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(340.88 KB 1339x1500 thejoyofpainting.jpg)
Fine Arts & Meme Making General Bob 02/09/2020 (Sun) 23:47:21 No. 21231
Noticed how often people ask how to make or edit memes or images? Now there's this thread for that. For anyone wishing to exchange ideas about image editing software (2D or 3D) and their use or just looking for help. Some excellent yet free programs Krita (2D/Gifs - free) https://krita.org/en/download/krita-desktop/ Blender (2D/3D, Video - free) https://www.blender.org/download/ Gimp (2D/Gifs - free) www.gimp.org/downloads/ Inkscape (2D vector - free) https://inkscape.org/release/inkscape-0.92.4/ more suggestions and discussions welcome, politics go elsewhere please ....
>pic 10/10
>>21231 should have called it /pol/ drawthread
Free Engine for programming 2D and 3D games: Godot https://godotengine.org/ material textures and HDR environment maps for blender: https://hdrihaven.com/ Audacity Audio Editor: https://www.audacityteam.org/ Blendernerds BitMessage Address: BM-2cXEF2gTM7PaCXMKeLamYfc2dzpuFHPjXS
>>21238 >drawthread I saw your reply in the Brenton general too late, sry didn't know there's an convention >>21239 thnx for the links. Did you use godot actually? I had it once but didn't manage to do anything. Worth mentioning, Blender up to v2.79 has game engine, too, tho it has many bugs I hear
>>21241 I did some research, and played around, but haven't had time to learn how to properly use it, though. It's on my TODO-list. Anyways, I think, that it's a good engine for people who want to learn but don't know where to start. You can code 2d retro-games like Angry-Goy, but also 3d stuff, and don't need external editors or such, because everything coding-related is included, which makes everything much easier. It also runs under windows, linux, and MacOS, or how it's called nowadays, which is pretty nice. Another nice feature is, that it supports its own scripting language, which is similar to Python, and extremely easy to learn. Many other engines use C++ or C#, which are harder to learn for beginners.
Greetings, tech-newfag from the Brenton thread here. Firstly, I'd like to thank everyone for helping me out, I've noted all that has been explained to me - however, I still have a couble of questions: >Is there a website where I can draw sound effects such as walking on grass, drinking/swallowing water, bird sounds, wind, cars driving ect. from? >what program/s do I need on a laptop to use a graphic tablet correctly? >I'm fond of this animation style [link related]. What program would I need and how much time would it take to get my video done with around the same length, possibly longer? https://youtu.be/a2wpvc96i24
>>21260 For sound effects you're looking for foley. Here's an example from game dev but I'm sure they have sites catered toward video editors or music production. You can probaby even find free sound effect/foley packs on torrents https://www.gamedevmarket.net/category/audio/sound-fx/. For a graphic tablet, they are mostly agnostic to the program. So you could use it with Photoshop, Gimp, Inkscape, Pixelmator, Krita, even MS Paint. It's just a device that acts like a mouse, but usually with pressure sensitivity built in as well. You'll find yourself working with multiple layers. For example one for background, one for highlights, midtones, shadows, etc. One for tracing, one above it for coloring. >that vid absolutelydisgusting.jpg. Anyways it looks like a mixture of art styles, I couldn't tell you for this you probably want to buy a book or two on animation because it has some pretty specific workflows. You'd probably end up in a video editing program like Premier Pro though for post-production. As for time it would take only you can know. You'll have to start small with a short sequence or two then extrapolate based on your own speed. Good luck!
>>21260 >Is there a website where I can draw sound effects Yes. There's lots of stuff, for example freesound.org. If you search for "sound snippets" you'll find lots of stuff. But be aware, that you'll have to edit many of those snippets to normalize their level, denoise them, and so on, and being able to edit stuff will also enable you to make your own snippets from youtube videos and such. Audacity is the tool you'll use for editing, and VLC or similar video players allow you to strip the audio from video files. >what program/s do I need on a laptop to use a graphic tablet correctly? Usually your graphic tablet has some kind of driver, and works like a mouse, from a technical view. You need programs, which support graphic tablets, which every good graphic tool does nowadays. There are different kinds of graphic tools you could be interested in - e.g you wouldn't use the same program for (pencil-like) drawings, vector-graphics, low-res pixelarts, and 3d-sculpting, but good programs in your line of work will support tablets, so you only need to have the drivers installed, if you're using windows, or compiled into the kernel, if you're using linux. >I'm fond of this animation style Can't watch this right now, but (good) animation takes a while. There's a reason, why most anime series are made from still-scenes with very few and short movements. If you want scenes with much movement, you'd most likely render them in 3d and paint over or colorize the renders.
