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d5b73 No.7716

BT Trial - NZ Censored Media.

So, this trial is set to be conducted in a secret court of sorts with all media outlets in participation agreeing to censor the information from the court case. I'd like to know, do any anons know of NZ freedom of information acts which could help disclose the full trial and BT's side of the story? Seems so weird to not hear a thing from the accused?! I see he is guilty . Surely we can hear what he has to say?

39600 No.7752

some sort of plucky anon with the world in their eye would have to try and sneak into the proceedings. are the media outlets in attendance but just choosing to censor their reports? anon could pose as a journalist, or a grieving relative of the deceased, although the latter requires a certain archetype.

d1e19 No.7753

Are the kikes really this cautious not to bring up the name of BT?

c3de1 No.7756

File: 1557919085938.jpeg (82.95 KB, 599x717, 4A4563F7-AC28-4952-90C9-6….jpeg) ImgOps Google

I want to see this happen ya kiwis!

9a4df No.7842

Should be open to the public so just join the queue early, take notes and come and tell us what happened.

f98ea No.7852

Jailbreak, mother grabbers!

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