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Recruitment Anonymous 01/28/2020 (Tue) 08:21:13 No. 19967
How do we help the cause day to day and redpill more people. Waiting for the collapse and accelerationism is good but not enough. Because I’d the collapse happens when we don’t have enough support we lose by default. We need more people today willing to be self sufficient and understand the higher cause. This is my just about the jews and race realism. We must show people how fucked the system is inside out. The global elite cult needs to be exposed.
>>19967 This is more than just about showing people about jews and the ethnostate. We have encourage people to strive for a higher purpose. People need to feel as though they have a connection to something bigger than themselves and that doesn’t mean a country. While being a patriot for your country is good they need to be able to connect to something that is not just material. They need to have a link to their past and a vision for the future. We have to encourage a connection to the divine. And I don’t mean that in the Christian sort of way but some kind of spiritual knowledge. People have become to material and everything has gone to shit. We have to encourage spiritually, the pursuit of knowledge and physical strength and disciple.
>>19969 People must see themselves as individuals, but ones that work together for a high level of understanding and knowledge both material and immaterial.
>>19970 In order to achieve this we must have a two pronged attack. One is that individuals must lead by example. This means that we have to be come physically fit and have a wide range of knowledge that you can share with people one on one. The second is that we must have our own forms of entertainment/propaganda. But propaganda that spreads truth and no lies like the current media and propaganda machines. Right now we are being destroyed in this and our enemies control the culture. We have to break this control. We need to create more musical, more television shows, more art that convey this message of truth and knowledge both material and metaphysical.
>>19971 In order to win the culture war memes are not enough. There has to be viable alternatives for all the entertainment that is currently being produced by the enemy.
>>19976 Never give up my brothers and sisters. Do not let the black pill take hold. Strive for greatness!
>>19971 Creating entertainment is great but people also have to distribute and promote it. For instance, how would folks even consume it in an age when hard copies are rare yet the internet is heavily censored? Just put the movie/show/songs on a USB and hand them out? Lmao
>>19980 >Just put the movie/show/songs on a USB and hand them out? Lmao So I've actually been working on a project myself for a while. I posted on 4/8chan about a year or two ago, but never got traction. and no one wanted to help. Anyways. I'm working on a custom "piratebox" image for the raspberry pi zero/w. Basically a self contained server that contains a fileserver and imageboard/chat. I'm not that good and if anyone is atcually interested in helping I'd love that. My end goal is to create a image that anyone can write to the SD card and have it ready to go (except changing the root pass) and then setting it up in public places. People like forbidden/taboo topics. have people take them to school/college/library etc. People will see a wifi titled something catching and when they connect their web browser redirects to the info page. Sometimes all it takes is for someone to pick up a book.
>>19971 >>19976 >>19977 Would you gentleman be so kind as to make a thread in this spirit on /sig/? We are in need of posters promoting self-improvement and positive action.
>>19984 OP here I really like the idea of sig it has helped me a lot but I think it focuses too much on things like going to the gym which is always very important but it is not the end all be all. There needs to be some kind of spiritual development in it too. Why work out why read? Just for the sake of it? No, you are working out so you can be an example for others and so that you can be as perfect of a representation of your species and race as possible as close to the divine as possible. Same thing for reading. Reading for the sake of reading is good obviously but people are motivated by goals. That goal should be to understand as much as possible of the physical and metaphysical worlds as possible. We should pursue knowledge to gain understanding as individuals and as a collective force.
>>19982 Please explain more.
>>20001 For example I work out to be healthy obviously but I also work out so that I can reach my highest physical potential. I read no only cause I enjoy but also because I want to understand more about the world. I read so that I can learn practical things as well as spiritual things. Currently I’m reading a textbook on physics because I one day hope to see space with my own eyes. At the same time I’m reading a book by the founder of Falun Gong because I want to develop spiritually as well. I wish to understand the truths about this world. These should be the goals that /sig/ encourages
>>19980 Not everything is censored. Murdoch Murdoch made it. There’s also another web show that’s pretty red pulled called zoar. There’s a lot of super right wing music on YouTube like paddy tarleton or Byron von de la vandal. There are options but I think a lot of people that they the just won’t get views so they don’t try.
