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Brenton Tarrant Meme Thread No. 9 - ‘Spreading the disease’ Edition Anonymous 01/24/2020 (Fri) 23:41:40 No. 19725
This thread is about discussion, memes, latest news about Brenton Tarrant.

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(232.94 KB 500x502 boy.png)
(234.21 KB 500x502 oy.png)
That really is a good quote in the OP. So far most "leaders" in the WN movement have been narcissists and or weirdos who are in it for attention.

Also reposting OC from last thread.
(234.11 KB 500x502 oy2.png)
Posted the one with the typo again. It's late. Here's the fixed one.
(176.38 KB 655x692 1579909678456.jpg)
>So far most "leaders" in the WN movement have been narcissists and or weirdos who are in it for attention.
Sad but true. I can't think of anyone that even really approaches the stature of the great leaders of the 20s and 30s. Pierce was good but he pales in comparison to any of them still. Rockwell wasn't bad but he's a bit goofy I'm not gonna lie.

Kalki when?
Do you know what makes me happy, frens? We'll have many saints in the future. Our ((((((government)))s))) have lost their legitimacy, and people are seeking for other things they can be loyal to, that still have legitimacy. Like family, religion, community, culture, race, nation, and so on.

Frens, bright days lay ahead. The boomers are too old to rethink their (((education))), and they'll soon die, but before they do, they'll ruin the life of the young by vampirizing their future. No matter how brainwashed the young are, they'll rethink, when if becomes apparent to them, that they're nothing but tax-cattle meant to pay for promises which were made long before they were born. They won't be good goyish tax-cattle, when it's their money, that's being taken away. They'll either become degenerates worthy of the rope, or good people, willing to pull the rope the degenerates are hanging on, because they have nothing left to lose. We see the wisdom in community, family, race, and culture, and many of the young will join us, as soon as the money runs out. Maybe even more often than their parents.

The ((((((government)))s))) don't attack things that have legitimacy without a reason. The reason, why our ((((((government)))s))) are trying to erase family, race, and culture is, that those are things, for which people fought brutal and dirty wars during most of human history, and they want to take from us everything that's worth fighting for, because they know, that we either become nothing but lobotomized slaves, or we'll kill them all.

It is not normal, that only states wage wars - Religions wage wars, families wage wars, and cultures and races wage wars. And those are the groups, that are winning our contemporary wars. If you'd plot a bar-chart with the financial resources Al-Qaeda has and the US has for the war in the middle east, you wouldn't be able to see the bar of Al-Qaeda beside the US military. And yet the shitskins win. That's a testament to the effectiveness of mans natural way of waging war. And we are about to return to mankind's ancient and traditional ways.

We are no longer state-centric, which means, that over time we will seek things worth fighting for - family, race, culture - and we will fight. Not like soldiers, but like violent wild beasts protecting their young. Even with all their military and paramilitary might, ZOG will lose, because we won't play by the rules, and we'll circumnavigate all their armies and paramilitary forces to directly strike into the heart of their civil societies. Not because we're violent or because we're criminals, but because we're seeking things with legitimacy and value in a world in which ZOG is the greatest enemy of all things that are good and natural.

We'll also see the traitors hang. Simply because they can't change. If one traitor would change things to safe his own neck, it destabilizes ZOGs whole house of cards. That's why the establishment can't do anything, and their problems are getting bigger. At some point, one of ZOGs heads is going to fall, just because something unexpected happens, and the money runs out. Just like it happened in the soviet union. If one head falls, it will become exposed by which means the other ((((((government)))s))) stay in power, and at that point is also will become clear, that our ((((((government)))s))) are nothing but a criminal bunch of traitors. Then they'll either hang, or be hunted down by violent monsters fighting to revenge their young. There will be lots of those cherished monsters.

ZOG will die. We are maybe a generation away from having the numbers and conviction to fight for our homes and destroy ZOG. Look at africa - even shitskins and niggers are able to liberate their homelands from invaders by slaughtering them. So will we.
(54.56 KB 1000x750 gadsden1488.jpg)
Unite Or Die
(13.84 MB 480x480 BrentonsMissingVideo.webm)
(28.58 KB 660x581 otago-muslim-association.png)
"Very interesting video. Only for muslims. Please do not redistribute"
(2.96 MB 640x356 1552956670020.webm)
(2.92 MB 640x356 Queen Edit.webm)
(807.06 KB 750x421 tarrant1.gif)
Thanks for this wishful Whitepill, anon.
(47.04 KB 569x567 photo_2020-01-25_14-28-45.jpg)
(515.47 KB 800x800 8923472dhfishi.png)
(265.72 KB 500x539 country.png)
Is that the video he was referring to?
Because I think the video is made from a European perspective. I remember seeing it on YouTube years ago.
At the end of the video the narrator says "as believers, we call upon you..., this is a call to action"
I think this is meant to call on Christians as it also speaks of "the gospel".
Why would Muslims make a call to action? They explain in the video that they are already taking over at a rapid rate.
Years of playing Plague Inc. is finally going to pay off. See you guys in Greenland, RIP in peace, China, India, Mongolia, Australia, Europe and USA, in that order
(497.16 KB 1407x2048 1479331824388.jpg)
(555.04 KB 1354x1308 1491777434049.jpg)
(1.54 MB 1354x1995 1492967811355.png)
(135.25 KB 512x440 1492974937588.png)
(1.01 MB 1024x512 1493394741420.png)
RIP little Ebba.

I saved these pics from Ebba threads that can be found on 4plebs, so they were allegedly posted by Brenton Tarrant himself - as highlighting OP's ID indicates.
(197.50 KB 1354x814 Corona.png)
>tfw no disciples since October
I can't wait any longer, anons, I need a new happening to enjoy
(117.77 KB 769x690 1579975432217.jpg)
I know that feel anon, but for now I am enjoying the chinese pandemic shitshow.
Let's take the happenings that occurr for the time being, Tarrant is literally one in a billion.
Meanwhile, the fact that international police forces are clamping down on our guys it's telling that there's definitely something boiling under the surface and (((they))) are afraid.
>I can't wait any longer, anons, I need a new happening to enjoy

What do you think the saint would say to someone who utters this sentence?
Be the change you want to see in the world
(17.31 KB 400x562 Hitler5.jpg)
>What do you think the saint would say to someone who utters this sentence?
Pic related
>Meanwhile, the fact that international police forces are clamping down on our guys it's telling that there's definitely something boiling under the surface and (((they))) are afraid.
national socialism is the most potent and vital force present in the world today. Truly there is nothing else left that could break the grip they have on the throat of our people and the world other than its eternal values and an affirmation of the Natural Order. The attention given to us by ZOG should be the exact opposite of a blackpill for us. It shows that we are a threat, even from behind our keyboards currently. The Black Sun rises.
Praise be to our Saint.
Love this type of art
you won't do anything you nigger
(27.55 KB 400x506 this is not a game.jpg)
Don't encourage him. This Minecraft prank stuff has gone too far. There is a process for airing greivances. Elections are coming up soon get out there and vote.
You're right. Fighting for things worth fighting for is not just a stupid game. Elections are.
BTW, who do you think the saint endorses as candidate for the democratic party?

As accelerationists we should try to help the candidate, which would most foster our goal of accelerating the shitshow until ZOG collapses.
(100.83 KB 1024x742 rope.jpg)
Probably one that is explicitly anti-White and that encourages violence against Whites. But as of now, I don't think there is one. Kamala Harris would have been good for that, but she's out of the race, I think.
Which candidate is the most blatantly anti-White?
(139.98 KB 570x340 two headed snake.png)
(823.62 KB 1188x736 it begins with you.png)
>Elections are coming up soon get out there and vote.
Neither will you, nigger
(144.04 KB 880x672 gontact.png)
top fucking kek

please someone make one with spurdo-breivik calling the cops on himself

>helo, I killed a bunch og gommunists :-DDDD
(149.68 KB 880x672 BreivikGommunists.png)
what does the spurdo-cop say?
"Haha animals :-D. Free to go"
(164.07 KB 880x672 gommander.png)

You beat me to it, here's mine
(277.14 KB 706x819 Austria anon in a nutshell.PNG)
Audible Kek, I wanted to make it like this originally. /pol/ really is a hive mind.
>I wanted to make it like this originally.
Haha that’s funny. I thought the original was good but it did feel like just a little bit more was needed to complete it. Now it all makes sense seeing how that is what was originally intended
(15.30 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)
>be austrian faggot poster
>flagpost on cuckchan
>in tarrant threads
>clearly sympathise with him
>ask glowniggers to contact tarrant
>get raided
>'omfg why did this happen goys'
kek. when is he finally gonna khs for being a useless attention seeking nigger?
(142.94 KB 766x647 djon.png)
>when is he finally gonna khs
Whenever he makes his high score attempt. I think that is the most logical progression for him once ZOG gets off his ass. His dedication to Tarrant is truly impressive. The path to sainthood is the only redemption for his sins.
Fucking kek I still can't believe this actually happened. Saved
He did, like you said, mention how much Tarrant had inspired him to better himself and gave him a Whitepilled outlook on life for the first time in a long time, not to mention his public stickering, attempts to contact Tarrant and give him money. That's what I mean by dedication. I think he's retarded for how bad his opsec was but I won't shit on a guy for getting inspired by something and changing his habits. He had embarked on the ascending path
(443.09 KB 2000x1333 tarrant-laundry.jpg)
(70.79 KB 734x318 aus.png)
Saint Tarrants BitConnect shitpost made it in this old shitty article

>Tarrant invested cash in crypto-currency Bitconnect — linked with massive fraud and money laundering — which funded his global travels.
His manifesto is filled with neo Nazi ideology and Islamophobia.

also it looks like /ourlad/ will be in another book
I was only joking with the election stuff we already know there is no political solution to our genocide
Sometimes bait is so juicy that one feels compelled to respond
(288.46 KB 1600x900 breivik_politicsbyothermeans.jpg)
(70.86 KB 816x320 nz-politics.jpg)
politics by other means

Thanks for powerful inspiration, fren.
This level of energy reminds me of new DOOM trailer.

I love you guys, I am dying here.

>another book
speaking of which, did the guy who bought the other book finish reading it? He posted some pages in previous thread.
went through a few of his cuckchan posts and let me get this straight:
the guy finds motivation, discourages others from action, rants about how wrong tarrant is being treated and keeps this disgusting 'hey goys lemme help you' shitposts up for months. he then gets arrested and instead of keeping posting like a normal person he goes into hiding to 'not bring attention to you all'? what kind of rampant retardation is this? this brainlet has no idea wtf he's doing and instead of telling him to fuck off for what he's done some here actually fucking support him. i thought being a /k/ike was embarrassing but this is some next level shit. i hope he gets jailed and raped like the faggot that he is. also, nein is a goddamn cesspool. coming here was a mistake.
(10.60 MB 4000x2666 1_RxJCqj5YKAUHeBH2xsg-4w.png)
You can now fuck off back to wherever you came from, careful with all the edges.


>why are White people believing the White genocide (((conspiracy theory))), you goddamn internet nazis REEEEEEEE

It's all so tiresome.
Nice picture anyway
(75.39 KB 898x790 big brain.jpg)
>tfw too intelligent to believe in a political solution
(17.96 KB 562x570 yes_awd.jpg)
(13.12 MB 960x540 doomslayer.mp4)
(129.85 KB 988x547 bunnings-snag.jpg)
(114.62 KB 514x468 mellymel2.png)
Here's another one
What is this about? Can't recall the specific episode.
>he hasn't seen the best kino of the 21st century
it's at 1:12 for the impatient
>From Australia’s great unwashed the most common comment was that the only thing surprising about the Christchurch massacre was it had not happened sooner. Reap what you sow. Flood the population with foreigners, preference them in everything from (((government))) jobs to public housing whilst ignoring the outraged voices of the host population, the disenfranchised and those whose politically incorrect beliefs were entirely excised from the public square, and you have a recipe for revolution.

thanks pal

oy vey

oy vey 2

oy vey 3
Fucking based
>Paremoremo has the highest number of Māori and Pacific Island staff in the country. The prisoner will be dealt with by officers of different ethnic origins, he said.

The poor, he is surrounded by non-Whites... I hope they at least respect his rights

>Among Corrections staff concerns, said the source, is if he is found guilty and sentenced to a lengthy prison term and his security classification drops on account of good behaviour: "There is nothing we can do about it, that's our system."

Wtf, if I understand well, he risk to be put with others inmates ?

Fixed the pic in the article for them. It's better like this. If I lived in NZ I would fixed it IRL
> he risk to be put with others inmates ?
In theory yes.
But hopefully they will keep him isolated, like Norway does with Breivik.
(364.30 KB 616x420 tackler btfo.PNG)
Nice edit, I'd remove the "E" from the mural though so it's spelled correctly. Luckily Tarrant was able to dispatch this dude pretty easily. I was even thinking when I watched it the first time that Tarrant should have been watching his back better.
Don't tackle a guy with a gun tbh
Unless the shooter's name is Manshaus
(625.11 KB 1189x1012 mmmmmm.png)
Also, Muslims always tackle guys with guns, often quit successfully. Like Manshaus or the jew Baruch Goldstein. The latter was beaten to death by a crowd of angry Muslims after he was done shooting. Religious fervor makes a man's balls grow.
They keep Breivik in isolation probably to not let him radicalize the others Whites inmates I think. But Brenton is in a jail with a majority of non-Whites and they probably don't give a fuck of his safety... It sound worrisome for me.

Ah yes kek, fixed. This dirty sandnigger had very supprised me the first time, I tell even myself that I have probably freaked out more that Brenton himself kek
Bissonette is appealing his 40 years sentence

Meanwhile in Burgerland, a man in Pittsburg was arrested for unlawful detention of guns, nazi paraphernalia and the Christchurch footage.

(378.11 KB 1660x1024 the chad robert bowers.jpg)
>a man in Pittsburg was arrested for unlawful detention of guns, nazi paraphernalia and the Christchurch footage.
Damn they might as well red-flag me now then. Interestingly it says that this man's house was only 4 miles from the one that Bowers BTFO
>they probably don't give a fuck of his safety
That's for sure, but he can always rely on his lawyers to cut a better deal - they're probably aware of how he can be treated and appeal for isolation with rare access to GP. Also I doubt they'd put him with the 90% non-Whites because he'd start cleansing the prison the moment they do
not that I'd oppose the latter
Okay so I checked his latest upload and at this point in time I just know that Danheim approves of the race war. The comment section is based too. What do you all think about it?

