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(2.16 MB 3264x2448 1565670386334.jpg)
(117.23 KB 1024x768 1565667695992.jpg)
(129.10 KB 1024x768 1565667679305.jpg)
(122.93 KB 1024x768 1565667639164.jpg)
(127.86 KB 1024x768 1565667621710.jpg)
(117.88 KB 1024x768 1565667599811.jpg)
(126.04 KB 1024x768 1565667584898.jpg)
(41.67 KB 480x640 images (3).jpeg)
Lets Go Brenton Tarrant Anonymous 09/15/2019 (Sun) 22:14:34 Id:70edb9 No. 4799
The letters
I want to believe.
They've been confirmed. Surprisingly my dictatorial government let this slide.
(2.75 MB 1160x5000 1565958851919.jpg)
(70.35 KB 430x683 mail from his lawyer.jpg)
(65.65 KB 426x364 nz.png)
>my dictatorial government
ay now we live in a gun free socialist utopia
ima rape that horse face mutt
Only accredited persons like friends and family can email inmates, read the rules on prison's websites.
not if s/he rapes you first
I hope she does

she can bring her filth spawn with her too
(3.95 MB 800x450 toxic_dirty_ramirez.webm)
Bumping this as first thread reached bump limit.
(1.87 MB 1280x720 bt_smirks_in_court.webm)
Also more than one month has passed since "Alan" posted the letter to 4 chan.
NZ prison admitted that other 7 letters were sent by Brenton before they shut down his mail.
Why has no other letter surfaced yet?
(112.82 KB 850x425 db-advert.jpg)
Is this the new Tarrant meme thread?
I say let's get this party started!
(239.48 KB 957x851 1569190921621.png)
Latest drawings.
what are the filename numbers? last one I have is bt50
bt52, bt51
>I say let's get this party started!
with some moonman music!
Haven't seen many Tarrant threads on cuckchan lately, unfortunately. The threads are always invaded by annoying shills, but there are tons of lurkers there too.
(381.38 KB 628x930 tarrant the kike lover.png)
Kikes and their brainlet golems still trying to shit up imageboards with this lame op?

>A jew living in israel is no enemy of mine, so long as they do not seek to subvert or harm my people
>actual nazis do not exist.They haven’t been a political or social force anywhere in the world for more than 60 years
<meanwhile newfags think he's 100% /pol/ack because he posted a manifesto and claimed to be from there
>making maymays for the kikes

You fucking traitorous, cancerous faggots.
(131.10 KB 940x627 Brenton_weet-bix.jpg)
(143.58 KB 940x627 Brenton_weet-bix-51.jpg)
(403.26 KB 1280x720 Brenton_weet-bix-down-under.jpg)
(89.59 KB 878x395 Brenton_weetbix-muz.jpg)
(740.60 KB 1600x1100 Brenton_weet-bix-saint.jpeg)
Brenton Tarrant is the most powerful weetbix kid
(186.81 KB 728x727 brenton smile.jpg)
Cry more about it shill.
(402.59 KB 500x356 brenton.gif)
I miss him, lads
(2.33 MB 270x480 arrest_audio.webm)
Last thread was deleted by jannies, never seen another one after that.
Here is it in 4plebs

It was not a thread so different from all the others that we've had on cuckchan since march.
Why delete it?
Also many threads about ecofascism get deleted out of the blue.
I guess the last batch of new jannies has to do with this.

t. I keep an eye on it everyday
(15.53 MB 500x500 bht_abb.mp4)
Go back to 4cuck, dumb shill.
You know what? Open a thread there yourself if you want so I'll flood it.
(147.24 KB 594x1190 mudmeme.jpg)
Nice. I counted 15 of my memes in that thread!
(75.64 KB 436x494 bingo.png)
You mean memes you made yourself?
Good for you, I am so shit that I rarely make them, just simple stuff with Paint like a 9gag retard.
I am the author of pic related.
(135.62 KB 1024x732 breivik-do-it-for-him.jpg)
Based Breivik
(80.79 KB 720x620 1566530707919.jpg)
Really nice.
I can't recall a "do it for him" meme about Brenton though.
I'll leave it to the more skilled.
(1.39 MB 1758x1139 Brenton_do-it-for-him-1.png)
(955.40 KB 1400x1000 Brenton_do-it-for-him-2.png)
here's 2 that I saved, I know the guy in the 2nd one is a russian guy and not Brenton
(3.77 MB 400x226 land_down_under.webm)
thank you
OCR scan of the right side:
>Hello Alan,
>Thank you greatly for sending the letter, it must have cost you a lot of rubles to send it all the way from [Russia]. In the future if you wish to write or contact me you can just email the prison. It's a lot faster and a hell of a lot cheaper. Though I will still have to reply by regular mail, which takes a long time.
>Thanks for the postage stamps as well, they are the only two pieces of color in my otherwise gray cell. I will have to hide them from the guards. I think I can recognize the landmarks on the stamps. One is of the Kremlin in Moscow. Oh wait I just realized the name of the place is at the top of the postage stamp, written in cyrillic. I am such an idiot haha. Sometimes I forget how to read cyrilic, it's been nearly 4 years since I visited Russia and my memory is failing.
>Lets talk about Russia for a bit, as it is one of my favorite countries. I visited Russia for 1 month in September 2015. I think you can still find some of the photographs I uploaded to facebook, though you will have to google search for an archived or saved version of my facebook page as facebook deleted my profile. I traveled from St. Petersburg through Moscow then around the "golden circle" tourist trail around Moscow. I also have stopped halfway between Moscow and St. Petersburg in a small city with a fort with red walls and a golden monument at the center of the fort, but I cannot remember the name of the city. The Russian people I met were great and once they found I was a tourist and from Australia they became very welcoming. Though the babushkas at the museums still scare me, one of them caught me taking a photo of the artwork and berated me so fiercely in Russian that I can still feel the shame to this very day haha.
>My three favorite places were: 1. St. Peterburg as it is the most beautiful city in Europe, even more so than Porto in Portugal or Prague in Czechia. 2. The view from a church on the hillside of Moscow of the new business district, amazing view, very "cyberpunk" if you understand what I mean. 3. A monastery that was about 3 kilometers walk from a small town, beautiful design and the walk there was very scenic past dachas (village homes), lakes, ponds and farmland. Very idealistic.
>My three favorite Russian songs are "Katysha" the Cossack song "when were at war", there is a great version of this song that went viral, a Russian female solider singing in the classroom, I think you the one. The last song is very different, and a bit crazy, especially the music video. It's name is Toxin by Dirty Ramirez, I think its spelled [Tokceh] in Russian. I hope you are old enough to watch it haha. I wish I could visit Russia again someday, but oh well, life isn't about traveling.
>My political and social views are mainly based on a mix of ideas from Plato's "The Republic", Richard Dawkins idea of the cultural evolution by memetics, Carl G. Jung views on inherited racial conscious and unconscious as well as belief in nature and the natural hierarchy above all.
>My views are most like Sir Oswald Mosley (the historical leader). To understand some of my views on race you should google "haplogroups" and "human inherited instincts and behaviors". This will give you a broad overview. I'm not doing much at the moment, just speaking with lawyers and preparing for my trial. I cannot go into any great detail about regrets or feelings as the guards will confiscate my letter if I do (to use as evidence). But I can tell you I have no concern about my self and I only worry for the Europe's future. I believe there is a great conflict on the horizon and unfortunately there will likely be a great amount of bloodshed. Though that's nothing Russia hasn't survived before, right? Haha - I only hope our people can survive the coming demographic shift.
>I hope this letter finds you well and that you are enjoying Russia and all its beauty.
>Enjoy life, but do not forget about your duty to your people.
>Brenton Tarrant
(30.13 KB 579x354 danger_of_the_invader.png)
Everything about him, from his posts that have been spotted on the internet to records from people who met him and finally his writings, tells me that he is the nicest lad you could meet and a genuine caring human being, but with such higher ideals that normalfags cannot see how much courage it took him to sacrifice his own life in the pursue of those very ideals.
Knowing him in a ZOG jail makes me sad and furious.
I will be crushed when they will decide to get rid of him and release him in prison's general population to be killed by a shitskin.
(36.74 KB 176x217 1567275861979.png)

will they remove this song too?
can I get a quick run down?
(2.14 MB 858x2277 1562540572786.jpg)
Read >>4820

Brenton mentioned that song as one of his favourite russian songs, someone in the comments about that song made a hint about it.
Can someone shop on the phone of the shitskin a still or even a gif of the mosque shooting?
(74.78 KB 429x960 liek-if-u-cry-evr-time.jpg)
The gif would have been top notch.
(957.81 KB 442x1000 tmp.gif)
This is perfect! thanks!
the tarrant thread is proving to be very popular
the tarrant thread is proving to be very popular
(839.15 KB 2500x1873 1568146872637.png)
I think it was made by a French anon recently
(370.35 KB 1791x2222 Brenton_drawing.jpg)
(202.80 KB 1000x563 Steinlager-Born-to-Defy3.jpg)
(179.19 KB 600x1000 steinlager-pure-34238.jpg)
(886.81 KB 2262x1287 steinlager-we-believe-1.jpeg)
Is Steinlager the Adult Beverage of White Supremacy endorsed by Saint Brenton Tarrant himself?
lul, what is this?

