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(97.04 KB 1280x720 happening.jfif)
/hp/ - Happening General Anonymous 02/12/2020 (Wed) 14:38:05 No. 21500
ITT: discussion of happenings that don't necessarily deserve their own thread.
(132.49 KB 660x1000 Ted.jpg)
From the Tarrant thread: Amsterdam explosion: Blast in firm's mailroom 'after letter bombs' https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/breaking-amsterdam-explosion-blast-firms-21480139 >A suspected letter bomb has reportedly exploded at a building in the Netherlands, prompting a response from bomb disposal experts. >Reports suggest that a second suspicious package exploded at an office in the Sloterdijk industrial estate on the west side of Amsterdam at around 8am on Wednesday. This appears to be a Unabomber type of situation.
>>21501 Any clue about the senders yet?
>>21504 No, in early January, there were also 7 mail bombs, but they didn't go off. It's likely the same person or group. Out of those 7 mail bombs, a few were sent to gas stations, so I guess they're some kind of environmentalists. You could say it's "Thunbergian Terrorism"
(21.84 KB 474x474 rasmustrollface.jpg)
>>21501 Update: Dutch police: Letter bomb contained extortion demand >A letter bomb that detonated Wednesday in an Amsterdam mail sorting center was sent by an extortionist who is demanding payment in bitcoins, police said. I didn't even know this was a thing. If they actually pay the ransom, this might become common occurrence.
>>21519 I heard they have ransom insurance now and it's even becoming a thing for ransomware. The new ransomware actually instead of just encrypting your stuff and demanding payment to get your data back actually slowly leaks your data to the public until you pay. Some speculate the hackers even invested in better tools after they got paid in buttcoin and the value skyrocketed right after.
>>21519 So happening canceled, just "usual" criminals? I hope it's a secret right wing organizations raising funds at least.
(390.80 KB 595x405 so it seems.PNG)
>>21531 >So happening canceled, just "usual" criminals?
>>21507 If you want to show support for Rasmus Paludan and his party in Denmark make sure to subscribe and like his party's Youtube channel, and also leave some ecouraging comments. Maybe even donate to his party if you have some change to spare. We will need him to get into parliament when the next election in Denmark comes around. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4x-CILeIrI5vVk3T11KaVQ/videos
>>21555 Just looked him up. He seems like a Danish Tommy Robinson. Not really worth supporting imo.
>>21567 Oh is he pro jew? Because there are videos of him openly antagonizing morrocans.
>>21568 >Oh is he pro jew? Most likely. I checked his Wikipedia and it says nothing about jews or antisemitism. It's all "muh Islam". >Because there are videos of him openly antagonizing morrocans. Well, Moroccans aren't jews lol.
>>21585 I see no reason to dismiss him unless he actively counter signals us on the kikes
>>21585 >Oh is he pro jew? >Most likely. I checked his Wikipedia and it says nothing about jews or antisemitism. lol is that your logic? wow, there must be 400 million jews in Europe alone
>>21591 If the jews have no reason to kvetch at them over anti-semitism there is a much higher chance that a given figure is kosher.
>>21592 Makes some sense although they kvetched about Trump like it was a second shoah while he is the most pro jewish president in history by far
>>21591 I didn't say he was a jew, I said that he's most likely pro-jew. >>21586 Fair enough, but from his Wikipedia page it seems that he's the typical "defending feminism and faggots from Islam" politician, which I don't think is worth supporting.
>>21501 >>21519 Update: Fourth mail bomb in two days detonates at ING office in Amsterdam https://nltimes.nl/2020/02/13/fourth-mail-bomb-two-days-detonates-ing-office-amsterdam >two new bombs >one exploded at a bank >other one was sent to a financial services company, but was disarmed It still seems to be extortion. Seems like a very difficult thing to pull off to me. With all the electronic surveillance nowadays, you would think they could just trace the Bitcoin address, or just trace wherever the bombs came from. I assume this is some kind of network doing this.
>>21643 I agree. It's interesting though, I wish to see more of this stuff targeting (((banks and financial institutions))).
(86.92 KB 800x680 popcorn.jfif)
>>21645 makes for great entertainment.
>>21643 In all the articles it says that they ask for a ransom and if the ransom is paid, they will stop sending bombs, but who exactly are they asking for ransom? If they are asking the (((government))), it makes sense. But if they are asking each company individually, they will just move on to the next company I assume. This can become pretty lulzy.
http://archive.is/hzNzf >Navy yard worker gets 6 months for lying to FBI about being in White supremacist group >A New Jersey man who worked at the Philadelphia Navy Yard was sentenced to six months in prison for lying about his involvement in a White supremacist group, federal prosecutors in Pennsylvania said Thursday. >Fred Arena, 41, of Salem, New Jersey, was an employee of a federal contractor and falsely stated on a security clearance form in January that he was never a member of a group that used or advocated violence to prevent others from exercising their constitutional rights, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania said in a statement. >Arena was an "avowed member" of Vanguard America, a White supremacist group, prosecutors said. U.S. Attorney William M. McSwain said in a statement that lying on the form, a Form SF-86, and to (((government))) agents was a serious matter. >"Further, no employee working for the federal (((government))), being paid with taxpayer dollars, has any business being a member of a White supremacist group or espousing White supremacist views," McSwain said. >Arena was sentenced to six months in prison and two years of supervised release. He is also barred from being a member of a group that espouses violence. MIGA!