(326.74 KB 808x448 remember-bros-knock-knock.png)
>remember bros......
what does the rest of the barrel say?
The guy in Pittsburg had a felony charge from 1994, that is why he wasn't allowed to own weapons and the video, though probably not a crime to have in the US, will likely be used as evidence by the prosecution that he was intending on using the guns to shoot people. >>19907
(306.06 KB 800x1400 Chios.jpg)
Nice, saved. I hope we get some more pics of the other guns eventually because I’ve spent some time trying to read a lot of the stuff, especially on the shotgun, without much luck. Sadly the quality on the video we have is shit. Though I doubt they’ll ever release much since more goyim might wake up if they investigate the references
News about Philip Arps, who got thrown in prison for sharing the livestream video

>"I would consider [his risk of offending] has actually escalated [since his incarceration]. Since he has been in prison he has not utilised this time to move on from the offending, instead focusing on that and on his desire to spread what he considers to be the truth."

>Let's throw people in jail for wrongthink, that will surely teach them!

Fucking idiots.
>getting thrown in a cage by ZOG for watching a video radicalizes you instead of making you submit
Who would have thought
(292.91 KB 458x457 heh.png)
(1.56 MB TarrantLines12.ogg)
Here's my bad attempt at making the parts were tarrant talked in the livestream
I wonder if it would be possible to remove the music as much as possible and amplify his voice in some of those parts. I'll have to fuck with it. Still, commendable work, anon.
That's an incredible work, anon! However Tarrant says 'here goes the fucking quest' when he takes out his shotgun from the trunk but it's hard to hear
(119.60 KB 571x866 bt87.png)
Best one. Holy shit that caught me off guard RIP my sides. Your art truly is a gift to all of us thank you for this masterpiece
Thank you
Thank you for these, the extreme lack of actual pictures of the Saint is a real faff but it's so good when you produce a new drawing.
> the extreme lack of actual pictures of the Saint
This is really sad.
And thank you my friend.
Very nice, really so cute. Can I use some of your drawings on a postcard for Brenton ? Specifying him that's not my work obviously
>He admitted he sent the video of the March 15 terror attack to 30 people, and asked a friend to modify it by adding cross-hairs and a "kill count".

