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(89.56 KB 221x255 1563808684681.png)
SIEGE/AWD/NATSOC GENERAL Anonymous 08/09/2019 (Fri) 23:59:22 Id:c90a7d No. 78 History File history

SIEGE by James Mason:
PDF - archive.org/details/SiegeByJamesMason
AUDIOBOOK - youtube.com/watch?v=hysf446ysJc&list=PL1W0oCPjgdDSxW029hjFBASgfMEtmmycq [Embed]

Is SIEGE and Atomwaffen Division linked to Satanism?
Not anymore I think with their new posters and their new video Also James mason is just an extremely open minded individual, he converted to Christian Identity. Most AWD members are pagans in some form.

Isn't this just a honeypot?
Not at all, this has nothing to do with nazi larping or being a skinhead stooge. The System is quick to take down SIEGE related websites because it actually poses a threat to (((them))), unlike so-called Alt-Right sites that stay up for years because it's controlled opposition, it works within the confines of the System and is thus harmless.

What is SIEGE generally about?
It is an analysis of all the Fascist movements since the beginning, and it explains why modern Fascist groups have failed, then proposes the alternative to Total Aryan Victory. It promotes dropping out of the System(Varg style) and also forming a network of terrorist cells to directly disrupt the System and seize power through strategy, tactics and raw violence, might is right.
(8.10 KB 527x343 1560044151526.png)
You need to form cells. Find two people you trust that don't know each other then have them do the same. This way if someone gets rolled up they can't catch everyone.
FBI finds Anon 6 guilty of being white. tortures him until he gives up Anon 2.

They find Anon 2 guilty of being white. He is tortured until he gives up Anon and Anon 5.

Then Anon gives up Anon 1, who dominoes into Anon 3 and 4.

Not to be too gloomy, but how is that, or any association IRL secure while the government is busy trying to exterminate all white people?
it's the best thing against feds
(275.81 KB 413x612 Fry The Brain sniping book.png)
fuck siege. fry the brain
siege and urban sniping are both good nignog u can have two three really good books
(424.87 KB 740x552 39 - XUsyOpR.png)
Have you actually even read that book? Everyone who has knows that it's full of shit. There are good bits and pieces, but the book has very little depth (although the historical examples are very good).
>this has nothing to do with nazi larping or being a skinhead stooge.

Robert Bowers - 11 removed matzos.
AWD - 0.
Looks like a 'lone wolf/fire team' tactic is more effective than whole paramilitary organisation, which is existed for 5 years.
I would post Siege but pdfs wont work atm. Give it a read though, its worth it.
Im greatful for the audiobook. The guy is insightful with his comments after reading a section. Is the there a more fluid version? There are a lot of parts where he stumbles and it breaks the flow. While reading, for the most part, he reads it very well as if it was rehursed at least once, maybe twice. If there isn’t another recording, making a transcript and re-recording for a more smooth and continuous ‘meter’ would both give it more of a professional quality as well as shorten the time of each section, if only a little.
This book have some good parts, like the other anon said, but some parts like the "muh notsees" and "muh poor kikes" just make me cringe. Just read it if you can filter the boomerisms and the bullshit.
All they have to do is catch Anon and the whole web unravels.
(12.87 KB 695x269 0*8hwRBY6BSl1i3_4L.png)
(16.73 KB 700x145 0*_Wf_BxAo_Kefwwh1.png)
>All they have to do is catch Anon and the whole web unravels.

yes...only problem is it does not work like that (1 pic). it works like (2 pic)

With stigmergy, an initial idea is freely given, and the project is driven by the idea, not by a personality or group of personalities. No individual needs permission (competitive) or consensus (cooperative) to propose an idea or initiate a project. There is no need to discuss or vote on the idea, if an idea is exciting or necessary it will attract interest. The interest attracted will be from people actively involved in the system and willing to put effort into carrying the project further, not empty votes from people with little interest or involvement. Since the project is supported or rejected based on contributed effort, not empty votes, input from people with more commitment to the idea will have greater weight. Stigmergy also puts individuals in control over their own work, they do not need group permission to tell them what system to work on or what part to contribute. https://medium.com/your-anon-central/anonymous-on-stigmergy-cd5e448f9214
i have a decent collection of media from 8chan, over the next couple of weeks i will be collecting even more, repacking it and making it available to all who wants it.

here is the first in the series.


if you have anything else you think should be included let me know and i'll get it in the next series.