>>20004 The internet heavily censors all things White & Right regardless of what you say but my brother please just fucking do it anyway while simply keeping in mind truly how much redpilled media getting popular pisses kikes off. Let's be truthful about this, if you put the media on major platforms like jewtube, once you have a real impact you run the risk of getting swayed by money and subverted, being removed from search results or getting your channel suspended/banned. If you don't want to go the mainstream outlet approach, what else is there? Using sites like bitchute don't usually do much because few want to use sites like Bitchute but that would change quickly if either they revamp their site or another one comes around that's actually appealling to look at, fun to browse through and comment, etc - all on mobile. The site/app really has to work good on phones, truly important. Good luck to all
>>19980 Distribute it with html css js. It's all there already. If you don't need a server very easy to upload to many places even a neocities
>>20032 Just getting things out there will at least do something even if YouTube takes them down. It will at least put a seed of an idea into people heads. I think we should also get people ti try and improve their communities. Start community gardens and shit like that. It will make places look better and it will teach people valuable skills like growing food, which will be come more important as things get worse.
>>20038 Show the world that our path is the correct one by being healthy, successful and happy. Look at our enemies they are disease ridden degenerate faggot Commies. Be a beacon of hope and wisdom for all to see. Set an example for everyone around you and also raise the bar for yourself. Never be satisfied but also do not let that desire for ever increasing hights of knowledge and physical advancement over shadow the the accomplishments you have made. Be proud of yourself but also think that you can and should do better in the future. Give hope to the hopeless through your actions not only your words.
>>20001 I would appreciate it if you would at least take a look at the board before passing judgement on it. The board culture and spirit is exactly as you describe; we don't even have a /fit/ thread yet.
>>20126 I have nothing against /sig/ threads. Like I said it has helped motivate me a lot. But I also believe that there needs to be more of a balance between developing in the material sense and the immaterial sense. But I will make a post on the /sig/ board as well.
>>20126 I made a post on /sig/ hopefully people will see it. There is barely any traffic there. But every little bit helps.
>>19967 Let’s keep this thread going guys. Don’t let this shit die
comedy is the spoonful of sugar that helps the redpill go down
>>20572 Yes I agree comedy is important, which is why I think Murdoch Murdoch does so well. But there needs to be more stuff like that and across a variety of genres and art forms.
>>20582 Talking about art forms, I have no idea why people like Cybernazi. It's literally just electro music. Its content has no message or political side if not by association with fashwave. There are many fascist musicians who make songs with actual message and political side, delivered through the lyrics, and yet people talk about Cybernazi. I probably have more choice than most since I comprehend Italian, but check out http://88nsm.com/
>>20611 Cybernazi songs are good for action combat, if you ever played Angry Goy games. He was a composer and write all soundtracks for them. So his music are not so meaningful, but kind of just light-redpill and /pol/ tier shitpositng.
>>20611 Talking about 88nsm, I just noticed that now they only upload to ex-load which is premium only What the fuck do I do now?
>>20611 >>20613 What is cybernazi? Is it more bullshit electronic music like Fashwave?
>>20693 It's not your preferred top 40 billboard jew radio schlomo
>>20611 Not everything has to be expressly political, anon. Sometimes an aesthetic just resonates with you and you enjoy it. Hell, even just not being homosexual or pozzed in the current year is a political statement anyways.
>>20757 I agree not everything has to be overtly political. The alternative media that we should aspire to create should embody the essence of beauty that will resonate with people get them thinking about how the mainstream stuff is degenerate filth.