Kek, it might be.
(383.40 KB 919x737 shitposter.png)
(1.16 MB 949x1024 portrait 02.png)
plz distribute
(95.03 KB 604x383 beer.jpg)
(496.77 KB 1500x1500 pure.jpg)
(239.68 KB 1096x597 steinlager-we-believe-2.jpeg)
(1.58 MB 923x2214 christchurch orig thead.png)
Wasn't it victoria bitter the holy saint endorsed on his blessed shitpost?
What's going on with the "refugees welcome to hell" text on the rifle?
Motherfucker... As if beholding the holy saint carrying his blessed rifle in front of his own sacred image isn't enough...
Nice to see you here blendernerd.
t. 8chan refugee

VB was in the bruce meme he posted, but Steinlager beer was found in his Dunedin house after the police raided it.
So the Saint was drinking that before his attack. (source here http://archive.is/hodEy )
(85.84 KB 1280x720 bluebird-potato-chips.jpeg)
>Bluebird potato chips
Dont eat these, they make you chimp out and kill muslims. Powerful stuff.
>ready salted

shills sure are.
yesterday they gave their worst on their anti-tarrant efforts on cuckchan.
wouldnt be a great fan of tarrant but when you see shills attacking him you know they are up to something
the event happened about half a year ago yet the shills are out in force
that should tell us all something
The uncensored photo of Brenton doing the OK gesture has still not been published or leaked, even though numerous media outlets must be sitting on it ... feels bad man
The uncensored photo of Brenton doing the OK gesture has still not been published or leaked, even though numerous media outlets must be sitting on it ... feels bad man

Leaking the photographs of nude hollywood roasties is ok, but leaking the ones of Tarrant is verboten.
I wish I knew how to do hacker stuff, lol.
(3.21 MB 2300x1150 tarrant_wp.png)
Here you go. Now go and spread our memes. t blendernerd aka. gimpnerd
This is a good shop, but it's a matter of principle here.
Once they lifted the (already retarded) ban on showing his face, there is no logical reason to keep the "ok hand gesture" picture banned.
They want to deprive us from having materials we can use to meme Saint Brenton into an hero. That's why I've created my 3d model. Saint Brenton is going to be memed into a saint, martyr, and hero, no matter if those bitches like it or not.

It doesn't matter, if the image is real or not. It's good enough to be believable, and that's all that counts.

BTW, do you think the saint would say, that you should only use material of pristine origins, to meme him into a legend? I don't. I think he wants us to use everything we've got.
BTW, I think I've already "made" the original image back on 8ch.

There was an image flying around, which depicted his face, but not his hands, and fitted perfectly over the image with his wp-handsign. I think, that this one was from the original.

I've been looking for my old shop, but it appears I've already deleted it. The thing is: It was a bad image. He didn't look into the camera, and he had a stupid expression on his face. My recent shop is better than the original.

The saint would want you to use what's better.
>into an hero
It's A HERO, unless you don't mean suicide (=an hero)
However I think the Saint would absolutely love every piece of meme that loyal anons produced so far.
(10.34 MB 640x360 ok_sign_long_mp4.mp4)
I remember.
Basically you have to compare the still pictures with the footage of the hearing, and try to pick the still picture that matches with the moment of the hand gesture, trying to pin it as close as possible (the face the guard on the right side does being a good hint to do so).
Thanks for the correction. Of course I meant A HERO.

I feel ashamed for having said such a despicable thing, even if unintentional.
You have to destructure the render a bit by making it match the low fidelity style of the rest of the image otherwise it hits the uncanny value. Good work though.
lol good one m8
(2.91 MB 640x360 bt.webm)
You can see the guard starts looking down at Tarrant's hand at around 0:11, he keeps looking for several seconds, then camera zooms out at 0:31 to catch the hand gesture, finally Tarrant closes his hand at 0:37.
Basically Brenton flashes the sign in the first 30 seconds of his appearance, so the pictures taken in that timeframe are to be considered
You can compare with the uncensored versions of the footage, but these are cut to eliminate the part where the camera zooms out.
May I ask, why you'd prefer a low resolution and low quality image, which is a composite of two images taken in exactly the same split second, over a high resolution and high quality image, which is a composite of two images taken a tenth of a second or so apart?

It's very likely, that Saint Brenton did the gesture in the moment he looked into the camera. Everyone moved around while the footage was taken, and yet the two images lined up almost perfectly, which indicates, that both were taken within a very close timeframe.

Or do you want to have a video of him doing it?

Huh... Having a video of him doing it... I must have a look about masks... And some kind of camera time matching... After both videos are synchronized, one could decompose both into their frames, match the position of those frames as is done while creating HDR images, and then animate a mask, which copies only the parts from the uncensored video onto the censored parts... Those two cops also need to have their traitor-beam, which tracks their head movement, which could be done in blender or a similar 3d software.

>Or do you want to have a video of him doing it?

I want to see both the ORIGINAL video and the pictures of him doing it, the ones the media have.
The suggestions about comparing the two (censored and uncensored version) was just pour parler and out of occasional autism by me watching the two versions.
>Why has no other letter surfaced yet?
They were probably to friends and family.
He sent seven letters: two to his mother, one to Alan in Russia, 4 more to unknown recipients.

"What he can't do is have a platform and stage to spew his vitriol or promote criminal activity."

I wonder if the person who said this even read the letter.
(41.97 KB 404x187 let.jpg)
They did.
They considered the final part of the letter (the fear for a future race war and the final remark) as a "call to arms".
Pozzed media are completely deranged.
(49.77 KB 700x400 1566143521026.jpg)
(143.88 KB 1042x586 quote-from-letter.jpg)
(153.69 KB 1024x640 B.jpg)
Never forget what they took from you.
(2.85 MB 640x360 Instant Racial Hatred.mp4)
(5.06 MB 1280x720 Good Luck Shitposter.mp4)
(3.27 MB 1280x720 Keep New Zealand Beautiful.mp4)
(28.53 KB 654x776 1566530300440.jpg)
Media are so cringe.
I wish 8chan to come back just to see them have another meltdown
>N. T. Technology sent its president, Tom Riedel (@LustRazor), to meet me.

>Riedel confirmed to me 8chan is dead and never coming back. "8chan is a defunct entity."

let's wait watkins to make it official.
never trust a cripple
(428.88 KB 750x638 bq-5c321f4eb2b38.png)
>I couldn't get him to tell me what @CodeMonkeyZ is going to name the new chan, but from our conversation it was clear NTTech wants to keep the QAnon people most.

>Me: "I think your guys' best bet [...] is QChan, a site just for QAnon."
Tom: "I like that idea."
Qcumbers are the worst thing to happen to imageboards.
(184.57 KB 1200x1200 knzb-das-racis4.png)
>muh racis meme
Can we meme KNZB into a White Supremacist Organisation?
The Tarrant thread on 16chan was bumplocked.
Yeah I noticed that too.
This happened as soon as shills showed up there and opening threads about muh optics, muh accelerationism bad! Vote Trump goyim! Coincidence?
Anyway it's awful.
No need to say that if the same shit will start here I will GTFO here as I now did from there.
Tarrant memetic is also verboten on endchan.
This is not good.
16chan is being advertised on cuckchan as a successor to 8chan, this is clearly false advertising. Nanochan has a thread, but it's extremely slow, and the software leaves a lot to be desired.
nanochan being on tor, right? never went there.
julay.world also exist but there is not even a proper /pol/ on there to begin with, neither do the other chans of the so called "Alternate Chan Federation".
Cuckchan gets worst by the day.
nanochan being on tor, right? never went there.
julay.world also exist but there is not even a proper /pol/ on there to begin with, neither do the other chans of the so called "Alternate Chan Federation".
Cuckchan gets worst by the day.
(266.27 KB 528x1405 bt53.png)
(233.38 KB 772x1107 bt54.png)
Keep creating threads on cuckchan, no matter how distasteful it is. We can't let the shills win!
These cute little drawings are such a sight for sore eyes, good thing because it's been a shitty day so far.

The problem with cuckchan is that it's impossible to have a decent general like we used to on 8Chan due to the presence of too many shills and because of how quick the catalog goes; creating too many threads everyday is also not a good idea because it does give the impression of having some sort of concerted shill operation going on, which is not the case of course since none of us is on any kind of similar crusade for shekels.
Depending on the time of posting, every now and then some slightly better thread comes out, but so many others are immediately derailed by the shills and this ruins the experience for the lurkers.
It's a goddamn mess.
see these on GAB everyday and i love them
(6.47 KB 829x93 16ch.png)
What do you guys think?
Also, what the fuck this kind of automated bumplock is even for?
I don't see how not letting threads grow can help the development of a board.
Bumplocking after only 100 replies, seems pointless and annoying to me, I wouldn't want to post on such a board unless they change that. Also lol at the cuck crying about how Tarrant is bad for conservatives
*ahem* that was actually me trying to stir shit up, which kinda worked.
I know I should not cross-reference myself across boards but, well, fuck it.
The bumplock thing is still dumb though.
Such a small bump limit doesn't make sense for a slow board IMO.
Let's say 1000 replies are too much but 100 are definitely too little, they should do something in between.
We've had previous Tarrant thread here that went just fine as it was, and this board is still slow compared to 8chan.
(460.69 KB 1440x1800 carlton-draught.jpg)
I don't get the reference.
(284.77 KB 1381x885 bt55.png)
(284.77 KB 1381x885 1569687552841.png)
The vid is down. Try running it through an aggressive compression on Handbrake to get it under the file size limit here
(143.28 KB 640x853 uk7.jpg)
(165.24 KB 1280x942 uk8.jpg)
Thank you for this

These Ukrainian lads really do love our Brenty boy.
<These Ukrainian lads really do love our Brenty boy.
>These Ukrainian lads really do love holy saint Brenton.
That's what you meant, I hope.
Did you guys know Saint Tarrant's email address? He wrote it himself in this very old forum post


and Sellner received a donation for Generation Identity from that email account.
This is Tarrant's Battlefield account

I was aware of it. Anyway, this kind of research is great. I've tried to find out and save whatever I can about Tarrant and Christchurch ever since March 15, it's become an obsession, you might say.
I know that feel very well.
Unfortunately my research skills are amateur-tier.
A skilled person could probably find more stuff, especially from the email address.
Reading his old forum posts right now, it makes me somehow feel connected to the guy, and surprisingly we might have some things in common.
I'm never gonna shoot up anyone though, but I really wish I was as determined as he is.
Tarrant made this thread only weeks before March 15. He posted the same image to his Facebook and the same link (including the "fbclid" Facebook tracker id part of the URL) on his Twitter.
He really was infuriated by the whole Ebba slaughtering.
One things I'd pay to see is him left alone in room with Ebba's killer.
Are there any pics of John Earnest's mosque grafiti?
(1.33 MB 1530x740 Brenton_ebba.png)
(1.50 MB 1612x1594 Brenton_ebba-2.png)
(1.19 MB 607x4530 Brenton_ebba-posts-1.png)
(1.18 MB 478x9995 Brenton_ebba-posts-2.png)
(17.81 KB 866x279 Brenton_ebba-posts-3.png)
(581.78 KB 500x700 Ebba.gif_1.gif)
Not that I know of. Probably the muds canceled it the day after.

