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The Jew is a reproductive system Anonymous 08/13/2019 (Tue) 10:52:29 Id:d0eb1d No. 765 History File history
I have finally come to understand what the Jews are, and I came up with concrete definition upon which may all come to agree on.

“The Jew is a set of mental illnesses/ disorders which act similarly to the reproductive system in human beings/ primates.”
1. What is a reproductive system?
It is a system of sex organs within an organism which work together for the purpose of sexual reproduction.

2. What does the reproductive system define?
A biological sex.

3. How do you recognize a biological sex? (I.E. female or male?)
By their second genetic characteristics. (I.E. psychical features)


1. What is a Jew?
It is a system of set of mental illnesses/ disorders within an organism which work together for the purpose of propagating themselves.

2. What does the reproductive system define?
A biological Jew.

3. How do you recognize a biological sex? (I.E. Jew or non-Jew)
By their second genetic characteristics. (I.E. psychical features)
They act in similar fashions. A Jew cannot get assimilated, for he will only carry on the disease which forces it to marry other diseased absorbed Jews.
Judaism gave birth to a self-propagating diseased caused by inbreeding.
A Jew is an ethnic group, a mongrel, a race, a chameleon, a mulatto, a quadroon, whatever it hides in. But what keeps them “pure” is the fact that it doesn’t matter if they’re fully pure or 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, but that they carry on their neurological problems with them.

This is being masked by “There’s no such thing as race. There’s no such thing as gender. There’s no such thing as biological sex.
BDSM isn’t for the mentally Ill. (They’re trying to mask anything which may be related to any kind of mental illness.)

They’re trying to hide how they keep their embodiment of disease alive.

Only two solutions remain. Either full extermination based on their features. Or somehow we find a way to get their brain damage out of the way.
If Judaism died, they will still remain alive as an ethnic group, or an ethnic disease. And that could be just if not more harmful than anything. IF they get absorbed by white, you’ll have a self-propagating self-destruction breed of diseased “Europeans.”

This isn’t something new and I’m only trying to make sure we’re all agreeing onto something. There is no such thing as “Good Jews” because if they’re not the ones, a few generations down the line will be sociopathic and evil.
Don’t forget that their ancestors ruined everything. And they’re of the same breed, and will carry on the same diseased animals which you see today ruining the Western Nation.
That would be all, thank you.
(288.16 KB 1260x725 ClipboardImage(5).png)
The solution is nationalism. The only people we should hate is those with an obvious hatred for nationalism, because only jews want you to denounce it all.
(76.76 KB 1022x336 JQ.png)
Tl:dr The jew is HIV.
Also, if jews as a religion were destroyed, then they'd simply just be loons. It's like removing an HIV virus's RNA.
Replace jew with 'misinformed idiot' through the entire body of the text and you have the evidence needed to keep yourself out of a psyche ward and possibly in the care of others who will not seek to enforce medication, constant monitoring and a care plan for you. They might just accept that you're a plain case of misinformed, none dangerous, free speech enjoying misinformed idiot. "Also the 2nd amendment was to keep you safe from others who might wish to harm you due to being a couple of slices short of a loaf mate.' It's why I support it, keeping idiots like you safe from internment camps or frontal lobotomy has a knock on effect of keeping the equally misinformed idiotic religious nut bags you fear safe from you and each other as well. None of you are the actually dangerous people. The genuinely dangerous people are those who want YOU ALL locked up and gagged for being openly idiotically (((you))) Yes ((you)) who think you are not ((you)) I mean ((you))
It's not funny because it's tru
This guy beat me to it. Jews are semi-sentient AIDS virus.

>Designed in a lab
>Gets spread through degeneracy/decadence
>Destroys immune system and lets lesser diseases like niggers kill you
>Makes it's hosts spread it all over the world seeking new victims
>Kills the host eventually


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