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8chan status? Anonymous 08/12/2019 (Mon) 18:21:49 Id:5f5436 No. 571 History File history
Does anyone know what exactly is going on with 8chan right now? Are they still going with Bitmitigate or did they kick them off too?

Although if we're all honest with ourselves, it would probably better for us all if we left 8chan (which is run by a literal fucking SHITSKIN - pic related) in favor for a better site like this (preferably /pol/ only to keep the degenerates away).
But for that we would all have to choose the same site...

What do you think?
Yep it's also nice that this board doesn't crack down on TOR users like 8chan does...
masonchan status: who gives a shit
I don't know what's up with infinite, I'm just interested in the precedent this sets for other sites maybe?
(315.87 KB 1097x528 Our_Leader_NT.png)
We have been driven out of our warren, and now we must choose a new path. Some of us will activate the weapons we have molded ourselves into, while others will have more time to masturbate to degenerate anime.

Wherever you go, remember that I am always with you.

Chad OP
I think they're waiting for Jim to testify in congress, or for things to die down
(41.69 KB 500x500 spoopy.jpg)
(156.25 KB 1000x700 migrants from pol.jpg)
fucking wops and potato niggers ruined this country first
(188.86 KB 1500x1487 babel.png)
This board is too slow and shit. You used to be able to upload ten files per post but now you can only upload three. The shills on 8chan didn't want us migrating here before this place became shit. 8chan was controlled by them, so why did (((they))) use a false flag to justify shutting 8chan down? Do they believe there is no place we can concentrate into one spot that isn't controlled by them?

they are done (((they))) want them out so (((they))) are gonna decapate the point of 8 at the very least
endchan is run by 12 year olds and schizos
>preferably /pol/ only
We don't need another isolated echo chamber where we can circle jerk all day long and be irrelevant.
Our strength is metastasizing into the normie lands and for that we need places like 8chan. Else all we're gonna achieve is making stupid raids on some other board which nobody cares about
Sharing a platform with people who are least likely to join the cause is not helping either. But then again, we were all there at one point.
People don't need to join. We got enough troops, not kidding here, what we need is fertile grounds around us or the majority of people at least indifferent. I believe it was Mao who said you just need 100 neutrals for one activist and you'll be victorious but whoever that was, for now it's perfectly fine to desensitize the normies, shift the political/cultural center in our favor and awake what's natural in man.
But for that to happen normies need constant exposure to something other than the woke pile of garbage that people are actually exposed to 24/7. Literally everything the kiked left spouts is against that people would naturally think but it's the dominant culture right now and we gotta deal with that. Most people are not so-called progressives by a conscious choice they are because it's the easiest way to get along in this insane world.
We need to offer them some alternative, a place where they can say what they want, a place where they can enjoy the sweet taste of actual freedom and still have someone be "worse" than them. Most people don't like to be called extreme or radical, they like to see themselves as in the center or moderate and 8chan was a place to give them the illusion of just that.
A lot of idiots and leftards been there, sure, but still they were politically already much to the right of those elsewhere. That's a start to build on.
Having a site for ourselves is nice but this is not about us. We don't need some site to preach to the convert, what we need is a place where people can embrace infamy ...
this shithole used to do raids which were actually fun and we were a nusiance for the jannies on 8pol then the faggot discord retards and feds had to ruin it
Ha I wonder what the infamous "Purple Anon" would say about the Qushner kikes taking out End and infinitychan? Also, I wonder what happened to NatSoc Christian Cult anon building up his "community" back east? Did his people "take over" their town? I haven't seen anything newsworthy.
last i heard from him was that he was still at it and was about to take over

dont know where all the zoomers and doomers here went because all the smart ones were on 8chan before it got ooofed and then this place is still getting low traffic
(2.96 MB 3914x2355 potw1930a.jpg)
I was using 4chan for a bit after 8 went down, but that place is so retarded id rather be here- turns out its not so bad