It is the best you can show ?
You can learn our language.
You can probably imitate our way of thought.
But you will never be one of us.
We can smell semitic shilling even through PC monitor.
(34.86 KB 616x635 1569840633158.png)
So do I.
(197.05 KB 960x577 shitposter.jpg)
>32 people out of 51 victims

So, did they ever find out the identity of all the dead muzzies?
How many illegals did he get?
(716.96 KB 1920x1080 1565196298678.jpg)
(138.20 KB 949x503 tarrant tree 2.jpg)
So, I found the source of this pic anon posted in previous thread.
Here's some quotes
>Brenton Tarrant, Brenton "Brento" Harrison Tarrant, born 1990 in Grafton, New South Wales, Australia. His father was Rodney Francis Tarrant 1960 - 2010.
>His mother is Sharon/Sharyn Maree Fitzgerald an English teacher at a local school.
>His paternal grandparents are John Lynch Tarrant 1925-2002 and Joyce May Knox Tarrant b. 1925 94 years old. They were married in 1945. His maternal grandparents are William Frederick Fitzgerald and Maree Nevell Hicks. All of the relatives listed in the tree were born in Australia, Ireland, Scotland and England. They were mainly farmers the generation before Brenton's father.
>As you can see his family is very white.

One aussie cunt on cuckchan tried to spread a rumor that Brenton had jewish female relatives on his maternal side.
If the research made by this investigative reporter is legit, shills trying to sully the Saint's name can fuck off.
From the same website, a page with lots of info about Crusius, the El Paso shooter

(122.67 KB 939x499 tree 3.jpg)
>Brenton Tarrant will appear via videolink from an Auckland jail in a court hearing on Thursday.

>A suppression order over the hearing means the content and argument may not be made public until a decision is made by High Court Justice Cameron Mander.

(33.81 KB 400x388 1160 - VoqKhML.jpg)
My face right now.

>Tarrant, 29, issued a plea of not guilty to his charges

All the previous articles said 28 years old.
So he had his birthday since he's been arrested?
Probably. Does anyone know his birth date? I've seen nothing more exact than "1990". Is it public information in Australia?
>So he had his birthday since he's been arrested?

I guess it is somewhere between beginning of august and end of september.
I wasn't able to find the birth date.
Some media reported 1991, some 1990.
Not even this >>6513 research can provide a birth date.
But if this latest newsreport is correct, we can place the date in a time that goes from march 16 to end of september 1990.
I'm going to check the archive of his facebook just to be sure that the info was not there.
(163.74 KB 2000x2588 nah.jpg)

Nope, nothing on faceberg
(669.52 KB 1920x1080 CHRISTCHURCH.jpg)
(61.98 KB 710x400 hospital1.jpg)
(169.65 KB 1053x591 hospital2.jpg)
(4.47 MB 1280x720 For You Brenton.mp4)
(12.42 MB 1280x720 Holding out for A Tarrant.mp4)
(117.51 KB 963x670 ya2ss221a2q31.jpg)
This appears to have been removed from Steam now after some fag on reddit complained about it.
(114.91 KB 680x680 28-year-old-memer.jpg)
from page 12
>But after visiting the mosques in Christchurch and Linwood and seeing
the desecration of the church that had been converted to a mosque in
Ashburton, my plans changed.

so how did St Tarrant visit the mosques? Did he larp as a mudslime to get in?
(11.09 MB 640x360 DoomTarrant.webm)
It was predictable.
(614.13 KB 689x468 scope.png)
He might have gone there and just took a look from the outside, maibe gathering more informations from the internet.
If we take into consideration how much our boy was into digging useful informations on the internet, it is most likely the case for his research on the mosques too.
I found this on plebbit but I don't know if it's legit.
That doesn't look like his car. I wonder what the original source for that claim was.
this is the source

but frankly it's unreliable, you can see chinese font on the screen, wtf?

>the content and argument may not be made public until a decision is made by High Court Justice Cameron Mander.

I found this
>Justice Cameron Mander has declined media applications to record, film or photograph during the hearing. However, he allowed media to report the hearing of the change of venue application was taking place.
(111.59 KB 1024x706 1558517539706.jpg)
Compare it to this photo, not the same car
So, dailymail is trash, more news at 11.
(323.21 KB 1080x608 20191002_215138.jpg)
I want to liberate him from this prison.
We all do anon.
It's not something that can be done by any random anon unfortunately.
It would take either military trained and heavily armed commando or a situation of extreme chaos (total collapse of New Zealand or violent insurrection of the whole prison).
I don't even think they'll ever transfer him to a different prison, so trying to assault the van where he is transported is probably just as unattainable as a maximum security Prison break.
Feels bad man.
I'm not sure what his plans are but I think St. Brenton is right there he wants to be for now.
The best we could offer is a bloody chase with him being killed in a shootout at the end which begs the question why he didn't go that route in the first place when he had the chance to do.
It's a nice fantasy, but truly unrealistic imo.
Even if you managed to get hired in the maximum security wing, how could one single guard make it through all the security layers without getting killed along with Brenton?
Even if by miracle you succeeded in the prison break, where would you hide? NZ is not such a big place, and it's an island.
For him to be safe and sound you should at least provide a secure hiding place.
As you can see it'd be all extremely difficult, even if you managed to assemble a team of some sort.
As long as Brenton is in solitary confinment he should be relatively fine.
How about digging an underground tunnel into his cell? Then he can be hidden in a vast network of tunnels in the ground. Every now and then, he pops up through a hole in the ground to remove some invaders or traitors before he quickly disappears again.
ahahahahah shut up!
(163.19 KB 629x835 bt56.png)
I don't mean just one guard. I mean a whole team could infiltrate the prison. Some of them could become prisoners too, so that it attracts less attention. Someone who was not part of the prison break could let us hide in his home, or we could just kill an invader or a traitor to live in his home.
God bless Russianbro artist.
I hope Brenton will receive and appreciate your landscapes, if you'll send him some.

Cool to dream of, but still unrealistic.
You know what would be even more cool?
Having the current white guards of the prison rebelling to ZOG and trying to break him out on their own.

Nice. I really like this brenton.
I hope so too.

Thank you.
Sadly you are correct.
The irony in this is that not only they risk their lives for a salary that gets smaller and smaller as years go by (ZOG cutting fundings to the protection of the cattle to fill their own pockets instead), but also that prison guards in particular get assaulted all the times, and we know very well which ethnicities represent a large portion of prison populations.
This is from Paremoremo where Tarrant is held.

Is it morning already in New Zealand?
2 years ago update


>The alleged Christchurch gunman has withdrawn an application to have his trial moved out of Christchurch.
>Tarrant was remanded in custody by Justice Mander until his next appearance on December 12.
Stuff.co added this particular

>The 28-year-old Australian smirked throughout the appearance.


I hope the judges preventing him to be filmed get explosive diarrhea
(1.38 MB 955x5700 TunnelLikeElChapo.png)
(1.82 MB 362x640 frenchguy1.webm)
(1.44 MB 360x640 frenchguy2.webm)
What happened to this french lad?
I haven't seen it. Someone post it please.
(88.02 KB 220x294 french_driveby_shooter.png)
>know one knows what happened to him
Never heard about it, what is this? A copycat in France?
>Tarrant appeared via a video link from the maximum-security prison in Auckland where he is being held.
>During the brief hearing, he smirked, winked and tried to shout something with his hand cupped around his mouth, but by that point the sound on his link had been lowered so what he said was inaudible. When the judge had asked him earlier if he could hear what was being said in the courtroom, he replied "Oh yeah!"


And that's it.
Now we have to wait until december 12 for the next pre-trial court hearing, where they'll probably prevent him from speaking or being seen again.
Fuck those cunts.
(652.61 KB 750x950 brenton-sacrifice.jpg)
>Family, friends and victims of Christchurch's mosque massacre watched on, stunned, as the man accused of slaughtering 51 people unleashed a chilling outburst on Thursday.
>A packed New Zealand courtroom witnessed Brenton Tarrant on a videolink screen shouting angrily into the microphone.
>But whatever the Australian white supremacist's message may have been, it remains a mystery.
>The sound on the videolink screen connecting Tarrant's maximum-security jail cell at Auckland’s Paremoremo prison to the Christchurch courtroom was switched to mute.


>Tarrant, clad in a prison uniform and displayed on a big screen in the court room, tried to catch the attention of the court during the 10-minute hearing.
>As the hearing finished, Tarrant began ranting and shouting into the microphone, but as it was set on mute, his outburst wasn't heard.


Thougts? Does he not have a right to speak during these hearings?
What sort of "justice" is it when an accused (technically he should still be assumed innocent as he has not been sentenced) has to speak through a videolink and is muted when saying anything other than perhaps yes or no, and even then reporters are not allowed to report on it unless the judge gives them permission - all because the government fears people might sympathize with him if allowed to speak?
A farce of a "trial" you'd expect in a Stalinist dictatorship.
If the mute him we must speak for him and actions are louder than words.
That was the case for moving the trial from Christchurch to Auckland.
Since the suspect is staying away from the place where the trial is held, he needs the audiovisual link to be "present" to all the hearings.
How is the trial going to be then? Is he going to be permanently held in Auckland and only allowed to attend to his own trial through a screen and with the audio link turned off everytime he wants to speak?
I wonder why the lawyers withdrew the request to move the trial out of Christchurch.
I still want to know what he was trying to say.
We've never heard a word from him since march.
Except the letter.
I said heard, like in hearing his voice.
we need some anons who are able to read from his lips
Judge did not allow filming either.
It's really interesting, how the kiwi head-of-state-slut first wore a headscarf, and now they're considering the ramadan when setting the date for the trial. All this "Oh, those poor sandniggers might have to travel, if the trial is held somewhere else so it can at least superficially look like a fair trial, oh those poor shitskins". It's fucking disgusting.