>>20864 No one seems to get this simple concept. The message is important, but when the message is truth, excellence, purity, and beauty, no one will give you the time of day when you push that message in an under-handed, half-assed, watered-down, and ugly way.
>>20883 People don't put effort into high quality beautiful productions because you can't get published. Since these sorts of efforts require a full time amount of work, and there is no avenue to be compensated for your time and thus survive, it just doesn't happen. Think about what is the essence of beauty that will resonate with people, in real terms. And you'll see that it itself is a threat to the gatekeepers of media. Not to discourage anyone, would love to see more. It's just my take on why you don't see more of it. And there still is a lot out there, it just gets no visibility because it's quarantined or drowned out by the 95% poz media output.
>>20886 >jewtube banned me and no one will pay me to make "red-pilled" web comics. So don't quit your day job. Second, who said you need to restrict yourself to published media? A resin cast of a 3d-printed classical Greek bust, a forged steel CNC'ed drawknife, or a new leather-cushioned wooden chair in a pre-1900s style can be more of a strike against the cultural establishment than the edgiest fashwave remix. >Think about what is the essence of beauty that will resonate with people, in real terms. And you'll see that it itself is a threat to the gatekeepers of media. Yes. This is, in fact, all that you need to do. The most radical cultural attack on the jewish glob-homo establish that you can do is to simply exclude and ignore them. Do not stoop to addressing them, ridiculing them, or countering them. This gives them legitimacy. Simply produce cultural material for our people that soars completely over their heads, that shows how they are simply unneeded and utterly irrelevant. >Not to discourage anyone, would love to see more. It's just my take on why you don't see more of it. And there still is a lot out there, it just gets no visibility because it's quarantined or drowned out by the 95% poz media output. Discourage consumption of media. Encourage production. Get off the internet. Take back meatspace.
>>20958 Well that is my point. You still are still required to have a day job because you won't be included in the gallery, or get your game published, or your movie funded, or research published, etc. In fact you'll get blacklisted. And making the highest quality productions on top of a full time job while you are also being censored and have no outlet to show your works is a logistical nightmare. These are real, not theoretical reasons for why it's not happening very much. I speak from experience.
For starters, acting like a raving lunatic wignat that longs for a cringy (and never-coming) race war will not be suffice. Nobody in their right mind would want to join such a thing. This applies especially to the pathetic worship crowd of Brenton Tarrant, who's actions were of little contribution to any nationalistic ideal and rather cemented any legitimate opposition to jewry as a crowd of lunatics. This also applies to controlled opposition like Richard Spencer, who had a tape released of him saying some cringe angry rant that cemented him as the stereotypical wignat that he is. It's funny to see him be affiliated with the CIA (his connections) along with being connected with Akeksandr Dugin who doesn't like Whites. Spencer also has a Russian wife. It's also cringe to see him LARPing as Hitler who hailed Trump as if he were to save the world or some BS. >OK so what do you propose? <1 Cut out all of your wignat BS. I get it - the more radical you appear, the more legitimate you will appear as well, contrast with the cuckservatives who here and there will pretend to support SOME of your views to get a vote. Nobody will want to listen to a person who acts like an ape, let alone a fat one who looks like the untermensch. Being buff or having money or being a "chad" will not be a substitute for what is a person with depth and honourable values, who can be admired even from a non-political standpoint. If you have any of these (or multiple) boxes checked (money and so on) and are not honourable in any other aspect, then you'll not attract anyone, unless they already know you and think of you highly, which makes people more receptive. <2 If you want to be listened to among normies, you have to be a respectful person in the first place. That is, not a loser. Who is going to gain more legitimacy? The person who is well read, can take care of himself, is kind and polite, well mannered, well meaning, which garners him respect, or the fat neckbeard who will yell like an imbecile or straight up spill the beans on something (eg "Hitler was actually a hero!"). That person will be ignored and laughed at straight