>>21260 >>21284 >graphic tablet >support basically any better program should work however GIMP fails to detect pressure degrees with some, meaning pressure is either on or not at all, nothing inbetween
>>21290 Personally I don't think pressure sensitivity is an absolute necessary although certainly great to have. I've created a metric fuckton of OC without it including line drawing and coloring with a shitty pen or even usually with a mouse. But I'm a horrible artist, can only edit well. Just tacking on here to say that you should probably get a cheaper tablet to start with. The best ones are absolutely in another league and will give you better output, but you need to experience using one at all to know what features are important to you and where the shortfalls are. With the cheaper ones a lot of times the pens will brake or be unreliable, but the gap between low and professional tier is like $500 easily. Another thing, don't be afraid to ask for help with certain aspects if you find yourself taking on too much at once. If you need audio levels equalized, audio clipping "fixed" (made less bad) or noise cleaned up I got your back just drop them on anonfile. Always willing to help out an effortposter.
>>21284 >>21287 >>21290 Thank you all greatly for your support and all the information you provided as well as your incredibly kind offer, >>21291 It does sound like a challenge at the moment but I believe that's just because I've never worked with such programs; nonetheless, the challenge itself makes me feel more determined to get this done, I have a somewhat clear vision on what the content will include and how many scenes I'd need [have taken an anon's advice on drawing a comic first]. Once I have my laptops again and got the graphic tablet, I'll familiarize myself with everything and then get started. Again, I'm extremely grateful for all of your help. Bless you, kind anons, and I shall do my best with what I have in mind.
>>21291 >I don't think pressure sensitivity is an absolute necessary Me neither but I mentioned it because it's something one might encounter who feels different about that.
>>21295 >>21291 >Personally I don't think pressure sensitivity is an absolute necessary although certainly great to have. I have to disagree. You can use a cheap tablet, but pressure sensitivity is necessary, if you want to make more than simple signatures. >The best ones are absolutely in another league and will give you better output, Not really. I'm using a 10$ tablet, and have also used a 1000$+ tablet. The really expensive ones have a panel which shows you what you're drawing, but you usually can do without by simply looking at the monitor instead of the tablet. It takes a few days of practice, but after that you don't care where you look at. And the reasonable expensive ones have a higher resolution and are more precise, and, as I already said, look and feel more "serious". But cheap ones are good enough. There's not much of a difference, if you're using linux. I'd assume, that the windows drivers are better for the expensive ones, though, and, if you go cheap, you should do some reading about the OS support before buying. IMHO the most important thing is, that you learn the workflows and have at least a little bit of talent and a good work ethic. If you want to go professional, the expensive stuff has its upsides, but that's mainly support-related. But I'd consider a good graphics card and a good IPS monitor to be better investments, while the most important stuff really is inside ones head. >With the cheaper ones a lot of times the pens will brake or be unreliable Not really... The cheaper ones have a battery inside the pen, while the expensive ones use induction to power the pen in a wireless manner. That's the main difference. The really expensive ones also act as monitors, and the extremely expensive ones even as good monitors. The expensive ones without panel are just a little more precise and look better than the cheap ones. But you usually don't need this precision in the most cases, if the tablet is large enough. >Thank you all greatly for your support and all the information you provided as well as your incredibly kind offer Add my support to your list. Should you need 3d stuff or technical advise, ask, as long as you're using open source tools and/or linux. Otherwise I won't know what you're talking about ;)
>>21300 Do you know if there's a place you can go to try out these tablets before you buy them, by chance?