so did the kill count version get made?
Thank you. Use if you want, of course.
I read most of his threads on HateChan. I recognize his writing style. Sometimes I had to take a break, the shit was so enraging. It was obviously him.
(14.69 MB 1280x720 ebba guitar.mp4)
>>19780 Ebba, other nameless others who have fallen victim to the invaders will be avenged, again and again.
>>19951 It's stuff like this that kinda makes me wish 8chan had some sort of archive. I'd like to read a few of his threads. I know that anons have managed to dig up threads with almost the exact same style of his manifesto under either the Australian or New Zealand flag, where he spends a bit writing about a topic before ending in some sort of all caps summation of the theme. https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/123991048/ This kinda makes me wonder how recognizable my writing style is. I usually babble about the same autistic talking points so it might be more than I think. Also, I was going to attach a file but got a weird message about the site reaching capacity. Am I the only one?
>>19955 >Srsly when the fighting starts we should napalm the retirement villages. >'I want a day of the rope so badly for Europe. I would have tears of joy watching these shitskins wailing and shrieking in their durka durk language getting rolled over by right wing death squads. Just the look of shock and horror on their faces as they realize they will not be getting any more welfare checks from Whitey but bullets instead. Forcing them to flee to their shithole countries that they are incapable of improving because they're subhumans.' His response: >Don't worry brother. They'll get what's coming He fucking knew. He had started to prepare. When he wrote that line he most likely smirked with a side glance at his closet where he probably stored his weapons. And all of us were just brushing this off as yet another rage post. I fucking can't deal with this atm
>>19951 > his threads on HateChan What threads?
shit meme i just made but the memes must flow
>>19937 Nice job anon!
>>19972 Shouldn't it be "He didn't subscribe"?
>>19975 yeah i fucked it up
Ok goys, was looking at some recent Tarrant threads on cuckchan and I found this interesting exchange between two German flags (first pic). It resembles what allegedly happened to one of our posters here, you all know who. Thoughts? Second picture is a very dumb post but it made laugh out loud so I cropped it.
Hey where are the pictures??
(87.88 KB 955x350 ebba1493396598188.jpg)
>>19955 In that thread St Tarrant says Ebba wasn't deaf but in his manifesto he says she was partially deaf
(61.68 KB 474x349 88 miles.jfif)
Germany: Over 500 right-wing extremists suspected in Bundeswehr https://www.dw.com/en/germany-over-500-right-wing-extremists-suspected-in-bundeswehr/a-52152558 >The head of Germany's military intelligence service has confirmed hundreds of new investigations into soldiers with extremist right-wing leanings. Germany's elite special forces unit appears to be a particular hotbed. >Germany's Military Counterintelligence Service (MAD) has said it was investigating 550 Bundeswehr soldiers suspected of right-wing extremism >An additional 360 cases of suspected right-wing extremism were registered in 2019 >Cases of suspected extremism were particularly concentrated among an elite unit known as Special Forces Command, or KSK. >According to Gramm, 20 of the suspected right-wing extremism cases currently being processed were within the KSK, which, in relation to the number of personnel, were five times as many as in the rest of the Bundeswehr.
(45.12 KB 760x173 trump.png)
>>19993 >Germany's elite special forces unit appears to be a particular hotbed. I can’t wait to see the SS and its Einsatzgruppen re-constitute themselves at the right moment and save Germany. Der Führer is smiling from within Agartha as we speak
(105.46 KB 480x434 Andon.png)
(274.84 KB 654x654 1580173463582.png)
(17.95 KB 971x454 1.png)
(47.86 KB 809x153 ayyy.png)
Ok, these are the pics that didn't upload here >>19985 Thoughts on the first?
>>19999 Of course it's not illegal that's why they arrest these poor bastards on unrelated issues so that they can bring in the fact they had the vid too and push them toward breaking extremism laws or some shit. Possession of the vid or reading his manifesto isn't illegal because it's not propaganda it's just violence and shitposting. I can see the manifesto being banned because he literally calls for assassinations but the video can't be banned on any other reason than excessive violence but then they also have to lock all ISIS torture porn and that won't happen. Germany is beyond retarded with clamping down on all these civilians who aren't even doing anything inherently wrong. Meanwhile Bataclan happened because authorities didn't take online communication of literal terrorists serious. Fucking idiots
>>19748 It must have been so much fun for our saint to slaughter this sandniggers
>>19935 They create more shooters with this and don't even realize it. It's really accelerating.
(56.93 KB 720x877 18318596.jpg)
>>20005 I wonder how many actual governative agents Germany put into monitoring cuckchan and similar websites (including this one). The"4kike ratted my friend out" is what really made me think.
>>20009 Germany has a lot of agents monitoring what's going on inside germany. Those agencies also are less like a police and more like a secret-police, so it's hard to know. In any case, I wouldn't use websites that are ratting out people to the german state, because they can be put in prison for posting a swastika or saying, that the holocaust didn't happen.
>>19955 Wait a sec, are you saying that someone identified threads where Tarrant posted on 8chan? How could they do it without the flags? When was this found out? Was it found in some of the old memetic warfare threads? I didn't read all of them.
>>20026 Looks like they tased him at 0:17?
>>20026 Shit I thought it was going to one I've seen but I think that is "new". I'm a Tarrant autist and I haven't seen it so I doubt many have. Good find, where did you find it?
>>20026 I had these two before
(286.43 KB 800x450 dogaloo.jpg)
>>20026 This has been published by MSM months ago, it is not new. But thanks for reposting it. I always rage at the way they treated him, I am sure he never threatened them but the pigs beat him anyway to stop him from speaking. Of course ZOG gave them an award for their service. Disgusting clown world. >>20039 Is Brenton going to be ok from the chinese flu in prison?
>>19994 nice find
(1018.00 KB 695x900 1563103271452.png)
>>20047 I am sure the generous kiwis won't mind to pay for this, right? "We are one", right?
>>20042 I would just like to point out two things: >1, he warned them that he had a bomb upon them ramming his car and them trying to get him out of it. >2, there was no immediate threat by him since he probably hadn't had his guns at hand - granted, they were on the passenger seat but cannot know for sure because he entered the second Mosque, probably with some of those rifles - but he was also responsive and cooperative once outside on the sidewalk. Them smashing his face and dragging him through the mud was completely unjustified and by law, he could file a complaint for the mistreatment. I'd also like to make a note regarding the posted footage here: when they flip him over at 0:17, his arm looks quite limp - the reason might be that he was rather dizzy from having his face hit or, like this anon >>20027 said, being subjected to tasers. Whatever the reason, I just though I'd put that observation out there. I'm probably over-analysing it, anyway.
>>20049 You are correct, he was hit in the face with the stock of the rifle (webm and picture related), the blow left him dizzy. My guess is that after ramming and approaching his car, the cops wanted him to shut up but Brenton started saying things instead, so they smashed his face to shut him up. More details in these articles (sorry for the shitty sources, they're the first that popped up and I am in a hurry) https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/8653836/new-zealand-shooting-brenton-tarrant-im-a-soldier/ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7440785/Accused-Christchurch-terrorists-sick-questions-police-mosque-shootings-left-51-dead.html
(233.82 KB 750x485 salam-heres-your-taqiya.jpg)
>>20054 Thank you for the links. I already knew these things, however - but the point I am currently focused on is his mistreatment, starting with the arrest. I've kept track on a couple things released, including: >police hitting a cooperating, unarmed (as far as I know, he didn't carry firearms or his Mauser) subject with a heavy weapon in a place (face) that could prove dangerous - let's assume the policeman missed his jaw and hit Brenton in the eye, forehead or throat instead. That can be fatal. >suggested use of a taser, yet to be verified and possibly a misobservation >holding Brenton incommunicato due to misinterpretation of an otherwise harmless letter. Note: denying a prisoner his ability to communicate is a violation of New Zealand's law and can only be put in action if severe danger such as call to violence or hints for suicidal behaviour are noticed. Not the case with the sentence 'don't forget your duty to your people'. It is purely interpretation with no proof for hinting on violence. >a New Zealand anon's report on Brenton's food being messed with by cooks, not publicly verified. >a judge muting his microphone during a hearing due to a supposed disagreement on what Brenton said. I know all of you are already aware of these things, I simply wanted to summarise. Let's also not forget the upcoming votes in NZ and the impact they will have on law and, furthermore, Brenton. All in all, I believe the unfair treatment might keep going on as media doesn't want to report on how he is (the last article was a misleading one where the rumours of him eating little to nothing was denied by his lawyer himself) and therefore, we are to assume that other reports may not be true as well while truth is covered up. Until I have been shown an update in form of a video or photo of him, I will assume that way more is going on than what's being told. Physically, I don't worry much about him but I have yet to see a report on his mental wellbeing.
Yet again files didn't upload here >>20054 I'll try again >>20059 >Until I have been shown an update in form of a video or photo of him, I will assume that way more is going on than what's being told. Physically, I don't worry much about him but I have yet to see a report on his mental wellbeing. I agree. But I am sure no court will ever accord a request from Brenton about mistreatment, they would justify the rudeness of his arrest with the fact that there were many weapons in the car and that he had just killed dozens of people. Either way, the cops who beat and arrested him have already been awarded by ZOG for it.
>>20060 Indeed. But at the time of the arrest, did they already know he killed this many? How I understand it, he was still a subject and could've very well been some accomplice to another shooter so unless they chased him directly from the second mosque onwards (which they didn't), there was no immediate reason given for their behaviour. May Tyr himself strike them all down. On a different note: I am not quite familiar with laws regarding military and general war operations. Is it true that, if uniformed, any person must be considered a Prisoner of War and must be held accountable for their actions by war standards? This is probably a stupid question anyway so feel free to dismiss it.
Has no one found out Brenton's birthday yet? I imagine it would cheer him up if he got a bunch of postcards on his birthday
>>20062 Not that I know of. On one of previous threads though we estabilished that it must be some day between march 15 and october. I wonder how come this detail has never been disclosed so far. >>20061 >Is it true that, if uniformed, any person must be considered a Prisoner of War and must be held accountable for their actions by war standards? This is probably a stupid question anyway so feel free to dismiss it. No idea. ZOG for sure has already dismissed such a possibility. We can only wait and see if this will be among his defense strategies at trial.
(189.38 KB 852x1200 Titelloses 28_20200129182604.png)
>>20063 You'd think that by knowing his biceps size and weight, his date of birth would have been released at some point, too. https://www.dreshare.com/brenton-tarrant/
>>20064 >Eye Color - Brown. What?
>>20064 Looks like these data are completely made up for clickbait reasons.
>>20065 This article is outdated (as apparent through the absence of his mother's and sister's name). The eye colour was assumed from his photos and the brief face reveal on stream, I believe.
>>20064 He's definitely heavier than 75kg, even at a height of 1.76m. With the amount of muscle and his diet, he has to be at least in the lower 90kg range. >t. 1.80m, 78kg armlet
>>20068 >armlet kek We cannot be sure he is 1,76. However, weight can be extremely variable considering the periods he was more or less buff, and according to some fellow gym-goers Brenton specifically beefed up just before the attack.
(30.54 KB 495x174 eyes.jpg)
>>20067 Which photos? The eyes are blue in the high resolution court photos
>>20069 >beefed up This makes me cringe more intensely than hearing fingernails dragged down a blackboard. I've read about that - however, when I was at the fitness centre today, I saw a guy with literal Tarrant physique. Arms looking just like Brenton's in every way, bald shaved, huge thighs and whatnot. He was only slightly taller than me, probably in the 1.85m range, max. >inb4 gay My point is that seeing that type of physique makes it easier for me personally to now assume his weight. That slav looking man was most certainly over 110kg, probably underestimating here. Judging from Brenton's height, which can be somewhat determined when he walks out the door of the court room (assuming it's around 3m in height with the policeman to his right an assumed 1.84m), he must be around 1.74m - 1.77m. Additionally, having seen the dimensions The Tarrant Physique has, I can confidentially say that he was around 90kg at the time of his arrest on the 15th of March. >>20072 I'm talking about the photos he released on Facebook where his eyes aren't clearly visible. Those you refer to got released much later than the article in question was published.
(45.77 KB 750x563 der fuehrer.jpg)
>>20064 >20072 >Eye Color - Brown. Just like Hitler There is nothing more that triggers kikes and shitskins more than beautiful blue eyes. I remember being taught in school that Hitler had brown eyes and even today many (((colored-in))) photos of him purposely give him brown eyes. Feels good to be a blue-eyed Ubermensch myself.
>>20056 Mover over juden. Truly The Sikh are our Greatest Ally.
>A national remembrance service has been announced for the first anniversary of the Christchurch mosque attacks. >Those most affected are putting together the programme for the service in Christchurch's Hagley Park. >It will be jointly led by the Muslim community, the Christchurch City Council, the (((government))), and Ngāi Tūāhuriri. >"More details, including the timing of the service, will be announced in the coming weeks," a Christchurch City Council spokeswoman said. https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/new-zealand/2020/01/christchurch-attack-national-remembrance-service-announced-for-first-anniversary.html Would be hilarious if someone decided to play Serbia Strong close by
>>20083 What a coincidence the local turbofolk Meetup would happen at the park the same day
>>20078 >blue-eyed Ubermensch >blue-eyed >Ubermensch You wish. There are more Africans and muslims with blue eyes than there are asians with green eyes. You're in second place. >t. green-eyed actual Übermensch
>>20083 Someone should call in a threat for the lulz right beforehand, I disavow this action though and am merely a humble Minecrafter
>>20085 Green and blue eyes are both ubermensch-tier tbh. At least we are not brown
(36.36 KB 634x357 5454545.jpg)
>>20075 >policeman to his right an assumed 1.84m I think he lower to be honest.. We have another pic with this policeman and some 18 years old guy.
>>20087 I know, I'm just shitposting. Brown eyes are expressionless, in my opinion. From afar, I'm never able to determine clearly where they're looking at.
>>20088 I can't really determine his height by the centimeter, of course and the blurred outlines of the teenager's head make it difficult as well - additionally, he's standing farther behind him and not next to him like in Brenton's case. And teenagers can be really tall themselves, so it's safe to assume a ~1.80m stat, plus 3-5 cm, at max. In my own opinion, though. I might have to wade through some of his photos and surrounding items such as cars to help determine Brenton's height.
>>20072 >that shade of blue Very intense. https://youtube.com/watch?v=dMrImMedYRo
(102.97 KB 1194x660 norf fc.png)
Ed Woodward: Man Utd executive vice-chairman's home comes under attack https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/51290264 ==ACCELERATE+
>>20093 I was thinking of that song when I looked at Brenton's eyes and the Hitler pic. Hivemind. I guess it was in TGSNT though
(25.40 KB 662x858 jewish merchant.png)
>>20094 People will do this over their jewish bread and circuses but never at mass-immigration and degeneracy. Sad.
>>20095 >TGSNT What?
>>20097 The Greatest Story Never Told, the Hitler documentary
(515.87 KB 496x498 honkler.gif)
>>20096 >sad As sad as it is, in a way this is hilarious. These people live in a country that is being invaded, their daughters being raped, their children being turned into degenerates and they don't do anything about it. But they are willing to beat each other half to death over football. Whenever I read one of these stories, it always makes me chuckle. Also these people are usually scared to death of being called racists and therefore allow all of this degeneracy in their countries, but during football matches they're all of a sudden calling niggers monkeys and throwing bananas at them. They'll also beat the shit out of them, when their country is playing against a brown country. anons should infiltrate football organizations and set up as many matches against brown countries and/or cities as they can
In the store, I saw a woman buying halal-certified meat. This makes me kinda mad 'cause everyone buying halal-certified food is a traitor. Then I freaking hear Gas, Gas, Gas by Manuel playing in the background while I stand there trying to get over the fact that some slut basically just gave money to some shitty Mudslime organization. It was pretty strange because I've never heard that song be played in the radio or the store. It was almost like it was a sign of some sort, not to sound schizotypal...
