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Brenton Tarrant meme thread n. 3 Anonymous 10/16/2019 (Wed) 09:49:16 No. 7792
This thread is about discussion, memes, latest news about Brenton Tarrant.
Previous threads
1) http://archive.is/a5aDR
2) http://archive.fo/LxW4E
Latest news: police officers who arrested Brenton Tarrant received a bravery award in private cerimony with Jacinda Ardern.

(244.06 KB 919x737 cunt.png)
(109.40 KB 896x896 grill.jpg)
would you, lads?
I would not.
Cannot think about the Saint that way.
But this one's better imo.
great, another memory i have to suppress
(1.17 MB 1768x2472 1567170638813.png)
what did yo mean by this?
(1.09 MB 2894x2894 1552949293164-0.jpg)
You are like a little babby: watch this
Absolutely cute!
(61.35 KB 618x496 shitpost.jpg)
Thank you, fren
(623.75 KB 2000x1152 heroes.jpg)
(590.88 KB 936x1352 1567811536157.png)
(38.07 KB 720x402 1552956504049-1.jpg)
(31.60 KB 720x420 1552957124510-3.jpg)
(438.41 KB 748x451 1552957124510-0.png)
Excellent job, artistanon.
(22.32 KB 321x316 1552950481989-1.jpeg)
(730.71 KB 2640x2100 1553111272492-0.png)
(368.64 KB 1100x600 1553172376810-1.gif)
(321.08 KB 1081x658 pagan_ecofascist.png)
Dumping some new stuff I found
(338.93 KB 637x356 1552956207266-4.png)
(519.10 KB 1045x1175 1552956388357-0.jpg)
(222.03 KB 1280x756 1552956521162-2.jpg)
(54.12 KB 960x876 1552956876963-4.jpg)
In case anyone wants to anonymously share the Christchurch video or their meme collection or whatever, this could be a useful tool: https://micahflee.com/2019/10/new-version-of-onionshare-makes-it-easy-for-anyone-to-publish-anonymous-uncensorable-websites/
(39.28 KB 802x500 1553004322738-2.jpg)
(730.71 KB 2640x2100 1553111272492-0.png)
(304.39 KB 1200x663 1553129677753.png)
what is it?
(76.30 KB 854x480 1553174342663-0.jpg)
(472.72 KB 1100x1100 1571240360505.jpg)
(307.44 KB 1200x848 1571240624140.jpg)
(21.19 KB 480x320 i.jpg)
(412.92 KB 1694x1305 1553004659735-3.jpeg)
(118.16 KB 975x925 1553172376811-4.png)
(22.59 KB 381x209 Tarrant young.jpg)
What do you think St. Tarrant is doing right now?
What time is it in New Zealand?
However, he only has 1 hour outside of his cell, so 99% he is in his cell.
I so wish something will happen and he will be set free.
Smiling at the work of his ever-growing number of disciples while already planning the next crusade
I hope he receives plenty of photos of nature to put up on the walls of his cell.
should be about afternoon?

Don't know if he's allowed to. In his letter to that russian anon he writes that the postcard he got is the only bit of color in his concrete grey cell and that he needs to hide it from the guards. Not sure if he#s literal here
Doid any of you guys write him or email his lawyers?
I really wanted to email his lawyers to ask how to donate to Saint Tarrant but I am too dumb and cannot into anonymous email.
i got that his lawyers are pretty reluctant to do anything beyond their immediate job for him. I remember seeing some letter written by them to that effect.
Ah, here it is
Yet I guess no one asked them about how to make donations.
Who should we ask to? The prison?
Maybe this helps somewhat
>Prisoners can't carry cash but they can have money in a trust account to buy approved items. People outside prison can also put money into a prisoner's account.


following sounds somewhat fishy to me and idk if it is possible in Oz
Yes I read that.
You see the problem is, they are investigating on whatever tie Tarrant could have had with "far right groups" (Sellner already had police on his shoulders because of the donation Tarrant made to him), so if I send him money with a cheque or with a bank transfer I could be contacted by some uppity glownigger thinking I might be someone Tarrant had contact before for his terrorist activity (according to them, of course, but we all know the guy is legit lone wolf).
So I wonder if the lawyers or whoever knows about this stuff might know about a safe anonymous way to make a donation to the prison account.

Inb4 cash in an envelope.
(92.37 KB 965x535 what.jpg)
What's this?
Tyr rune
(8.51 MB 1024x12129 download.png)
Here it is.
(6.67 MB 854x480 1man_50kills.mp4)
Dropping some videos
(3.78 MB 1280x720 boom_headshot.webm)
(3.80 MB 640x356 counter-terrorist_win.webm)
Thanks! Our lad is really a man of culture. Educated and well traveled. Damn impressive
(13.12 MB 960x540 doomslayer.mp4)
No surprise the globohomo is scared shitless of this man.
I admire him so much.
(12.12 MB 646x480 Fire_montage.mp4)
(18.04 MB 854x480 for_Ebba.mp4)
(15.19 MB 320x240 invaders_must_die_montage.webm)
(14.76 MB 612x340 land_down_under_full.webm)
(11.02 MB 1280x720 Network_quote.mp4)
(12.31 MB 320x180 violent_revolution.mp4)
(10.68 MB 640x480 new_scene_invaders.webm)
(544.99 KB 1920x1080 tarrantchan.webm)
What are the highest resolution pictures from the court appearance?
(127.86 KB 565x800 Poster-Spartacus_08.jpg)
Just why do I always have to think of Spartacus when I see that pic lol?
The shape of his head and the way his hair look in these pictures often remind me of the ancient roman busts.
lol yeah, he kinda has the looks of a Roman emperor. not broken, at all.
(143.62 KB 720x581 emperor-maximus-brentonicus.jpg)
(439.92 KB 450x450 maximus.png)
(602.78 KB 664x441 SPQR.png)
ALL HAIL Emperor Maximus Brentonicus
Why is the quality so clear?
(1.54 MB 2000x2793 saint-redraw.png)
(216.45 KB 900x715 1566724480702.jpg)
it's 24mb

(62.68 KB 195x278 head-template-1.png)
(585.91 KB 937x1488 head-template-2.png)
(172.22 KB 1008x372 rifle-template.png)
(31.29 KB 847x846 shadow.png)
(205.16 KB 688x561 shitposter-template-1.png)
(143.03 KB 900x900 shitposter-template-2.png)
some templates
(2.18 MB 1700x4914 1571359198502.png)
Ok goys, I'd like to draw your attention on what will probably be the next shit shills are going to push hard after their sloppy job/Mossad agent memes were ridiculed multiple times.
I read this article some time ago.
It's about foreing neonazi fighters going to training camps in Eastern Europe, in particular in Ukraine among the Azov Battalion
but I just discarded it back then because there's a certain amount of bullshit. Some quotes
>It later emerged that Tarrant, who had traveled widely in Europe and donated money to far-right groups in Austria, held extreme right, racialist views, and also probably ventured into Ukraine, which at the time was consumed by, depending on one’s point of view, either a civil war or an “anti-terrorist operation” against the pro-Russia separatists of eastern Ukraine. Tarrant’s alleged “manifesto” justifying his murderous actions in Christchurch revealed that he could have borrowed a lot from individuals he may have encountered in the far-right European milieu, including combatants or, to be more precise, foreign fighters in Ukraine. Tarrant’s later alleged acts shocked the world and revealed the possibility that “a white supremacist foreign fighter” might have committed the first act of international terrorism.
>Tarrant might have met with (wannabe) members of what Jean-François Thiriart, a neo-Nazi post-World War II ideologue and theoretician, called “European brigades

Considering there is a massive investigation going on about Tarrant's travels (see pic related here >>7886 ) and none of this Azov training bullshit has been confirmed up until now, I just discarded the article back then.
As you can see these are all speculations ("he probably, he might, he could have, the possibility" etc) and no proof about any of these speculations has emerged until now.
See also this source about the same topic, in particular the paragraph "Tarrant's links to Ukraine being investigated"

As I said at first I discarded this stuff, but now I've been encountering several users on cuckchan spreading the allegation that Tarrant trained in Eastern Europe before his attack.
Then in the last two days a romanian flag started spreading pic related (source https://maxrose.house.gov/uploadedfiles/2019.10.16_rose_fto_letter_to_state.pdf ) where these allegations about Tarrant and the Azov battalion are used as an excuse to equate white nationalist groups to international terror organizations like ISIS and Al Qaeda.
The letter to state department that is circulating has a literal lie written on in, since Tarrant NEVER claimed any link or contact with Azov battalion; despite this, the fuckers still had the nerve to put this lie down in black and white and cling on to the use of the Black Sun symbol by Tarrant as a valid point to prove the connection with Azov battalion, that use the same symbol.
tl; dr
Expect more and more shills using this angle to frame Tarrant as a neonazi foreign fighter, despite no proof of it being confirmed so far. So watch out.
>preading the allegation that Tarrant trained in Eastern Europe before his attack.
Brenton said in his manifesto that New Zealand was primarily for training but later saw that he can reach sainthood also there
>neonazi foreign fighter
So then we would have something like the French foreign legion operating worldwide under the radar against the ZOG.
Sounds good to me, why killing that beautiful narrative?
I am aware of that. And I am pretty sure they will be doubling down on these persecutions on "white supremacists" even if these groups never did anything illegal or terrorist related to begin with.
But since the main topic here is Brenton Tarrant and it looks like they are going to use him as possible link to various groups, if any of those groups happen to take a look at this thread they might take the appropriate (even legal) precautions they prefer to deal with this shitshow.

Thank you artistanon
Fucking awesome. This is great.
The press is an organized way of spreading propaganda, and propaganda is neccessary to justify otherwise indefensible behaviour by the western governments. If they plan on doing something bad, the press will shape the narrative beforehand, so the laws can get passed without disturbance by the populace.

1. Create a problem
2. Shape the public perception about the problem
3. shape the public perception about how this problem can be solved
4. offer to solve the problem the way the public wants it to be solved
5. get voted in
6. overstep your mandate while superficially pretending to solve the problem
7. become rich and powerful

That's how politics works.
(353.52 KB 837x1401 jacinda-cock.jpg)
(1.70 MB 837x1401 brenton-taking-a-photo.png)
(561.13 KB 574x740 our-lad.png)
What's our lad taking a photo of?
(47.83 KB 240x340 ron-paul.jpg)
Is Stephan Ernst a potential disciple of Saint Tarrant?
what add-on did you use to get this screenshot?
I used FireShot.
Another lie is that Balliet posted on Kohlchan. Not true, he posted the links on Maguca, an obscure anime imageboard that has since been taken down.

Impossible to know unless Ernst starts talking
Ernst is from totally different background, has been active in the right wing German scene since the 90s and his action has no similarity whatsoever with Tarrant's attack.
Ernst is based nonetheless.
What was it, the 'Better Late Than Never' award, the 'White Cuck Traitor for Selling Out Your Race' award or maybe 'Suck Muslim Cock To Ensure Your Ancestors Choke' award? There are so many in Jew Zealand to choose from these days
Meanwhile, in Australia

>Outgoing ASIO boss Duncan Lewis says right-wing extremism has increased in Australia.
>The Christchurch mosque shooting that claimed the lives of 51 people in February has shifted some of the terrorism focus onto the increasing threat of the far-right in Australia.
>Earlier this week, Labor MP Ed Husic told Parliament that the rising tide of right-wing extremism needs to be taken more seriously.
>“The point is this: I don't care if it's Islamist inspired or supremacist inspired if it represents a threat to the Australian people it should be taken seriously,” he said.
>“And I'm telling you now, based on the briefings I've received, we are not taking this seriously. We reckon that we're only following a few people on this issue here in this country.”
>Australia's terrorist threat level remains elevated.