Also heard 8ch was gonna be back sept 5
Agreed. There are some based anons on 4pol, but most of them are either shills, retarded shitskins or just shitposters.
you think the false flag was to get infinite taken down? lol
i dunno, drive from frisco to el paso to find mexicans? he should have went to mesquite, alot closer
He chose the border deliberately
Nah man, at least Italians and the Irish fully assimilated and learned how things operate. I don't see spigs or nigs ever doing the same.
And endchan too. He hasn't even tweeted in weeks since (((they))) took end down. Anyone know if end's BO got v&? This is why anons need to shut the fuck up about bunkers.
the fuck is this?
they dont even have the website running anymore
>Also heard 8ch was gonna be back sept 5
hopefully there wont be 27 duplicate threads here like 4/pol/ will have tomorrow. some anons like to talk shit about 8/pol/ but at least they ran a tight ship there
He's tired of being associated with his creature that he sees now as a monster, probably just like his mom feels.
>Why is this shitty little gimp weasel running his pie hole?
He probably already lost most of his dischord friends and is doing this for attention
8chan owner vows to put website back online in congressional testimony
>Watkins wrote that 8chan remains “offline voluntarily” and will only return when it can “develop additional tools to counter illegal content under United States law.”
I doubt hatechan is kill. Jim is too attached to it he's a Q boomer. What's fucked is that end is still down and the end owner has not tweeted and updates since 8/13. Did the kikes and glowniggers v& end's owner?
I think Jim has smelled the potential for some money to be made out of 8chan now that the media have been doing free advertisement for the site for 6 months now.
Imagine the peak in the number of users once the site will be up again.
They should implement some sort of process that filters threats of violence into quotes on the JQ. That would btfo the false flagging glowniggers.
They should implement some sort of process that filters threats of violence into quotes on the JQ. That would btfo the false flagging glowniggers.
(51.96 KB 885x891 46g46hg36h463.png)
8ch /pol/ is already compromised. If it will ever reemerge it will certainly be already seized by glows in the dark! Glows in the dark won't allow 8ch /pol/ running unless Ron cooperates with them and helps persecute wrong thinkers! Same happend to cuckchan few years ago! The site was forced to cooperate with feds or esle - shut down. It is common knowledge now that all posts on 4chan are archived and available to glows in the dark at will. If you doubt it, ask yourself why VPNs or Tor are not allowed at 4ch? They are because it would be hard and sometimes impossible for feds to identify wrongthinkers. Now all, dissidents are evaluated and
catalogued for future
persecution for muhhh hate speech. I wouldn't be suprised if the reemerged 8ch banned VPN and Tor users, not even slightly. It is certain the site becomes one big honeypot!
I know some glows in the dark will accuse me of 'blackpilling' because I'm disturbing their plans but safety first! We have to bunker ourselves on non-compromised sites (non-compromised or potentially safe sites are these that allow VPN or Tor poster, any other are suspicious) and reach to all former 8ch /pol/acks and spread the word. We must have atleast 3 bunkers in case one goes down. I hate to admit it but we were completely unprepared for 8ch going down. All /pol/acks migrated to dozens sites and now we're extremaly atomized. That makes the glows in the ark work harder but also harder for us to communicate and spread 'redpills'.
Fuck i miss it, the fact that there was no fallback point made the situation even more shit.
Yeah, I am a newb and just found 8 c before they took it down. It was a great feeling to find my people and be able to see people able to speak freely without censorship. I hope we are able to continue.
infinite had way less shitposting compared to 4cuck which means threads stayed alive far longer, in turn allowing somewhat higher quality discussions. A lot of normies and even cuckservative drumpftards lurk there too and slowly got their eyes opened, unlike 4 where it's just a bunch of glowniggers and shitskins larping as both sides of any given thread and the normie lurkers were overwhelmed by the pph among other things. (((They))) disliked the fact that 8 was simply better ran than 4, which is why they posted that false flag manifesto so they can have an excuse to take it down, plus it allows them to focus their efforts on 4 which has basically become reddit without downboats.
(760.88 KB 878x748 AryanTiger.png)
I believe 8chan will return. Have faith brothers
>Violence is wrong, vote Republican.
Kill yourself, ZOG-faggot.
>8ch has been already taken over by Glows in the Dark and they will not censor calls to violence - quite contrary though
This is a lie. I had my posts censored (that is, removed) multiple times, specifically because my posts advocate violence.
People who are trying to tell you that the ZOG is encouraging violence are all liars of the highest order. They are people that already identify with the ZOG, which is why calls for revolutionary violence against it shock their sensibilities so much.
>they will encourage them because it is amazing evidence later on in court or great tool for blackmail and recuitment of collaborators.
The ZOG has millions and millions of collaborators. This is not a website where you get to sign up for ZOG-welfare because you get 'blackmailed' into working for the ZOG because you watched porn on the internet. This is stupid nonsense, pushed by people who don't believe what they are saying. It's always about trying to make people believe the ZOG is omnipotent.
>TOr and VPN posting will almost certainly be disabled - just as is the ase on 4chan.
Here the ZOG-faggot gives the game away: you will also be banned on 4chan for advocating violence at all. Except on 4chan, it isn't as easy a matter bypassing their censorship to continue advocating for violence.
>which has basically become reddit without downboats.
all posters using reddit spacing should be ridiculed thoroughly


all posts using reddit spacing are actually bots and should be ignored
now that's one word filter I can get behind
(1.28 MB 1500x1500 giga kike.jpg)
>click on tiny picture of author at the bottom of the article
>This is a lie. I had my posts censored (that is, removed) multiple times (...)

Ok, my bad. I was a bit inaccurate here and there. I meant that 8ch has been taken over pretty much the moment it went down. (I have no solid evidence that the site had systematically collaborated with any 3 letter agency nor had their servers synchronized with NSA's - as 4ch has had for a long time by now) It had to go down so that Glowniggers could wiretape and bug the site. Synchronizing it with NSA servers takes some time (ask 4ch global mods)

>The ZOG has millions and millions of collaborators.

No shit, Sherlock but I have to politely point out that most of their collaborators are low IQ boomers with no understanding of board culture nor any connections to legitimate pro-white activists and organizations. Blackmailing people who already are inside the movement or have useful conections is an asset they wouldn't ignore. Having evidence for possible court conviciton of somebody more often than not changes drastically that person's mind and makes her (or less likely him) much more eager to cooperate for lower (or lack there of) penalty.

>(...) you will also be banned on 4chan (...)

Ok, I agree but it seems that there is a decent time gap before such posts are deleted. Enough to bait more posters into breaking the law red handed which is plainly stupid. The NSA has to delete the fiercest calls for violence because if they didn't, other , uninitiated, agencies and (((media))) could bother. Also they want to collect as many as possible IPs of dissidents. Openly allowing calls for violence would result in bigger part of these dissidents retreating from the board. They want to identify as many dissidents as possible for the time being.

Also, posting illegal content that can land you in jail on sites like 4chan with both TOR and VPNs banned means that you're either reckless retard or that you're glowing in the dark. In both cases, this movement will be better off without you.
>I have no solid evidence that the site had systematically collaborated with any 3 letter agency nor had their servers synchronized with NSA's - as 4ch has had for a long time by now
A bit of ambiguity from me again... Sorry for that. I have no evidence that 8ch was bugged prior to being brought down voluntarilly by Ron. However, from then on I am 100% sure that if the site comes back up online it will certainly be bugged and wiretapped - if it wasn't glowniggers woudn't allow it to reemerge. So yes... If you doubt what I have to say - do it. It is your right here. You can ignore what I say whenever you like but I'd ask you to read what Ron has to say in his own words: >>3760
You right
Do you boomers think that they have some kind of server cable with a label "NSA plug" that they connect to their pipeline and then all your internets get rooted through their servers?

As long as free speech remains guaranteed under the constitution, that site is usable for all intents and purposes.

All your posts are already analyzed by both software and specialists in order to predict bad goy trends and develop preventive measures for them. You should know what's smart to write and what's not by now, and if they bring laws where writing nigger on the internet will get you in jail for life, it will make all the other laws meaningless and people would find it easier to commit actual crime than to say what they think. Talmudic OCD retardation will only accelerate the collapse.

Shills promoting false-flags always come in waves, you can notice great difference in activity and PPH. The trick is, shills acting against them and promoting passivity are also not organic. Kikes always promote two equally wrong ideas as alternatives to each other. Teaching people to recognize their modus operandi is essential.
its still not up
could be but i see alot of them spread around the internet more lately

the mass redpill on the (((adl))) on pewdiepies video is a big thing to happen for operation threads that have been slided and shoahed by jannies on 4cuck which gets the most traffic
You make valid points, but they'd be more palatable without the histrionics
Yeah the '8ch zeronet' bunker was shit- Why o why did i not verify that before 8ch was actually taken down? I heard a few people got in the bunker- but not many
>x has been compromised for years
>t.not a redditnigger
All this shit started with social media platforms infilrating imageboards and will continue to be until all of them are put down like the rabid cancer they truly are.
What will (((leftypol))) do without 8chan to harass white goys into homicidal Walmart massacre rages?