https://www.bendigoadvertiser.com.au/story/6604405/nz-terror-offenders-parole-approved/ Philip Arps who went to jail in NZ for spreading the Christchurch video has been released on parole >Justice O'Driscoll imposed a number of conditions on Arps, including a ban on owning or accessing any firearms. >Arps must also wear a GPS electronic monitoring system, avoid mosques and not contact any member of the Muslim community. >Christina Wilson, a Corrections manager, argued for parole conditions to be placed on Arps, where he had displayed concerning behaviour and views. >"My concern is that if he is released without these conditions, he would make contact with the Muslim community and cause them further harm," she said. >"I would consider [his risk of re-offending] has actually escalated. Since he has been in prison he has not utilised this time to move on from the offending, instead focusing on that and on his desire to spread [his views]."
(6.32 KB 230x250 bull.jpg)
>>20101 >cause everyone buying halal-certified food is a traitor Tbh, buying halal food is probably less harmful to the cause than buying most other foods in the supermarket. Most of the food companies are run by jews and/or liberals and donate millions each year to pro-migration, pro-faggot, pro-race-mixing, etc organizations. WN's should not concern themselves with boycotts (since the entire economy is pozzed) and simply buy from whoever has the best price/quality ratio. The money that is saved this way can be used for the cause directly.
>>20101 It's borderline impossible to buy non-kiked food. I hope you're aware of the kosher tax scheme
>>20102 >"The muslim community" They don't even try to hide the fact that these people are not US, but an OTHER. We're being invaded, and people like Brenton are the only ones doing anything about it.
(631.17 KB 1423x1566 clownworld tarrant.png)
(5.34 MB 2500x1667 clownworld breivk.png)
(44.82 KB 610x685 sdfsjfsojds.jpg)
>>20102 >put someone in jail for wrongthink >be surprised it reinforces his beliefs peak tier retards
>>20088 >some 18 years old guy. does anyone have his target acquired meme?
>>20104 >It's borderline impossible to buy non-kiked food. >mfw having access to local farmer's market each week >tfw planting my own veggies this year >ywn living in a 100% White community and supporting local farmers I'm amazed by how little effort people put into self-sustainment but keep on being upset about what they have to buy. Stop. >buy seeds from farmers and plant them in pots of you don't have a garden >save some seeds for the next year >if you have access to some land, plant veggies and/or buy chickens or ducks to have access to healthy meat; colleague of mine lives in the city but bought a few square meters of land from a farmer where she plants her own stuff She drives there every day to take care of the plants, so living in a city isn't an excuse to not be creative when it comes to self-grown food. Avoid paying for anything from companies as much as possible. Teach the community to take care of themselves as well and spread His word. This is the only way to spiritual ascendance.
>>20103 Wrong. Let me explain: >To sell or otherwise work commercially with halal stuff, you need certificate from local Islamic authority >It's not cheap and is usually needed to be re-applied after certain time >ALL money from it goes back to Islamic authority which issued it >by Islamic law and tradition, majority of these money are used to spread the word of Islam >rest of the money are used to renovate old mosques, build new ones and other maintenance work By buying halal, you are quite literally supporting Islamization. There were many cases of Islamic authorities using these money to support terrorist groups too, just like various pro-rapefugee NGOs and similar. It's on the same level as buying from a kike.
>>20111 Really sucks for kiwis though. I guess most kiwis who already had semi autos who wanted to keep them just hid them somewhere. I also guess that some kiwis could smuggle Semi autos in from the US, so there will be ways around the ban, but it would be terrible to have your guns taken away.
>>20120 Yup. I hate how people claim to be redpilled while they are literally donating money to a religion which goal is clearly ethnic replacement. Finding chicken that isn't halal-certified is almost impossible where I am, and as a result, I don't buy chicken any longer. Gotta make some sacrifices and not buying certain foods isn't even a big one.
(221.33 KB 552x369 Titellos_1.png)
An anon talked about fan fictions the other day and I kind of took a liking to the idea. Personally, I've always taken an interest in writing and I thought I'd put a few short stories together, intertwined with facts from his statements and media reports - the question remains: will this get me in trouble if I release them? Would it be considered propaganda or something? Obviously, the goal is to make readers - mostly fan fiction tier age - look at him in an open way by not mentioning his name so that when SHTF, they'll look at it differently. Good idea or just cringe? Pic related.
>>20118 While living like this is healthier and hurts or enemies a little, it would still be more efficient to use the time it takes to do this and spend it directly on the cause (by making money, doing activism, spreading the word, etc.). It is simply not efficient for the cause if high IQ people (I.E. most people on the chans) spend their time farming. >inb4 it doesn't take much time Obviously it takes a good amount of time. You could argue that farming is a nice hobby and it helps you relax and so on, in which case go for it. >>20120 >Let me explain >thinking anons didn't already know this. Buying from Muslims is still preferable to buying from kikes. At least with Muslims some of the money will be going to countries like Iran and organizations like Hezbollah. But overall checking each label on every product to know where it came from (and buying more expensive products as a result) is a huge waste of time, money and energy that could be spent on the cause much more efficiently.
>>20134 You could release it anonymously (under a pseudonym) and it wouldn't be anymore dangerous than posting on this board is. Also the text in the caps looks pretty decent.
>>20134 That's interesting, would read. But what was amusing about the fan fiction idea is the fact of it being written by horny girls feeeling in heat at the thought of Tarrant. For some reason this makes absolutely seethe cucks, shills and soyboys, so it would have been fun to eventually find some example of such stuff.
>>20096 t. Souf F.C.
>>20135 Everyone on here is pretty much a Muslim. You might as well convert to Islam, because you agree with pretty much everything Islam stands for. The jewish conspiracy is also the most retarded thing ever that only low IQ individuals belive. Why the hell do all the so called 'jewish media' hate Donald Trump even though he's by far the most pro-jewish and pro-Israel president ever. The people of Israel, their prime minister thinks he's incredible and almost all jews in the US love him too, but all these "jewish-ownded media corporations" hate him? Doesn't make any sense and literally no one on here can answer why. If anyone tries to raise that question they just get called a shill and whatever, clearly because it literally destroys this whole delusional conspiracy theory. Stfu with the jew stuff, it's ridiculous, and Brenton Tarrant didn't believe in it either and if he did, he would have gone after them and not the Muslims, who everyone on here seems to love so much. The reason why the media around the world are so left-wing is because Saudi Arabia and other Muslim oil states buys stakes into a bunch of news medias and you are all supporting it. After Saudi Arabia bought a 30% stake in The Independent, they immediately started to publish literally hundreds of articles about Tommy Robinson who is an Islam critic. It's also absurd to think that the jews would invade our countries with Muslims, the one religion that literally hates them the most and wants to kill them all.
>>20146 >>20146 because by saying he's a bad goy he gains more support the media lies and lies people know this so they see them saying a bad goy and their mostly anti White liberal jews so it gives justification for zog bots to like him if you seen that meme were a liberal is eating shit and says diaria is worse so a republican eats diaria because the other side hates it
(554.58 KB 909x923 the two sides of semitic coin.png)
>>20135 >Buying from Muslims is still preferable to buying from kikes. Anon, you're going to trap by allying yourself with those, who rape and murder your woman in Europe. Don't fall for semitic coin false dichotomy. Remove them both.
>>20146 Both Muslims and jews are foreigners and both must be equally fought and expelled from White countries. Stop wasting time shilling this "it's one side's fault but not the other's" crap.
(78.40 KB 850x482 noel.jpg)
>>20146 Kek, I was getting a feel you were a Tommy Robinson-tier newfag from that halal comment. The jews attack Trump because he is a symbol of White unity. Everything he campaigned on was bad for jews (anti-immigration, anti-feminism, anti- (Zionist) wars,...) and that is why they hate him. He was also heavily "anti-globalist" and "globalist" is basically a euphemism for "jew". Once elected he sold out, but the dumber jews kept hating him out of instinct. The smarter jews (basically all the neocons who were first anti-Trump) realized he was now on their side and started supporting him. I know all this sounds confusing at first. All I can say is lurk moar and start watching the William Luther Pierce videos. Remember that the most powerful organizations in the world pushing political correctness is the jewish ADL (Anti-Defamation League) >>20148 You didn't read the rest of the post. The point was simply that boycotts were useless because everything is pozzed one way or another and that large corporations are much more responsible for our open borders than Muslim organizations.
>>20138 The website forces one to publish the first chapter within a month. If you truly are interested, you can find it on AO3. There are only two 'fandom' tags - both from video games mentioned by him.
>>20153 What? Can't you just post here the links, please?
(89.64 KB 571x761 hias_jews_for_refugees.jpg)
(1.74 MB 1880x2880 CNN.jpeg)
(3.16 MB 2111x3240 Jew York Times.jpg)
(306.96 KB 1200x1200 (((MSM))).jpg)
>>20146 >jews are innocent and don't want to genocide you using replacement immigration, goy ! https://www.hias.org/1500-rabbis-sign-national-letter-calling-welcoming-refugees >msm are not controlled by jews ! it's retarded conspiracy theory ! Pics related.
Please don't derail the thread with yet another Islam vs Judaism discussion.
(46.75 KB 680x425 spurdo medical.jpg)
>>20146 >and Brenton Tarrant didn't believe in it either Brenton referenced and praised Robert Bowers (synagogue shooter) multiple times and used many symbols associated with antisemitism (aka common sense). He also praised the Nazis in his social media posts and he also mentioned jewish subversion in his manifesto, although very subtlety. >if he did, he would have gone after them and not the Muslims He chose Muslims because White people hate them more and because it would create more chaos (revenge attacks, riots, sperg outs, etc.).
(14.19 KB 878x142 tt.png)
Is this correct? Found this comment on plebbit.
>>20161 >anacondastrangler hehe
>>20161 Thank you anon, I'll read it.
>>20161 Yes, that's the one. Please note that I used to only write fictional stories or stories with fictional characters before and never did this with a real person, so apologies if my writing seems a little bit off as I have to get back into articulating my thoughts better than in this chapter. I'm working on it all, though.
>>20167 I liked it anon. Keep going.
>>20169 If people enjoy it and some unsuspecting readers start to question things, I consider it reward enough. After all, I'm having a project in mind and have to familiarize myself with my own writing style in such matters again. Before the question arises: no, I'm not planning on writing a manifesto, nothing violent in any way - in fact, the complete opposite is the case. Thank you for your comment. Have a comfy day.
>>20152 If newfag means being new here, I guess I am. I started visiting since the Brenton Tarrant's livestream but I only visit this thread for the memes, and I rarely comment on here. I probably would be a regular if it wasn't 95% about jews and 5% about Muslims.
>>20160 I get that whole thing but he obviously supported the killings of non-Whites in non-White countries, including jews. There's no proof that he believed that jews basically controlled the world.
(212.52 KB 1080x1080 kali yuga.jpg)
>>20146 >Everyone on here is pretty much a Muslim. You might as well convert to Islam, because you agree with pretty much everything Islam stands for. I'm well aware that I'm the Aryan equivalent of Wahhabi. I do not drink alcohol, I do not smoke, do drugs, am against fags, trannies, I think fornication is degenerate, I admire the warrior virtues of the jihadi much as I do the samurai. Jihad is a true traditionalist force against World jewry. The real, final redpill though is militant paganism, the doctrine of the Man Against Time as taught in the Bhagavad Gita and expounded brilliantly by Savitri Devi and embodied by Adolf Hitler. The real question is how we spread such values among people online so that it manifests into reality. They say Sharia, I say rule according to Dharma
>>20178 >DA CHOUS! You do realise that mass immigration of muslims was caused by alphabets recruiting and actively training terrorists in Pakistan, don't you? After the cold war, the USA left Pakistan, allowing ISI to grow and gain power before they sent radicalised muslim terrorists against the west. And has everyone forgotten about Headley? About 26/11? The guy was caught while making plans to bring mass terrorism to Europe after orchestrating the attack in India. Do a little bit of research. And above all, don't derail a Tarrant thread. Thank you.
>>20180 >was caused by alphabets AKA jewish proxies
>>20181 Like I wrote: don't derail the thread, make your own. I don't want to hear about these 4pol fever dreams here. I'm not ignorant to reality but that doesn't mean I have to buy into everything just for the sake of it. Last reply of mine to this topic. Have a nice evening.
>>20182 Hello. Totally agree with you.
>>20183 >Hello. Greetings, anon. How are you on this fine day?
>>20185 Stability my friend. What about you?
(1.54 MB 900x1200 Молчат.png)
>>20186 Good to hear. I'm fine, things are looking up. Listening to some Russian Doomer music on my way home [pic somewhat related] and I have finished my Brenton sculpture a couple days ago. Now trying to sort some family issues out and then we shall see. I really missed this place.
>>20178 >There's no proof that he believed that jews basically controlled the world. They don't "control the world" but they do have a massive amount of influence, especially considering the fact that they're only 2% (or even less) of the world population. They are the richest and most influential ethnic group in the world (in proportion to their size in population).
>>20189 Say the music name please, that really interesting for me. >trying to sort some family issues out I'd have done the same in your situation.
>>20191 Of course. >Больше нет - ssshhhiiieeettt >Возвращайся - angel vox >Кукушка - Виктор Цой >Спокойная ночь - Виктор Цой [Forgot to mention: basically everything by Молчат Дома, but mainly their song Клетка] Just some of my favourites. I listen to Viktor a lot lately instead of T-Fest, which is an improvement, heh. How is your insomnia? Have you gotten any better?
Edited last time by ferretb1ter on 01/30/2020 (Thu) 21:55:05.
>>20192 > I listen to Viktor a lot lately instead of T-Fest Not bad I think. (by the way I know only Viktor, lol) I'm used to insomnia already.
>>20193 >I only know Viktor His voice has something soothing but it's a shame I only found out about him last year. Additionally, I do hope you can enjoy the other songs to some degree as well, your country produces such great musicians. If you don't mind me asking, what is causing your insomnia? Perhaps I can help you somehow.
>>20194 Interesting opinion about Viktor. > what is causing your insomnia There are many factors, hehe. Don't worry about it, really. And I think I need to say sorry for my flood. Well, have a nice evening or night my friend.
>>20195 >And I think I need to say sorry for my flood. You most certainly don't, I enjoy talking to a lot of anons here. And I do hope your insomnia will, at the very least, get better. If you need some help with it at some point, though, feel free to @ me. Thank you for the conversation. Have a cozy night, my friend.
(168.24 KB 595x1293 Untitled.jpg)
(114.92 KB 992x558 y.jpg)
>>20178 >supported the killings of non-Whites in non-White countries No he didn't. He wasn't some ethnoglobe sperg.
>>20215 They all look inbred, esp bottom right
>>20151 ur mum day mhm
(14.86 KB 342x372 EMuwQEgX0AITpHn.jpeg)
This is so gonna get deleted https://youtube.com/watch?v=fqrZU5IZ5Kc
I think I might have found Brenton Tarrant's Youtube account https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv1R1NpBKWP35G_0ZzRotpQ/videos
>>20225 >published march 15 2019 >no other videos in the channel >excerpt from the manifesto that no one could have known before march 15 I think you're onto something. Please archive if possible, we know (((agencies))) and journos 100% follow these threads.
>>20220 >>20220 ur mum commits sin with ur doggo
>>20222 What was it?
>>20230 It was a catchy montage of the Christchurch footage and some scenes from the Utoya movie.
Correction have responded to my email today (send the 21 December 2019), they tell me that my mail (send the 28 November 2019) is still assessed... I imagine that is to say my letter cause problem. Otherwise once they read it they would give him the letter directly. It sounds like they want to withhold it but they can't because my letter is pretty correct I think, despite some things might be limit (like the moment where I wonder him how to give him money, the references to /pol/ or even the fact that I tell him "mate" or tell him he is based). Hope this will be ok...
>>20231 I hope someone saved it. I was going to watch it earlier when it was still up but something came up. Sounds kino. >>20232 At the very least they didn’t say that it had been rejected or anything. That is one sign that would make me have a bit of optimism. The boomers checking out those letters are probably trying to make out what the fuck you’re talking about when you use meme-slang like based or drop a /pol/ reference.
