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File: 1556577565150.png (31.15 KB, 250x106, 1556429209402.png) ImgOps Google

75a5a No.6126[Last 50 Posts]

Objective: Flash propaganda, targeting normies

The goal is to make short videos, around 10 seconds or so. Start if off with a meme, whatever is popular at the time. Or something triggering, anything that will gather views. Then instantly transition into the hardest hitting redpills you can find. Visuals are key. For example, you start off with your meme then instantly cut to one of the videos of the yids preforming a circumcision and sucking the baby's bloody penis. We can flood the net with these, stealth redpills. The shock value of an image like that will be hard to ignore. At the end of the clip, you can provide a link to further redpills.

We should pool our thoughts together to make the hardest hitting propaganda possible. Post ideas and potential targets for the operation.

a57de No.6127

Gas chambers don’t have wooden doors!

d2d47 No.6128


The first video for the operation is complete. It needs to be dispersed far and wide.

Good idea, we can make that happen.

8abbe No.6132

I’ll spitball with you but a Netherlands Anon and I contributed a good amount of ideas and OC in the prev thread prior to deletion. Bummer.

1c5af No.6137

File: 1556589129730.gif (2.27 MB, 296x367, F5690F72-DF28-4C69-A5D0-A6….gif) ImgOps Google

Here’s one

7c24d No.6237

Good work, saved and will be spreading everywhere I can. I like your initiative.

6f420 No.6259

We should meme the fact that the Holobunga is Illegal to question in 80 Countries
Meme about juden being expelled from 109+ countries
Meme about israel being behind 9/11
Meme about Dual Citizens in politics.

b2a40 No.6305

Be good to see some OC, will be able to upload some later tonight hopefully but until then here is a shameless bump to counter the shill threads and posts… check the time in Tel Aviv.

d9e4d No.6319

I know man, the previous thread was off to a great start. Took me a couple days to remake this one, was pretty pissed.

Some ideas from our previous thread.
-Email Virus, mass send the videos

Everything this anon said, as well as jewish role in immigration. See NGOs.
Expanding on that, we can make a video showing why Bowers targeted the synagogue he did…their immigration NGO.

If you need any help tonight I am willing and able.

856c3 No.6327

File: 1556835999403.jpeg (125.68 KB, 715x564, A0656047-AECB-4302-A595-2….jpeg) ImgOps Google

Thanks fren, I didn’t make it though I got it from 4kike

a0005 No.6338

Hey that’s all been me lol was phone posting on the move. But back to business, I think a virus would be too malicious for our cause. But the poster/viral memeage seems okay for now. We should expand obviously with videos but for now the simple pics would be enough to raise some eye brows, rustle some feathers and dismantle the illusion. Normies will act in disgust and reject the message if we don’t convey it properly. IOTBW opened up its own rabbit hole and if we push it like that we should get the gas flowing.

e4a30 No.6342

Very solid points, I think virus may have been the wrong term, I believe the original idea was a mass email spam. I do like your point about IOTBW. Well, we have one very effective video and some ideas for more. We need to start brainstorming effective ways to spread the video to as many normies as possible. We can join popular discord servers, spread it on normie social media.

9c27e No.6343

I was a member of a non siege political organization, before it collapsed into itself I won’t mention the name since it’s not relevant to this. One of the ideas we played with for propaganda, but never went forward on, was finding some community outreach posters and copying the design, putting a QR code on it that linked to a video. Another one was getting a lot of QR code stickers linking to prop videos and finding every day advertisements and sticking them on there making it look like it was part of it. Though you would have to do different styles so normies don’t catch on by the way the sticker looks.

3d3e0 No.6344

In my unofficial trolling (being myself) career online. I find that the most triggered thing you do/say is criticise single mothers & you don't even need to say anything deep or abusive either.

I've been banned from many a dating groups/sites for not wanting to talk to single mothers.. I always ask is there any women here without kids? they soon all come flooding in.. Why do you ask? Why? Why does that matter? They normally ask..

