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Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.10 – The Trial Approaches Edition Anonymous 02/06/2020 (Thu) 19:35:43 No. 20766
Previous threads 1) Brenton Tarrant meme thread http://archive.is/a5aDR 2) Lets Go Brenton Tarrant - The Letters http://archive.fo/LxW4E 3) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n. 3 http://archive.ph/PCUfW 4) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.4 http://archive.md/7m8Hn 5) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.5 http://archive.is/geqQ7 6) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.6 https://archive.md/gRfw9 7) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.7 https://archive.md/piWw3 8) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.8 http://archive.is/Pxjtm 9) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.9 https://archive.md/j0NKT
(36.35 KB 795x819 memesosupreme.jpg)
(47.81 KB 720x716 fire.jpg)
(48.91 KB 1023x557 streetname.jpg)
(56.54 KB 851x584 itstime.jpg)
>>20773 nice
(454.80 KB 1763x2034 sig.jpg)
(82.42 KB 1162x850 removing.jpg)
(56.16 KB 900x900 theride.jpg)
(94.32 KB 1752x1269 rashamon.jpg)
>>20799 kek I never saw this before
(122.34 KB 750x1024 1568594272852.jpg)
The one enemy Brenton could not defeat
(343.42 KB 1920x1200 onlyaussies.jpg)
(169.14 KB 1171x861 memes.jpg)
(80.79 KB 1184x992 overwhelmed.jpg)
(45.10 KB 490x664 hh.jpg)
>me watching when he walked up to that woman lying in the street and popped her melon
(164.56 KB 1932x1431 ohnooo.jpg)
(83.06 KB 980x1328 neverregetrs.jpg)
(281.70 KB 1211x1404 popcorn tarrant.png)
(176.85 KB 605x858 popcorn tarrant 2.png)
>>20796 Looking at my images from left to right is the best way to explain my reaction. I had one of those "holy shit that was brutal" type laughs. That sums up my whole experience with watching it the first time, it was surreal. It really goes a long way to illustrate Tarrant's warrior-like self-discipline though. There was zero hesitation, zero pause afterwards, only a sense of duty to bring what he had started to a finish, as was shown seconds later as he used her body as a speed bump.
(52.16 KB 1024x742 racistmath.jpg)
(47.71 KB 500x500 hellwhynot.jpg)
(122.69 KB 1680x1116 aaaaaaa.jpg)
>>20801 Holy shit did he really run her over, too?
(159.62 KB 994x1220 mensstyleguide14.jpg)
(555.72 KB 877x476 run over 1.PNG)
(626.66 KB 867x473 run over 2.PNG)
(4.12 MB 854x478 run over vid.mp4)
>>20806 Right over her kek
(75.74 KB 650x960 art.jpg)
(82.04 KB 960x639 1464964937736.jpg)
(34.57 KB 397x520 persuasion.jpg)
(56.79 KB 450x752 mfw51.jpg)
(177.05 KB 3508x4961 all im saying is look into it.jpg)
(113.98 KB 1740x876 theaussiesknow.jpg)
>>20810 And to think, she might have been alive today if she had stayed in her kebab country instead of deciding to colonize our territory.
(65.41 KB 1464x1092 aquote.jpg)
>>20818 If only she had integated with western culture and tied her shoelaces
(126.60 KB 1335x1062 gasgasgashnggg.jpg)
>>20801 I know that feel. I remember being completely stunned when he stopped the car to shoot his shotgun through the windshield. A mad lad, really.
(923.73 KB 1920x1080 tarrant chan 2.jpg)
>>20823 Some of the moments in there are so kino I can hardly believe that they were wholly spontaneous like throwing the shotgun down to switch guns, shooting from the cars, etc. I'd be surprised if someone could top his media and propaganda savviness anytime soon. If there's anything the disciples should have looked into or thought deeply about, it should have been the aesthetics and performance itself on top of planning. Don't just get the high score, make it kino
https://www.news.com.au/world/inside-new-zealand-mosque-gunmans-secret-haven/news-story/5d1db62e291dee456e06d10a31faead0 Article about the rifle club Tarrant attended. Kinda boring tbh but there are several pictures of the place.
https://twitter.com/MaxAbrahms/status/1225537729766809600 http://archive.ph/asfP4 >FBI Designates "White Nationalists" as terrorists "just like ISIS" I think it's relevant because considering how wide the range of "right wing views" and "White nationalism" has been spread, I see this as potentially very good for accelerationism. I sense these kikes' fear, don't you? Feel free to open a separate thread about it, I now must go to sleep.
(763.43 KB 794x1558 Lumii_20200206_172928771.jpg)
(699.92 KB 1080x1066 Lumii_20200206_160242158.jpg)
(542.59 KB 1080x818 Lumii_20200206_160213446.jpg)
(443.62 KB 1471x1049 Lumii_20200206_160354288.jpg)
>>20835 >anime girls You did it, you absolute madman! t. guy who can't photoshop for shit
>>20832 >More targets inside the bunker >A bizarre metal frame appears to be a decrepit handcrafted pistol range for shooters. >Behind that is a tiny concrete bunker littered with paper and plastic, its walls full of bullet holes. Written by Candace Sutton, a friend to all White people who doesn't want us ethnically replaced at all
(126.79 KB 1305x693 nzpewdie.jpg)
>>20835 >other girls >macron
>>20836 I am also nigger-tier when it comes to photoshop, but I tried my best. It took me two hours just to make those.
(28.08 KB 500x607 modifiedbait.jpg)
(1.23 MB 1280x720 lewd thoughts.png)
>>20835 >tfw there are girls who have likely done what is depicted in pic three out there
(1.05 MB 1515x1049 Lumii_20200206_191317828.jpg)
(994.21 KB 1489x961 Lumii_20200206_191427410.jpg)
(249.24 KB 1600x1200 wacom.jpg)
>>20842 You think there are girls who still use CRTs?
(648.68 KB 1080x963 Lumii_20200206_195648611.jpg)
(193.50 KB 1920x1280 1468767929909-0.jpg)
>>20833 How can we use this to make useful idiots out of lolbergs who still still cuck on our genocide and maybe even redpill them at the same time
(107.04 KB 1376x918 drawing688.jpg)
>>20846 >i wonder who could be behind this post
(107.04 KB 1376x918 drawing688.jpg)
>>20846 >i wonder who could be behind this post
(113.92 KB 952x955 shitposterofpeace.jpg)
>2_049 items in my brenton folder whew
(198.10 KB 819x808 Lumii_20200206_203628253.jpg)
(132.26 KB 673x1082 bt82.png)
>>20850 Holy shit I'm a pleb in your presence. I only have 205. I'm really picky in what I save though
>>20853 I'm Right Wing Archive Squad. Would love to see some curated collections though
>>20830 To be honest, when I watched it for the first time and was still on my way home, I laughed so intensely when he dropped his shotgun because it felt so surreal. I don't know about others but I feel as though there's some aggression and excitement behind the way he throws it. Additional laughs were had when he reloads the second rifle while we hear some whining in the back to the sound of Grün ist unser Fallschirm before he blasts the guy's brains out and shoots the guy in a blue shirt in the back which makes the body twitch a bit. I don't know, I just very much love the entire thing from start to finish and I don't know how anyone could up the kino.
>>20843 Very nice. >>20859 Yeah the shotgun drop was kino af too. What a terrible loss the cut of the livestream was.
(13.60 MB 640x478 Mr Bond.webm)
(12.06 MB 1280x720 Inpiration meditatiomn.mp4)
Anyone know where this music is from?
>>20850 2071 files here
>>20868 You must have saved literally every single file, because I have only skipped some of them
>>20876 It's a lot, various types of content as well. During the first months after March 15 I was obsessively following the news and imageboards for hours every day and saving almost everything I came across. Then sadly it slowed down, threads on cuckchan appeared less frequently and got even more infested by shills and 8chan with its memetic warfare threads went down. Now there's only this place that has any real Tarrant related activity, as far as I can tell.
(730.71 KB 2640x2100 1553111272492-0.png)
>>20879 Are you me? My Tarrant folder is 2,27 gb, don't know how many files tbh. At first I only saved the memes I liked, but after the kikes shut down 8chan I began saving everything Tarrant related, not only pictures, memes and video edits but also media pieces about him and also material about the disciples, to keep track of the whole thing in case it keeps developing. And yes, this is the only place on the internet where a specific general about Tarrant is still going on after they closed 8chan. Cuckchan... well, better not discuss it further.
>>20881 A thriving BT General is probably the best litmus test for whether an imageboard is pro-White or not
(72.49 KB 1280x720 1566483752614.jpg)
>>20888 Checked and agreed. Anyway, I was watching again the OP picture and I must say that the blendernerd guy did a very good job with the rendition, it even has the prominent forehead that's peculiar of our guy. Damn, Brenton's head is huge.
>>20892 It's the scottish/english/irish genes. He's got a very prominent neanderthal browline too.
>>20892 >divorced 40 year old man without work and living with his mother shitposts on Faceberg >42 year old family father gets 6 months in jail for shitposting on Faceberg >judge doubts mental stability of 40 year old man >raided, phone confiscated >muh hate crime This goes to show that we truly are approaching the tipping point. If it wasn't for Brenton, truly, I would have lost my mind. These men did nothing wrong, they didn't harm anybody and they simply posted something society doesn't agree with. How could we fall so far?
>>20894 Germany is truly lost. >>20895 Yes. When Brenton's pictures were unblurred by the media I remember some brit flag commenting back then on cuckchan about recognizing clearly the Irish genetics. Considering also the hair colour and the freckles on the skin, there's definitely a big Irish vibe.
>>20900 Brenton is about as White as one can get and it makes the media absolutely mad. In that one article about his ancestry analysis, the woman who wrote it explicitly stated that there was no sign of race mixing and stated it in a way that came off as if to say that him being pure-bred is a bad thing. Think I'll have to look into my own family line now, too. But they also tried to shill his supposed brown eyes for a brief period, there's something very cynical about all of these articles and it's somewhat enjoyable to watch the media go out of their way to state the most ridiculous things about him.
>>20892 >Anyway, I was watching again the OP picture and I must say that the blendernerd guy did a very good job with the rendition, it even has the prominent forehead that's peculiar of our guy. thx dude. And yeah, his head is more or less correct on my model. You don't want to know how much work it was, until I got it halfway right ;) I should tarrantpost more often. Seeing my pic being used for new thread made me happy ;) BTW, do we have someone with a 3d printer here?
(427.00 KB 800x600 test.gif)
>>20907 I like where this is going..
(2.04 MB 1333x850 bt10.png)
>>20897 >How could we fall so far? "The people who are to blame most are ourselves, european men. Strong men do not get ethnically replaced, strong men do not allow their culture to degrade, strong men do not allow their people to die. Weak men have created this situation and strong men are needed to fix it."
(4.67 MB 540x480 kkkhristchurch.mp4)
>>20897 >they simply posted something society doesn't agree with Society does agree with it. It's the elites who don't.
>>20900 >Germany is truly lost No.
>>20298 I hope you are right, anon. >>20907 Interesting. >>20906 Nice to hear from you, I have very fond memories of the memetic warfare threads and of your fine works from that period.
Does anyone have a good download link for the stream? For some reason my editing program is saying there is issues with bsckol.mp4 and it won't allow me to render what I'm trying to make. I guess I'll have to go through and change out every clip, which is kinda annoying since I'm making the Evangelion OP, which has tons and tons of changes between frames rapidly. mp4 only too
(1010.70 KB 1257x711 frame.PNG)
>>20943 Thanks a lot, anon
>>20944 Well shit it doesn't like that clip either, wtf. It might be because I'm using such a shitty program (Camtasia). This is the only program I can do it in since I've spent hours doing this shit only for it to crash and refuse to produce what I've made. Anyway, I'll stop bitching here and just record parts of my screen from the original stream for that part and make them their own files.
>>20879 did you save my "love your rubbish" meme I posted on 8/pol/?
(28.40 KB 901x267 translate.png)
>>20894 Markus L. said nothing wrong
I wonder if anything cool will happen on March 15
>>20954 Is having an ass in your pants the German phrase version of having a set of balls
>>20840 Extremely underrated.
(53.00 KB 992x600 molonlabe.jpg)
sorta Tarrant related meme
>>20956 Yes. But there's also other phrases that mean the same thing.
>>20835 how about you spoiler that shit you fucking degenerate? KYS
>>20766 Memetic Warfare Thread XVII https://archive.is/FntCr Memetic Warfare Thread XVI https://archive.is/TOiCN Memetic Warfare Thread XV http://archive.is/GHM8E Memetic Warfare Thread XIV https://archive.is/lkzwz Memetic Warfare Thread XIII https://archive.is/5nn9s Memetic Warfare Thread XII https://archive.is/VA5z5 Memetic Warfare Thread XI https://archive.is/WsqEx Memetic Warfare Thread X https://archive.is/zDiqJ Memetic Warfare Thread IX https://archive.is/2EcQn Memetic Warfare Thread VIII https://archive.is/mBE45 Memetic Warfare Thread VII https://archive.is/QrBtc Memetic Warfare Thread VI https://archive.is/q5eE6 Memetic Warfare Thread V http://archive.fo/pFD6w Memetic Warfare Thread IV http://archive.fo/JudjH Memetic Warfare Thread III http://archive.fo/90IIm Memetic Warfare Thread II http://archive.fo/hRgZJ Memetic Warfare Thread I http://archive.is/K7FNc
>>20789 kek....but git fugged, cunt.
>>20826 top kek
>>20968 Wew, you triggered. Can't recall the rules right now, are lewd/porn pictures to be put under spoiler?
>>20973 It's considered good form.
>mass shooting happening >it's in Thailand Boring
(93.56 KB 962x1103 absolute madman thailand.jpg)
(2.92 MB 960x540 thailand happening.webm)
>>20994 Nah, he's an absolute madman. Twenty kills and counting
FBI Deems White Supremacists an ISIS-Level ’National Threat Priority' >The FBI now views White supremacism and other "racially motivated violent extremism" as serious as foreign-born terrorism. >FBI Director Christopher Wray informed the country of his bureau's new focus on Wednesday, stating that homegrown terrorism is now a "national threat priority" for 2020, one that's “on the same footing" as the dangers posed by ISIS. >"The most persistent threats to the nation and to U.S. interests abroad are homegrown violent extremists (HVEs), domestic violent extremists, and foreign terrorist organizations (FTOs)," he explained to the House Judiciary Committee. "The international terrorism threat to the U.S. has expanded from sophisticated, externally directed FTO plots to include individual attacks carried out by HVEs who are inspired by designated terrorist organizations." >The news comes a day after Patrick Wood Crusius was indicted on hate crimes and firearm charges after killing 22 people at a Texas Walmart last August. He opened fire on the Walmart as "a response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas. They are the instigators, not me. I am simply defending my country from cultural and ethnic replacement brought on by the invasion," he wrote in a document he uploaded online. http://archive.md/YiNCS
>>20994 This >>20995 But it's probably not even politically/religious motivated. If it's not /ourguys/ doing it I barely care. Sandniggers on the other hand cannot absolutely keep up these years, looks like they will never be able to pull another Bataclan ever again. Lame. >>21002 Now THAT'S acceleration! Brenton is truly a Saint and a Prophet.
