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Need some advice sorry guys Anonymous 09/11/2019 (Wed) 04:25:17 Id:a66fd3 No. 4252
So I'm in a fucked up situation right now and I understand that it's partially my fault and I REALLY NEED ADVICE because I've been smooth sailing for a long time in "enemy territory."

I work full time in an office, it's been a great job and I've attained a high degree of status in the company in a very short period of time making a positive name for myself because I went in with a "make friends with everyone" attitude and stayed out of office politics to my benefit making me the neutral party every new person is introduced to first. This job is going to be my career and I don't need it ruined by some random chick with an ax to grind but here's my story summarized since I'm not here for a soap box I need advice:
>Start new job
>Do really good make name for myself, groomed for promotion etc.
>This is a HIGHLY diverse city where Europeans are the ethnic minority by a large margin and I was born here
>The office has been changing hands from old whites to young non-whites to help facilitate massive expansion
>They are desperate to hire anyone and offer a cash incentive to get new employees
>I put the word out to my extended group of friends to see if they have anyone they know unemployed because I wanted the cash
>They hired the Progressive Loonie Tunes character from hell - ON MY REFERENCE!
>My friend never told me who she was or what she was about I just wanted the cash
>She's now on a campaign to out me as a white supremacist and sabotage my so far cushy ass job with career prospects

How the hell do I play this off? Any anons care to help? I can give a play by play if more context is needed. She has so far actively tried to tell people I am a "White Supremacist" through whatever an extended friend group had said about me.
are you not /pol/? dont you have a machiavellian bone in your body?

you set her up and accuse her first, that way anything she does seems like jealous retaliation. plant evidence if you must, be it planting 'huwite supreme' materials in her desk, or simply record her talking shit on your bosses.

...and yes, this is your fault, you didnt vet the person you put your name on the line for. reap what youve sewn, and learn from it.

honestly, if you go with planting evidence, arrive early plant it, make it so its in full view or falls out when she opens her desk drawer or something, make sure you and your boss is there talking to her when it goes down, that way your alibi is solid

ps also find new job
She's non-white and basically what it is he's told her about some milquetoast conservative views I have discussed with him and because she's most likely mentally ill she's extrapolated that into some kind of perceived hostility.

I will never discuss politics at work or religion - I am here for that, or with people I respect enough to discuss it with civility.

She straight up shouted in the midst of an open office that "YEAH OUR MUTUAL FRIEND SAYS YOU'RE A WHITE SUPREMACIST!" It had no context it was clearly a planned thing. I immediately tried to damage control and like an idiot I said, "Yeah he's right, I bake the cookies for the local Clan rally's weekly meetings but I swear I never attend them!" I was FUCKING SWEATING BULLETS, I could tell all the non-Whites were listening for a pin to drop.

Not sure how I will pull it off if she does that to me again - what should I say to make her look like a lunatic and hang on her own words? Was my joke retarded?
Tell her to stop or you will file a civil suit for defamation. If she doesent shut the fuck up sue her. Bonus points if what she says gets you fired so you can sue the company as well.
it doesnt have to be white supreme materials, it could be anti semetic, anti muzzie, whatever will set your bosses off. gather intel.

the only other recommendation i can make, is set up a huge workplace disruption, and pin it on her, like ordering male strippers, and having them ask for her by name
Honestly I appreciate the advise. I'm not sure in this context I can manage that, I think she will probably get fired on her own she is abrasive and hostile. She's an energy sink that walks into a room like a funeral.

I am just worried about how to play off her public attacks to save my reputations I have always aspired to support our cause from the shadows with finance. Non-whites love me and adore me so I have never had to play this game like the rest of you have in college and the workplace. Sorry for my ignorance to all this.
>Honestly I appreciate the advise. I'm not sure in this context I can manage that, I think she will probably get fired on her own she is abrasive and hostile. She's an energy sink that walks into a room like a funeral.<

then exacerbate that, you had the solution all along. its not starting drama, but fostering the environment for it to thrive, if you do it right, others will complain to the bosses, and your hands will be clean
conversely, if you make yourself more valuable than her on the job, your bosses will reflect that in their decision making in regards to her. earn their trust, that way theyre more inclined to believe your word over hers
Do I play people against her? Or just keep up the saint act? I just have never been in this situation before and the more young non-white women they force me to train, the worse it's getting because they all seem to demand some kind of attention from me.

This is like the beginning of the end here but my advancement in my career which has been promised to me by multiple people will take me out of the office inevitably.