And now they don't let the man talk at his own hearing. But fuck it. He already said what must be said, and did, what must be done. It doesn't matter what the cucks do with him from now on. I hope NZ burns down altogether. A country, that treats its heros in such a manner, doesn't deserve to exist.
He is a mass murderer you sick piece of shit.
(143.53 KB 396x382 fuckoff_back_to_reddit.png)
Good thing we don't have IDs here, so no (you) for you.
He did nothing wrong.
Nature is a mass murderer, you piece of shit. Who are we to argue otherwise?
>delicious jew tears
just love it, please come here more often
The shills are going crazy on cuckchan right now.
It's insane. They claim he's a jew because he has curly hair, as if only jews have curly hair. Anyone who argues against the shills is "JIDF". So dumb. I wonder how many of them are MAGA cucks and how many are actually Muslims. The British flags are definitely Muslims, the American flags are probably cuckservatives with paranoid schizophrenia.
>the American flags are probably cuckservatives with paranoid schizophrenia.

I believe they could also be spics. Since they do not want to get the Crusius treatment...
>The British flags are definitely Muslims

I noticed a quantity of british flags being absolutely seething about the kebab removal in NZ.
Some frequent shills are the Brazilian flag (one of which being a complete schizoid who is convinced the mods "groom shooters on 4chan", lèl), a cuckservative Finnish flag, Aussie flags (some of them either ASIO or shitskins) and some New Zealand flags (possibly shitskins).
American flags might very well be Shariablue, glowniggers or assorted COINTELPRO assets.
The Brazilian spammer is a Bolsonaro fan. That's the weird thing, many of these shills rant about Tarrant being a "Zionist" simply because he didn't write enough about the JQ for their taste, or because in their mind only Zionists hate Muslims, while the shills themselves worship the biggest Zionist dick suckers on the planet, such as Bolsonaro, Trump, AfD etc. They make no sense
That's because these shills and disinfo agents are probably very various: we have raging muslims, raging leftists, shitskins mad at "white supremacims", usual kike shills who muddy the waters, glowniggers, cuckservatives/boomers, COINTELPRO that manifacture all the disinfo material that is circulating.
Tarrant kicked a hornets' nest, truly a master irl shitposter.
(74.07 KB 720x540 troy_door_.jpeg)
(376.78 KB 1120x640 troy-dubovskiy_.jpg)
Press F to pay respect
>The acting head of the Islamic Women's Council [of New Zealand] has called out free speech arguments, saying they are only used to defend racism.

Couldn't put a warning about the picture in that article? Jesus.

>mud woman coming from shithole country wants to dictate how western country should manage "free speech"
As if we were not in a dystopian hellhole already.

Sorry anon but you should give some more context for this.
(173.57 KB 852x729 bt57.png)
(29.77 KB 193x226 1560529394501.png)
Really cute!
Thank you
damn, this face scared me.

But she's kinda right. A few years ago, I've been showing isis videos to people who were displaying tolerance towards islam. Showing those people how people were slaughtered like sheep in the name of islam usually fixed their condition. According to the article, I would be jailed for this in NZ. I also can't find those videos anymore, so they're censored as well.

NZ law really is disgusting. It even lets me feel some kind of solidarity towards those jailed sandniggers, which is disgusting by itself. I hope, that saint brenton comes out on top of this. NZ really seems to be a wicked place. Cutting off the speech of heroes, jailing people for sharing videos, adjusting legal procedures to shitskin-traditions, and having the slut-of-state wear a headscarf really makes NZ look quite dystopic.

BTW, is there some central hub where I can find all those saint brenton cliparts? I'd like to have all of them.
Honestly, guys... I want those sandniggers to be shot for being shitskin invaders. But jailing them for sharing videos depicting their sincere beliefs as well as their cultural heritage appears abhorrent to me. And then they even don't let them leave the country, which is the stupidest thing imaginable. I had no idea, that NZ is such an shithole. This country really shouldn't exist at all.
(425.66 KB 2117x1970 gun1.jpg)
(183.76 KB 960x861 gun2.jpg)
Any update on Stephan Ernst, the Aryan Avenger, the Traitor Terminator, the Lion of Kassel, the Kassel Crusader?
No idea.
Any Germanon could update us?
(804.26 KB 800x533 grafton-australia-holy.jpg)
(835.02 KB 800x533 grafton-holy-home.jpg)
are these the famous jacaranda trees?
>Any Germanon could update us?
There's really nothing to hear from him except that his victim was taken out by an right-winger but that's typical for censorship in Germany.
Image the worst kind of press in America on their worst day and you have the standard German news outlet, plus they have the (((law))) and the (((bureaucracy))) on their side. They are literally allowed to lie and to cheat.
Even someone who is slightly right to the hard liberal left that is the political center in Germany is muted, has his words distorted and is erased from memory.
You guys in the states may complain about Fox or Breitbart but they would be outright banned in Germany. That's how bad it is.
So you're not even allowed to search info on your own about a trial that is going on in your country?
(647.11 KB 1193x1314 wasn't_a_random_mosque.png)
(96.87 KB 640x487 rapefugees in nutshell.jpg)
(131.76 KB 888x765 kosher justice.jpg)

This mosque was a terrorist recruitment point. That mean those removed kebabs are not some innocent victims.
And don't forget what these subhumans did to White girls in Europe.

So go fuck yourself, semitic bio-trash.
(59.59 KB 720x450 troy-dubovskiy-3.jpeg)
>Sorry anon but you should give some more context for this.
The first casualty of Saint Tarrant's Accelerationism.
(200.02 KB 1968x1486 bowers_1569153978930.jpg)
(105.56 KB 1018x540 bowers_1569154043250.png)
(382.82 KB 1026x1158 bowers_1569154093843.png)
(804.64 KB 791x1024 bowers_1569154139917.jpg)
(162.50 KB 1028x1416 bowers_1569154171165.jpg)
(48.21 KB 640x895 bowers_young.jpg)
(396.04 KB 2068x465 screw-your-optics.png)

>troy dubovsky

Some Russian ex-Spetsnaz guy, who immigrated from Russia to New Zealand in 1997.
Police accused him of possessing the illegal arms from WW2 period and claiming that he was a "Nazi fanatic, who supported Brenton Tarrant actions".

"Russian supported actions of accused mosque gunman: police"


"Dead Soviet soldier had previous armed standoff; investigation into Christchurch terror links continues"


"Police: Christ-Church man who died after stand-off supported gunman's actions "

what the fuck, this shit sound very suspicious. I believe the police just wanted to get this guy for some reason.

former germanon is right. Nothing new came out. The last thing I've heard is, that he revoked his confession, because it was made under duress, but that was soon after his arrest. That's the usual treatment for rightwingers if they aren't fake or an obvious embaressment.

But I've seen several news reports about the trials of some IQ-70 right wing terrorist, which were storing explosives, aka. firecrackers bought outside germany, probably for taking down the state, and they even had forbidden weapons, aka butterfly knifes. But if you see the report, you think it was a right wing militia ready to take over. You know, preppers are considered basically enemy of the state extremist terrorists in germany, because they want to be ready when SHTF.

The thing about german media is, that they're propaganda outlets. If you're tangential involved in something they report on, you know, that what they present is completely skewed. You can differentiate things that (((they))) consider to be damaging by the complete media blackout, while things (((they))) want you to believe are repeated non-stop.

>So you're not even allowed to search info on your own about a trial that is going on in your country?
I don't think, that that's the case. The authorities simply won't give any info out, and they'll harrass you, if you're tenacious. And the media is either states media, or heavily dependent on the state, so they won't bite the hand which feeds them. And if you have the wrong interests, you might end up on a watchlist.

They nearly catch him, but Troy locked himself in his car and after several hours "commited sucicide".
Yes, i don't believe this shitty official narrative too.
99 % that it was "suicide by police".
This sounds like a bad situation.
In my country (one of German neighbours) lately the left was enforced and helped by massive censorship by kike media tech companies (twatter, faceberg etc) who deplatformed all non conforming profiles and pages, even legit political parties.
This is some 1984 type of shit, I hope they do a class action.

This Mary Cummins has info about Robert Bowers too:


I highly recommend her blog, since she collecting info about most mainstream persons as well.
On the bright side German ZOG is expecting civil unrest and is building a moat/trench around the bundestag.

also the KSK was planning some shit
>In 2018, the German Federal Criminal Police Office uncovered a plot involving unknown KSK soldiers to murder prominent German politicians such as Claudia Roth, Heiko Maas and Joachim Gauck among others, and carry out attacks against immigrants living in Germany.
Well I sure hope for the remaining real non pozzed germans to try to do something for themselves against ZOG at one point.

I agree, some very useful infos can be found (she also made research on Epstein).
I posted a link at her Tarrant research on cuckchan and "muh mossad" shills immediately disappeared and changed subject, kek
(187.94 KB 327x316 kek.png)
> He told law enforcement "they're committing genocide to my people. I just want to kill

also .357 sig is the official jew killing caliber endorsed by Saint Bowers
absolute saint.
the 911 call that Earnest made on himself is also hilarious.
(94.05 KB 963x318 bowers.PNG)
I wonder if there was anything particular in the news at the time that triggered him? Probably relating to HIAS.
(218.50 KB 503x531 (((democracy))).png)
(52.65 KB 592x598 HIAS ADL.jpg)
(65.55 KB 1200x607 Bowers about orange golem.jpg)
>Probably relating to HIAS.

Yes, most likely this one.

Also, judging by his posts, he was aware of /pol/.
And yes, he was also aware of "orange golem" and that all elections is just kosher bread and circus.
(218.58 KB 640x590 Bowers_HIAS.png)
(89.64 KB 571x761 hias_jews_for_refugees.jpg)
(88.95 KB 800x569 hias_jews_for_refugees_2.jpg)
(78.85 KB 760x473 hias_jews_for_refugees_3.jpg)

Forgot to about this one.
In germany we have the amadeo-antonio-foundation, a left-wing thinktank, which was founded by the president of our bundestag/parliament, is being financed by taxpayer money, works together with all larger news outlets, is led by an (ugly) ex-stasi jewess, is instrumental in deciding who is to be censored/attacked for being too right wing, and which is scrubbing the internet for content that has to be censored, and whose publishers need to be brought in front of a court for one of the many kinds of forbidden speech in germany. Oh, they're also providing financial and administrative support for "initiatives" before elections. They're also supporting "initiatives" and "youth cultures" which are "supporting" "civil society" in the wake of electoral victories of "far right parties". BTW, there are no "far right parties" in germany, because being far right is forbidden by the grundgesetz/constitution. Should you ever want to be treated like the worst kind of criminal there is, you just have to be far right and own firearms. They'll give you the tarrant treatment for even the slightest reason. The police, I mean.