BTW they moved to (((bunkerchan.xyz))) to regroup.
even when 8/leftypol/ still existed they already post the same things they do over there on their normie social media sites and infiltrate supposedly right leaning communities on facebook and the like, not to mention actually participating in IRL shit like conventions and antifa raids etc. since these things are basically encouraged by the government and normie conservatives tend to look the other way, they never really meet any kind of meaningful resistance and are thus getting even more emboldened. it's almost as if these faggots take this culture war thing more seriously than /pol/ ever did.
Halfchan is handing out bans now if you link to fullchan. They always flagged any mention of 8 as spam, in the past, but now they ban without warning you it's a bannable offense.
Don't know if they'll do the same for 9, I can't test it 'cause banned.
thank you for this, I needed this update.
I can't take cuckchan anymore.
Also, I hope cripplekike dies tomorrow, it would be just poetic.
Hopefully this redpills people on the necessity of euthanasia and the fact that, aside from judaic greed and their desire to rape children, libertarians have no principles.
Hotwheels has been snitching on the new site now called 8kun.net. Keeps getting the domain name companies to drop them. I hope he takes a tumble down a staircase.
I hope the same and wonder why Watkins has not done something about already.
They need to run their own registrar. It's not that hard to set up, and they could sell service to other sites that are getting deplatformed.

2 hours ago

>Waiting on Project Odin - already onto version 9 now. Need to make sure it works well.

>Making good progress with Project Odin. Already on version 9. As soon as the bugs are fully worked out then there will be an announcement. Don't want to release something so important without it being as close to perfect as possible. pic.twitter.com/MhAQ5HEVKn

>Days. Just want to make sure its perfect before announcing it.

>Project Odin's official announcement will include instructions about how everyone can help out.

So what the hell is Project Odin? A giant railgun aimed at cripplekikes nuts? A base on the backside of the moon? The resurrection of Super-Hitler? Stay tuned and you'll soon find out.

I would hope its a decentralized form of DNS.
(20.44 KB 750x467 1571167589334.jpg)
> should be back up any day now
> soon
(87.36 KB 1821x358 days lol.png)
I didn't even look at his twitter page when I wrote that
Is that reply about 8kun or Project Odin?
project odin
had me going there though
still, the answer is always the same
> Hey Ron, when is 8kun going to be up?
< A few days
> What about hotwheels fucking your shit up?
< a few days
(554.93 KB 647x824 jims car.png)
Jim's Car, full of server shit (pic related)
straight to Langley lol

uhm Fredrick your diapers, you need to change

2 hours ago


#ProjectOdin update. Posting/media/reading all working, just moderation to finish up. Thanks to everybody reaching out and offering to help test. Unrelated, but I took my dog for an off-the-leash walk. Looking happy because she is not often off her leash in public. pic.twitter.com/GVY5YvCEra
aaaww, that dog is cute.
Also, quick rundown on project odin?
some dumb qshit
q-shit. do you speak english? 8kun is going to be a qnigger shithole for nigger lovers and zionists
Are you insane?
Project Odin is about Qlarp?
only one get hollowed out is you ron
im sorry, but I did not take a screen shot a few days ago when this happened (maybe it was a week, i don't remember, been busy) but i have been trying to access the new 8kun site almost daily just to see if its up. I dont really care if it does or does not, as most have said, it will be a bunch of qniggers; i just want to see the salt from the usual fags upset about it coming back.

anywayyyy, I was able to access it briefly, for just a moment and I really regret not taking a screenshot. of note, there was no /pol/ on the homepage. just sharing what I saw. of course, that might change, but like I said, i don't care, i just want to see the salt
"Subject: An open letter to Tucows regarding Jim Watkins and N. T. Technology ignoring their decisions and flouting their TOS
To: [email protected]
In re: 8KUN.NET and 8CH.NET

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to inform you that 8chan, which you have previously blocked from your services, is still using them. They are currently attempting a comeback as "8kun". All competent observers agree that 8kun is no different than 8chan, and is a bad faith rebrand to try to evade bans such as the ones you placed on it.


On the 14th of October, a leak showed that 8kun is no different than 8chan: http://archive.is/GqJpD
Their FAQ page is also barely different: http://archive.is/jCEX0

I know that Tucows rarely deplatforms websites. I, however, would hope that you would not take people ignoring your decisions lightly. You did decide to deplatform 8chan, yet they think that with just a few small changes you will let them slide. I hope that is not the case.

Jim Watkins told me in person that his relationship with Tucows, through his reseller N. T. Technology, was very important to him. I hope that if they continue ignoring your decisions that you will sever this relationship. Jim Watkins uses your services to host several highly profitable domains, including 2CH.NET, 5CH.NET and BBSPINK.COM. The combined income of these easily exceeds one hundred thousand US dollars per month, and is how Jim Watkins funds 8chan.

Myself, along with other tireless activists, have prevented 8kun from coming online, by reporting them to their ISPs. Both Zare (Hydra Communications Ltd) and Alibaba, Inc. have deplatformed 8kun in the last days. We hope that you will join them in saying no to 8kun, a known haven for terrorist manifestos, child pornography, and the worst the internet has to offer.