>>21002 Good luck, I'm behind 6 proxies and Tor (so 7 in total)
>New Zealand study finds prople who read the news are more likely to be Islamophobic OH NOOOO! THAT SUCKS!
(3.12 MB 510x510 attempt1.gif)
Thank You to the anon who suggested something like this for me to do; I finally understand what you meant by 'a lot of work', heh. I shall keep going as this isn't finished, regarding duration and fixing of certain details. Thanks again and I wish you a nice evening.
>>21021 Nice! Brenton Anime when?
>>21021 Fucking nice, anon.
>>21017 >they actually publish this
>>21024 May Bulman gonna catch the rod from her jewish boss
>>21017 >study finds prople who read the news are more likely to be Islamophobic and all that with the hard left's biased downplaying, lingual contortions and Whitewashing
(3.65 MB 4325x2346 theelonknow.jpg)
>>21028 In the year 2017, Brenton Tarrant read a New Zealand newspaper. 2 years later, 51 muslims were dead. Never again!
>>20907 Cool ! I think it will be nice, if you continue your work. How about sprite sheet ? Idle, walking, melee, shooting animations ?
(185.76 KB 2550x2926 ER.png)
Found this on cuckchan. The idea is obviously to troll. If anyone likes, be sure to make a thread about it here. Perhaps some Tarrant or Crusius references
>>21052 I don't get it. Just a way to earworm "extinction" into the mind of normalfaggots?
>>21057 Extinction Rebellion is a leftist environmentalist group. Their original slogan is removed in this pic, so anons can put different slogans in there. And since Crusius killed all those spics largely for environmentalist reasons... Tarrant also did it partly for environmentalist reasons.
(628.54 KB 960x504 5nksynprrmf41.png)
>>21061 I found it on jewgle and thougt it might be it, but then I saw it was from plebbit and it looks shopped in non-thumbnail version.
(2.86 MB 2852x2031 22.jpg)
(305.17 KB 1053x1212 1581205780921.jpg)
found this on cuckchan, whats the qr code?
(128.16 KB 1024x669 real.jpg)
>>21061 no, this is the real one
(286.32 KB 955x1418 IMG_20200209_040113.jpg)
I tried to remove the better as I can do the plexiglass and his stitches, on the better quality photo that we have. I'm pretty glad of my work for the moment. Perhaps I'll try to remove totally the plexiglass and some reflects later but it will be probably more difficult. I hesitate to make his lip less swollen also, I'll see, I have already spend a lot of hours on this kek
>>21077 Very nice job
>>21069 Mephistopheles cXVvIGRldXMgdml4aXQgIFRhcnJhbnQKVGFycmFudCdzIGRlYWQ=
>>21082 What?
>>21022 >Brenton Anime when? As soon as I figure out how to use computer programs designed for that - otherwise, it'll be hand drawn and take me a year at least. [If anyone has experience with such programs, please help a newfag out]
(1.29 MB 2550x2926 ER1.png)
(1.95 MB 2550x2926 ER2.png)
(138.69 KB 1272x1280 king.jpg)
>>21093 >The environment is being destroyed by overpopulation, we Europeans are one of the groups that are not overpopulating the world. The invaders are the ones overpopulating the world. Kill the invaders, kill the overpopulation and by doing so save the environment. Brenton Tarrant, The Great Replacement
>>21086 Yeah you'll want something like a wacom tablet. There are also programs specifically designed for rotoscoping workflows if that is the route you want to go. Otherwise you'll need to look into yes actual anime/cartoon techniques of doing keyframe animation and tween frames. If you storyboard, then do keyframes, you will ensure good pacing and quality before the massive amount of line work needed for the tween frames (this work often gets outsourced in animation). There was a good documentary on this called Golden Boy episode 6
>>21086 Blender 2.8 can be used for making 2d movies in addition to all the 3d stuff that can be done with it. Additionally, I have a 3d model of the saints face, which could make it much easier. But I can't draw, and I'm not too creative when it comes to stuff like the storyline. Also, I don't have a microphone and no talent for voice-acting, which is the most important part of any cartoon. If you want to make a cartoon of the saint, I'd be glad to help with what I can, though. All you'd need is a drawing tablet, which doesn't have to be one of the expensive WACOMs. In my opinion, you can use some discounter tablets with a battery in the pen. The wacoms are better, but also are more expensive. You can get usable no-name products for maybe 20 bucks, especially if you buy them in used condition.
>>21105 >keyframes >tweenframes I don't know what any of these mean but I'll look the terms up. I'm actually very fond of rotoscoping and am willing to take my time if it ensures better quality, meaning I'm willing to draw more frames than those of traditional anime. Furthermore, I don't think that, once I get myself familiar with the programs/tools needed, I'll do the typical anime type of design because I just can't get myself to enjoy the art style, hey, sorry. If you've seen my drawings, that is the type of style I'd use. >>21106 Thank you greatly for your help and offer, if needed, I shall come back to you; however, I don't believe I'd need voice actors because I'm not the best in writing scripts. Perhaps if/when I'm finished with whatever I can get done this year, I'll most likely make it a silent short film - I have the ideas for a 10-12 minute thing yet I'm aware I'm probably talking a bunch. Hehe, but I'll do my best to get something done. I appreciate both of you for helping me. Bless you.
>>21106 dude blender takes ages to learn if you don't have experience with some other 3D software >21115 before you worry about software I recommend make up your mind what you want. Draw a storyboard, can be shitty as hell but you need one to figure out what points shall be included and how many scenes you need to get the message across. introduction, characters, main part and end. Keep it simple, don't go overboard ;-) >If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable. - Seneca
>>21120 >blender takes ages to learn if you don't have experience with some other 3D software Or a few days as a White man with an IQ over 110
(424.25 KB 2550x2926 ER3.png)
>>21120 >don't go overboard Of course not. As I have zero experience with what the other two anons suggested, I'll take my time to see what I can and can't do first. I don't want this to turn out half-assed or rushed. Additionally, I used to draw comics a while back so I kind of have a sense of what scenes would be needed and what would just be filler; like I wrote, I have ideas - getting them lined out and deciding on the structure will be difficult but I'll start picking up one of these drawing tablets next month when I have some money again and go from there. I'm not making any promises on what I will be able to get done, though - this will take time. Thank you for your help, highly appreciated.
>>21106 Wacom tablets are good. I have a $75 dollar one and I don't know how more expensive ones would even outdo it honestly. Would recommend.
>>21115 >>21120 This. I learn Blender only for few months and now i freely create low-poly 3d models, rig and animate them. And all of this i've learned through free tutorials on Youtube. Just like anon >>21121 says, you're not retarded ape from Wakanda, you're a White man, an Ubermensch. All you need is just a patience and will to learn. P.S: >>21115 Yes, In Blender 2.8 they add "Grease Pencil" feature, which allow you to make 2d animation nice and easy. https://www.blender.org/download/releases/2-80/ There is 6 gorillion tutorials about "Grease Pencil" on youtube and you can start watch them right now. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Grease+Pencil+tutorial >>21086
>>21115 Pro-Tip: Start with drawing comics. Those are the starting point if you want to animate stuff. After you have a comic of whatever you want to put out as a movie clip, you can start to animate things. In my opinion, it's useful to have at least some audio at an early stage, but if you don't want to use audio, start by making a video of your comic images while playing some music as the background. Then start adding additional scenes, and animate as the last step. Start with the big picture, and not with the details. Also, you don't need to go higher than 10 frames, if you do animation. Higher framerates usually don't make it look better, but are much harder to draw. You can go 24, 30, or even 60 frames, when you're rendering stuff, but not when you're drawing by hand. It's not neccessary, is a waste of your time, and you'd be better off, if you read a book about how good animation is done instead of just drawing frame after frame after frame. >>21120 >dude blender takes ages to learn if you don't have experience with some other 3D software It's getting easier, and the UI is getting better. One reason why I'd suggest learning blender is, that it approaches an all-in-one solution. You can use it for 3d animation. But you can use the same workflows for 2d animation. You can also use it for video editing and composing. Or audio composing. Or general artworks like scene creation. Or you can simulate all kinds of things to get realistic effects. Liquids, smoke, softbodies, physics, fabrics, explosions, lightning, and so on. You can even click together games in the older version. >>21121 I'd expect rather months to learn the basics, if we're talking about modeling and animation. It ain't that hard, but you need time until you got good workflows. >Wacom tablets Honestly, I have no idea. I have a totally cheap tablet which I'm usually not using, because I don't draw much. A friend of mine has some very expensive professional tablet. His is nicer and looks and feels much better. It's a nice, solid thing, which looks all expensive and professional and serious, while mine is nothing but cheap plastic, and not serious and professional at all. He, on the other hand, paid over 500 bucks for his great and professional end extremely serious tool, while I got my cheap toy for 10 bucks on ebay. Don't think, that it makes a difference. If the pressure sensitivity of the pen is high enough, it's usable. If I had some money to spend because I want to create some animation, I'd buy a good graphics card and a good microphone and soundcard, and think a bit about soundproofing. >>21128 >There is 6 gorillion tutorials about "Grease Pencil" on youtube and you can start watch them right now. I'd like to stress, that the 2d animation features are new since 2.80, which came out at the end of last year, so most videos on youtube with grease pencil in the title won't be of any help. Only 2.80 videos will be of any help.
>21134 >I'd expect rather months to learn the basics That's what I meant with ages. Saying you get good results in a few days is BS and a lot of people will get it neither because they have no grasp of getting their head around thinking in 3D. Funny, tho, how many of us are into Blender. Maybe we should start a thread for artists lol, that's that the right truly lacks in comparison to the left. Would be really interested in making some silly 2D renders with the help of grease brush. Anyways, I can't wait to see 2.8.2 with Mantaflow. The old smoke and fire system is just awful.
(143.04 KB 2000x1249 subscribetopewdiepie.jpg)
>>21153 Who here /zbrush/? I am considering getting back into 3D and thought it looked cool. I only knew 3DS Max, in another era.
>>20766 >meme >literally shaking hands with a man who was allied to muslims in a war against jews who tarrant didnt expose at all nein remains a total joke to this day
>>21192 Feel free to fuck off then.
>>21192 Seems like the shill got BTFO so hard in the China thread that he had to slither in here now.
(306.52 KB 2000x1249 yes acc.jpg)
(342.54 KB 2000x1249 yes acc2.jpg)
(435.92 KB 716x688 woke.png)
>>21185 >zbrush I used it when it came out but never got the hang of sculpting. Tried it again recently with Blender which has also sculpting tools but it's just not my thing. I have others seen doing amazing stuff with it but you really have to test it. Don't know if it helps if you come from max. Trad modeling is different for me
(718.16 KB 2550x2926 ER Ted.png)
>>21205 Oh Blender has sculpting tools too! I'll have to check it out. I always wanted to do sculpture but I'm a mediocre artist, so I just focus on trying to save our race for now instead
(629.94 KB 1756x1317 1581286730129.png)
(656.52 KB 2550x2926 ER tools.png)
>>21209 I wonder what Brenton thought of the DPRK
>>21153 It's less than a week until 2.82 comes out. Mantaflow included. >sculpting sculpting is nice to add details and a few final touches. But it's no replacement for proper modeling. We should really have a thread for artists. I suggested this back on 8chan, so artists could work together. But apparently nobody liked the idea.
>>21216 >We should really have a thread for artists Such a thread is called a drawthread by convention.
>>21192 Cuckchan is your place. Go there and don't come back.
>>21192 Yeah, I think if Muslims started flooding into Germany and threatening not only the dominance of the German people in their own homeland but also their ownership of it I don't think Hitler would have been quite as friendly with them.
>>21220 Hitler's not stupid enough to confuse race and religion like most psyoped purplepill civnats are today though. Islam's not the problem, it's the brown people.
>>21221 Islam is a religion centered around semites and gives them power. You cannot separate the two. Now kindly fuck off and subscribe to pewdiepie.
>>21224 Islam is a religious tradition which originated among Semites and in no way magically gives them power through their adherence to it. There are more non-Semite Muslims than Semite Muslims so they certainly can be separated because this is not Judaism that we're speaking about here. If you think Islam is the main problem you're bluepilled, plain and simple. And no, before I'm accused of being a Muslim, I'm not shilling for anyone to convert.
>>21226 >in no way magically gives them power through their adherence to it Looks like it gave them the permission to marry their cousins and fucking them up with inbreeding pretty hard though. Fuck Islam, fuck Judaism, fuck Cuckstianity and fuck your pointless unrequested clarifications.
>>21227 Actually if you look at the inbreeding levels it's concentrated mainly around Semites and is not a Muslim problem in general if you look at the map and how certain central Asian countries such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, etc and in Europe Kosovo, Bosnia and Albania have almost zero cousin marriage despite being extremely Muslim countries. There's plenty of degeneracy in Abrahamic traditions, but you seem to be extremely bluepilled on basic facts. Even Brenton realized that the main problem was wholly racial
>>21229 IDGAF about how much, where and why those monkeys are inbred: I want them out of goddamn Europe. Understood?
>>20906 >>21208 >>21216 >a thread for artists now we have, no reason to abuse other threads anymore lol >>21231 >>21231 >>21231
>>21232 At least you understand that the core problem is racial.
>>21226 >adhering to a semite religion in no way gives semites power Just stop posting
>>21243 I'm not referring to non-Semites adhering to a Semite religion, I'm referring to Semites adhering to their own religions. Learn to read
>>21244 >Islam's not the problem, it's the brown people. My point is that Islam is a problem, even without the brown people. Whites who convert to it or support it are bolstering semitic influence.
>>21264 Can someone explain what a 'potatonigger' is? Also, you put this in the wrong thread.
>>21264 Why this pic here?
>>21265 It means Irish.
(1.84 MB 2550x2926 ER king.png)
>>21276 Will someone explain me the "king" and "simp" memes? Sorry for the off topic, but I saw several memes that I am not sure I am understanding fully.
>>21271 We've attracted a few very buttblasted individuals over the past few days, could be the chink or the "White" who loves chinks more than his own people
>>21277 Found this: https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/king--2 It's basically a normie meme, but I think it's funny when it's associated with non-normie shit. I always thought it came from Rich Piana
(193.59 KB 976x549 doge1.jpg)
(138.69 KB 1272x1280 doge2.jpg)
(678.84 KB 2454x1892 doge3.jpg)
(41.77 KB 618x393 doge4.jpg)
(100.64 KB 507x492 doge5.jpg)
(387.34 KB 800x504 doge6.png)
are there anymore Tarrant doge memes?
