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(284.89 KB 625x400 Goolag.png)
What do, lads?! Anonymous 09/10/2019 (Tue) 14:20:39 Id:81f512 No. 4130
I live rural. I've been continually deleted from ALL (((social media))) for the past two+ years. My business is now dead. I have not one single friend anymore. I don't even have peers among my personal interests whom I acquaint with.
In place of my silenced voice is the most heinous, largest, global, propaganda campaign of constant demonization, and dehumanization of my very existence since the kikes launched this shit thousands of years ago, destroying our Global megalithic stone civilizations, our Culture, Heritage, History, and People.
We are now going extinct by ancient design, and can't even whimper in protest without being chased off of every platform with lies, labels, slander, and defamation. 8chan gone, and I've been banned from 4 for speaking truth among that honeypot/Fed demoralization operation. There is no where left to go.
I know you're as close to popping as I am.
They've taken our 1st, and they HAVE to take our second for the next violent, murderous phase to commence, a la Bolshevik genocide of our Blood.
What is our move, lads?
I'm done with this shit. VERY done.
These weak, demented, parasites will not be allowed to rule over their Mighty Superiors without a fucking fight.
We are on Death Ground without egress.
What is our move, lads?
(44.08 KB 542x566 images (10).png)
dunno the answer but I'm here with you brother.
I'm in cuckstralia, the only ones with guns are ZOG patrol, criminals (non based ones) and some farmers with old guns.
its a nightmare.
<3 You have a fren in me
(19.50 KB 236x296 feelsbro.jpeg)
Learn to make your own funs, anon! Get an inexpensive, used milling machine, and study up.
I've made a few myself. It's not difficult for a mid IQ Euro brain at all. There are manuals from old incursions on how to make very operable full autos from nothing but hardware store/scrap heap parts. (looking for file/s now)

Love you too, Brothers.
See you in Valhalla!
(472.63 KB 612x9504 SHTF GUN.jpg)
(764.14 KB 612x9504 SHTF GUN 2.jpg)
Got you fren
yeah? I'd love to make a nice handfun
dunno where I'd get licorice bullets from though
Fucking lame. Even nein "won't allow these file formats to be uploaded".
I'm so tired of being treated like cattle.
Here are the sites, lads. https://www.scribd.com/document/6454766/Expedient-Homemade-Firearms-Vol-II-PA-Luty
Yeah wont let me upload bullet
(31.89 KB 450x470 r5410.jpg)
Damn internet fuckery.
HERE is vol. 1
Yeah, yeah, yeah, big compooter brain, I don't know tech.
I do pushups, and build my own weapons. When the grid goes down, who has a more functional skill set?
Who's the real retard here?
Wew Pt. 1

(816.44 KB 1440x2880 Screenshot_2019-09-10-11-19-35.png)
(954.37 KB 1440x2880 Screenshot_2019-09-10-11-19-21.png)
(695.92 KB 1440x2880 Screenshot_2019-09-10-11-19-45.png)
(802.45 KB 1440x2880 Screenshot_2019-09-10-11-19-24.png)
(687.51 KB 1440x2880 Screenshot_2019-09-10-11-19-30.png)
(798.46 KB 1440x2880 Screenshot_2019-09-10-11-19-12.png)
(910.80 KB 1440x2880 Screenshot_2019-09-10-11-19-33.png)
Wew Pt. 2
thanks man legend
This thread was way too fast for neinchan. It must be a fed thread.
(580.83 KB 500x700 Chaimdon'tsurf.png)
Oh look. Another fucking coward.
Discussing self defense against an openly admitted genocide of my people with my Kith and Kin has nothing to do with the FBI, faggot.
Go take a nap, nigger.
You don't survive what's coming anyway.
nah OP is Murican so I'm pretty sure he is allowed to post this, and I'm Strayan so everything I read and download is a satire and sarcastic r*ddit meme.
Still uploading hang tight
no worries
(707.77 KB 1440x2880 Screenshot_2019-09-10-11-19-52.png)
(873.90 KB 1440x2880 Screenshot_2019-09-10-11-19-56.png)
Had to make em tiny
(521.58 KB 1440x2880 Screenshot_2019-09-10-11-19-58.png)
(652.37 KB 1440x2880 Screenshot_2019-09-10-11-20-01.png)
Im american hun just sharing knowledge πŸ’›