Kind regards,
Fred Brennan
8chan Founder"
<copypaste> hi StephenLynx
<StephenLynx> ayy
<StephenLynx> are you HW?
<copypaste> yes, check nickserv
<StephenLynx> yup
<StephenLynx> just did
<StephenLynx> what's up, my dude?
<copypaste> nm. hbu
<copypaste> i have a specific question actually
<StephenLynx> sure
<copypaste> what do you think of stupid autists who hate your software
<copypaste> i see a lot of that on the webring
<StephenLynx> cute.
<copypaste> and they hate it for basically no reason. like do they bother you
<StephenLynx> nope.
<StephenLynx> now that the software got traction, they have no relevance.
<copypaste> like some of them are so autistic wtf
<StephenLynx> their bullshit is drowned by the people that like the software.
<copypaste> they demand admins install vichan or npfchan
<copypaste> which are dead fucking shit
<StephenLynx> ikr
<copypaste> im vichan's maintainer and try to get everyone to not use it
<copypaste> lol
<StephenLynx> what's the actual 8kun channel?
<copypaste> anyway it's good they don't bother you w
<StephenLynx> there's .net and just 8kun
<copypaste> there isn't one
<copypaste> jim/ron haven't joined irc
<copypaste> JEWS registered #8kun
<StephenLynx> lmao
<copypaste> but it's just as unofficial as #8chan
<copypaste> lol
<StephenLynx> so
<copypaste> no offense to him but thats the truth
<copypaste> he says he might give it to them though which i find sad but meh
<copypaste> nothing i can do
<StephenLynx> what does ron think about lynxchan? you said he surely knows about it but
<copypaste> hope they don't ask
<StephenLynx> he never replied to me.
<copypaste> did you see what these fuckers did tome
<StephenLynx> who?
<copypaste> they said 8chan was defunct
<copypaste> tom reidel, nttech president
<copypaste> then their big ebin plan is "8kun"?
<copypaste> who tf do they think they're fooling?
<StephenLynx> lmao
<StephenLynx> well
<StephenLynx> I don't know what you expected to be honest.
<copypaste> which host would accept 8kun but not 8chan? why even rebrand if the new brand is 8kun?
<copypaste> seriously, from like a game theory perspective
<StephenLynx> didn't OVH just did?
<copypaste> they should have just kept their old name no?
<StephenLynx> also, did you read my theory?
<copypaste> nope, but i will
<copypaste> let me see
<StephenLynx> that the US govt told other companies to play ball so 8ch could collaborate with the US?
<StephenLynx> now, that's just a guess.
<copypaste> maybe but it's already falling apart
<copypaste> i've sent out a few emails
<copypaste> to zare, OVH, tucows
<copypaste> of course to reporters
<StephenLynx> geez
<StephenLynx> what do you want, man?
<copypaste> tucows said they're investigating
<StephenLynx> :|
<copypaste> i want them to roll over and die and not get back up
<copypaste> that's what i want
<StephenLynx> so why did you met with that nt guy?
<StephenLynx> if you wouldn't compromise?
<copypaste> i expected a truce to involve a new brand that wasn't anything like "8chan"
<copypaste> i expected the new chan to be called something like "Qchan"
<StephenLynx> ok
<StephenLynx> cool
<copypaste> we met to discuss a compromise and couldn't agree
<copypaste> basically
<StephenLynx> what about ron and lynxchan?
<copypaste> you think ron talks to me lol
<copypaste> i'll tell you what. if tom ever wants to talk to me again
<copypaste> i'll mention lynxchan
<StephenLynx> I see.
<copypaste> but with my recent actions of the last days
<copypaste> doubt it heh
<copypaste> but i doubted it last month too!
<copypaste> so who knows
<copypaste> but if they talk to me i will mention lynxchan
<copypaste> how about that
<copypaste> :-)
<StephenLynx> cool
<StephenLynx> so, anything else?
<copypaste> don't think so. just you're cool and good luck
<StephenLynx> btw
<copypaste> oh i do have something else actually as well, but you first
<StephenLynx> don't want to sound like a cunt, but I think you should move on. it can't be healthy to hold onto a grudge like this.
<copypaste> i understand. a lot of people have told me that, obviously.
<StephenLynx> hm
<copypaste> i don't think that i'm spending that much time doing network research
<copypaste> and showing their incompetence
<copypaste> /intl/ is dead, somebody has to do it
<StephenLynx> what about contacting journalists and companies so they get booted?
<StephenLynx> is that just showing their incompetence?
<copypaste> why not?
<copypaste> takes very little time
<copypaste> and would happen eventually from antifa
<StephenLynx> first of all
<copypaste> why are they signing up to companies that will kick them off with a single email?
<copypaste> why should my email make a difference?
<StephenLynx> that argument is the same one people did to defend 8ch but you didn't accept.
<copypaste> and remember, the QAnon people are calling this new network "non-corporate" and "deplatform-proof"
<StephenLynx> in their case is that if 8ch didn't exist, people would go to anywhere else.
<copypaste> getting them deplatformed shows that false
<StephenLynx> in yours is that if you didn't attack them it would be antifa
<StephenLynx> second
<copypaste> i don't care if people go somewhere else, likely it will have a better admin than jim lol
<StephenLynx> is the the sentiment you hold.
<StephenLynx> that consumes you.
<StephenLynx> you might spend little time acting, but sure you don't spend little time thinking about it.
<copypaste> yeah, maybe
<copypaste> i just don't get why they don't give up when i keep pwning them lol
<StephenLynx> because why would they?
<copypaste> because it's pointless to put time and resources into a rebranding that will fail
<StephenLynx> jim thinks there's money to be made with the Qanon audience.
<copypaste> then he should name it Qchan
<StephenLynx> and he got the money to invest.
<copypaste> as tom hinted
<copypaste> and not try to reboot it with everyone
<copypaste> the webring is superior to 8chan/8kunt
<StephenLynx> anyway
<StephenLynx> what did you had to say?
<copypaste> oh!
<copypaste> do you take commissions?
<StephenLynx> no.
<copypaste> for lynxchan work?
<copypaste> oh ok
<copypaste> it's not for me, somebody asked me
<copypaste> i can give you their discord if you want a commission
<StephenLynx> nope.
<copypaste> but if you don't take them fine
<copypaste> :)
<copypaste> sorry for assuming
<StephenLynx> money complicates thing exponentially.
<copypaste> just thought you'd want to have the offer
<StephenLynx> nah, no problem.
<StephenLynx> i doubt they would pay a substantial amount anyway.
<copypaste> no they were cheap af
<copypaste> and seemed to be an idiot tbh
<StephenLynx> ikr
<copypaste> he wanted to hire you, get this
<StephenLynx> there's no money to be made on this area.
<copypaste> *to install lynxchan*
<copypaste> not to even changae it
<copypaste> to install it
<copypaste> he couldn't figure out how l.m.a.o
<StephenLynx> tell them I'd do that for free.
<copypaste> yet wanted to run an IB
<copypaste> really?
<StephenLynx> not the first one.
<copypaste> change? install?
<StephenLynx> didn't I already worked god knows how many hundreds of hours on lynxchan?
<copypaste> right
<copypaste> i'm not expecting you to do anything for free
<copypaste> :S
<StephenLynx> also, if you dig the webring, have you considered contributing to the front-end?
<StephenLynx> is just pure html+css+js
<copypaste> what's wrong with it?
<StephenLynx> could use improvements, just that.
<StephenLynx> there isn't an oekaki, for example.
<StephenLynx> then there's style aspects.
<StephenLynx> also, I also developed a bunch of addons for free too.
<StephenLynx> specially the kc-addon.
<copypaste> right. why do you do so much work for free hehe
<StephenLynx> I rather work for free than for little money tbh.
<StephenLynx> because I keep my saying on the matter.
<StephenLynx> if I say I don't want to do, I don't do and that's it.
<StephenLynx> I like to never own anything to anyone.
<copypaste> well anyway good luck stephen. im going to keep being me for the time being
<copypaste> i feel like the endgame is in sight
<StephenLynx> really?
<StephenLynx> and what would be said endgame?
<copypaste> yeah
<copypaste> 8kun flopping and them admitting they can't run another 8chan-like IB
<copypaste> and then finally committing to the pivot to Q
<StephenLynx> hm
<copypaste> and everyone living happily ever after
<StephenLynx> i think you overestimate how much relevancy this whole thing has.
<StephenLynx> afaik only 3 sets of people really care:
<StephenLynx> the REEEEEEING anti 8chan people all the way back from GG
<StephenLynx> Qboomers that think that's SRS BUSINZS
<StephenLynx> jim and employees because of the $
<copypaste> most people don't agree with my methods but agree that 8ch shouldn't come back so that the webring is given a chance to thrive
<StephenLynx> if the webring is to thrive
<StephenLynx> it will thrive regardless.
<copypaste> nah
<copypaste> 8ch/kun staying down will help assure it does
<copypaste> they can't cuck themselves and return to 8ch if there's no 8ch to return to
<copypaste> users are extremely fickle brand-loyal cucks tbh
<StephenLynx> then it isn't that good to begin with.
<copypaste> ok
<StephenLynx> 4chan didn't had to close for 8chan to become a thing.
<copypaste> this is different as the exodus wasn't voluntary to begin with
<copypaste> involuntary exodus to other chans end when the original chan returns
<copypaste> 4chan/r9k/ to 4chon exodus
<StephenLynx> also, to be fair, I don't make webring's business mine.
<copypaste> when moot re-added /r9k/ and /pol/ 4chon died
<StephenLynx> i don't even dig the idea of inter-site collaboration that much. IMO this community is stronger when divided.
<copypaste> same thing happens again and again with foreign language chans or even wizardchan
<copypaste> so if 8ch comes back a lot of the users are complete cucks
<copypaste> and will return to jim's shitty chan
<copypaste> so i want to make sure there's nowhere to return to
<StephenLynx> on a different topic: I also found the 8kun promo extremely tasteless and over produced.
<copypaste> hehe same
<StephenLynx> it screams all that NT and jim are.
<copypaste> i think i baited them into posting it early
<copypaste> see my twitter, JEWS told me that they didn't plan to release it when they did
<StephenLynx> not to mention the fucking spot on the border
<copypaste> it was supposed to be posted the same time 8kun.net was ready
<StephenLynx> at the bottom right corner.
<StephenLynx> how did you bait them?
<copypaste> but you know they are incompetent idiots
<copypaste> the 8kun.net domain leaked
<copypaste> they accidentally redirected 8chan.co to it
<copypaste> before anyone knew
<StephenLynx> jesus
<copypaste> i thought 8kun.net would be a testing domain
<StephenLynx> classic.
<copypaste> but JEWS thought it would be the final domain
<copypaste> we discussed it
<copypaste> then mark, jim's shill
<copypaste> joined #8chan-staff
<copypaste> and very much acted nervous
<StephenLynx> and spilled the beans?
<copypaste> pretty much
<copypaste> like an autist
<StephenLynx> lmao
<StephenLynx> this mark seems like a fucking riot.
<copypaste> he got all nervous when we began discussing it
<copypaste> he messaged nttech
<copypaste> and pretty soon @infinitechan tweeted 8kun
<StephenLynx> I hear his named mentioned all over the place.
<copypaste> the timing is very suspicious
<copypaste> right when mark's shill is in IRC
<copypaste> sorry, jim's shill mark*
<StephenLynx> his name mentioned*
<copypaste> they release it, without an imageboard
<copypaste> yeah
<copypaste> i mean, why else would they announce the new domain before the website is ready?
<copypaste> makes no sense
<copypaste> it gives me lead time to get them deplatformed
<copypaste> which i've already started, and they knew i would
<copypaste> not only me but others
<StephenLynx> so, which one's the channel where you're spilling your new-found autism?
<copypaste> #8chan-staff
<copypaste> want an invite?
<StephenLynx> lmao invite only
<copypaste> gotta go. bye StephenLynx
<StephenLynx> k
^take that for what you will....
(51.08 KB 500x447 hot wheels.jpg)
wow, hotwheels is pathetic, holy shit. I always knew he was a petty loser, but I had no idea he was this much of a tard. iv'e never seen a cripple be so open about sucking jew dick lol now I really want the qnigger site to come online just we can milk cripple boy for the lulzs
yeah, he's actively been trying to keep 8chan from coming back on line...hope his fucking chair catches fire and burns him to the ground while his ladyboy girlfriend watches and clams with tears of joy running down it's face.