>>21301 You can try the expensive ones in shops which sell them. However, the thing I'm using looks very similar to this one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/MEDION-DESIGN-USB-GRAPHICS-PAD-P46000/264464747106?hash=item3d9353ca62%3Ag%3A9WMAAOSw7JxdWg2a&LH_ItemCondition=3000 I think that this one has just been rebranded by some discounter, while mine has been imported from china. For me, this tablet works perfectly fine. It took a little work to get it running under linux, and I have to manually set the pressure curve to get good usability, and it also has fewer distinct pressure settings than the more expensive ones, but it's good enough. Unfortunately, the pen is missing in this offer, so you can't use it. However, I'd suggest looking for a tablet that looks like the one depicted in the ebay article for about 20 bucks.
Bump. Also, can someone explain, what better for noob gamedev: Unity or Godot ?
>>21333 I'd suggest Godot, because as a n00b you'll start with 2d stuff, which unity can't afaik, and also because GDScript is easier than C++ or C#. I'd suggest to make Godot into /pol/s official gameengine.
>>21333 Before making it official make a game with it though
>>21335 Very true. Many of us want to code games, but lack time or dedication. I'm close to start learning, but I have to finish some other projects first. In any case, I did lots of research, about game engines, and I really think, that godot is the best match for us.
>>21336 Thanks, I will give it a go sometime based on your earnest advice and report back.
(7.67 MB 1280x720 test.webm)
>>21336 I've been making this in Godot since the year started. I plan on making a solid foundation before trying to recreate anything.
>>21344 that looks great! im glad we are all doing different things. i just put up something in the main meme thread. and am working on a side scroller too
(119.99 KB 418x448 abear.png)
>>21354 And where's your mastercrafted original video games, memes, etc? Constructive feedback or piss off.
>>21354 lol don't worry about this faggot he's just some chinkaboo shill. Making videogames and animated films is difficult and high tech, people get paid big bucks to do it. For example making C++ videogames by yourself is considered among the more difficult things to do in programming because of all of the math and complex software architecture. You have to know a bit of everything before you can do almost anything non trivial.
>>21344 Nice game! I wanted to make exactly the same one, but I never had enough time to learn this. Anyways, I'm the guy who brought you this site: https://helicoptarianconstitocracy.org/murdoch/ If I can help you gamecoders out in any way, plz let me know. Maybe you need an repository, or something. I'd love to support /pol/ games. Also, could you compile a list of docs you found to be helpful with the game engine, so that others (e.g. I) can have a smoother start?
>>21355 >Constructive feedback or piss off. Seeing as you missed the point of my post this fucking hard, I guess I will have to spell it out for you. >haven't had time to learn how to properly use it >lack time or dedication >I'm close to start learning (but odds are I don't) are symptoms of a shortened attention span, and a lack of focus, discipline, and willpower. This pathology is caused directly by the consumption of >memes >cartoons >video games Mass-consumption media, with the hyper-emphemeral and inane "meme" at its pinnacle, is degenerate in principle, addictive, distracting, and absolutely degrading to all life, cultural and private. To think that /pol/ would create a thread around its production and propagation shows that for all of our posturing, how deeply and inextricably in its grasp we are.
>>21360 actually yes would it be possible to host my javascript game. they are simple html css js images and sound files its all frontend code so no server processing is needed. i am almost done with the brenton tarrant german typing game. maybe i could drop it in a zip on anonfile then you could just copy the files over
(735.41 KB 1024x623 Narcissus.jpg)
>>21361 Your post was low effort and not clear at all anyways, just a pot shot of negativity. The entire thread before it was positive and exchanging technical details on producing things which take a lot more effort than leaving a nasty comment. Most of us have shared works here or in other threads that we have already created. And some anons are trying to get started. It's natural to have several false starts when learning something as advanced as creating videogames or making an animation, especially when it's a hobby and you already have a full time job, or if you're young. Many of us here are amateur or even professional in these fields and making some side projects to try new techniques or just for a laugh. Some of us have ambitions of using these simple test projects to move onto even greater things like fine art as the thread title makes clear, or simply to use these projects to hone our skills in our free time. You have provided no great solutions. You are not leading by example. The only content you have produced is criticism, and you didn't even put effort into that. Your contribution is the equivalent of an SJW adding a Code of Conduct file to Linux. And you come across as a truly miserable cunt. It's OK we all have bad days but have some self awareness. 10 children or 100 enemies. Until then kindly fuck off.