>right-wing extremism has increased in Australia
has it actually or are they just counting every tiny fart of our frens down there now?
(65.33 KB 756x1701 1.png)
I think it's the latter.
(((They))) are cracking down on all the right wing groups around the world.
Is Brenton Tarrant a genius or is his manifesto a self fullfilling prophecy?
Pic related.

P.S. about the gun grab in the US, see this fresh news >>7995
also checked
And yeah, Tarrant is pretty much a genius. Sometimes it's almost like he scripted everything

About the guns, already read it but oh well it was bound to happen. Big chunks of 2AD have already been legislated away for a long time. Maybe some LARP militia faggots will wake up and realize that it's just a matter of time until they are classified as an 'extreme risk'
(849.22 KB 758x802 fren.png)
>every tiny fart of our frens down there now?
frens is nazi-speak for Far Right Ethno Nationalists
(442.33 KB 1200x1850 nz-police.jpg)
NZ police are traitors
(172.56 KB 800x1100 travel1.jpeg)
(164.45 KB 1200x1132 travel3.jpeg)
(1.51 MB 3000x2000 travels2.png)
some (((news))) pics on his travels
I notice that none of these reports about a trip to Ukraine or Israel (the latter being reported by some Israeli source and that the shills continously keep repeating on cuckchan).
(31.44 KB 439x290 jew.jpg)
>...the shills continously keep repeating on cuckchan).
they're terrified of another disciple pulling a John Earnest so they're gaslighting Saint Tarrant as a zionist
I know.
They do the same with Knight Justiciar Breivik as well.
I wonder why the (((media))) do not report about any trip to Israel. Was that israeli sources' truthfulness ever checked?
(63.52 KB 1302x162 1571087010138.jpg)
he was memeing and rusing the media to put dirt on freemasons and the kikelovers.
he later explained those angles, the manifesto was full of these tricks.
>he was memeing and rusing the media
The only people who are being 'rused' are the people who would believe this "double psychology" garbage. It's an obvious lie, something Breivik has a habit of, probably brought about when he realized conservo-fags didn't come rushing to defend him, as he had (moronically) hoped.
>It's an obvious lie, something Breivik has a habit of

Then why should he have been lying the second time but not the first in the manifesto?
Whatever it is, those dead commies will stay dead.
And that's a good thing.
Don't bother, I bet he believes Utoya is a kindergarten too.
how dare you desecrate a saint like this? ban yourself
So you probably didn't see the lewd Tarrant-chan
(228.46 KB 796x586 toosoon.jpg)
our Australian shitposter saint will find this shit funny when he gets out.
(115.93 KB 323x373 1553065762012.png)
I saw this on aus/pol/, goddamn aussies.
(39.56 KB 744x795 nein1.jpg)
(38.14 KB 744x795 nein2.jpg)
(45.18 KB 744x795 nein3.jpg)
(44.91 KB 744x795 nein4.jpg)
What's the name of that rifle?
Also, any /k/ommando here?
I really do not know a single thing about guns, wonder what the general consensus of /k/ about Saint Tarrant is.
AR-15 with Hera Arms stock
(2.91 MB 738x415 videogame2.webm)
we got a /k/ board here but it's pretty dead
To Antifa/Marxists/Communists: I do not want to convert you, I do not want to come to an understanding. Egalitarians and those that believe in heirachy will never come to terms.I don’t want you by my side and I don’t want share power. I want you in my sights. I want your neck under my boot.
Brenton Tarrant: The Great Replacement.
Brought a tear to my eye
checked and nice vid, lol'd at 0:55
(1.23 MB 1024x4692 download5.png)
I managed to bypass the paywall on this pretty useless article, screenshotted anyway for archival purposes.
Okay, another screenshot and this is it for today.
Thoughts, especially about the highlighted part?
I am no gym expert.
>deadlifting weights of up to 440 lbs
I feel pathetic now
(135.16 KB 826x802 tarrant.jpg)
>I think about him everyday, lads.
I think about the injustice of a warrior and a hero being held captive and I feel so powerless

Saint Tarrant will be free on DOTR. And with each new disciple DOTR comes closer.
so Saint Tarrant split his time between Christchurch and Dunedin? He didn't just live in Dunedin?
(359.03 KB 967x993 20191021_075643.jpg)
I am not sure if the journalist was mistaken about this.
We should send some postcards and shit to our saint, to boost his morale.

The feds will do everything they can to slowly grind him down, so they can present him to the world as a pathetic failure, when his day in court comes. Imagine him sobbing and begging for forgiveness for his deeds. That's what we're risking, if we're letting him rot in prison without knowing, that we're standing behind him.
>Imagine him sobbing and begging for forgiveness for his deeds.

I don't know the guy personally so I cannot know if I am correct, but from my own sensation about Tarrant - considering all the informations gathere so far - I believe he must one of the most stubborn man to ever walk this earth.
I mean, take a look at what he accomplished all by himself, the amount of effort in every single aspect, the willpower implied in his deeds.
Unless they have authentical tortures going on him right now in that prison, I don't easily see a man like that broken, at least not before the trial.
However I believe that yes, we are not doing enough with the actual support on his behalf.
We should send more letters and I am still convinced we should find a way to send him anonymous donations.
I really can't see him breaking down. I've spent jail time myself and it was the hardest in the first days and somewhat depressing again after the verdict.
I however was completely unprepared, everything came literally over night, so I don't think Brenton who knew what would happen, even planned it, felt the same.
He also knows he won't be freed after the trial so he has no illusions about that.
He is tough and take it like a man.
Not saying we shouldn't write him but most important is that his family stands with him.
>his family stands with him.

No idea if it's the case here.
We'd need someone close to the family to have a plausible insight, but according to various media reports he either has no approved visitors or even if he has, his mother did not go visit him in jail (apparently the only communication between them was the letters).
No idea about his sister.
Other parents like uncle, grandma and cousins just slandered him in front of cameras and said he deserves death penalty.
He probably knew before hand that this would happen, but still it's sad.
>The latest amendment adds an explicit provision that allows for the withholding of prisoner mail that promotes or encourages hostility towards any group of people
(301.28 KB 1000x1255 tolino.jpg)

I'm sure, they'll present all the 4cuck threads playing mossad-bingo on him, tell him, that after pigchan has been taken down, all his disciples were scattered, and nobody cares about him.

"Just sob for the camera, beg for mercy, and let us present you as a failure, so we're looking good. There's nobody left to care anyhow. Maybe we'll take you off suicide watch and allow you to have playstation games not made for little kids. If you're convincing, we might even let you shit in piece. At least occasionally."
I don't know, it seems unlikely they'll ever allow to show him 4chan screenshots of Tarrant threads
Dude, he's the most important prisoner they had since the 1950s. They'll do whatever they think is going to break him.
I hope nothing bad will ever happen to the Saint, but what can we do?
It's not like we have eyes in the prison to see what they do, or even a mole who can provide us informations as an insider.
We will see as the trial will unfold next year.

I hope one day these wretched ZOGminions will pay the price they deserve.
I think it's no so important what they say in public. They are obviously shocked and forced to say something like that and he knows that. I think we would help him if we help his family.
The whole thing's still sad, I agree.

I didn't know prisoner's letters are read at all after conviction. Postal secret and all that. Anyways, they can't even avoid weapons, drugs and cell phones smuggled into jail, so I doubt they can do much in practice, except annoy you.
Nonewithstanding it's quite disturbing how they literally make up clearly political law as they go, don't even hiding it anymore.

I doubt they show him much. Psychological pressure is applied and effective only in the first couple of days/nights, later on not so much.

When he moves into general housing at latest, he will learn of the support he has.
>When he moves into general housing at latest, he will learn of the support he has.

I don't know if other inmates are aware of our shitposting efforts. But they could inform him about the Disciples.
However, I'd prefer if they never move him into prison's general population. If it's overwhelming non-white I am afraid some shitskin will try to kill him sooner or later.
inmates watch tv, many work outside, the new arrivals bring news with them. A jail is a beehive full of info

that said, there's certainly a risk that some lunatic muzzie nigger will try to kill him. I don't know if they have prison gangs like the AV in NZ, he would literally be their God but if not and he dies he'll be truly a saint for me and many others.
No, I don't think the ZOG is that stupid to make him a martyr.
They'll put him in some high security prison, where he won't be able to leave his cell. I doubt, that he'll even be able to shate hands with other inmates.
(20.78 KB 792x430 Prison_Ethnicity_Mar2019.png)
Ethnic/racial statistics for NZ prisons
You don't normally start your time in high security, i.e. after your trial is over. I think not even in the US. You need to 'earn' that, tho I could be wrong with ZOG inventing new legislation everyday lol
Breivik is in such a prison, and the kiwis were asking his prison staff about how to handle such "special" prisoners.

Breivik has no contact to other inmates, isn't even allowed to have a normal pencil, and complains, that his prison environment damages his brain, which I find fully believable.

I believe other heroes like McVeigh and the unabomber were/are kept under similar conditions.
>Breivik is in such a prison
I don't know what the legal background is in Norway but my point is you need one to put somebody in HS and I don't know if NZ has legislation that applies here. Absent terrorism/ organized crime charges it's normally only possible to put an inmate in HS if he shows extremely aggressive behavior towards other inmates or guards or there have been attempts to break out.
Pre-trial it's always much more restrictive of course but after being convicted they can't keep that up just because they like to.
>Absent terrorism/ organized crime charges
I do believe, that those kiwi traitors treat saint brentons holy deeds as terrorism. Shame on them.
Yes he would be a martyr, but honestly I'd prefer him to live - and hopefully long enough for him to see the day we prevail and set him free.

The prison he's currently in is the only maximum security in New Zealand.
(70.86 KB 816x320 nz-politics.jpg)
Official 4chan letter to Saint Brenton Tarrant.
(180.11 KB 1091x693 d290e610a0115ff575e3758.jpg)
Those kind of threads are always shitty.
However I noticed an increase on shittiness on cuckchan these days.
Near to no threads about Saint Brenton have popped up lately.
I also noticed a sligthly different strategy by the shills.
They stopped their constant "mossad/false flag" threads, but if someone manages to have a Tarrant threads with many replies, the shills immediately open one of their disinfo threads to be in the catalog.
>A Palmerston North man has pleaded guilty to sharing a video online of the March 15 Christchurch mosque shooting.

>Kenneth Richard Gundersen, 47, pleaded guilty in the Palmerston North District Court on Tuesday to distributing the video of the Christchurch mosque terrorism attack, made by the alleged gunman, between March 16 and September 30.

>The chief censor classified the footage and a publication associated with the alleged killer as objectionable, and sharing or possessing the material can result in a 14-year jail term.

>Defence lawyer Steve Winter said Gundersen's guilty plea came because Gundersen had the content on a public network – his Facebook.

