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(27.05 KB 780x405 Stephan Balliet.jpg)
germany 1488 10/10/2019 (Thu) 14:51:23 No. 7371
Can someone please tell me about the Stephan Balliet dude. He failed but had a great motiv. I have seen alot of hate to him just cuz he failed, i dont think we should hate on him cuz its the
thought that counts. Lets praise him like we do to Philip Manshaus! Remember he is one of us
(107.11 KB 1106x649 dsdsdsdsdsdsd.jpg)
Dont get me wrong. It was a big failiure!
Dude was a murderer who shot random people including the cops after he couldn't enter the Synagoge. Total loser.
>Remember he is one of us
>Can someone please tell me about the Stephan Balliet dude.
Some discussion here
(532.36 KB 2518x1024 1570649198404.png)
Plenty of discussions about this guy on cuckchan.
Of course everybody is shitting on him, even worse than Manshaus because at least we couldn't see the video of Manshaus getting beaten by the muzzies, this german dude instead managed to make a video of his failed attempt.
There was absolutely no need to shoot those random krauts, he could have just vandalized the synagogue and spare life in jail for those useless murders.
Only positive thing out of this is the increased acceleration - with media in full meltdown mode as they see yet another Tarrant copycat 7 months after Christchurch - and the certainty that the fire the Saint from Grafton ignited is still rising.
>He failed
depends on viewpoint
his immediate tactical goals were mostly not achieved
on a strategic level, well, you just have to read German media, total win. He couldn't have achieved more even had he managed to burn the fucking synagogue to the ground.
(12.49 KB 187x315 1570631053761.jpg)
German neighbour country here.
Media are also reporting this very extensively here.
Don't recall this type of coverage for Bowers or Earnest, and they both managed to kill actual kikes.
He failed his mission but the shitstorm he caused is truly out of proportion in my opinion.
He didn't even have real guns.
The german bro had a plan but failed and was unprepared, and in shock and stress did some random shit he probably regret later, not to mention he had shit homemade guns. But if some lone wolves are gonna continue, here is lessons learned, don't make homemade guns or make them better than german anon, always have plan B and if you are gonna shoot up a building, read up online it's praying hours or something, and scout it irl before >>7388
>homemade guns
I'm honestly surprised they worked that well. The shotgun was pretty good and even the Luty gave some nice bursts, although at the wrong target.
I always thought these manuals where just some LARP nigger tier shit that would explode in your face immediately but I see actually potential here.
Also make sure doors aren't locked... Both that guy and Manshaus failed because of a locked front door. Earnest failed because he didn't know how to handle a gun malfunction.
Just found this picture of the guy on the daily beast
It seems that the guy was user of Kohlchan, a left-leaning chan, from Germany (now gone or like gone, I guess).

Normal chans are forbidden in Germany (and in many countries in Europe).

Kohlchan was NOT even based, but full of porn, music, real faggotry allowed, loli shit, etc. It had just a mod-free "/int" category in English where people could tell some truth there.

Most of these "evil guys" are just regular guys that realize how Jews ruin everything and everyone and the Jewish media covers it all up with "narratives", nothing to do with "terrorists".

Sometimes I have the impression that even Hitler was just a based regular guy back in 1920 and after so much Jewish war shit for years in a row he got extremist'ed about everything.

Sometimes I'm sure of that, the bizarro world is too much to take.
>including the cops
Killing random civilians is wrong, but don't think ZOG-enforcers are your friends just because they occasionally kill niggers in the US.

Cop worship is one of the worst cancers on the right.
>The german shooting footage is illegal in NZ.
Fuck this shithole
Police and the army are nothing but an occupying force. They make you pay taxes (tribute) and are no different than a foreign occupational force.
All of you sick bastards need to be arrested for terror propaganda
sorry man, your country has been ZOGged hard and fast, it sems.

get fucked subhuman nigger.
this is called free speech.

