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Brown haired Male with Blonde Female Miscegenation Anonymous 09/28/2019 (Sat) 19:26:04 No. 6348
we've all become sensitized and aware of miscegenation of whites with the display and forced acceptance of black man blonde white women couples, but another theme i see everywhere is brown haired brown eyed man with blonde haired woman. in most white couples the male is rarely blonde, has miscegenation propaganda been going deeper than we've been discussing? should white males with dark features avoid breeding with white females with fairer features? surely if the white race is in danger of going extinct the nordic peoples are in the most danger.
Triggered Amerimutts with Irish blood in them will be triggered. Irish aren’t white, they are from North Africa, just like how the indo European man conquered the wild Slavs.
Slavs aren’t white.
Irish aren’t white.
Amerimutts are triggered.
Nordic Blonde hair blue eyes are the superior master race.
(16.49 KB 286x176 USblondhairmap.jpg)
(327.54 KB 2000x1545 USavgtemp.jpg)
Your hair color doesn't matter as long as your white. If you are white, your ancestors will have the ability to develop red/blond hair and lighter eyes if the right conditions are met. Only the white race can do this, look at the Innuits or the various mongoloids who live in cold climates - no blonds or gingers amongst them, because they're mongoloids. Even if you are brown-haired, your descendants will develop blond/red hair if they live in colder climates. The scandinavians weren't always all blond-haired and blue-eyed, they had the ability to develop it since they are white and those traits were favored since they live in cold, northern climates. Pic related, check out the US average temperatures map and the rate of blonde hair.
>>6354 stop your low-quality baiting you gay homo
your descendants* i meant, not your ancestors
>Pic related, check out the US average temperatures map and the rate of blonde hair.
pretty much correlates also with the "German belt", German immigrants back then just knew where they would like to settle. in the cold
News flash, most blonde women aren't blonde. They truly lazy ones won't do their eyebrows and it's obvious. During high school, I actually thought that roots grew out brown, there were so many girls with bleached hair.
White peoples have the full range of hair and eye colour, op.
In fact now i come to think of it, brown hair is quite rare amongst mud people.
Brown haired Aryan men breeding with blonde Aryan women can make blonde babies too you idiot. The same as two blondes can make a brown haired baby. It depends on the parents' parents too.
>Blonde hair is recessive
I'm kinda getting sick of this "hurr durr white genes are recessive" meme, it's literally just projection of jews to cope with their vanishing semetic genes being blot out by mixing with europeans.
As a blonde mutt I'll vouch for this. Fake blondes often too lazy to do their eyebrows. Armpits should also be blonde, no brown stubble.
Blonde is recessive, there's nothing wrong with that. It has nothing to do with jews. And I have never met an actual blond jew, I have met some that are bleached, but they usually just go lighter brown, not full aryan blonde.

t. dated a jew in college, went to temple a few times with her, was only blond in the place didn't know any better, dodged that bullet
recessive doesn't mean inferior or worse

there are disease alleles that are dominant, like dwarfism
it could be that there are just not many blond men anymore. also, anyone with an agenda is always going to go nigger with white female, im pretty sure you are just obsessing over nothing. you sound like a nordicist who is jealous of the med master race. it's understandable.
>Nordic Blonde hair blue eyes are the superior master race.
thats not what history or even architecture testify. music either.
still waiting for someone to claim that whites with brown eyes aren't white.
Seriously, whites ability to kick ass is exceeded only by their ability to squabble amongst themselves.
first pic doesn't show blondeness reaching into colder climates. However it shows areas where the percentage of whites is greater and, then again, not much love for Oregon despite the racial and favorable reality of this state.
nope hes right, besides blonde kids often lose their golden hair unless they're very, very blonde to the point of appearing a bit sick.
You should be more worried about rh+ and rh_ people breeding.
>I'm blonde
tits or GTFO
what does any of that even mean?
Argue all you like that different hair colors are different races. However when an Rh+ and an Rh- have a baby it will die without modern medicine. Dying babies is the definition of different species.
You are definitely schizoid amerimutt OP
lol,k, tell me what i did wrong and why.
I'm rh- wife is +,neither one of us are amerimutts.
Not to derail this thread, but the sheer number of women who die their hair blonde was my first big redpill on the WQ. As I started noticing, I realize that there were only two true blonds out of the ~50 girls in my grade, this was a 90% White school too. On top of the, one blonde was fat and the other dyed her hair pink.