The KSK planned nothing. That story is a diversion of a guy named "Franco A.". Said dude is a hero and mastertroll, which, while being a totally aryan KSK lieutenant, posed as a syrian asylum seeker, and got his asylum request granted. That was during a time when the (((government))) said, that everything is safe and sound, and there's no threat coming from those poor syrian refugees, which were mostly female doctors and engineers, who have their background story vetted in every detail. Having a german soldier-troll succesfully posing as a syrian refugee, without even speaking arabic, ridiculed the german government. Soon afterwards they came up with the "Day X plot", which is being presented as a large terror plot to be executed by franko a. and his friends. But it isn't about terrorists. It's about a prepping group with a few ex-military members do what preppers do. The whole story is a diversion from the other story, which made the german state look extremely deceitful and ridiculous.

Here's the wikipedia entry regarding the KSK-terrorists, aka. preppers:

And here's an article about our mastertroll:

Those articles from the time before they came up with the Day-X-plot seem to be memoryholed. I couldn't find them. But let me assure you, that his trollery was very well received by the sane part of the german public, especially because everything questionable he has done pointed towards a collector of some WW2 memorabilia, and nothing else, which, btw, is the reason why the (((state))) has raided many/most army barracks soon afterwards. They were looking for "forbidden items", aka. Wehrmacht-Uniforms and fotos, and found a few helmets with a swastika. And it's really 1984-esque, if you're looking for media articles you know were there, because everyone has seen them and talked about them, and which aren't there anymore. What's there now is a completely different story, which "always has been the truth". Like "We always were at war with eurasia".
This is probably why anti-Tarrant shills are usually strangely quiet about Bowers (and Earnest).
thanks for the update

Going back to Tarrant, a kiwi lad posted this on cuckchan, I link it here because it might be a useful quick legal guide while following his trial.

(76.94 KB 764x687 Bowers was aware of pol 2.jpg)

Kek, found this one in my folder about him.
All the people getting mad about the OK being seecrit wp signal. All the other people laughing at the stupidity of that idea and memeing it into reality. All I could think about was he was able to get thousands of people to ball gaze.
The battle on cuckchan seems almost lost. Recently Tarrant threads are completely dominated by shills. It wasn't nearly that bad in the months following March 15.
It's been like this for months.
Personally I prefer to keep an eye on cuckchan because at least some lurkers can be educated on their lies, but I have no hope for that place.
It would be unironically better for everyone if it was shut down (but they never will because cuckchan is the actual honeypot, not 8chan).
At least Czechbro is still fighting there. That man has endless patience, bless him.
>nice hitler dubs
god bless that guy, i don't know how can he endure those retards.


I can't find it for some reason, try and check the previous tarrant thread if it's still in the catalog, someone could have dropped a link in there
Lmao I was frequent tarrant poster since the start but not so much today but still check out the threads. He lured 8ch but i doubt he would here but he said it himself he likes to fuck with the shills on the threads kek. Its pretty crazy how they are trying to twist the narrative since the start
he makes the shills so furious that they made memes just for him, kek.
what a mad man. I wish he stays safe and never get doxxed, there are some crazy motherfuckers around.
(27.80 KB 600x450 1567809720152.jpg)
I highly doubt he will get doxxed, even tho sometimes I saw him on 8ch only by spotting his frequently used words and typing, he hasn't leaked any info besides his flag lol, and he is very careful what he says there. Absolute legend
Did Brenton actually had some hearing protection during his attack? Never read that he had any hearing issues since 03/15 but the shotgun shooting in his car must have hurt his ears.
I never read anything about it.
We know about the helmet, is anything else visible?

I wonder if there around pictures of Brenton at the gym he worked in Grafton.
(165.24 KB 1280x942 1569690849676.jpg)
I think it was fashbro or someone else who dumped some old ones of him but I dont think i saw the one youre looking for. However apparently his trainer/diet guy instructor said to the media that he had based diet, ate alot of broccoli and didnt buy or eat food from plastic packages from stores. Usually meat and self grown food in garden
Dind't Rodney Tarrant partecipate in Iron man Triatlon and other similar competitions?
Is there a source with infos about the partecipants including their height?
If we could find this info we could finally find out Brenton's actual height - since in this picture he seems to be as tall as his father.

I remember fashbro dumping the pictures from his sister's myspace, but there were no gym photos in there.
I have no clue about the iron man part
I am quoting Rodney Tarrant's obituary 8cource here >>6513 )

>After six months of training between two and three hours per day either cycling or running, Rodney entered his first competitive event, the 1987 North Coast Half Marathon.
>He finished 40th overall, which inspired a 13-year competitive career which saw him complete 75 triathlons, including the gruelling Foster Iron man Triathalon where he finished 39th overall and 13th in the over-30 years class. …"
>PUBLICATION: Daily Examiner (Grafton, Australia)
>PUBLICATION DATE: August 21, 2010
I love the words like "weak" or manlet said to him, like dude this guy was a beast holy shit lol, he gave so much physical and mental effort to get those shitskins and push his manifesto which spread very good and easily. And look how ((they)) are scared of him, nz gov blocking all letters from and to him in prison, muting his microphone on purpose in a court room (most recent case apparently), and being scared shittless because they know he is right and would only encourage more if he said something into the mic. Heil tarrant
To be honest the first time I saw his fucking forearms in the very first pictures from the court I was absolutely amazed.
Dude looked impressive as fuck to me, bulky and large.
Now he is short, yes, but we could at least try to estabilish a more or less credible height measure.
(130.88 KB 1121x798 topkekcomments.png)
Another + that happened along with spreading of the manifesto was obviously the memes, but the reaction of normies and fellow zoomers. Like if you search any of his songs from his playlist on youtube, comments are pretty redpilled on the thing. And people in Czechia replied well too
(758.37 KB 1228x651 basedczechppl.png)
(130.88 KB 1121x798 topkekcomments.png)
(498.13 KB 540x720 1553087999838.png)
One of the shills claims he operates out of a submarine in the Prague sewers.
The leaf on cuckchan, who likes to rant about "muh black nobility" and "muh usury" in every Tarrant thread, claims that there is a secret Mossad base in the Prague sewers, from which Czechbro is promoting accelerationism on anime imageboards for nefarious purposes.
>Foster Iron man Triathalon
Did Rodney Tarrant partecipate in the 1991 edition? I found this

I am not autist enough to spot him.
I'll search if some old records are online.
If people say that faggot leaf flag isn't a shill, or the "not french not jewish" on any holocaust meme/didnt happen thread arent paid shills you must be mentally ill. These guys can be 6+ hours on the thread replying, delirious retards
Ok in this old document I found Rodney Tarrant's ranking, page 9 (page 11 of the pdf)


So it's the 1991 edition confirmed.
Picture related was taken during that event, Brenton was one years old, so he is born in 1990 confirmed.


Nothing about height or weight of the athlets though.
(100.97 KB 497x663 brave powerful stunning.jpg)
OMG this thread
The moment of arrest

>"These two guys pull this guy out but at the same time he was yelling, 'I've got a bomb' and shooting at the same time

>The Australian reports accused terrorist Brenton Tarrant repeatedly asked police “How many did I kill” and “How many did I get?”, or questions to that effect, after his dramatic arrest in relation to the massacre.

>Tarrant kept saying he was ‘a soldier’. He was telling officers he was innocent and saying he was just a soldier in a war. He also said the attacks were a tactical necessity. [...] After his arrest he made repeated references to Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik, who killed 77 and injured 319 in 2011. The source claimed far-right maniac [sic] Breivik appeared to be Tarrant’s “hero”, adding: “He said he was innocent like him.”
She's too ugly to rape.
About half way through so mosque video appear as the video implies that mosque has anything to do with Tarrant. That's from like 2005 in Egypt or something.
This is also a great picture. I like the portrayal of the last "hearing"
Thank you artistanon, since we will not be allowed to see much of the trial at least we have talented people like you picturing the Saint for us.
(86.16 KB 750x1000 paul.jpg)
what is this?

Paul Nehlen (a republican who names the jew) wearing a T-Shirt with a picture of John Earnest. He also has a T-Shirt with Robert Bowers as a motive.

thank you for the info
Thank you.

And thank you too.
I'll draw more.

Does anybody know how to bypass the paywall here? I am curious to read what they came up with.

I already tried those suggestions, nothing worked.
I am not good at playing with the developers tools to be honest.
(229.20 KB 1176x1280 ukr12.jpg)
(245.53 KB 1280x1280 ukr13.jpg)
Worked for me - in any case, there's nothing interesting or new in the article, it blames the attack on him being short and not having a girlfriend. Convenient, that way he doesn't have to address his political ideas (which can hardly be refuted). One could also make the point that our deranged society is producing increasing numbers of men with nothing to live for, but the author doesn't do that either since he wants to put all blame on Tarrant and none on the establishment.
(108.66 KB 1000x1000 pol tarrant.png)
Sucks how the anti-Tarrant shills have ruined 4chan. To think we used to shit post with him in the Ebba threads, Bataclan threads, trucks of peace threads, etc back in the day.
Manshaus was in court again today, made a salute.
(38.08 KB 800x533 1568028300690.jpg)
What a mad man.
Do you think jail will break him or toughen himm, considering that it will a norwegian prison?

True. But there have been several Tarrant threads this weekend at least.
It's a shame we'll never have a way to scope any Tarrant post on 8chan. At least with archives and flags cuckchan can still be searched.
I think we might find some Tarrant posts in Luca Traini threads too?
(74.38 KB 640x782 calibers.jpg)
Scandinavian prisons may appear comfy but prison authorities and guards still have their ways to harass you. Just look at Breivik. The worst problem such prisoners have is being kept highly isolated for years. Normally that's considered inhumane treatment of prisoners. (But I guess humane treatment of prisoners was meant for black or brown rapists and murderers, not for pro-white freedom fighters.) Breivik is barely even allowed to send letters anymore, as the prison argues letter correspondence could lead to people being radicalized, even without any calls for violence. For that reason Breivik has been trying to rebrand himself as a peaceful political activist, a white "Mandela". But so far, without any luck.
Seconding the request
(1.95 MB 1266x7151 pseudocommando.png)
How Telegram Became White Nationalists' Go-To Messaging Platform

>Ninety-four of the 150 far-right Telegram channels examined by VICE News were created in the first eight months of 2019. But there’s a spike following the March 15 attacks in Christchurch, which killed 51. In the month following at least 22 new channels cropped up in — more than VICE News counted for the entirety of 2017.