He looks like Jew. Self hating perhaps?
I don't think so.
You can clearly see he is literally a random anon with nothing to lose who thought he could get a score.
His parents declared to media that he had health problems and that he was isolated.
every time ... even in the 1930s only about 30 percent of Germans looked what you would call Aryan. But in fact the German people is made up of five main races, the Nordic being just one of them.
So his broad round head looks pretty Saxon (as in the ancient tribe) and common for what part of Germany. It's actually only one of two regions in Germany with a proven genetic continuity to the days of Arminius.
>inb4 Russian rapebaby
99 percent were aborted
>health problems
building all this elaborate kit by himself while fucking up the most basic of practical tasks is kind of a giveaway
No, problems to his stomach.
stomach problems especially in that age come often from psychological issues
That's a possibility.
Was just reporting what I read on some article.
I have two questions:
1.A fatty woman he rekted was a white or jewess ?
2.A man he rekted was a white or kebab ?
Woman white
lol German media and politicians are like

>a new age in Germany
>everything is different now
>a new epoch
>muh Hitler

by this standard fail anon is a 12/10 now
Both white

This is frankly pathetic, I mean this guy didn't even manage to reach those jews and media go meltdown.
Based Stephan Ernst manages to shoot in the head a prominent politician and what's the coverage?
>1.A fatty woman he rekted
I guess fat shaming has evolved in 2019.
example of some headlines?
Of course, hes white, whites are bad n nazis, the muslim that stole a truck 2days prior and killed ppl while yelling allah akbar had a bare midday of coverage.

Regardless this showed some zogbots that were made out as heroes before.

Theres this cunt called Maaßen, he was anti refugee and was sacked by Merkel and everyone outside of the media praised him as Hero.
Now that zogbot is saying how "otakus" are at fault, white men infront of their computers "chatting" are the new terror threat.
Something similar happened in France where a muslim convert working for the government killed some collegues, media try to spin it as not related to islam.
Today a nigger in Manchester stabbed random people in a mall, media barely report it.
It's so clear what these kikes do.
>"otakus" are at fault, white men infront of their computers "chatting"
well, then I have bad news for Germany, thanks to Merkle there's now a nice surplus of two million young men who have literally no other choice than becoming otakus, too
Stephan Balliet told investigators and his lawyer that after his plan to storm the synagogue failed, he was overwhelmed and his plan went off the rails. He said "I killed people that I did not want to hit" and regrets this.

>Nachdem Balliets Plan, in eine Synagoge in Halle (Saale) einzudringen, gescheitert war, sei er nach eigenen Worten "überfordert" gewesen und sein Plan sei "aus dem Ruder gelaufen", erklärte sein Anwalt. [...] Nach Angaben seines Verteidigers erklärte Balliet gegenüber dem Ermittlungsrichter des Bundesgerichtshofs: "Ich habe Menschen getötet, die ich nicht treffen wollte." Nach den Worten seines Anwalts bedauere er dies und hoffe, dass die schwerverletzten Personen, die er bei seiner Flucht angeschossen hatte, überleben werden.

what more needs to be said than trashman.jpg

I hope it was fake is all
While I believe him, I think he shouldn't say anything. Unless we take over he'll be put behind bars until he dies. Should've anhero'd guns blazing while he still could
It is awfully convenient that hours after German police began another campaign to stifle discontent over yet another terrorist attack, this individual happens to target a synagogue during a significant period for the chosen.
Balliet escorted into court

Look how many cops just to escort the handcuffed guy. Meanwhile it took them half an hour to reach him during his rampage in Halle.
>focused on removing the most universally hated group of invaders
That would be kikes, not muslims. As much as I respect Tarrant and dislike muslims, he should have went after kikes.
You are very wrong, the most hated are the muslims because they are openly violent barbarians. The majority of people have no clue about the JQ.
>The majority of people have no clue about the JQ.
The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.
whar a jerk
(4.02 MB 640x360 If_I_were-the_devil.webm)
I know
German Jewish MSM is like le ebil nazi goys talk about the attack and rate it ... made my laugh

not archived cuz paywall and worthless to read, anyways
>Im rechtsextremen Netz
>Von Christina Brause, Alexej Hock, Heike Vowinkel <-kike whores
>Im Internet tauschen sich Neonazis über Attentate aus – und vergeben Punkte dafür, wer die meisten Menschen tötet.

tl;dr MSM needs 3 (((people))) to write an article that is literally made by copypasta'ing what they read on chans

>ebil nazis
Sorry I don't speak kraut.
>Sorry I don't speak kraut.
...YET!! ahahaha!
jk, you don't need to read the article, the gist is already in that anon's post
(2.02 MB 2448x3264 the face of a neet.jpg)
>moon man on the hat
Probably if he didn't stream the whole thing it would have been better for him.
I mean, the very first pictures that circulated before anons shared the twitch stream looked pretty bad ass.
Imagine if Earnest and Manshaus streamed their failed attacks, the effect would have probably been the same.
(149.84 KB 1217x768 albert-pike.jpg)
I think he was talking about you incels
Take your meds schizo.
You caused this, remember that.
That's not even well written
Of course young men are becoming terrorists because they are sick and evil, not because society has completely gone down the shitter.
Remember: The Jews cries in pain while he strikes you.
erfurt school shooter > balldiet
Poor planning, poor execution, good effort with the smg but ultimately an absolute failure. The lesson here is to have a plan B. He threw his life away for nothing.
Erfurt dude killed basically at random and had real guns