(70.72 KB 671x372 gangsta.jpeg)
(552.23 KB 2550x2926 ER bruce.png)
(711.40 KB 1851x2355 1581205945810.png)
Facebook moderator claims watching the Christchurch livestream gave him PTSD https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7986297/Facebook-moderator-sues-claims-watching-child-porn-mass-shooting-videos-gave-PTSD.html Terrible job tbh but come on, it's not a gruesome video, it's not even comparable to cartel videos or, say, Czechen separatist videos from the 90s.
(237.07 KB 382x597 1510274988942.png)
>>21304 it was real not fake vidya game or jewlywood movie most people will have no idea what its like to see bullets hit meat and bones I call myself fortunate to have seen it with my own eyes no video and have done it with my hands and my gat not very often does a person get hit with one bullet and just drop dead. but that's always what jewlywood shows when a bullet passes through the skull it often takes something that was once stiff well defined bone structure and turn it into a lumpy eye bulged mess facebook moderator still a stupid faggot
>>21304 What a fucking pussy. He's probably going to be laid off so he is looking for shekels. I really wish I could get paid to moderate the dumb faceberg, I'd have no problema at all with that PSTD shit. But I don't even know where to submit for such a job in my (european) country.
>>21302 Are you a drawfag? I don't remember seeing this before
>>21304 >facebook moderator sues claims watching child porn mass shooting videos gave PTSD Ok
>>21310 I am not a drawfag, I found it on a cuckchan thread the other day, I have no idea who drew it. I posted it because I also had never seen it before.
(40.07 KB 340x300 doge shady.jpg)
So I went on Reuters website and run a search for "Brenton Tarrant", the known pictures of the court hearing came out. https://pictures.reuters.com/CS.aspx?VP3=SearchResult&VBID=2C0FCI7PT7EWZ&SMLS=1&RW=1280&RH=577 Notice how they did not put all the pictures in both blurred and unblurred version. Now, who else was there photographing him that day, so that we can give a look at their websites? I don't think that the Reuters photographer was the only one allowed to take pictures, wasn't him?
>>21316 I would be surprised if any other photos from the court have been published. I have searched so much, so many times. Any other photos and video recordings that may exist must surely still remain unpublished. Maybe Mark Mitchell can be contacted about it https://nz.linkedin.com/in/mark-mitchell-3b44244b but it's a long shot.
>>21317 >Mark Mitchell Is it the photographer's name? If pictures belong to Reuters he will be not allowed to publish them without permission.
>>21318 He is the photographer for the New Zealand Herald. I don't know who owns all of the photos taken. But maybe someone who was there, such as him, has information on how one may gain access to the unpublished photos and videos. There's no law saying they must be unpublished so it should be possible somehow.
So I've completely forgotten that Brenton brought a Mauser bayonet to the stream - but I've waded through the video recently and I've not seen it anywhere; is there some footage of it?
>>21320 It's not easy to spot. I saw it only as someone posted stills but it's attached to his kit, right shoulder I believe. You can see italso in one of the pics he posted on his facebook
>>21321 Yes, the phaseberg image is the only confirmation I have for him taking the Mauser. I'll watch the video again right away - but it's somewhat bittersweet; on one hand, I'm glad he didn't find himself in a position where he had to use it. On the other hand, I would've liked seeing him detach it and turn into a literal blade runner. Do we know if he used it at any point after the stream ended?
Alright, there we go. 3:08 is where we can see it - I honestly thought it was part of his ammunition vest but well, the more you know. Additional note: no matter how long I haven't watched the video or how often, it always fills me with the same amount of excitement I felt the first time watching. There's just that special something about how he handles everything, so calm and determined yet still having enough humor to joke and laugh with us. It's truly a sight to behold and I'm glad I am alive in time to witness this pristine new reality.
>>21322 I don't think he used it, sihce while looking cool I personally think its not really suited to hand-to-hand combat and I believe his car was rammed. This disables most people for about a minute so he wouldn't have had a chance to draw it as a last resort >>21323 oh, left shoulder it was. good find >I honestly thought it was part of his ammunition vest same here and I actually own a Mauser bayo lol
>>21323 Titelloses, which language is that? Det låter skandinaviskt.
>>21325 Of course - yet it would've still been absolute kino to have him attach it to one of his rifles once he runs out of ammunition and just start poking them. Hehe, guess I'm imagining too much again, can't help it. I wonder what his close combat skills are, though... >I actually own a Mauser bayo Mind telling me where I could get one? I don't want to order them online to avoid another raid and it just seems neat to have as I somewhat enjoy its simplistic design.
>>21327 It's German, translates to literally 'titleless', the meaning is [obviously] 'without title'. I convert all my images to PNGs before I post them here and they get that file name automatically. Nice to see another Europoor here, though. [I suppose, as I believe you wrote in Norwegian or Swedish.]
>>21329 Det är svenska. (Swedish) In Swedish it would be "titellös" which is similar. I've noticed there are many Europeans here, maybe even more Europeans than Americans. (But like Tarrant, I like to consider all Whites to be Europeans, wherever they may live.)
>>21328 yeah that would have been kino af >Mind telling me where I could get one? I bought it from a friend with an interest in WWII so can't really help you with that. If you don't want to buy a Russian replica online you might try a gun show or whatever it is called where you live. Gun stores sometimes have a lot of knives, too.
https://www.thenational.ae/world/europe/far-right-now-catching-up-with-isis-threat-in-britain-1.844387 I don't know where to begin with this article. I am not a britbong, but I highly doubt any actual "right wing terrorism" threats likely exist in UK. Meanwhile, multiple cases of muslim terrorism and rape/violence have happened and they sweep it under the rug to this very day. However, I didn't manage to bypass the paywall on this article, I'll leave this here in case someone is able to. https://www.theaustralian.com.au/business/technology/massacres-will-prompt-global-tech-action/news-story/e263a59e7b62c7313c62f3219b056a54
(3.97 MB 640x360 National_Action_UK.webm)
>>21337 They already v& the lads who were trying to save their country and race. People say bongs don't do anything to resist but the truth is they do, but get vanished. Quite sad.
(16.70 MB 1280x694 bttt teaser.mp4)
(53.03 KB 640x878 sheep.jfif)
So that's why those Muslims came to New Zealand.
>>21085 idk, but that's what i got too. i'm not sure where to input it though.
(14.45 MB 640x360 caramell.mp4)
>>21380 Good stuff, not that it matters but if you took the extra effort to time the shots to the beat, individual and some of the triples and such it would put it over the top. Maybe even with a couple subtle fade overs to the video, but it looks like you are trying to get it past censors probably too
(1.65 MB 1200x849 Titelloses 44.png)
(1.27 MB 900x1200 Heldenplatz.png)
(5.96 MB 4096x985 Titelloses.png)
(1.03 MB 900x1200 __.png)
I'm curious, has anyone else been to places Brenton has visited? If so, where? How did you feel about them? Pics related [Heldenplatz / Heroes' Square and a Soviet memorial] are where he's been in Vienna, in addition to the Museum of War and I only found out about it through older newspapers, like in first pic related. Have you read books he's read? How have they influenced you? Would you recommend any? Also, I myself highly recommend for you to, should you ever visit Vienna, check these places out, there are a lot of things to see that he must've looked at as well - which I'm not putting up here as I believe it's a lot nicer for you to spot such things yourself if you happen to come across them at one point; just make sure to look at these places like he did and you might find joy in strange architecture.
>>21383 I have visited Heldenplatz but I wasn't aware that he had been there. I found Vienna to be very beautiful, similar to Budapest. I noticed now that he uploaded a few photos from his Vienna visit to Facebook, there are thumbnails in the archive. I have read Plato's Republic long ago, I don't know if he mentioned any other book
>>21383 >Soviet memorial What they represents ? Probably "how they saved the Europe from fascists" or something like this ?
>>21386 I'm very glad you enjoyed the city; once you're able to detach yourself from foreign faces and focus on architecture and historical sites, it's a true beauty. I wonder how much he has seen and if he plans on going again once he's out. >>21388 You are correct. >memorial to honour the soldiers of the Soviet army, who fell freeing Austria from Fascism
>>21392 >if he plans on going again once he's out. It hit my how you said it like it's taken for granted. I wholeheartedly hope you will be proven right. It's so blackpilling to think about him prisoner for the sins of our weakened race.
>>21394 Oh, it's not blackpilling to me, kind anon. I myself have recently been proven of the Gods' support and I truly believe they are watching over him. Remember: he will stay true to his ideals, he will not back down just to live a life in comfort for the exchange of action as he would be watched 24/7, unable to act, exposed to everything happening to Europe. What made him focus on this decision - to trade freedom for action - was because he couldn't live with himself in a state of inaction anymore. While it pains us to think of him imprisoned for our faults, it mustn't drag us down but rather be used as motivation to better ourselves. To show that his sacrifice has turned hearts and minds. He will get out. One day. And we will be waiting to greet him. I'm convinced with all my heart of this and no one can change my mind. I can't wait to show him around other beautiful places of my country and I hope you can neither, my friend.
>>21394 He has already left his mark on the world and proven himself as one of the bravest European men of all time. He has almost single handedly brought hope to us all and pushed us in the right direction, along with his saints of course. So don't despair anon. Failure is not an option.
(59.34 KB 500x435 hitler tip.jpeg)
>>21394 Remember to do your part to create a world where Brenton can walk free, whatever that would be.
fuck lads i really hope we can get an interview with the saint once hes out it will be interesting to hear what he has to say about what he felt when he was exterminating and his experience in jail only for research purposes ofc
>>21406 Me, too. Imagine talking about his ideals and shitposting history during a BBQ and some beer somewhere in Australia. Goddamn, I really want to write a book visit him.
>>21408 >write a book What exactly do you want to write?
It's not too uncommon that book-authors and journalists get access to important prisoners. Something like that would be an idea should we have some anons who have wasted years of their life on an journalism-degree, or something similar.
>>21410 Brilliant. Anon could pose as an anti-racis journokike just throw a subtle dog whistle so Brenton the madlad knows what's up
>>21408 A lot that I'm continuously working on inside my head. I wouldn't care too much about spoon feeding his childhood or whatnot to people, that's not my focus. Personally, I'm more interested in exploring not so much what he did but rather why. Clearly, 73 pages aren't enough to tell his story, to give us an idea of what had changed inside him. Ebba was a major part, but I'd like to know why her. If he had considered other ways of coming to peace with himself, if there was another reason as to why New Zealand, rather than Great Britain, Australia or France. I would also like to know how long it took him to come to terms with his fate, if the lack of a solid destination in life and the large amount of money somehow played a role in him focusing on this aspect of life since there wasn't much he would lose - whether he felt like he had found a purpose. But the book wouldn't be solely about him, I'd most likely delve into psychology, race and European culture and how it influenced Brenton, additionally to how and why the public reacted the way it did while drawing comparisons to similar historical figures and how and why they were celebrated. I'm aware I might walk a thin line there, but it's still all inside my head and I'm not too focused on it. Perhaps I drop some issues, perhaps I pick some up but as of now, I cannot allow myself to get too many things started. Investigations on me are still ongoing, I am going to work on a short film about him soon and life cannot be neglected. Chances are that I'll never be approved of meeting him for interviews as I'm on 3 watch lists but in case someone else embarks on such a topic, I'll be glad to help out however I can, especially with translations. >>21410 >journalism degree Don't have one, this [possible book], much like the animation thing, will be a passion project of mine. There are certain aspects that make me feel as though I have developed something like an obsession, something worthy of it's own discussion, somewhere else, with different people. But if such a degree is required, I'll try to find a way around it.
(1018.47 KB 1280x720 sam hyde.png)
(799.68 KB 1360x2099 DDD.jpg)
>>21410 that would have actually been very helpful to have "real" journalists making good material some more professional long length video making more like a television documentary than amateur video commentary an author that could successfully write about the information people and issues everyone that posts here is part of spreading information but never very successful to a large number of people if a professional video team of our guys could get a half hour with Brenton Tarrant it would be an opportunity for him to give the world one more message unfortunately around zero people in that business are woke to the jew question or even a hardcore nationalist Alex Jones was the biggest "right wing" video production (((big tech))) tried to erase him and was not totally successful but it is now very unlikely that anyone will accidentally discover him. even when searching for an exact topic he talked about I know he is weird about Israel and other things but he still got a large number of people on the search for real answers after Alex Jones there is nothing nearly that big. a few closer to normie-level will get over 100 thousand views but not that much and no one has that kind of office, video production team, or traveling reporters
(315.18 KB 1024x671 ayyylmao.png)
>>21415 Well, just a quick note that Alex Jones has a jewish wife and jewish children. So I wouldn't place much hope or trust in him.
(120.30 KB 1280x720 the year was 2044.jpg)
>you will live to see Brenton Tarrant freed and appointed as Tsar of Physical Fitness for the New Reich
>>21418 >so desparate trying to false flag us global reported
>>21420 Wtf is that shit >>21408 I wonder where is the guy who bought that book about Brenton
>>21420 Was it an obvious glow-post or was an anon about to go for the high-score? I hope someone screencapped
>>21425 From the thumbnail and filename it looked to be an illegal image, along with a bunch of sketchy links. I hope you anons are all behind a VPN and Tor because someone is trying to plant stuff here to set us up. Sickening.
>>21425 It was the picture of a gook woman undressing, the post consisted of strange links.
>>21433 >>21429 Ah definitely something fishy then. I keep holding out hope for a certain anti-Chinese poster log into the Minecraft server to not be a LARP, but as the weeks go by I get increasingly skeptical. I would hope that any let's players here would post on Cuckchan though and not here.
>>21434 I highly doubt Neinanons are stupid enough to give off things here, except for that Yockey guy, but I, for one, would like to see 4pol being shut down, then lean back and watch the massive cyber police surge as the retards flood Twitter, tumblr, faceberg and so on. World's gonna be on total lockdown for several weeks.
>>21436 >would like to see 4pol being shut down That would be great, I also hope this will happen. >>21434 That was a LARP for sure.
>>21436 I don't even get why an anon would drop links in their home community at this point. A few winks and nod and we'd know quickly who is /ourguy/ and who isn't. It'd be hilarious to see cuckchan shut down, especially since they get worse every time I visit there. If I was a newfag and visited there I wonder if I would even get redpilled to the extent that I am today. 2016 was a mistake. >>21438 >That was a LARP for sure. I wish you were wrong but you're probably right. The post said "within the coming weeks" and it's been over a month now. I'll still keep the archive links I have saved in a word document for like six months just in case though.