(133.83 KB 1630x1422 Codierung Macht Frei.jpg)
>>21344 Don't abandon this stuff and make it a playable build ! Good luck !
>>21363 That's a refreshingly fair and astute evaluation of my post. You are correct on all accounts. Especially on the low effort. Sure, it can be nice to see these fleeting bursts of creativity and positive action amidst all the anger and doom every now and then. If you've spent any appreciable amount of time around imageboards, you have seen this exact thread come and go a hundred times. >I drew a thing >help what pencil should I buy? >rate my Hitler simulator I did not take the time to make a constructive critique of any particular anon or work in the thread because my take on it was that the efforts shown were fundamentally misguided, and that it would be a disservice rather, to help them along that path. I feel that digital entertainment and media, even the parts that may be called art or that you believe to be on your side idealogically, are a distraction, a hindrance to real success and fulfillment, and a surrogate existence and identity for many, if not most of today's young men. As a thread in that vein exists already, >>20904 , I don't believe that I am alone in my thinking. However, admittedly there is not a consensus there as of yet. If everyone else posting disagrees with that assessment, I will heed your words and while I will not fuck off, I will quietly lurk a while longer.
>>21369 Politics is downstream from culture. Culture warps reality, culture shapes the consciousness of people and the sad mess we are is in good part due to the (capitalist conservative) right, if we accept that simplified dichotomy for the arguments sake, having almost given up on that front. Culture doesn't pay and no matter the money generated with movies and games 90% of artists will almost never be able to support themselves yet are hugely responsible for the way Joe Sixpack sees the world. When was the last time you've seen a movie that was not at least implicitly woke, read a book that didn't pander to the liberal socialist left or saw art which was not of the degenerate modernist variety? Sure there are some smaller projects but their reach is low and media and cultural institutions are overwhelmingly left. Why? Because the left doesn't care if they sink their money in these projects, they know it pays off huge time on other fronts. The fronts of the culture wars while the stupid right still loves to count the worthless money it makes. Already Stalin knew this. The most important thing in a Commie state was always controlling the media and art, the style of buildings and fashion. You might not think much of memes, belittle them wrongly as degenerate and sure a meme is not a classical statue, discounting for a moment that Rome's walls were full of memes (graffito) but we have to start somewhere and more importantly accept the world as is. We have to accept that the consciousness of people has been formed by left ideas/aesthetic for decades and that the attention span IS short. There's almost no way you will break up that wall in their heads with the occasional good movie or book, if only we had some. The only thing that works reliably by puncturing the bubble most normies live in is literally memes. Too short, funny, visual and impulsive to oversee, the message to factually pointed to extreme to ignore. Can't be unseen. You have heard that before, don't you? Memes might still not show immediate effects in a person but leads to a state which psychologists call cognitive dissonance (look it up) which will eventually crack the walls behind which people have shielded themselves away from seeing the reality as it is. There's nothing more important than that if our fight shall ever be more than defensive let alone be a fight to win.