>for nothing
there is a massive political fallout and media hysteria. He couldn't have achieved more if he had actually killed jews instead of Germans
>shit homemade guns
I have to say I was impressed with that. It seems to me that he should have tested them first, and then maybe made a second batch of guns.
>massive political fallout and media hysteria

It lasted like for a week. Nobody talks about it today anymore. Even most far rights activists openly distanced themselves and preached their followers how violence is bad and shit.
The guns were good. Australian cops have published a video showing a Luty in action and it's amazing.
Problem was likely his ammo. He used potassium chlorate/sugar for the propellant and it gummed up the chamber pretty fast. Should've used ground charcoal instead of the sugar.
Bowers was better
What you say is flat out nonsense.
Just in the last days some new law package was signed just because of Halle and of course it was talked about again. Every time a political discussion about the right comes up, that is daily in Germany, somebody will mention it and you wonder why even far-right activists denounce this.
Dude killed two Germans and regardless of that expressing any sympathy for acts like that is simply illegal.
That being said how many far-right activists do you know to make any claims about what they think?
Killing 11 jews is always better than 2 White people
Does anyone has the whole video of the livestream?
>proceed to shoot random old lady
>>moon man on the hat
Patrician taste, at least.
I want to sympathize with this guy but he shouldn’t have started gunning down White people when his plan failed
>plans to remove juden und kebab
>kills 2 germans instead
the absolute state of german autism

Then you should look up Marcel Hesse. He murdered a 9 years old german boy and a 20 years old autistic german worker.
(607.07 KB 1600x1000 balliet.jpg)
Saved. I only wished that his performance was as good as his looks out there on the streets. I remember when I first saw these photos that I thought this would be huge news with a good score based on looks alone. Sadly looks deceive
Same here.
If he didn't start the livestream we'd have never seen how things went (the wooden door, him getting nervous and then shooting those randos).
It would have been better for his self-pride, now he is famous as doorcuck.
I consider him good example of what not to do. I don’t hate the guy and he has balls for trying in the first place but I do think he is cringy retard.
He definitely had balls for getting in a shootout with ZOGbots. I don’t know if I could do that, but I live in the USA where they’re heavily armed. He should have actually scouted the location and, like you said, had better self-control when it comes to emotions. He also should have tested his weapons. Not knowing the area and not having tested everything is peak stupidity

I think this guy clearly was autistic. He actually thought that if he was successful, people would start making and using improvised weapons on a large scale. He was probably too socially awkward to go through the process op acquiring legal weapons and projected this onto others. Even in Germany there must be some way to acquire legal weapons, even if only a hunting rifle (which this guy actually had with him). And even if guns are completely outlawed, it's still easier to acquire illegal weapons than it it to make your own weapons.
I obviously don't agree with this guy and do not support any kind of violence. I just found this guy (and his way of thinking) to be really weird.
Yeah, it's really weird that he tried to copy Tarrant, but didn't have a plan B, which Tarrant did have. The same goes for Earnest.

The ironic thing is that if he would have just knocked on the door or on the side door, they probably would have opened it.

Also how is it possible that a 28 year old who had spent a shitload of time on the internet, and who has the intelligence to build his own weapons from scratch, still can't speak proper English?

I usually never call anything a "false flag" or anything like that, but this was just really strange. If anything is a false flag, it's this.
>He actually thought that if he was successful, people would start making and using improvised weapons on a large scale
If Balliet had gunned down twenty kikes with improvised weapons you're damn right people would try
I doubt it. It's still much easier to just by a hunting rifle than to make your own gun. A hunting rifle would be more effective too. Hell, even a knife would be.
Anyways, don't do violence kids.
meant to say "buy"
(275.52 KB 828x822 the antichad.jpg)
HitlerAss bro heil'd but just one word his SMG worked remarkably well, problem was his ammunition