i will say that this is a a mix of good and shit tier info and entertainment, most of the first series is going to be natsoc orientated stuff, the more general content will be coming further down the line.
i would say the same about siege, which has no real details other than "lone wolf now"
>i would say the same about siege, which has no real details other than "lone wolf now"
"Lone wolf now" is the only strategy that produces any results. Literally everything else is a waste of time.
The Leader will emerge through the Lone Wolves.
Until we win the ideological war against the 'Right' wing of the ZOG, there can never be anything but the Lone Wolf strategy.
Without a correct ideological outlook, any organization is doomed to penetration and failure. Even at the point where the 'Right' wing of the ZOG can no longer ideologically control revolutionary White Nationalists, they will simply stop trying to do so, and will infiltrate for purely surveillance purposes, and will still have to be defeated by something akin to a 'truth serum,' as invented in the Turner Diaries by the clinical psychologist Dr. Clark.
Otherwise, there simply is nothing that can be done aside from 'Lone Wolf Now.'
Why is 4chan down?
don't spread this shit here I have a hard racal hatred of cuckchanners
thats not a detail about how specifically or what, where etc. siege is just a series of rabble rousing articles.
do you happen to have an archive of the Black Sun/Sonnenrad threads that were going on? they were interesting as fuck but i haven't had the time to look into all the sources provided in the 2 threads.
bump to be higher then slide threads
bump to be higher then jew threads

>paramilitary organisation
How is Atomwaffen a "paramilitary" organization? Because they have a uniform of some sort? Have they ever done anything beside spreading flyers and pictures to promote a certain style?
You could use a comma here and there, you know.
Any reading you can suggest to learn more about them beside jewkipedia and other comped shit?
(71.71 KB 749x754 1567291098756.jpg)
>speak to former members
I don't speak to people irl

>theirs a shit ton of articles
I am able to search "atomwaffen" on a search engine, I was asking what sources were comped and what not.
I would join but the group I was in was full of highschool kids, so I dipped

I would urge you to re-read siege. It speaks about leaderless action, and for good reason. A leader, currently, with our systems resources, even in this failing state, will be ZOG-controlled.

Hence why Siege talks not of Reactionaries, but Revolutionaries. Forming compact cells and letting the beast system collapse onto itself is more accurately what Siege proposes, not necessarily "lone wolfing" a McDonald's. (However, where this divulges is simple: I (we, though I don't speak for anyone else who follows UO) won't cry over spilled nigger.)

However, TA does recommend the solo approach, simply because its easier to disappear, easier to function, and is fundamentally fed-proof. Many so-called "tight groups" were sentenced to lengthy prison time for "conspiracy" because a fed infiltrated years ago, got through all the pre-requisites and started being edgy, and instead of taking the meme, people took it seriously. Bad. Move.

Hating this beast system and being giddy for ZOG's eventual downfall is exactly what your reaction should be, but there isn't much point being stupid and getting length prison sentences for conspiracy. You being safe should be the first priority for a Revolutionary. Then you can worry about the rest of it. Don't skip step one because it's boring or not fun.

Be safe, read Siege.

Anything that follows the UO would do it though basic guerrilla tactics. I'm no expert on the dealings of AWD, but I'd assume they do the same, as there isn't a ZOG-article on how AWD members are currently arrested.

Anything that involves actually threatening the beast system would have to be, though all plans but the final act, done in standard civilian clothing, blended into the crowd. Walking on main-street in black-laden clothing with a red swastika arm band kinda makes you stick out. That can be saved for after.
(32.31 KB 640x478 winnie the pooh.jpg)
"Gun Control" = Anarcho-Tyranny
"Gun Buyback" = Paid Confiscation
(3.97 MB 640x360 National_Action_UK.webm)
thank you

>there isn't much point being stupid and getting length prison sentences for conspiracy
Isn't this something similar to what happened to National Action in the UK?
breaking news
>A northern Virginia man arrested this week on gun charges is a neo-Nazi who has bragged about committing racially motivated violence
>FBI agent Shawn Matthews testified that Andrew Thomasberg, 21, joined Atomwaffen, a group that advocates racial holy war, after attending the 2017 white supremacist rally in Charlottesville.
>The agent said Thomasberg bragged in text messages about committing a racially motivated shooting in the past and using racial epithets against a group of African Americans he saw at a shopping mall.

It's sad that people are so addicted to social media and messaging apps that they cannot refrain from showing their power level on there.
It should be clear by know that social media, messaging apps, damn even simply owning a smartphone should be heavily avoided, if not completely discarded (unless a parallel "alt-tech" is created for secure communication purposes).