>>21719 >talking to the feds Can't these fucking groups just inform their members to never talk to the authorities and to immediately request a lawyer? This wouldn't have happened if that were the case.
(92.55 KB 1707x960 1581676165059.jpg)
https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=nl&sl=de&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.bild.de%2Fregional%2Fsachsen-anhalt%2Fsachsen-anhalt-news%2Fhalle-doener-imbiss-nach-anschlag-beschossen-68753340.bild.html Apparentaly there has been a shot fired at the kebab shop in Halle, the same one where Stephan B. went in back in October in attempt to kill any foreigners inside. "It just doesn't stop," says Izzet Cagac, the former head of the kebab shop. "Now it's all coming up again."
>>21733 LMAO This made me laugh so much for some reason. >>21731 The guy did not "talk to the feds", he applied for a fed job and "lied" about his affiliation with Vanguard America. ZOG army is purging all potential right wingers from its ranks, while probably enriching it bigly with non Whites.
>>21733 This is probably just the result of stormy weather. Some object must have been blown against the window or something and the turkroaches are taking advantage of it (or are just being faggots). >>21734 The green text said FBI, so I assumed he was questioned for something and agreed to fill out a form. The article says he's an environmental engineer so he probably wouldn't be stupid enough to do that. My bad.
>>21719 >literally not even allowed to do contract work for the (((government))) if you don't want to be ethnically repaced I'm starting to think the glowies might by definition not be on our side
>>21733 It is that kebab shop's destiny to be purged. They cannot fight it
>>21719 >He is also barred from being a member of a group that espouses violence. Lol yeah, try to stop him
>>21741 Glowies, like many, many other federal workers, will be put in camps when we come to power. They are actively contributing a regime which works for the ethnic replacement of Europeans and will reap the consequences. No one in their right mind would incorporate them into a new pro-White (((government)))
>>21500 great news. keeping up the pressure. eventually these roaches might catch on to the idea we dont want them here, and fuck off back to mother erdogan
(33.99 KB 700x700 the end of glowniggers.jpg)
>>21743 They probably radicalized him by jailing him, publicly humiliating him, and taking away his means to earn a living. Imagine how many thousands of dollars he's lost over this.
>>21473 >Lol yeah, try to stop him this is not to stop him, these laws are designed to set him up for the next conviction. if there's no crime just invent the crime and make it impossible not to commit. it's just like with the Mueller scam where people who did nothing were indicted because they chose not to tell everything they knew at one time
>>21757 fuck me, its for >>21743
(28.67 KB 680x433 party van.jpeg)
Germany: Police raid right-wing terror network https://www.dw.com/en/germany-police-raid-right-wing-terror-network/a-52377160 >Police said a group of alleged terror plotters were planning attacks against politicians, asylum seekers and Muslims. The group, of which several members were arrested, is thought to have wanted to incite civil war. >Right-wing terror groups have drawn the attention of authorities after the murder of conservative local politician Walter Lübcke last June and an October attack on a synagogue in eastern city of Halle. Both cases were linked to the extreme right lol "Conservative politician" >In December, 600 new posts were announced targeting far-right extremist threats. Federal police said at the time that they had identified 48 extreme-right people who could carry out an attack. German police arrest Islamist terror cell said to be targeting Berlin synagogue https://www.timesofisrael.com/german-police-arrest-islamist-terror-cell-said-to-be-targeting-berlin-synagogue/ >Spiegel reports suspects had video of jewish place of worship, shopping centers; police won’t comment on reported targets but say no concrete danger of attack >The alleged militants, of Chechen origin, are aged between 23 and 28 and “suspected of having scouted locations for a possible Islamist attack,” Berlin police said in a statement. >Germany’s security services estimate there are around 11,000 Islamic radicals in Germany. Top kek, glowniggers btfo, time to put in some overtime. >Of them, some 680 are deemed particularly dangerous and capable of using violence — a five-fold increase since 2013. It's funny that only jewish sources seem to be reporting this one.
