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(67.01 KB 867x960 vogue_portugal.jpg)
Vogue Magazine Anonymous 09/11/2019 (Wed) 20:51:26 Id:c9ee12 No. 4365
So this is the Vogue Magazine in Portugal.

Europe is doomed my bros
(48.58 KB 839x1080 NaziHandshake.jpg)
don't worry mein kamerad, all of this system is going to collapse one day or another and there is going to be a civilization-wide purge of all of this filth.
she's got tattoos, nothing of value lost
>Europe is doomed my bros
No it isn't. Images like that repulse people on a fundamental level. That's one of the reasons liberals are becoming increasingly shrill and batshit crazy; because they know that deep down everything about our society repulses them and that's why they have to signal virtue so hard, so that everyone still thinks they're a good and moral, "progressive" person. But no matter how hard they try to absolve themselves, they can't wash the stain of disgust off them; they still feel dirty, and they know it.
Images like that make people angry, and we need more anger. We need people to get angry enough to want to tear this whole degenerate system down.
>muh value
shes inspiring women without tattoos to be degenerate
What the fuck. We are doomed
most people actually don't mix races or like it, they can meme about it all day but you can just avoid those that support or engage in it themselves

Europe can overcome this
ok you got me there, i forgot about the coal toll
(47.86 KB 640x450 Yuri_prophet.jpg)
Yes, we are

The demoralization process is long past.
That looks so fucking gross. I hope she knew before that there isnt enough hot water in the whole world to shower that off of her.
I agree.
The most of the accelerationism is done by leftists and elites themselves.
Occasional outbursts by "right wingers" are sparks, it's the enemy's response that will light the fire.
If I got a penny for every single cuck that indulges in defeatism and claiming that they're fucked without proposing a solution to it, I'd make Rothschild envious.
Some people get lost in the black pill stage anon, it's our job to guide them back into the white.

But I agree, whining about problems and posing no solutions had been endemic on the chans since day one. At least when anons post dumb solutions, at least they're trying to contribute to the hive mind of weaponized autism
Nothing of value was lost, just two mudshits fucking each other.
Comrade Flores approves of this racial suicide of goyim.
>no one has been able to post a solution
>think about white pills
really makes you think
The solution is extremely simple. Every single time on every single board across every single chan it gets clearly explained, it gets dismissed as "fedposting".
They will not stop until they are stopped
(109.93 KB 802x500 301bju.jpg)
We all know what must be done.
And, of course, I'm a glownigger for even mentioning it tongue-in-cheek.
don't you like a tatted up whore posing with a nigger?
what are you... some sort of nazi??
I get your point but I'll say what I want until the ZOG patrol (police) turn up at my door. for the meantime its
stop being a cuck and embrace the freedom of (nearly) free speech
(243.54 KB 525x475 GastheBikes!.png)
Don't tempt me with a good time. I'm sick of waiting.
I'm this close to posting my John Hancock across all these boards as a dare for the glowies to come "question" my worldview on kikes, and their heavy handed part in my genocide and extinction.
I ain't getting any younger. The longer we wait, the worse our position gets.
>embrace the freedom of (nearly) free speech
I did. I got deleted from the entire internet for being smarter, more articulate, and better informed on all these issues than all the lemmings.
Boogaloo when, lads?!
unironically based.
based & redpilled.


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