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Ιn our time, the crisis οί the family as an institution is ηο less salient than that οf the nineteenth-century romantic idea οf homeland, and is largely an effect οf processes that are irreversible, being tied to all the factors that characterize existence in recent times. Naturally, today's crisis οί the family also arouses preoccupations and moral reactions,
with more or less hopeless attempts at restoration that can offer nothing but conformism and an empty and false traditionalism.

We have to face the consequences οf the fact that the family has long since ceased to have any higher meaning, or been cemented by living factors that go beyond the merely individual. The organic and, to a certain degree, "heroic" character that its unity presented in the past has been lost in the modern world, just as the institution's residual veneer οf "sacrality" bestowed by religious marriage has disappeared, or nearly so. In reality, in the great majority οf cases the modern family is presented as a petit bourgeois institution determined almost exclusively by conformist, utilitarian, primitive, or at best sentimental factors.

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The interrelation between the disappearance of the preexisting principle of authority and the unleashing of individualism, already revealed in the political realm, is also manifested in the realm of the family. The decline of any prestige of the father has resulted in the estrangement of the children, the ever more clear and severe gap between new and old generations. The dissolution of the organic links in space (castes, bodies, and so οn) corresponds to a dissolution in time, in the breaking of the spiritual continuity between the generations, between fathers and sons. The detachment and estrangement in both cases is undeniable and ever increasing, being exacerbated by the ever more rapid and confused rhythm of existence in today's world. Thus it is significant that such phenomena are particularly severe in the upper classes and the remains of the ancient nobility, where one would have expected the bonds of blood and tradition to persist.

95390 No.7791

also, any question on any of my posts ?

a2b77 No.7792

>any questions
Yes, have you ever eaten at Waffle House?
I have, it is Ok usually

4b204 No.7793

theres no waffle house in france, the only waffles I have ever eaten were self made.

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