>>20232 I'm very sure it will be okay, anon. Remember, they probably get a lot of mail to process, both incoming and outgoing letters and since Brenton is a maximum security subject and one letter has already caused them problems, they might be overly cautious. But this makes me curious as to whether my letter was handed to him either - all I know is that it arrived and is needed as evidence once investigation comes to a halt. Nonetheless, it'll surely be fine with your letter, telling him that he's based shouldn't be too much of a problem. If the letter is withheld, they have to send it back to the sender. So if there was something wrong, you would've probably received it. Don't worry.
>>20232 Sorry to hear that anon. You will be sure that the letter has been rejected when they'll send it back to you, otherwise they will probably take time to censor it and then hand it to Brenton. I hope he'll read it, and especially that he'll be allowed to respond.
>>20237 >GIB MORE MONIES FOR DEM MUZZIES, YOU FILTHY KUFFAR! I wonder how many millions of shekels have been provided for White victims of islamic terrorism.
>>20237 I couldn't even read the full article it was so cringe. The invaders' audacity to demand more and more from us is astounding, only makes me hate them more. I'm tired of hearing from them and marxists how we need more diversity wherever White people are, and how we're all told it will be great for us, it will enrich us. No. Everybody BUT Whites benefit from this invasion. We have to suffer and bend over backwards just to appease these invading scum. In return, they eat up our welfare, bring violence and crime everywhere they go and chase us out of our own neighborhoods, slaughter us, rape our women and children, desecrate everything we used to value and should be protecting, and so much more, and yet they still have the audacity to tell us how good and innocent they are. Yet Whites still, despite whatever political views, cuck en mass for them and just let it happen. A White nationalist standing by watching is just as bad as the marxists and I don't give a shit what the hell any of you say. They are torturing us every day, but say something and you are the monster. One White man finally has the will to fight back and all White people are made out to be monsters. I'm tired of it all. Brenton Tarrant should be hailed a hero. He did nothing wrong - he was just culturally enriching Muslims, kek. Anyways, I'm probably rambling now, sorry for my little rant. I got back from gulag indoctrination camp (school) a few hours ago and suffered through some more marxist indoctrination so I'm already on edge. Everything is so tiresome. It's all getting on my last fucking nerve haha I feel like I'm going insane.
>>20240 We all know that feel anon.
>>20231 with shitty nigger music
(4.04 MB 2383x1655 bt65.png)
(187.15 KB 850x400 tarrant quote NEW.png)
(415.01 KB 817x1197 brenton.jpg)
>>20240 It's only going to get worse
I wonder how it feels like to have killed 51 people (if you can call them that). Most soldiers don't kill anywhere near that... And Tarrant was a gamer who picked up a gun and trained with it for a while, not a super-soldier. He must feel like a god, to have had such an impact on others. It will be epic I'm sure, when he is in court again and they read the whole list of charges, name after name. I'm certain he will sit there smiling. No doubt any journalists present will make indignant remarks about it.
>>20237 >Muslim women said wearing hijab and burqa is a real hindrance in finding employment. > >"It feels as though there is a certain image of what a New Zealander is, and I don't fit that description," one person told the OEC. Wahhhh New Zealanders are providing token reistence to my their invasion by foreign blakcbloods wahhhh
>>20240 >why wont somebody do something?
(186.71 KB 728x727 smile tarrant.jpg)
>>20247 >I'm certain he will sit there smiling. God I'd love to see that
Even from behind bars, Brenton and Breivik have become the de facto leaders of our movement. They set the aesthetic, they set the rough policy. The only ones with any claim to authority for setting our future are those few brave effortposters. Nobody can claim our movement without their blessing at this point, and without paying them homage
>>20254 It might up the kino if you (if you're the author) works in some aspects of the second quote here >>20244 too.
>>20255 Actual author here. I'll see how I can incorporate it - might also copy-paste the entire story once it's finished to shill it on other websites, such as Tumblr or Wattpad; maybe it'll grind some gears. Thank you very much for the suggestion. I'm always happy to hear about people's ideas and inputs.
(321.56 KB 400x400 courtbantmaster.gif)
>>20240 I know things are bad, worse than bad. We wake up every morning to a world that doesn't want us anymore, we continue to run circles, always answering the same questions, our words hitting ears deaf for our voices. At times, I, too, feel as if everyone around me is trapped in a bubble where no matter how loud I scream, they won't hear me. And I'm left all alone in a world full of people. Sometimes, I'd walk down streets and hear people discussing sports, talking about fashion and it leaves me wondering how they do it - how is it possible for them to comatose toward death, in a state of blindness while our world is starting to crumble and not long after, I'd be left with despair. The motivation and calmness I had for some time is no longer present, the times where I'd sheepishly post threads on 4pol to cheer others up over. I understand where you're coming from. When I begin to feel this wave of sadness and when hope is starting to leave me, I come on here, lurking for some time and only occasionally posting. I used to interact with anons a lot more but now I'm worried to do that. Not for me but for them. Yet it is most certainly another obstacle I will overcome as thanks to Him and those posting here, I manage to find motivation even during times that rob me of any will to continue. But you know what? Not once did I question if the path I chose is wrong. Not once did I think about giving up to try and do my part. There is no one alive who can change my mind. It doesn't matter how bad some days are or how blackpilled one is - what you got to remember is that Brenton did what he did for you and me, for all of us. He has to be the one reason you get up in the morning and his ideals have to become your own. Everyone has bad days, trust me. Yet they exist to make you stronger, reinforce your beliefs and motivations. We have to have these times to remind us why we chose the side we're on now and to do our best for Brenton, for each other, for our race. Never give in to madness and ignorance - always remember Him and His deed.
>>20263 Also people like you inspire, my friend.
>>20263 This is a very touching comment. Thank you anon, be blessed.
(306.46 KB 660x1150 CHRISTCHURCH.jpg)
(102.80 KB 1080x725 IMG_20200201_103654.jpg)
(71.05 KB 1080x786 IMG_20200201_125320.jpg)
(132.24 KB 1080x1188 IMG_20200201_123956.jpg)
>>20233 Yes it's already that, I still have a little hope. I had seen in an article that they have formed their team to understand the /pol/ slang kek. It's seems to me that the letters withholded by staff are given to the judge for a final decision, so they have probably give him my letter. I have also again send a postcard to Brenton yesterday (first pic related), but perhaps I would have removed the non-blurred part if I had received their answer only few hours before, I maybe a little too flare up kek. Hope my pepe (second pic) and these 2 drawings of our Russian artist will be ok kek >>20234 >Investigation Are you the austrianon ? If it is the case, didn't you say on a 4/pol/ thread that you called the jail and they tell you that your letter has been given to Brenton ? I don't know if my letter will be gave to him, perhaps that I have too much put him on a pedestal for them kek. He deserves to be considered as an hero but don't sure that them they really appreciate... Otherwise yes I think they send me my letter, they tell me "once assessed, the mail will either be provided to the prisoner or returned to you" like you can see in my third pic related. But Just above he says it's only generally returned, so not in all cases. >>20235 They should just strike out the words they don't like in my letter kek. And sorry at all for my retarded english
White supremacist Coast Guard officer jailed for 13 years https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-51337277 >A former US Coast Guard officer has been jailed for 13 years for stockpiling weapons to carry out an alleged White supremacist attack. Basically: >guy does google searches about Minecraft >cops raid him >find painkillers without subscription >guy owns guns >he's a "drug user" so he's not allowed to own fire arms >guy goes to prison for 13 years The authorities claim he was going to commit mass murder. The article is kind of weird. At times the guy seems very smart, but at others he seems extremely dumb, like searching for Minecraft shit on his Coast Guard work computer. It's probably because he's a boomer.
>>20270 Good day, French anon, glad to see you here. >didn't you say on a 4/pol/ thread that you called the jail and they tell you that your letter has been given to Brenton ? No. I called them to ask what contents are allowed in a letter; the second call was to ask whether my letter arrived - which they confirmed. I didn't ask if it was handed to Brenton.
(320.03 KB 884x1024 trash.jpg)
>>20272 quoting from the article >Hasson's web searches, on mass shootings and biological warfare, triggered an investigation by the Coast Guard after they were flagged up by software on his work computer. Yeah, first of all the guy was dumb enough to do this, secondly he illegally amassed guns and got caught >officers found a cache of 15 firearms - which, as a drug user, Hasson was banned from owning - and two illegal gun silencers. He was also in possession of the narcotic Tramadol without a prescription. Then the prosecutors added the White supremacist and terrorism threat to the bunch. People like Tarrant and Breivik were able to accomplish their plans because they were careful in not drawing attention to themselves. >>20270 I remember you from 4ch*n, frenchanon. Welcome and thank you for your update about mail to Brenton. If you'll allow me to give you a disinterested piece of advice, you should be very careful with the informations about yourself you disclose online, especially on websites like 4ch*n. There are very nasty people that would gladly dox you just for the lulz putting your safety in danger, and as we know there are also lots of nefarious individuals (leftists, journalists, "activists") that will tip you to police/(((government)))al agencies and find any pretext to get you in trouble and make an example out of you. Demoralization and witch hunts against White nationalists are carried out very strongly since Christchurch, and we are now aware that 4ch*n is a giant datamine/honeypot. I don't mean to scare you with my words, but one is never cautious enough with privacy and safety. So if you are a girl you might want to apply extra care in handling these matters, especially since your posts are easily recognizable. Good luck with the letters and stay safe, please.
https://youtu.be/jIS4jouaius https://youtu.be/XyQkTqFB1rs https://youtu.be/qsLAb-iHDlM https://youtu.be/V_Ek-a1Bnic "Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit at home and think about it. Go out and get busy." - Dale Carnegie "Always it is the many who fight for the evil thing, and the few who fight for the good thing; and always it is the few who win. For God fights with the small battalions." - Pádraig Pearse
(696.33 KB 542x607 paulie2.PNG)
>he killed 51 Muslims. Guy was an interior decorator.
Anyone have Bowers Earnest or Crusius address for mail
Found on 8kun
(38.74 KB 750x344 nzep33uk2qg31.jpg)
(363.49 KB 2518x1024 chad martyr virgin memer.png)
>>20294 Funny how in reality it's the exact opposite.
>>20297 Except that Brenton is chad af
>>20297 >kamikazing yourself in the name of a desert semitic pedophile god >chad I am no expert but it looks like sandniggers on /islam/ are bad at memes
>>20303 They are desparately trying to recruit us to their jewish sub religion
>>20306 The way they seethe at Brenton truly amuses me.
>>20303 >not chad Read Evola
Did Brenton have a girlfriend? I don't remember any mention of it in the media
>>20263 Thank you. I appreciate your effort, but there really is nothing anyone can say that will make me feel any better. I can't see the bright side of anything anymore. I have been blackpilled for a long time now, my life so far has been nothing but shit and I really don't see a future for me in the eroding state that the west is currently in. How unfortunate are we to be born into such times and have to try to stop a situation that we never had any control over - a situation that shouldn't even be happening. The previous generations helped cause this mess, and now we have to live with it because of them. So unfair. My blood boils when I think about all of the innocent Whites who have suffered and been killed due to this disgusting situation with nothing to do with it whatsoever and their only fault being that they were born at the wrong time. It hurts to think that they could actually still be alive living out their own lives right now had things been different, but it was instead taken from them. I can never unsee the picture of Ebba's dead body torn apart in the street, it is forever burned in my mind. Her death was so brutal, I can't even imagine how she must've felt in her final moments, she must've been so scared. That is what radicalized me, not some anime image boards, and that is why the chosenites are so hellbent on downplaying White victims, White children especially. To know that they'd sweep our people under the rug to rather protect the invaders' visage just makes me even angrier. I didn't even know Ebba existed until I read Brenton's manifesto. I just reread it recently and it still has the same effect as it did 10 months ago. I think about Brenton all the time, he is one of the very few reasons as to why I haven't killed myself yet. He actually gave me a little bit of hope for once. But it pains me to think he's probably going to be spending the rest of his life locked away when he deserves so much better. I am sorry he had to sacrifice his life. He, too, is just as much a victim of our unfortunate times. As much as I am proud that he did his part in trying to stop this mess, I also feel sorrow knowing he could've lived out a normal life and had a family of his own if only things had been different. I do understand why he did what he did, yes I feel the same way. I wish I could stop all of the cancer that has enveloped our civilization so that our children and grandchildren and future generations don't have to suffer like us. As much as I once yearned to have a family and live out a normal life, I have realized that it's impossible these days, and even if I tried, I couldn't live with myself knowing our children's future is going to be awful and that I did nothing, not even try to stop this cancer. If you thought our current situation was bad, then look just forty years ahead if unstopped, when a lot of us will be minorities in our own countries. It will be a hundred times worse than what it's like now. I can see it being something like South Africa. Absolute hell. It's so hard to feel hopeful anymore... sometimes I envy those normies who go crazy over insignificant things like football and fashion and celebrity trends and whatnot. It reminds me of when I was a normie, and I honestly kinda miss being ignorantly blissful, kek I hope what I said made any sense, I just have so much on my mind and so much to say, I feel like I'm all over the place
>>20316 Hang in there, anon Don’t forget we have the blood of heroes in our vanes and all that gay shit
(2.04 MB 1333x850 bt10.png)
>>20316 >How unfortunate are we to be born into such times and have to try to stop a situation that we never had any control over - a situation that shouldn't even be happening. The blackpill ends in nothing but despair and falling downwards. You've just got to think of it as the natural cycle of civilizations. They are born, they flourish, and then they die. We are witnessing the death, but the rebirth will follow - provided that one is able to change themselves from passive despair to action. I've often had similar thoughts as you, but through my reading I've realized that it is precisely in this period of decadence and in the time of struggle to come that we as a people will be able to reach our highest potentials. I remember once reading in Evola's Metaphysics of War that in certain Aryan traditions it was considered not to be a misfortune to be born in the Dark Age, but often a blessing in disguise, for it is precisely now in this period of time that we who resist in spite of all will be able to reach heights which those who were born in more favorable, more luxurious periods would never be able to reach. I'd also recommend "The Lightning and the Sun" by Savitri Devi to understand her classification of people in the Kali Yuga into three types: men “in Time”, men “above Time”, and men “Against Time”. Men “in Time” are those who follow the course of decay and decline in this age, going with the flow. Men “above Time” know that bringing about the Golden Age in the midst of the Dark Age is impossible, so they often strive for individual salvation, watching the men “in Time” from a distance, liberated and aloof. The Man “against Time” embodies Golden Age values and the methods of the Kali Yuga – a yogi in spirit and a warrior in action. They have knowledge of the eternal values like the man “above Time”, but to establish an order in accordance with Truth they realize they must live outwardly like a man “in Time” to achieve these goals, using ruthless, merciless, selfless violence in pursuit of them if necessary. The man “in Time” is like lightning, a destructive force of nature. The man “above Time” is like the Sun, radiant but distant, while men “against Time” embody to various degrees both Lightning and Sun qualities. Adolf Hitler is the most perfect example of a man against Time to date, though one will follow. We are all called onto to be men against Time. Even if one does not buy into the esoteric dimensions of stuff like Evola or Savitri Devi, this can be thought of secularly as well in a way I'm sure you can think of without me having to explain it. The Lightning and the Sun is one of the most important and powerful National Socialist books ever written and completely changed my view of Hitler and the world that we are living in. >I think about Brenton all the time, he is one of the very few reasons as to why I haven't killed myself yet. "Don't forget your duty to your people". If you die, let it be a death that contextualizes all that came before it. There is nothing more effeminate than a death through despair, or in a hospital bed. Even if you take nothing else from my post I want you to watch this short video and reflect on what this man said, and how he chose to leave life: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvRP3BIwexU He used to be a weakling and pussy, but took it upon himself to live as an actor, seen by all, no longer a passive member in the audience. He perfected himself, fought for what he stood for and then went out on his own terms. He quite literally turned his life into a beautiful work of art. >sometimes I envy those normies who go crazy over insignificant things like football and fashion and celebrity trends and whatnot. It reminds me of when I was a normie, and I honestly kinda miss being ignorantly blissful, kek Don't. They are animals