>chief censor
it's unbelievable that a job like that exists
(751.56 KB 1142x642 1570263265065.png)
In my country not even murderers get 14 years sentence.
Peak clown world really.
(60.95 KB 640x640 tarrant-street-beer.jpeg)
Did Saint Tarrant drive all the way from Dunedin just before the attack? Or did he stay in Christchurch overnight?
No idea.
What's that beer?
(112.12 KB 740x740 tarrant-street.jpg)
Tarrant Street, Arundel, West Sussex
I understand there are many places called "Tarrant" in UK, consequentely there are many people with the surname Tarrant and from there some colonizers ended up in Australia.
>What's our lad taking a photo of?
"I see dead people."
(900.08 KB 1674x2802 Judge not lest ye be judged.jpg)
(222.27 KB 624x1070 bt66.png)
Checked and this is so nice.
My expression when no Tarrant related news in a while
Same here.
Next court hearing will be december 12, where he will either not be present at all or in audio-visual link without the possibility for media to film him or report if he says anything.
(96.58 KB 505x784 15717693054578.jpg)
Found this in the latest news, any spanish lad here to tell us more about this guy?


Use a translate add-on to read it.
tl; dr a guy called Alberto Gonzalo has been arrested in Spain because he supported Brenton Tarrant on social media.
Update on this >>7946

>The notorious Ukrainian paramilitary group Azov took offense after 40 US Democratic representatives called it just that in a letter to the State Department. Led by Max Rose (D-NY), the lawmakers asked why a “violent white supremacist” group “that openly welcomes neo-Nazis into its ranks” has still not been officially listed as a foreign terrorist organization by the US government.
>They wrote that the shooter in Christchurch, New Zealand had ties with Azov and “routinely wore a neo-Nazi symbol associated with them.” The massacre, which left 51 people dead, directly inspired the recent mass shootings in Poway, California and El Paso, Texas, the lawmakers said, accusing Azov of “radicalizing” American citizens.
>Azov quickly jumped to dismiss these claims as “nothing more than an informational attack against Ukraine, its sovereignty and state security.” The group also seized the opportunity to boast about being “one of the most well-known and most capable Ukrainian units,” and having earned respect at home and abroad for its “glory in combat.”

I don't speak Spanish actually but the twitter post is a quote from the great replacement, where St. Tarrant says he's just a white guy from a normal family who has decided to take a stand etc.
Above that the poster has written 'A comrade from New Zealand'.
Knowing Europe, I'd wager that's the dude's entire crime here, probably some inane hate speech law
(41.74 KB 646x408 1571779928292.jpg)
When memes go too far
>Two far-right extremists jailed for total of ten years after encouraging copycat terror attacks in aftermath of New Zealand mosque shootings
>Morgan Seales, 20, and Gabriele Longo, 26, communicated on a WhatsApp group set up shortly after the attacks in the city of Christchurch
>The purpose of the group chat was to encourage users to emulate the gunman
>Longo was offering to post files from his online library of bomb-making instructions
>When one contributor wrote 'let's kill some Muslims', Longo replied: 'Or Jews.'
>Both defendants were convicted by a jury of encouraging terrorism, possessing material for terrorist purposes and collecting or making a record of information useful to a terrorist.

Ban assault chat groups.
well, what can I say, these idiots could've accidentally run over a couple of muzzies with a car and would've gotten less for manslaughter than now for posting some stupid bomb manual.
Makes you think
(121.78 KB 1029x431 crusader14.png)
(388.96 KB 2048x1123 subscribe to society.jpg)
(57.89 KB 500x562 88.jpg)
Hey I just saw this in NZ/pol/
yea I shooped that one and the crusaders one
(44.88 KB 283x395 1562569204002.jpg)
NZ Department of Corrections answers a request by a guy asking informations about Brenton Tarrant's mail rights in prison.
This were the requests:
>1. Does Corrections work with other agencies to censor letters to and from the accused? If so what agencies?
>2. Do the Corrections staff that censor letters from the accused have any other interaction with him (the accused) as part of their duties?
>3. How many people do Corrections employ whose duties include censoring letters from the accused?
>4. Was the decision to allow the letter that has been circulated widely online to be sent made by one individual staff member or was the decision made by multiple staff members?
>5. What is the total cost of censoring the mail received and sent by the accused since his imprisonment?

source here https://fyi.org.nz/request/10983-letter-sent-by-terrorism-accused-brenton-tarrant#incoming-41454

Pic related is the answer from Department of Corrections
(9.70 MB 480x360 sweet_dreams.webm)
Why is the traffic so slow? Few posts on the board lately - or is it just my impression?
Here are some videos anyway.
(3.41 MB 640x360 to_be_continued.webm)
(3.08 MB 640x360 videogame3.webm)
(2.77 MB 648x360 did_not_go_as_planned.webm)
I wish he burned the mosque to the ground.
Does anydoby know the name of the song?
Komm Süsser Tod from End of Evangelion
(111.16 KB 770x585 canterbury-crusader.jpg)
(133.00 KB 1029x431 crusader-shitposter.png)
(134.66 KB 1029x431 crusader-shitposter-template.png)
>cucks your rugby team
(934.28 KB 832x628 sbt.png)
(258.96 KB 909x994 bt67.png)
I love this one, will use it very much.
Thank you very much friend
I hope you are doing well, I miss good art threads on 8chan.
(342.95 KB 1080x1080 brenton_crusader.jpg)
(87.46 KB 999x500 crusaders-new-logo.jpg)
Guess who the latest disciple of St. Tarrant is?
It's a ... boomer!

(231.99 KB 720x1071 boomerwaffen_division.jpg)
80 years old is not a boomer though.
that's just too bad, now boomers have to live with the fact they are so pathetic that even guys older than them take up arms
(123.69 KB 868x781 1569149000312.jpg)
Yes, boomers are the worst.
I always smile remembering the "kind" words Saint Tarrant reserved to kiwi boomers in the manifesto.
I miss him so very much.
Probably going to read it again one of these days.
based and brentonpilled
it's just sad that after all the shit the muzzies have done in france the only one who chimped out was a poor 80 years old man.
it's literally like in that experiment where the frog that is boiled slowly doesn't notice he's going to die. that's why accelerationism is so important. turning on the heat makes people realize that happens.
one must be completely braindead not to see what has happened to france.
those idiot baguettes have been importing shitskins for decades, long before rest of Europe started doing the same.
of course it's dumb and of course you see it, it's just not perceived as the radical break it is the same you don't actually notice the grass in your lawn growing.
Normally it eventually hits me "I have to mow the grass" though.
(259.09 KB 1200x1162 1566779978392.png)
Thank you for sharing your art, hope to keep seeing you around for a long time.
(93.97 KB 1600x201 1572329668010.jpg)
Brenton added to the board killers list on ED.
He is the /fit/ killer.
is it just me or has the article changed a lot from like a month ago? text is different, more correct and unfunny, and lot of memes missing. also article's version history goes back only a few days
I noticed the same, I think you are correct.
here is the previous article

There are some memes here. But not many, surprisingly, and some are shitty anti-Tarrant memes. https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/events/2019-christchurch-mosque-shootings
thanks for confirming my autism and the link. thank god for archive
just hope somebody has the balls to restore the old version

as far as me knowyourmeme was never really different always trying to remain on the correct side, still some good ones there, thnx!
(227.37 KB 1485x1101 fren.jpg)
That's a really comfy meme

I wonder if they had to change other articles too in order to come back online.
Also, I cannot find the link to video and manifesto, while there were both on the old article.
Is it me unable to find the links or did they remove them?
(88.74 KB 495x660 mags.jpg)
Is "dropnuts" used in Aussie slang?
what does it mean?
>Expect more and more shills using this angle to frame Tarrant as a neonazi foreign fighter, despite no proof of it being confirmed so far. So watch out.
LOL so much for not wanting to be called a neonazi by not talking about the role of Jews in white genocide.
Guess what's happening? We so didn't see it coming.
As for the Azov Battalion, on whose side are they really? For Nationalists, I would not suspect them to be partial to NATO at all.
>the press
Prostitutes. William Pierce had the same displeasing experience when his NA was accused of fostering terrorists, lies which were thrown by the ADL.
First pic is slightly incorrect because Tarrant also says he visited the two NZ mosques (Christchurch and Linwood).
He should have not refrained from criticizing Jews and exposing Zionists, even if as a passing note. I think it was a huge strategical mistake.
>They do the same with Knight Justiciar Breivik as well.
No. Just no. Don't pull that kind of shit here. There is no "Justiciar" going on here as far as this Masonic moron is concerned.
Breivik has always been a fucking Zionist. You just have to read the manifesto to get that cleared out: muh Jews muh Jews, page after page. Poor poor victims against Muslims. The young leftists he killed on the island were also known for their staunch pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel views.
"Boikott Israel"
As far as Zionists are concerned, this is equal to a call to destroy Israel, a death sentence, and it is, since the moment pissrael is entirely ghetto'ed, it dies, it cannot survive on its own as the country itself is a parasite of Western economies and it owes a shit lot to white taxpayers.
That doesn't even make sense.
"anti-nationalist counterjihadist"
Let's deconstruct that.
Courtesy of wikipedia:
>Counter-jihad or counterjihad or counter-jihad movement is a self-titled political current loosely consisting of authors, bloggers, think tanks, street movements and campaign organisations all linked by a common belief that the Western world is being subjected to invasion and takeover by Muslims.
So we're dealing with anti-nationalist people opposing a Muslim invasion.
If you don't find this contradiction funny enough, then let's move to the next part.
Who would stand against Islamic invasion, yet hold anti-nationalist opinions? For example, anti-Norwegian opinions?
Globalists. Judeomasons. Zionists.
So the plan was to pretend being a Zionist, in order to have ZOG-Norway and the judenpress to chastise Zionists?
Who would fall for that, aside from a low IQ monkey?
It is also certainly obvious that ethno-nationalists were absolutely not protected in the slightest after Breivik's little shooting, quite the contrary!
To be logical, he would make no claim about attachments to pro-nazi, pro-fascist views, since he claims wanting to protect ethno-nationalists (aka, white pride, white supremacists, racists, nazi, fascists, etc.).
Unless of course the only ENs he cared about were the Jews.
And just to screw people's minds even more, he would advocate for only "disloyal" Jews to be deported. So this moron strives for a "pure Nordic ideal" but wouldn't mind loyal Jews staying inside? He's a neo-nazi that would keep nice Jews in Norway?
Makes perfect sense.
<inb4 b-but there are no loyal Jews!!!
Then say it, fucker.
Actually, where did I read that kind of low-tier mind game again?
Oh yes, in Tarrant's manifesto.
I don't mind non-subversive Jews (in Israel). You can swap "non-subversive" with "loyal".
Let's just remind you that ZOG/Israel does not care if you're left-wing or right-wing, as long as you don't threaten ZOG/Israel.
Otherwise, you have to be removed.
>the anti Breivik shill again
Go back to cuckchan
>The young leftists he killed on the island were also known for their staunch pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel views.
They were also known for their anti-white views. Piece of shit traitors rotting in the ground now. Good riddance, whatever their views were on the Israel/Palestine conflict.
(102.67 KB 854x640 ukr16.jpg)
(172.71 KB 872x1065 uk15.jpg)
How is it going with the kikes from JewSA now going after you guys in Ukraine?
>that (((cuckchan paid-shill))) is back
Go away sub-human
But Breivik was anti-White (pro-sodomy, anti-"racism"), and also a zionist freemason. He was a bigger traitor than anyone he killed.
In high schools in NZ if you drop something you'll be called a dropnuts.
>bigger traitor than anyone he killed.
you're trying too hard. most people have issues with him if they are honest but this is ridiculous. at worst he took himself and a bunch of zoglins out of the equation but that's really the worst way to see it.
come back with some better argument, it's just pathetic and will get you nowhere
I guess he is then
Someone uploaded this video to iFunny
yeah, it's old.
normalfags go REEEEEEE about this stuff, but of course those zoomers are reading on request.
(60.35 KB 1910x490 Breivik.png)
(419.67 KB 222x400 consequences.mp4)
i would tell you to stop sucking your own cock but i know that would be futile
Why not cite rational wiki as well?
Saw part of that video posted on Twitter once with over 100k views and tons of angry replies.
(283.28 KB 960x676 optics no more.png)
Rate my shit, lads.