Sorry this site uploading blows i have to post two at a time
(587.21 KB 1440x2880 Screenshot_2019-09-10-11-20-17.png)
(378.32 KB 1440x2880 Screenshot_2019-09-10-11-20-13.png)
(933.07 KB 1440x2880 Screenshot_2019-09-10-11-20-22.png)
(757.98 KB 1440x2880 Screenshot_2019-09-10-11-20-19.png)
Only 4 more left
Maybe it's because this is finally something actually worth discussing?
If you haven't taken any steps in your preps yet, you're already fucked.
Wake the fuck up. We are now in the RAPID decline. It's going to come hard and much faster than you think. We're infiltrated, and surrounded from within each of our respective Nations.
If you can't feel it yet, you aren't Aryan.
Besides, if the CIA can write entire manuals about it, we can certainly just talk about such things existing in a world.

don't be such a flaming faggot all the time.
(861.27 KB 1440x2880 Screenshot_2019-09-10-11-20-27.png)
(708.67 KB 1440x2880 Screenshot_2019-09-10-11-20-44.png)
I hate to be a retard but will
>>4165 these
fit into
(67.23 KB 888x499 DFWU3.jpg)
All you have to do is adjust either, or both designs to be compatible with each other.
If you build the 9mm BulletHose, get 9mm blanks to match it.
If you only have access to a certain size of brass casings, get the pipe/barrel diameter that matches.
Use that Aryan brain of yours, anon! We've been coddled, and babysat for so long, many have forgotten how to apply our uncanny penchant for innovation, and adaptation.
Wake that gray matter, lad!
"Before we remove the kike from our world, we must first remove the kike from within."
(501.90 KB 1440x2880 Screenshot_2019-09-10-11-19-15.png)
(623.38 KB 1440x2880 Screenshot_2019-09-10-11-19-27.png)
Forgot 2
The brenton tarrant christchurch shooting was a false flag....
(820.23 KB 1440x2880 Screenshot_2019-09-10-11-20-49.png)
(953.02 KB 1440x2880 Screenshot_2019-09-10-11-20-47.png)
Ughh i fucking hate uploading here
Nice try, yid.
You're still going to die, nigger.
(49.36 KB 1056x620 SHTF GUN 3.jpg)
Okies anon let me know if I forgot any pages as its a pdf and i had to upload it all fucked up. Much love from a femanon in America πŸ’–πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
okay no worries
It is 100% LEGAL to build your own, UNREGISTERED, weapon from scratch in the U.S.!!!
Do not allow their False Fear, and Empty Threats to infect your better judgement, or belay your righteous actions!
nah it looks like its all there mate
>there are no girls on the internet
(412.98 KB 1663x2150 20190817_093316-1-1-1-1-1-1-1.jpg)
Just a lady from another site trying to help since 8 went down.

(40.93 KB 389x379 1472282470966.jpg)
is this wooden one a joke? I'm really tired and I can't tell if this whole thread is Muricans getting back at me for shitposting
(690.25 KB 2550x3300 SHTF GUN schematic.jpg)
didn't really clear things up for me..
thanks lads c ya
>is this wooden one a joke?
a similar though much simpler one is in the black book. works

What was the purpose of the 2A?

If you weren't a fishing fed (most are on this botnet board) you wouldn't be asking "What is (((our))) move, lads?"

Did our ancestors believe in "white genocide"? No. They would have laughed at you if you mentioned the idea, then ask yo u Why did you become so weak to accept victim hood?
There's no such thing as "white genocide" there is only "white suicide". Once you realize that you'll stop acting like a bitch pussy that kikes do things to.
(100.27 KB 800x600 zippy.jpeg)
You're still going to die, yid.
(30.22 KB 323x634 Hunnypot?.jpeg)
(84.50 KB 640x464 1563681056458.jpg)
>No friends
>No where left to go
>Life rural

