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(313.21 KB 848x844 macron_stance.jpg)
Macron Weakened Anonymous 09/29/2019 (Sun) 19:04:34 No. 6437
The Rothschild's globalist puppet has taken so much heat from the Yellow Vests movement, the whole world, Trump, Bolsonaro, etc that he's changing his stance on globalism.
Look, Merkel used to say the same shit when needed (usually around election time) but basically all the millions nogs that are there are noit going to disappear anytime soon.
These vermins will say anything if they can gain something from it.
the gop becomes nazis 2 weeks before the election
like when trump made that speech about the bankers in august of 2016
> tough rhetoric on migration
> endorses Spain's communist gov and Italy M5 + PD alliance for more globohomo migration
> Shilled Marakesh declaration with as little public exposure as possible, which set up a legal pathway for the rapefugees to flood in

This guy is a traitor to everyone except the upper elite profiting off of globalism. If you do not belong to that elite you're getting fucked worse than any other politician could fuck you over. He also has worse administrative skills than Trudeau which is quite an accomplishment.

It's been a popular strategy for center parties around election time to talk tough about migration and globalism. Then they form a coalition and the same agenda continues of more globalism and more society shaping of a wealthy (often jewish) upper class, no middle class and a very big lower class.
Macron is just another enabler of the Kalergi plan. Daily reminder these are the people who visited Epstein's island (and other places) and have sold their souls to the (((devil)).
Supporting the police state doesn't make you a brave man. Defending tyranny just means that you are a disgusting coward and traitor.
(71.29 KB 868x600 guillotine.jpg)
When are they gonna cut Macron's head off?
>trusting a politician
I give the same amount of hope to this that I do Trump when he promises to actually do something good nowadays
This is true. Merkel said back in 2010 that multiculturalism in Germany has failed. Five years later, flood of millions arrive in Germany.
Don't forget that snipers were aimed at police in case they defected and joined the protesters. It's great to see so-called "liberal" democracy finally drop its mask.
(734.93 KB 1224x1213 france.jpg)
They are trying to boil the frog a bit longer, no matter which politician wins, the plan does not change. It's been like that for several decades all over the world. Even if France completely stopped any immigration tomorrow, they are still on a demographic death row.

Delay tactics and placation. He hasn't changed his stance on shit.
I don't believe that at all. Sounds like a narrative cooked up for police sympathy.
honestly zog tactics shouldnt suprise you. germany is ran by a former stasi commie... they machinegunned people for trying to leave to west berlin
>they machinegunned people for trying to leave for West Berlin
In hindsight, they were doing them a favor.
(367.95 KB 1561x882 capitalism east germany west.jpg)
>In hindsight, they were doing them a favor.
This. Merkel said in 2010 that multiculturalism had failed in Germany. Nine years later, has multiculturalism stopped in Germany? No.

I don't think so. There are potential rogues in every organization, police are no different. This is why I'm not afraid of glows, let them monitor us, and I'll continue to let them know that they're defending a criminal ruling class, and that they should seriously reevaluate what they're doing on their coffee break munching on stroopwafels, because it certainly is not in favor of the population of the people.

>honestly zog tactics shouldnt suprise you. germany is ran by a former stasi commie...
I know she was a member of the Freie Deutsche Jugend, apparently, she declined a position in the Stasi, but I can't really believe that. The Stasi spied on everyone, it was far more of a surveillance organization than the Gestapo ever was.

Beat me to it. Herbert Smagon is truly a man of great art, and I consider that piece his magnum opus. Is he still alive? I read that he was born in 1927.
>continue to let them know that they're defending a criminal ruling class
I think you're underestimating how many of them understand that because they come from that same class or close enough to it that their futures are linked. I don't trust anons who look at everything from WWI on and still have trouble coming to conclusions about the security state.
Not to defend the commies, but the DDR was pretty much a White ethnostate compared to the modern unified FRG today. Plus, I've been told that refrigerators that were produced in East Germany still work and function today, that's quite something compared to the consumerist throw-away economy of today where you buy a new phone every two years, and things don't last. It doesn't hold a candle to Natsoc Germany, of course.
In a Commie society, wasting resources on something like a refrigerator is a burden the state can't constantly be dealing with so they have to be made to last. In a capitalist society, a refrigerator that lasts that long means you don't have a repeat customer.

"The Light bulb Conspiracy" is a good movie to watch on this.

Oh, I know. The National Socialists also had a similar outlook. Varg, in one of his videos before YouTube had his channel banned showed a small box trailer of his that was built in Natsoc Germany in 1938, and it worked quite well. All it needed was new tires.

>"The Light bulb Conspiracy" is a good movie to watch on this.
Indeed, I saw that documentary on Voat back when that site was still public. The Phoebus cartel was really the genesis of modern planned obsolescence. Things were still made pretty good, and made to last even in the capitalist countries during the 1920s. But if course, that's no longer the case today. Everything has been Phoebus cartel'd, and if you want some sort of quality that will last, you're going to have to do a lot of searching on the Internet, and pay quite a bit of money.
>White ethnostate
former DDR territory is the last territory where real non-mixed non-pozzed Germans live

not just that, literally everything. The modern crap breaks down within a year but to be fair here, it wasn't until the seventies in Western Germany that things went downhill

>It doesn't hold a candle to Natsoc Germany
the DDR, by appearance, was that NatSoc would've been without war.

t. former East German
>boomerbot is still here on sunday

all so tiresome
the fact that most of humanity doesn't know there is a ruling class, or doesn't believe it, is why we are slaves. there has never been a democracy on this planet in anything other than local elections.

france, sweden, us, uk etc are all ruled by people who are drastically different from us. they are groomed from childhood to be slavers. they act in concert. there are no coincidences, and these people are not dumb or incompetent, it's that they really are evil and trying to fuck you over. immigration is their greatest weapon and diversity is their greatest strength. people who think trump is a patriotic rogue billionaire are too dumb to be speaking publicly.
Why are they all fat
They consume a lot of HFCS foods.
(315.39 KB 400x537 Breivik_Sankt Anders.png)
>they are groomed from childhood to be slavers.
God bless Saint Breivik
Maybe crime is at an all time high because everything is illegal.


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