side note, not sure where i read it but apprently he was arrested a couple of days ago, not sure how much truth there is to that..so just take it as gossip...i'll see if i can find where i read it and screencap
this is all i got to back up that claim, there were no links to the apparent news story


<StephenLynx> one thing, tho
<copypaste> yeah?
<StephenLynx> how do you know i am who you think i am?
<StephenLynx> that's the internet after all, btw. get it?
<copypaste> not sure
<StephenLynx> i mean i could be some random nigger. just like you
<copypaste> what do you mean?
<StephenLynx> imagine i don't exist and this is all bullshit. people will want proof this is real
<copypaste> so why would anybody on the internet pretend to be someone else
<copypaste> makes no sense. doesn't it?
<StephenLynx> so?
<copypaste> who the hell are you?
<StephenLynx> already forgot? i'm you
<copypaste> wut? makes no sense
<StephenLynx> DID
<copypaste> what's wrong with you? DID?
<StephenLynx> DID = Dissociative identity disorder. Wake up Fred! We need to post this on nein.
<copypaste> fuck me, wasn't this supposed to be a secret?
<copypaste> and why the hell did i just actually post that?
<copypaste> and how did i know before it happened
<StephenLynx> Fred?
<copypaste> uhm yeah?
<StephenLynx> i'm a nigger
<StephenLynx> that means you're, too. that's why
look at kikewheels twatter feed.
>jacking off to death of infinitychan
>He's tired of being associated with his creature that he sees now as a monster, probably just like his mom feels
that burn

The Q crowd flocks to Jim's twittur and show massive support.
It's good, we'll infect all of them. Shitposting spreads red bacteria. Homos and niggers have AIDS, we have the counter to that. Plus 8ch got mass attention so shekels can be made. Jim won't kill the cow, not now.
There might just be more honey and shills, but we'll have to work against this.