up from the spot and never listened to again, no matter how true, rational or factual his claims are, as he is ugly and unadmirable and also because he didn't put forth that which warrants a person to come to this conclusion on their own, or have it made easier (eg it is harder to convince a nationalist about the support of eugenics than a multicultarist). The good outcome could be that it goes viral on the internet and some person seeing it will go down a rabbit hole of sorts, which is rare. If a foundation of ideas that will lead a person to be receptive about another redpill, he will spit it out as it is too high of a dosage, so to speak. You need to understand that ideologies are often asociated with the people who promote it and/or are thought to support it (neckbeards, rednecks...). <3 Focus on building the pillars and values that naturally lead to another redpill than to try to bombard with the biggest redpills there are. If you fail on the big redpill you will be ignored. If you fail on the small ones, little consequences will ensue. Patience is key. <4 Negativity is both attractive and repulsive, depending on who you consult. People generally are attracted to what they see will generate a positive, rather than despotic, outcome if put to practice. It is for this reason that if simply values are promoted (eg preserving culture and embracing it, the value of our ancestors and our history) then they might come to some conclusions closer than our own. This tactic varies on the person. If they reject some proposals or values, it is because they see something about it as negative. If a negative-spirited argument is put forward and you respond with a positive counter-argument then you are not only seen in a more humane way (ie not a monster) but rather a person with values who wants to see them put in practice. The reason why we are drawn to redpills is because we want to know the truth and solve the negative aspects in our society and reject what is now considered positive as we view that as a reality that will bring forward more misery in the future.
>>21036 > If a foundation of ideas that will lead a person to be receptive about another redpill, *...is not taken before a one that is a logical conclusion to a bigger one...
(39.71 KB 860x670 obdigs.jpg)
>>21036 Holy shit you stand out
>>21038 Do you know what the KGB is? Think that the marxists subverted America via protests? Those came after the subversion. They are prone to be sabotaged and the media will spin it in a way which it likes, thus making it more damaging than good for the cause. The internet has different battle strategies, which I will not discuss. Use your redpills wisely, is what I'm saying. Marching on the street and celebrating murderers who didn't accomplish by that anything is as counter-productive as it can get.
>>21041 You seem to be lost, fren
>>21042 Elaborate.
>>21036 >wignat Stopped reading there.
>>21044 Sorry, I meant go on the street and act like a wignat so that you too can be used for anti-nationalist propaganda. Don't forget to do the salute and have your own contacts with the CIA and pretend to be the savior of the west, when in actuality you'll be the contributor to its decline, like a useful idiot.
>>21043 Commit homicide.
(284.28 KB 1381x885 bt55.png)
>>21047 I bet you think Hitler was a faggot for standing up and fighting back despite losing in the end. Gas yourself faggot. You're clearly a deradicalization shill
>>21050 No. That is wignat propaganda actually, for not being "chad" enough or some other BS. So far noone has been able to give even a spec of an argument here, which is very pathetic in my book. Want a circlejerk instead?
>>21051 cont. I think he did what he could but everything was against him, in the end. I know why things turned out as they did. Spengler himself believed the loss to be inevitable as he believed in the four cycles, and now we are in the winter one. His critique of their lack of care of the outer world towards them would hamper their success, which it clearly did. Why would that not apply to us? I'm not saying that you should cuck out, but that you are doing it wrong. Terrorists garner little sympathy for their cause, no matter how noble. 8ch was struggling for existence for their wignat nonsense. You can say that they were false flags or some BS, but we can clearly see that such actions are anything but useful as they are exploited by the media that controls the mob. My main argument here is to actually make a movement that isn't shit rather than that which may be right but shit in execution. It may be autism - autists can't tell what the other person will think effectively. If we were to go by your logic then we might as well shave our heads, put on some jackboots and regress to the wignat skinheads who were as embarrassing as it can get. I simply have higher standards.