I just wish people could keep this shit out of the workplace. No one wants to be there to begin with, I just want to make a living and go home I don't want to befriend anyone or bother them I just want to do honest business and commerce with them. I guess welcome to the world hey?
>make friends with everyone" >stayed out of office politics
I meant I refused to talk shit about anyone and literally just complimented people for real achievements only and kept my head down.
>frankly, you deserve any misfortune that's come to you,
I agree that is frank, you've got me.
cause little infrations, that appear innocent enough on the surface level, like forgetting to hold the door open for her (play it off like you didnt see her), or finish the coffee when she is behind you and not refill the pot, walk off. little things will make her more abrasive, but seriously do not do or tell when others around, you want it to appear she is gunning for you for no reason, or like youre being the company man, and she is trying to force you to play favorites
you will know when youre playing her rightly
> you want it to appear she is gunning for you for no reason, or like youre being the company man,
This is my standing plan right now but even though I have made good in-roads the majority of my jury are going to be non-white and you know they're all desperate for a heretic to burn. I could see the excitement when she called me that - they were like dogs smelling a piece of meat but for that moment at least they had no hunger to pounce fortunately.

I have eclipsed them all in a very short time because I'm capable, affable and efficient when it comes to my professional life and the majority of people I have worked with tend to have a very let's say... "L'aissez faire" approach to their careers and tend to secretly resent us who don't I believe.

So I am worried that ultimately this strategy might just be inaction.

Care to elaborate Mr. Dubs?
like greeting her and it causing her to fly off the handle.

moving stuff from their desk is usually a good way to accomplish this, hide it in her drawer or in plain sight but where she is sure to miss it.

be slightly chummy with the others then, that way she seems like the half cocked sociopath.

most of all, no one can know or see of yyour actions, one false move, youre cover is blown.

if you were haxor, remotely access porn from her terminal, during company time. that is one surefire way to accomplish your goals.

if she is in 90 day new guy probation, they dont even need to give a reason to fire her.
if youre in a right to work state, they still dont need to give a reason.

essentially, kill her with kindness, aggressively, and with extreme prejudice. offensively nice. you want her to blow her top
>any accusation she makes she will have to prove
>bunch of retards here giving "advice"
The retard is you faggot. Libtards are destroying people left and right with just a tweet and no proof whatsoever. Remember Cavanaugh's supreme court battle? That ugly cunt literally invented her accusations 30 years later under hypnosis or whatever and still almost succeeded. He was lucky to survive but not some random dude. No company will have your back in this time and age when they see their sales tanking. Wake the fuck up and get real.
OP needs to grow a pair and make the cunt fail at everything until she gets shoah'd. This or he's roadkill.
(194.53 KB 346x346 1540418980889.png)

If she ever attempts to go in for the kill and out you from the company for good, I recommend Vox Day's "SJW Attack Survival" >http://www.milobookclub.com/mart/SJW_Attack_Survival_Guide.pdf

God Bless OP
(127.72 KB 442x329 mike-wazowski-4.png)
do a poo in her desk
Meh, your biggest enemy atm is you loosing your nerve. Just calmly deny and point out that its an unfounded accusation. She has nothing.
Thats it.
The more she shrieks the more innocent you look.
Just keep your public nose clean and stay ice cold.
No one will be fooled if there is a white pillowcase with eye holes in her desk draw.
This doesn’t mean that you cant be booted, it just means that she has to manufacture things to get you booted and if she is determined to do that there really is little you can do about it.
Start looking for a better job if you like.
Get better acquaintances.
If she continues you could easily bring a case for harassment to HR, but only when its serious and public enough. A little petty perhaps but that’s the environment you’re in, anon.

Stay calm, relaxed and don’t get carried away with what you 'think' she knows.
Don’t try to plant anything or force the issue, just keep your head down.
When/if it escalates to the point that it becomes a HR issue then MAKE IT A HR ISSUE. But politely, don’t swear or demand.
Keep all paperwork, emails etc...

And finally, if you do get sacked they leave themselves open to a case of constructive dismissal or similar. If you cant afford to pursue that (just like most of us) then leave with excruciating politeness. Then burn down the offices/the cunts house 12-18 months later
I agree, don't plant evidence unless you're 110% sure you can pull it off without getting caught. It could be very effective, but also very risky.

I guess I was trying to describe 'gaslighting' in my earlier posts, I've only ever heard liberals use the term, but I suppose it's common parlance now.

But after some thought, the gaslit route will likely be the safest with minimal risk to you and your career.

But in the future, I hope you have learned to only use nepotism to help those who you know aren't going to fuck you over. Personally, the people I would name drop for, I can count on one hand, minus a few fingers.