I wouldn't bother me so much, except they all thought Hitler was the second worse person to have ever lived (after Trump, but before Lucifer), but here they were dressing up like the Aryan master race. One even got blue eye tinted contacts.

Blood type, rh+ is the normal blood type for 85% of the population as well as most animals. rh- is found in virtually all european royal lines and is correlated with "reptilian" traits, something which will either delight or infuriate you; and apparently it's found in a lot of jews too, but I've only been told that on /pol/ and am still waiting for a source.

>blonde kids
Recessive genes groups seem to be hit by increased DNA methylation harder than dominate ones as we age.
mr. goldblatt will send /pol/ the results of his bloodtest
Literal kike speak with nothing to back it up.
Learn Mendelian genetics. Recessive is a scientific word that doesn't mean what your crude psudo-power politic schizo-world thinks it means.
Cry more Schlomo, your projection will never work on those who already know the truth.
But the baby does not die because the intelligence trait that has evolved in the race saves it
>but another theme i see everywhere is brown haired brown eyed man with blonde haired woman

Learn more about genetics before posting. Ask around in /pdfs/ or whatever the new replacement board for pdfs is for help.

There are 3 original sources of all modern european genes.

1. Paleolithic hunter gather peoples like Western hunter gatherer/ Ancient north eurasian / eastern hunter gatherer / etc. Theres some variety here, but they make up only maybe 5% of the genome, so its largely irrelevant.

2. Anatolian Early Neolithic Farmers. This makes up ~50-80% of the european genome depending on your region. Modern sardinians are apparently nearly 100% ENF.

3. Proto-Indo-European DNA. This can be up to 50% of DNA in some areas.

The phenotypic differences between different European groups come from having 10-20% more or less ENF vs PIE DNA. All Europeans cluster tightly together genetically, and are a distinct group from other world groups.

Your fascination with a minor aesthetic detail like hair color is not arbitrary - vision is the predominant sense that is used in humans, and we have evolved to use differences in appearance as in-group/out-group markers.

However, visually detectable differences are among the least genetic differences between different groups - differences in metabolism, immunity, central nervous system and cognition, organ function, etc are all far larger than aesthetic differences even among groups that look wildly different.

Anyhow, my point is that D&C shilling over something as inconsequential as hair color is really stupid. Two siblings can have different hair color, and are far more genetically similar than two strangers with the same hair color.

You are very closely genetically related to all europeans regardless of hair color, and are far less closely related to non-european groups. Stop pushing D&C shilling, and do something useful with your time, like a charity that distributes birth control to africa.
On top of that, both brown and blonde hair are derived from the same light variation of melanin. Black hair (not very dark brown) comes from the dark variation found in niggers and gooks.
> irish aren’t White!!!
Cool fanfic Turbo sperg =)
>derived from
You need to draw a line somewhere. Hair color seems like a good line. With broader lines, you could get something along the lines of round eyes or hairy arms expanding the acceptable marriage bracket far beyond what it should be (same eye and hair colors).

You are failing to grasp what being European is - an entire genome.

The arguments for and against using hair color as a indicator of "White or not" basically break down into:

Arguments for:
>Hair color is easily observable
>Usually blond people have a large amount of european dna

Arguments against:
>The majority of genetic europeans do not have blond hair
>Hair color is a purely aesthetic gene and doesn't really affect anything other than looks

Muh blond hair is a jewish hollywood meme to make ebil natzees look silly.
>D&C shilling over something as inconsequential as hair color is really stupid
Nordicists is a nutshell
Y'all faggots posting in a slide thread


no cookies?