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Anonymous 08/11/2019 (Sun) 20:33:37 Id:c68e8e No. 374 History File history
What are /pol/'s thoughts on the El Paso shooter?
deported more than trump ever did
so he drove 10 hours from N Dallas to El Paso to shoot mexicans?
I've been to Dallas, Mexicans-A-Plenty
i smell the dulles brothers
Zach was such a sweet little creature,hard to believe he snapped.
Mclovin dindu nuffin
(132.66 KB 1596x330 Fuck Brenton Tarrant.PNG)
(43.95 KB 633x295 Posters are Good.PNG)
(23.83 KB 1129x338 christchurch was a false flag.PNG)
It was a false flag just like the Christchurch shooting was.

he glows
His manifesto was fairly short, but it exposes the fact that the 'Right' wing of the ZOG can't be prevented from being radicalized towards violence.
His manifesto was clearly on the cusp of what it means to be a traditional 'Right' wing ZOG-lover, and a White Nationalist. It shows the great lengths the 'Right' wing of the ZOG must go through to control people ideologically, and still how weak it is. You can almost leave everything in place ideologically, and still turn these people into Lone Wolf killers.
I guarantee you, a bunch of 'Right' wingers read that manifesto and cried themselves to sleep that night, because of the implications of it all.
The ZOG is an unstoppable confrontation with White Nationalism, and it is incapable of neutering it this time. Immediately after talking about invasion, the manifesto talked about splitting that thing called "America" up into pieces, where niggers will get their own separate Nation-State, or rather, an Autonomous Region, basically like communist countries do with ethnic minorities large enough to present a problem.
The Republican "Party" (it isn't a political party at all, but a state institution) tries to use fighting spick immigration as a code for being ultra pro-nigger, because niggers are the first ones to lose their jobs to spick labor. It is actually a form of purity spiraling, in a purity war with the Democratic "Party." In their mind, the fact that they oppose spick labor 'proves' they're the most pro-nigger party. The fact that the shooter addressed the situation of niggers at all shows they are having problems pulling that one off on the masses of the White Nation.
Well, Crusius was looking at the situation from an immigration point of view, rather than a white supremacist one. Niggers ARE legit american citizens, they've been there for centuries. Spics are the newest wave of immigrants propped by ZOG to inundate the US, especially traditionally "red states" like Texas.
Crusius' manifesto however, along with the pictures of him that circulated, reeks of desperation.
On the other side we have Tarrant who, despite starting his rampage from a genuine core of anger for the invasion of the west, ended up being catchy, memeable and almost addictive despite the gruesome footage, in a word: funny.
Tarrant is literally the Godmode of terrorism.
Is it because he's Australian?
>screencapping your own post
Worse crime than murder.
(549.80 KB 1544x1926 glowniggers_on_8chan.png)
that's a shill in fact, don't you know the dumbass feds printed their own posts on 8chan, including the (You)s, to show in court?


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