Join the Northwestern Front Anon. They have a network of like-minded people trying to start a community up there. Since you already live rural and have nothing to lose, I'd say you're the perfect candidate. I really believe it's the only realistic plan for an ethnostate. Go check it out.
Its just a compilation of already available information. Handy though.
We all know the situation, anon.
(305.62 KB 620x465 36901482838046_1482838012.PNG)
Like withdrawing to the rural north is enough.
>join the X anon with your unlimited supply of guns
and I want this CUNTry to stop before its the uk, on my walk home today I saw like 30 nigger small children walking home from school.
and fuck it, even if OP is a kike we need a fucking plan.
>What is our move, lads?
The game plan seems to be set, and ZOG is shilling for shekels to mount more defences.
(90.39 KB 736x736 Valhalla1.jpg)
I've considered it. But I'm taking care of my aging parents, and have spent a LOT of time and energy trying to turn this hillside into a homestead. However, my neighbor spun out, and attacked me a few months ago, then called the cops on ME! That has me seriously considering leaving too, because, as a Viet Vet, he was one of the only ones around here who had half a clue what was going down, and I THOUGHT was going to at least be a good ally in already having experience and knowledge, especially with the inevitable flow of "refugees", which seemed to be his main concern.
(his advice is to shoot them all, and never bother trying to sort out, and babysit the "good ones", like we see on our border right now.) I get it now.
I might have to wait for my parents to die before thinking of moving again, which will likely be too late. I have some serious "off grid" skills though. Wherever we end up strongholding, I can likely get there through the wilderness routes. I'm not concerned for my chances of survival. Faggots like the many in this thread, and all over these sites who believe everyone who even whispers about the obvious, and unstoppable coming boogaloo, and how to possibly come out the other side, is a Fed agent.
You're already extinct, and a liability to anyone fool enough to allow you in their ranks.
Stop being so afraid of your own shadow. Our enemies have never been weaker!
Cowards will not survive the mental anguish before the fighting even starts. You're already struggling with all of this. Good riddance.
As for the rest of you lads...
See you there, or in Valhalla!
I get skittish when a site won't even let me get a peek without "signing up, and logging in".
(485.95 KB 500x806 'tard.png)
Okay, I dug deeper and was able to upload the file without a login.
I'm a brainlet. Thanks!
>my neighbor spun out, and attacked me
did you fucking smash him?
Godspeed, brother
(214.22 KB 700x399 getitdone!.jpeg)
He's an old man, and right up until that moment, a friend and neighbor. I put him in a full body Nelson, and squeezed. Told him to chill the fuck out or I'd break him. It was his bruised ego that called the cops. But now I feel isolated. Severe christcuck on one side, great guy, but too "tolerant", a widow, then old couple cross the road, spics slowly flowing in with questionable amounts of money, not enough folks redpilled and awake to the inevitable collapse by design, and my property not entirely secure enough for my tastes yet, and building all this shit alone, while caring for parents, and trying to make some cash with oddjobs, etc. Rough.
Feeling fucking ALIVE!
Glad you lads are here to reflect. No wonder they try so hard to shut it down.
Thanks! Gonna get back to work now. Big dreams to get off kike dependency! Work to exhaustion everyday. We've already won. They know this. They don't have what it takes to accept the world as it is, and what must be done to slide through the coming chaos to eventually come out on top.
See you there, lads!
checked and kek'd
Just remember, we have faced worse times in our history and our ancestors always triumphed. But unpalatable sacrifices will have to be made.
They have the upper hand for the time being, but their hubris will be their downfall. They are not gods and most of their time i spent fire-fighting and lurching towards their ultimate desire for global domination and unrestrained profit.
Their exploitation of human psychology that has resulted in vast swathes of people actively pushing the elite's agenda which is against their own self-interest is unparalleled, but our access to information is also unparalleled.
I believe things will have to get much worse before they get better, but get better they inevitable will. It is in our blood.