I am leaving here this study about Atomwaffen done by The International Centre for Counter Terrorism located in Netherlands
>I am leaving here this study about Atomwaffen done by The International Centre for Counter Terrorism located in Netherlands
This is a very interesting document. It literally advocates the government supporting non-violent 'neo-Nazi' groups. To quote from it:
>CVE efforts must include government and non-profits reaching out to the “nonviolent wings of the movement” to convince extremists to forego violence and militancy and instead choose peaceful and productive political participation.99 Members of groups like Atomwaffen may be strongly neo-Nazi but not strongly in favour of violence; mainstream society should work to connect with those individuals and protect them from the allure of terrorist organisations.
While it is phrased as 'protecting' people who are attracted to groups similar to Atomwaffen, what is it actually saying is to either create or subsidize groups like that are 'like' Atomwaffen, but who do not advocate violence. That is, they want Atomwaffen to have ideological competition with groups who will say similar things ("Nigger! Kike! Spick! Vote Republican!"), but who will turn you into the police if you actually want to fight the ZOG.
Yes, basically like they did with antifa, which is 100% a tool in the hands of the System itself beside LARPing as extremists, authorities are always lax in persecuting their crimes too and this way they rest assured that antifa will never organize to overthrow the System.
I wonder how this approach could match with the massive purge and censorship of even milquetoast conservative voices among all media platforms instead.
breaking news
>A high-ranking member of Atomwaffen Division was stripped of his guns earlier this month by a Seattle civil court, The Daily Beast has learned. Kaleb J. Cole, the 24-year-old leader of Atomwaffen Division's Washington State cell who went by the alias “Khimaere,” had his guns seized on Oct. 1st. >The move came after the Seattle Police Department filed a 62-page “Extreme Risk Protection Order” petition against Cole on Sept. 26,
>The move to strip Cole of his guns is the latest sign of law enforcement officials tightening the net around Atomwaffen Division.

muh sechund amuhndmunt tho
b-but I thought the cohenstitution was going to protect us?
Apparently kikes got smarter on this, they know that a direct attack for the abolition of 2nd amendment will attract the rage of the burgers, so they just circumvent it with these Red flag laws instead.
So much for Siege culture!
>Kaleb J. Cole
What a gay ass name,
I like how they appear to mean business but honestly how many of them are complete schizos? Even if I disregard the jew press what I read sounds like they have a lot and then some.
Seems chances are bigger of being shot by one of them rather than the cops if you join, but happy to be corrected.

>Looks like a 'lone wolf/fire team' tactic is more effective than whole paramilitary organisation
kinda, with all that firepower and training they already have I don't know what they actually waiting for. Just take up a fortified position and spray
(57.48 KB 650x750 1573071395720.png)
Apparently Antifa doxxed the entire user database of Iron March and now emails and IP address of users ar at their disposal.
dunno why I saged lol
It worked for the IRA and honestly it’s the only pragmatic solution. Without any white support, all brown negrofied societies will collapse, and can later be reclaimed a few hundred or a thousand years from now with a Jew-wise population that shows no mercy this time. Expulsion was never enough, because they’ll always be nipping at the heels of white nations.
I agree, but AWD is no IRA.
Lonewolves like Breivik and Tarrant scare them much more and are impossible to detect since they can only be caught through their own failures, not through informants and snitches
(24.62 KB 620x349 neo-nazi.jpg)
There's been another arrest a few days ago
>Aiden Bruce-Umbaugh, 23, was charged with possession of a firearm by an unlawful user of a controlled substance after he was arrested in Post, Texas, dressed in tactical gear and in possession of multiple firearms.
>In a detention hearing Wednesday, prosecutors argued the government had reason to believe Bruce-Umbaugh is a member of AtomWaffen Division, a neo-Nazi hate group.

why are these LARPers so ineffective?
It’s degenerate garbage linked to Crowley’s Thelema shit and Anton LaVey’s “Church of Satan” LARP and completely opposed to the National Socialist worldview. Egoism and edginess isn’t the way to regenerate our people, plus LARPing about Satan is still remaining within the fold of jewish-influenced ideologies. The only time worth invoking Satan as doing something good is his actions in Eden which made YHWH envious and jealous that his slaves had learned to distinguish between good and evil and if they were not stopped they would become godlike like him. That’s only fun to bring up when talking to Christians though, since it enrages them.
bro, satanism (LaVeyan) itself is not a bad thing, pushing yourself to your own max potential for your own glory, to acheive personal godhood is a great thing. accepting your falabilty and humanity is also a good thing. the only drawback to satanism is many of the people it attracts because of its prostylization of indulgence without dicipline. that is what attract the wierdos and egoists to the philosophy
Edited last time by Mourning_Star on 11/19/2019 (Tue) 23:27:20.
Americans think if straws are illegal and the minimum wage is high then the environment will be clean and people will be rich, but what actually happens is that no one will want to start a business, people will go to jail, and prices will rise.
(167.57 KB 926x1016 The Herbal Jew.jpg)
>a small canister of marijuana, and approximately two grams of THC oil.