>VICE News identified 19 of the 150 channels surveyed as “accelerationist” — and 17 of those channels were created after the Christchurch attacks.

>The far-right presence on Telegram has remained high since spiking in March after the Christchurch mosque attacks: 82 of the 150 channels in VICE News’ dataset were created between then and now.
Can't believe people become more radical and violent when you take away from them all realistic possibilities of peaceful change
See the problem is, our survival - both as a race and as individuals - was never an option for these people.
They just hoped nobody would have ever noticed and kept living a bamboozled life, never rebelling in any way.
Tarrant was a big shock as they thought someone in the wake of Breivik would have never come.
These kikes played their games all this time but it will some Day end
yeah, this
these fucking traitors piss down our backs and say it rains
and when someone like the saint unleashes his righteous wrath on them all they can say is: incel?! What pathetic clowns
(277.24 KB 1045x1109 bt59.png)
I love it
(606.13 KB 2500x1667 1570487665039.jpg)
What about a Brenton doing a roman salute?
(21.98 KB 1000x500 cucks.png)
damn it Australia that was some irresponsible banter
(374.12 KB 1377x1578 earnest.jpg)
(174.77 KB 1920x1080 1570329089712.jpg)
He wrote that he is not a national socialist but a fascist.
Did Mosley make roman salute?
first off, checked and heiled

>Were/are you a neo-nazi?
>That is a very broad category of people, and the definition is fuzzy at best. So no, I don’t believe so.

>Were/are you a fascist?
>Yes. For once, the person that will be called a fascist, is an actual fascist.
>I am sure the journalists will love that.
>I mostly agree with Sir Oswald Mosley’s views and consider myself an Eco-fascist by nature.
>The nation with the closest political and social values to my own is the People’s Republic of China.

He seems pretty natsoc to me, though
He uploaded these pics to his Facebook. But it may be that he prefers the label ecofascist.
(37.08 KB 590x350 Oswald-Mosley-2072376.jpg)
(27.03 KB 420x302 Salute.jpg)
Beautiful pictures.

True. but I believe he will not be doing roman salutes in court like Breivik.
I might be wrong, but it's just my own sensation.
(559.98 KB 549x584 fb_1.PNG)
(197.18 KB 1200x1200 gang.jpg)
Download links for those who need the original stream download of NZ shooting without any processing, should provide best quality available so far and full audio.
bsckol.mp4 - Size: 71717944 bytes (68 MiB) - SHA256: BFF3449B9A48714FED41BEF26F2B4F07DCEB1C85FE3910098F0B432F680C5142
Further info:
- Facebook video page was: https://www.facebook.com/brenton.tarrant.9/videos/2350426065176752/
- Facebook internal stream filename was: 10000000_776384872734713_506695528340258816_n.mp4
- GoPro name: 'Streamed from my GoPro with https -_live4.io_v #LIVE4gopro-2350426065176752.mp4'
- filename 'bsckol.mp4' comes from a file hosting site, uploaded shortly after the event, one of the most known uploads
- videos without full audio are from another stream download, which is missing sound from 3:09-3:37 (28s), video is the same
- bigger files are nothing but various re-encodes from YouTube etc. with worse quality or missing audio
Memetic Warfare Thread XVI

Memetic Warfare Thread XV

Memetic Warfare Thread XIV

Memetic Warfare Thread XIII

Memetic Warfare Thread XII

Memetic Warfare Thread XI

Memetic Warfare Thread X

Memetic Warfare Thread IX

Memetic Warfare Thread VIII

Memetic Warfare Thread VII

Memetic Warfare Thread VI

Memetic Warfare Thread V

Memetic Warfare Thread IV

Memetic Warfare Thread III

Memetic Warfare Thread II

Memetic Warfare Thread I
(97.11 KB 1038x616 1566691779022.png)
>the memetic warfare threads

right in the feels, anon
I wanted to suggest him drawing a cartoon Brenton with a roman salute. I thought this could look great.

I wonder what our drawfag thinks about this suggestion.
Let's see if he shows up.
My personal opinion is that these cartoons should keep their cuteness, I think they have a huge potential to circulate even among normies because of this.
So unless we won't see the Saint do the salute irl there is no need to depict him like that.
Well, I agree with this anon >>7218
But if you want, I can draw it.
I can see your point. Probably better to refrain from that until he does it himself in court. Maybe a cartoon brenton doing the OK sign with a smug smirk is more fitting.
(8.69 MB 854x480 EbbaEnglish.webm)
(8.54 MB 896x504 Ebba_guitar.webm)
(14.69 MB 1280x720 Ebba_guitar2.mp4)
(9.00 MB 1280x720 Ebba_pingis.mp4)
(29.15 KB 578x231 1570598493551.png)
So apparently 8chan is going to reopen soon.
Do you think our memetic warfare will be allowed?
If not, I believe we can safely say that new 8chan has been 100% compromised.
In this case I will definitely say goodbye to 8ch and stay here.
Anons who agree on this but don't know about Nein should be made aware of this.
Damn, seeing this adorable little girl makes me sick and I understand brother Brenton 110 percent.
Don't get Ebba's pathetic weakling father. If it was my daughter I'd slaughter those responsible and their enablers in society and bureaucracy until they put a bullet in my head.
Watching Brenton gun down the muzzies with his guns and "for Ebba Akerlund" written on them was cathartic as fuck.
I hope Ebba's parents are just trying to keep opsec and inside of them approve of him instead.
Too bad Brenton didn't manage to do his thing in Sweden, that would have made it perfect.
>Do you think our memetic warfare will be allowed?
There'd be literally no point of coming back if it wasn't. But we'll know it only when the site's online. If Tor-posting is possible without JS which frankly should be the normal thing to do I think we're good.
If not, well, we have the bunkers to always fall back to, now.
>There'd be literally no point of coming back if it wasn't.
My thought exactly.
I will still stick around this place as I find it to be the best post-8chan alternative among several others.
Cuckchan is too much of a mess, other than keeping an eye on it I don't see nothing of value to be done there; having meaningful posting on there is impossible.
(29.49 KB 704x506 brenton-heart-sticker.jpeg)
(57.67 KB 704x506 brenton-heart-sticker.png)
(164.59 KB 756x1310 bt18.png)
Very nice.
I'll leave this here because I remember a thread with similar reasoning on 8chan before they shut it down.
I think it's very meaningful and useful to define what the future white resistance will be about when we will be officially a minority in our countries and hunted down because of it.

Some quotes
>In Brenton Tarrant’s manifesto, he acknowledges that the act was technically terrorism, by the accepted definition of the term. But he argues that he is actually a partisan, fighting back against an occupying force.
>Obviously, there are a lot of different reasons they would not want to allow him to have a public platform at a normal trial. Certainly, they don’t want him to appear sympathetic to anyone, which would be impossible to avoid. We have all seen the comments sections and Facebook posts wherein very normal people are saying “I don’t agree, but I understand.”
>In fact, they have been unable to get any kind of public outpouring of support for the dead. Although I think most people find the action itself distasteful, there have simply been so many of these random attacks on white people that when the reverse happens, the best you can get people to do is shrug.
>They certainly do not want the meme of “partisan not terrorist” out there. This provides a rhetorical device for people who fundamentally understand and sympathize with Tarrant’s actions but do not currently have the language to express this beyond “all he did was what they do to us all the time.”
(107.13 KB 1024x576 Limburg.jpeg)
Another truck of peace in Limburg, Germany.
Free Stephan Ernst when?
(200.85 KB 934x970 bt60.png)
(168.20 KB 712x940 bt61.png)
(72.68 KB 954x216 sticker-raifu.png)
I'm going to keep posting my Tarrant memes here, 8chan didn't allow image posting through TOR although you could sneak them through the clearnet if you were persistent.
those fucking comments are great
Love them, every single one of them

shooter white or sandnig? is he still on the loose?
>shooter white or sandnig? is he still on the loose?
One person has been detained (not sure if related) but it's supposed to be at least two shooters.
In any case no description has been given and knowing Germany there won't anytime soon if perpetrator is a muzzie.
Only clue so far is them wearing tac gear and supposedly having fired at a shitskin diner or something like that.
One of them, not recognizable but seems to wear gopro on helmet.
from the retards at cuckchan
picture shows he's white
by appearance clearly based and red-pilled
Aaaaaah I wish someone one day could actually manage to do what Saint Tarrant did, in terms of livestream and high score.
He is definitely a living legend by now for what he accomplished.
(4.50 MB 848x464 IMG_1299.MP4)
Thank you, fren
Based, he looks great.
A shame there was no high score.
pretty based for someone using just a homemade shotgun and blackpower ammo

Sieg Heil
is this legit? how do I download it?
it's legit (22min), but I'm waiting for someone to upload it somewhere safe either
have a look at the cuckchan thread above, should be there soon
so I can't download it from twitch?
(262.01 KB 392x524 Screenshot (207).png)
Is that helmet what I think it is?
Ok I watched the whole thing and it is really bad.
Considering the amount of stuff (pipe bombs?) he had in his car he could have tried to just bomb that sinagogue, but he didn't manage to open the entrance and shot a couple of literal bystanders instead (not even invaders as far as it seems to me).
Unlike tarrant he did not use proper rifles but some sort of homemade stuff, don't know what that is but it's not efficient at all.
So he basically goes around the town because whatever his plan was (if he even had one) didn't work and he ended up going around the city shooting randomly and cursing in german.
This is another improvised and basically failed attempt at going full Tarrant. Only the livestream worked.
The only one who gained a decent high score up until now was Patric "taco remover" Crusius with a proper gun.
>"No one expects the Internet SS"
lol, meme potential

looks like US helmet, they even call it the fritz

come on, cut that guy some slack, getting real guns is verboten for most in Germany
his planning is a different matter, though at least he did something
I am not shitting on the guy for trying, but it's Earnest and Manshaus all over again.
An attempt, but no high score acquired.
>getting real guns is verboten for most in Germany
Not really. You have to go some tests and getting a licence. Germany also has quite a number of sport marksmanship clubs. However a semi-auto gun like Tarrant may be very difficult to obtain.