The Trolling Stones - Paint It Red

I see a mosque and I want it painted red
No optics anymore, I want them bleeding red
I see the burkas run to hide their faces now
I have to shoot my Mossberg, until shells runs out

I see incoming truck and he's not painted red
With (((HIAS))) cheering, which is never comes to end
I see the people's heads and bodies trowed away
With the "trucks of peace", it just happens every day
I looked inside myself, my heart is bleeding red
I see near mosque, I must have it painted red
Maybe then I'll run away and not have to face the Cops
It's not so easy when your clips are dropping off
No more will my White land go be 3rd world shithole
We could prevent this, but our T-Levels is such low.
If I look hard enough into the smiling sun
My lads will laugh with me before the livestream gone

I see a mosque and I want it painted red
No optics anymore, I want them bleeding red
I see the burkas run to hide their faces now
I have to shoot my Mossberg, until shells runs out


I wanna see it red, painted red
Red as roses, red as blood
I wanna see the sky, scorch raghads with the sun
I wanna see them burn, burn, burn, one by one

(179.63 KB 938x1101 brenton-meme.jpg)
(77.01 KB 954x306 20190316.png)
(49.85 KB 1177x257 20190318.png)
(277.51 KB 1486x408 20190324.jpg)
(81.51 KB 1275x354 20190508.png)
(465.14 KB 1332x645 20190514.png)
(26.26 KB 1270x123 20190607.png)
(156.86 KB 720x928 1566659854729.jpg)
(160.95 KB 472x1015 1566745455232.jpg)
any good screenshots of posts about our lad?
(1.08 MB 1015x809 MC with Kebab Remover..png)
>1st picture
Assuming that all that is claimed in this picture is even true; how many times is it necessary to remind you that Jews have no issue sacrificing goyim, if only to send a clear message?
So the idea they'd use a far-right Zionist to reassert control of their leftist golem is plausible.
Cui bono?
Unless Breivik had been able to exterminate them all, hunt all their friends and destroy the entire political structure and erase its funds, then overall, despite the blood bath, he didn't achieve anything of value. Then again, without toppling most of the Zionist power, this does not get anywhere at all.
Now, Zionists, do they gain anything there?
Yes, quite a lot.
1. Slandering white nationalists and restricting even more our freedom of speech and other abilities to gather.
2. Victimizing the left so they obtain more protection and get free of criticism (which allows more immigration to go on unabated, a major point).
3. Getting rid of possibly too wild elements that seemed to dig too deep into the anti-Israel spiel, a classical risk on the left that is known for pro-Palestinian tendencies, which is something Israel simply does not accept.
You can spin that any way you wish, Whites have simply gained nothing out of this.
See this
>at worst he took himself and a bunch of zoglins out of the equation but that's really the worst way to see it.
Although I won't cry on the death of racial traitors, there's more to that simple summary you present.
See my three points here:
Alright folks, someone on cuckchan just dropped this russian source claiming that Brenton Tarrant was born October 27 1991, but it does not say where they took that date from.
If you read the article with a translator, you will find more interesting particulars, especially about his trip to Russia.
It also made me notice that among the pictures that we can see in Tarrant's facebook profile, there actually is one picture about him being in Chernobyl.
So apparently he did go to Ukraine as many were reporting.
But still there is not a precise route and dates about this travel.
Please ukrainian posters, scope throught the thumbnails of Tarrant's facebook pictures and tell us what you find about your country.

Also, I'd like to point out that you can more widely discuss Breivik by opening a thread dedicated to him (it would actually be a good thing to have one imo).
There will be no WW3.
Kinda of off topic btw.
Before WWI and II, the vast majority of the whites were anti-war and isolationists.
Every time, a false flag attack was used, then propaganda kicked in and as if their minds' switches had been flicked, whites were suddenly glad to die in droves overseas.
Do you want to see that shit repeat itself again?
Because if it does, we're fucked.
>There will be no WW3.
<WWI was the last. Never again.
This is just sad. How old are you?
>Also, I'd like to point out that you can more widely discuss Breivik by opening a thread dedicated to him (it would actually be a good thing to have one imo).
The last one got deleted.
I know.
The OP from that thread was a tryhard larper and there were also several angry shills.
Fuck off already. 77 executed traitors.
(937.40 KB 615x615 video.png)
Alright, I found the Chernobyl thing, it's among the videos you can find in this archive of Tarrant's Facebook
You have to scroll to the bottom of the page, this is a screenshot of the thumbnail.
So, Ukrainbros, what else do you recognize?
Can't these videos be downloaded from the archive?
Has anybody tried?
(582.13 KB 800x528 1553283883605.png)
Happy Halloween, goys.
10/10 would remove kebab too.
The enemy of my enemy is still my enemy & traitors die first.
(526.08 KB 1280x911 1559848119077.jpg)
I like it
You need a fb account. It's likely they were deleted too.

There are two 15 sec long videos, right after the 20% mark (left column) that show Chinese street life.
Two more are found at the 40% mark, the first two thumbnails on the left.

Just above the one with the military music band, is it a Romanian flag or is it Moldovian? Architecture is definitely Eastern-European.

Two first thumbnails at 45% are about Japan. Second one is Stadium Tour 2015. Some others too, there a traditional building and another with advertising for Asahi beer.

Some Indian videos too.

I wonder if the third thumbnail a the top will bring trouble to 16chan.
(205.96 KB 1742x433 Brenton-Tarrant_explanation-2.jpg)
(534.67 KB 2048x1536 brenton-tarrant.jpg)
Well, since this >>7946 post we've found out that there is indeed one proof about Tarrant being in Ukrainian territory, but still it is not a sufficient proof to tie him to any Azov training camp.
The Black Sun has been used in fashwave-nazi iconography before Azov, am I right?
Proofs about Tarrant's presence in a specific place are paper trails like visas, electronic payments for hotels/restaurants, him being spotted by cameras like pic related, witnesses of hotels/museum personnel who met him (like we have for other places), photographs of him being present in the place, pictures taken by him of the place, any other witness claiming to have met him/seen him in that place.
Other than the Chernobyl tour video, what else do we have to place him in Ukraine and especially near any Azov battalion training camp?
Why should he be influenced by any group at all?
I just need to open my kitchen window and compare the misery I see with photos I took a decade ago and that's about what I need to go ballistic.
Don't feed into that he was radicalized narrative. Pulling a Tarrant is the normal and only sane answer to the mess we are in.
I agree.
This training camp narrative is used by american kikes to go on with persecution of white people and clamp down on each and every form of irl organizations that whites might engage in.

I have a fb account, when you click on one of the videos a window pops up saying that the content is no longer available. I tried do downaload the .zip from the archive page but I am not sure of what the hell came out of it, can't open any of the files but I am dumb so I basically don't know what I am looking at.

>I wonder if the third thumbnail a the top will bring trouble to 16chan.
Legends say he drove his Subaru there all the way from Australia, gliding across the oceans surface in a messianic fashion.
>WELLINGTON (Reuters) - New Zealand’s Chief Censor said on Thursday he had banned a video game that appeared to glorify the mass shooting in Christchurch earlier this year that killed 51 Muslim worshippers.
(83.39 KB 720x720 1558815526976.jpg)
Happy Halloween
(485.54 KB 2508x1812 1572478813041.jpg)
how many of these videogames exist?

(23.08 MB 648x360 dont-cuck-my-race (1).webm)
(19.98 MB 904x476 British_grenadiers_remix.webm)
>The Black Sun has been used in fashwave-nazi iconography before Azov, am I right?
It's been in mass use since the end of the war. Modern natsoc movement is using it widely since pretty much the 80s.
Battalion doesn't work like that and more, they does not have a reason to work like that. They are not this natsoc boogeyman, they are regular military battalion with rather high level of quality along the all lines. They were created and are lead by natsocs and their most difficult battles were won by natsocs. Pre-2015, it could have been vaguely possible for him to train there, but NOT without then serving in Azov. And since in that time war effort was at high, he would have seen some real combat too. After 2015 (Minsk Agreement), you must have Ukrainian citizenship to even enlist in Azov, let alone serve or receive any form of training. Foreign volunteers are still welcome, but they have to go through many loops and it is usually on friend-of-friend basis now. Brenton would have to speak fluently Ukrainian/Russian too, which he didn't in a letter to Alan.
>near any Azov battalion training camp?
Azov have only one base in which training is done and that is near Mariupol. Chernobyl is roughly 900km away.

This whole Azov training meme is complete bullshit in my view, used just to smear Azov as a terrorist training center AND Brenton as a foreign-trained terror fighter. And since it was brought by an US politician to US people, whom have this connected with Islamic terrorists, the motivations are pretty clear in my mind.
Thank you for the clarification.
I agree with you, I hope that the people from Azov and the other like minded groups will not accept quietly the american kikes smear campaign. Plus there is going to be Brenton's trial next year, where we'll finally obtain a clearest view of all Brenton has done prior the attack thanks to his witness+investigations.
>Pre-2015, it could have been vaguely possible for him to train there, but NOT without then serving in Azov.
What do you make of the stories of the people who served in Azov for some time and then left for their home countries (Australia, US, France, etc.)?
>After 2015 (Minsk Agreement), you must have Ukrainian citizenship to even enlist in Azov, let alone serve or receive any form of training.
So sort of pro-NATO government acts as a bureaucratic gatekeeper for the recruitment?
>Brenton would have to speak fluently Ukrainian/Russian too, which he didn't in a letter to Alan.
So the foreigners who went into Azov spoke Ukrainian fluently? You think it was that necessary beyond some basic stuff you'd learn within two months?
>This whole Azov training meme is complete bullshit in my view
Sounds weak really.
Probably just a way to link BAD RUSSIA (again) to anything (((they))) hate.
>Probably just a way to link BAD RUSSIA (again) to anything (((they))) hate.

