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Who are you? New management 08/27/2019 (Tue) 15:08:14 Id:e10636 No. 2696
The 'new management' pinned thread is gone.
So i thought i would create this thread to find out why that is so and ask pertinent questions:
Will the new management give a declaration of intent, what are your goals?
What happened to the old management?
What are the new managements thoughts on israel having nuclear weapons?
Enquiring minds want to know!
Staff here I deleted the thread due to it turning into a shitshow
And to answer your questions
Our intent is to keep running the site the way it used to be
Old management is still here except for our old owner blackjack who has been replaced with long time staff member bard, he intends to make decisions with more input from staff and be more reachable than the previous owner which is a relief for us moderators
I wouldn't be surprised if Israel had nukes funded by burgers
We hope this clarifies the situation and ask your understanding
How do you ban appeal here
>I wouldn't be surprised if Israel had nukes funded by burgers
Complete and utter evasive faggotry. Man up ffs!

'I acknowledge the existence of the Israeli nuclear arsenal'

Its not hard if you aint a glownigger and other goyim.
We wanna see a declaration of each of the staff's allegiance with us with a simple statement acknowledging israeli nukes

'I acknowledge the existence of the Israeli nuclear arsenal'

The Samson Option: Israel's Nuclear Arsenal and American Foreign Policy

btw, deleting threads does you no favours and only increases suspicion
what did you do?
I acknowledge the existence of the Israeli nuclear arsenal
That response is total glowfaggotry, or just a troll. I acknowledge the existence of the Israeli nuclear arsenal! I do like /mlpol/ version where its in the post box as an agreement condition to each post.
Yeah, certainly wouldn't hurt. Might seem as excessive, but at this point with all the glowniggers and mossad running amok after 8 was taken down, anything is better than not doing it at all.
(64.64 KB 400x300 sunday_times_dimona.jpg)
European staff hereby declares the existence of the isreali nuclear arsenal
Try harder. We need real conviction. A header on every page spelled correctly
ALL staff worldwide
Lawfags get the fuck in here and make the text legally binding!
some of my posts are getting deleted, and the new management posted that picture of 50niggerCent and the dog on fire.
I don't like this.
(112.50 KB 800x603 TakeCover.jpg)
Relax anon, we got this
(99.86 KB 620x413 Shit!.jpeg)
Shut it down
yea my post saying how much did bard pay got shut down

so much for being uncensored
Israel have nukes.
dunno man, I posted an edgy anti semetic post that started with "I'd" fucking do this (as a joke on minecraft) and cunts sperged out and "edited" my comment.
I thought neinchan was solid.
be careful brothers, I might end up in the cop shop for a fucking joke.
link it here, which mod edited it?
its in the QTDDAT/One liners thread with the clown pepe.
keep in mind I am schizophrenic and I was drunk, and just finished a workout (I work out drunk sometimes) and I was high test posting.
btw for any /fit/ anons having a few before a work out helps (for me anyway)
you know how you dont feel pain when you're drunk?
makes for a great workout, you're pumping iron while not feeling it as much
proofs or it didn't happen anon, you should know better than this
you cannot say "a mod edited my post" without screenshots then preface the statement with >>2825 and expect any credibility
its been deleted now
don't worry about it
I'm going to worry about whatever i want. You said blah blah blah and got no prufs
fuck off LARP
kys fucking faggot
fuck off Frank
and faggot, my original post hear was literally just telling anons to be careful.
I didn't sceenshot it in time and it was deleted.
>hurrr no prufs lolz xD
fucking retard
if I was LARPing why did I tell you where to find the post when it was still up?
its cool anon, i was just fucking with you
Israel has nukes
Israel attacked the USS Liberty
Israel did 911
okay no worries
What was the percentage of Jews in Harvard again?
Shalom fedanon. Bard has already ordered 20 tons and will be shipped to NeinHQ ready for phase 3 of the operation.
>I wouldn't be surprised if Israel had nukes funded by burgers
Fuck off. The US tried to shut down Israel's nuke program in '63, but the kikes assassinated JFK for it. If we're "funding" their nuke program, it's because they weaseled their way into our nation and stole our wealth.
>No answers yet
I acknowledge the existence of Israel's nuclear arsenal
This is exactly as retarded as "you have to say if you're a cop!" Spies have always been allowed to break laws in order to infiltrate their targeted group. The CIA sells cocaine for Christ's sake.