a chad meme, misplaced as it may be was missing, so here it is
Hitlerd-ubs becomes HitlerAss bro? WTF kind of shit word auto replacement is that BO?
Doorchad has arrived
hitlerAss bro
hitler Ass bro
Ass bro
very nice, saved!
Germany to make anti-Semitism a specific hate crime as jews 'no longer feel safe'
>Germany is to tighten its laws against anti-Semitic hate crimes in the wake of last month's failed attack on a synagogue by a far-Right gunman
>Under the planned changes, crimes with an anti-Semitic motive will attract heavier sentences.
>While the Halle attack was the highest profile incident, it was by no means an isolated case. Just days before, a Syrian man was stopped by security guards as he tried to enter Berlin’s best known synagogue armed with a knife and shouting “Allahu akbar” and “F*** Israel”.
>Anti-Semitic crimes across Germany rose by 10 per cent to a total of 1,646 last year, but it is the figures for violence that are most alarming.
>Violent anti-Semitic crimes rose by 60 per cent, with 62 offences leaving 43 people injured.
>They include the case of an Israeli man who was attacked and whipped with a belt while wearing a jewish kippah skullcap in central Berlin in April last year.
>The change is part of a package introduced after the Halle synagogue attack. Other measures include laws obliging social media networks to inform the authorities of online threats and incitement to hatred.
>“This is an important step towards consistent punishment of anti-Semitic crimes,” said Josef Schuster, head of the Central Council of jews in Germany.
>“Anti-Semitic offences are not just attacks on individual people of the jewish faith, they always an attack on our values, on our constitutional state, and on our democracy as a whole,” said Georg Eisenreich, the regional justice minister for Bavaria, where prosecutors recently announced they will prioritise anti-Semitic crimes.
That last line says it all. Anti-semitic offenses are are attacks on the constitutional state and democracy. Oy vey. Based Balliet didn't even have to kill jews for them to kvetch to high heaven
literally 95 percent of anti-kike hate crime is done by mudlimes the final 5 is guys like us, mostly nagging and saying things like Israel's an oppressor state
(149.71 KB 830x974 80_years_later.jpg)
>the Halle attack was the highest profile incident
>highest profile
And yet not one single jew was even injured.
Also, if Whites get assaulted, raped and killed it's just part and parcel, if a jew is merely threatened then it's an "an attack on our values, constitution and democracy".
Oy vey.
(200.68 KB 1200x800 412341235.jpeg)
(268.63 KB 1024x640 324232424.jpeg)
(169.05 KB 1024x757 234234.jpeg)
I just saw the photos of the synagogue walls and found out that they even don't have barbed wire against intruders.

All what is needed for success is metal ladder to climb.
>first pic
You can even climb that without a ladder.
(37.79 KB 543x640 juden.jpeg)
>“This is an important step towards consistent punishment of anti-Semitic crimes,” said Josef Schuster, head of the Central Council of jews in Germany.
An Israeli born jew telling Germans how to live
(122.75 KB 700x394 shultz.jpg)
it's been like that since 1945.
(176.28 KB 1155x332 Seekrit Not See Kode.png)
You just now realized that, boomer spacing?
>muh can only have one opinion
I can't wait to put a jackboot in your face. Stay mad.
Good. I hope every last cracker breathing is made illegal by these motherfuckers so I can see their heads on spikes before I die. Fuck them and fuck the system.
Yeah. I don't buy that someone tried doing a hit without performing basic recon AKA BAMCIS:
Begin the planning
Arrange recon
Make recon
Complete the planning
Issue orders
Learn your shit right, do what you do professionally, or just shoot yourself instead, lol.
>those evil normal people who want to live normally
Kek. I hope all cucks get nuked off this planet.
Why didn’t he just pull his car onto the sidewalk and jump over the wall
He never played GTA it seems.
Lol, fuck cops
Now I am pretty sure this guy is JIDF.
I'm pretty sure you're a chink shill. The chinks want Americans to destabilize their own country with useless and immoral terror attacks so that they can reap the profits from it.
Fuck you and fuck the (((people))) that pay you shekels to monitor and infest this board.
(771.71 KB 461x674 delicious.png)
Fuck you, spicspam. You'll never be Aryan, you fucking street dog nigger.
Go play in traffic, you pitiful pinata nigger.
>muh evil China
China is fucking based, you moron. Most of /pol/ would welcome Chinese rule over our countries if it meant getting rid of the jews.
You do realize that Mao had jewish advisors, right? That hasn't changed in the decades since. We live in a worldwide kosher sandwich.
(8.97 KB 240x334 cfmcxue1cw341.jpg)
Found this pic of Balliet on plebbit
jews are truly a race of disingenuous parasites.
(4.40 MB 480x270 nein.gif)
>i speak german better than you, ya filthy kraut!


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