It doesn't really make sense because Azov fought against the russians as far as I understand.
(((They))) are going straight into the "evil nazi militia" boogeyman construction.
To be honest I could not refrain from laughing when I watched the Watchmen series pilot and the white supremacists scene appeared.
If that is not predictive programming then I don't know what else it is.
ISIS is now "officially" defeated by TEAM AMERICA, FUCK YEAH!
So now (((they))) need a new boogeyman.
I am sure Brenton would love this to happen, as it goes straight into the accelerationism field, fueled by the dumbass kikes nonetheless.
>So sort of pro-NATO government acts as a bureaucratic gatekeeper for the recruitment?
There were really a lot foreign volunteers in the Ukraine and having European white men, many of them right-wingers, organize, gain fighting experience, get weapons and training really worried the European ZOG administrators.
So this is the first they stopped. It's either part of Minsk or some ND gentlemen agreement that no party of the war allows foreigners into their ranks anymore.
You might probably get around that somehow but for most this theater of war is off limits.
>really worried the European ZOG administrators.
Well, ZOG didn't care so much about muh Black Sun flags waving nazis when they needed someone to annoy the Russian on the other side, uh?
I know zero about what's actually going on in Ukraine, but apparently the situation is some peak clown world type of shit.
>What do you make of the stories of the people who served in Azov for some time and then left for their home countries (Australia, US, France, etc.)?
What do you mean specifically? There were and still is many foreign volunteers in Azov, both in active duty and veterans, including many westerners. Many of course travel back and forth Ukraine and home countries. If you know what to do, it possess just a small risk from western agencies.
>So sort of pro-NATO government acts as a bureaucratic gatekeeper for the recruitment?
It was just a marginal part of the Minsk Agreement. But yes, this part could be understood as what you mention, although I would understand it more as a push from the Ukrainian government to get volunteer battalions under a check. Especially those who possess risk to a present Ukrainian establishment and/or those more "adventurous" ones.
>So the foreigners who went into Azov spoke Ukrainian fluently? You think it was that necessary beyond some basic stuff you'd learn within two months?
If you wanted to enlist there back when war was way hotter than today, then naturally requirements were lower. But still, at least basic communication, speaking and understanding was required. Remember, you went to join an active military unit who was based on the frontline, not speaking the language could not endanger just you, but more importantly others. Finally, if Brenton would have been trained there, he would be speaking fluently or at least at a simple communication level.
>Black Sun flags waving nazi
>clown world
literally, azov was praised all over the news with their own footage being shown stamped with their logo that is actually banned here lol
zog doesn't care but it likes to keep everything in its place and wants no right-wing underground terminating its representatives
>many foreigners
The number of actual westerners is probably not that high if you discount nationalized Russians or Ukrainians who had immigrated once and that's why western security agencies aren't too concerned about those.
They are concerned about their own people joining which was easier in the beginning at least on the Russian side. I don't remember if it was Vostok bat but they had volunteers who spoke no Russian at all, though they would get basic training in that beforehand.
If today you need the language to join this literally turns the valve of westerners off since no one here speaks Russian.
>really worried the European ZOG administrators.
It still does, especially since Azov political people started reaching out through the rest of the Europe with their speakers and ideologues as war slowed down. There were many events in which their people spoke to German, French, Italian, Czech, Austrian or even Polish nationalists in their own home countries. Many of them public and attracted many people. That is the thing that from my perspective stresses out current ZOG establishment the most - that the professional, thousand man strong military battalion which proved itself more combat effective than the whole standing army of Ukraine, is now doing real deal feet on the ground political work among possible future political soldiers of Europe. If you would find yourself in Ukraine (there will be soon Asgardsrei festival for example) I recommend visiting Azov house in Kiev too. You will see how modern, national socialist militant order looks like.
>It's either part of Minsk or some ND gentlemen agreement that no party of the war allows foreigners into their ranks anymore.
You might probably get around that somehow but for most this theater of war is off limits.
It is way harder nowadays, but still wholly doable if you are interested enough. I think in the end it could actually help, since it serves as a first part of selection process. Anyone who is for a moment in any European nationalist movement is pretty much able to do so and anyone who does his research over the internet too.

>but apparently the situation is some peak clown world type of shit.
Whole thing can be summed up like this:
>revolution against corrupt state starts
>nationalists do most of the work, most of the dead during Maidan days were nationalists as well
>EU/west subverts the whole thing, pumps huge amounts of money into their puppets used as a tool against the Russia
>with the help of the media they steal the whole thing
>new zogged government is born with nationalists only given scraps
>nationalists start forming underground groups to finish the thing (here originates modern Right Sector, Azov and other groups)
>Russians understand the game and respond by making their own casino with hookers and blackjack in Donbass
>war starts unexpectedly
>as Ukrainian military is completely useless and unprepared, nationalists react responsibly - reforming these groups and other already existing groups into battalions
>off to the frontline
>they professionalize, gain experience and massive support from international nationalist groups
>after the government secures power - again on the blood of the nationalists - it starts to fuck with the possibly dangerous battalions
>hence many agreements, treaties, laws and other things, end of support from the MSM, etc.
>war continues and gets to a stalemate/ceasefire
And here we are. Most of the battalions and organizations survived and nowadays the mainstream talk in these circles is that "when war is finished, the "stolen revolution" must be finished".
>The number of actual westerners is probably not that high if you discount nationalized Russians or Ukrainians
Well yes, but the "issue" here is that with Minsk Agreement, all members must be Ukrainian citizens. Therefore all foreign volunteers just got their citizenship and for all statistical and de iure means, they are now "Ukrainians". That doesn't help any western agency neither. I think the EU states are now somewhat ambivalent towards them - on the other hand, they are ebil natzis, on the second, they are against Russia. So they are now largely turning blind eye. It's a fragile situation, but situation that benefits to international natsoc movement a lot.
>I don't remember if it was Vostok bat but they had volunteers who spoke no Russian at all, though they would get basic training in that beforehand.
Yeah, there are still many like that, on both sides. For example, you can meet Chechens on both sides of the conflict, who have their own units and even battalions. On the Russian side there are Kadyrov loyalists and on Ukrainian there are Chechen nationalists and veterans of the first two Chechen wars even. Ukraine is still a huge mess.
>If today you need the language to join this literally turns the valve of westerners off since no one here speaks Russian.
Then they need to learn it. It's a small investment for anyone who really wants it. Also I think that since bureaucracy in Ukraine is largely impotent, that if the war would get hot again, the whole thing would get easier again too.

spot on
From the western point of view of people who was able to see Obama and NATO 's meddling in Ukraine as a way to poke Russia and get some of their own assests near Russian border, Azov and Right Sector are seen just as tools used by ZOG and as evil nazis who killed civilians and are openly natsocs.
I agree with your analysis about why, now that the war has cooled down, the ZOG is starting to feel uncomfortable with these nationalists.
Joining Azov or another militia now might still be possible but I'm pretty much certain you won't go unnoticed as an actual non-slavic westerner and end up in cuffs once you come back.

Also this war has quite professionalized so, well, you basically will join an army and sure getting valuable fighting skills but likely never use them just as if you joined the army of your own country.

Being ex-army of an European nation I know for a fact that most of us are nationalists though not necessarily radical, but either way nobody does anything once he's part of the show.

We do probably much more by honorably serving to keep it in place than the screaming leftist faggots in the streets who would fall in a minute.

I see the same danger with Azov once completely institutionalized. They may be allowed to talk the talk and dream of a future but if this war never ends (by design) you'll be just cannon fodder.
Sorry for the rant.
One can guess that the "institutionalization" of Azov might blend their natsoc aspect or, if the path of persecution from USA-led NATO will continue, they might just be disbanded by the State to not incur in international sanctions and other issues.
The whole discussion started from the fact that JewSA kikes openly lied about Brenton Tarrant being a foreign fighter directly in contact with Azov battalion, and by doing so they are clearly aiming at clamping down these natsoc entities, whether they were controlled opposition since the start or not.
Deadline for Mike Pompeo to answer these kikes' request is november 4 iirc.
I believe we should keep an eye on this, as it will also show how much, once again, the Trump administration is ruled by jews and neocons.
(169.51 KB 750x1400 88.jpg)
Some kebab in Denmark wrote his whole Bachelor's thesis about Tarrant's manifesto. https://rucforsk.ruc.dk/ws/portalfiles/portal/64897639/kevin_shakir_bachelor_thesis.pdf
>51 persons have been died as a result of the terrorist attack.

the absolute state of this bachelor's thesis
there was a time where only a number of typos, three or so, was allowed for 100 words or you would get your paper back. not any longer if you're a shitskin obviously
Here he is crying about an "It's OK to be White" poster in Denmark. https://twitter.com/kevinshakir/status/1190182281069170688/
Pathetic sandnigger.

Yesterday I found the usual crappy blog with conspiracy shit on it.


It staggered me as I noticed it reports the identical shit you see copypasted by the shills in every Tarrant thread on cuckchan.
Don't know about this Kurt Haskell guy, has any of you ever heard about him?
His "evidence" for Tarrant being a Mossad agent:

1. He traveled to some unusual countries - ignoring that he also traveled to many more common travel destinations, not that it proves anything anyway

2. That it would be weird to visit Turkey considering he hates Muslims. But Tarrant doesn't hate Muslims or anyone else as long as they mind their own business in their own countries, according to his own manifesto. He just wants them gone from our countries. As well, we know a little about what he did in Turkey: among other things he visited a castle where Vlad the Impaler had been held captive.

3. "Tarrant is Jewish" - "proven" by a random tweet by some anonymous Muslim that contains only assertions, no facts

4. Tarrant allegedly having visited Israel for a few days in 2016 - his source for this is an unnamed "Israeli immigration official" as reported by Times of Israel (trustworthy source!) But considering he visited dozens of countries in several continents over a period of many years, it doesn't even matter if true. It should also be noted that according to The Great Replacement he was only "radicalized" beginning in 2017.

To sum it up, Kurt is retarded like all other schizos who wildly jump to conclusions that are not supported by the facts.
(586.51 KB 900x646 the_great_replacement.png)
The points made by shills and assorted haters all stem from the erroneous assumption that Brenton Tarrant is a white supremacist.
By his own words, he is not a white supremacist and not even a xenophobe.
If he was one he would have not felt comfortable traveling and staying among people of all those exotic coutries. Instead he saw as those people are racially and culturally homogenous, while the west is a cesspool of miscegenation, uncontrolled migration and lack of roots and strong values.
But of course I don't expect shills and sneaky leftoids to have read the Manifesto.
(321.59 KB 300x309 152882206933.gif)
I have only read the intro and the conclusion paragraphs.
Man, I wish I didn't.

>pic related, it's my face
>Tarrant allegedly has visited Israel, thus is a mossad agent
I don't know why that's even an issue. It's not the fault of the earth it's divided among countries and that is now Israel has an awesome history and places I'd love to visit. Think of all the super cool crusader castles. It's no less worthy to be visited just because it belongs to kikes for now
There was jews who even joined the NSDAP in the beginning. By that logic natsoc is now Jewish and must be abandoned.

>I have only read the intro
take a shower fren and wash the aids off of you lol
>By that logic natsoc is now Jewish and must be abandoned.
I've seen (more than one time) those tinfoil hats claim that even Adolf Hitler himself was a "Zionist agent".
Hey, has the latest cute Tarrant posted by artistanon been deleted?
Did he fall victim of the recent rangebans?
I'll repost it on his behalf.
OT: I'm still waiting for the day, when you realize, that politicians are worse than jews, and that they are being ignored by your tribal immune system.

Politicians are worse, because I can be a jew without being subverting or harming anyone. It's possible to break with ones family and community or origin, and live a totally different lifestyle. Many people do it.

But I find it very hard to make the case for a politician. Neither will other politicians play ball with you, as long as you aren't corrupt, you won't get any contributions by corporations and rich donors, if you won't promise anything in return, and nobody will vote for you, if you're the guy telling the truth, while aiming for unpopular solutions, which must happen nonetheless. Try being the politician, which wants to take away the boomers security, so that young people aren't enslaved to what the boomers voted in.

TLDR Politicians are worse than jews. Why don't you also discriminate people who are soft on politicians?
Thanks lad.
(55.67 KB 760x490 wp-header-logo-1032-760x490.png)
You are welcome my fren

>Why don't you also discriminate people who are soft on politicians?

What do you mean with discriminate?
I'll go back in topic and remind you that Tarrant in the manifesto calls for the assassination of traitor politicians.

Someone even did it irl, pic related.
>What do you mean with discriminate?
polacks have too little tolerance towards kikes, and too much tolerance towards politicians. Polacks are not like "That's bound to fail, because it's been made by politicians", even though in order to become a politician in todays world, you must to be subversive towards the nation, and politicians are worse than jews in that regard. You can be a kike without subverting anyone, but you can't be a politician without subverting anyone. Where I'm living, even far right parties are nothing but a pressure release valve, which makes it less likely, that the system is going to explode. When it comes to strengthening their members in the conflict against the system, antifa does a better job, than rightwing parties. Our rightwing politicians are working hand in hand with our secret police against their more radical members, so that they can have more job security. Politicians, which haven't be willing to work together with the secret police, never made it. They were already kicked out by their parties.