The jew Levy just plagiarized Redbeard's 'Might is Right'.
If 50% of the US is Fascist and 50% is Commie then who will speak up for freedom?
Why should the US go to war with 1.6 billion Muslims to protect 14 million jews?
>Why should the US go to war with 1.6 billion Muslims to protect 14 million jews?
This isn't a terrible message, but even here, the Boomerbot is spreading confusion.
Sunni Islam depends on the ZOG for its continued political existence. The ZOG isn't at war with generic-Wahabism. Those people work for the ZOG.
If you look at the so-called war on ISIS, and compare official accounts of the bombings of variously claimed ISIS encampments, to literally any other bombing campaign the ZOG has conducted against any other targets in history, you'll see that they are barely doing anything at all. This has been known for awhile now. What are they doing?
Generic-Wahabism is an ideology that is almost completely under the control of the ZOG. The ZOG knows how to manipulate the minds of religious retards very well, but they have not perfected it. Some generic-Wahabists groups don't follow orders like they should, and so, the ZOG is forced to target them.
One need only think back to the Grand Mosque Seizure in 1979, when some batshit insane person convinced a bunch of people he was the Mahdi, a Sunni belief in a person who will return to Earth with Jesus and pals and convert everyone to Islam. The guy, instead of targeting jews and the ZOG, targeted the House of Saud instead, despite the fact that their beliefs are nearly identical.
It is this aspect of religious splintering that the ZOG (or anyone else) has been able to control. They can't stop their Sand-Nigger Religious Retards from calling each other Kafirs when they don't get to rape the little boys and girls first, and since they think the Sky Kike is always on their side, they naturally form enemies with people just like them. These are the only Sand-Niggers Wahabists getting bombed by the ZOG.
>has been able to control.
has been unable to control.
I see the bot is back.
I found it on cuckchan.
I have a question. When the kikes are dealt with in anyway possible, what are the Whites going to do with the remaining non-White races?
That's the six gorillion question right here.
That's usually the point where shills (or ZOG faggots if you prefer the expression) start panicking and screeching, or proposing some incoherent kumbaya bullshit about cohexisting and collaborating with "based" niggers and muslims who are "allied" of White people against the jew.
You will never see a kike shill offer a realistic solution to the invader problem.
*six gorillion dollars
Well, what do you suggest?
you can always choose death before capture, to be honest.
(13.86 KB 224x225 Merchant.jpg)
SIEGE is fundamentally a kiked glownigger plan for 3 reasons.
1. SIEGE emphasizes working in cells. This allows one infiltrator to catch a bunch of people by being the leader of a cell or by torturing the leader of a cell.
2. Even if it were good to commit violence, it would be premature to do so. In a confrontation between SIEGE cells and the entire infrastructure of the state, the SIEGE cells would be wiped out basically immediately. If we wanted to commit organized violence, we'd need to get a bunch of supporters first. We therefore need to focus on politics, not violence.
3. The idea of committing a bunch of terror attacks and starting a civil war is fundamentally wrong for multiple reasons. Firstly, killing innocent civilians is fundamentally immoral. Secondly, a civil war in a developed industrial country would stifle its development significantly, allowing India and China to surpass us. Finally, civil wars generally do not create stable governments that work for the people. Corrupt kleptocracies generally are the regimes that would emerge from a civil war. This is because civil wars (1) create a power vacuum and (2) generally only succeed because a state actor with malicious intentions (e.g. Israel or China) is backing them.
Spreading ideas in a non-hierarchical cell would require a lot of communication, which can be monitored easily.
Electronic communications are not secure. Heck, your mom could guy a $20/month keylogger and put it on your computer without you knowing if she wanted to. Phone companies and ISPs keep a bunch of logs. (((Computers))) and (((phones))) are compromised unless proven otherwise.
"Just send stuff in person using dead man traps and stuff" you might say. Good luck having a complex communications system when the members have no counterintelligence experience.
The best way to not get caught is to avoid listening to glowniggers. They keep saying that "oh no there's no political solution we must commit violence now!" In reality, we need politics first before we can even think about committing violence. We need to get enough support first. Plus, violence is often immoral and ineffective anyway.
>In reality, we need politics first before we can even think about committing violence.
Violence is politics by other means. How long are we gonna sit around and try to get the jewish-manipulated masses to vote for us? I have no problem in making parties and not putting all of our eggs in one basket but frankly we’re running out of time for our people.
>Plus, violence is often immoral and ineffective anyway.
“immoral” – christkike detected
It sounds like a deradicalization shill to me.
I remember that same merchant posted on cuckchan pretty often and with similar if not identical comments.
is “leaderless action" really compatible with natsoc? A bunch of lone wolves and decentralized cells doesn't feel like "ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer" to me.