So I tell them the truth. I see single mothers as incapable of maintaining a relationship.. As they have had a child with a guy & couldn't make it work.. So all the thots shout out 'yeah but the ex was a waste of space, doesn't want his child in his life'. So I go.. 'okay' but that's still your fault because you have a bad judgement of character by being with a guy like that, and I believe a child not being brought up in a mother & father household is child abuse as a child needs the stability.
I normally rant on saying so your ex doesn't want his child so what makes you think I do? I don't want to bring up another man's child, I don't want to financially and emotionally support a child that isn't my own, I'm sorry but best of luck, I normally say.

They go ABSOLUTELY APE SHIT. these worthless skanks realise they are at fault and get triggered mad. MAD as hell they get.. the secret is to criticise their bad choices in life as calmly as possible.. You will get the abuse flooding in within seconds.

81384 No.6345

The Netherlands anon posted some pretty good poster prototypes, stuff like
“(((Who))) Imports These ‘refugees’”
“Jewish over representation”
“Dual Citizen - Dual Loyalty”
“Illegal to Question the Holocaust in 80+ Countries”
“Banished from 109+ Countries”
We should capitalize on division and sowing distrust in the juden, israel is a hot topic for left and right. We expose their ties to multicultiglobohomo agenda, 9/11, the Holocaust and so on.

ef5c9 No.6356

Those all sound perfect. I was thinking about how we could best utilize those in a flash operation. We could use the same concept with the bait cover image by using simple gifs. It will work best on platforms that don't autoplay them. We could also make some news headlines, if posters are placed in intelligent locations gathering some media buzz wouldn't be too hard. It's even easier when posting shock images in minority areas. While easier it may not be as effective for professional appearing propoganda with a message that is supposed to provoke some critical thinking. Either way, I've had posters on the news and they only ever censor the organization's name, not the message. Doing our work for us.
We should absolutely set up QR code posters linking to our videos. We can have sleeper posters and attention grabbers. Should seperate the links and pay attention to what gets more traffic if possible.
Well, we could use that to target single mothers. Maybe massages geared towards family or raising healthy white kids. Redpills on interracial rape and domestic abuse as well. I'd rather a white kid to grow up without a father than with a nigger to 'guide' him.

bc83d No.6357

guys im new here and havent seen a single reply to anything ive said yet.

is this place a place of free speach or are the hords following me here by the minute?

6e216 No.6370

I'm currently learning Vegas video, I used it a bit many moons ago out of high school but am relearning so I hope to have some input on this. That said, I like the idea of short impact. Then its okay to be white thing was great, I want simple posters and slogans I can chalk or stencil with spray chalk or print and post that has some impact. Preferably something new that shut heads won't know about like they do with the IOTBW

056ff No.6437

I’m gonna try and get cricking on some MS paint prototypes now that I’m at a desk. Gonna be reallly rough so bear with me. Basically, I just want to get some out into the universe before another Neinchan melt down. Also guys, don’t pay too much attention to the Single Mother copy-pasta. I think they the shills are here and are using derailment tactics like that as well as spamming new threads. One day we will shit their dirty lying jewish mouths.

ac0e5 No.6438

File: 1556880553396.jpg (151.29 KB, 890x1178, antijudenpropprototype001.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Okay, rough draft. Please feel free to edit, save, share. Needs some more professional formatting and any input is appreciated.

6f420 No.6439

File: 1556880998384.jpg (85.54 KB, 914x1178, antijudenpropprototype002.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I know these are laughably bad but it's a start. We're in this together.

6ead4 No.6440

Good work but the big Jew star makes it too obvious what the message is, it needs to be more stealthy.

6f420 No.6441

The star is for the knee-jerk reaction, it's brazen as of now yes but most people (sadly) do not view juden as a separate ethnicity. Merely a poor, persecuted religious sect. I think by including their satanic star we directly call them out and shine the spotlight on them, they will react and cry "anti-semitism" but I want to put them at the forefront of these issues they have created.