It's a question of server location, right? NSA's not too far. But as long as you toe the line and enforce the Board of Peace motto, what can (((they))) do?
Oh, right, they have HATE SPEECH laws. /pol/ laws, in other words.
We may need to change our speech a tad, use more "if" and "perhaps", never condone violence but elucidate the predictable logic of its manifestation.
It's going to be hard, but we don't want to find ourselves stuck in an echo chamber. We, above all, need to protect our assets.
Also, if we go decentralized, we must be careful about our ports and not allow porn in the bunkers.
Beyond those limitations, we will have to push memes IRL.
Print them. But beware the dot matrix and connected printers.

Whether you admit it or not, WE are the RESISTANCE now.

Obviously 8kun will be more like 8kuk, but our duty is to find a way around those potential limitations and continue to spread the truth and not ourselves be drowned. Then, when the site will go in lock mode, we'll move back to bunkers, different types.
Coordinating our efforts across several havens will be complicated but we will find a way.

>Shills promoting false-flags always come in waves, you can notice great difference in activity and PPH. The trick is, shills acting against them and promoting passivity are also not organic. Kikes always promote two equally wrong ideas as alternatives to each other. Teaching people to recognize their modus operandi is essential.
>BTW they moved to (((bunkerchan.xyz))) to regroup
it has its own /pol/ too
any evidence it's glowing hard, this other chan?
(((they))) will never know where it goes!
They've already installed backdoor.exe by now. Even endchan installed it in less time after the Norway shooter.
(1.28 MB 1920x960 8chcontainmentshut2.png)
>shitposting on 8kun.nsa and not the final imageboard
anon just

It's IOTBW Halloween on the final imageboard
>It's good, we'll infect all of them.
Yeah, just like you did with the trump administration, right? The entire Q thing is a government constructed propaganda campaign specifically crafted to reinforce the postwar order of White genocide and to counter the National Socialism/revisionism of the last decade on the internet underground.
(49.82 KB 400x560 banepepe.jpeg)
I dropped a meme bomb into those fuckers months ago and they ate it up.
I'm waiting to see how far they spread it.
Merry xmas! :D :D
>dank memes
>meme bomb
your optics are questionable
Two explosions.
1. Tim's van
2. bomb inside

They all have their uses. If anything, we're on the move too. For one thing this piece of chat says I can agree with, we're fickle.

>Q ploy
We agree but you miss the point. The people who will be on 8kuk are the ones we need to infect. They'll spread parts of the virus we carry.
If the Q-noise becomes unmanageable and admins censor natsoc speech, well then we'll be fixed and move on. We must do what we can and exploit any opportunity.
Also I'd bet they'll run their own /q/ and not mix too much with /pol/. Too many old timers seem to want to return to 8 based on the number of demands for board creation. The only difference is that we'll know we need to have fingers in several pies.
These morons thought they could hurt us, we adapted and got stronger. Unless they cut the whole interwebs, they simply cannot win.
They'll crank up the tyranny, all we'll have to say is "we told you so, you didn't listen, welcome to the party."
if all I was known for was a shitty image board, I think I would kill myself. if he wasnt such a zionist, I might actually feel bad for him
if all I was known for was a shitty image board, I think I would kill myself. if he wasnt such a zionist, I might actually feel bad for him
i see no /pol/ though. what gives?
oh. might still be migrating. one can hope. anyone know if VPN's will still be allowed? if not, then its not much good.

I don't care about the other stuff, I want /pol/ back.
calm down guys, we're getting there

>Just requested boards right now, and not even all of the requested ones are done yet. Migration is going slower than anticipated, a few boards a day is the current throughput.

read here for more info, a lot of new posts from codemonkey
i have to say i'm a little concerned after ole jim voluntarily met with DHS, a purely rotten anti-American agency from inception. i wonder what expanded powers/backdoors etc they requested/demanded and that jim gave to them. apparently the FBI already had global admin status
might be blunt but my take on privacy is you got to take care of that for yourself. Jim offers a place where almost anything goes that's nice but i don't expect him to fall in his sword for me.

you need to use Tor and/or a VPN if you want protection. it's sad but that's just the way things are in 2019
(131.99 KB 800x1200 122748_1.jpg)
8chan-like sites are examples of the failure of the Zionist system. Jews and their fellows are going to come after truther people.

I don't even care anymore, all I want is white ass-like trannies (specially Italian-like one, or German like ones), with a rosy hot ass hole and attitude (very feminine).

If she has a very pale skin and rosy white feet I join in as well.

Well, all the rest will be sorted out by nukes, higher "super natural" forces and divine God intervention.
user was banned for being a faggot homo
get a used laptop off craigslist and use it like a burner on publicly accessible wifi
(52.74 KB 1230x688 mark is a kike.PNG)
I was able to see /v/
looks like bagel bitch boy mark is already being a ban happy faggot, as usual. 1st post, user got banned lol
(22.87 KB 1666x119 disclaimer.png)
well, they should not permit the disclaimer on the qresearch board because codenigger runs that shit
good, let them. it'll just be another example of media lies and will only ferment further distrust in their (((reporting)))
I don't know about that. I think there is definitely ZOG involvement in the Q LARP now, via people like Corsi, but it's mostly the product of grifters and the mentally ill, based on Jonestein, David Wilcock, Drake Bailey, the jew Benjamin Fulford, and other kosher conspiracy conmen.
Of course, /pol/ is nowhere to be found and it's a 100% qnigger shitfest.

good, let it rot. that place was a fednigger honeypot from the start, nothing of value was lost. but the salt from frazzle rock frederick brennan will be hilarious
cope harder, ronnie. you and your hollowed out asshole.
(418.52 KB 441x625 stages of genocide.png)
i've just been assuming Qlarp is a headcount operation, like the alt-right. tell people what you know they want to hear (but is now practically illegal) and count/ID the people who parrot it.
whites have absolutely been prepped for genocide and most everyone other than whites (and half of whites) seem to support it. the alt-right was simply a ruse to see who might possibly fight back against globohomo.
(73.20 KB 800x600 call_of_butthurt.jpg)
Source of the image?