>>21439 >I wonder if I would even get redpilled That, in my humble opinion, is a major problem 4pol has - imagining being a new one, I would probably struggle to take anything posted there seriously because it's usually in humorous context or many of the replies are simply arguing back and forth and apart from the occasional chuckle, I myself find it very empty and hostile in terms of displaying of free opinions - but maybe I'm spoiled from my time on Nein/pol/, heh. No doubt, they have great discussion topics from time to time. I fondly remember a thread about bringing European megafauna back to return its wilderness to its original state. It was a comfy, high quality discussion. Other than that, it's all just >muh kikes >muh dick >muh habbening >jews >trump >how can Whites compete >muh chous >muh bugs >x BTFO LMAOOOO If Nein ever becomes like 4pol, I will shut my Minecraft server down.
>>21443 Yeah that about sums up Cuck/pol/ these days. It'd be one thing if it was actual good discussion on those topics but the number of people there is so vast that it is by this point completely inundated by NPCs - that's why I will never complain about places like Nein or Julay's /fascist/ being "too slow". Quality always trumps the drooling masses and funnily enough that applies to my politics just as much as my view on Internet boards kek. Not that I mind shitposting but the type encountered on the fast boards is just mindlessly parroting the same five or six jokes
>>21446 A lot of them are not White. It's where all the "based" lolbertarians Plebbitors and jew-woke shitskins go and feel comfortable.
>>21448 >jew woke shitskins How is that bad exactly? I mean if everyone on the globe gets the hint on what the jews are up to, isn't that great?
>>21449 >everyone on the globe lmao it's not that many. And they still want to ethnically replace us and will shill against us. Pull your head out of your ass man
>>21449 >I mean if everyone on the globe gets the hint on what the jews are up to, isn't that great? You're forgetting the fact that the jews control nearly everything we read, see and hear on a daily basis. Those who can see the world as it as like us are rare enough and most Whites are NPCs by nature who will merely go with the flow. Among shitskins the proportion of NPCs is extremely high, not to mention a general lower intelligence. They are even more liable than the average NPC White to fall victim to jewish propaganda. Those who do wake up are almost always involved in Abrahamic religions, hence their anti-semitism is inherently kosher (just think of E Michael Jones, who thinks that jews can stop being jews if they worship Yeshua ben Yosef)
(60.47 KB 739x598 1581479631972.jpg)
(1.29 MB 975x909 1581486240717.png)
(2.27 MB 1594x2000 bt90.png)
(132.49 KB 660x1000 Ted.jpg)
Amsterdam explosion: Blast in firm's mailroom 'after letter bombs' https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/breaking-amsterdam-explosion-blast-firms-21480139 >A suspected letter bomb has reportedly exploded at a building in the Netherlands, prompting a response from bomb disposal experts. >Reports suggest that a second suspicious package exploded at an office in the Sloterdijk industrial estate on the west side of Amsterdam at around 8am on Wednesday. This appears to be a Unabomber type of situation. Also, as was discussed in the other Tarrant thread, should there be a separate thread for happenings? Should each happening just get its own thread? Or should happenings just be posted here as it is related to accelerationism?
(818.14 KB 1021x887 mad lad on steam.png)
Is there 3d models of Brenton's weapons ? I remember some anon made them and posting it as Steam asset, but later it was deleted.
>>21475 Well drawn, but I'm unsure which emotion he is expressing?
>>21477 I wanna make 3d animations of Tarrant hands, but it will be more cool if someone can give a gun models for it.
>>21478 To me it looks like he was feeling down and blackpilled in his cell for a moment, and then he remember what he was fighting for and how it was all worth it, hence the small smile.
>>21475 This is so much better than what I drew. Absolutely amazing work. Also glad to hear from you again, hope everything's okay. Be well.
>>21476 In my opinion, only happenings directly related to Brenton should go in here as it allows for additional discussions about motives and such. A general thread for happenings would be better, as there's usually only short-lived commentary, five to ten replies related to the subject, that is. Just my opinion.
>>21475 Beautiful. >>21476 I think that since this is a small and slow board we should have one thread /hp/ - Happening General - where we can discuss all sorts of happenings that don't directly belong here. Self professed disciples belong here instead.
>>21478 This >>21482 And thank you >>21483 Hello, my friend. Thank you. I'm okay, how are you?
>>21485 a happening general would be good thing but it's informal convention that notable disciples get their own threads already, like Roof, okay, that was before, but we have threads for Crusius or that German dude
>>21486 Very glad to hear that. I'm pretty Whitepilled lately and I'm trying to get some things together soon, quite enthusiastic about them but I have to create some schedule for all of it as to not lose oversight, heh. Wish you all the best, my friend.
>>21342 To be honest they were kind of retarded. Why would you create a public organization which advocates overthrowing the (((government))) and that celebrates the killing of rivals? Surely the best route there would be to make it a secret society that recruits from more palatable, less edgy public organizations. Also one of their high ranking members was going to murder an MP before a spy in the organization informed Hope Not Hate and the police and he is now serving a life sentence. It was only a matter of time until they got banned.
>>21488 > I'm pretty Whitepilled Nice to hear. I wish you luck, have a nice day, friend.
(67.28 KB 1166x616 memetic dichotomy.jpg)
>>21487 I like this idea
>>21496 Great edit. It’s cliche, but a simple picture like that anon’s really is worth a thousand words. You can really get a feel for what Tarrant is feeling or thinking there just by looking at it. It has a kind of bittersweet mood hanging around it, I could easily imagine such a moment occuring as he sits in his plain gray cell thinking and thinking.
HAHAHAHAH look what I found https://www.arre.co.in/first-person/christchurch-shooting-new-zealand-terrorist-islamophobia/ It's hilarious how they play the role of poor victims of bigotry and of "media and politicians feeding islamophobia" >muh brother is law abiding succesfull muslim >muh New Zealand peaceful welcoming country >muh evil fascist White terrorist (look at this fucking picture) >muh compassion against hatred The most hilarious thing is him wondering "how to stop all of this". How about you stay in your goddamn brown shihole for a change?
(1.16 MB 1847x1450 christchurch isis.jpeg)
>>21511 lmao the mosque in Christchurch was literally training ISIS, it's the reason Brenton went after them. It's not even just speculation this was confirmed in the news and they even said that many members of the "congregration" supported those views. And they are the victims!
>>21511 Holy shit just noticed the little red sticks on Brenton's chest they straight up just took the image of a suicide slimer lightened the skin color behind the mask and pasted an AR clipart on top >by Tipu Sultan Just like you and me. Truly our greatest allies.
>>21511 I have seen something similar it was something like how the "victims" were struggling to get on with their lives I can maybe find it again
>>21511 Muslims are insufferable. Mohammedan cunts crying about muh poor Muslim victims never gave a shit about the countless White victims of Muslim terror. Those victims were only "part and parcel", we were told, the attacks had nothing to do with anything, according to them, certainly there was never any connection between terror attacks by Muslim immigrants and either Islam or immigration, only isolated incidents by madmen, because Islam is the religion of peace...
>>21512 >ISIS It was actually Al-Qaeda. Two of the mosque members went to Yemen to fight for Al-Qaeda. >training You can't "train" people in a mosque. They just preached radical Islam, which makes people want to join Al-Qaeda. There probably were even recruiters for Al-Qaeda in the mosque. I'm not sympathizing with them or anything but get your facts straight. These kind of comments make you look like a Breitbart boomer.
>>21513 >Brenton with suicide vest So, they just projecting their own "suicidal bomber behavior" unto Brenton ? Lol, they're so stupid, that even can't show up with quality lies, just primitive "NO U, KUFFAR !".
>>21520 Their message is simply that "stereotypes are not always true. The stereotype is that Muslims are terrorist, but now you can see that terrorism is something that can be done by any group. In fact Muslims are often the victims of terrorism" The image is supposed to be "deep and thought provoking" as in "the media always portrays Muslims as terrorist, but now the case is reversed" It's a standard message that always reappears in the extremely rare cases when someone actually targets Muslims.
>>21518 Thanks for the fact check fren
>>21520 Suicidal warrior tactics are based, don’t let Muzzies ruin them for you.
>>21513 Exactly. Whatever happens, and whenever a terrorist attack is carried out either by a muslims or a non-muslims, they will always spin it in a way that the only "real" victims are... Muslims! It'd be really funny if it wasn't exhausting. I really wish Brenton burned the mosque to the ground.
(4.32 MB 3024x4032 IMG_20200212_182222.jpg)
Not yet finished at all and I know that a lot of things need to be modified. If you have advices, I take
(183.38 KB 1280x960 bt.jpg)
Was this really Tarrant? I heard some of the photo's turned out to be fake (I.E. not Tarrant).
>>21533 No, that’s the Slav guy again. >>21532 Looking good so far!
>>21533 That is not Tarrant. >>21 I like it, you did good especially with the hair, head shape and ears; the thing you should work on is the nose.
>>21569 Sorry, I fucked up the quote about anon's new drawing >>21532
https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/new-zealand/new-zealand-terror-alert-level-still-raised-almost-year-christchurch-attacks >New Zealand terror alert level still raised almost a year on from Christchurch attacks >New Zealand's terror threat level is still at medium, meaning security experts believe it's feasible an attack could occur, almost a year on from the terrorist attacks in Christchurch. >Today, SIS boss Rebecca Kitteridge said it's because the attack had "given encouragement to some", and some people had found it "inspirational". Meh. Nothing is going to happen, at least not in New Zealand. They literally imported their only terrorist from Australia.
>>21572 >Nothing is going to happen I'd be extremely surprised if we saw anything else in New Zealand. The fact that anything happened there is surprising enough honestly. Let's face it - the next disciple will in all likelihood be American. If not American he'll be from Germany, France or some other cucked country like the UK or Sweden. I think we need a good Breivik or Tarrant level attack in Germany because the acceleration would be extremely high if some Saint wracked up 50-60 kills in Germany. Where do anons see as most likely?
>>21574 I think the next happening we see will be a lolbertarian in VA. We just have to keep bullying them for being cucks and one will snap
(4.60 MB 3024x4032 IMG_20200213_005401.jpg)
>>21536 Thanks >>21569 >>21570 I have fixed some stuffs but I find that it's worse now kek. Like the nose, it's still not correct, it's really hard to make
>>21574 Indeed. Imagine if Balliet had succeeded. (I doubt he could have with those weapons, but if...) The shock effect there would be enormous.
We need some Valentine day themed memes with /ourguy/, what do you think lads?
>>21660 I'm most likely the only person here to not like anime so I'll leave edits of Tarrant-chan or whatever this is called and such to others. But I agree, there should be some imagery, similar to the Christmas edits, I believe. Just for the fun of it, you know? Maybe the russian draw anon has something in the works as well. [And I just know that some madman is going to make a cartoon version of an anime woman called Europe and have Brenton marry her. It's just a matter of time, really.]
>>21661 Sounds absolute NOICE! I remember one of russanon's lil Tarrant holding a giant heart, that was cute af.
(144.72 KB 672x992 bt91.png)
>>21662 Yes, it's one of my favourites of his, Brenton screaming into the microphone is and always will be the best one in my humble opinion. I would post the image but I rather not, heh. Do you make edits or create drawings of Brenton yourself as well?
>>21663 Well, look at that. You must be lurking here throughout the day - I'm chuckling at how fast that post was, hehe. Very nice drawing, made my evening. Do you actually prepare a bunch of Brenton drawings and just wait for the right moment to post them in conversations?
>>21665 This pic I drew in november. And I hadn't planned to publish him, but if I have a reason.. why not.
>>21667 That does make sense. Out of curiosity - you don't have to answer, of course - but how many unpublished drawings of Brenton do you have? Are you going to publish all of them at some point or keep some hidden?
>mfw Parsifal drawings will be in history books
>>21671 If you about finished works - two or three drawings. If you about sketches... more than a few. And I think, I'll don't publish them, just because I don't like them.
>>21674 Understandable. I'd actually really enjoy talking about art with you as I'm really fond of your line work in your digital drawings and even more so of the more realistic ones but it'd just derail the thread. I really hope I can, one day maybe, become as good at drawing as you already are. Enjoy your night, my friend and be well.
>>21676 > I'd actually really enjoy talking about art with you I, too. Maybe in future.. Well, have a nice evening or night, friend. (by the way, I don't really love draw in digital and I don't have graphic tablet, lol)
>>21664 I cannot into graphic artwork for shit >>21663 DAAAAWWW It's lovely
>>21679 I just wondered since there's a lot of creative content posted lately and I do enjoy seeing lots of different art styles or edits as it really shows interpretations of Brenton in particular or just one's mindset and standpoint, especially with memes. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy your day.
(699.99 KB 1080x1417 Lumii_20200213_164156627.jpg)
(598.63 KB 1080x1369 Lumii_20200213_164135662.jpg)
>>21684 this looks like something a teenage girl might end up sharing, kek I remember months ago about some dumb faceberg memepage organizing a meme contest, and they ended up having one user posting hidden praise to Tarrant into the meme he uploaded to the page, lmaooooo
>>21688 Does Brenton Tarrant have a sister. Asking for a friend.
(39.02 KB 600x450 full (2).jpg)
(26.02 KB 600x450 full (1).jpg)
(31.37 KB 600x449 full.jpg)
>>21690 Yes, her name is Lauren
>>21692 She looks too much like her brother. She's not ugly but I just can't unsee Brenton in her face
(825.19 KB 3004x1582 tarrant art quote minimalist.jpg)
(825.19 KB 3004x1582 tarrant art quote minimalist.jpg)
>>21692 Sorry I was only joking, not trying to bring attention to her. That car is sweet though
In 2013 Whites were a minority of births. This year we are a minority under 18 years old.
(853.16 KB 1313x1488 1581639000277.png)
>>21692 She is pretty. >>21707 Yeah, our genocide as a race is a mathematical matter of fact. Whoever tells you "demographic projections are not reliable, there is no White genocide, haha!" is either a lying kike or a brainwashed useful idiot.
>>21699 It's been too long since I've had a chance to read through his manifesto. His will to act for us is incredibly uplifting and I can barely comprehend how important the preservation of his race is to him. His words are so encouraging and I can feel his determination every time I happen to stumble upon one of his quotes. He's so convinced that we will be victorious and he trusts that we know how and when. Truly the most intense of Whitepills.
(30.71 KB 572x305 1581637037506.jpg)
(44.12 KB 572x305 ardern.jpg)
Good Valentine day to all fellow Tarrantposters. Leaving here this template I found to have some memetic fun, if you will.
(50.30 KB 572x305 yes.jpg)
>>21716 He's always on her mind.
(289.93 KB 677x525 1581634091931.png)
>>21718 Eeeww
(47.11 KB 529x290 jacinda.jpg)
>>21720 It's true, tho. A White chad rejected the fugly horseface so that's her revenge
>>21718 >mfw larger genitals are genetically linked to more violent behaviour due to an imbalance between testosterone and dopamine in chimpanzees and lead to them more regularly murder their own offspring as well as engage in unpredictable rampages Remember the 97% of DNA we share with them.