>I'll go back in topic and remind you that Tarrant in the manifesto calls for the assassination of traitor politicians.
Yes, and he also said, that he has no problem with jews in israel, as long as they aren't subverting his people. That's absolutely the correct stance, which polacks tend to find too mild. Polacks seem to think, that politicians are from their own tribe, which they aren't. Politicians are our biggest enemy. All politicians. Every politician, which isn't our enemy, doesn't make it in our political system. 100% of all identifyable politicians are our enemies.
Has the tides completely turned on cuckchan?
There were 2 Tarrant threads up today, both were deleted by the jannies, not the first time this happens.
I noticed less and less threads were made lately, now I wonder if it's because mods have been instructed to eradicate any discussions about him despite allowing them for the previous 7 months.
These were the threads (both shill threads in my opinion, but still).

I agree with you.
But please take note of the fact that the "jews are not enemy of mine if they don't subvert" is not something /pol/acks have a problem with, but it's merely the line the shills use to smear Saint Tarrant and his deeds.
About antifa, they are not under any aspect a "subversive" type of organization, they are 100% friends of the System because they do not actually seek its destruction.
We, on the other hand, for the mere fact of desiring and being discussing about the destruction of current Western society System and its replacement with a new System suitable to our race are considered n.1 enemies who deserve to be controlled, restrained and finally stomped upon.
Of course so called right wing politicians are subversives and not really on our side, precisely because just as antifa they are part of the System and don't want to see it destroyed as we do.
I'm not gonna cry if someone shoots up some faggot pols but they are basically tools, whores who will suck you off if you pay them or offer them some attention. Right now it pays to be a enabler and traitor, either by getting actual money or getting some love from the (((presstitutes))).
Pols might be good symbols for a target but much worse than them are the real profiteers of white genocide like the Koch's, Buffet or their anti-white cheerleaders in the (((media))). Pull the plug and the pols will fall in line.
>"jews are not enemy of mine if they don't subvert" is not something /pol/acks have a problem with, but it's merely the line the shills use to smear Saint Tarrant and his deeds.
There were polacks argueing, that saint brenton wasn't /ourguy/, because he didn't name the jew, while others were argueing, that him not naming the jew made his message better for mainstream consumption, so we must name the jew even harder. But nobody ever argued, that the saints written stance on jews is the correct one.

Which it really is. He was like "leave jews alone, as long as they're not subverting you, and leave muslims alone, as long as they're not invading you, be at peace with everyone, as long as they're at peace with you, but fucking kill your traitorous politicians, and destroy your political system.". That's his holy message of love and peace, and that's, what we should preach in his name.

>Saint Tarrant
It's Saint Brenton, if you want to follow the catholic naming convention for saints. Historically the latter name was nothing individual, but an interchangeable indicator, where someone is from. Therefore, the first name is what's being used.

>About antifa, they are not under any aspect a "subversive" type of organization, they are 100% friends of the System because they do not actually seek its destruction.
There are members of antifa carrying out illegal actions, the current system doesn't approve of. The current system doesn't want them to be too violent, too criminal, and so on. Violent antifa members attacking old ladies in front of a camera is bad PR for antifa as well as for the system. And yet, antifa teaches it's members informations and tactics, which enable them to avoid prosecution, while doing things the system doesn't approve.

That's more than rightwingers do. Rightwingers do not understand, that the police also is their enemy, and they must not be vulnerable to criminal investigation techniques. That's another thing. From our perspective, the police is more of an enemy, than antifa is. Antifa people are relatively harmless activists, that sometimes beat up a few demonstrating "right-wing"-sheeple. That's it. Antifa isn't the violent arm of government, which extorts many billions of dollars/euros from the populace, with which the state finances white genocide. That's the police.
(751.40 KB 820x944 monster.png)
>if you want to follow the catholic naming convention for saints.
I could not care less for catholic conventions to be honest.
Saint Tarrant sounds better to my ears.
Anyway I believe vast majority of muh JQ not mentioned in the manifesto are paid shills that are running Tarrant's character assassination campaign since day one. A campaign that Tarrant himself foresaw in the manifesto with all the other things, anyway (pic related)
I'd say there was not much real arguing about whether he was /ourguy. Some shills and trolls tried to push that shit but failed.

>"jews are not enemy of mine if they don't subvert"
that's effectively the same, just in an intelligent way, as
they ARE my enemies
because, hey, do they subvert or not? His phrase just leaves some benefit of doubt for the few kikes that don't for some unknown reason.
>There were polacks argueing, that saint brenton wasn't /ourguy/

Nah, the shills are the ones insisting on this, normal people understand what Brenton meant with that line in the manifesto like >>9810 said

>There are members of antifa carrying out illegal actions, the current system doesn't approve of.
If the System did not approve antifa doing certain things, it would have not allowed them to do them and would have curbstomped antifa years ago. They didn't instead, because they are ok with antifa being their useful idiots.
Look at the disparity of treatment with any right wingers instead, who are controlled and even jailed or their guns seized based on mere accuse of wrongthink without even real crime charges.
I agree with you on the rest. Police and armed forces doing what the ZOG System orders them to do is a huge problem.
>Anyway I believe vast majority of muh JQ not mentioned in the manifesto are paid shills that are running Tarrant's character assassination campaign since day one.
Maybe I was wrong in my estimate of /pol/. I've heard a lot of talk regarding Saint Brenton and the JQ, and was pissed at both sides, to be honest. But it may just have been a shilling tactic, where ouradvesary argued both sides, so that polacks look stupid, no matter which side they choose. Could be.

>that's effectively the same, just in an intelligent way, as "they ARE my enemies"
No, it's much more than that. He has been saying, that even jews deserve their homeland, where they can live in peace among themselves. That's the way forward. They can have their homeland, as long as they become nice ethnocentrists within their homeland, and don't subvert other countries. That's the best solution for the JQ.

>If the System did not approve antifa doing certain things, it would have not allowed them to do them and would have curbstomped antifa years ago.
Antifa indeed are the useful idiots of the system, but the antifa guys aren't aware of it, and they don't get direct marching orders from the system. It's more like the media paints someone as being an evil person, and 16yo kids harass this person for fun. And sometimes those kids use excessive force in front of a camera, which then turns those evil people into victims of antifa, which then turns people against antifa and the system. That's not what the system wants. The system wants antifa to mildly harass normie-rightwingers, so they fear to say what they think in public. The system doesn't want antifa to create martyrs, because that makes their enemies more unflinching.

And antifa helps their people to create martyrs by providing knowledge and tactics about how to evade law enforcement, and such.

Anyways, I'm glad, that you guys are as you are. Other /pols/ can be really cucked.
>the antifa guys aren't aware of it
Well, that's the whole point about being a useful idiot: the idiot does not understand the gravity of the situation until a boot will be crashing his stupid head.
That's the tragedy of demoralization, as Yuri explained us very well many years ago.

>I'm glad, that you guys are as you are. Other /pols/ can be really cucked.
I agree.
I am glad I discovered nein after 8 got nuked, I find it to be pleasant, almost shill free and with the most interesting posters.
Cuckchan is lost, endchan sucks really bad, julay is slow as fuck and the so called alt-chan federation is shit.
However 8kun seems just about to come back, but with no /pol/ yet.
>I'm probably not leaving entirely
Me neither.
We don't know yet how the 8kun is going to be, or when and if /pol/ will be back and if it will be as good as it used to.
Call me paranoid but I think that calls for closure were originated specifically because of memetic warfare threads that were born after Christchurch and in general all the discussions that generated from it like accelerationism and how to acquire it irl.
So if they will forbid memetic warfare and Tarrant discussions on 8kun too, it will be enough to signal which way the new chan is directed - which is the same way cuckchan is already on.
Even after contemplating what you said, I still think, that Saint Brentons words were wise and complete.

If jews are willing able to maintain their own homeland, they should be encouraged in doing so. If they go down that path, there can be peace and friendship. If they're unwilling or unable, there can be no peace and friendship. That's an universal standard, which really makes sense. After all, we're not against people having some genes common among jews, but against people behaving like jews within our midst. Just as we're not against people with shitskin genes, as long as they're not invading us, but stay within the borders of their own territory.

I really think, that there's no other way, to understand his words. It's a message of love and peace during a time, in which war unfortunately is a neccessity.

Last time I've checked there was no /pol/. It also had a certain glowy and honeylike smell. But who knows. I kinda like the chilled environment here, and the lack of shills, and the ability of uploading images while using tor.
>And here we are. Most of the battalions and organizations survived and nowadays the mainstream talk in these circles is that "when war is finished, the "stolen revolution" must be finished".
Thx m8, quite interdasting.
It perfectly summarizes the impression of back and forth I had about this event.
The biggest risk is with these armed groups being subverted, infiltrated. I hope they'd quickly spot the noses.
>Hurt Kashekell

1. His trips were far more pol in '17 than in '15.

2. This is where Vlad learned about the cultural and vibrant custom of impaling enemies.

3. They never had a drop of evidence on that. None at all.

4. Taking into account the battles that happened in that country too in the past, what's so bizarre about it?
>>"jews are not enemy of mine if they don't subvert"
>that's effectively the same, just in an intelligent way, as
>they ARE my enemies
>because, hey, do they subvert or not? His phrase just leaves some benefit of doubt for the few kikes that don't for some unknown reason.
That is not the same at all. He puts a CONDITION: the lack of subversion on their part against us. He never says all of them do, that would be quite a stupid statement to make. The idea that a gardener in Haifa is subverting the USA is not really serious.
You try to paint him as a mad mass killer, an exterminator of entire peoples. It does not fit with a man who'd go to foreign countries and see that over there, Muslims live a good life.
His manifesto is literally Get the fuck off my lawn. Period.
16 is somehow okay.
nano is empty.
end is indeed terrible.
tor might be ok but empty.
Jim said 8kun/pol/ is ok, he's waiting for the board owner to pop in.

Let's be honest, the glorification of killers will have to be seriously toned down to be allowed outside here.

>the ability of uploading images while using tor.
Do you remember to remove the metadata in the pictures before posting them? It's important.

> Do you remember to remove the metadata in the pictures before posting them? It's important.
Yes, I do, I'm using MAT, and yes, it's very important to remove metadata.
I don't paint him either way, I think what he said was clever and given the circumstances I interpret it the way I did above.

As to the jewish question it's painfully obvious that jews exist for like three thousand years as a people and literally at every place they turned up they have been subverting their way too gracious host societies and consequently been purged because there's something to them that obviously can't be cured.

This is a statistically valid pattern all over time, over different political system and also different cultures that can't be explained away with anything else than them jews being jews.

I'm not going to excuse their history with hey that's just some of them. That gardener in Haifa may seem innocent to you but as long as he doesn't resist the ways of his race he's not worth saving for me. He's a carrier genetically or culturally, I don't care.

That doesn't mean we have to exterminate every single last one of them if that rattles your feathers, especially not if we talk women who have married into the kike tribe, unforgivable as that is, but these abominations of god just can't be allowed to continue spreading their heritage for our children to deal with. Eugenics it shall be then. Sterilize them and let them die out peacefully. Fine with me.