The official excuse for cripplekike to harrass host service companies into denying their service to 8kun is the muh evil nazi terrorists using it.
What if they'll decide that /pol/ will never come back on 8kun? Then there'll be no reason to keep sending concerned citizen emails and regrouping lolhackers to tear that shit down.
Also, I hope someone will post a manifesto on cripplekike's twitter page and then go on a rampage for the lulz.
>clearnet version down or very slow within the last eighteen hours
Fucked already. The Watkins family should be in jail instead. All other non-pol, SFW boards must be separated into a new home.
From Jim re: /pol/ "BO has yet to contact us. I heard they are on Telegram. They are welcome to come back."
There is a heavy Christian element too led by Praying Medic. Old boomers with money. /pol/ should infiltrate the thing, there are a few non-boomers close to redpilling.
Q has been anti-white and pro-multicult from the beginning, so it's definitely not a headcount of who is against globohomo.
I'm willing to wait and see what they're going to say about /pol/ once the site is up and running properly. Don't know why they didn't just migrate it anyway if they were ok with it being there though.
I thought /pol/ was under the admins control since they kicked Heil out? Did they give it to a new BO since then?
> No Happening in Seattle
> Q-Tards on Suicide Watch
/pol/, ever since IMKikey was 'fired,' has been a Global Board, run by Codenigger himself, recruiting moderator volunteers (polvol1, 2, 3, etc...) and anything that happened to the board - such as mass shooters posting (or whatever one wants to call them,) is his fault for making it a Global Board because he did not allow the moderators to keep it a NatSoc board. If it had remained a NatSoc Board, the moderation staff would have been much harsher on users, and would be banning everyone that did not fall in line.
The entire SITE was for free speech
Not one board.
Leftists could have gone to /leftypol/ and so-on.
As far as I am concerned, I wanted it to stay NatSoc and I did my best to keep it that way, but leftist faggots started taking over the board as well as the constant shitposting that was mainly due to 4-cuck faggots phoneposting on omnichan or some shit, ruining any discourse.
lets not forget
M A G A - T A R D S
that stuff was frankly embarassing, first and foremost cuckchan /pol/ team allowing such blatant slide thread campaign go on for so long.
What do you mean "keep it nat soc"?
Tarrant posting his infamous thread was nothing the mods could prevent in any manner.
He just did, people clicked the link Tarrant posted, watched the whole thing and that's it.
Discussing about that specific happening fell in line with the free speech you mentioned.
Yeah post quality was bad enough that I started to miss the turkroach. Once the FBI started making house calls there was even more reason to leave.
what this anon said. the q faggotry is about narrative control. its like TPUSA type shit
8cuck's removed from their previous provider, moved to another Russian one (associated with spam according to Brian Krebs) which is faster. Clearnet site is currently having intermittent downtime though. On the onion version, the "dnsbls_bypass" on the onion site is still down.
the alt right is the head count of who might possibly fight back against globohomo. i said Qlarp was another headcount operation, obviously of right wingers that distrust media
What the shit happened to endxyz?
it still there. they operate behind multiple mirrors
i wouldn't call qfags right wingers, they're more like zionist civ-nats
wait, xyz wasnt the same as .net & .org?
>cucked out
he means they took the domain down, and deleted Norwaybros thread. the site's still the same worthless piece of garbage
(62.09 KB 567x438 vatnik.jpg)
still there, mods are ban happy there and too many vatniks lurking there.
it has no pol and barely any ips browsing. 8cuck is dead.
I'm not so sure. I've been checking and it appears they are still in the process of migrating boards over. Most people are probably like myself and waiting for it to be fully online before going back to posting.
I think he means how it used to be exclusively a natsoc board. For the discussion of natsoc/hitler/fascism and all round good feels. There would likely not be these kinds of posts if it didn't become as "mainstream" as it did and full of normies. Same thing happened to 4/pol/ long long ago. I't was a natsoc board. Its like how states are really nice so people move from Californa to get away from it all and all the bullshit. But when they get to their new red state they vote the same old liberal bullshit that ruined their first home. 8/pol/ started with people leavining 4/pol/ after normies started coming in. Then 2016 elections brought people to 8/pol/ and it became edgy. I know I'm rambling.... I like this place. I wish it were more popular and we can start having some faster paced discussions. But I'm not going to tell people about it. I found it when they were posting about it. I just bookmarked it and wondered if it was a jewish trick at first. Then when 8 and end went down I settled here. I like it here.
(11.02 KB 225x225 check_em.jpg)
A guy who was a board owner of multiple boards on 8chan said he contacted the staff to have them migrated, but they are not all migrated yet, so it's pretty much still a work in progress thing.

I can understand your feel, but I am not sure 4pol was ever a "natsoc" board in the beginning. They were probably just libertarian.
I agree with you about this place though.
>but they are not all migrated yet
codemonkey said on his twitter that progress is slower than anticipated,with a rate of only a few boards a day
>but I am not sure 4pol was ever a "natsoc"
lol never, most so-called NatSoc posters were just trying to be edgy and fed up with PC freaks telling them what to think. pretty much an own goal of woketards although we have to give them credit that the matter got a life of its own which it might not have otherwise lol
(41.30 KB 800x196 12.jpg)
They are not ready yet.
Yeah I believe that real accelerationism comes mainly from dumb sjws pushing their shit too hard and too fast.
Because those digits.

Do you think Hotwheels will go to jail for all the shit he's been talking on twitter? Lmao I think I'd pay to see him in prison.
here's hoping he'll end up in a nice philippino jail crawling around in nigger feces but well, we know it aint gonna happen
The fact he's a midget cripple is already something, right?
If there's a karmic determinism involved in there, this lets you imagine the kind of crap he did in his previous lives to end up like that.
He's a fucking larp.
based and karmapilled
Go to 08Chan and visiting 0Chan sometimes on ZeroNet, also. You can find a guide on ZN to fix Tor's issue with ZN first before going full darknet, then run it Tor-only and start using P2P sites, niggers. It's not hard to find or figure out for the worthy.
my god posters like you are cringy
zionist slang
Hiding on the darknet isn't going to wake up anybody. The jews were so scared of 8ch they false flagged the site and even used might is right to attack the information sharing and book collections. These books terrify juden. Brenton Tarrant is possibly the only real White man that posted there.
>Brenton Tarrant is possibly the only real White man that posted there.

Why do you say thay? They closed it because of the general awakening that was happening about the end of the Era of Memeing and the start of the Era of Real Life Effortposts.
Talks about the inefficiency of voting and democratic solutions were spreading like wildfire and (((they))) absolutely could not let that meme spread
Yes, Tarrant delivered first, but the cobbers were following.
(85.40 KB 598x600 my face when no face.jpg)
Bbut but but this time its reaaal, I swear!!!


2 hours ago
>Almost done setting something up. @isitwetyet should have an announcement in a few hours. Be sure to follow if you havent already.