53b8e No.6444

What about posting direct quotes from the Talmud, and other Jewish books? No other message aside from the quote, the book and verse. Will posting their own words be seen as anti Semitic?

6fa44 No.6445

No more "stealth", cowards. Get in their fucking faces! Turn up the damn heat on these mother fuckers! They are getting exposed and outted around the world. They are on the ropes, and freaking the fuck out. Get behind the momentum, and move the ball down the field!
No more irrational fear of inferior vermin on the run. Their propaganda should no longer intimidate you. You are Aryan. They are jew.
Shine the Light of Truth on these roaches without apprehension, and without mercy.
The Fire Rises.

4cd4a No.6446

That might be a good idea. We can use the word GOYIM and simply type that up and incorporate it to get people thinking. I'm not too familiar with their texts enough to throw some juicy quotes out just yet.
I very much agree with this, we start slowly with a postering, posting and information based campaign. Once every race realizes (((who))) is truly behind the awful shit in the world then we can effectively challenge them.

Pre-heating oven to 420!

3b874 No.6447


4cd4a No.6448

File: 1556895373674.jpg (36.77 KB, 602x522, antijudenpropprototype003.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Goyim is a disgusting word. It shows their blatant hate for us and we can use it to awaken their brainwashed golems.
Juden have done well keeping themselves (to the outside eye) separate from the degeneracy they push. They love to divide us, black white, right left, gay straight etc…
However, they have left out Jew v Goy intentionally, let's thrust it back at them.

75a5a No.6449

It’s not eye catching enough
Use this, paste quotes, with only the name of the book and verse. For now, a big kike star will automatically tell people the post is antisemitic, however if you post quotes of their holy books saying the goyim are like dung, and Christ is boiling in excrement (both in the Talmud) it will pique their curiosity. Many times they may think it’s from the Quran at first, and look it up only to find it was written by their (((greatest ally)))

6fa44 No.6450

File: 1556896056839-0.jpg (27.12 KB, 500x520, NOAshkanazi.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1556896056839-1.jpg (43.52 KB, 500x684, ENOUGH!.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1556896056839-2.jpeg (85.13 KB, 500x1033, NOMORE!.jpeg) ImgOps Google

Pull no more pulled punches, anons.
Get in their filthy rat faces, and never let up!
Can you feel it? We have finally hit the global tipping point.
There are enough now fully aware of the jew. The rest of the lemmings will do what lemmings do best.

d521e No.6452

You are right it’s not eye catching at all, it is a rough draft after all. I see your point, we don’t want to come off as frothing at the mouth Ebil Nazees. In the last thread, another anon suggested NOT doing anything that requires the normies to do their own research so maybe I was following that mindset. I’ll do some refinement thanks for your feedback. Boot up Paint or Gimp and help me out.

01acb No.6457

I’m mobile posting but I have overedit, I’ll see if I can dig out a few designs when I go into break

ac0e5 No.6459

Here my current play on that approach. Wanted to throw the (((parentheses))) in there but idk how the Gen Pop reacts to that, so I went with the ? flag for some visual flair.

ac0e5 No.6460

File: 1556899773810.png (13.49 KB, 602x522, antijudenprop004.png) ImgOps Google

hurr fucking durr

c66fc No.6484

File: 1556920941556.jpg (73.28 KB, 531x592, watchMoviesupdate.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Probably need to verify the verses are in the Talmud. Some of those books aren't in there and the ones that are don't say what that site says.

4af56 No.6485

Probably best we not use talmudunmasked for risk of looking like morons/cultists.


056ff No.6490

Why would you care about what kikeapedia says? We want to expose people to the juden and their lies.

056ff No.6519

Daily bump. Really want to get this ball rolling. Do your part anons!

04224 No.6566

File: 1557071861695-0.png (203.84 KB, 2550x3300, DualCitizenship3.png) ImgOps Google

File: 1557071861695-1.png (253.62 KB, 2550x3300, HelpingRefugees.png) ImgOps Google

File: 1557071861695-2.png (188.86 KB, 2550x3300, Civilized.png) ImgOps Google

Here's some of what I posted to the old thread…

ef803 No.6590

Effort-poster deep in enemy territory, show yourself to us!

