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Nigger Lovers Anonymous 09/10/2019 (Tue) 10:13:04 Id:3b56cb No. 4119
What is the detailed history of nigger loving whites in america? How did it ever get this bad? Why werent niggers killed along with the native americans. We already had a racially concious society, and now look where we're at. What happens that people can be brainwashed into forgetting that niggers arent people?
Nigger loving starts with slavery. This isn't a joke either; the first people fucking niggers were white men fucking nigger slave whores.
They paid good money for those niggers, after all. It's their property, and it was their free dumb as an "American" to own as many niggers as they could get their hands on.
And if you happened to be the nigger slaver lover's neighbor, that worked on your own farm with your own two hands? Well guess what; you neighborhood just got Africanized.
But the Constitution said he could make you live beside niggers, and that's exactly what the Founding Nigger Fuckers of "America" had in mind.
>the first people fucking niggers were white men fucking nigger slave whores.
this and the pattern was everywhere the same. whites conquered some piece of earth but then it was always like 10 white males for one white women. So they went native
This is a fact and would still be true today if slavery were the same.
White slaveowners fucking nigger sows is overblown. Only 1.6% of White men even owned slaves in America.

I believe the main cause of most American niggers being mixed is niggers raping white women. The British did some sick things in the Caribbean, trafficking poor White children to the islands to be bred by niggers to improve the brainpower of slaves, and for their entertainment. Other niggers on the mainland went on rape sprees after the civil war ended.
Im sorry but i cant believe this at all. Nigger women are ugly.
I wasnt really talking about whites and niggers fucking i meant moreso related to the picture
>>4119 OP is affected by the propaganda. Ask yourself what the percentage is of interrelationationship is on commercials. after all that, white people still prefer white mates. only people that don't are 15 year old girls with bad father figures. it's not happening like they want you to believe. brown people coming in from other countries though. Yeah that's what's happening.

stop being a demoralizing nigger OP
>only people that don't are 15 year old girls with bad father figures.

There are a lot of White children growing up in fatherless homes thanks to the divorce trend, others have White father figures but they're niggerball-watching cucks. The girls grow up without White Pride and are defenseless against the miscegenation propaganda. Now we have Taylor Swift joining Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry in the pantheon of White race traitors encouraging impressionable children to miscegenate.
I'd say that it started with Christianity, because when you fall into those beliefs you view everybody as the same, everybody comes from adam and eve and you also get taught that people can be redeemable if they accept Jesus (A very good example of this is John Rolfe). Nowadays since Christianity is not as important as it once was I'd say it's simply because of our modern world permitting the distribution of information to be so easy and having these jewish rats in positions of power. Unplug the cord and watch the masses go apeshit.
It is known, of the Founding Faggots, Thomas Jefferson was a nigger fucker (Sally Hemmings was her name), and also Patrick Henry, the guy who put the second amendment into the Conjob-stitution in the first place. Patrick Henry's phrase "Liberty of Death" was more like 'muh liberta to fuck nigger slave whores'.
Did you know George Washington only has nigger descendants? The only child he fathered was a mulatto named West Ford. So if George Washing was king of America, and the royal family still ruled, they'd all be niggers.
Comrade Flores approves of this (((unproductive thread))).
president Lincoln's plan was to ship all niggers to Liberia. For whatever reason, it never came about.
Lol did this boomer read siege or something?


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