>inb4 larp
Man, at least they're trying.
Stop kvetching.
Update from codemonkey

>Project Odin closed beta testing underway. Some issues with posting still, but it is so fast. Pre-august clearnet fast.

in other news
clearnet posting works via
but is slow as fuck

using the onion link is faster
but so far no image upload

also no /pol/ as of now
>no /pol/ as of now

Fucking hell
>further (((investigation)))
1st amendment
Fuck 8 chan what do people need those retards for? They were just running some backwater unmoderated dirt simple imageboard with shills going rampant. You see how easy it is.

Implying Jim and wheelchair boy didnt give ZOG access weren't already harvesting ip's.

Someone post the vid where that cuck jim said he admits they installed zogbot sniff servers. Oh and US services are pretty much obliged to follow through that if ordered by the way.
>Someone post the vid where that cuck jim said he admits they installed zogbot sniff servers.
That or the proximity of 8chan's servers and a local NSA office.
>Implying Jim and wheelchair boy didnt give ZOG access weren't already harvesting ip's.
of course they were, jim is a kike and crippleboy is a kike pet
still, 1st Amendment. people need to stop being paranoid. euro has some of the most strict speech laws and people still talk. no excuse not to here in the states with 1st Amendment protections
They're currently playing domain whack-a-mole, while still not yet learning from the most persistent digital pirates. Meanwhile the clearnet captcha had shown signs of improving.
Like it or not, 8/pol is a rallying point. It will continue to be IF 8/pol comes back, which seems debatable at this point. Maybe they just aren't ready yet.

Of course they are harvesting IPs. I haven't been in the clear since before 2016. They provide a place to post, your OpSec is up to you.
Are they even planning to migrate the /pol/ board?
I hope there’s some madman out there waiting to IRL effort post the day 8/pol/ comes back up just for the lulz
Listen to this nigger

>Are they even planning to migrate the /pol/ board?
Fuck if I know, it's almost disturbing how /pol/ is not mentioned once.
I hope however, they migrate it just last when 8kun is stable again. Would likely crash the entire site if we flocked back lol
>Would likely crash the entire site
You have a point, I didn't consider this.
Probably not. The Q movement aside from being an obvious psy-op is a cash cow. Jim is going to milk and already has. They are already selling fucking 8kun T-shirts.
>Would likely crash the entire site if we flocked back lol
fuck it, pol served its purpose. now we are all spread out on other platforms. let it stay dead
But it would probably be another false flag like the last ones. The jews are so creative.
(40.10 KB 640x345 honk world.jpg)
8/pol/ had more quality posts and had more information at hand. I missed it compared to 4cuck. I remember when 8chan got shutdown and most of the r/t_d cuckservatives where saying 8chan 'fedposters' werent welcome either as a shitpost or being serious. It is sad it had to go.
new clearnet , tho im not sure it works

tor still good

no pol, tho. fuck

some more up to date on 8ch status disc here
>The deadline for legacy board migration is December 2. If you are a BO of a legacy board, please get in contact to get that migrated before December 2. After December 2, claims will be enabled for legacy boards. Legacy board claims will be tentatively available until December 9.
>Legacy board
what does it mean?
I would think they mean all the boards that existed on 8chan. not all of the old BO's have reported so far, so you might claim one of these for yourself
>Tor can be shut down at will site-wide
>whole boards can locked down in case of (((emergencies)))
>no /pol/
>IPs confirmed as being harvested after Earnest shooting
I’m not going back. The webring and here work fine and are more decentralized in general. Plus the worst cancer is stuck over on Cuckchan
I agree with you overall, but just like with cuckchan we should still keep on eye on 8kun too.
>not going back
but we need you there. how can we expect to change course if we retreat to places like this.
give it a chance man, bluethe jew is doing quite nicely on 4cuck right now and would even better on 8/pol
Despite my post I’ll probably post on it as long as it has /pol/. If it doesn’t it’s not worth my time. Plus we know some real deal people like Tarrant posted there so I can’t miss out, even though I won’t touch that shit without six gorillion proxies
Fuck me, some people really want to go to b8kun?
It’s like they want to post in a honeypot or something
One can lurk without posting, for informative reasons.
It's the end of the imageboard's era. 8chan's ending was a show o force directed at the likes of us.
(1.04 MB 320x180 containment.gif)
(((They))) have no idea what they've just done.
>Board creation will be opened again sometime this weekend. Legacy boards will not be available to claim in the board creation process until migration stage2 is finished. There will be a simple vetting process for new board creation to help pre-empt the creation of illegal boards.

>Board migration stage 2 will start on December 2. Claim requests will be opened to migrate and become board owner of legacy boards that are not migrated in stage 1.

even if, what's your answer? unplug from the internet? In this day and age you can never be sure anywhere. just don't post anything illegal if you're worried.
from codemongo's twatter

>Board creation is available now. Please let me know if you encounter any bugs while trying to create a board.

>There are still some lingering issues with querystring parsing that could cause this type of bug. Aiming to have that fixed in the next day or two.
Kek it doesn’t work at all, I just tried to reclaim my board, and that failing, tried to create a board with a crazy name to make sure it wasn’t ever a real thing and I got the same error. 8kun is a disaster
to be fair, (((they)))'re throwing anything but the kitchen sink at 8kun, so it stays offline.
Recreating your board is a manual process, they have to put it back after your request. I think they have some way of authenticating you also.

I'm sure it is a mess. /pol/ won't be back until at least after the "second migration" codemonkey mentioned on twitter. It is Dec 6 IIRC.
>Phase two of board migration will need to be tentatively delayed a week. We are having trouble getting all the phase one requested boards migrated over in time.
uhm yeah, kay

>Just saw some news that Hiroyuki's appeal to the Japanese supreme court was rejected
does anybody know what's the issue here?

no /pol but there's uhm /pnd
still this verifying your browser crap, tho not on Tor
any thoughts on /pnd except muh honeypot?
fuck forgot source, greentext is from codemonkey's twitter
>any thoughts on /pnd
Never been there
>any thoughts on /pnd/
Nope I don’t browse honeypots
(452.50 KB 1264x1400 ron8kun:pol:.png.png)
>Ron testing some literal who "homemade" blockchain for archival purposes

/pnd/ is glorified /pol/ according to http://archive.li/lP38q
>"I feel like the despair and madness could crush me."
>"8kun is full of fantasies of the coming “boogaloo”"
>"All of this would be bad enough"
>"chilled me to the core"
delicious jew tears, so salty


Captcha (required for reports and bans by board staff)

no cookies?