>>21723 larger dicks are genetically linked to polygamy. Monogamous apes like gorillas have tiny dicks. They solve their hierarchical problems with extreme violence. Silverback-gorillas are extremely violent against lower-ranking members of their group, if they step out of line, which those members know, which makes the lower ranks extremely docile, which makes gorillas overall very peaceful. Ah, the wonders of nature. I wish, humans would start solving their problems with extreme violence instead of all this cuckery. I mean running to the state to beg, and such things. If people simply would solve their problems by killing each other, the world would be such a nice place to live...
>>20766 fuk u White dogs
>>21726 Yeah, next time put this type of chimp pictures under spoiler, please.
>>21726 What manner of creature is this?
>>21725 >monogamous apes like gorillas They're not monogamous, they have a harem which, depending on species and availability of food, consists of 5-12 females and their offspring. But additionally, mountain gorilla males have been known to take care of young gorillas that aren't their own offspring - meanwhile, chimpanzees, in addition to random literal chimpouts, cannibalize rivals as well as their offspring and mutilate them before doing so. They're shilled as most human-like of all the greater apes and we're told to relate to them over gorillas or orangutans. Really makes you think. I'll stop here as to not derail the thread any more.
Any experienced Audacity user here ? Is that possible to lower some sounds in track, but high-up others ? I just want to make a version of Brenton quotes, but with lesser sounds in background.
>>21739 Yeah you want noise reduction and an equalizer
(1.28 MB 600x996 you_mirin.png)
Just got back from Christchurch a few days ago. Went to a few mosques during my time there. The chicks there couldn’t get enough of my big fat Aussie cock! I was literally mogging smelly muzzies left and right. At one point I see this absolute muzzie goatfucker trying to hit on some 10/10 (clearly way out of his league lol). I take one look at him and say “Step aside Ahmed, the big kangaroo has arrived to deliver some kicks around!” The muzzie goatfucker trembles at the sight of my large muscular Aussie frame and build. “Y-y-yeah kuffar s-sure, whatever you want....heh”. The 10/10 is instantly relieved that I removed the disgusting muzzie goatfucker genetic trash from her sight. She then begins to quiver at my masculine Aussie presence. I lean over and whisper into her ear “don’t worry baby, Australia is here to save the day. Let’s go get some vegemite sandwiches.” She passes out and falls to the floor. I just take one look at her and say “Heh, another one couldn’t handle the BAC (Big Aussie Cock)”. The rest of the sluts in the club are in absolute shock while they all simultaneously soak their panties. The muzzie “men” look at me with pure inbred rage. They want to fight me because they envy my strong Aussie charisma. But they know that they would get absolutely destroyed going up against an alpha like me, even if they all tried at once. I soon become bored with these pathetic muzzie creatures (even the women) and leave. But before I do I say to the imam “Subscribe to Piewdiepie“.
>>21746 7/10 Are you the same anon who posted the [I think] three greentexts about Brenton rescuing some girl from muslims in a stall, ripping some muslim's dick off and killing hijab-wearing Jaquinda? Give more, please, those were absolutely glorious.
>>21749 I am not the same guy. Actually I saw this pasta today on aus/pol/ and modified it to make it Brenton related.
(653.32 KB 477x656 Her_Name_Was_Ebba.gif)
You know I used to be demoralized about fighting for our race when most of the women and even the men are voting against us and counter signalling us at every opportunity. But then I remembered how in war, soldiers say that they fight not for ideals but for their squadmates and just to stay alive. It made me realize that I don't need anything abstract to fight for. Even just fighting for Brenton is enough for me.
>>21750 What a shame - but thanks for adding it in here, if you know those greentexts, do you have screencaps? I have mine elsewhere but I'd really like to read through them again.
>>21751 Based anon, taking the Whitepill. You're on the right track, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
>>21746 Top fucking lel. Capped.
>>21766 Indeed they are, I give my thanks! The third one seems to not have been posted on 4pol so far but it doesn't matter too much. Whoever made these, I hope they're going to release some more, I absolutely couldn't handle myself when they first appeared in one of the Nein/pol/ threads - the things people come up with is glorious and I appreciate this type of shitposting so much.
>>21098 This though, White population makes up very little of the population of the world, and even despite retarded boomers, Whites are the most environmentally aware. Even the most oil using mountain top remover is better than the daily fire burners and radioactive material storers of the nonWhites. EX:Chinks in Tibet,Poos in Delhi, Nogs in Somalia, Arabs in Syria.
>>21785 For every child a chinese has we must abort two Whites. Only we can prevent overpopulation
>>21729 >They're not monogamous, they have a harem which, depending on species and availability of food, consists of 5-12 females and their offspring. You're totally correct. With "monogamous" I meant, that one male is the only one who fucks, and reacts with extreme violence, should someone get venturous. Sorry for being so imprecise. Anyways, the size of penises depends upon the average number of sexual partners a female has. The larger this number, the larger the penis. My mistake was the language barrier, but what I said about apes and their respective penis-sizes is factual. Chimps are the apes with the biggest penis size relative to their body size, with humans coming second.
>>21729 >They're not monogamous, they have a harem which, depending on species and availability of food, consists of 5-12 females and their offspring. You're totally correct. With "monogamous" I meant, that one male is the only one who fucks, and reacts with extreme violence, should someone get venturous. Sorry for being so imprecise. Anyways, the size of penises depends upon the average number of sexual partners a female has. The larger this number, the larger the penis. My mistake was the language barrier, but what I said about apes and their respective penis-sizes is factual. Chimps are the apes with the biggest penis size relative to their body size, with humans coming second.
>>21739 There are handlers, which enable you to create something like an envelope over the track, which enables you to set how lout the part should be. Watch a youtube tutorial. Editing stuff with audacity isn't hard, but you won't figure out how it's done on yourself. There are few things someone has to show you, and then you'll be good to go.
>>21808 The term you're searching for is 'patriarchal', the opposite of matriarchal where the leader of a group is a male instead of a female. Don't worry, I understand what you meant and I agree - hope you have a nice day and we can drop the talk about penises of any species, hehe.
>>21714 I was recently reading through his manifesto and felt those some heavy feels. I hesitate to describe it as Whitepilling, because reading through some parts makes me feel as if I'm going to tear up. It's like a Whitepill mixed with melancholy, much how I feel after watching something like: https://www.bitchute.com/video/evfrS7Kt7gmv/ Likewise I always contemplate him sitting in jail.
>Likewise I always contemplate him sitting in jail. I do too some times. But honestly I feel like he can handle being alone, I feel like he's kinda used to it. What worries me the most is that he might be mistreated by the guards or brutalized if left alone in general population one day.
>>21818 >he might be mistreated by the guards or brutalized if left alone in general population one day. I don't believe this will happen, anon. No doubt, he read into prison conditions and the dangers of being imprisoned before taking special measures for that beforehand. I know he's able to defend himself and isn't going to let his guard down - after all, he's there to drain resources from the state and to live in comfy solitude, working on his plans for when he gets out and maybe writing a few things. He might even - if in GP - have a group of 'White supremacists' [as the media puts it so elegantly] protecting him from the Maori and muslims in there. Imagine him with around twenty people starting a prison break, removing kebab along the escape route. Having him in general population will, for sure, give us many interesting media articles. I'm opting for the headline 'this man single handedly decreases Muslim prison population with one easy trick'. Personally, I find the Epstein scenario much more threatening.
I found this on 8kun http://europarises.today/index.php/the-great-replacement There's manifesto, audiobook and a bunch of translations.
>>21820 Would Maori even care about a guy who killed a bunch of slimes?
I hope Brenton got my postcards
>>21822 No, I don't think so. However, they generally despise Whites and will take every excuse under the sun to harm one. Most of them are imprisoned for gang violence and drug related issues, but as we know, non-Whites tend to act out quickly.
>>21822 Because he’s a White nationalist. Most non-Whites would kill us if they could get away with it
>>21823 Can anyone please say what kind of stamps and how many are necessary for him to receive a postcard from Europe? I never send snail mail, I have no idea.
>>21861 A stamp for the postcard and one for the envelope, if you need one. The type of stamp depends on your preference, there are a lot of designs to choose from. If you ask your local post office, I'm sure they'll help you out - just don't mention Brenton's name, say you're looking for information about how to send mail to a prisoner in New Zealand. Also, if you haven't already, read link related - it involves Corrections' information about withholding prison mail. Good luck with sending your post cards. https://www.corrections.govt.nz/resources/policy_and_legislation/Prison-Operations-Manual/Communication/C-01-Prisoner-mail
>>21862 Thanks for the information. Unfortunately there are no post offices left anymore after (((government))) privatizations. Do you know if postcards will be received if there is no return address? I didn't see anything about it in the link
>>21863 My pleasure. Postcards will be received if the return address is fake but they will not be able to send it back for you to correct if there's an issue. I suggest you go to the following link where it generates a random, fake address for you and use it on your card. It's safer than not putting anything on it, since I doubt all staff members are sticking to rules. If I can help you with anything else, let me know. https://www.fakeaddressgenerator.com/
>>21863 >there are no post offices left Are you deliberately stupid?! There's always stores where stamps are sold and even if not the time you've spent typing this you could've used to jewgle what you want to know ten times over. Stop being a lazy niggerfaggot
>>21872 No I wanted to hear from someone who has sent letters or postcards to Tarrant about how it works to know for sure since they've actually done it. And the grocery stores selling stamps can't answer such questions like the old post offices could in the past. Stop being rude
>>21875 Just look it up on the internet. They'll tell you how much sending a international letter costs, and if there's no special tarif for postcards, then treat it as a letter. BTW, you appear to be retarded. Just saying. Lurk moar.
Can someone give me Brenton Tarrant with a mohawk?
(149.47 KB 400x582 1548632908112 (1).jpg)
>>21774 At your service >Be 14 >Going to high school >Today we are watching a movie of our choice in history class >Bring the Christchurch livestream on DVD >So excited >Get to class and see faggot Balliet lover >He's a fucking skinhead >He wants to watch Balliet's livestream >Call him a fucking kike >Say Balliet is a sloppy job >Brenton is love, Brenton is life >Suddenly the sound of high-pitched anime music emerges from the distance >A dribbling bald figure bursts through the ceiling >Oh fuck >"VAT IS ALL ZIS I HEER ABOUT ME BEING A SLOPPY JOB, SCHEISSEMAN?" >He removes his gay uniform, revealing a fully homemade "gun" >It's already falling apart >Prepare my anus for totalenkrieg >But wait >I can hear something coming from outside >Sounds like eurobeat >Saint Tarrant crashes through the window in his Subaru >He's equipped with his arsenal of customized kebab removers that make Balliet's guns look fucking puny >Brenton forces Balliet onto the ground >Tears stream down Balliet's face >Sloppy job classmate looks on in horror >"Please...help me scheisseman" >Ballifag doesn't even look at him >He smashes his copy of the Halle stream >I hand him Brenton's stream >He nods knowingly and puts it into the DVD player on the classroom TV >We watch the whole stream while Brenton fucks Balliet in the ass >The stream ends >Brenton yells "Remember lads - subscribe to PewDiePie" and unloads a full drum mag of bullets into Balliet's destroyed butthole >The bullets begin overflowing inside of Balliet >He explodes pathetically like one of his "bombs" and showers us all with Brenton's love >Brenton approaches the ex-Balliet fanboy >Gives him a signed copy of the manifesto and pats him on the head >He flies out the hole in the ceiling in his Subaru >Whole class cheers >It's finally over >Brenton is love, Brenton is life
>>21890 >It's already falling apart >He explodes pathetically like one of his "bombs" and showers us all with Brenton's love KEK
>>21890 Why gay though
>>21890 top kek poor Balliet though, I feel bad making fun of the guy for trying
>>21890 Greetings to you, kind anon, and thank you immensely for this. I lost it so hard once again, especially at the usage of Scheisseman which I read in Balliet's voice. You're truly a God amongst mam. I'm glad you're still around and I hope you're doing well. Be blessed.
>>21890 You should not shit on a guy who already proven that he has greater mettle than you. Funny or not, this is just tasteless and shows who is truly a smaller man here. Especially considering the German's dude current state, measure of his sacrifice and possible future. Laughing at failure instead of praising personal bravery is Semitic trait. Especially in honor-less and decaying times as these. Or more specifically trait of a weak cowardly person, who knows very well he will never even consider actually fighting for his people. As Tarrant himself said, there will be failures, there will be defeats. It won't be a smooth sailing, nothing that was worth of something ever was. Everyone with a two brain-cells to rub together understands this, just like he understands that you never talk shit about a man of your race who took an action, no matter the result. Hitler knew this, Pierce knew this and even leftists understand this. You are virtually dumber than a pink-haired fat trans-dyke, because even she understands when to keep her mouth shut.
(3.16 KB 329x67 uploadtime.png)
Minor update on that Youtube channel some anons thought may have been Tarrant's >>20225 (I've been away for a few weeks and just catching up on threads now, apologies if this was mentioned before) Metadata shows it was uploaded 17:37 UTC, and NZ is UTC+13 so upload would have already been the 16th after the attack occurred.
>>21906 Aren't you taking it a little bit too hard, anon? I mean...it's just a shitpost designed for entertainment, after all. I'm sure he didn't mean to just make fun of Balliet for failing - it's a short story about a character who prefers Brenton over Stephan, nothing wrong with that, in my opinion.
(12.49 KB 187x315 1570631053761.jpg)
>>21907 So it cannot be Brenton's profile? >>21908 I agree with you about it being just a shitpost, but I also agree with >>21906 because shills and enemies specifically target us by mocking people like Balliet and Manshaus with their usual "loser/incel/ugly" demoralization strategies. I recall watching Balliet's livestream and cringing the whole time, but reconsidering the thing in retrospective I admire him anyway because at least he tried. I would never be able to do a fraction of what he did (building a homemade arsenal and actually taking action) so yeah I can have a laugh at a random shitpost but I still respect him.
>>21907 Glad to see you back, thank you for doing the research; I'm actually not surprised that this wasn't his YouTube channel but it still would've been entertaining if I would've been proven wrong. Be well.
