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(29.86 KB 595x304 alex.jpg)
Alex Jones Launches New Platform Anonymous 09/20/2019 (Fri) 04:23:53 Id:8d185c No. 5289
If you want to watch his show here's his new platform

(435.80 KB 1500x1500 1535273178449.png)
(133.74 KB 576x468 alexjoneskosherham8wide72dpi.jpg)
Why would anyone want to watch the sodomite father of jewish children? Jonestein is worse than the mainstream media, because at least they aren't pretending to be an alternative to the system.
If he was controlled opposition, why did (((they))) deplatform him?
It builds bonafides for mouthbreathers like you.
because it makes him look more "legit" like an innocent person suffering, they get people to LARP on all sides to control many sides of the narrative

there are already alternatives to youtube, not sure what him creating a platform adds to things but we will see
Its not a real platform unless you can be racist on it
If you replace the "globalist pedophile elites that want to enslave humanity" with "Jews" you realize Alex Jones makes some sense.

It doesn't mean he's "for real", but he has some points.
Except he says the globalists are really the communist Chinese, and they're out to get Israel.

When he says "globalists", it's a dogwhistle, but not to you. He's telling his jewish owners he has their back, and that his retarded followers will never figure out it's them.
(2.18 MB 1280x720 anti-white alex.mp4)


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