(558.05 KB 1000x562 the-irishman.jpeg)
>>20283 >I hear he paints mosques.
>>20316 >It reminds me of when I was a normie, and I honestly kinda miss being ignorantly blissful, kek Trust me I have that thought from time to time, considering that I have to work with people who don't know the JQ at all and think Trump is a nazhee. I feel you, anon, I really do.
>>20316 We are literally already a minority in our own countries. A few year ago it officially passed that for all people under 15 years old in the USA. And that is with what the census counts as White. I'm sure you've seen the mugshots of "White hispanics" and other muslim shits. We can no longer allow people to call brown people minorities because it simply is not true for anyone but boomers in their own communities.
>>20318 Don't spread that Yukio guy he was an actual faggot
(19.36 MB 720x1152 YouCut_20200202_081031774.mp4)
>>20316 I come from where you are right now. To me, the world used to be a shithole full of violence against our people due to time unwisely spent on 4pol. I used to feed my mind with videos put up there, knowing they would just upset me - I'm sure some people here have seen the video of the beaten White boy having his neck cut by blacks. This in itself, meaning me continuously watching these types of videos, reading all the articles posted without questioning their legitimacy was, in essence, a form of self harm. It sent me down a hole from where I thought I could never escape, nor did I want to. I just sat there, losing joy in so many things I used to take pleasure in, my mind decaying rapidly and my will to live almost completely gone. To me, only the worst was existing, all the beauty of our world simply illusions I couldn't grasp. Yet just during this time, when it seemed I was blackpilled beyond reason, beyond escape, Brenton made his move in Christchurch. I caught on mere hours after it had happened and let me tell you: seeing him moving without hesitation, with a determination that dwarfed every doubt I myself could've possibly had during the months that had passed was the wakeup call I longed for in a time of utter despair. Once I read his manifesto, I can tell you that for the first time in months, I had a genuine smile on my face - I could feel his rage as I related to what he had written, I felt the excitement I had lost for too long. This was the moment I took my first and only Whitepill that outdid every single blackpill I had been subjected to before. Since that time, I never looked back, I never lost the courage I have gained now and for that, for receiving strength and hope, I will always be grateful for his deed. Now of course, shit still hits the fan for me sometimes but such is life - but instead of taking to blackpills, I do what is needed to motivate myself. Your situation is no different from those of so many young White men and women who long for escape and death seems to be a quick way out. No. Never give up. It's what they want - they want to destroy you, take everything you have and walk over your mental corpse toward their own future where they won. DO NOT LET THEM WIN. Fight against the blackpill. Your life is yours and yours only, you decide how you spend it, you decide what to do and what not to do. Live, wake up to the Whitepill and start your journey toward a better future for all White people. Be a ray of hope for someone else who's at the very bottom, desperate for someone to show them that there is still light left. Know what you can carry and aim for achievable greatness - realise that the world is shit but never lose sight of the beauty that is still worth saving. Brenton gave everything he had to his people. It is our duty to ensure it wasn't for nothing. We have to do what we can to be a better example for others to one day, achieve greatness together. Godspeed, anons. Never give up.
(47.60 KB 634x423 room.jpg)
(638.46 KB 522x611 chrissy pine.PNG)
>>20283 >his house looked like shit
>>20180 It's actually (((your greatest allies))), who's responsible for endless wars in middle east, with their desire to force "Oded-Yinon plan" and this cause flood of rapefugees into Western countries. Don't derail the thread with your kosher faggotry and learn which Brenton ideological views actually is and why he used this "Crusader LARP" tactic.
>>20325 >renowned writer >went from a frail intellectual to a bodybuilder chad >married, reproduced >had his own militia >died a warrior’s death >opposed westernization and degeneration of Japan Far more redpilled in certain senses and talented than anyone here, no doubt, minor issues aside.
(29.57 KB 835x477 Alahoo Agbar.png)
Part and Parcel https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-london-51349664 >Streatham: Man shot dead by police after stabbings in London >A man has been shot dead by officers in a "terrorist-related" incident in south London, the Met Police have said. >It is believed two people have been injured in stabbings on Streatham High Road.
>>20334 Beat me to it
>>20333 >minor issues lmao. May as well post Jack Donovan while you're at it. Fucking faggot
>>20334 Can we just get more arabs to start stabbing, so they can get shot by cops? If the entire muslime male population attacked at once they could be culled at once. I think most slimes are on their phone chat apps, or facebook or twitter. So we could instigate there if we could fly under the radar. Otherwise we'd need to do spectacular stunts that egg them on.
>>20338 Are we really going to pretend that one character flaw discredits everything a man ever did or said or that there is no difference between a homosexual like Mishima and one of the freaks we see strutting around in corporate-funded (((pride parades)))? And fuck muh Jack Donovan, he's a nobody. He was not a perfect man, no, but he practiced what he preached and wanted to save Japan from what it has become today.
>>20273 Good day to you too Austriabro. I'm lurking here since one month, your story have a tiny afraid me, but I finished by posting kek. By the way good luck with all this shit, stay strong friend. >No. I called them to ask what contents are allowed in a letter; the second call was to ask whether my letter arrived - which they confirmed. I didn't ask if it was handed to Brenton. Ah shit, I misunderstood. >>20275 Thanks. Yes I know you're right, I'm more careful now, I stopped namefagging kek
(50.36 KB 750x445 1119511.jpg)
>>20341 There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of non-homos more worthy of attention than the body cult of some baste cum eating husbando. That shit is insidious cancer, not anywhere in the same league as Tarrant.
>>20341 There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of non-homos more worthy of attention than the body cult of some baste cum eating husbando. That shit is insidious cancer, not anywhere in the same league as Tarrant.
>>20345 I disagree with your characterization of him, but I don't want to derail the thread anymore over this so we'll just agree to disagree I guess. Regardless of what you think of him as a whole, the video that I posted I think had a good message worthy of being taken seriously
>>20357 >I will have to check those books out Definitely do, especially if you are a big reader like I am. If you want to read any more good nationalist books that will inspire you I wholeheartedly recommend Corneliu Zelea Codreanu's "For My Legionaries". He was an inspiration for Tarrant as well (see pic with the Iron Guard symbol on top of the sight). Reading that book I was time and time again blown away at the leadership ability and character that this man possessed, how he endured such great suffering. The jews and the shabbos goyim controlling Romania harassed him and his group continuously for going and helping the people, so they executed him in cold blood. It is a tragic, yet inspiring book. >I agree that dying an honorable death, going out in style while fighting for something is much more admirable and ideal. Live with purpose, die with purpose. Don't have regrets. It's good too that you are going to pursue self-improvement before moving onto greater things. One can't expect to help his people if he can't first perfect himself. Best of luck.
(463.03 KB 737x599 tony phone.PNG)
>>20283 >The guy you're looking for is and ex-Navy SEAL. He has over 300 confirmed kills.
>send Corrections visitor application months ago >they finally answer >'you have been approved for a visit' >can't make it anymore due to being put on a watchlist shortly after and the approval has been revoked What is your immediate reaction? [Note that this is a hypothetical scenario and is in no way related to real life events - I'm just curious and need to pass time.]
>>19937 I tried to make a version more fluid, less choppy and with a better audio quality. But I have the impression that I forgot some parts, I will re check tomorrow https://anonfile.com/Pb92p2T8nb/SaintesParoles_mp3
(29.84 KB 360x460 way-1.jpg)
>>20338 >>20341 >Jack Donovan >Fucking faggot >he's a nobody Just because he's a homo doesn't mean he cannot write you simpleton fucks. Have either of you actually read anything of his writing. Read pic related and tell me he's a weak faggot. I bet he could beat your fucking head in.
>>20373 next thing your going to say is da greeks were homosexuals
>>20373 What great achievements or deeds has Donovan accomplished? At least when that one anon points to Mishima we have an example of a man who wrote numerous books, plays, was physically fit, led a militia that trained with the Japanese military, and died a brutal and gruesome death by his own hand. Donovan seems like a LARPer who thinks he’s qualified to teach “the way of men”. If I want to know the way of men I’ll look to people like Hitler, Tarrant, Codreanu, Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great and many others. I don’t need some tatted up American homosexual to teach me how to be a man.
(99.64 KB 1024x536 Untitled-1-1024x536.jpg)
>>20374 Or the Romans. Jack Donovan even talks about this in his first book. Here is a direct quote from the FAQ section of his website: ANDROPHILIA I wrote a book titled Androphilia in 2007. The main idea behind the book was that sexuality shouldn’t define a man, and that experiencing some homosexual attraction doesn’t mean that you have to choose to behave effeminately. Sexuality is a poor axis for primary identity. Men are men regardless, and I believe that they should strive to earn the respect and honor of other men. I pulled Androphilia out of print in 2017, because I followed my own advice and transcended both that identity and that sexuality. I prefer to be defined by my own accomplishments and to be known for my commitment to helping men navigate the challenges of living a masculine life in the 21st Century. I do not promote or discourage homosexuality. I do encourage stable, accomplished men who want children to find a woman and start families. I’m convinced at this point that it is probably the best life for most men. My path has always been different, and I’ll probably live out the remainder of my years as a classical “Roman” playboy in this cosmopolitan Empire of Nothing. END QUOTE Here is an older video where he was much younger and had just published that book: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=meLmupt5oWs Compare that with this much more recent video where he explains a concept called 'flamboyant dishonour' from his later book The Way of Men: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yoepSJTU0t0 Further reading on this phenomenon (which will have to be addressed by our movement sooner or later, as these people are potential allies in our fight against the ZOG!) from the media: Mainstream: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcthree/article/38039011-1cef-43e7-9098-e373e77a9ee5 Alternative: https://www.counter-currents.com/2010/10/jack-malebranches-androphilia-a-manifesto/ In summary, sure he has tattoos, has engaged in faggotry etc, but his contribution towards the concepts and literature on masculinity has been substantial and shouldn't be disregarded. He is literally red-pilling pooftas and faggots. Think about that for a second.
>>20376 There are many more accomplished men out there. I never said he was great or a "man of action" as he would put it. He even admits he is more "a man of abstraction" and intellectual pursuit; more philosopher than warrior. All I am saying is do not disregard his works purely because of his character or identity. Examine, discuss and attack his arguments, not the man.
>>20377 You fucking cum drinkers ruin everything. We don't want you, fuck off.
>>20377 >I do encourage stable, accomplished men who want children to find a woman and start families. I’m convinced at this point that it is probably the best life for most men. Damn who would’ve thought that our God-ordained natural states would be the best for us. Truly the reddest of pills.
>>20378 > He even admits he is more "a man of abstraction" and intellectual pursuit; more philosopher than warrior AKA degenerate. Hitler preached the development of body and mind, as did Jonathan Bowden, as did Mishima (in Sun and Steel). You're useless if you spend your life thinking idly but not putting those ideas into practice.
>>20380 I'm straighter than a spirit level mate so you can fuck right off. “If his forces are united, separate them.” ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War Gay men are part of ZOG's forces, why not create division and harness the hatred inside the gay mans heart at what he is and direct it at the enemy? >>20384 Damn straight. I wholeheartedly agree. >>20385 Does pic related look like a man who neglects physical development? I am unsure though about potential androgen use. / Thanks for making me play devils' advocate for a muscled homo writer.
>>20386 Stop being such a faggot. Go away and start your own thread, no one here cares about your homosexual fantasies.
>>20388 TFW you get btfo'd by the dubs!
>>20388 HEILED
>From the video and GPS, I pinpointed the routes that Brenton Tarrant took during the attacks https://old.Plebbit.com/r/masskillers/comments/exrb4b/from_the_video_and_gps_i_pinpointed_the_routes/
(60.33 KB 461x678 das reich.jpg)
>>20388 Heiled
>>20360 1st Grade Shitposter, kek. P.S: What soft did you use and how to do this effect ? I wanna try to do the same with others /our guys/ too.
>>20243 I'm sure you consider any music other than classical music "shitty nigger music".
(308.31 KB 1272x1064 pilgrimage1.jpg)
(695.52 KB 1929x1569 pilgrimage2.jpg)
>>20401 The Saint Tarrant Pilgrimage has been mapped out.
(105.55 KB 676x380 IRL shitposter 3.jpg)
>>20408 Rightfully so, folk songs aside
>>20410 Him stopping the car just shy of the entrance to the second mosque as he jumps out of it, rifle in hand and opening fire. Sirens start to blare in the distance. "Yeah, yeah give me a few more seconds!" He quickly makes his way through the hallway and shoots down every person in sight, always cautious of his surroundings. Sirens approach, he realizes he's running out of time. Seconds after, he retreats, knowing he will for sure have higher chances of surviving if away from the confined area. So he drops his rifle and runs out toward his car, two muslims making their way over through the parking space, confused as to what happened - the media will report they had bravely chased Brenton away later on. Wheels squeak as he speeds off, the police now only two blocks away - he quickly plays Gas Gas Gas one more time while passing a side road where a police car, called in for aid in apprehending the suspect, suddenly spots him. His adrenaline is through the roof and you can feel it, too. He can see two police cars now in his rear mirror, they come closer but not close enough to catch Brenton. Suddenly, from the corner of his eye, he sees something coming toward him, he hears the sound of another car quickly approaching. "Fuck off, cunt!" There is a deafening crash, his Subaru hits the sidewalk, tilted upward and unable to move anymore. "Show your hands!" "Get the fuck out!" We see two policemen, guns aimed at him. "Don't shoot, I'm a soldier!" He's told to shut the fuck up as police cars try to secure the area. "I have a bomb, it's in the trunk! Don't shoot!" The last images we see are the faces of two policemen as he's staring up at them as he's pulled out of his Subaru and the last thing we hear before the stream cuts off is the sound of metal hitting skin and bone. "AH!" Imagine the kino. I'll forever be upset we never got to see this and probably never will.
(110.09 KB 676x380 IRL shitposter 4.jpg)
>>20411 Second version.
(281.70 KB 1211x1404 bt88.png)
>>20417 NOICE!
>>20417 >mfw the saint almost got tackled by a Muslim
>>20417 >'Jaquinda Ardern re-elected' Kind of thought you'd release a new piece of your incredible art soon. Flawless work, as always, my friend.
>>20417 I can see me using this a lot in the future. You should also make a really smug and self-satisfied version of him munching on popcorn too.
>>20422 I suggested him a version of Brenton eating kebab, once.
>>20423 >no Steinlager
>>20424 kek I am not the author
>>20425 Don't worry, it's not a critique - but have you ever tried Steinlager? I attempted to purchase it from shops but they don't have it here; yet I'm curious as to what the taste is like. Some anon described it as 'more water than beer'. Can anyone confirm this?
>>20423 >yfw effortposters start geting corporate sponsorships
>>20407 It's not mine. Can't remember where I found it, but I think it was from one of the old memetic warfare threads on 8/Pol/.
(288.61 KB 751x899 buzz.png)
(120.52 KB 826x617 afraid.jpg)
(67.79 KB 800x514 iritating.jpg)
(108.15 KB 800x800 mom.jpg)
(50.93 KB 498x422 friday.jpg)
(113.19 KB 638x517 food.jpg)
(109.06 KB 892x1096 one more.jpg)
(177.08 KB 856x1080 sleep.jpg)
>>20431 I fixed some memes from the article. You guys can join in if you want: https://www.buzzfeed.com/jennaguillaume/australian-memes I got to around number 44.
(73.47 KB 800x801 coin.jfif)
(41.14 KB 612x492 clothes.jfif)
(66.22 KB 800x883 protec.jfif)
(52.12 KB 611x625 tv.jfif)
(876.69 KB 777x859 headaches.PNG)
These all had potential as well, I just didn't quite know what to do with them. I also suck at shooping.
(67.58 KB 800x534 superbowl.jpg)
(75.11 KB 590x603 want.jpg)
(105.83 KB 800x745 years.jpg)
>>20431 Here's some more.
