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(40.27 KB 680x452 angrywomenandcat (1).jpg)
Holocaust Meme Thread Anonymous 08/12/2019 (Mon) 20:51:31 Id:49caa7 No. 583 History File history
Since this board is picking up I thought id post the first one of these to give us all a good laugh at the greatest tragedy to never happen.
(293.49 KB 750x400 1556014014479.jpg)
Good data. Thanks. Excellent tie in at the bottom.
(492.53 KB 1024x768 sowhyweretheyincamps.png)
(182.83 KB 640x404 think-about-it-meme.png)
(285.70 KB 726x436 chosen.png)
(185.28 KB 780x506 whosyouremperornow.png)
(140.73 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)

Its unbelievable that the chosen ones expect us to believe the makers of this land excavator invented the gas chamber with the easily breakable glass window.
>implying racism isnt a completely natural thing
>implying even the word racist isnt a bolshevik kike buzz word to shut down legitimate criticism of nigger behavior

Pure. Fucking. Jewish. Lies.
(16.50 KB 300x168 auchwitz.jpg)
le bump
thanks for the new one anon. ill try to make a good image to go with it.
(238.76 KB 960x632 proofthatgaschambersexisted.jpg)
(382.78 KB 750x749 Kim Kardashian Auschwitz.jpg)
(427.41 KB 750x750 Holo Denial.jpg)
The last one has to be redone because of "peddle-driven" - I think I must be dyslexic.
(7.34 MB 294x240 THE_KREGE_REPORT.mp4)
>2nd pic
Should read 'more jews have been inside kim kardashian than inside a gas chamber.
(1.68 MB 640x360 6_GORILLION_GOY.mp4)
(244.41 KB 497x420 1546320515870.png)
(1.88 MB 1920x1080 ABMF.webm)
(139.68 KB 449x392 image0-74.png)
Some of the stuff I've saved so far. Pretty sure I have more, but this shit is so disorganized lol.
(738.20 KB 775x1181 hpjew.JPG)
(408.83 KB 1181x763 welcomeinfestedjewJPG.JPG)
lol IDF kikes are still posting pics of their ugly race mixed mutant women>>1885
(202.79 KB 725x2650 auschwitz.png)
(367.83 KB 850x683 commiecamps.JPG)
(333.91 KB 1024x902 elmorp.jpg)
this is the version i have
(116.33 KB 640x420 Jews in Europe ca 1933.jpg)
Where do they say the exterminated jews came from? If Germany, then obvious BS. If Poland and Eastern Europe? Well it's possible if they were somehow able to suck up 100% of the jews from the region without any escaping, but that's just silly. When I think about...

1. jews who must have escaped Europe
2. jews the Nazis must have missed
3. jews who were captured but didn't go to the "death camps"
4. jews who survived the "death camps" (they keep popping up somehow)

...it's just baffling to me. How could the 6 million number possibly be true? How does such a crippled myth stay alive for so long??
(3.46 MB 640x360 hardknocklife.webm)
(450.66 KB 720x404 ImaJew.webm)
These memes suck. Where's the sopranos memes?
>>12762 moar


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