>his planning is a different matter, though at least he did something
Yes. Breivik and Tarrant invested a lot of time preparing. Perhaps many people don't have that motivation. Breivik dealt with that problem in doing a motivation ritual every day.
>it's Earnest and Manshaus all over again.
no argument here but looking at war statistics most soldiers don't kill a single enemy in years
only some can achieve greatness but I admire his sacrifice as his ingenuity. making your owns weapons and stuff is pretty neat
>I admire his sacrifice as his ingenuity. making your owns weapons and stuff is pretty neat

Yes I agree on this.
I wouldn't be able to do any of that stuff, so it's a shame it didn't go into fruition considering the amount of time the guy spent building them.
>Not really. You have to go some tests and getting a licence
this is technically true but you'll be vetted additionally by the police. Some states are more restrictive than others but looking at that dude I doubt he would've gotten a license anywhere in Germany.
It's worth noting that both Manshaus and this guy were cucked by a locked door.
But this German guy had a car full of bombs.
Also I'd like to add the he was free to go around for half an hour where he could have done basically everything he wanted.
Is police so bad in Germany?
>https:// en. wikipedia.org/wiki/Snap_gun
A useful thing for getting around that issue
(367.08 KB 640x352 kebab removed.mp4)
But this guy didn't look like a kebab to me.
(3.48 MB 1280x720 synagogugermananon.mp4)
I respect the guy for trying to go tarrant mode but he was very unprepared, the doors to the synagogue were locked apparently and then he shot some random people it seems and ultimately failed. He did try to attack synagogue, yet shills will still call for sloppy job mossad like with brenton
(43.50 KB 1278x218 1570644788983.png)
He uploaded this, link is from pic related: anonfile.com/I089Ya79n1/full_upload_7z
Media's reporting there were at least 80 people in the synagoge. If he was more prepared, he could have beaten Tarrant
>If he was more prepared, he could have beaten Tarrant
Even so, the media's kvetching just the same.
The next disciple uses a flamethrower. Easy to build, reliable and effective
Not with guns like that.
inb4 trojan
i heard some anon saying it was closed and jews were at home that day?
Not true, there were dozens of jews in there celebrating Yom Kippur.
do they lock the synagogue doors when they are praying? Or did the anon pick just locked door and others were opened?
Dude's hilarious.

>Thank you for all the good time anon.
>Link to the live-stream: https://www.twitch.tv/spilljuice
>There is one person I want to thank especially. That’s Mark, former BO of 8ch /v/ and owner of vch.moe. His gracious donation of 0,1 bitcoin helped me a lot. He should be really pissed right now, of course. I wanted to kill only mudslimes and promised, I wouldn’t name him. You know what?
>Fuck you, you filthy jew.
>If this person even exist in RL. He could be a CIAnigger trying to radicalize and set up people online,
for all that I know. I mean, why would a fucking jew give away money for free?
Many synagogues have lots of security. The doors were locked, they don't let just about anyone in there because they are well aware of how many people despise them
Didnt Merkele say "synagogues in Germany will be guarded by police at all costs" at one point?
Good goy, don't watch it
Just watched some of it. He couldn't enter the synagoge so he just started shooting random white people. Wtf? He clearly didn't want to do any good, he just wanted an excuse to kill. Totally pathetic.
Yeah the guy didnt expect the doors to be locked, and lets be honest who the fuck would think 100% straight during such adrenaline and stress, not saying he shot that random girl was right but I dont doubt him, some of us would do stupid shit under such shock>>7336
Sure, but he still shot a random person. "Shock" is not an excuse. He surely still knew what he was doing
>He surely still knew what he was doing
Pretty sure, yes, but in a situation like this under extreme stress your thinking is extremely focused. Add to this that his plan was just falling apart and then she literally walked into his narrow tunnel, even spoke to him. I don't blame her, but it was really bad luck caused by a lack of mental preparation by him
If he managed to bomb the inside of the synagogue while shooting at the people fleeing out of the door he could have made great damage.
from some screenshots I read of his "manifesto" his plan was poorly made.
(154.61 KB 1083x674 1570663012846.png)
Today I'm not ashamed for being german.

Thanks anon.
People on half-chan are hating on him. But it's mainly leftists and memeflags.
And to anyone who says the hambeast was white. She might have been, but she was not anymore. Fatty leftist she was.
I'll take that back. That was embarassing. He didn't even make a soundtrack.
>A hand grenade was also thrown into the Jewish cemetery.
>over 6,000,000 dead
He didn't build it right, I bet you the inside was not as smoothed out as it should be, and either the feed ramp or magazine was a issue.
The german wannabe Tarrant shooting a random passerby because he did not manage to break into a synagogue.
Things we learned ...

1. fail at literally everything, if your action is remotely kike-related the media will do your job for you; real results aren't even necessary anymore for a full-blown media freak-out (future attackers take note, the media will make a 7/10 out of your 1/10)

2. (((German))) politicians are out of their mind even more as previously assumed, actually thinking there's not enough pressure on the right in comparison to leftards when in fact antifa terror groups can literally roam the streets with impunity; extinction rebellion, anyone? lol

3. civnats, no matter how cucked & hardcore zionist, will always get all the blame immediately, no exceptions

4. the green/left/oh so liberal MSM presstitutes have no idea how the internet functions, unironically already asking for stalinist dictatorship tier controls which will still not work hahaha

5. so called internet extremism read: normal opinion research sites get their entire knowledge from reading posts on image boards

6. other than thought by looking at previous reporting on mudslim terror attacks the MSM is actually well able to report immediately without any concern for facts

7. Opposite to that fail guy said improvised weapons work much better than thought

8. anybody not hard left is considered a threat now and not supposed to have any rights any longer; new draconian laws in 3 2 1 .....

9. disabling 8chan did nothing, except spreading the cancer lol

tl;dr reading clownworld news left is right now, blue is green and shit tastes like ice cream -> accelerationism works
I've heard the german failanon wrote a manifesto. Where is it? Maybe he had something interesting to say, despite of his triple facepalm.
It's on kiwifarms.
I downloaded it but not read yet. Can I upload pdfs here?
meanwhile, here's the updated list.
Wait a sec, there was an error on the Crusius bodycount, here's the correct version.
(2.02 MB 2448x3264 the face of a neet.jpg)
You're right. We and Stephan Balliet himself may view it as a failure in every way, but judging from the reaction of German media and politicians, they don't see it like that. It clearly gave them quite a scare. If only he had gotten into the synagogue instead...
Shouldn't the germanon get his own thread?

And: Do I make a 3d model of him? If so, is there enough image material of him?
I feel little bit bad for the dude but sadly failed miserably. I think the first problem was the choose of weapons, not sure how hard it is to get gun card in Germany or maybe he didnt want it or had low money for the card and weapon. Some sources say the synagogue just had locked doors, some say it was closed, he had some homemade pipe bombs but didnt use them. He failed miserably in the moments of stress and andrenaline, but his intentions were good.>>7368
From what I've read it's a real hassle and quite expensive to acquire guns in Germany and then the police can probably confiscate them if you're a dissident. And that's only about ordinary pistols and rifles. Tarrant's arsenal would be out of the question.
I don't feel bad for him. He shot random pedestrians and also shot after the police. His intentions might've been good before the attack, but after he couldn't enter the Synagoge, he shot randoms. He's not a freedom fighter like Tarrant who did it without killing any cops and only killing muslims. This guy is just a straight up murderer.
Cops are ZOG mercenaries. Without them the whole racial replacement problem could be solved in a week by men taking matters into their own hands. Police are arresting pro-whites for "hate speech" and "incitement" right now as we speak, not to mention protecting anti-white politicians and kikes... Shooting at randoms however is harder to justify.
>This guy is just a straight up murderer.
Migration is straight up murderer. Let's be real here, if our sellout politicians wouldn't destroy us none of this would've happened.

But now a war has been forced upon us, on ordinary men who are not prepared but still must answer the call of their blood. It's only natural that mistakes happen. It doesn't change the fact that our cause is just and action a necessity. Fuck your optics, it's do or die
I see your point, but the guy clearly had a poor planning and weapons not suitable for such a type of action.
Also you can clearly see from the footage that he shoots those randoms out of spite because he didn't manage to enter the synagogue.
He should have sticked to the bombs and see if he managed to shoot the kikes coming out of the door fleeing.
This said, I see no need to make a 3d model of him, and we can keep discussing this guy in his own thread.
Back to Saint Tarrant!
You are right, it turned out to be a German guy named Kevin. What a disaster
horrible name, sounds like Kebap (coincidence?). Speaking of which, real Germans don't eat Kebap supporting shitskin economy.
Also proved himself worthless of his ancestors blood by simply sitting there and crying like a baby instead to man up and fight.
Relatives have to live now with the eternal shame (on film!) that he was killed by a total failure at life. Sad.
(16.71 MB 1280x720 Oct 10.mp4)
Patrick Crusius in court today, plead "not guilty".
Please post it in Crusius thread.
>Jacob Aasland Ravndal, with C-REX [Center for Research on Extremism at the University of Oslo], says that Christchurch triggered a copycat process "unlike anything we have seen before."
>"unlike anything we have seen before."
you have only seen the beginning Jacob
(984.63 KB 1216x1216 the fire rises.jpg)
The fire rises.
(14.67 MB 1280x720 Christchurch_Coach_Red-Pill.mp4)
We're finished with the post 9/11 World. We have entered the post Christchurch World.
How can you support such a monster who murdered innocent people? How sick and heartless do you have to be? Seriously, seek some help. You clearly have no sense of empathy.
This is really good, saw in before but I never save it because it has the incorrect pictures of the ukrainian guy at the beginning and not real Tarrant's pictures.
Who's the bearded guy anyway?