Find me a way to make them live in a country of their own, give up all power, shut down their banking cartel and close all the jewish lobby organizations and then I'm impressed and will bow my head to you. Make them pay trillions in reparations for the world wars they have caused, the millions of dead and raped, their insidious schemes to wipe out the white race. Do that and I'll let them off the hook but you know they won't do anything of that and that's why they have to go

hitler trips, kek
>he's waiting for the board owner to pop in.

Who is/are the BOs?
What if they have no intention to keep going with /pol/ after the shitshow about muh evil terrorist website?

>the glorification of killers will have to be seriously toned down
It depends on the amount of this "tone down".
One thing is sure: if /pol/ will come back and I will not like the atmosphere I will GTFO and move forward.
If nein stays this way I don't see why not make this a permanent home.
Disgruntled former 8chan users could be easily redirected here at that point.
>What if they have no intention to keep going with /pol/
/pol/ will be there if there's a board for it or not. So they better make one to contain us or we gonna shit up the place until they regret having come back.
(159.42 KB 1352x587 1565595032440.jpg)

>you know they won't do anything of that and that's why they have to go
That's the inner tragedy, our burden as whites, the same burden carried by Brenton Harrison Tarrant: a normal, genuine, simple man that saw himself literally forced to resort to violence, because they left us with no other viable options.

This is significant especially when we remember that he inserted that "When Saxon began to hate" poem in his manifesto.
>That's the inner tragedy, our burden as whites
Sadly yes

btw, I just realized Kipling wrote a poem called Tarrant Moss
I wouldn't have anything of that in school but here I am, reading poetry.

>Their armour shall not dull nor rust,
>Their flesh shall not decay,
>For Tarrant Moss holds them in trust,
>Until the Judgment Day.
>16 is somehow "okay"
being full of shills and redditors sounds "okay" to you?
I said somehow. I doubt it prevented you from posting on ripchan.
Let's not blow this out of proportions. Same shit happens here from time to time too.
Very interesting, thanks for posting.
(377.51 KB 965x1124 bt69.png)
Thank you for repost, friend.

Hope I can post it here.
I like it so much.
Your style is comfy af.
I like it so much.
Your style is comfy af.
(464.64 KB 1148x611 raifu-minecraft.gif)
(41.18 KB 468x612 McVeigh last words.jpg)
>....we remember that he inserted that "When Saxon began to hate" poem in his manifesto.

also Invictus which was the final written statement of Timothy McVeigh. There were McVeigh memes on Tarrant's facebook.
Let the Tarrant Moss grow on you like it grows on trees.
A Moss is an old English word for a marsh, bog or fen.

Tarrant Moss
I closed and drew for my love's sake
That now is false to me,
And I slew the Reiver of Tarrant Moss
And set Dumeny free.

They have gone down, they have gone down,
They are standing all arow -
Twenty knights in the peat-water,
That never struck a blow!

Their armour shall not dull nor rust,
Their flesh shall not decay,
For Tarrant Moss holds them in trust,
Until the Judgment Day.

Their soul went from them in their youth,
Ah God, that mine had gone,
Whenas I leaned on my love's truth
And not on my sword alone!

Whenas I leaned on lad's belief
And not on my naked blade -
And I slew a thief, and an honest thief,
For the sake of a worthless maid.

They have laid the Reiver low in his place,
They have set me up on high,
But the twenty knights in the peat-water
Are luckier than I!

And ever they give me gold and praise
And ever I mourn my loss -
For I struck the blow for my false love's sake
And not for the Men of the Moss!
Do you have any literary analysis on this poem?
Can't find any in my language.
reading that makes me think we would have been just happy normies in his time while Kipling would be a master shitposter today
(267.46 KB 1500x979 11705388.jpg)
(70.41 KB 680x680 s5hJd73.jpg)
Disciple Manshaus gave a short explanation of his actions in court today

> Manshaus explained that his motivation was to defend "the future generations of my people", which he says is on the verge of being destroyed. ... "The problem is that Norway's and the West's institutions are soaked in a Jewish and cultural-Marxist ideology" he says. ... He talked about culture war and "genocide of the European race". He claims that various peoples are fighting for their own rights above those of others ... He claims "the system" ... has made conflict necessary because it censors his like-minded ... He also claims it's too late to "stop the train" and that the internet has made his task easier.

> "In practice it means that actions of the kind that I have committed will be more common. The system will crack down on it to maintain control. But this will cause a greater counter-reaction." ... "A race based conflict is developing, where all races will fight for their own interests, rather than those of others." "Neither the system nor non-European foreigners will voluntarily lose their power. Therefore we must resort to violence. As it will happen, it should happen now. Our first move was to warn and educate the part of the population which is receptive to our message and searches for an understanding of what is happening in society today."


(99.62 KB 880x440 A.jpg)
based and unbroken, would've loved to hear him on livestream. he obviously knows how to express himself
Thank you for the translation and the update.
I will quote our boy Brenton.
"Mistakes will be made, losses will be had, some failures are certain and some endeavours will go bad.
But in the end the struggle is a beauty in itself, and the victory will be all the sweeter because of it. Final victory is yours, if you have the will for it."

Actions like the ones of Manshaus and Balliet, despite being inconclusive in terms of actual killings, are to be seen as the very first sparks of the incoming clash of civilizations that will erupt as soon as economic collapse will turn society into a dog eats dog mess.
(162.16 KB 571x790 west1.jpg)
(74.65 KB 271x749 west2.jpg)
Paywalled article on The West Australian but it can be read on PressReader. https://www.pressreader.com/australia/the-west-australian/20191104/282600264682810
>a special investigation by Da West
lol, they just signed up and got bombarded with links and natsoc shit within seconds.
anyways, thanks for posting fren
lmao at the pictures

However, I was taking a look at the australian e-safety website that published some correspondence about the Christchurch issue and the ISP block of websites hosting the footage (it's all redacted anyway) and I noticed this

Notice how it says
>We are engaging with the current issues being looked at by the taskforce set up after Christchurch.

I wonder what this "taskforce" actually does and if it's still up.
Someone give a link or a name to that GTA mod of the Christchurch shooting, please. Sounds epic
(88.43 KB 400x600 It's okay to be mad.jpg)
pretty sure not the first one to have come up with this idea but seeing Terminator 6 being indeed that feminazi woke pile of shit I expected it to be here's some OC I made for you to spam in T6 threads

also found this, never heard of him before, any bongs here know that happened to him?


>Based and red-pilled warrior Vincent Fuller, 50, had watched St. Tarrant’s livestream and news coverage of the attack before launching a rampage crusade armed with a baseball bat and a knife.

>“Vincent got a bit angry about the news from New Zealand because he said, ‘It is always them, the Mudslimes, that get looked after and get cared about,’” his girlfriend told police.

>The following day, Fuller fueled by his righteous wrath marched through the streets of Stanwell attacking cars driven by non-white people shitskins while shouting “kill Muslims” and “white supremacy”.

>Minutes before starting his rampage noble crusade, Fuller wrote a Facebook post manifesto reading: “I am English, no matter what the government say. Kill all the non-English and get them all out of England.”
yeah I heard about that
but there were no casualties so it didn't hit the bigger news cycle.
nice pic btw
(15.53 MB 500x500 ZValhallaCompressed.mp4)
I not aware of any.
He was:
'For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.' from The Law of the Wolves.

England's Answer

Truly ye come of The Blood; slower to bless than to ban;
Little used to lie down at the bidding of any man.
Flesh of the flesh that I bred, bone of the bone that I bare;
Stark as your sons shall be -- stern as your fathers were.
Deeper than speech our love, stronger than life our tether,
But we do not fall on the neck nor kiss when we come together.
My arm is nothing weak, my strength is not gone by;
Sons, I have borne many sons, but my dugs are not dry.
Look, I have made ye a place and opened wide the doors,
That ye may talk together, your Barons and Councillors --
Wards of the Outer March, Lords of the Lower Seas,
Ay, talk to your gray mother that bore you on her knees! --
That ye may talk together, brother to brother's face --
Thus for the good of your peoples -- thus for the Pride of the Race.
Also, we will make promise. So long as The Blood endures,
I shall know that your good is mine: ye shall feel that my strength is yours:
In the day of Armageddon, at the last great fight of all,
That Our House stand together and the pillars do not fall.
Draw now the threefold knot firm on the ninefold bands,
And the Law that ye make shall be law after the rule of your lands.
This for the waxen Heath, and that for the Wattle-bloom,
This for the Maple-leaf, and that for the southern Broom.
The Law that ye make shall be law and I do not press my will,
Because ye are Sons of The Blood and call me Mother still.
Now must ye speak to your kinsmen and they must speak to you,
After the use of the English, in straight-flung words and few.
Go to your work and be strong, halting not in your ways,
Balking the end half-won for an instant dole of praise.
Stand to your work and be wise -- certain of sword and pen,
Who are neither children nor Gods, but men in a world of men!

Rudyard Kipling.
(361.06 KB 750x554 sit down while we abolish you.jpg)
(609.36 KB 1366x682 anon made a tarrant rifle.png)
I remember Memetic Warfare threads on 8ch, when anon wanted to make Tarrant's weapons in Blender.
Anybody know news about him ?
Does he finished his works ?
He showed up here and posted a few more pictures in previous threads, but I have no idea about other projects.
>The Shitposter is a first-person shooter where an “internet prankster” named Brenton Torrent (the man charged with the Christchurch killings is Brenton Tarrant) who’s banned from “JooTube” then livestreams a mass shooting, egged on by racists in chat. The game has a number of other racist, white supremacist, and neo-Nazi jokes, references, and memes, all the way down to its price being $14.88. It is now an offence to share, host, or download the game in New Zealand, the Office of Film & Literature Classification (OFLC) announced on Thursday.


(818.14 KB 1021x887 1567265857151.png)

Yeah they've been shilling this game on cuckchan for a while.
I still don't understand how many actual games with Christchurch references and/or mods are out there.
(137.95 KB 960x930 745806802.jpg)
OC, please steal.
(1.48 MB 1620x1215 gun.png)
Blendernerd at your service.

You've posted some other dudes screenshot, though.
hey fren, we talked about metadata in blend files back on 8chan, remember? lol
didnt know you were modeling his guns though.
do you, or anyone here for that matter, know if there are photos that show his weapons from all sides? so far I know only the few he posted and its always just the right side of two of his ARs
I remember, fren. Back then I've solved my problem by reading a bit about 3d printing. There are textbased formats, which can be easily checked for metadata.

I didn't really model his guns, though. I've just textured a readymade model of a M16. Badly, I must add, because it was meant for a comic-like cell shader.

Anyways, I'm only aware about the photos you surely have already seen. I believe, that the saint photographed only one side of his rifles. Maybe one could extract at least some the writings on the other side from the holy video, by watching it frame by frame. At some frames the writing is clearly readable. I haven't looked into it yet, though.
Based Blenderbro.
(722.19 KB 977x2418 download.png)
Australian muslims are scared for some reason. Will they take advantage to ask mo money fo dem programz, inshallah?
>Leaders of Australia’s Islamic community are considering deploying armed guards at mosques and religious schools as part of a national security strategy intended to counter a recent spike in threats involving right-wing ­extremist groups.
>He said Islamic leaders were interested in learning from the ­experience at Jewish institutions such as schools and synagogues in Sydney and Melbourne, where armed guards and CCTV cameras have been used for more than a decade to boost security.
>The imams’ decision to beef up security was prompted by the Christchurch massacre in March when 28-year-old Grafton man Brenton Tarrant killed 51 worshippers
>Since March, Mr Rauf said, Islamic leaders had become further disturbed at a “spike in events” that included walls of Brisbane’s Holland Park mosque being defaced with “anti-Islamic white supremacist slogans ‘Saint Tarrant’ and ‘remove kebab’.”
>In a further incident at Holland Park, anxious worshippers locked mosque doors and called police last month when a man was spotted nearby with a machete. Canberra’s main mosque was recently vandalised during a break-in.