Drone drops flyers with swastikas outside Ariana Grande concert, fundraiser dinner in Sacramento

3b04e No.6591

File: 1557077673045.jpg (106.85 KB, 660x761, circus2.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I remember!
>DUBS m'ninja!

3b04e No.6592

File: 1557077879456.png (315.87 KB, 500x726, f'realdoh?.png) ImgOps Google

I said DUBS, NINJA!!!

ef38f No.6593

File: 1557079421052.png (245.27 KB, 2550x3300, WhoRulesOverYou.png) ImgOps Google

Woo dubs. Rolling again.

6a81f No.6650

Great work in here anons, apologies for my delayed response I've been dealing with some problems in my personal life. Too many posts to adress in one response so I'll cover the main things I feel need to be said.
I do need to highlight this post. Sieg Heil! We are on the same track. As I called for in my original post, we need the hardest hitting propoganda. We are holding no punches. Do you want total war? I sure as hell do. We are going to gas light these fucking yids.
Spreading light on the term goyim is a solid plan, we need to turn that into a video as well. Maybe whites slaving away in a coal mine with 'GOYIM' over the video, then cut to a fat kike porn producer with a quote.
Great posters, saved. I want to expand those into 10 second clips.
Link up with me on discord/VC. I would love to work with you. I have zero editing skills, but I'm very good at coming up with concepts and material on the spot.
See previous response, same goes to you

dd555 No.6653

File: 1557111243177.png (2.86 KB, 148x149, jew_weewee_suckie.PNG) ImgOps Google


f788c No.6672

Good to hear from you anons. Total War it is indeed! An idea on the GOYIM campaign We can do a quote by Pope Francis saying some shit like “inside of every Christian is a jew” and directly beneath have ((((their))) quote about “Goyim exist only to serve the Jew“. Also, we can print out a bunch of flyers reading simply “HELLO GOYIM” with the blue border akin to their flag. The jews have fucked over every race, we can make demographic specific propaganda to play on that fracture point.
>white genocide
>nigger slave trade
>refugee influx
>media’s attacks on Christianity
>SHEKELS they steal from the US
the list goes on, sorry for the drunk post, glad the team is back. It’s threads like these where Anons shine, as someone has stated before Nein is a blank slate… there’s a lot of potential here. Be wary the shills, for they’re here as soon as we pick up steam like this.

c66fc No.6674

File: 1557117023036.png (276.17 KB, 643x643, 1488haxxor.png) ImgOps Google

Love the posters but it would be nice if you guys posted some bait videos to slap them onto the end of. Or just tell me what to look for and I'll download them myself.

04224 No.6676

>Also, we can print out a bunch of flyers reading simply “HELLO GOYIM” with the blue border akin to their flag.
Too subtle and I think this doesn't affect anyone in their daily life. You need to make things to relate to the average person. How do jews affect them in their life? Would they have better marriage prospects? Would they have a family, two cars and a house? Find that hole in the normies heart and blame it on the jew. Because at some level, they are at fault anyway.

bb6b4 No.6677

That is true, fren. I’ll brain storm over it. Looking in my immediate area is the immigration, obviously brought in by the liberal jew. Miscegenation pushed by the media jew. Exorbitant healthcare costs due to the healthcare jew…

f7526 No.6697

It's even better than that, the juden were expelled 1030 times historically, here's a list of each time with reasoning as to why.

7f1f3 No.6704

File: 1557159745259.png (419.82 KB, 468x451, DadMowsLawn.png) ImgOps Google

Taking my own advice…

7f1f3 No.6705

File: 1557159916504.png (419.57 KB, 468x451, FamilyLifeBanned.png) ImgOps Google

7f1f3 No.6707

File: 1557160177010.png (415.12 KB, 468x451, DestroyThePatriarchy.png) ImgOps Google

7f1f3 No.6708

File: 1557160418406.png (424.4 KB, 468x451, FamilyLifeWrong.png) ImgOps Google

7f1f3 No.6709

Ok, taking a break for now, if anyone has any ideas to pull at the heart-strings let me know.