>>21050 Why has this "hero" of yours not attacked actual people in power who pull the strings, given if he were to actually be "based". Think about this for a second. You either can rid of the root of the problem, or just simply the symptoms of the problem. He chose the latter. >but muh based tarrant he killed the kebabs! and he also made the argument for banning guns stronger, strengthened the oppressed muslim narrative, and discredited the nationalists as a bunch of violent idiots, along with pewdiepie who actually dropped a few redpills here and there who had to cuck out a bit as a result. Did radical muslims make the case for muslims any better? Did they gain respect from the boomers who would have their children die for Israel? It only strengthened the bomb Iran narrative, and your wignat super heroes accelerate the White genocide plan.
>>21051 Nobody wants to argue with you because you can smell the homosexuality through the screen
>>21054 >Why has this "hero" of yours not attacked actual people in power who pull the strings Do it, faggot.
why did he not attack those in power? because for every head you cut off another one grows in its place. yes every time anon strikes back it makes it worse for all of us. this is how (((they))) keep us in our place. it must get worse before it can get better. let them ban guns and knives, let them force us to eat slop with a spork. only when the masses are pushed to breaking point will they see clearly and revolt. freedom fighters must sacrifice freedom to succeed. i say strike whenever and wherever possible. strike visibly. the public will never join a minority group, they herd like sheep. the more strikes they see the more normal it becomes...the more likely they will join to conform. make it cool
>>21054 >Why has this "hero" of yours not attacked actual people in power who pull the strings Don’t let your memes be dreams, anon. Go on, do your wonderful strategy that no one else will do
>>19982 i like this idea. there are similar things people are doing with even smaller esp01 and esp32 boards that take very little power, have wifi, can run webserver, and can ad hoc interconnect into a mesh network. often people call them throwies becase you can set them up in a waterproof box with battery and maybe small solar panel and throw them on a roof or elsewhere they would be hard to find. there are apps for using old android phones for this as well. anything you can throw out there is good. the esp devices can be had under a dollar and run arduino code. if you can just redpill one person for a dollar and start them on the narrow road it will be worth it. its also less risk than ok to be White posters. an esp and battery can fit in a matchbox (obviously bigger battery is more hours) and can easily be dropped somewhere without being seen. another idea is taking apart an led light bulb and fitting an esp01 inside, then swapping the bulb out in a public space. just wear hi vis vest and a site helmet and nobody questions you. betterstill do it with a mate wearing suit and clipboard
(251.34 KB 1260x534 sdosjfoajfsa.jpg)
>>21036 fuck off moshe
>>21053 >>21054 I agree random acts of violence are not the way to go. It gives more ammunition to your enemies to demonize us. The key is to be a beacon of hope and success for the normies so that they see our way of life is the superior one that leads to happiness and fulfillment. In the back ground of this prepare yourself and those around you for the inevitable collapse. Be ready for when it happens so that you can further show that people with our views can adapt and overcome any obstacle. Also try spreading your views on an individual level to people that are close to you so that when shit hits the fan you will not being trying to survive alone and so that we will have a head start in collecting people, in order to reclaim territory and rebuild.
>>20611 >>20619 Please respond 88nsm was my go to place for 1488 music but now you need premium and I can't find a lot of this stuff anywhere else.