Best of luck to you and. Keep us updated
No money, no advice, fuck you, parasite scum.
This is your reward for greed fag.
jew rat detected.
You should start a server in minecraft, and grief her tbh
Fire her/Get her fired.
You are her superior and she is going around the office slandering you and poisoning the well, which you find completely suprising because your not a white supremacist and you actually feel very hurt on a personal level as it was you who got her the job in the first place and she has completely betrayed your good nature. Using baseless claims that have no validity and only serve to create drama in the workplace, which in turn, leads to a general lack of production.

What exactly does she know that's made her decide that you need to be taken out?
1.) Talk to your superiors/equals and tell them that her accusations are untrue and that you're worried about them endangering your job
2.) Make sure everyone knows YOU put in the good word to hire her, so everyone knows her words are contradicted by her very being there
3.) Do NOT manipulate ANYTHING and play by the books every single time. Poking fun at her is one thing, but if you ever try and plant false information, it will be found out, and you will be labeled the worst that she called you for life.
4.) Nose to the grindstone. Do as good a job as you always have, and make sure you're invaluable at work.
5.) When others are around, simply disagree with what she says.
is that you mike pence?
I can't tell if this is making fun of me or if it
*or if it's a compliment

accidentally sent early
ultimately, you got yourself in this situation, you will have to get yourself out one way or the other, how you do so is entirely up to you. we can only offer you advice, its up to you to decide if its good or bad. thanks to anons, you have several avenues to choose from.
Seems to me that anons gave you the best advice already. I just want to say how fucking relieved i am to find a decent number of anons bunkering down here. After hatechan went down i figured Valhalla would be my next contact with any of you true brothers.
Hail Victory Hail Hitler
(75.46 KB 678x1024 1551345836377.jpg)
>I just want to say how fucking relieved i am to find a decent number of anons bunkering down here.
Amen brother. But never forget ,you're not alone and we shall rise again.
I'd say the real root of your problem -- and you certainly don't want to hear it and want to do anything about it even less -- is that you are wholly committed to the system in its entirety and strongly desire what it will give you. You're absolutely not a White Nationalist, so just be honest with everyone in your mud work place.
>You're absolutely not a White Nationalist, so just be honest with everyone in your mud work place.
My beliefs are far more complicated than any I have ever seen posted on any /pol/ but I have always been open minded and capable of respecting others politics - because I've always viewed politics as a war of competing interests. This is why I will never bring it into work.

And yes I am committed to the system just not the status quo, I believe we need to game it to come out on top - use their tools against them. This goes in hand with my spiritual training that I can't go into but I will share one piece of wisdom: Laws vs laws, trials on trials, fire by fire.
>My beliefs are far more complicated than any I have ever seen posted on any /pol/
No, they aren't. You're a capitalist sympathizer who wants to be recognized as superior so you can live out your coolie managerial fantasies.
Look I appreciate your thoughts. They just aren't compelling.
Neither is your "niggers don't like me, muh paycheck" sob story.
(70.19 KB 1245x260 the mind of the normie.png)
just be chill and look harmless her too the crowd. Remember normies are guided by emotions and HATE double standards more than anything. Never ever be along with her and if you are RECORD RECORD RECORD her ass too give evidence too your superiors she's being disruptive in the workplace and going on a campaign against you. Make yourself look like the victim in front of the workplace when she goes batshit insane at you that way you have witnesses too back your ass up when she goes on a rampage. Evidence is EVERYTHING. t-have too work with 2 trannies at my fucking work and I almost want too vomit while looking at them one of which is a Jew
Tell them/her that if you truly were a white supremacist, you would not have people of color as your (close) friends and you would have moved out of this city/region a long time ago already.

Also, you: "... and our mutual friend told me nasty things about your sexual life and hysterical jealousy but the office is not a place for cleaning our dirty laundry".

Also, perhaps lie about your sexual life by saying you fucked a half-spic, half-chinese hottie and she was better at bed than [your friend]. And gentler too, more behaved.
Of course you don't say spic.

The deal really is to make her look like she's on a revenge and ready to break someone's social status and life just because her senseless rage.

Eat with non-whites, don't complain about you friend frontally but allude, in a jaded and annoyed way, how it's not the first time she tries shit like that because she knows that it's an easy way to hurt white people today and she's a loonie.
Laugh at her for thinking you're some kind of closet Hydra, that she should stop watching crappy movies and think it's a real depiction of every day life.
We... had an affair... she drained me, it didn't end well, I said we should stay friends. I gave her info about landing a job here to help her, but she couldn't let it go. She claimed a girl I knew was a.. err... a whore... you know, for some silly reason I can't even remember. The girl was married and it nearly ended in divorce because of the lie.


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