(54.73 KB 777x859 australian headache.jpg)
(17.34 KB 355x355 tackler.jpg)
(37.64 KB 474x472 treason.jpg)
(87.73 KB 1282x1068 ww3lisa.jpg)
(54.58 KB 720x901 husbandu.jpg)
>>20438 >>20439 >>20441 >>20442 >>20443 You can post multiple pics in one post
(89.37 KB 1095x730 daijouboudesu.jpg)
>>20444 Sorry I'm posting them as I make them
>>20439 >terror victims Change this to "the funeral costs of the 51 invaders killed in the Christchurch attacks"
>>20445 Do you think Brenton Tarrant is aware of Crusius? If so, I bet he's proud.
(41.30 KB 750x480 also searchfor.jpg)
(74.34 KB 1200x675 cool guy.jpg)
(4.56 KB 170x192 thumbbrentan.jpg)
(321.02 KB 1280x905 bt drawing.png)
(51.79 KB 680x510 gamers rise up.jpg)
(103.01 KB 800x847 brenton-tarrant-666-trips.jpg)
(1015.67 KB 962x778 crusius screw your optics.png)
(149.87 KB 301x399 Stfu beaner crusius.png)
>>20449 I could see him becoming aware of it eventually, during the trial at latest, especially since stuff like Earnest and Crusius are the direct result of Tarrant's attacks. Slightly off-topic, but I've noticed that people's attitude towards Saint Patrick has warmed a bit since August.
(112.26 KB 600x303 Arrested-For-Memes.jpg)
(84.72 KB 1280x892 a fucking faggot.jpg)
(210.64 KB 1000x1000 portraite-brenton-tarrant.png)
(38.30 KB 521x633 blunt.jpg)
(131.36 KB 1280x720 tgr graphic.jpg)
(131.45 KB 800x420 the-great-replacementraft.jpg)
(83.02 KB 875x875 geniden.jpg)
(105.33 KB 1280x720 chucke1488.jpg)
(87.44 KB 1368x625 yes2.jpg)
>>20452 >Slightly off-topic, but I've noticed that people's attitude towards Saint Patrick has warmed a bit since August. Part of it I think is that the media used a photo of him that wasn't flattering at all. Incredible how superficial people can be, with even White nationalists judging a man not by his heroic deeds, but by his looks. Turns out he looked pretty normal in better photos/video anyway. Could also be that there's a koshervative streak in American WN that makes them have a soft spot for beaners and/or Walmart.
(71.73 KB 600x528 keks.jpg)
>>20462 >Americans have a soft spot for Walmart
(52.30 KB 800x514 iritating2.jpg)
>>20432 >second pic I accidentally used the wrong pic
(45.15 KB 518x679 arrested.jpg)
>>20452 For this guy specifically, I think e just didn't know much about him until more recently. During that happening there was an information blackout and lots of other confusing events going on so it was fog of war. Having his own thread here helped big time too
(217.11 KB 985x554 patrick crusius.jpg)
>>20462 >I think is that the media used a photo of him that wasn't flattering at all I agree that that likely has a lot to do with it. I try to look beyond such things as looks, especially in such situations as this, but I admit I was a little irritated for it looking like this dude fell into all of the negative stereotypes from the first pic released (incel shit), but of course it was all just fake news and pics from his awkward teen years. He's just looks like an average young man of serious disposition. This is the same shit they tried with Manshaus
>>20470 >those power bangs to hide his power level I guess they all know, now
>>20452 Only faggots hated Crusius
(1.41 MB 800x1109 st patrick.png)
>>20473 If we say that high score is a reasonable approximation of capability then Crusius has the strongest claim to third in command of our movement. So I'd hope nobody would disrespect a superior officer.
When the fuck did these threads go from awesome memes and content to beingthe equivalent of a fat goth fangirl's Columbine page?
>>20484 I see plenty of both, lately the thread tends to derail because there's lack of news (no disciples, no happenings and media obey on censoring the Saint).
(1.57 MB 1000x1200 Titelloses 39.png)
(1.29 MB 900x1200 20200204_085845.png)
(902.48 KB 900x729 ssshhhiiieeettt.png)
>>20484 Well, no one's stopping you from opening discussion points. You have art and memes about Brenton to share? Feel free to do so. You need some information? Fire away. But what you have to understand is that news on him are slow so naturally, the topics may drift off a bit. But get creative, post your own opinion on things and anons might weigh in - just don't be, excuse my language, a faggot toward him and it'll make for good content. Have a blessed day.
>>20486 I like the drawing very much, anon.
>>20487 I'm very glad you do. Currently, I have a lot of ideas for Brenton drawings floating around but I can't seem to bring them to paper due to a lack of focus, heh. Wish you a blissful day.
>>20421 >>20422 Thanks a lot. I drew two sketches yesterday. Today or tomorrow I'll finish them. >>20486 Glad to see this drawing again, my friend. Can I redraw it?
>>20489 Of course you can. And I'm looking forward to your sketches, be well.
>>20490 Thank you, have a nice day.
>>20484 Big tiddy goth girls have always posted here, anon.
>>20473 lol, is the text under the photo real?
>>20493 Yes as far as I know
>>20492 Source of your claim? >>20493 Yes. >>20452 >I've noticed that people's attitude towards Saint Patrick has warmed a bit since August. The deradicalization shills have been on overdrive since El Paso, and shitting on the disciples has been going on non-stop for months. Especially for Crusius, spreading his pictures where he looks ugly and "incel-ish" and claiming he is a jew were the main demoralization strategies - for further proof just read the Crusius thread on this very board to have a gist of what we have to deal with in regard to derad-demoralization agents. Since there is a lack of copycats since october, I assume the derad officers have slowed down their activity (reminder that these activities have a cost, so in theory resources are distributed where/when needed). I guess the monitoring keeps going non-stop, but the active shilling efforts go where they deem them needed. Hello to any monitoring agent reading my posts.
>>20495 >Source of your claim? >>17387
How can I find a big tiddy Brenton-poster wife, bros?
>>20497 Tumbler, probably just remember to scratch her ass though
>>20498 >just remember to scratch her ass though As any true Siegepilled Aryan male would do
>>20496 Uhm, tiddies are ok, not sure about the goth part though. >>20498 >tumblr After Christchurch and all the frenzy of Tarrantposting on various boards I went there out of curiosity to see if there was a Columbine-like fanbase developing, but I didn't find any (there were some Breivik related contents though). I never went to check again as of late.
>>20504 >not sure about the goth part though. It makes her slow transformation into a loving mother of Aryan children even better as she slowly forgoes those things
>>20506 lol, she's a retarded bitch that keeps posting feminist bullshit all over this board. I linked the comment for the lulz.
>>20508 I was talking in a general sense kek, the bitch you linked is a well known attention-whore. She was plastering her tits all over /fascist/ over on Julay before she was bullied off and called a whore
>>20509 Are you blind? Different hair and different tits (not to mention different handwriting). Now stop derailing please, back to business.
>>20504 Interesting thought. It might be because the event is still very recent and still present in the minds of society, so any possible fangirl wouldn't have the courage to start a blog about it. Furthermore, I think BT is not considered as physically attractive as the other individuals you mentioned.
>>20513 Yes, you might be right. How much time it took for Breivik's fangirls to show up? Also, I don't think attractiveness is always 100% something people agree on. For example, I think Nicolas Cruz is not only borderline retared, but also ugly as fuck, yet he does have fangirls. Go figure.
(398.19 KB 450x569 crikey mate.png)
Maybe the reason why there is no happenings it's because of winter, since everything is getting frozen and slow, kek. The spring will be the new dawn of accelerationism. 15 march and 20 march (new Doom release) are the new two holy dates in my calendar.
>>20513 >BT is not considered as physically attractive as the other individuals you mentioned. If you allow me to chime in for a moment and leave my opinion hanging around: I do not think attractiveness plays a major role in whether a person might become interesting to fangirls or sympathizers. What matters more is that certain 'something' many people describe when it comes to a person that isn't looking 'attractive' by social standards. That 'something' is confidence. Brenton radiates control over the situation, from the livestream to his court appearance. He doesn't hesitate, he doesn't lose his temper for one moment and there is no sign of nervousness, all traits that are generally viewed as 'weakness' by our brain, thus making him look appealing to those recognizing his capabilities as a leader. It's the same reason psychopaths [I'm not comparing him to one, this is just for the sake of listing examples] easily garner a fanbase; it's because, regardless of their actions, they tend to appear overly cold and calculating, again, signs of 'being in control'. It makes them look confident and our brains usually respond positively. Now of course, there are variations when it comes to what is viewed as 'attractive' by individuals, but I'm speaking generally. Again, this is simply an opinion. I myself had to take months and months of analysing various aspects to understand why I personally am so intrigued by him and I'm still struggling to find the right words to articulate my point of view; yet I believe that confidence is a major factor in how the general but silent public will react to someone. >inb4 faggit No.
(268.38 KB 854x960 v1.jpg)
(283.04 KB 854x960 v2.jpg)
>>20513 Meh, he is not uglier than some of the faggots and niggers (((MSM))) push as sex symbols sometimes. To any girl lurking, here's some dumb OC for a laugh (HE CUUUUUTE!!! ZOMG!!1!!!!11!!!)
>>20497 Effortpost, then you will have your pick whenever you get out of jail
>>20511 It's the same black burrito hair and pancake tits. This diseased whore has been around forever
>>20525 this >>20511 is probably just her posting.
>>20511 Roastie getting toasty over people connecting the dots
(193.01 KB 1545x869 coomer.png)
>>20525 Autism mode ON: the girl you post has smaller tits, black/dark brown hair that look straight but messy. the Nein girl has bigger tits, probably because fatter, and lighter brown curly hair. The handwriting on timestamp looks different, the date is also different ("your" girl used the american MM/DD/YY, the Nein girl used DD/MM/YY so probably she is not american). Autism mode OFF. I'd also like to say that people like >>20509 are annoying with their autistic screeching about this attention whore (which he apparently despises but he collects and reposts her pictures everytime for some reason). Stop constantly mentioning this whore and derail with this unconsistent shit, if you were not a hypocrite you would stop giving her the attention she craves. Now please stop this off topic bullshit once and for all.
>>20531 >Now please stop this off topic bullshit once and for all. But anon you know that we have to derail at least once a day over something! we need a happening soon, this is getting out of hand
>>20532 Yeah. Apparently most of the users come here for the Tarrant threads (if we were to assume as valid the /btg/ poll we had some weeks ago, there are roughly a hundred lurkers gravitating around here), this is great but it also affects the development of the board since Tarrant threads go fast while all the others are very slow and/or get few replies. Of course this topic can only be streched so far before being polluted by all kinds of off-topics as we can see, it's normal considering we still have 4 more months before the trial starts. Remember: topic diluition is a sliding tecnique used by shills and nefarious external people.
>>20531 You are easily fooled
https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6006553/Violent-inmates-enjoy-sensory-gardens-yoga-personal-showers-supermax-New-Zealand-jail.html >Violent inmates to enjoy 'sensory gardens', yoga and personal showers with supermax New Zealand jail to be upgraded into a 'humane jail' >The $300 million facility features a sensory garden and personal showers >Male prisoners can also order birthday cards and drinks through special kiosks >The facility offers 'treatment facilities for (New Zealand's) most disturbed people' uh, what?
>>20561 >Breivik gets PS4 >Tarrant gets yoga, sensory gardens and personal showers and drink kiosks A palace befitting a saint!
>>20561 If Brenton doesn't get a PS4 it's inhumane
>>20565 Hope he gets his own gym like Breivik.
(234.42 KB 800x528 brenton OK.jpg)
>>20567 Same. It's important that he looks good for the trial. I don't think they've broken him though. He doesn't give off the sort of vibe that an easily broken man would. Just think of him in the courtroom or him shouting into the mic allegedly
Pretty intradesting article https://i.stuff.co.nz/national/crime/115016395/corrections-faulted-over-mosque-shooting-accuseds-mail >The source said Corrections pays for local mail. For any international mail, a prisoner has to pay for postage out of their own account. >Another prison source said letters penned by inmates were usually quickly scanned for threats and particular words, but they weren't read in full for privacy reasons. >Corrections Association of New Zealand union president Alan Whitley confirmed the law did not allow officers to fully read the contents of mail. >"The Act barely allows us to scan mail … The way the law is written, you can't arbitrarily withhold every letter a prisoner sends. There has got to be a good reason for every letter withheld and that would go through intelligence and whoever the manager delegated responsibility to."
(176.85 KB 605x858 bt89.png)
>>20573 Have you ever drawn Breivik?
>>20573 Based anon. You work quick
>>20574 I’d lose to see some little Breiviks. I love his Tarrant work of course but Breivik himself is an untapped meme goldmine for this type of stuff
>>20576 *love to see
(154.94 KB 400x400 wp.gif)
>>20579 Oy vey this gave me an epilectic seizure and flashbacks of my gransparents in the gas chambers. My attorney is tracking your IP down as we speak. Someone has to pay for the trauma I've gone through.
>>20569 A true Whitepill to start my day. Excellent. >>20573 Hehe, gave me a nice chuckle. By the way, I'd like to ask something for a while now but always forget: What are russian laws on free speech? I'm planning a vacation at one point this year and I'm interested in striking up conversations among the ~20 year olds about what they think of Brenton and his ideals.
>>20583 I'm not Parsifal, but anyway. For example, you can't "deny holocaust" anymore. At the best, zog-bots will move you to psychiatric asylum to check your mental health, at worst to jail. Any thematic, which is "right-wing, Nationalist or JQ related" will give you problems, if you're going to talk about it in public. https://forward.com/news/breaking-news/197664/holocaust-deniers-in-russia-now-face-five-years-in/ But in private conversations, well, no problem. Try to find some Nationalist or at worst some "patriotic" people to talk with. P.S: But try to not bring WW2 period, especially if you want to talk from "Axis/NatSoc" perspective. People here are too sensitive about this stuff and can literally beat you. And the fact that you're a "evil yankee/european foreigner", it will just give them more motivation to do it. The Nationalists can at least heard your point and maybe agreed on some topics, but "patriots" will sperg out.
>>20584 >For example, you can't "deny holocaust" anymore. >At the best, zog-bots will move you to psychiatric asylum to check your mental health, at worst to jail. Doesn't Russia have a lot of literal Natsoc and/or fascist parties? I'm sure those laws aren't being taken that strictly. It probably only applies to statements such as "the Holocaust didn't happen"
>>20586 >Doesn't Russia have a lot of literal Natsoc and/or fascist parties? The only literal fascist mainstream movement that we have is DPNI https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Movement_Against_Illegal_Immigration But it was outlawed in 2011. There is many nationalist/monarchist parties which is kinda semi-legal. Now, we have a new nationalist movement "Nation and Freedom". It's legal and stand to opposition to Putin and Commies. But police have shut down their site. You can find their VK group https://vk.com/komitetns and new site here. https://politcenter.org/ Everything on Russian here, but if you register in VK, you can ask them a questions on English and they will answer you. t.russki
>>20584 >don't bring up the JQ, WWII, Holocaust and NatSoc Not to worry, I honestly don't care about these issues enough to spread them. I know about certain aspects, but my main focus is just the way Russians view action over inaction of someone who's laid out his ambitions and motivations the way Brenton did. Furthermore, I shall continue to work on my Russian before I go as to avoid misunderstandings in discussions. >people will beat you for being a europoor Are you talking about the average Russian or literal gopniks? Because I am not planning on approaching the latter, anyway. Additionally, I'm not too keen on visiting larger cities, such as Moscow or St. Petersburg, will this have an impact on how people might react to me and my suggested topic?
>>20589 >Are you talking about the average Russian or literal gopniks? The Vatnkis(dumb patriots) and gopniks, yes. These too groups will react to you more aggressively. But average Russians will be neutral to you and even sympathetic. >Additionally, I'm not too keen on visiting larger cities, such as Moscow or St. Petersburg These too cities are mostly "liberal and pro-Western", if you understand what i mean. So people here will be more openly and positive to you. But if you move into the Ural and Siberia part, the people you will face will be more "conservative and cold" to you. t.russki
>>20591 >Vatnkis *Vatniks
>>20591 Спасибо, мой друг. Maybe I will travel around for a bit, see more than just one city such as Yaroslavl or Kostroma and talk to more people. I've always taken an interest in Russia, mainly for its nature but lately also for what the people truly are like; your country does, sadly, not get a good reputation over here and my trip, which will be one of many, serves to get an understanding of Russia outside of media portrayal. And it seems a lot of the most based people I've encountered online come from Russia, so I believe striking up conversations about the Saint and maybe getting some ideas rolling won't be the worst idea. Have a cozy day and thanks again for the information you provided, very helpful.
>>20573 I love it. >>20579 The more I look at this the more I laugh, don't know why.
>>20583 Thank you, my friend. As I can see people answered you and I think, they wrote better than if I wrote to you. It’s great that you want to visit Russia. >>20574 >>20576 Honestly, I don’t know about Breivik...