(58.11 KB 500x500 kiborg.jpg)
(42.58 KB 450x338 wpm2.jpg)
(291.34 KB 790x900 moonman3.jpg)
>>21544 some can still be found on youtube some on bitchute so many have been lost during jewtubes last 2 years of trying to erase I have tried to save very many of them a lot of what I have is not in English. some of these I could post video and write out the words but to translate from Russian to English words is very difficult for me there are a few German videos that I like very much. I think other people should hear them they are very nice I have been thinking of making a music/entertainment thread for some time now a place to upload all my material and me to give you English words for many of them a place for other people to post videos that do not exactly fit in /pol/ threads but are still /pol/ material. in another month or 2 I may be prepared for a massive dump with lots of English words for non English videos and upload them directly to the site here is a few of them total war- hatred is my life https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKv3AePn2A0 brainwash- one family https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5_fi1tHIuM a classic is very nice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_7Z2KnbAIE Grün ist Ünser Fallschirm Remix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LznIer00bM kiborg- AntiCommie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgJP-selzbo&t=17s you must murder- I know where you live https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwFMoS5Oyus Griffin - Pride, honour and purity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Z-TeGd14RE saga - the snow fell https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RIZE5i6da2U stolniy grad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7N2yap72zs mic revolt- antidemocrat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faaFETDuH_g
(141.19 KB 1200x806 wpm.jpg)
not sure exactly how many songs I have anymore but it is more than 100 would also like to find some more videos that are more for entertainment one of these days its coming but it will take fairly long time I would guess more than 30 days
I have lost one that I used to like spammed it on different sites it was called Iron War Machine by Death's Head must be around a year since I last heard it didn't download it before jewtube deleted it
>>21546 Would it be possible to drop a zip file with the songs on anonfile?
sober charge- sun will rise https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8oo6ndGovZI It looks like I actually get closer to 200 videos. maybe even more than 200 sharing them with neinchan would also be very helpful to me I only have old early 2000s computer that often crashes one of these days it could just stop and I lose all that I have saved I should also figure out how to put them on bitchute but bitchute is not safe either mr bond- jew naming ft. Patrick little https://www.bitchute.com/video/c7edU1sNDBV4/
>>19967 The main thing is becoming organized, we are at the moment scattered individuals, we must form secret groups. Find people who know what you know and believe what you believe, and form groups with them. Slowly branch out and selectively get more and more people to join your secretive group, but make sure that each person is sincere in their beliefs, doesn't have a criminal past which would mean they are under (((government))) surveillance, make sure they aren't an undercover cop, or a cuck, or working for some sort of "anti-hate" organization, and just keep your group secret and just between you and think of ways in which you can prepare for when the time comes.
>>21549 I don't know. I am not nerd I don't know how many internet things work I can figure out how to download things the way things are uploaded on this site sometimes does not work for me says "invalid source" I would guess its half or a little more of the videos posted in that way
>>21552 1. put music files into a zip with winrar, winzip, or some other program 2. go to anonfile.com and drag the file onto the window 3. when it's done, copy and paste the link here Then we will have all of the music, too.
>>21554 I know this is an issue I need to figure out before I am ready to post everything how big would it be? if I just posted 150 videos that I upload directly to the site unknown number of full pages used for English words then there would just be an absolutely massive list how many videos and words can be put in one post anyways? is it 4 videos per post? 1 thousand words? before I do it will probably be best if I get someone to help figure this out ask in the don't deserve its own thread section this is something I think you other people will know better than me we will work on it later
>>21036 >wignat=racewar are you retarded anon
>>21266 sure goyim
>>21565 Prove me wrong kike
>>21546 Some good stuff in this list. Thanks for the recommendations.
(5.52 KB 871x49 simp alert.png)
>>21036 >wignat
>>21266 >The key is to be a beacon of hope and success for the normies so that they see our way of life is the superior one that leads to happiness and fulfillment. and how will you do this WITHIN the system that the enemy runs? they run the (((government))) and the corporations and most importantly the media. hell even social media "likes" are more important to a bitch than her own man, hence the publicized abortions that happen on social media. wholesomeness is demonized relentlessly by a system more omnipresent than your tradwife website with the most followers. how will you offer more to the normie than the system will? you cant
>>21266 >Be ready for when it happens so that you can further show that people with our views can adapt and overcome any obstacle. collapse is coming so s l o w l y that by the time it gets here, you wont be able to have foodstores because all your funds will have been drained. it will never collapse. you will go into debt, and austerity will rule the day. THERE WILL NEVER BE A COLLAPSE.
