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File: 1557381868694.jpg (13.34 KB, 480x360, 1539142539445.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

e158f No.6961

Honest question /pol/ do you think Western civilization is doomed or is there still a chance to save it?

ed360 No.6962

As long as even one of us still breathes there is a chance.

66a89 No.6964

Doomed, but it's a good thing.

47376 No.7133

White people are being refined in this crucible of multicultural mud. The "impurities" are just beginning to melt away. If you think all whites are gonna go along with their destruction, you really underestimate them. The weak ones are falling off, yes, but that makes the white race stronger. Read the other thread that talks about external pressures improving a population. We whites haven't had a real existential pressure applied to us since before the industrial revolution,maybe way before. Before long, the vast majority of whites will be racially aware and they will be a force to he reckoned with. Any naysayers totally underestimate whites; it hasn't even gotten bad yet and a ton of whites have already awoken. Just watch.

a05bf No.7270

People often confound western civilization with the white race. The civilization can die long before the race. Whites (the race) cannot thrive without whiteness (the culture). High, white culture is dead, and white people are so used to it being gone they no longer recognize it when they see it; when they do see it, it appears and feels foreign to them.
In a nutshell, even if I could wave a magic wand and make all non-whites disappear, there wouldn't be any point; since whatever was left would be essentially niggers and jews with white skin.
Sorry for the blackpill.

a05bf No.7271

*conflate western civilization

4b38e No.7298

File: 1557623789107.jpeg (89.26 KB, 1600x936, crispr.jpeg) ImgOps Google

Only CRISPR can save the West (and the world) from mulattofication.

Basic Mathematics:

1) 1 billion Africans, 2 billion Asians, 1 billion Indians, 500 million Hispanics, 500 million Arab/Muslims. There are only 300 million whites in the whole world, and the Anglo-Saxons are even fewer people.

2) UN calling for end of borders and globalism

3) MSM pushing miscegenation

4) Feminism

5) Porn, Traps, Lesbianism

6) Abortion (and only in white countries)

7) Blacked-like productions everywhere

8) Cucks, gamers, MGTOW, etc

9) Socialism as regular education at schools

10) African women have 5 children on average

11) Jewish subversion in every country

12) All races go for white woman in first place

13) "Race doesn't exist" ideology at schools

14) Censorship of pro-whiteness

15) "Huwhites" (castizos, mestizos) going to Germanic-founded countries by the millions

As you can see, without CRISPR there's no escape for white people in the long run - specially for the pure blooded from German stock.

Only CRISPR can save this far.

4b1fc No.7606

File: 1557711217999.png (203.01 KB, 206x604, kingofthehill.png) ImgOps Google

Sweden is his hair.
Latvia are his sunglasses.
Hinds feet.
Arms crossed in the sea.
Wearing a hunter s thompson red woolen jacket.
Dale Gribble Beast mode.

4b1fc No.7607

File: 1557711440171.jpg (8.8 KB, 160x239, dale.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Albania is the lit cigarette.
Like looking in the mirror with no hat.

4b1fc No.7608

oh yeah and malta is literally the beer in his hand

602b2 No.7613

600 million whites*

602b2 No.7614

You assume that all of the other races, every single member are going to move to the west.

f510f No.7630

File: 1557728570662.png (104.47 KB, 329x346, C14571A6-81BF-4B0A-B47C-63….png) ImgOps Google

d620a No.7637

The most important is that they can't get us all, but we can get them all. Time is alaways on our side, since the parasites that drain their victims too much die with them.

I've an idea that zionism is the attempt of the jews to become self-sufficient, but they simply aren't this kind of organism.
If you are that much attached to the western civilization, remind yourself that eventually it must go! We can't avoid the course of the Kali Yuga, but we must become the new men for the golden age after it!

d620a No.7638

Yes, exactly, this is just a process to our evolution. Becoming subversion proof is the next step that will coronate the white man with the levels of self awarness no creature developed until now!

7b5a9 No.7654

I've considered this before and I think it's a very real possibility. If true, we're the ones tasked with the most difficult and painful part of the process, and I also think failure is a very real possibility.

af167 No.7732

Failure is most definitely a real possibility. Matter of simple fact, the odds are not in our favor.

…that's why we're going to be victorious.

5cb39 No.7758

So you asked: Is Western Civilization doomed?

The quick answer to this is: Yes

The REAL answer is: No. You see Anon, all Civilizations go through a life cycle. Western Civilization has reached it's end, but there can be a reset in the cycle that will happen through the means of what the neo-reactionaries want: a return to tradition. However, in the moments that we find ourselves in, it is nearly impossible to return now. The only way to save the West; the only way we can restart the cycle, is through a means of a civil war (the HAPPENING).

2bd6a No.7759

File: 1557920038805.jpg (65.95 KB, 600x719, Hard Times.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

and now we are in the Hard times stage.

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