>>20574 >>20600 There already are a whole lot of reaction images of Breivik. There are non of Tarrant, which is presumably a big part of why the anon keeps drawing them.
I usually don't follow this guy because I find it somewhat cringe but I never saw this before. https://www.bitchute.com/video/egahem92xHOP/ I found this very spot on, so I'll share it here in case somebody didn't watch it.
>>20603 Pretty cool video. My only criticism: >muh Commies This is boomer-tier. The people who rule us now are (jewish) neo-liberals, not Commies. Although I (and everyone else here) oppose(s) communism, it has little to do with our current rulers.
(207.74 KB 836x464 Tell me about bane.png)
>>20603 >Tell me about Kommandant, why does he wear the mask?
>>20573 Based drawings, made my day.
>>20603 Kek, this guy is retarded. I watched another video: https://www.bitchute.com/video/f00Tp4mx0hph/ He calls Soleimani a terrorist. He appears to be dog-whistling to neocons with anti-Iran rhetoric. Pretty retarded for a nazi. Luckily other people already called him out for it in the comment section.
>>20606 The real redpill is realizing that liberalism is in fact worse than communism – "Communism rots the body, but Liberalism rots the soul." This is why so many former Commie countries are much less cucked today than we are in the US, UK, France and elsewhere
(140.66 KB 680x680 28 yo memer.jpg)
>>20612 Exactly, I actually wanted to say this, but thought too many boomeranons would sperg out, call me a commie and derail the entire thread.
(172.08 KB 1024x922 1578798180754.gif)
>>20531 Speaking of the coomer meme, does a female version of it exist? I found gif related posted by shills on cuckchan some time ago and I saved it because I got to idea to turn it into a gif of a female schliking to the image of Brenton. Unfortunately I don't know how to do it myself. The merchant should be switched to a female coomer and the two pictures on the wall changed with more photographs of Brenton and/or the cover of The Great Replacement. I'm leaving this here in case someone wants to realize the idea.
>>20618 There's a collection of images from some comic where a redhead lies in bed at night and stares at a wall with Brenton's images before she fingers herself someone post that image
>>20614 >thought too many boomeranons would sperg out, call me a commie and derail the entire thread. I had the same fear
>>20618 delet this
(2.01 MB 1352x1018 1566746482383.png)
>>20633 Why? We should turn shill's memetic efforts into something funny for ourselves at any given chance. >>20623 Here it is.
"as long as we have a youth that stands for all that is strong and manly our future is assured" -Ernst Jünger https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQRUM3fjMWE
(15.82 MB 384x288 Future for white Americans.mp4)
>>20634 Nobody wants to see a wanking jew you should have edited it first just get an image editor and mess around like GIMP or paint, but hey now you know >>20637 Uploaded
The other day, I had a discussion with someone online after they went on about how Brenton could murder 51 people in a separate discussion. It essentially made me think: how, indeed? Because I began to recall an article about how his grandma described him as a 'good boy' and how he made sure to visit them twice a year. Everyone at the gym he worked at noted him as a polite, yet quiet man and so did those he encountered on his journeys around Euope and Asia. A couple months later, he would go for the high score. And personally, I have to ask myself why no one wonders how bad things have to get to turn the kindest person into a warrior for his race. How much does one need to see and hear to tell themselves: I rather die in a blazing fire than close my eyes any longer. Why don't they question his motives? Are we really so few in numbers that our work will never bring us anywhere? I don't know if my point is coming across well, but honestly, the lack of discussion I would like to have with people in real life about such matters is crazy; there are still so many answers I'm trying to find but I doubt it will happen in the environment I live in at the moment, which is a shame. The idealistic isolation is painful and at times, I, too, feel it.
(17.53 KB 500x500 btq.gif)
>>20641 >Why don't they question his motives? The media can't because the answers would expose the kikes and our genocide Normalniggers can't because the answers would threaten their routine of bread and circus
>>20642 I used to be a normalnigger only three years ago and woke up so there has to be a way to accelerate public thought changes. To be honest, there's quite a lot I have to say and more so, to discuss - that is why I write these text walls all the time [which I apologise for]; yet there's just so much on my mind I want to articulate but I can no longer do that with people in real life. I mean, I'm a good speaker, I enjoy opening discussions with people who have no clue what they're talking about but I'm also an introvert and public speeches make me uncomfortable. But I'd do it, if it helps to wake at least some few up and gain support for our cause. Maybe I shall put that aside, though, and focus on my main, literal project first, I honestly don't know. I just want to do something to change minds - without having an idea on how to go about it. Any suggestions?
(53.40 KB 345x474 1491579164858.jpg)
>>20643 Wheatpaste propaganda. Start an uncensorable version of Plebbit. Visit your local synagogue convention and get the high score [in friendship].
(43.13 KB 500x429 1464112008061.jpg)
>>20646 KEK. Goddamn you to hell for this. Caught me off guard.
(118.89 KB 640x521 Arkansas_Grocery_Store_Ad.jpg)
(72.63 KB 508x720 peperedpill.jpg)
(356.08 KB 600x600 turnerdiaries.png)
>>20643 what are some things that got you started? what about me? that is what we need to think about to tell normies and young people I don't really know about that question but it would have to be more mainstream "conservative" stuff like what Tucker Carlson says or John Stossel also seeing how much of a cuck millions of people are https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_I_glE1X10w guns was always a big issue for me. I like them a lot and seeing niggers on the news saying dumb shit would have been a step in the right direction some things that don't just go off on "Hitler did nothing wrong" things against socialism or immigration that aren't too intense to be heavily censored people cant go from being basically at mentally neutral to /pol/ is always right in one big step the memes videos and just normal facts all start to piece together and expand one at a time don't push too hard charts and graphs that used to be all over 4kike things about how Big Tech is spying on everyone how do you get to people that are not looking for or do not know how to find our information and ideas? censorship has been making it worse every year some people will start the journey to wake the fuck up on their own after seeing how fucking retarded left wing media is just learning that left wing media tells lie after lie and they do it on purpose see some examples of the lies from past years seeing Greta Thuneberg and climate tards. fuck that cunt even some of the books we read in school that were sort of the dystopian theme I will try to think up some titles also even some older movies are sort of red pilling John Carpenter's They Live Death Wish and more https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yO--G2r2uB8 news events like killing solemani or whatever the guys name was opposition to the border wall voter fraud and illegal immigrants
>>20643 1984 by George Orwell Fahrenheit 451 2 books we could have read in school I barely remember high school at all I am trying to think of this on other one we had didn't pay much attention to the theme of these books 6 years ago but I sort of saw it
>>20643 >>20643 forgot to mention that I first heard of 4kike from lefty media outlets when they all started saying how bad those goys were I wasn't a nerd and didn't do hardly any internet stuff but it was the lefty media cunts that made me go check it out. don't think I even heard of 4kike before they said it remember when Sam Hyde was identified as the shooter? lol
>>20648 >what is punctuation? >muh socialism Socialism is just an economic system. It has no relevance for White nationalists. In fact the GOP is actively trying to lead people away from White nationalism and into anti-socialism (which is basically just screwing over White people) >muh immigration White's are set to become minorities in America (and Europe) even if immigration were to be stopped completely. Opposition to immigration is more or less useless in the long run. If you insist on being more moderate, It's much more efficient to focus on IOTBW, pointing out racial double standards, non-White crime, etc.
(77.29 KB 482x520 gottaprankfast.gif)
(309.48 KB 789x900 minecraft.png)
>>20643 Just become a Muslim bro, if you can't beat 'em, join em
(99.22 KB 300x300 1496055153057.png)
>>20651 Whites have been a minority in the USA for several years now for anyone under 15 years old
>>20651 those 2 issues get normies started see politicians like AOC Bernie Sanders or the whole state of Commiefornia see Mexicans and Africans that cross the American border rapefugees in Europe see the kind of people who say its a good thing
>>20655 >anon rediscovers optics
>>20640 If I knew how to do it I wouldn't have asked. >>20644 Lmao what is this?
(60.92 KB 290x352 der boomer.png)
>>20648 >>20649 >>20650 >>20655 >can't write >didn't know about image boards >muh socialism >muh AOC >muh Bernie Sanders >muh commiefornia >muh Tucker Carlson >muh mainstream media >muh 1984 >muh Fahrenheit 451 >muh Greta Thunberg
(137.90 KB 920x1024 bestmap.jpg)
(326.31 KB 682x384 screw your optics 2.png)
>caring about optics in the current year plus 5 I'm pretty much a walking redpill machine at this point, dispensing them wherever I think I can get away with it, whether it be through humor, mentioning offhand how certain people "just happen" to be jewish, or serious discussion. Optics is cowardice. Remember that walking with your power-level on your sleeve doesn't mean behaving like a retard or falling into jewish stereotypes. Enough of this "muh socialism", "muh immigration" bullshit. These are only good for preliminary purplepills, and always should be incorporated into more redpilled arguments.
>>20660 Is there a video of this?
(43.98 KB 1298x916 considerthefollowing.jpg)
>>20661 In the Current Year a single White man is a dead man walking. No chance for legacy, no future. Just a sea of brown, forever. I don't think we've seen the high score yet.
>>20653 I'd rather kill myself than to even ironically convert to Islam. You do that. What I believe to be more effective is realizing that it's been almost a year and many things have happened: >we met like-minded people online; glowers excluded >we got to learn about the Whitepill that Brenton gifted us with >many happenings have occurred, all of which were successful in spreading the word >we now know about how various scenarios can turn out, what to do/what not to do >good ideas have been thrown around on 4pol and we should consider some of them So what are the next steps to build on what Brenton started? >take time to learn where your capabilities lie; are you a good writer? Do you know about law? Do you have influence over others, e.g. are you a group leader? >put said abilities to use to redpill normalfaggots, either online or in real life >test the water: travel as much as possible to learn which countries you find the most support in and which ones to avoid; build connections Finally, >organise in real life, not online - we have to have the option to exchange opinions away from glowers so that we won't be drifting in this virtual prison, only talking but not acting I honestly am very motivated to change things for the better, but I lack experience and the know-how on how to best put my own skills to use. Non-violent, of course.
(135.99 KB 800x800 get out.jpg)
>>20664 Trane Fornite for 2 years then send it, cuckchanner
>>20664 I'm not the anon you replied to, but these kind of comments belong in a different thread. There are multiple threads up on this subject. also >>organise in real life, not online I don't know if you have been paying attention, but this in no longer possible in the current year. Even organizing online is barely possible.
>>20666 >but this in no longer possible in the current year It's more possible than one would think, you've just got to be overly paranoid and smart about it, something which existing groups like AWD and the Base apparently are incapable of doing.
(24.08 KB 500x486 BT IGNORE.jpg)
>>20666 If you don't observe and not learn from mistakes then indeed, it's not possible. If the subject bothers you, we can drop it immediately - I simply wanted to throw my [granted, very retarded] opinions out there as the lack of any sort of happening is getting to me. At this point, I'd be fine with another arrest of a boomer painting swastikas on buildings like a couple days ago. Have a nice day and apologies for taking away from the subject too much.
(58.39 KB 844x659 thetarrantpill.jpg)
(34.50 KB 747x765 nothinpersonnel.jpg)
(67.02 KB 1020x784 mygoodnesshitsubscribe.jpg)
(82.14 KB 800x736 subsmashit.jpg)
>>20669 >a boomer painting swastikas on buildings like a couple days ago. Link?
(72.87 KB 1000x750 wrong neighbordhod fucker.jpg)
>>20674 Sorry, it's in german - you'll have to translate, but to summarise: >police apprehended 74-year old man >various swastikas have been sprayed on houses and keyholes of shops were glued shut >the man hasn't been involved in right-wing extremism before https://www.sueddeutsche.de/muenchen/festgenommen-74-jaehriger-sprueht-hakenkreuze-auf-haeuser-1.4782753
>>20678 based granpa
(24.40 KB 600x552 activatedoboom.jpg)
>>20678 You're never too old to gas new jews
(4.40 MB 480x270 nein.gif)
>>20678 >After the walls of houses in Zschokkestraße had been smeared with swastikas in red paint several times in the past few days and locks of shops had been stuck together with glue, the police have now identified a suspect. The suspect is a 74-year-old man who lives near the crime scene in Laim. He had not previously made himself known through right-wing extremist activities. Officers of the Laim police inspectorate recognized the man on pictures from surveillance cameras and arrested him on Sunday. They also found a spray can of red paint in his apartment. lmao they searched his apartment because of graffiti
>>20678 >boomers aren't bas-
(104.85 KB 512x512 le boomer grenouille.jpg)
>>20682 Nothin left to lose. Country full of jews.
(6.74 MB 480x360 Reinhold Elstner.mp4)
>>20683 Too bad that old timer didn't become a saint, just imagine the memes. Still I commend him and his heroism.
(174.27 KB 576x536 782dshfaffa.png)
(602.80 KB 1022x860 the fire rises.png)
>>20685 >Even if through my deed only one German will awaken
>>20685 Tarrant wrote Reinhold Elnstner's name on one of his guns. It's hard to see but it's there
>>20407 I did it in photoshop and just fucked around in the filter gallery and colour settings until I got it to match the medal. I made it for a bloke in one of the memetic threads that was just btfo'ing shill after shill, left right and center. I think I posted it on the zeronet chan right after 8 got shoahd, but i can't find the source post. >newfags, check these archives for the keks. Memetic Warfare Thread XVII https://archive.is/FntCr Memetic Warfare Thread XVI https://archive.is/TOiCN Memetic Warfare Thread XV http://archive.is/GHM8E Memetic Warfare Thread XIV https://archive.is/lkzwz Memetic Warfare Thread XIII https://archive.is/5nn9s Memetic Warfare Thread XII https://archive.is/VA5z5 Memetic Warfare Thread XI https://archive.is/WsqEx Memetic Warfare Thread X https://archive.is/zDiqJ Memetic Warfare Thread IX https://archive.is/2EcQn Memetic Warfare Thread VIII https://archive.is/mBE45 Memetic Warfare Thread VII https://archive.is/QrBtc Memetic Warfare Thread VI https://archive.is/q5eE6 Memetic Warfare Thread V http://archive.fo/pFD6w Memetic Warfare Thread IV http://archive.fo/JudjH Memetic Warfare Thread III http://archive.fo/90IIm Memetic Warfare Thread II http://archive.fo/hRgZJ Memetic Warfare Thread I http://archive.is/K7FNc
(32.55 KB 400x250 kkwar.jpg)
>>20692 Did he? I will have to look. I’m glad that Tarrant chose to give some underappreciated figures the spotlight
(29.50 KB 968x726 white.png.jfif)
Small White pill: ‘It’s okay to be White’ posters put up in Bristol city centre https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/bristol-its-ok-to-be-White-posters-university-racism-park-street-a9309746.html >The “it’s okay to be White” messaging originated on internet forum 4/Chan >They were widely supported by neo-Nazi and White supremacist groups >Dr Canning says the posters need to be criticised even if outrage does play directly into the hands of the creators. I hadn't heard about it and it really came as a surprise. thought I would post it, since there's no news anyway.
(151.76 KB 491x494 pepe muslim.png)
Minor Happening: Jerusalem car ramming against IDF soldiers investigated as a terrorist attack – police https://www.rt.com/news/480191-jerusalem-car-ramming-terrorism/ >Police are searching for a suspect who fled the scene after ramming a car into a group of people in Jerusalem, injuring 12 IDF soldiers and reportedly two more people. The incident is being investigated as an act of terrorism. >The suspect rammed a group of people at high speed shortly before 2am local time on Thursday. The IDF said that out of the 12 injured soldiers, one sustained severe wounds.
>>20712 >>20714 Based and redpilled
>>20714 Thanks for the news but please take posts like these to their own thread in the future since this is a Brenton Tarrant thread.
>>20755 I agree, news related to disciples and related content still somewhat belong here, but other news can and should be discussed in approprate threads out of this. This way the board can further delevop discussions on more topics.
(554.61 KB 793x696 Titellos.png)
As the thread is about to hit bump limit, I'd like to request some ideas for a Brenton drawing I could get to this weekend. I tried to focus on those that I have but I can't at the moment, so maybe any of you are able to help out. Bless you all and be safe.
>>20759 I really like the emotion you have going in this still. I know it would be a lot of work, but perhaps you could do a brief animation in the rough line drawing style you have here. Almost like a rotoscoped sequence. Cheers.
>>20755 (checked) >>20758 I'll keep it in mind. The events were so small that I didn't want to make a separate thread. Perhaps a separate "happening thread" should be made?
I’ll bake the next
New bread: >>20766
>>20764 >Perhaps a separate "happening thread" should be made? I like this idea


no cookies?