Secondly, if you think there's some Jewish code where they can't make their own look had, think again. Kol Nidre is their biggest celebration, on Yom Kippur they celebrate exstatically how all vows are annulled. If you don't believe me, look up one of their kol Nidre songs on YouTube, it's like lying is their most holy act! They can say whatever they want to the goy so long as it's good for the jews, and their ownership of nukes is common knowledge anyways.

I fully acknowledge that Israel is a haven for pedophiles with the full support of the Israeli government. I also acknowledge that the previous statement does nothing to disprove my employment with Mossad, ADL, JDL, FBI, KGB, SMERSH, or the MiB.
*glares suspiciously in nazi*
You didn’t say israel has nukes.
Say it.
You say that.
Say it now.
put the heat on em m8.
I want fucking free speech not some kike run fucking faggot ass cunt shit.
if I wanted kike run faggot bullshit I'd go to jewtube or twatter or whatever the fuck.
put the fucking heat on em boys.
come on cunt?
if you're not a zionist kike this should be fucking easy for you.
in the meantime, has anyone got a link to a site thats not a zionist run fucking faggot shithole?
after based OPs post I dont think I trust this place.
>for once OP wasn't a cock sucking faggot
The holocaust never happened but it should have and it will.
Israel has nukes.
absolutely. This place is getting more suspect by the day. If there's one thing that jews follow, it IS law. The fact that they subvert goy law to their ends doesn't mean they DONT have a code to follow. The silence is deafening.
Literally everyone knows that the Israeli's bought South Africa's nuclear arsenal and technology. i'm sure the USA has helped (deliberately or not), but that's where it came from.
how come I was "banned" for no reason, and I can still post?
not like I give a fuck, everything I post is a satire sarcastic r*ddit meme from minecraft
Here, have an antisemitic book
The Unspoken Alliance: Israel's Secret Relationship with Apartheid South Africa
A revealing account of how Israel’s booming arms industry and apartheid South Africa’s international isolation led to a secretive military partnership between two seemingly unlikely allies

When will staff fix the problem with uploading pdfs?
it was probably your vpn.
No, they appear to follow the law, when people are looking. When no one is looking, there are no laws. That's the jewish way.

Blah blah, israel has nukes, which proves nothing. This whole thread just proves that nein has been subverted or we are just a bunch of idiots that will never amount to anything, just take your pick.
>What are kosher laws
>what is dicksucking bris
>what is blood passover

Sorry but you're missing a massive esoteric side to the jew. Putting those disclaimers aren't defacto solutions, but cannot hurt given the reality of how they work. GTFO with your blackpill shit.
08chan bunker on zeronet is dead

8ch.net is down

4chan was taken over by Antifa mods

This place seems dead as well.

Where the fuck is everyone?

By everyone, I mean zoomers, doomers, etc.

Also, why are the mods here still not banning that annoying ass fucking boomer posting here
I can almost guarantee it was late 1963 or early 64. Only one US president stood in the way...
>annoying boomer
That thing is probably a bot. But yes, it needs to be banned. Unless it's a mod plot to get people posting in which case, it's pathetic.

>Where the fuck is everyone?
That's a good question. 08 seemed good to start and the post count climbed very fast but quickly deteriorated after dailybeast did an article on the site claiming they were capturing IPs in the swarm. People VPN and TORed up in the wake of that, slowing the site down immensely. They certainly aren't here nowadays. I'd imagine a lot of people are lurking waiting for 8 to get back online. Zoomers and doomers are probably starting school or college semesters or whatever. It was perfectly timed for the end of summer. People are creatures of habit it seems.
I feel like 8chan posters truely went full hydra and spread out across soo many sites
Impossible to shill us all now
Maybe we need some kind of overboard site that puts all the different /pol/ and news boards across different chans together

Anyway, we know that if 8chan original flavor comes back online then they will be fully cooperating with authorities and i expect some users might get vanned for shitposting memes that are too spicy for their particular countries

We might very well get labelled online terrorists and have governments try to shut us down for being too edgy on the internet

Oh well, better to live one day as a memelord in the racewar than a thousand years as a normie
VPN and TOR are very important nowadays unquestionably, VPN at very least. But using both together will definitely slow down decentralized hosting architecture. That was my only point... it is 08's weakness.