When I get around to it, I'll re-write my introduction to GIMP for wanna-be meme-masters. These take maybe two minutes each to do.

d1c76 No.6719

File: 1557163438262.png (334.46 KB, 419x610, nzcard.png) ImgOps Google


fuk i got banned on pol for a day when i was trying to tell fellow czechbros under brenton tarrant thread about this chan, also this thread's idea is lookin good.

2506a No.6778


bb6b4 No.6806

File: 1557241267155-0.png (717.81 KB, 926x451, WhatHaveWeDone.png) ImgOps Google

File: 1557241267155-1.png (713.95 KB, 926x451, FeminismIsGreat.png) ImgOps Google

I need better captions, not feeling very inspired today.

3581b No.6818

File: 1557244686568.jpg (271.88 KB, 1920x1080, c2c2b29ca815e201afbf550f69….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

We will be getting to work on the GOYIM segment of the operation next, all of you guys put some great material towards that so I want to make it happen.
They don't like shilling for nein on the other chans
I have a few related SOMEWHERE, just spent an hour looking. I will continue to search, but for now pic related. Which way, western man?

7f1f3 No.6824

File: 1557246885558.png (718.43 KB, 926x451, RightChoice.png) ImgOps Google

>I have a few related SOMEWHERE
No caption on that one. Hmm… I'm trying to draw a contrast, the words are just escaping me at the moment.

67ef3 No.6858

File: 1557266328062.png (718.91 KB, 926x451, FutureWeChose.png) ImgOps Google

Meh, not getting inspired yet.

04224 No.6863

File: 1557271006661.png (719.67 KB, 926x451, ThisIsProgress.png) ImgOps Google

Hey, I think I'm getting closer. I like "This is Progress?" Because clearly, it's shitty progress, and it brings to mind "Progressive".

3581b No.6885

Maybe choose an older she creature like that, one close to hitting the wall. She needs to look depressed, which shouldn't be too hard. "Dreaming of better days" or something to the effect, and then phase into the traditional family.

bb7a0 No.6886

>Dreaming of better days
Hmmm, I like that. Show the SJW as unhappy and empty.

64971 No.6905


Potential for a full spectrum of memes.
A question, with the "Progressive" target implied, is genius!
Meme it so.

ec882 No.6906


d744f No.6958

Reminds me of that picture of the degenerate parade and the spider juden in the back. I’m sure you’ve all seen it before. Tranny w legs spread, crossdresssers, the DT balloon. That is an image we can use to our advantage, a manifestation of the judens curse.

e06c6 No.6959

Hell yeah, let's run with "This is Progress?". Good job brother >>6863
Still running with the GOYIM campaign as well. Next time I'm in VC with one of the video editors, we are gonna get something put out around one of these ideas. Keep up the good work goys, keep the ideas flowing.

4ee08 No.6992

need to do videos with subliminal imagery added to the video.
>>a quick image of something pro-white inside a trump video or a bernie video.

8abbe No.6999

Goyim campaign is poster-oriented?

ef38f No.7002

I was thinking last night, "Is this Progress?" could also work. Deciding which I like better. I'll try and get some more OC out today.

fa05c No.7054

NO! Fuck you. I have an '86. I know this is mossad shit. I'll drive my '86 right up your kike ass.

c67c3 No.7070

Shill detected. That’s some good motivation to keep the movement rolling.

a8ae5 No.7075

Aww, I have been noticed by the shills! My skill level must be improving! I have been called mossad a bunch lately.