This is from yesterday. Found it on 8kun: FBI arrests alleged member of prolific neo-Nazi swatting ring https://8kun.top/pnd/res/21116.html >The group reportedly targeted journalists, a church, and a Facebook executive >A man loosely linked to violent neo-Nazi group Atomwaffen has been charged with participating in a swatting ring that hit hundreds of targets, potentially including journalists and a Facebook executive. John William Kirby Kelley supposedly picked targets for swatting calls in an IRC channel, then helped record the hoax calls for an audience of White supremacists. He was allegedly caught after making a bomb threat to get out of classes. >The Justice Department unsealed the case against Kelley late last week, and he was arrested and appeared in court on January 10th. He’s charged with conspiracy to transmit a threat, which carries up to five years in prison. The Washington Post writes that his attorney didn’t comment on the allegations. >THE IRC CHANNEL IS LINKED TO SWATTING OF JOURNALISTS, A FACEBOOK EXECUTIVE, AND A CHURCH Basically some Atomwaffen retard did some dumb shit again and got caught.
(629.31 KB 245x242 dbz.gif)
>>21771 >German police arrest Islamist terror cell said to be targeting Berlin synagogue
(25.19 KB 174x255 1548945258.png)
>>21771 HHHNNNNNNGGGGGGG Imagine /ourguys/ teaming up (but separately) with muslim terrorists wreking havoc in Germany. MUH DICK!
>>21783 Nobody can stop the separate team up
(290.08 KB 915x1266 bt72.png)
>>21771 I can't wait for some lone-wolf to pull a Breivik-tier attack on a synagogue in Germany. My dick is getting hard just imagining it
http://archive.is/iZ415 >The role of Romanticism in facilitating, supporting and encouraging the growth of contemporary far-right extremism is often missed >A close reading of many of the manifestos of right-wing terrorists such as Anders Behring Breivik, Brenton Tarrant, Dylan Roof and Robert Bowers emphasize a desire to return to an imagined past based on their romantic readings of battles and communities, which is why Romanticism serves as a useful tool in understanding not only the rise of contemporary far-right extremism, but what drives the movement. >The growth in personal grievances and the presence of an industry that feeds the populace a diet of an imagined, nostalgic past has facilitated the growth of far-right extremism. This movement feeds people counter-cultural, post-modern and reflexive explanations as to why their lives are hard, while also offering the promise that, by supporting them, one could restore the idyllic, ethnocratic society in which everyone knew their place and purpose and order was supreme. >Romanticism has an important place in our society, but not if it is used by the far right to create an imagined, ethnocratic community that excludes the ‘other’ and rejects fact-based historical analysis. So apparently "neo nazis" have a romanticized vision of the past, so that's why these White guys end up doing terrorist attacks. Totally not because one can actually see our European fatherland collapsing in a very painful horrific slow motion.
(43.23 KB 557x557 doubt.jpg)
>>21798 >fact-based historical analysis
(513.57 KB 782x513 before after .png)
>>21798 >romanticized vision of the past 10 years ago before the shitskin population quadrupled?
>>21801 10 years ago things were already fucked. Basic statistics about crime or IQ were already forbidden, to give you an example.
>>21801 >10 years ago I hope no one is looking back at ten years ago as the "good ole days". Stuff has been fucked for over seventy years now, but it only started getting very bad in the 1960s
>>21810 m8 my town went from 99% White to maybe 60% in under a decade
>>21810 Indeed. The worst thing the system is doing to us is making it impossible to start a normal family. The niggers, fags, trannies and so on are just salting the wounds. >>21811 That's just your town, but the West in general was already fucked. Non-Whites were coming in, faggotry was widespread, jewish power was already very high, etc. If you had to have your own town BLACKED in order to become red pilled, I regret to inform you that you are a normalfag.
>>21811 Yes, and that is because the pozz that existed elsewhere in society finally reached where you lived. Our countries have been subject to this replacement for decades now. Only now is it becoming harder and harder to ignore. As Tarrant said, now there is no sheltered meadow where we can run and hide any longer.
>>21816 I hope normalfags start waking up. Seems like they just move when an area gets too "trashy"
>>21824 As long as they don't flood our image boards. It seems the more trashy the neighborhoods get, the more trashy our boards will get lol.
>>21827 I only go on imageboards because we're being ethnically replaced. I'd much rather be outside than staring at this stupid fucking computer monitor
>>21830 >I only go on imageboards because we're being ethnically replaced Good goy. Sit complacent and do nothing as your neighborhood is inundated is ethnically cleansed of Whites. Get what info you need from imageboards and then think of how you can make a difference – not necessarily illegaly of course, for any glows reading this. Action is always better than inaction.
>>21830 Confirmed normalfag
(96.29 KB 900x627 meirl.jpg)
>>21831 Isn't that why we're all here, to share information on how to make a difference and communicate with like-minded people since talking about this IRL is either illegal or they will destroy your character and you'll lose your job.