The NDSAP took Germany by spending 13 years building a political movement. Aren't we wasting a lot of characters on the LARPing faggots of Atomwaffen? There are groups like the Nordic Resistance Movement doing the real work, political work, just like in the ‘20s, and we need to emulate that.

All seigefags and glownigs calling for violence and terror cells are shills trying to get you disarmed or thrown in jail.
(11.04 KB 202x250 uwu.jpeg)
Thank you for doing the good work!
Lone wolf terrorism and terrorism in cells are the work of shills and glowniggers. Pro-violence glownigging should be banned.
>Oy vey goyim keep fantasizing about civil war instead of being realistic and advocating for realistic political change
>t. Zoidberg Glowstein
What we actually need to do is collaborate with nationalists and moderates and promote a realistic vision for an ethnostate. I think Israel is a good example of an ethnostate because they control immigration and maintain their culture while still respecting the rights of minorities.
I believe these sporadic lone wolves are just a vanguard, and that a proper movement will never gain momentum if shit will not hit the fan (read: economic and social condition of normies dropping severely and anger growing esponentially even among the NPCs herd).
Deradicalization shills trying to tone down this massive anger are working towards the goal to never reach a minimal organization beyond the lone wolf stage.
At any stage, AtomLARPers remain useless in my opinion.
>killing innocent civilians is fundamentally immoral
Invaders aren't innocent and there are no civilians in modern wars.
>There are groups like the Nordic Resistance Movement doing the real work, political work, just like in the ‘20s, and we need to emulate that.
That organization has existed for more than two decades and achieved nothing. They still have a tiny number of members, and almost no public support. Their methods don't work, and even some of them themselves are beginning to realize this as they've splintered into two organizations recently. Note that NSDAP grew very quickly into a mass movement, not a single post-war organization trying to imitate their approach has gone anywhere, and there have been a number of them. It simply doesn't work in the post-war political environment, which is completely different to that of the 20s.
>They still have a tiny number of members, and almost no public support.

They've been able to get hundreds of people out in the streets for demonstrations, while openly organizing as National Socialists. What kind of public support does Atomwaffen have? What has James Mason achieved in the 30 years since Siege?
>They've been able to get hundreds of people out in the streets for demonstrations, while openly organizing as National Socialists.
Yes, and has been said, they've been doing it for decades now, making no progress whatsoever. They still have a very small number of dedicated activists doing their flyer handouts and street marches, then and now. NSDAP grew from a party of comparable size to a movement of millions in much less time, while NRM is still going nowhere, decades after it was founded. THIS STRATEGY DOES NOT WORK TODAY.
I think getting people into street marches and doing flyer-handouts is still useful to some extent, but we're clearly in a place now where that clearly cannot be the main part of our strategy. The legal pathway today is more narrow than ever and while we shouldn't put all of our eggs in one basket and disavow either legal or illegal means, we should recognize that illegal means are slowly becoming the main way to power. It needs to be more organized than sporadic mass shooters though. I'm not going to condemn Breivik, Tarrant and the others but these people need to start grouping up and doing guerilla activities together. NatSoc Baader-Meinhof at minimum
>no progress whatsoever
Hundreds of dedicated activists, agitating openly for National Socialism across 5 countries.

What have siegefags accomplished?