>be mossad

>job is to go to imageboards
>call other anons mossad
>get sheckles, but still an inbred jew

a57de No.7080

I think they get shekels if you link to their posts so I always avoid directly doing that… man, it must fucking suck to be the kike assigned to the Neinchan. Give ‘em fuckin’ hell tho buddy, I’ve been behind you since day one before the first thread was nuked.

ef38f No.7196

File: 1557583778082.png (1.15 MB, 1567x933, ThisIsProgressMan.png) ImgOps Google

If finding 1940-1950s pictures were easier, these would be a cakewalk to churn out.

ef38f No.7197

File: 1557583901593.png (1.15 MB, 1565x933, ThisIsProgressMan.png) ImgOps Google

Didn't see that gap until uploaded. Better copy.

bb7a0 No.7240

Taking requests. Give me your manliest men and your wimpiest SJWs. The glory of the past, and the degeneracy of the present.

6ce5f No.7267

File: 1557621120222.png (1022.36 KB, 1204x857, OldTranny.png) ImgOps Google


6ce5f No.7269

Google won't show me any pictures when I search for "ugly tranny" - no results. Had to search for positive sounding searches "mature tranny" etc. The things I have seen. Ick. Think I'd rather see gore.

67ef3 No.7623

File: 1557721630804.png (600.02 KB, 728x491, bump.png) ImgOps Google

Some nigger-mod deleted my into to GIMP. So here it is again.

==Bootstrap Gimp Course for Aspiring Meme-Masters==

OK, I use Gimp. It's free, full featured and very mature. It has been around for probably over 20 years. Go download the stable version here:

Open up gimp. First order of business is to change from the stock icon pack to the colored ones.
Edit -> Preferences -> Interface -> Icon Theme
Choose "Color" and click "Ok"

Next, open the Toolbox if it isn't already open.
Windows -> Toolbox

Now, open the Layers window.
Windows -> Dockable Dialogs -> Layers

Find a picture that is crying out for a caption, then follow this guide:

Some hints while you do this. When you are working with the text, especially when you are filling in the border to the text, go to the Layers window, and hide the picture by clicking on the Eye. This will stop any interaction between the Paint Fill tool and the background.

To become quick with Gimp, you need to use the keyboard and scroll wheel shortcuts for navigating the picture.
Scroll wheel -> Moves picture up and down
Shift + Scroll Wheel -> Moves picture left and right
Control + Scroll Wheel -> Zooms in and out

When you think you have a nice meme, shrink the window to thumbnail size and make sure you can still read the text. Shrink the window and then View -> Zoom -> Fit Image in Window. Your goal is to have your text visible in the thumbnail, good for uploading to chans.

When you are done, you want to export to PNG. File -> Export As. Using File -> Save is good to save your layers and edits, but not good for uploading.

So anons, give it a go, I'll be monitoring the thread to answer questions.

c4131 No.7629

File: 1557726122481.png (285.33 KB, 693x709, queenhonklerofclownworld.png) ImgOps Google


15144 No.7646

File: 1557760042598.jpg (859.7 KB, 1920x1080, JUDENWorld.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Good share Anon! Glad you're back.

6ce5f No.7647

Oh, don't want to sign your name to this one HonkHonkler? Quit being a pussy and own it. There's around 10 regular posters on here, between me and the pony posters that's around 4-5 of them. That leaves you obviously a mod, a few others, another mod or two, and an increasingly disinterested board owner.

So, what's your objection to teaching people to meme? Are you controlled opposition? Don't want anons to be effective?

4cd4a No.7649

lolwut? I'm neither con-op or fucking honkler. Been a regular here for a few weeks, man. Even contributed my (horrific) OC ITT and the previous. So I'm exactly your target audience here and very much interested in this effort…

b2a40 No.7650

Oh shit, my bad bud. I thought you were responding to my post (>>7646).
That explains >>7647 , my apologies Anon. Also, Fuck honkler that childish faggot needs to go back to 4chan.

04224 No.7655

>Also, Fuck honkler that childish faggot needs to go back to 4chan
Hehe, he's a mod. Guaranteed. Doubt he's going anywhere.

>Oh shit, my bad bud. I thought you were responding to my post

No worries, I'm glad to have people learning. You should see how shitty some of my early OC was. Heck, I still turn out some shitty OC. I take a shotgun approach, I make all the memes and see what hits the target. Heck, just in this thread, you can see the evolution of my thinking (starting at >>6704 and going from there) about a topic and how to best address it. I racked up nine shitty memes to finally land on a winner.

