

Again, don't kill me for dropping these here, but I need not remind anyone reading this that there is a growing belief amongst ourselves that it was a revolutionary turn of events offworld which has made it possible for immunity/protection to be revoked or removed completely from soul-sucking scum like Epstein & company, in turn allowing for them to be eventually rounded up & held accountable for their many crimes against humanity. Of course, who am I to say. But I suggest that going forward it would benefit us all to begin thinking beyond mere geopolitics & expand our collective mindset toward a wider exopolitical point-of-view [pic related].
(204.42 KB 900x1200 D2xh9uJUwAAKG-5.jpg)
>in turn allowing for them to be eventually rounded up & held accountable for their many crimes against humanity
We're still living under ZOG. These kikes aren't going to be held responsible anytime soon, and pretending it's happening that way you niggers are just makes it even less likely.
what's sliding this thread?
Moot and anon are having a bump/slide conflict over getting his exposée thread off of the catalog, it's funny but sad at the same time.
no its not just money. thats asinine
barr's daddy is the protype of evil. racial jew, roman catholic convert. the only thing worse is a high level white roman catholic, like a knight of malta or jesuit.

no placing faith in any federal employee is peak stupidity.
where's the proof?
what good does it do us if the nazis did leave us behind?
what makes you think you will get to go to mars if true?

this is just goofy tbh.
guess who is supervising the autopsy? a jew known for his testimony at the O. J. Simpson trial · Investigations of the John F. Kennedy, Jeffrey Epstein and Martin Luther King assassinations


totally legit pair justice goyim go back to sleep now
(73.50 KB 663x457 HalfchanEpsteinObit.png)
Is the following article:
An inept attempt by the powers that be to get out in front of this:
Or not. What do we think? What exactly is going on here? At what point does any potential larp end & the truth actually begin?

(84.61 KB 800x590 SpaceForce1945.jpg)

Be forewarned! Low-energy replies will do you no good! Therefore, from now on you are advised to at least make some kind of effort, no matter how limp-wristed or pathetic. Near terminal levels of blantant faggotry or zogpilled copypasta will not save you, nor suffice. I truly expected better. But your shallow attempts were both puny & weak. You have brought shame upon yourselves. You must go back.
dude, you're a dumb faggot. you were asked 3 questions and your childish response only discredits you. not that you had any air of credibility to begin with. go away boomer
(124.30 KB 618x410 1565924561170.jpg)
(827.96 KB 1234x818 1565934287423.png)
The review was posted yesterday, I'm sure it's a troll. The book itself was obviously to send a message though.
(436.55 KB 998x1300 1565938758068.jpg)
Another review from the same account. Check the date. Perhaps its some amazon IT guy LARPING
Or just somebody who renamed their Amazon account "G. Maxwell".

Americans used to fight Nazis, but have now become Nazis.

The US used to have open borders and free trade, but now Americans want to have closed borders like North Korea.

Americans scream Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, and Fascists hate free speech, but Commies hate free speech, too.
(192.74 KB 1000x1000 1565729047827-4.png)
The word Nazi is a an offfensive political slur, you must be new here. Fortunately we are reasonably tolerant of such displays of ignorance from newcommers, however, to atone the very least you could do would be to educate yourself on the matter. Here, let me spoonfeed you...
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
lurk more
You might have mixed emotions when the Gestapo recovers your stolen car, but arrests you for feeding a stray cat.
What am I missing?
I see a thread, 800 post and 77 images deleted it says.

So what is the point of a thread if every response to it is deleted, and inaccessible? Is there some magic button to press to actually SEE anyone SAY anything? What am I missing?
ZOG enforcers aren't the gestapo.
(126.40 KB 538x538 Jewish Misdirection.jpg)
Very interesting new episode of The Opperman Report. The highlights are him theorizing that some of the aspects that the MIGApedos obsess over are Mossad misdirection, and that there are apparently cases of people (including girls) visiting the Zorro Ranch and never leaving. (16:30)
I'm sure he's enjoying his permanent vacation in israel drinking mai tai's and eating disgusting kike foods with klingon sounding names.
someone was worried that JE would talk about them.Maybe royal family in Middle East or Britain, maybe a US politician or businessman.
Everyday the US just gets worse.

Americans walk around like zombies thinking everything is fine.

The Bill of Rights has been repealed.

The debt just keeps growing.

The US is conducting multiple wars, but the government won't say where, protesting is illegal, and Americans are too degraded to care.

Americans so retarded and blinded by hate now that they hate illegal immigrants, love trade wars, want guns banned, want the minimum wage raised, and demand that college be free.

The elites are trying to mop up any remaining shred of liberty by banning declawing, sunscreen, straws, texting, and dog meat and Americans praise every asinine decree.

Maybe the USA won't collapse for 30 more years, but the US imploding next year seems just as likely.

Why not get out while you can?
Americans have become so batshit insane now that they scream living in a police state means success.

The young have muscle, but no brains and the old have brains, but no muscle.

Americans are completely unable to understand that no one is safe in a police state.

The rich control the press and can give campaign donations, but the politicians can give bailouts, nationalize businesses, and arrest anyone.

The 99% have a very narrow range of freedom today, but will soon be herded off to the concentration camps where they will be starved and killed.
One wonders if spying on friends, starting trade wars, enacting sanctions, overthrowing governments, bombing enemies, and arming terrorists are good ways to spread peace and freedom to the world.
Back in late August, it was revealed Jeffrey Epstein, two weeks before his supposed suicide, put $577 million in a bulletproof trust fund.

“Estate lawyers and other experts say prying open the trust and dividing up the financier’s riches is not going to be easy and could take years,” the AP reported on August 22.

But more than preventing his victims from receiving compensation for his acts of abuse, the trust fund effectively locks down the names of people involved in his child-sex-blackmail scheme.

By putting his fortune in a trust, he shrouded from public view the identities of the beneficiaries, whether they be individuals, organizations or other entities. For the women trying to collect from his estate, the first order of business will be persuading a judge to pierce that veil and release the details.

Did Epstein commit suicide? We have no way of knowing for sure. There is very little verifiable evidence this is the case. The state announced “suicide” is a given fact, according to the corporate media now referring to Epstein in the past tense.

It’s another example of how the corporate media faithfully reads from government scripts and refuses to ask the appropriate questions and demand evidence when officials make statements. Investigative and skeptical journalism is no longer acceptable, that is unless it attacks the establishment’s political enemies.

Notice how the corporate stenographic media has zero questions about Epstein’s highly suspicious suicide, the broken cameras, supposedly sleeping guards, and the autopsy that reveals Epstein (or his double) probably died from strangulation, not as the result of a prison sheet with low thread count designed to rip and tear if a prisoner attempts suicide by hanging in a cell designed to prevent suicides.

dont reply to boomerbot, it only encourages his low iq posts.
Bumpin the thread with some updates on the subject for those who've been asleep the past couple of months.
Epstein, Prince Andrew and the Mega Group Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
BBC Panorama Virginia Giuffre Interview
Prince Andrew interview
We all know the idiot is lying but here's Bombards take https://bombardsbodylanguage.com/2019/11/18/body-language-prince-andrew-interview/
Mate whats are these boards like compared to 4chin?


no cookies?