This is just another bump in the road
acetone peroxide is your ticket to freedom
It's archive.org, you dumb faggot. If you're really that concerned, download it via tor or something.
>He's an old man,
so? belt the cunt.
boomers are usless.
fucking mouthing off at you... put the fear of God into him.
literally fight the cunt.
iktf OP, dunno we just keep trying to improve in life and survive at times, the system might collapse and reset itself or the winds of change might go in a better direction, who knows?
>boomers are useless
absofuckinglutely never forget that shit. They talk a big game but can't come to terms that they rode the gravy train into faggotville and now are trying to make up for it with petty words. Boomers in general WILL rat you to police and feds without hesitation to virtue signal muh law'n'ordar. The only good news is they were pretty good at amassing firearm collections when it was cheap and easy... another good fact not to forget.
>Ugh I hate uploading here
I once asked for a pdf of the German version of Mein Kampf, but an anon told me that Neinchan doesn't allow pdfs (as you figured out).
I recommend uploading the book of funs to https://endchan.net/pdf/
(30.64 KB 800x258 "boomers!".png)
Stop with the boomer shit. It just more kike brainwashing getting you to hate your own grand/parents, dipshit.
They were sold an idea, worked hard towards it, then were stabbed in the back, and sold out, and still too disconnected from the, now, totally manipulated and controlled internet to catch up with reality now.
Stop falling for the same old tricks! Unless, of course, you're just another glownigger pushing the D&C agenda (most likely).
>getting you to hate your own grand/parents, dipshit.
its not "hate" normalfag.
do I hate a dog for shitting on my lawn? do I hate a spider for crawling into my house? no.
they were political pawns and sold us out because they didn't fucking think.
do you really think I want to punch the fuck out of my grandparents? lmao
>hate speech
>hate crime
Has "hate" become another kike buzzword like "racist" or "sexist" ?
(148.22 KB 1237x169 BoomerQ.png)
Yeah, I think you do, you little shit. With how often, and with what you idiots CONSTANTLY say about "BOOMERS!", yeah, I think you're EXACTLY like your Antifa counterparts who got the "THE RICH!" brainwashing to stick. You have the EXACT same perspective, but you've replaced "THE RICH!" with "THE BOOMERS" trope instead. If you were at all intelligent, you would recognize this, as well as having a better understanding of the similar brainwashing they received to make the mistakes they made. You're no better, and the longer you put your wasted energy, and failures on their Bill. the more time you waste on getting your own shit together.
Thus, we go round and round, and your own children will be trained to hate you for "doing nothing" for them.
Wake up, little one. You're just another lemming.
And there's your brainwashing projecting outward without you even able to see it.
Control your infected mind, moron.
At this point in the game, you're just another liability. Snap the fuck out of it.
LMAO you even admitted boomers made big mistakes?
are you drooling in a wheelchair cunt?
we are literally agreeing on this.
and no, I don't want to fight my nan kek
>you little shit
>little one
oh I get it now, I'm talking to a boomer.
>but you've replaced "THE RICH!" with "THE BOOMERS"
nah mate, I've replaced it with "THE KIKES"
boomers were just useful idiots.
(and yes I replied to a post more than once I am not "samefagging")
Maybe someone needs to try to make the case for why boomers are a good generation, or what a worse generation is, because there are tons of anti-boomer articles with points that seem valid. Boomers created destruction and indulged themselves while being smug about it, it's really hard for me to take seriously these people who judged me and others for years saying that "ignorance is no excuse for making mistakes" when in reality they were projecting a desire for not being judged for all of their errors. Of course there are people who are the exception to the rule of many stereotypes
If they hadn't been backstabbed by kikes, and had all that they, and their grand/parents worked for, there would have been no "mistakes" made.
Getting ripped off by your "Greatest Ally" isn't a "mistake", nor was it their fault. Getting betrayed by "trusted friends" isn't an "error". But you have to blame someone. This is how you were trained in the "education" system. You remained just redpilled enough not to end up as bad as Antifa, but your mindset is still the same. Nigger tier Blame Game.
I'm Gen X. We did't have the internet, but most of us knew enough to check out of "society", and went out, instead, into Nature. We sought new frontiers. The only ones left to explore were our own adrenaline challenged by throwing ourselves off cliffs, out of planes, and riding motos off massive jumps, etc. And in doing so, spending that much time with Nature, discovered the Old Ways again. The places that speak to the soul of the Aryan Man. The internet showed up, and we studied History rather than chase celebrity, and nigger jabber music. We tried to share what we discovered with the world and were demonized and dismissed as "conspiracy theorists" which has now evolved into whatever heinous string of monstrous labels the lemmings on the Left can muster from their limited vocabulary.
This "Boomer" bullshit came on strong, and coordinate, making it an obvious D&C propaganda hit, ad you idiots fell for it.
Snap the fuck out of it. Judging by your abilities to wake the fuck up, and accept what's coming, and what must be done, by the time it all kicks off, "Boomers" will be dead and gone, and you won't have any scapegoat or excuses as to why you're still failing.
You are the last Generation.
Start acting like it, faggots.

You're not worth the time, little one. Learn the difference between Logical Fallacies, from actual arguments built on the Trivium and basic logic, and maybe intelligent folks will begin to take you seriously, child.
jeebus, what a shitty cap. Where'd that come from? Where'd my good one go?
>boomer lover
you are cringe and you speak like a faggot.
kill yourself.
(69.47 KB 500x433 8fe.jpeg)
>I think you're EXACTLY like your Antifa counterparts
(33.78 KB 800x600 crying_baby.jpg)
He is right. Stop fucking crying you faggots. We are the last generation.

Don't you get it by now? This is bigger than just Boomers vs Millenials. This is way bigger. This is THE Grand Conspiracy. This has been in planning for a very long time by entities that are not "human".

The answer is right in front of you. Generation "Z". Get it? GENERATION Z. WHAT IS THE LAST LETTER OF THE ALPHABET?


Millenials and Zoomers are the last generations. That's it. Stop pointing fingers. It's time to smarten up and understand that everything in our world is carefully constructed for human obediance.

This is a planet for SHEEPLE. And you are here on this forum because you are a black sheep, you are one of the sheep that can think. You know instinctively something is wrong. It's time to stop being a sheep and start becoming something more.

But first you gotta grow up and stop blaming others.
agreed. Build on the fact that we're all coming from similar places. Just don't take the bait to flame some random anon for blowing off some steam. Shitposting is essential to sanity on /pol/

Back to OP >>4130

How about buying an old but powerful vehicle and armoring it up? Marvin Heemeyer style... but smaller. I think people forget how much power the average vehicle has in reserve that is never used in daily driving. Solid or foam filled tires for sure. Would be a fun project and virtually undetectable.
>I'll just repeat the same shit and hope it works
Ireal <3


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