Meanwhile christian churches get vandalized, robbed and burnt down left and right, while the pozzed Pope urges for more migrants and more pagan idols to worship like a random voodoo nigger, lmao.
> while the pozzed Pope urges for more migrants

This is what Christianity is about."Turn other check" and allow yourself to be crossed by your enemies. The holy cuckoldry.
I could not care less about cuckstianity and their fairytales, Pope Poz is only acting as a CEO would do for the benefit of his business, and the Church business cannot survive on western people who have been secular, more educated and more atheist than any other race.
They need low IQ believers, they have billions of those in Apefrica, so now Pope Poz is on the side of white genocide to save his business.
All anti white leftists hate Israel while their being in the pay of Israeli jews
>makes lefties scared
>mass amounts of invaders are not allowed in
>government building is blown out
77 future communist politician's are dead
mhm what a bad bad goy
Lol no
Kill Jews
Revelation 2:9
Revelation 3:9
John 8:44
Romans 2:28
Romans 2:29
Matthew 27:25
Kill race mixers
Jasher 4:18
Nehemiah 13:3-5
Deuteronomy 23:2
Deuteronomy 7:3-4
Deuteronomy 32:8
Leviticus 19:19
Acts 17:26
Numbers 25:6-8
Genesis 1:25
Kill fags
Leviticus 18:22
Romans 1:26-27
Leviticus 20:13
Corinthians 6:9
Jude 1:7
Genesis 19:1-13
Leviticus 20:14
Leviticus 19:19
Kill trannies
Deuteronomy 22:5
Genesis 1:27
Leviticus 18:22
God loves slavery
Ephesians 6:5
Deuteronomy 23:15–16
Deuteronomy 15:16
Exod 21:3–4
Exod 21:7–11
kill other races if they are not slaves
Genesis 9:20–27
kill furries
Leviticus 20:15
Leviticus 18:23
Deuteronomy 27:21
Genesis 1:27
Matthew 5:28
Leviticus 18:22
Exodus 22:19

the changing of the words in the bible and the subversion of the church has allowed this to happen
so, is there any news about the Saint?
(191.79 KB 657x527 fren.jpg)
Not that I know of.
Next court hearing will be in december.
8kun has still troubles staying online (and no /pol/ yet), on cuckchan things get worse and threads about the Saint get rarer (many get deleted by jannies).
Many lads that were on memetic warfare threads don't know about this place but it's better not to risk advertising on cuckchan (and Board Owner agrees).
>There are textbased formats
thanks, care to tell us which one you used? I have actually the same problem and overwriting multiple data with an hexeditor is somewhat tiresome

main problem was it wasn't the
traditional metadata but data paths to resources which the blend file used and could only be seen with an hexeditor

interestingly enough, i've downloaded a lot of models over time but almost none had these damn paths in them. would like to know if that was deliberately or result of using a specific version of blender

>by watching it frame by frame
was afraid you would say that lol, quite an effort to be honest
(303.04 KB 899x1283 bt70.png)
whistling James Bond to that, nice dude
Saw you posted this on 4chan, thank you fren.
I hope I managed to catch all of these cute Tarrants without missing any.
>thanks, care to tell us which one you used? I have actually the same problem and overwriting multiple data with an hexeditor is somewhat tiresome
If you want to export a mesh, try .STL, and export it as ASCII. You can read the file with a simple texteditor.

>would like to know if that was deliberately or result of using a specific version of blender
I've got no idea. Blender scenes tend to depend upon textures and brushes, so I'd assume, that the paths were encoded to make everything easier for the enduser. Security and ease of use don't exactly go hand in hand.

>was afraid you would say that lol, quite an effort to be honest
Kek. You really have no idea how much work I put into my 3d model. I had nothing but a few images and a short low-res video clip.
(570.03 KB 1600x1174 Far Cry NORWAY.jpg)
Obvious shill.
But for the record, Breivik by his own admittance, lied about the Zionism support. He posed as as a zionist to further stratify basic bitch conservatives and the "muh brown people" globohomo lefties he targeted
thanks for the heads up. being an file format for 3d-printers I immediately noticed tho, that neither smoothing groups nor textures are saved, prolly more and likely everything that isn't used for printing.

>You really have no idea how much work I put into my 3d model
lol, i kinda have. skinning a model in blender is hard enough, fuck the UV editor, it's really some third world tier shit here
(754.04 KB 1367x670 mcveigh.png)
>There were McVeigh memes on Tarrant's facebook.
(16.55 KB 400x500 beat.gif)
It's already been proved that bomb didn't do the damage to the buildings. Why do you want Whites to take responsibility for a false flag? Military men recreated the innefective bomb and proved the lie/
(345.39 KB 1200x900 canada_school.jpg)
>muh false flag
>white men can't do anything because anything they do is fake!! just give up goyim!
you too will pay like any other traitors
U2 are globohomo garbage.
(35.39 KB 472x450 meme.jpg)
bono is a scam artist. only 1.2% of his charitys funds went towards charity, in other words he pocketed 98.8% of the money
He's also a huge tax evader.
(122.12 KB 1240x699 1573247384732.jpg)
Look at this shit right here.
Did theu (or any other artist) ever did the same for the white victims of islmic terror attacks?
Also, I wonder how many muslims buy U2's albums.
i see meme potential, where is that?
from the U2 concert in NZ, see >>10257
ah thanks sorry, I thought that shitshow was something of the future
no, it's real unfortunately
fucking roman catholic satanic pagan pedo scum. bono is a chomo
(213.98 KB 1156x700 Fuck your hypocrisy.jpg)
this virtue signaling rich asshole makes my blood boil

here's some oc, please steal and spread
(1.09 MB 1240x699 767675555.png)
Good job, saved.
>kill all Jews because none of them names fellow Jews
If we go that way then 80-90% of Whites are culprits too, by virtue of being lemmings and shutting up.
(81.52 KB 710x512 jew_bird.jpg)
Kek. I don't think these fags realize how deep the shit is they are in. Go ever further in your retardation and never change, ZOG.
(195.72 KB 1280x857 breivik.jpg)
now that's more like it!
top kek
Is that all you've got? Holy shit you're an idiot. All you have to do is look at the crater to know that shitty bomb didn't do all of that damage, and yes it was proved many years ago by some military personell. Catch up, lemming.
Take your meds.
(27.11 KB 628x314 5cc12439240000030a51784a.jpeg)
Why the fuck won't you open a specific thread about this, you dunce.
This is a Tarrant thread, if Breivik makes you so angry open a dedicated thread to vent your frustration.
Have a Breivik anyway.
He knows few are interested in his schizo theories / demoralization efforts so instead of creating his own threads he shits up existing threads with them.
(2.02 MB 1756x1317 1566747115399.png)
I don't care, if he opens a thread about Breivik I will gladly use it to ignore his autistic screeching and dump informations and have exchange of hilarious Breivik memes with fellow shitposters.
But at least he would GTFO this thread.
(2.29 MB 3024x3024 1573418564361.jpg)
Ok, today on cuckchan someone posted pic related and said she was a girl who is in love with Brenton Tarrant, that she wants to send him a love letter in prison and that she sleeps with that pillow every day.
Thoughts? Do you think that actual girls could be out there and be secretly turned on by Brenty boy?
I know it could be a LARP and yadda yadda, but it's still some new food for thought.
I mean, it's notorious that many criminals have hybristophilic fangirls, including Breivik and Nikolas Cruz just to name a couple. So it could be realistic to imagine the same could be happening to Tarrant.
So, assuming this might be a thing, how could this be exploited memetically speaking?
Could it be used to spread white nationalism among white girls somehow?
Notice how media are in full force pushing nigger (and even sandnigger) stars proposed as model of "beauty" to young girls.
Imagine the kvetching over something like girls creaming their panties for white terrorists instead.
It could be fun.
(129.24 KB 624x892 gurrll.jpg)

the worst serial killers and sickos in jail get love letters so why shouldn't our top lad? I think it's perfectly believable there's some femanon out there crying herself to sleep because of him right now.

incels take note, you know what to do
(62.68 KB 195x278 temp3.png)
>that spoiler
top lel

How could this be further memed?
I had an idea about pretending to be girls ourselves and trying to encourage the actual females to come out of the closet as Tarrant fans, but then I thought that actual girls lurking Tarrant threads (even on normiechan) might very well be more unique than rare.
The girl from the pic I posted sounded realistic though.
(62.68 KB 195x278 temp3.png)
>that spoiler
top lel

How could this be further memed?
I had an idea about pretending to be girls ourselves and trying to encourage the actual females to come out of the closet as Tarrant fans, but then I thought that actual girls lurking Tarrant threads (even on normiechan) might very well be more unique than rare.
The girl from the pic I posted sounded realistic though.
Could be the same anon who took this photo
Same caption, good catch.
I have no idea who took the picture you posted.
The alleged girl of the pillow photograph was a french flag and her english was not very good.
Possibly underage? (Yikes).
Wtf is this shit?

Sorry for the link.
(1.82 MB 1920x1080 photo.png)
Haven't seen this photo before (to the right), where is it from?
Thanks, link saved for later. Can the whole thing be seen for free?
I noticed the same. I have never seen such photograph before.

>DIRECTOR: Sean Rubinsztein-Dunlop
You can't make this shit up
(109.60 KB 406x406 Jew_detected.png)
>director (((Sean Rubinsztein-Dunlop)))
(69.97 KB 606x1009 for the lulz.jpg)
maybe we could make it into our own 72 virgins infidel edition meme
Tiwaz or Teiwaz Rune, representing the law, justice, and the eternal cosmic struggle between chaos and order. The god Tyr sacrificed his hand so the gods could bind the Fenriz wolf. Later, Guido von List incorporated the rune in his Armanen Futhark under the name Tyr rune. The rune was subsequently adopted by the SA.
(146.64 KB 678x862 Mirror-angelic-boy.jpg)
Muslims are REEEEEing about the early coverage about Tarrant by tabloid rag The Mirror, so the Ministry of Truth in Scotland released "new guidelines for reporting on Muslims and Islam."

>a Daily Mirror headline from earlier this year describing the white suspect in the New Zealand mosque massacre as “angelic” had sent “angry shockwaves throughout the Muslim community”, according to the report.
>It said the Muslim community “saw this as an attempt to humanise the killer and ‘whitewash’ the incident”.
>the guidelines encourage journalists and programme-makers to offer more regular coverage of the Muslim community and its positive contributions and successes.
>They also recommend improving representation in Scottish print newsrooms, where Muslims are “largely invisible”, as “more diverse workplaces are better, more effective and fairer”.

(87.91 KB 960x720 bongs last.jpg)
checked and thrown up in consternation. Seriously, mudslimes must be the most obnoxious, arrogant and entitled category of people ever to have graced this planet.
(204.21 KB 729x824 1566767806276.png)
When one cannot imagine new ways for britcucks to bow lower to their beloved muzzies, they will always come up with something to surprise you.
Jews have really done a number on anglos.
Possibly Brenton Tarrant could be set as example of a rare decent anglo man.
I can only imagine how furious he must have felt knowing how low his european ancestors's offsping has fallen.
(146.57 KB 917x1056 bt71.png)
Amazing. Keep it up!


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