Keep fighting the good fight brother. We're all still here. Just not in the same place as before. Making it harder for the enemy. I've been hopping between sites, posting here and there.

Might be a good time for random anons to redpill close associates irl or at least strengthen bonds with those of like minds. In the end, eventually this mindset and thinking has to leave a board and come to life. It was inevitable that containment and dissolution would be on our doorstep. Embrace it.
So the l33t haxxor leejun only bothered VPN'ing up because they believed a goddamn MSM article? Are you shitting me? I thought 08 was great, personally. Anons need to get back on there.

If we are all truly doomed, it's because the rest of you are faggots and I'm the only one with any balls or brains left, all after just a few years of Rottenchild botting. Sad!

If any of you had ever done anything in your life (general anons, not particularly this site), you would know not to believe your enemy's propaganda. This is pretty basic stuff, and cuckchan back in the good old days (pre-Exodus/cuckening) would have utterly raped those niggers into the dirt for even speaking their name. If you aren't hosting 08 and not giving a fuck, then you're a faggot, honestly. There is no other option except going back to (((centralized))) servers where you have to trust someone you don't know not to fuck you over (obviously retarded, but it was all we had before). Anons need to decentralize and make it so the kikes can't do shit, and they can't do shit against it, especially when the engine is upgraded to deal with spam.
08 isn't baleeted. It's just that these fags aren't seeding. I am well aware of the prophetic nature of Turner Diaries, even though it wasn't a serious piece of writing (not unlike most board posts, incidentally). We are going to post things the ZOG doesn't like, and they aren't going to do anything about it. I will find a way if no one else will. They're also going to have to be getting used to being entrapped and having different hardware developed and better encryption. The push against the trash must continue.
Why would you think that owning nukes is more incriminating than supporting pedophilia? About a dozen countries own nukes and nobody cares. Maybe in 2002 it would've made sense to harp on this line because of the Iraq WMD bullshit, but today it's rather pointless. Several Israelis brag about it, including Martin Van Creveld, and they are not outcasts. They just simply play the "neither confirm nor deny" game, which serves them just fine.

Pedophilia though is completely outside the pale and has no national security justification. So when their embassies have twice been caught in these scandals in separate South American countries, serving local captives to Israeli "tourists", that is actually damaging to Israeli legitimacy and will never be printed in the MSM. Or better yet, point out their deliberate false flags against Americans like Lavon & Liberty, which have been fully admitted to but downplayed in the media.

But again, you're dealing with an anonymous image board. They can say anything as long as it's nothing new or verifiable in order to infiltrate and smear the opposition. Never forget Skokie IL, where Jews dressed like "Nazis" to smear them, and when the town didn't want them to make a spectacle there, the jewish ACLU ensured that they would march, all just to show "Holocaust Survivors" beating up "Nazis".

Judge someone not by words but by action. If someone says something truthful, that doesn't mean that they will remain so. If someone does something positive, it doesn't mean they will continue. Know your goals and only support those who help you reach them, and drop them the instant it becomes clear they are not helping you any further.
The Sampson Option.

>"Why would you think that owning nukes is more incriminating than supporting pedophilia?"

>Still doesn't acknowledge the existence of Israeli nukes

(Hint, we don't)

(Btw, Israel does have nukes.)
>>3933 checked
Yeah its gonna be pretty great
A mad scramble to nuke eachother
The whole world resets into the stone age
We hope that if any whites survive that they will do beat of all the survivors
White survive and thrive, forgetting their past and dismissing stories of flying space machines as stories
Fall for all the same tricks again just like we did last time after the last reset
Oh boy
switch ip's or use tor lol


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