>>21369 I'm anotherfag. I see, where you're coming from, and you're right in many regards. What you're saying about the shortened attention span is true, and posting on imageboards also can be seen as a surrogate activity. Just as social media is, or watching TV, listening to the radio, reading the newspaper, reading novels, and so on. You may have noticed, that those other surrogate activities I've pointed out are much older than imageboards are, and in the past people came along, that uttered the same critique you're uttering here. I'm not saying, that you're wrong, but that people of all times and ages followed surrogate activities and wasted their time. I don't think, that specifically /pol/ imageboards are worse than what people did in the past, because /pol/ is scratching on taboos and also is spreading truths, people wouldn't find elsewhere. As a matter of fact, I think, that /pol/ may even be a surrogate activity in the enlightenment-sense instead of the timewasting-sense. I can just talk about me personally here, but even though I agree with /pol/ on many topics, my worldview stems from sources, which require a little more attention than our memes and infographics do. But those memes and infographics often pointed me in the right direction. I also find it refreshing to have a larger number of dudes, which have similar views as I do, and do not care about the taboos the (((normal world))) imposes. When it comes to lack of success in following some path to gain technical abilities and do something, you're also right and wrong. I'm one of the high-ability posters /pol/ has, meaning, that I released stuff into which I put a lot of work in, and which also required a lot of effort to learn the necessary skills in the first place. But I've also noticed what you said. People start some project, often highly motivated, and drop it two weeks later, never to be heard again. But this also happens outside /pol/, and thingy may even be better on /pol/ than in the real world. I have a few skills, many young people want to have, because what I'm talking about is either extremely cool or would severely improve their lifes. I'm trying to teach them whereever I can. My usual experience is, that those youngsters at first want to learn, because it's cool and practical and so on, and after a few weeks stop, and do other things, often of some bullshit social nature, where they get their dopamine hits from. In my opinion, /pol/ is less bad than what I know in real life, because on /pol/ you'll sometimes find some sudden outbursts of creativity, and people managing to create good things, even though their skills often are very shitty and limited, which is very positive, because everyone's skills are shitty, and it requires a lot of dedication to make something worthwhile out of shitty skills. I rarely find people with even this kind of dedication in the reality. In the best cases, people I know stop putting effort into something as soon as they reach some very low ability level, but they almost never refine their skills on their own. In my opinion, school lobotomizes kids, and takes away their ability to learn in a self-sustaining manner. The constant dopamine hits of social networks also play a role, but even the real life of modern youths - which of course is largely centered around school - also consists of such constant striving for the next low-effort dopamine hit, and this already was the case before /pol/ and (((facebook))) even existed. If people learn something on a more professional level, this only happens, if you put them in some special environment where they're not allowed to do anything but learn what they're there for. Put them in their home, and the only thing they'll do on their own for a extended period of time is the bullshit dopamine-addicts do. It's school, and not even online activity. What you're complaining about is a general problem in our world. It's frustrating, but it's everywhere. I also think, that this forceful lobotomization of every child born is among the cruelest things humans have ever done to other humans.
>>21362 On the footer of the murdoch mirror is a contact address.
>>21369 I understand your frustrations and you have a very valid point that it can be a distraction. Knowing that you are one of us and not some random shill, I can take your post in good faith. I justify time spent on the creative process as a form of mild self improvement. And by creating media about Brenton and the other saints, I hope we are fighting against the tide that tries to memory hole their actions. It will be a lot harder for people to revise history and say Brenton had no impact when anons have folders with thousands of celebrations of his deed. We also have content ready to remix and print out as flyers or otherwise use during more advanced stages of our struggle. I hope our propaganda also serves to inspire others and give them confidence that their sacrifice is very much appreciated, our hearts are with them, and we will do everything in our power to signal boost their message and elevate them as heroes. I can tell you are sincere, so I know you will find a way to lead us forward out of this current holding pattern, to prevent our genocide and secure a future for our people. We are in this together, after all. Cheers.
>>21344 wow, that does look promising!
>>21344 You need to finish the game for the butthurt that it could cause alone. Looks great
>>21344 Anon, the kebabs will be a passive or aggressive in your game ? If so, do you need some voices for them such taunts, dead sounds, etc. ?
(43.01 KB 665x943 weapons1.PNG)
(74.19 KB 1698x945 weapons2.PNG)
(42.20 KB 1713x381 weapons3.PNG)
>>21407 I'm thinking of doing a combination of both. I'll have them mainly be passive/evasive, but if you turn your back on them long enough (like what happened to Brenton) one of them may decide to charge you. But keep in mind this is my first project so I have no experience with AI so we will see how things turn out. Having voices/assets would be nice, but I wouldn't want to burden you with that until I've developed the game more. I think the biggest obstacle to me is creating sprites as I am not the best pixel artist and its time consuming, especially when trying to make animations. I've included images detailing a (very ambitious) rough draft of what I plan to include in the game. I would appreciate feedback into what weapons/mechanics you guys would like to see.