If you take that approach, it really helps to be very functional in GIMP, I can bang out a new meme in 2-5 minutes. When I started, I was probably around 30-60 minutes per meme.

056ff No.7657

I've just downloaded it now,am at work so I don't quite want to dick around here and have someone see the Windmill of Peace on my computer screen.
Back on topic, with the dancing pissraeli's FOIA reveal I plan on meme'ing up some "Jews did 9/11" type memes. That issue strikes to the core of most Americans, can easily lead into Dual Citizenship (aka Traitorous)Politicians being addressed.

04224 No.7660

>Jews did 9/11" type memes
I don't even think you need to go that far. Just ask why they were dancing. Keep in mind, if you want to make a difference, you are trying to peel off center-normies, not create fan art for the stormfront crowd. Those guys don't need converting. Be thought provoking, but don't go so far that you are immediately dismissed.

It's a delicate balance.

I know some disagree with me, but I take a page from the democrats on this. They don't care about what they are saying being ideologically pure, they generally say what they think is effective, whether they believe it or not.

056ff No.7661

>Just ask why they were dancing
I like this approach. I am still set on a knee-jerk reaction but you are correct in assuming the normies dismissal of such idea. Easier to fool someone than it is to convince them they have been fooled or whatever.

056ff No.7662

File: 1557766300627.png (2.88 MB, 1800x1200, gimppride.png) ImgOps Google

Tried my hand here, didn't name the juden but alas any feedback is appreciated.

9504d No.7668

Damn, that turns the stomach. Definitely effective.

b2a40 No.7670

Thanks fren. Funny thing is, that’s from a tel aviv gay kike parade.

599dd No.7677

Before I was redpilled and before I ever heard any White talking about it I knew a black guy who worked on wall st during 9/11 and he was complaining about how many jews who worked in the WTC didn't go in to work that day. He didn't go as far as flat out saying jews did 9/11, but he was very blunt that it was common knowledge on wall st and that something was definitely not right. Didn't notice people questioning it until a couple years later but I always remember that day and how pissed he was when he was talking about it.

cace6 No.7679


31559 No.7763


7af9a No.7766

Okay so I'm thinking for the next flash propaganda we make one on mass immigration and we show which specific jewish groups are funding/supporting it.
Like for example HIAS, we post a screenshot showing the part where it says 2000 rabbis are in support of mass third world immigration/"refugees" into the west.

8cc10 No.7781

Read this if you wanna get pissed.

8cc10 No.7783

File: 1557944848973.png (331.77 KB, 1200x630, hias_0.png) ImgOps Google

The jewish menace HIAS.

b2a40 No.7807

File: 1557962645544.jpeg (140.13 KB, 1024x541, 5F40B7B8-4548-4A0B-B10C-C….jpeg) ImgOps Google

Nice twin-dubs. I second this, we have to use their offenses against them. Immigration is a key issue. 9/11 too. These will infuriate Americans.

4cd4a No.7813

I’ve successfully redpilled 4 normies with this short film. Adolf Hitler, the Man Who Fought the Bank


3462c No.7814

That’s a nice set you got there, mind if I play with them?

6d1e9 No.7816

Are you a bot or just easily amused?

b7090 No.7821

I’m a very simple anon with time to check digits
I get bored so I mix it up a bit
Beep beep boop boop

50a17 No.7827

Every time he does it, it adds more action to the boards, it's a good thing.

6ce5f No.7831

>adds more action to the boards
Eh. Starting to feel like re-runs.

75a5a No.7844

This board is riddled with stickies, the front page only shows like 2-3 active threads…every time he does this it pushes any real conversation back. Fucking retarded.

ef38f No.7854

checked. Use the catalog, but otherwise agree 100%. I don't know why the catalog isn't the default view.

d9e4d No.7909

What do you think of the Atomwaffen propaganda and the movement itself? I’ve got mixed feelings of them. Too satanic, seems to glow. I do like the skull masks and SOME imagery tho.