>>21830 >>21843 That's part of it, but I know for a fact that I'd still use image boards even if I lived in a country like Poland or Hungary or something. It's always been a way for introverts to communicate.
>>21831 >Action is always better than inaction. t. guy in a pub
Italian leftist newspapaper kvetching about the spread of nazifascism on internet platforms like Telegram and VK, with a brief report of the latest hate crimes against niggers and especially jews in the country. http://engnews24h.com/exclusive-who-is-behind-the-nazi-at-the-door-here-are-the-secret-chats-of-the-school-of-hatred/
Bump against necro-fags
(142.42 KB 841x994 laugh 2 .png)
Local politicians call for ban on teenagers carrying knives https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2020/02/local-politicians-call-for-ban-on-teenagers-carrying-knives/ The whole article reads like a parody. The Eternal Teenager is at it again.
>>22394 Teenagers? You mean, "new european" teenagers?
>>22394 Reminder that pro-Teenager is codeword for anti-White.
>>21501 >>21519 >>21643 Update: Police tv appeal nets 56 tip-offs about the letter bomber https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2020/02/police-tv-appeal-nets-56-tip-offs-about-the-letter-bomber/ >The police have received 56 tip-offs since Tuesday evening’s television crime show report about the recent spate of letter bombs, two of which have actually gone off but caused no injuries. >So far, 10 different companies, ranging from petrol stations to banks and hotels, have received the threats, and the justice ministry has issued a €15,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. >The blackmailer is demanding payment in bitcoin and each threat involves a different amount of money. Seven of the letters were sent in early January and a further three last week.
>>22639 He will surely be someone who was just looking for a get rich quick monkey business, doubt he had any political aim. Oh well, spreading fear in certain (((institutions))) is still good for accelerationism.
>>22658 >He will surely be someone who was just looking for a get rich quick monkey business, doubt he had any political aim. Yes, it's already been confirmed that it's a case of extortion. >Oh well, spreading fear in certain (((institutions))) is still good for accelerationism. Indeed, if this kind of extortion becomes a thing in the western world, then any kind of political group that carries out bombings will often get credit for the bombings of the extortionists.
https://www.aa.com.tr/en/europe/dutch-islamophobe-jailed-for-threatening-muslims/1738988# >A Dutch court on Wednesday sentenced a person to 90 days in jail for threatening Muslims on social media. >According to a statement by the court, the 33-year-old person threatened Muslims with death after Christchurch massacre in New Zealand. >The convict was detained by the police upon his mother's complaint. SAD!
>>22690 Thanks, mom. With family like these who needs enemies.
St Paul's bomb plot: IS supporter Safiyya Shaikh pleads guilty https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-51583815 >A supporter of the banned Islamic State terror group has admitted plotting to blow herself up in a bomb attack on St Paul's Cathedral. >In November Neil Basu, head of counter terrorism policing, said the UK's counter terrorism policing team had about 800 live counter-terrorism investigations. >He said 24 attack plots had been thwarted since the Westminster attack in March 2017. Basically: >White roastie converts to Islam >becomes extremist >gets caught in a sting operation She seemed to not speak English very well, maybe she was Eastern European or something. This one is from 10 february: Man convicted of planning terror attacks on London tourist hotspots https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-51449757 >A man has been convicted of planning a terror attack at London tourist hotspots, just over a year after he was cleared of attacking police with a sword outside Buckingham Palace >Mohiussunnath Chowdhury, 28, from Luton, spoke about targeting attractions including Madame Tussauds, the gay Pride parade and a tourist bus. >Chowdhury was cleared of a terror charge in December 2018 after slashing police with a sword outside the Queen's London residence while shouting "Allahu Akbar". Fucking kek >He'd collected knives for an attack, looked into firearms training and even made a list of what he was going to do when he got to heaven. >He'd collected knives for an attack, looked into firearms training and even made a list of what he was going to do when he got to heaven. >Top of the list wasn't meeting his maker, though. It was a tour of the palace he assumed he would be given. >Second on the unmarried chicken shop worker's list was to meet and consummate his relationship with 72 wives. >Only later - seventh on the list - would he find time to meet God; and his 10th task of life in the hereafter was "choose quests to embark on". >Mohiussunnath - or Musa - Chowdhury was obsessive about quests in which he played the part of a heroic martyr doing God's work on earth. >Chowdhury's defence barrister had argued the university drop-out was a "pathetic little man" and an "attention-seeker" who "talks and talks, but doesn't do". His own lawyer called him pathetic >Chowdhury also dismissed his praise of the murder of soldier Lee Rigby as "jihadi banter" and said his weapons training came from a fascination with martial arts and weightlifting. Police can't handle the bantz >In one recording from June last year, Chowdhury told an undercover officer he was free to attack one million unbelievers if he was fighting for "the pleasure of Allah".
>>23134 Peak of clown world that shouldn't even be possible.


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