Terorism is part and parcel living in the west.
Talking about it is not being "monsters".
The people who pushed for white genocide are the monsters, wake up now or stay silent until you are dead.
(346.40 KB 1500x1038 1563962977939.jpg)
the bearded guy sounds redpilled but smartly doesn't name them in those talking points. Brenton did good with not going full 14/88 or being natsoc sympathiser in his manifesto, he played his cards really well and introduced milions to his manifesto and white genocide. More fill follow, even better if they hid their 14/88 power levels too, bc that would only bring even worse rep to hitler and media and normies would ignore such cases of nazis shooting up shit. But if its a regular white male with none of those things, and writes about invaders from middle east then people might listen.>>7426
I agree.
Despite the shills screeching otherwise, Tarrant also chose an optimal target, as even moderate normies despise the barbarian muslims and their backward religion and are just afraid to voice it publicly.
Look what happened with the synagogue instead, everyone condemned the "neonazi" for his intentions and the guy didn't kill any actual jew either.
Kikes own the media, of course they would raise the volume of their screeching when directly targeted.
The shills were working on overtime few months after it happened, its fun seeing them at work. Some say "poor muslim civilians" and others thought it was cgi or pre-planted mags and shit on the ground but they were many times debunked, the czechbro on the threads usually gets them in the arguments. I think alot of ppl are redpilled about muslim attacks in EU but they probably wont say it on camera to keep their reputation safe yknow. The normies took it suprisingly well and every song from brenton's playlist on youtube is filled with the meme comments as such "when muslims build a mosque in your hometown". And the screeching of media, blurring his face, muting his mic on purpose during a court is just another confirmation how scared they are of a semi-trained amateur (he wasn't a soldier) and some guns with preplanning can do.
(758.37 KB 1228x651 basedczechppl.png)
God bless czechbros and everyone who has the patience to endure all those dumbass shills on cuckchan.
That place is cursed.
I became redpilled about many things on there, but I feel like 8ch and even neinchan are better in terms of privacy and infestation of intelligence agencies, and u can have a good chat with ppl here
(109.50 KB 607x608 1566748287453.jpg)
Yes, definitely.
I used to browse cuckchan mainly, but after I started to go on 8chan regularly I could not stand cuckchan's infestation with shills and plebbitors as I used to do before.
I hope shills never find this place.
News about the German, Stephan Balliet.

He told investigators and his lawyer that after his plan to storm the synagogue failed, he was overwhelmed and his plan went off the rails. He said "I killed people that I did not want to hit" and regrets this.

>Nachdem Balliets Plan, in eine Synagoge in Halle (Saale) einzudringen, gescheitert war, sei er nach eigenen Worten "überfordert" gewesen und sein Plan sei "aus dem Ruder gelaufen", erklärte sein Anwalt. [...] Nach Angaben seines Verteidigers erklärte Balliet gegenüber dem Ermittlungsrichter des Bundesgerichtshofs: "Ich habe Menschen getötet, die ich nicht treffen wollte." Nach den Worten seines Anwalts bedauere er dies und hoffe, dass die schwerverletzten Personen, die er bei seiner Flucht angeschossen hatte, überleben werden.


I feel bad for him that while he had good intentions seemingly every single thing that could go wrong did go wrong.
I feel the same, he was just a guy who highly overestimate his improvisation skills in action, he probably effused all his efforts in the homemade arsenal and neglected the rest, with the results we all saw because he somehow managed to make a video.
Anyway guys, post updates in the proper thread next time - there is one thread for this german dude and one for Crusius in the catalog.
(314.30 KB 1118x1400 1566657695570.png)
According to all the reports so far, while staying in Dunedin Tarrant went to the gym, went to the Bruce Rifle Club, still made some trips abroad, occasionally went home to see his family, never drew attention on himself, neighbours didn't even hear noise coming from his apartment.
So we can presume he was fully immersed in training and planning the whole time, having still some money left to do all this.
(65.72 KB 510x332 1490108984414.png)
>The office of the Chief Censor hadn't heard about the game until contacted by Newshub Nation and has yet to review it.
>Chief Censor


So Newshub is out looking for evil Brenton Tarrant supporters, apparently they found not only the spotify playlists but also this


So what game is it? Where ca I find it?
Frankly, I've never heard of an actual game and I think I should've known since I followed the whole story on 8chan pretty closely.
Only thing that comes to mind is guy who made a level for another game. Don't remember the name, though, neither if he actually got it finished.

The faggot who wrote this article is even afraid to mention the game itself.

P.S: i don't know which game exactly too, but i can give you a link for short fan-made FPS, which made by anon on 8ch, just after 5 days after Tarrant shitposting.

(86.61 KB 1200x662 Brent T.jpg)

There is another game, that made all kikes and shitskins so furious, so they create a petition on Change.org to ban this one, kek.


It include character Brent T (a parody on Tarrant) and they're gonna to add kebabs and kikes as shootable foes in future updates.
lol, their website is fucking hilarious, it's like they assembled all memes available into this one hahaha
maybe he can sue them for infringing on his intellectual property
(44.85 KB 620x413 Philip Arps.jpeg)
>it was necessary to imprison this man for 21 months for sharing the Christchurch footage

>the Halle shooting footage is also banned in NZ
The shills are at it again on cuckchan.
Shamefur dispray.
(849.48 KB 1080x1342 1570920431635.jpg)
this is really nice, hope to see it in a non-LARP environment one day.
(17.50 MB 854x480 Never.mp4)
I think the fact it was first person footage and LIVESTREAMED changed the whole attack, you can feel like you are being there and its something completely different. And im quite surprised not many germans or swedes are doing brenton.exes, i would already lose my shit if i read another immigrant rape attacks and shit

>A neo-Nazi terror attack that left two people dead in the German city of Halle last week sparked fresh warnings over the “great replacement” conspiracy [sic!] spread by groups like Generation Identity. The suspect named “declining birth rates” among whites among his key motivations, and the same theory drove the attacks in Christchurch, Poway, El Paso and Norway. [...] “The narrative uniting everyone is the great replacement theory,” [Morton] said. “That is the glue starting to allow people who are predominantly white to get a foot on a transnational network.” Mr Morton said he had observed both far-right extremists and Islamists trying to use the Christchurch attack to incite more atrocities in online forums. “Islamists share the video as a message [showing Muslim victims being shot inside mosques] calling for revenge,” he added. “There was a chat the other day like, ‘when are we going to take revenge for Christchurch, when are we going to respond?’” The Halle attacker is one of several gunmen believed to have been inspired in part by Brenton Tarrant, whose manifesto and livestream is still being widely shared online alongside those posted by other white supremacist terrorists. Mr Humble believes the great replacement narrative, which states that white people are being “replaced” by non-whites in western nations, is making the current British far right increasingly extreme. “Everybody at the moment seems to be looking at Tarrant as their inspiration to a point,” he said. “It’s more acceptable to become a terrorist.”

>“Islamists share the video as a message [showing Muslim victims being shot inside mosques] calling for revenge,” he added. “There was a chat the other day like, ‘when are we going to take revenge for Christchurch, when are we going to respond?’”

Is there a place we can go and take screenshot of this stuff?
Hopefully non in arabic.
wan't there a /islam/ on 8chan?
There are supposed to be Islamist groups/channels on Telegram, but I don't know how to find them.
They truly thought whitey would have never snapped.
They know must keep an eye on both muslim terrorists and white terrorism.
They just deleted this big Tarrant thread on cuckchan.
What did they mean by this?
Sometimes you get overzealous tranny jannies. It's somewhat arbitrary whether a thread stays up or not. I believe the odds are better when there are a couple of questions in the OP.
it's cuckchan for a reason. I'm surprised a thread like that lasted that long at all
Threads about Tarrant with +300 replies are not a new thing.
I wonder what in this specific thread triggered the jannie.
Why 4ch full of schizo?
(136.15 KB 700x1100 inshallah.jpg)
meme muzzies into action for the back and forth acelerationism?
Muzzies have their own channels and their own propaganda going on.
The problem is that they follow a top down chain of command, big attacks on Europe need funding and training that apparently has been pulled off in the last years since Obama is gone.
Random schizos stabbing people in the streets screaming "Allah ackbar" are not that useful since media either don't report them or dismiss them as acts of troubled lunatics.
Infiltrating arab speaking groups to meme on them is a big trouble because of the languafe barrier.
(228.86 KB 959x1280 1571044525604.jpg)
Incredibly based.
I'm sure the local or national media wherever that is would freak out if someone lets them know about it.
Some german anon dropped it on cuckchan, said it is from his uni campus.
Might we expect some local lugenpresse reporting it?
I think they will, especially because Balliet did his thing in Halle just a few days ago.
(200.60 KB 960x540 mosque.jpg)
The St. Tarrant graffiti in Australia got a lot of national attention, but in that case it was on/near a mosque and highly visible to people on the street
(56.53 KB 500x472 1571088000207.jpg)
(60.86 KB 916x611 552754755702.jpg)
>that photoshopped Brenty boy
I was thinking, this North Korea picture is probably the only one where we can see him smiling.
Correct me if I'm wrong (in court he just smirks very briefly).
can't wait
(433.29 KB 620x620 Brenton Tarrant as a boy.png)
Well there is this but it's quite old.
So what's the general consensus?
Is Brenton a ginger or not?
(119.90 KB 796x362 s.jpg)
(14.80 KB 640x360 breivik-kek.jpg)
>Total killed: 76
sum total is still less than Breivik's high score
(169.22 KB 500x769 bbq.jpeg)
(335.17 KB 500x369 effortposting.png)
Will we get better quality shootings in 2 years time?
(233.04 KB 1200x675 v2-D_MAP_TRAVELROUTE_17_03.jpg)
The ZOG cops who arrested Brenton received an award for their "bravery"

>The two New Zealand police officers who managed to arrest a man accused of killing 51 people at two mosques were given a bravery award on Wednesday.
>During the attack seven months ago, the officers rammed the suspect's car off the road in the city of Christchurch and dragged him from the vehicle.
>The identity of the officers has been suppressed by the New Zealand court system ahead of Tarrant's trial next June. Because of that secrecy, the officers received their awards at a private ceremony with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.


Do you think they know Brenton spared them just because they are white?
>The identity of the officers has been suppressed
they are scared because they know race traitors won't be dealt with kindly
(34.72 KB 480x271 2.jpg)
Checked and heiled.
Officially they are suppressed because trial has not started yet.
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I archived it.
I will be baking the third.
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