>>21908 >it's just funny funny anon No, it's about principle. You don't shit on better people than you. You don't shit on men of your race who actually did something. And you don't do that especially if you personally didn't do nothing. Pierce talked about this repeatedly and in great lengths and it has it's reasons. One of these reasons is cult of heroism and bravery and elementary political management. You can easily trace everything good in history of White race to cult of heroism. All civilizations are built on it. Even fucking sandniggers understand this clearly. Do you think they shit and make fun of their suicide bombers who blew up halfway to the target? No, they praise them as loudly as ones who actually succeeded. Left does the same, even with the worst fuckups. Although with them, it's purely the political management, because they for exchange understand the political values behind unity (or appearance of thereof). Why is that? Because again, all good and beautiful is built on bravery and sacrifice of brave men. You can't built that bravery and cult of heroism if you laugh on those who try and fail. Many men have many motivations to do sacrifices. We are social animals, how our peers and especially our "tribe" respond to us is what define us. Any group which wishes to survive and flourish understand it. Bravery, sacrifice, for it's own sake, must be always praised, because bravery and sacrifice ARE VALUES ON IT'S OWN. They are not tied to the result. This is materialist line of thought and as such thoroughly Semitic.
>>21909 I get what you mean. Personally, I don't care much for Balliet - I know he's not a bad or retarded person, he just got caught up in the excitement, thinking he can achieve greatness without preparing. He actually apologized to the two victims he's injured and said he Hope's they'll get better. He isn't too bright for openly stating that he thinks the hollacost nothing in a country like Germany but while I respect him and everyone for taking direct action, I can also enjoy a laugh every now and then; the green text was no serious criticism, it's just a nice shitpost to have a laugh to. The world's too serious far too often, anyway.
>>21909 Unless he got someone to upload for him (which I highly doubt, 0 evidence of this) than no. He would have already been in NZ prison at time of upload (5:37 AM March 16th NZ time), more likely it is just someone archiving the video with cut and paste from manifesto. >>21910 Thank you anon, you as well.
>>21911 >Bravery, sacrifice, for it's own sake, must be always praised, because bravery and sacrifice ARE VALUES ON IT'S OWN. I agree - granted, I haven't looked at Balliet the same way I looked at Crusius or even Manshaus to an extent; that isn't to say that I don't respect him for acting out on his ideals and I apologise if I at any point sounded like this was my intention. But again: I'm not as interested in him as I am in certain other people, yet that doesn't equate to me trying to make fun of him.
(4.68 KB 250x174 cringe.jpg)
>>21906 >>21911 >getting offended by a shitpost >You should not shit on a guy who already proven that he has greater mettle than you. The guy shot his own people and completely embarrassed his movement. Literally doing nothing would have been better than that. You're on an image board, guys like him are always going to be made fun of.
>>21917 And anons will always express their feelings despite cringe pepes
>>21917 How many of your own people are fat slags bitching around while someone tries to shoot up a synagogue, of people who are inside kebab-houses? If I remember correctly, Balliet also wanted to shoot this White-haired boomer, who was bitching like faggot. How many of those are there in the group you call "your own people"? Many?
>>21917 And people who think, that "doing nothing" is better than failing, are THE cancer. Doing nothing is worse than being a leftist racetraitor.
(54.70 KB 1014x1024 virgin you.png)
>>21906 Balliet could have actually spent some time scouting the area, making sure his weapons worked and having a backup plan and should have been in control of his emotions before he decided to do anything. He shouldn't have sperged out and started shooting his own people. I will always be VERY tough on Balliet, but he had his heart in the right place at least. I will not honor him, but nor will I attack him too heavily. He has balls for trying and for getting in a shoot-out with police. He should have thought though whether this was truly the right path for him or if he was prepared. >>21917 Doing something is better than doing nothing, always. However if one is going to do something, DO IT RIGHT
>>21928 Balliet became a case study for us. A data point with complete transparency. I bet you future effortposters will get higher scores as a direct result of lessons learned from his actions.
1 month left until anniversary, lads.
>>21930 Forgot pic
>>21932 Hey wtf Test
>>21926 Strike hard or don't strike at all. Balliet should have stayed at home and tested his weaponry and planned things more thoroughly instead of making the rest of us look like fools and potentially demoralising others from playing Minecraft. What if he's the reason we haven't seen much action lately? Failures deserve to be mocked to some degree regardless of what balls they had. We need the best if we want to progress towards a new society. Tarrant's deed alone should have sent out the ripples that lead to annual Breiviks but these fools could be hindering that momentum and driving people away from action. Hopefully this first wave is the idiots cleared out and we'll see some actual warriors worthy of succeeding the Saint in the months and years after the trial
>>21928 >He should have thought though whether this was truly the right path for him This is an excellent point that absolutely every single person needs to consider. Of course many fantasise about achieving greatness the way Brenton did, but he was not only mentally suited but also emotionally prepared. Failure wasn't an option for him, he put everything he had into planning, making sure he would succeed and then proceeded to become this glorious rageposter we now know. However, not everybody [Balliet as an example] can handle the stress of shooting people if one isn't one hundred percent sure of one's ideals. If you have doubt, you will hesitate. Hesitation leads to mistakes, mistakes can lead to failure. Brenton was aware of that and did his best to ensure the maximum of an outcome he could get by first confronting and then dealing with those aspects of his person that could weaken him. The difference I see [and the following is purely my opinion based on personal interpretation] in how Brenton did so much better than Balliet is the fact that he didn't shoot these people for personal gain. He didn't live stream and show his face to ask 'aye, goys, look I'm doing it, am I cool yet?'. He didn't purchase guns and prepare for two years so he can get on some newspaper or a show. He did it for us. He did this all for someone else because he recognized that there's something going on far greater than he himself would be and he wanted to protect his heritage, his homeland, his race. He didn't do it for himself. Balliet's live stream, everything he did from building the weapons to the part where he says he's such a failure and a loser screams narcissism. He did this for himself, to get online fame, sure enough he had already pictured 4pol going wild and calling him a mad lad as he exited the parking lot. This was the most important thing on his mind and as a result, he didn't plan. Success rested solely upon him getting the approval of others which caused him to overestimate himself; and that is the biggest difference that resulted in such an enormous failure. If you fight for yourself, for personal gain, for fame and approval, you will always fail. Only by accepting and embracing your place on the sides of your brothers, by being fully aware that you're not acting for yourself but for your race will you be able to achieve what Brenton started. Your motivation cannot be the best outcome for yourself but the best outcome for your people.
>>21925 >h-he was in a kebab shop, that makes him a race traitor Cope harder faggot. The guy lived in a right-wing city and was part of a hooligan group, who are almost always racist. If someone who eats kebab is a race traitor, then someone who eats fastfood, buys vidya, pays for movies, etc. is a race traitor too, since these companies are far more anti-White than any turkroach kebab maker will ever be.
>>21930 >>21932 >>21933 I'll give it another try.
>>21934 He did test his weaponry. The main fuckup was him not planning for the door to be locked. Then he panicked because he knew he had already crossed the point of no return. I think we'll see people soon who learned from the mistakes of early goers. We'll also see ex-military lolberts flipping out when they realize that cucking to niggers and spics will not save their guns. They will wait until after legislation has been passed though because they are heavily in denial.
>>21917 >The guy shot his own people and completely embarrassed his movement. There is no "movement" to talk about. I would also expect better than optics retardation itt. >Literally doing nothing would have been better than that. And that is another reason why the dude was bigger man than you ever will be. There is only one wrong thing to do and that is to do nothing. Besides, you just repeated your own previous bullshit without acknowledging my previous arguments. >always made fun of Hence my post why "making fun of" is sign of a jew, fully Semitized good goy or just cowardly imbecile with absolutely no understanding of politics and values above material ones. Take a pick which is your case. >>21926 This. >>21928 After a battle, everyone is general. >I will always be VERY tough on Balliet Only person you should be primarily tough is yourself. Not a man who already proven greater bravery than you and one who actually made nearly ultimate sacrifice. Which - again - are value on their own and for that they should be praised. Another seemingly forgotten thing from the European past is understanding that you can and should only criticize from either equal or higher position in regard to other brave men. Ask yourself a question: >What I did for my people? >What did I sacrificed for my people? >but nor will I attack him too heavily You should not attack him at all. Keeping quiet is free and silence is often golden. >>21934 >shoulda, coulda, woulda Yet another great general and experienced warrior joins the theory room. Same applies to you as above. >demoralizing others from playing He didn't demoralized no one. That is YOUR doing and doing of similar. You are the one who is pushing mockery against people way greater than yourself. Again, why the fuck do you think left is always taking same approach to never talk shit about their failures? Why do you think Arabs praise even failed attackers? Why do you think all important natsoc persons, starting with Hitler, understood this? Do you feel wiser than these men? No. Chances are, you never did nothing of importance for your people, but you for some unexplained reason are hellbent on mocking people who actually did, or tried so. Again, let's use Arabs as example - even in case of the greatest failure, they praise the man as a martyr who is surely now in the Paradise. They do it the moment the man actually goes with it. Why? Because the result is secondary here, because they understand heroic cult and immense value of sacrifice. Imagine if response to Balliet was like this, in healthy non-subversed manner. Imagine if his deed was welcomed and praised, not laughed and mocked and his sacrifice would be widely acknowledged. As I already said, we are social animals. Our peers define us. You are one who is doing demoralization here, not the German dude. This is also a reason why Islamic groups have seemingly unlimited supply of people ready to give their life. They offer a chance for greatest social appraisal in quickest way, for everyone, no matter how weak, ugly or stupid, no matter with how sinful past. >>21937 Once again, motivation and result are secondary. If the man decides to act and to sacrifice, he calls for respect or at least, if you still don't understand the need, for respectful silence. >>21938 Most of the kebab stands are halal. By buying halal, you are directly financing local Islamic organization who issued that halal license. So no, you are one who is coping. Stop eating that shit. >>21937
>>21941 >ex-military lolberts These people are being purged heavily from the armed forces. It all adds into acceleration, it's not unlikely that one of these disgruntled ex militaries might succeed in carrying out an action, but so far they've been all caught because they acted as dumb degenerates or joined honeypot organizations. The secret of success at this stage is keeping stuff to yourself as much as possible like Breivik and Tarrant did. Especially because glowniggers are on our guys' necks heavily. >>21937 Good post.
>>21928 >I will always be VERY tough on Balliet, but he had his heart in the right place at least. I will not honor him, but nor will I attack him too heavily. He has balls for trying That's how I look, too. He deserves respect but nobody should be above criticism. That said, friendly fire incidents happen to soldiers all the time and that's what we are. Soldiers and as such we make light of everything but are there in the hour of need. That's what counts.
I think it goes a long way knowing that even if someone were to miss a detail or have a bit of bad luck and fail, there are many anons who would calmly do a postmortem without throwing them under the bus. It could give some of our racial brethren the courage to take the risk inevitable in standing up for our people in a world of entropy and chaos. You lads are alright.
>>21929 >Balliet became a case study for us. A data point with complete transparency That is why all of the disciples have been so interesting. It gives us lots of things to study, to look where they made good decisions, and what they did that was bad. Tarrant's stream in particular is a veritable treasure. It is really a shame that Earnest's and Manshaus' streams did not work so that we could study them as well. Luckily with Earnest though we see what happened through the security cam video and know that he had only brought one weapon which he was unable to unjam. Rooky mistake. >>21930 >>21940 Has it really been so long? I can't believe it. >>21925 No one deserves to die for going out and having lunch at a restaurant. I wouldn't go out to a kebab restaurant but there's no reason why a lemming should get gunned down for this
>>21947 This.
>>21943 >There is only one wrong thing to do and that is to do nothing. You won't do anything either, you nigger :^)
>>21943 >If the man decides to act and to sacrifice, he calls for respect Since you seem to have ignored my interpretation, I will repeat: it doesn't seem like he did it for anyone else than himself. This approval hoarding behaviour is, in fact, more despicable than trying for someone else and failing as it shows what your mind and souls gravitate toward: in Balliet's case, simple self gain, in ways that are up for debate. What I strongly disagree with you on is your suggestion for people to simply stay quiet, to turn their heads and blindly praise everybody who does something. Failure needs to be pointed out in order to learn from it. Discussions must be had without restrictions in order to assure the next attempt to be successful. Let me give you an example: I went around shitposting in real life, then got raided. You said that anyone who acts and sacrifices deserves respect and trust me, hehe, I sacrificed a lot so far. But do I deserve respect just because I did something? Absolutely not. I was and still am unfit for violent action, the only thing I deserve is critique and ridicule but never did it occur to me to come here the way you do and say 'nay, y'alls did nothing yourselves, shut up'. Once again, so you understand: failures must be accepted and discussed. We have to figure out what works, what makes it work and how to improve. Inaction is a choice, after all. I recognize Balliet's act but I will never respect him the way i respect Brenton simply for the reasons i have stated already. If you cannot accept ridicule of someone who failed, you shouldn't be here.
>>21952 >it doesn't seem like he did it for anyone else than himself And you seemingly don't want to understand what I already said. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter at all. What matters is that a man found a motivation and will to go through such deed. To sacrifice himself. Another thing is that you don't get to judge such men, especially not on such vague and plain theorycrafted grounds as motivation. All you have is "I feel he did X". A fucking feeling. Finally, to even think that someone does something like that purely from narcissistic reasons, that says more about you than anyone else. >Failure needs to be pointed out in order to learn from it It doesn't needs to be pointed out, as it is inherently obvious. Hence, one can go straight to the analysis. I never was against the analysis, but against the mockery. You can very well appraise the man's grit and bravery and then go analyze what he did possibly wrong or not. You are making a strawman here. >But do I deserve respect just because I did something If that truly did happened, which I'm not convinced of, since that previous debacle, then yes, yes you do. ALL action is better than inaction. But again, this comparison says more about you than anything else. Are you aware that we got into a point when you are comparing a guy very much ending his life to you, being interviewed by a cops? There are degrees of everything. And again, this does not forbade me from analysis. But the mockery? No. >I will never respect him the way i respect Brenton No one asked you to do that. Again, if you can't understand the underlying principles which are vital to every single nation, political unit or civilization, then at least keep your mouth shut. That's all you have to do. >If you cannot accept ridicule of someone who failed, you shouldn't be here. I already explained why are you wrong about this and why it is you who is committing active demoralization by this Semitic nonsense. Again, just silence is enough if you can't understand it for some unexplained reason.
>>21952 Good post.
>>21937 Damn good post.
WTF is going on with this thread, the tip says "383 hidden posts" but when I enter thread its like 50 ish. Also the posts seem to slide off the top like in the rules or QTDDAT threads. Problem on my end or anyone else?
>>21952 I don't see your posts as in fundamental disagreement. Just nuanced views that one could even hold at the same time. Some of it is semantics, and there is truth in what both of you say
>>21954 >committing active demoralization by this Semitic nonsense "Demoralization" - I think you may be attaching yourself to the figure of Balliet too much and you are unable to here any criticism of his failed attack. There is nothing demoralizing about discussing the flaws of a man and his deeds in good faith. Balliet leaves a lot to be desired, that doesn't mean I don't see that his heart was in the right place, though. To be silent and to demand silence is to ignore flaws, to refuse to learn why Balliet failed, and to grow from this. Just because someone gets up and shoots a bunch of people doesn't make them immediately beyond reproach.