>>21426 shit, didn't mean to Plebbit post lol
>>21426 >Luty haha nice one
>>21426 >Having voices/assets would be nice, but I wouldn't want to burden you with that until I've developed the game more. No problem. Here is the link to Anonfile: https://anonfile.com/ldk4i7Yen2/KebabSounds_zip It's from C&C generals and some actual kebab voices i've found on youtube + some sounds from Christchurch. Also, if they don't fit in your game style, no problem. I just want to share it with anons, who's making vidya too. >I think the biggest obstacle to me is creating sprites as I am not the best pixel artist and its time consuming, especially when trying to make animations. You must check "Hotline Miami" sprites. You can just recolor them and add some little details. Just look for them in search engine. >I would appreciate feedback into what weapons/mechanics you guys would like to see. Is that possible to add the "fuel canister" as weapon which spill fuel (domino effect) and you can ignite it using matches ? And make enemies burn, so they panically run into all directions and if they touch the player or their fellas, it will ignite them too ?
>>21426 I like the idea of someone making an Angry Goy clone. Do you plan on making your stuff Open Source later on, so people can extend it, and epdate content and levels, whenever a new saints is being sent down from the heavens? I'd like working on some official /pol/ game. AI: - You can have the enemy nodes calculate, whether the player is facing them, and has fired a shot in their direction within the last second or so. If no, rush him, if yes, run away and spread out. This would give the AI a tendency to attack you from behind. I've also seen swarm dynamics work well to coordinate groups of enemies: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boids Gameplay: - executing crawling enemies would give this a nice touch - you've forgotten the flamethrower and maybe also mustard-gas grenades as a weapon. - Fuel canisters are a must-have. Look at Postal 2 for ideas about how to implement them. Or was it redneck rampage? Dunno, one of those two. - You've also forgotten the Mauser bayonet, which btw can be used to kill people. Look up "sentry removal" in older combatives field manuals. - Always try to make your program less complex. Few well-designed elements are better than many bad ones. - Visibility/FogOfWar can easily be implemented via 2d lighting and shadows. Look into that. Also think about making a level in total darkness, where you only can see with the help of some flashlight and muzzle flash. Pixel Arts: - Start with less, and only make two or three figures fully animated. Also, start with unfinished rooms, which can be painted/decorated later on. First comes the gameplay, and when that's good enough to play with shitty graphics, make them into good graphics. At first, use mostly placeholders, because making graphics is a lot of work, which will be wasted, if you decide to change something. Perspective: - It's harder to approximate something like a 45° angle, instead of the top-down angle you've been using, but from the top down it's hard to see who your character is, and who he's shooting at... Coding: - If you don't already have it, try getting Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder when it comes to clean up your code and node-tree. This can't be overstressed, and without it you'll lose track due to the complexity of your own code. Having this cleanliness-fetish is paramount, and is more important than being well versed with whatever language you're coding in. Never ever write spaghetti code, and always clean up stuff, after you made it do what you want, and, if possible, write tests afterwards. If you take shortcuts of don't obscessively clean up stuff, you'll get bugs and lose track as soon as things even get slightly complex, and others also won't be able to work with your code.
>>21490 I've also seen some approaches, where boids were trained via some evolutionary model to seek food and get around obstacles. This could also be an approach to get sensible behavior from the enemies without hardcoding everything.
Have we got any music producers in here?
>>21503 Maybe. What's up?
>>21490 Thanks for the feedback, Ill definitely consider adding flamethrowers and fuel canisters. I'm surprised I didn't think of that before. Your right about organizing the nodes and focusing on decent game play and mechanics first so I'm going to rebuild my current prototype from the ground up and focus on mechanics first before doing anything significant in level design and graphics. And yes, once I have a playable version of the game, I'll release the source code and maybe even make a level editor.
>>21473 Thanks for the sounds, I recognize some of these from a doom.wad. I also found a decent sprite sheet of a soldier so that will do nicely.
> And yes, once I have a playable version of the game, I'll release the source code and maybe even make a level editor. I'm VERY happy to hear this. We need our extendable games to which users can write content. This will be SO great in the long run!
>>21505 It's an effective and fertile propaganda format for our struggle. Two men are stronger than one.
>>21668 Oh, are you looking for a collaboration?
bumb, cuz we need moar of this.