>>21632 You show them that the path you've lead out leads to happiness and fulfillment. >>21633 Even if it does not come in our life time it will come eventually, the way things are going now is unsustainable. Prepare your children, prepare your neighbors. Start your own small community that is as self-sufficient as possible.
>>21632 >and how will you do this WITHIN the system that the enemy runs? You can’t. The jews and their lackeys have spent the last two centuries constructing a system that is entirely corrosive to all traditional forms of living and a truly fulfilling existence. The only truly revolutionary thing you can do is to completely opt out of the anti-White system and refuse to live as a wage-slave the rest of your days. I will look for a good wife and hopefully I will be able to have lots of children, but if I can’t I’m still opting out. Bluepillers will lament their loss of creature comforts like the Internet, hot water, heating and cooling and maybe even electricity, but I’d rather live one day as a free Aryan than 40 years as a wage-cuck contributing to a system that wants to genocide me. Ideally I’d be living with some buddies kind of like a Aryan-values Amish, but I recognize that hermit-mode is likely my future >>21633 >THERE WILL NEVER BE A COLLAPSE. That’s a bit naive. After spending time reading works such as Kaczynski’s (esp. his latest book), Tainter’s Collapse of Complex Societies, Ellul’s The Technological Society and especially Spengler’s Man and Technics, collapse seems like a very possible thing in the long-run. In the mean time the conditions we lament are only going to get worse since it is to the benefit of the system to more and more atomize us, dehumanize us and control us. Man became, to an extent, the master of nature, but the very tools that we utilized to become the masters have in-turn enslaved and degenerated us without us realizing it. We are alienated from nature and living almost a wholly artificial existence. Our modern technological society is doomed to consume itself from within and destroy itself. A day will come when cities like New York City will be lying ruined and forgotten just like Babylon and Troy today. Also we must not forget that accelerationist goals are best applied to societal collapse scenarios much more than political causes. Accelerate the collapse, destroy technological society and pour sand in the gears.
>>21633 Decent change it's just Brazil forever. That's why we accelerate.
>>21648 >A day will come when cities like New York City will be lying ruined and forgotten just like Babylon and Troy today. OK but if that day comes after Whites are replaced who cares. When we talk about collapse we are usually referring to it as a trigger event that can help us reverse our ethnic replacement. Collapse before then may be our greatest hope, but there's also a good chance it won't happen in such a drastic manner to give us opportunity. So don't count on it either or you might be very disappointed and left with no options.
>>21672 I'm definitely not counting on the collapse. It's similar to my expectation that one day the next Hitler will come and end this period of decadence and degeneration and usher in a new age of greatness (Kalki). He will come, but this doesn't mean we sit on our hands waiting for a savior. Action is always better than inaction. We need to accelerate and we need to fight back against our ongoing replacement.
(83.19 KB 907x1360 maxresdefault.jpg)
>>21648 >Ideally I’d be living with some buddies kind of like a Aryan-values Amish I have the same idea. I want to find a good wife and move out to the country somewhere with a few friends and their wives, so we can start our own little community. I don't think I should cut myself off completely because in small towns it helps to know everyone just in case you need help and its nice to socialize with different people from time to time. But I agree that it is vitally important to become as independent as possible from the system and only rely on yourself and close friends to secure necessities.
(72.24 KB 720x720 king2.jpg)
>>21715 I always find it amusing and interesting how dog memes are so prevalent in right wing communities. Just think of based schlop dog, and all of the right wing doge pictures. Only brainwashed globohomos don't enjoy dogs.
>>21735 Hey, what the name of the font is used in this pic ? Looks like some German-like one.
>>21717 Have I talked to you on /fascist/? I’ve discussed this exact idea at length there with one anon. Even if not it is good to see more people coming around to the same ideas. Best of luck
>>21745 Possibly. I'm living in Africa and the country is IP banned on 4kike so I've been coming here instead.


no cookies?