>>21957 I still see the first posts from this thread at the top of the page. Try this URL http://vvadkyuldkwon6za.onion/pol/res/20766.html
>>21957 Seems like something happened on your end. I can see all of the posts.
>>21959 Did you actually read my post? If not, then go read it. If you can't understand some part, then ask and I will explain again. Especially this part: >You can very well appraise the man's grit and bravery and then go analyze what he did possibly wrong or not. And this one: >But the mockery? No.
We've pretty much discussed every aspect of this. The rest will just be ego protection and chest beating. Back to making OC or carving wooden Hitler statues.
>>21963 The mockery is literally just memeing, it happens to everyone and everything. Much of it he invited himself as he drove down the road calling himself a fucking loser NEET and sperging out at a door. Not very becoming of a man.
>>21969 I already explained this numerous times. Repeating same bullshit won't make it magically right.
(2.87 MB 854x480 jolly pol anthem.mp4)
>>21960 >>21961 I figured it out, I am retarded. I was clicking "Last" and not "reply". I guess that is new? Never noticed it before if not.
>>21945 Since the thread's already detailed, I try to summarise some things before I will be off. >It doesn't matter. Saying one's intentions don't matter is, at its core, a dangerous statement. Not only do intentions show who one is but also who the person will choose to align themselves with. If one goes out with the intent to kill a White person but kills a foreigner by accident and then states that this was their plan all along, would you still say that intentions don't matter? Would you not question the person and whether it's safe to allow them in your ranks? Intentions matter. They're in most cases, all that matters. >I never was against the analysis, but against the mockery. In cases such as Balliet, you obviously cannot have one without the other. Even Brenton and Crusius get their fair share of mockery, it's always a point of view on where to draw the line. I understand that the topic is something you're passionate about and I'm not trying to argue out of it, please don't misunderstand my words. >you are comparing a guy very much ending his life to you, being interviewed by a cops I'm not comparing anything, don't make it seem like I do. Shitposting and efforyposting aren't the same. >why it is you who is committing active demoralization by this Semitic nonsense. I'm not demoralising anyone. I'm trying to keep people from acting out of a gut feel and ultimately throw their lives away rather than taking a breath, collect themselves and think twice about what their own boundaries are and what they realistically think they're capable of. If you consider this demoralizing, you have misunderstood either me or the term itself. >if you can't understand it for some unexplained reason. I understand your points very well, I simply don't agree with some. Much like this is the same case for you on my points - don't mix things up. Nonetheless, I think it's important that despite differences in opinions, we're still all working toward the same goal, which should be above such discussions. We will agree to disagree on many things but that in itself is a very pleasant experience - the world would be quite boring without such discussions. Even if you cannot understand my point of view, I am glad we had this exchange of thoughts and I hope you enjoy your day. Be well.
>>21980 >Saying one's intentions don't matter is, at its core, a dangerous statement Can you explain to me, specifically, how that matters? And again, you are taking for granted the result of your feeling, which is from wrong from the get go. >in your ranks There are no ranks here. Yet. If there would be such organization, your argument could make little bit more sense. But there is not. >They're in most cases, all that matters. Did you ever heard a saying that road to hell is paved by good intentions? Intentions can be important, surely, but they are at best secondary in regard to deeds like Balliet's. And again, you are again pushing your feeling as a fact. >you obviously cannot have one without the other You easily can. Stop making nonsensical rules, it's not an argument. >Even Brenton and Crusius get their fair share of mockery Which is also wrong. >I'm not demoralising anyone Mockery is demoralization. That is all I ever said itt, if you strip away all meta bullshit I like to write about. Again, look at virtually every single successful civilization, movement or other political or social unit: 1) Their success is built upon bravery and sacrifice (which are degrees of, no need to talk in absolutes of life and death) 2) They all understood the utmost importance of heroic cult 3) They all never engaged in mockery of such acts and people who did those. Some, if not majority of them, even actively punished such mockery, frequently by extremely hard means (it could lead to death in ancient Rome, you could be hanged for defeatism in Third Reich or again, various physical punishments in Arabic society). tl;dr - analyze and learn from failures, they are most valuable because of it. But do it without mockery and healthy dose of respect towards the men and more importantly their sacrifice.
>>21982 >There are no ranks here. ESL fag detected
>>21984 >10 Easy Steps to Learn English through Intense Debate with Ethno-Nationalists Online I wish I had an autism simulator to learn German with
(79.83 KB 800x532 Anglo Learning to Hate.jpg)
>>21414 >I'm aware I might walk a thin line there, but it's still all inside my head and I'm not too focused on it. Perhaps I drop some issues, perhaps I pick some up but as of now, I cannot allow myself to get too many things started. Investigations on me are still ongoing, >Investigations on me are still ongoing, are you austiranon? But that sounds like a great book, would read it for sure.
>>22021 yeah yeah sloppy sob muh salad now go back to cuckchan and stay go.
>The Great Replacement.pdf I am sure most if not all of you have it, but hey why not since PDFs are allowed now apparently (test post too)
>>22030 Some translations I have too, post 'em if you got 'em lads.
>>22030 its a shame but i have to admit ive never read it before lads but at least now i can enjoy your new pdf functionality lads
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can someone post the template of Brenton's White power hand sign please
>>21994 >are you? I am. And thank you - yet like I mentioned, it's all an idea and so far, there's no solid plan or outline on anything besides the short film [which I'm looking forward to the most]. Enjoy your day.
(99.88 KB 263x374 1573330070920.png)
>>22078 Template? I have this.
(407.05 KB 868x639 wp.jpg)
>>22097 that's it, thanks I was gonna try and make a gif to make the hands scroll left to right but my gif making ability sucks
>>22108 pdf?
(33.90 KB 512x512 90e03d8cf28703baa8f4.jpeg)
A AI Tarrant mixed version
(633.70 KB 1052x650 comparison.png)
Interesting. pic related is a side-by-side shot of a test-shot I rendered in the past. Angle and focal distance are somewhat different, though.
>>22151 How was this made? doesn't look like him to be honest.
>>22164 IMHO there's a similarity. The hair looks less shaggy, and the facial expression is totally neutral on the AI pic. My first impression also was, that that's a different person, but in comparison, it looks much like what I've modeled, when you compare the shape of the facial features.
>>22165 Nah he looks like that faggot who plays spiderman in avengers movies.
(25.98 KB 332x400 IMG_20200216_174804.jpg)
>>22163 I have made a version with this pic related and others pics of Tarrant but the result was even worse kek, I will retry. >>22164 Made on this site : https://artbreeder.com/create By uploading his photos, and mixed and remixed. And I have also mixed him with another random guy for make his eyes blue, as the ia version of his photos make his eyes brown. >>22165 Yes it's not perfect but it's mostly based on his photos. My aim is to succeed to recreate the better as I can his face, to make if it was anothers news photos of him.
>>22151 I can definitely see the Tarrant in his face, in the nose, lips and eyes especially. I think what might be throwing me off the most is his hair
>>22174 wait for an hour or two, I'll render a few frontal shots for you. What you were using lacks hair.
(1.62 MB 1024x1024 fullfrontal 01.png)
(1.52 MB 1024x1024 fullfrontal 02.png)
(1.58 MB 1024x1024 fullfrontal 03.png)
Made three renders with differering focal distances. I'd suggest using number 3, because that's the most natural looking. The pics from the court have were made with a very long focal distance, which IMHO also was distorted so those pics look more like frontal shots.
>>22196 Now these look a lot like Tarrant. Very nice. Now we need a render of his entire uniform, that would be neat.
I decided to wander into /r/masskillers to see what they were saying about Tarrant and to no one's surprise >HE HAS A DUMB FACE LOL >MEMELORD I'm not even surprised. I think a lot of people fail to understand how Tarrant used memes. Underneath all of the irony and memes there is undeniable sincerity. We can hear this as we hear him saying how he was doing this in revenge for Ebba, for Bataclan and for Europe. I don't know how anyone could say that his experience in the French cemetery was "memeing". Fucking normalfags. They will always ad hominem when they have no argument to stand on. To a normalfag everyone is as shallow as them, wanting only fame, standing for nothing in earnest.
>>22199 >leftwing bias is real color me surprised
>>22199 It looks like the guy is simply saying it to gain plausible deniability. >be Flared69 >post Tarrant meme >other user calls you out on it >realize other Plebbit users can see your entire posting history >pretend you were just being ironic and that you hate le ebil terrorist The user who asked if he looked up to Tarrant uses the name "wasit-worthit" (= Was it worth it?). It's possible that he/she checks peoples posting history full time for "problematic" content in order to (semi) dox them.
>>22199 You have to understand that anyone who says anything against the narrative is banned from Plebbit. So you can't be surprised when that is all that's left. See what I mean?
(112.74 KB 1024x1024 95db457e570a46459da805ad.jpeg)
(108.34 KB 1024x1024 e01683128ac6451cacc40615.jpeg)
(110.05 KB 1024x1024 7d9c4c08faa6478b85962d00.jpeg)
>>22203 FYI the first one is the only one I've seen that starts to make it over the uncanny valley hump. Well done! I can tell you're improving. If you could combine the first one with some of the wider facial features of the last one (which looks more like him, but is in the uncanny valley still) it would be ace.
(25.27 KB 512x512 32dff1a960725740daa5.jpeg)
(24.17 KB 512x512 644d839c77411674d8bc.jpeg)
(24.12 KB 512x512 585d39f3038f7f6503da.jpeg)
>>22204 First pic is a combination of the 3, and 2 others pics have some angle modification
>>22199 >expecting non NPC behaviour from plebbit Anon, I...
(36.45 KB 1017x512 render compare.jpg)
>>22206 If it weren't for the hat I wouldn't be able to tell the difference
>>22197 Those are all the same model, and if we just assume that they look just like the real brenton, the real brenton also wouldn't make it over the uncanny valley, if he'd been photographed with a 300mm lens. ;) I tried to recreate what the AI did with the first one.
>>22206 Try using them together with the court images. Or doesn't that work?
(1.40 MB 1024x1024 fullfrontal 04.png)
>>22208 Do it!
(36.02 KB 512x512 e0c83ece85d745e47f22.jpeg)
(35.06 KB 512x512 2cc3476d26ea4c6c75f7.jpeg)
>>22208 >>22232 Most of ai versions aren't really top, only this one is good (first pic) Second pic is a version with several mixing of your 3D model and some pics in court. The best version I have made until now I think, but don't know why hair aren't really ok
>>22235 Kek, excellent ! Otherwise, have you the pic of your 3D model put on a guy which hold a sign which says something like "kiwi of the year" or "kebab remover of the year" ? I don't remember well exactly.
(1.53 MB 1620x1080 newzealanderoftheyear 02.png)
(1.57 MB 1620x1080 newzealanderoftheyear 03.png)
>>22237 here ya go, fren.
>>22238 Thanks !
While I'm at it, I like this one. Little Brenton as a child.
(5.37 MB 2640x3327 GoBrenton 05.png)
>>22240 Some server error. There should be a pic. Anyways, I present to you: Little Brenton.
>>22241 Fucking topkek
I'm still looking forward to see what the AI does to the australian shitposter!
(1.84 MB 1620x1215 comic 01.png)
(1.56 MB 1620x1215 comic 05.png)
(1.40 MB 1600x1147 heil tarrant.png)
(961.88 KB 1200x777 judge 02.png)
(1.16 MB 949x1024 portrait 02.png)
(383.40 KB 919x737 shitposter.png)
(3.26 MB 1080x1920 window 03.png)
(495.26 KB 1920x1080 punisher 01.png)
(1.35 MB 1920x1080 GoBrenton.png)
Sum other stuff I've made. I didn't post this much, so it probably didn't end up on many HDs, and it may be a good opportunity for a repost.
>>22241 >>22244 We need more memes of this quality
>>22245 yeah, I'll make more. I made those pics when I've seen a pic with the wrong face in the past, but I'm lacking inspirations lately.
>>22241 amazing, nothing but top quality anon. how long until our boy is in madame tussauds?
>>22244 I like the glass art I think their should be more with all are saints and martyrs
>>22238 I wish Brenton, Crusius, Earnest, and Bowers could see these threads. I hope we can get the addresses for the other saints soon so that we can send them postcards. I'm too paranoid to call up the jails myself.
>>22244 The "Justice Judge" one came out so well!
>>22249 Technically, what's the worst that can happen if you call and ask for contact information on 'Prisoner number ....'? It's not like they gonna raid your ass for a call man. Unless you live in California of course
>>22252 I agree. I am just not good with phones opsec and I already take enough risks. I'm willing to send mail but I don't want to do this one specific thing. It's why I ask if another anon could put forth the effort in this regard. I've already sent postcards to Brenton. Actually I might have been one of the only people to post picture proofs of it. If there is any way I can repay an anon for their efforts in completing the list of mailing addresses I will, if it means creating custom OC for them or posting picture proofs of postcards I send to the other saints. I know it's a big ask, and I apologize for that.
>>22254 I mean, I attempted to call Corrections from a phone cell. It helps if you change your voice a bit since all calls are recorded but if you're truly troubled, maybe some anon will be able to help you out - or you wait, as I'm sure some are already on to it. Also, please, don't post the cards as 'proof'. Not anywhere, for no one. It can get you in just as much trouble as calling a prison to ask for contact information on murderers/terrorists [those are harsh terms but it's what law sees]. Don't take too much risks, anon. Stay safe.
Bump against necro-fags
Someone posted this archived happening thread about the Christchurch attack on March 15. https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/206256904/ Notice how the lunatic shills jumped in there after a couple of posts and kept shitting up the thread from the get go, in the very moment the thing was still happening and basically nobody could know for sure what it was about, the shills were already there providing the retarded mossad/gaza bombing/sloppy job nonsense. Amazing to be able to analyze how cuckchan is totally irreparably pozzed.
>>22380 Something very interesting is that the pic shows the stream comments while it happened. I always wanted to see them. In general I want to see normies' reactions from watching the video, but obviously the livestream comments are very interesting.
>>22380 I'm glad that Brenton decided to post on the superior /pol/. Being in the thread itself as it happened, I remember distinctly that there were almost no shills until the story began appearing in the news.
>>22380 >Worth doing actually, because dude went travelling beforehand and is showing all kinds of respect to other cultures in their countries. When they catch him/kill him/collect his suicided corpse the news will describe him as a "racist" who posted "racist content" to his Facebook. This, to infinity and beyond. We have to get some of /ourguys/ into journalism and have them shill this on all fronts. The whole thread just hyped me up again. Got to go, have to watch a cooking video.
>>22385 >We have to get some of /ourguys/ into journalism Yeah, good luck with that.