Well i've seen Godot and Blender links, two programs that i use. I'm in the middle of making a game with a strong racial/ethnic tone to it, engineered to redpill normalfags in the most covert way possible. As in, i'll feed them what they want to hear and what they expect by stating shits like "yo skin color dosnt mttr b unik <3" Only to have them show the following: >A whole (((tribe))) who's culture's revolves around subverting others tribes into submission. >That (((tribe))) will frame other tribes (especialy the White tribe) for all the wars that occured in the past and they pay for it now by accepting other tribes into their own community >More than half of the tribe's authorities are under (((tribesman))) occupation. I hope you all see where i am going with this. Wish me luck. /polagdg/ when?
(190.63 KB 1600x1200 level mockup.jpg)
(103.19 KB 1600x1200 pc.jpg)
(133.23 KB 1600x1200 enemy - the virgin.jpg)
(83.96 KB 800x600 enemy - teenage syrian.jpg)
(103.36 KB 1600x1200 enemy - spurdo akbar.jpg)
>>22132 >/polagdg/ when? here's something i am working on slowly in my free time. don't expect much. then if i finish and it's good it will just be a pleasant surprise
Just an idea: There's a old-school gamedesign sometimes referred to as "beachhead". The player takes in a static position, and shoots wave after wave after wave of enemy soldiers, which are trying to overrun his position. Imagine you're inside a german bunker during D-Day, just shooting your MG-43 at the allied landing crafts, and you get the idea. The same principle could be done with refugees instead of allied soldiers. They could arrive in rubber- and fishing-boats, as happens in greece, italy, and florida, or in caravans via land, as happens in eastern europe and the southern US border. Really the only thing necessary to implement this would be to have a few animated 3d-models of the attackers, and an animated model of something like the MG-43. Bonus points, if the attackers could behave like ragdolls. IMHO this would be among the simplest 3d games imaginable to implement.
(21.75 KB 400x400 agdg.png)
>>22134 I am very much tempted to create a dedicated board as i see /agdg/ as it's own entity. But i'll leave it up for this thread instead. Don't expect much from me either but here, have our logo.
>>22147 I'm all for it. If you are looking for /agdg/ there are some good anons over on the julay /v/ thread for it.
>>22138 That sounds awesome
>>22132 Good luck ! P.S: What genre it is ? Fantasy or Sci-fi ?
>>22134 looking forward to see that game >>22147 >dedicated board don't want to rain on your parade but don't you think we are too few for that? Even if we combined /poldraw and /polagdg it would be pretty much empty. everything outside /pol gets barely attention here
>>22198 >don't want to rain on your parade but don't you think we are too few for that? Exactly why I leave it to this thread. I may go over to julay for this anyway. >>22188 I hope your doubles will get me through this. Thanks. Fantasy. With magic. You won’t be able to use magic but you’ll get all the cool stuff. I won’t hint at it anymore because of this place being infested with glowniggers.
>>22224 >Glowniggers >Infesting this place Might wanna read the rules again bud no subhumans so that includes you with your double digit iq
>>22224 This is probably the place with the least glowniggers I've found so far but ofc a someone with downs syndrome wouldn't understand
>>22224 Holy fuck you are retarded
>>22224 Unironically kys shill
>>22224 LMAO look at this retarded shill 1shekel has been deposited into your account
>>22229 >>22228 >>22227 >>22226 >>22225 >>22225 >>22226 >>22227 >>22228 You guys don’t know the more traffic you get on here the more you get noticed? The more you get noticed the more you get shills to suppress good discussions? By all means stay within that mindset but I’m playing the long term game and refuse to release details that could make my game recognized has been made by someone who browse a “hu’wite supreme” Internet forum which would make extremely bad press right off the bat. I prefer not taking my chances. Think.
blender 2.82 is out. New physics engine included.
>>22230 Longtime Anon here But calling the place glow infested Is pretty damn retarded so I can see why people are saying this to you
>>22230 Good luck with your game anon. It sounds like you are trying to take a game to market, in which case opsec is important. Obviously we will have enemies checking in on this forum and I can take you at good faith that it's what you meant. Anons are rightfully calling you out for your phrasing because you're implying a lot more than that without any particular basis. It's not an attitude we need.
Bump against necro-fags
>>22132 >>22134 Who is your audience? What is your message?
Bump. Hope you lads will finish your projects.


no cookies?