8fa42 No.7910

I heard from multiple sources that they got rid of the Satanic element now. Their propaganda is pretty badass.

139af No.7944

Honestly, I stay away from the movements. I have 3 kids I need to support. I can make memes, and will gladly come out of the closet when the bullets start flying. I wish bitcoin wasn't so traceable, I'd some some of these guys some sheckles.

Any movement, imho, if it's not controlled opposition, is at least infiltrated. I have a few buds, maybe 4 or so that are WN and a few others that could go either way (fucking boomers). We don't run ops, but some have helped me with ideas for memes.

Kind of funny, I think the local kids are WN, someone put up some posters in my neighborhood, I can't think of anyone else who would have done it. Based zoomers.

15144 No.8094

I too avoid any pre-existing "WN" orgs. A circle of friends is the best, each individual will/should be dropping irl redpills to the masses on a daily basis. Here in the US, I sometimes feel alone in the struggle…the land has been kiked and niggerfied beyond comprehension. But little by little I have seen at least 4 people affected by my ideologies. It is best to leave little tasty breadcrumbs for them to follow, things like "You know the Holocaust is illegal to question in 80 countries and Florida". Also, pointing out juden where you find them, people are astonished at how many 'fellow whites' appear on the news. Even niggers (who seem to innately admire Hitler) can be used against the jews. "(((Who))) owned the ships that brought the slaves? (((Who))) owns the media outlets that portray blacks as savages?"
Hispanics are undoubtedly incapable of being redeemed. I understand they are just the cudgel that the jew uses to attack us but my hatred for them is only surpassed by my hatred of the filthy subverter kikes.

15144 No.8107

I do think that their image is p badass but it’s a little too eager to attack other whites who have lost their way (racemixers, subverted and communists). I don’t support race mixing at all but they should target the root of the disease, not the symptoms.

e06c6 No.8122

We have some great content already, and more coming very soon. The next stage of the operation needs to be coordinated shilling of these videos. Where will they have the most impact? Who can we target the bait towards?

6f420 No.8143

Normies love mindless click bait, I’ll put more thought into what they share on faceberg. There are different tiers we should appeal to. Boomers being one of them. They are actually quite active on faceberg and constantly sharing pics and vids… Zoomers are already pretty red pilled from my experience, incredibly so, actually. The hardest audience I suppose would be the (((college))) educated crowd (useful idiots). If we target booms n zooms then Mayhaps we will pincer them into a fracture point.

bb7a0 No.8196

>Normies love mindless click bait, I’ll put more thought into what they share on faceberg
I can create memes, but I'm not skilled at all in shilling them. Anyone want to school me on building a sock puppet army?

c4131 No.8210

All of the flash propaganda videos should be posted here in order to keep them all in one spot for easy reference, the operation won't work if they're scattered from one location to another all over the internet.

3581b No.8286

File: 1558228929759.webm (1.19 MB, 1920x1080, funny video.webm) ImgOps Google

3581b No.8287

File: 1558229140382.webm (2.88 MB, 1280x720, funny video2.webm) ImgOps Google

3581b No.8290

File: 1558229324823.webm (1.74 MB, 1920x1080, funny video 3.webm) ImgOps Google

3581b No.8293

File: 1558229536907.webm (2.22 MB, 1920x1080, funny video 4.webm) ImgOps Google

ef38f No.8297

That's some spooky shit. Well done.

ef5c9 No.8449

Those are good targets, let's make it happen.
Awesome work once again brother

6ce5f No.8555

Bump for non-discord thread.

2506a No.8575

I'm going to be working on making some social media accounts today to spread these messages. I'm thinking since we used animal videos as bait, I'll make a fake humane society account or other related 'official' accounr. I feel like that may be effective in driving up views.

fa19f No.8581


6d1e9 No.8658

>fake humane society account
Oh shit. That's hilarious.

Humane Society of East Lebensraum.

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