>>22387 >come back from deleting c p spam >see image >times are not so shit after all I miss my folder of drawanon's images. Do you gave the one where Brenton screams into the microphone? Would you be so kind and post it?
Am I the only one who often thinks about how he could've gotten away with it? Imagine if he didn't livestream it, and if he used a black market car. He could've gotten so far away from the scene and then release the video at a later date. Hell, he managed to go visit another mosque, what would've stopped him from just getting away? That would've caused an even bigger shitstorm. Imagine the massive manhunt. The paranoia caused by such an effective terrorist still being at large.
>>22388 Here it is anon. >>22389 The point of the ordeal was having the livestream for the whole world to see. The strategy you are suggesting is good when carried out by a group, not as a lone wolf.
>>22390 We would've seen it at an even higher quality. The scenario I imagine is: him getting somewhere safe after covering his tracks, then upload the video when possible. In hindsight, it was such a realistic option it's quite surprising. Obviously he didn't even consider it because he didn't think it would've been likely for him to get away with it. But as we've all seen, he had so much time that he was able to shoot at random targets on the street, and then even go visit another mosque. He could've started driving to the other side of the country instead. It's just a thought.
>>22390 Wholesome. Thank you greatly. >>22391 One is always smarter after the fact. But consider this: Brenton films his actions, not uploaded as of now. He attempts to escape and they catch him. Two possible outcomes: >the tape is destroyed either on purpose or on accident >it is confiscated and locked away The second point stands out more as A, we would've never been able to see how he did it, thus many of us would still be gravitating around blackpills and B, we would completely rely on media coverage to paint the story, e.g.: multiple kids shot, shooter screams neo-nazi related words, he behaved erratic and struggled upon police arrival, etcetera. Like you said, he had the time but he also couldn't know that beforehand - that's why he had considered his death but still attempted to escape after the second mosque. He did what he could and he did great. Brenton is a good man and I'm very much looking forward to the day he gets out.
>>22389 I don't think escaping surveillance and forensics would be that easy. He really did a near flawless run given the constraints. If someone can do it and get away with it, maybe we'll see that happen but we haven't. The closest is someone like TED who got a low score IIRC.
>>22393 Both Crusius and Earnest had a great chance to run for the hills but for some reason they both turned themselves in
>>22397 Probably because they got scared or at the very least nervous. No way they had the same mental strength at Tarrant after only weeks of preparation so I doubt they were able to deal with all of this. Maybe they didn't plan beyond shooting people so who knows. Haven't read their manifestos tho so I could be wrong
(49.20 KB 800x430 crusius arrest.jpg)
(39.29 KB 760x455 crusius arrest 2.jpg)
>>22398 I don't know about Earnest but Crusius says in The Inconvenient Truth that he'd prefer to die at the hands of police or the people he was attacking, and that prison would be the worst possible outcome for him. Clearly something changed with him after he drove away, because the next logical step for someone with that mindset would be suicide. The latest news is that he has lost a weight and is not eating. You're probably right that he lost his nerve and is not going through hell. Unlike Tarrant he only had a month to plan. Earnest on the other hand, while he alerted the police as well to his location, appears to be in much greater spirits from his court photos.
>>22400 >is not going through hell. *now
>>22400 Yeah being confronted with death is tricky. It's technically easier to shoot someone else than it's to kill yourself. Cause once you stop for a second when the gun's on your temple and you imagine the great nothing that awaits you you kinda quit that. Crusius most likely felt different just writing that down but with the weight of his gun and the dead bodies all around I doubt he thought 'aye, that's where I wanna be'. Cause in the end he most likely preferred life though, like every sane person would and is now regretting not lurking more or doing a couple more minecraft projects before making his move. I'm almost sure he wishes he wouldn't have let himself get caught up in the hype like that but oh well. He's in Texas, right? Sucks. How old is he?
>>22403 I definitely cannot criticize Crusius too hard on this. I can sit here and type that I'd blow out my brains without hesitation if I was in his shoes but I wouldn't really know what I was made of until I was actually there in the moment. >I'm almost sure he wishes he wouldn't have let himself get caught up in the hype like that but oh well At the very least he didn't end like Manshaus, with no kills besides his chink "sister". Twenty-two spics isn't bad for a month of prep. I just sincerely hope that Crusius doesn't become wholly disillusioned with what he sacrificed his freedom for. >How old is he? 21
>>22404 >21 >mfw he could be my brother Fuck this gay world why is no one talking these people out of it? Not including Tarrant but Crusius and Earnest who I think stated he only lurked a year and a half should've kept hiding their goddamn power level and then play CoD. >I just sincerely hope that Crusius doesn't become wholly disillusioned with what he sacrificed his freedom for. Just checked out his thread here and an anon wrote Crusius stated that he wouldn't want to live knowing his family despises him. Yeah nothing to add. He's gonna get murdered by ZOGbots and when he's strapped down on that table the the needles next to him he's gonna regret everything. I really fucking hate that young people get so blackpilled that they think shooting a bunch like that is the only way they gonna get recognition >mad_world.mp4
>>22397 Sure they could run for the hills but they would have just caught in an ensuing manhunt anyways. The main purpose would just be to escape and continue their spree.
>>22406 >why is no one talking these people out of it? The reason people do it is because they see no future for themselves. The weight of no chance for a legacy and the thought of their country sliding into some disgusting globohomo Brazil is too much to bear. I suspect for some of these lads the alternative isn't doing nothing, the alternative is suicide so they choose to fight back against those who made their future only a bleak hell. The truth is there are hundreds of times more young White men silently committing suicide than are lashing out first. The only path through this mess is forward, one way or another.
(66.56 KB 680x418 1486579264505.jpg)
>>22406 >mfw he could be my brother mfw when it could me. I'm roughly around this age and it is honestly surreal to see someone like Earnest, who is only twenty, so younger than me, or Crusius, do these things. It really testifies to the state of America when young men feel that this is the only option. They may have been, to an extent "caught up in the memes / hype ", but people don't do this stuff if they're not serious. There will be no recognizable America by 2050, let alone Europe. People can attack me for being blackpilled, but this is the truth that we are faced with if drastic changes are not taken now. Crusius said it best, we young White men have no future. The whole jewish system is set up to train us to be perfect producers and consumers, take the best years of our lives, and then allow us some time to ourselves when we're 60+ and decrepit. The environment's gonna be fucked (regardless of whether one believes in global warming), flooded with the worst humanity has to offer and automation will take all of menial jobs. There are really only three options left in this world >become a good goy and forget everything you've learned >stand up against ZOG >opt out of the system and become a hermit
>>22408 >because they see no future for themselves. >I suspect for some of these lads the alternative isn't doing nothing, the alternative is suicide This hits goddamn it all to hell. The sad part is that even if one were to recognize someone who's so hopeless one couldn't help them and group together to find solutions because the state is gonna clamp down and raid everyone for being nazis >>22412 >we young White men have no future. Not with that attitude. Be as blackpilled as you wanna be I'm enjoying shit while it lasts. We didn't exist for 4 billion years, we live around 90 years and will be dead for an eternity. I don't think many look at it that way and make short term decisions based on gut instinct but don't plan so they end up wasting this brief time the have
>>22413 >We didn't exist for 4 billion years, we live around 90 years and will be dead for an eternity Don’t believe what (((scientists))) tell you
>>22408 What you are stating is correct. However, if looked at for longer than a few seconds, I suspect the reason for so much despair is that many of these young men are so disconnected from their roots that they simply do not have anything to cling onto once life becomes troublesome. Yes, materialistic goods offer temporary happiness but they need something more, they need a goal in life, something to work toward, someone they do it all for, and be it 'just' having a family and raising their kids the right way. They need a community. As WOTW has stated it perfectly in his video [first link related], people need to be together like they used to be. As a White man, living among those alien to your way of living will ruin your psyche and it seems to be the case for Crusius and Earnest; The only thing I'll regret in life is not being able to reach out to so many of my own kind to show them that there is still a lot of beauty left in this world to fight for. https://youtu.be/ROyXmxKgzRc Bonus to remember what we are fighting against: https://youtu.be/JxQamW6Vo4U
>>22414 You need to have some degree of trust in science. Thinking that the earth is flat and melted butter heals wounds won't get you far.
Fresh news from the Germany. Local media are on full kvetchening mode. >"Officials said that investigations into 12 men detained in police raids across Germany Friday had indicated they planned major attacks, following media reports over the weekend the group aimed to launch several simultaneous mass-casualty assaults on Muslims during prayers." >"According to media reports, the group planned to use semi-automatic weapons to imitate last March's attacks in Christchurch in New Zealand in which 51 people were killed at two mosques" https://www.thelocal.de/20200217/german-far-right-group-planned-christchurch-style-mosque-attacks-reports Media also report the group being armed with both homemade and professional made arms, but wanted to buy more in Czech republic via Czech right wing extremists >"On Saturday, February 8, the squad decided at a meeting in Minden, Westphalia, to procure additional weapons for attacks on mosques, refugees and politicians. In the Czech Republic, through contacts with local right-wing extremists." >https://www.tagesspiegel.de/berlin/rechte-terrorgruppe-um-werner-s-eine-spur-der-rechtsextremen-fuehrt-zu-waffenhaendlern-nach-tschechien/25555260.html From the above article it is also obvious they made a mistake in their opsec - they communicated through Whatsapp. That way supposedly their group got informer inside. Interestingly, it was 13th member.
(74.49 KB 927x480 struggle for existence.jpg)
>>22417 Today science is truly indistinguishable from religion and is anything but a disciplined, rational approach to understanding reality, it's simply an instrument in the hands of globohomo to push its agenda. When in the past we had priests pushing certain narratives and formulating theological dogma and the peasants parroting half-digested exoteric versions of this, today we have wagecucks parroting half-digested and distorted versions of jewish science. While both are condemnable, the former was far less sinister in its intentions and goals, I'd argue. This was far from a social order in accordance with the Natural Order, but I doubt that it ever thought about wiping out all nations on Earth, mixing the higher with the lower and upturning all authority and natural ways of being as does modern scientism and its acolytes today. Scientism is designed to sway the masses, who often accept it at face value instead of doing their own research. this is especially true of the 'I fucking love science' soys. they don't love it, they barely know what it is. >>22413 >Not with that attitude. Be as blackpilled as you wanna be I'm enjoying shit while it lasts. I'm not blackpilled. I despair at the current state of our race, but we live in a time in where it is still possible to fight back and avoid the final form of the dystopian order that the jews are constructing before our eyes. >We didn't exist for 4 billion years, we live around 90 years and will be dead for an eternity. Why even care about race with such a mindset?
>>22418 WhatsApp? I think they trusted in the stating 'end-to-end encryption'. But nothing of value was lost - in fact, I believe this was a setup by the (((government))) anyway to stir up the hysteria and keep people from logging into their Minecraft accounts on the 15th of March. They want to show presence, you know - but I still expect someone intelligent to keep their OPSEC up and surprise the countries. Also, the fact that they took to the Czech Republuc for firearms reeks of federal setup. No one goes to the Czech Republic for anything other than hookers, shitposting by shilling Babiš and/or Zemam on yet another protest against the (((government))), and Bernard beer.
>>22419 Not the anon but I believe this mindset should make you care even more. 90 years - it's all we have to change things, there will be no second chance and everyone born after 2025 will be living in hell once they grow up. The childhood most of us had is going to be practically non-existent with triple-gender nonsense, diversity specified classes and even more rootless people. We don't even have the 90 years, we have, at best, 40 years to act between being a dribbling brainlet and an arthritis ridden no-one. Time is truly running short.
>>22412 >it is honestly surreal to see someone like Earnest, who is only twenty, so younger than me, or Crusius, do these things I think there is even a bit of a generational gap within our groups here. Relative to Zoomers we are Boomers. Because as bad as it was for us growing up, they are growing up in a school district of maybe 10-20% Whites that is literally entirely hispanics and blacks otherwise. If you look at the arresting and court pictures of Crusius he is basically the only White there. Zoomers are a minority under 18 years old, but even then that is an average. So you have all these pockets where they are truly living in a South America existence within North America, a separate universe from the White Flight Suburbanites. Meanwhile they are being shit on as evil racists that should just die already, but their everyday reality is being bullied and physically assaulted.
>>22420 Anon, it sounds like it was the 13th member that joined as an insider and was able to view their chats more than the specific technology used (even if it's not the best either). Maybe you know a lot more about it but it seems a bit hasty to say something like nothing of value was lost.
>>22421 >The childhood most of us had >tfw didn't have that childhood
>>22422 That court video of Crusius underscored very well how much much of Texas is completely occupied territory. Even the person serving as the judge over the case has a Hispanic last name. Crusius is gonna be strapped to a table undoubtedly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVMGl1NboCQ
>>22424 >he didn't attend classes of 100% Whites until the age of 13 >he didn't go into the woods with grandparents to do homework there >he wasn't told to wear his parents' child clothes because 'they still can be used' >he didn't meet with friends and their parents to be educated about farming and engines >he didn't grow up in a 100% White community and still lives there >his first phone wasn't a Nokia >he didn't ask classmates to send Boten Anna over via bluetooth >mfw being a millennial I hadn't seen my first foreigner until I was 12.
(1.14 MB 1024x576 Braun Suicide.png)
>>22426 >his first phone wasn't a Nokia W-well at least I experienced this..
>>22425 >Crusius is gonna be strapped to a table undoubtedly. Not necessarily. Look up Barend Strydom (the White Wolf). He did something similar in South Africa and was freed, along with a bunch of other militants. I honestly think it's possible this is going to happen in America too at some point. Especially with the way things are going. And even if it doesn't happen, there's a good chance that the death sentence will disappear in the future, with democrats/liberals gaining more power (although it's possible they make an exception for White Nationalists).
>>22429 >Strydom, who claimed to be a Christian, meditated and prayed for a number of days before committing the crime; he later claimed that God gave him no sign that he must not carry on with his plans. Based
>>22412 >2050 No, we have ten years—maybe twenty—to sort this shit out or White civilization is busto,
>>22430 Yes, this line has cracked me up every time I read it. It's even better when he explains it in interviews. It goes something like this: "I prayed to God to give me a sign if he wanted me not to do it. I did not get a sign, so I went ahead and did it" There are some good videos and documentaries about this guy on YouTube and even a short movie. There is a video in which he is giving an interview to a journalist and an old guy randomly walks up to him and congratulates him and calls him a hero. He may have staged it with the old guy, or the guy may have just been a friend of him, but it's still funny/White-pilling.
I'll make the new thread, goys. Just give me five minutes max.
>>22436 wew, that was fast
>>22425 The courtroom literally looks like a scene from Mexico
>>22442 Australia has it's problems but thank god we don't share borders.
>>22383 great comp. fucking saved. post it in the new thread, anon.
>>21220 He didn't jump through semantic loops to avoid exposing kikes though. Keep fapping faggots.
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