Please everyone, tell me more about how jewish/Commie-style terror strategies are the answer. How about you list me all the empires overthrown by handfuls of autonomous larpers attacking random civilians. Where did that strategy ever work?
>Hundreds of dedicated activists, agitating openly for National Socialism across 5 countries.
Yes. That's no progress because it's been like that since the late 90s, early 00s. There were a few hundred dedicated activists in Scandinavia back then too, you might not know if you're a zoomer or perhaps only recently redpilled. At that rate a National Socialist may be achieved in, let's say, a few millennia. IT DOES NOT WORK. The mass movement approach DOES NOT WORK TODAY. It's as simple as that.
>mentions commie-style terror and failure in the same sentence
What is Cambodia, Vietnam, Cuba, China and countless other countries?
bump against raid
What if rap, country, and rock music was really garbage now and the only reason people like it is that the elites keep pushing it to keep the 99% brainwashed and distracted by bread and circuses?

Does anyone find the fact that every song is about sex instead of morals, war, debt, and tyranny to be a bit odd?
hollyjew goes to great lengths to keep the song and screenwiters a secret, just a handfull of jews write most of the mainstream media. i think its currently 4 jews that have 90% writers credit for the top 40 billboard hits now. theyve cartelized and do not let media written by outsiders succeed get popular or have any air time.

my friend showed me a recent r&b song, the beat was literally bob marlies "no woman, now cry" slowed to 75% speed with one note missing. 'twas absolutely garbage.

songs shows and other mass media are written formulaic. everything is a bland flavorless talentless blob, watered down for consumption of the masses. true art evokes thoughts and/or feelings, which the hollyjew kikelords do not want, because they will be shown how actually unnecessary they are to the creative process.
there is /meta/ thread with a collection of his posts
ok boomer
fucking hell they got a mole in their ranks and more then 12 or less have been put in jail (this says seven but if you add the three fags from the gun protest then it's more or less 12
(29.21 KB 659x285 base vet.png)
Have you read the process by which the mole apparently got into their ranks? - they let the agent into the members-only encrypted chat after some sort of online interview and vetting process. The fact that they're allowing people into their group after something like that is such a fucking blunder it's not even funny. People need to start realizing that if they don't take extremely careful precautions with letting people in ZOG will infiltrate and lock each and every single one of them up in cages. I was holding high hopes for the Base as well. When the fuck will we get a group that doesn't get BTFO? Lone wolf tactics won't work forever, at least in a manner that will topple ZOG
this better be a wake up call for them it's best they completely go under ground and recruit person to person not computer screen to computer screen I thought they were fucking professionals damn it well their leader is but everyone else is fags that left awd because the satanic faggotry
I agree with you. It's about time for any group currently existing or any future group to go immediately underground and stop fucking around with "secret channels" and online interviews and get serious. How many times has this shit happened now? I'm wondering whether they should have put any videos online or made their existence known in the first place. Once the jews latch onto it's ogre. If I were making a group I'd go totally dark internet-wise, have no "secret chat channels", face-to-face interviews and I'd wonder whether the group should even have a name or symbols at the beginning. Make it as nebulous as possible
I hear that same plan but it seems like no one has put it into practice
I heard that same plan before*
It's very likely that it was me complaining about the same problems. Either that or other people are thinking around the same lines as I am, which is a good thing. It's only a matter of time before a good group appears, I think, either that or people will be forced to start attempting to make their own things.
(54.12 KB 268x323 magspill.png)
What's the point of even trying to have a large group, if they were going to do something they should have just done it with the few people they knew already. I bet the first "group" prank we see is just a couple of buddies from IRL. In other words you're not going to see a jump from one-man stuff like Crusius to groups of 5 or 10 doing shit, it's just not viable at this stage of the game. Walk before you jog before you run, and such
If Breivik or Tarrant had people by their side they probably wouldn't have done it alone. You can't tell someone to group up when there's nobody around them to group up with, just surrounded by yellow belly faggots. But yes even just one or two other men on ones side would be a huge force multiplier. I don't understand why some blokes from a good ol' boy state hasn't done it yet, I'm talking from the rural places where you can openly racist and JQ without people batting an eye. Places where you have brothers and fathers who will stand in bond with you. We already had a nigger president so it can't get much worse, nothing left to wait for really
(19.98 MB 904x476 grenadier remix tarrant.webm)
You're probably right with how this develop. I do know that one-man pranking won't work forever though - well it work, but not in a fruitful way, and this isn't to condemn people like Breivik, Tarrant, Crusius and the like. The end of ZOG and regeneration of our people is the ultimate goal and that of course will not come about through repeated one-and-done actions like we've been seeing. I look forward to seeing some two man teams in the future though tbh, we've seen a lot of group-plots get busted sadly. This really makes me wonder why Muzzies seem to be so much better at coordinating even despite massive state surveillance and counter terrorism (Bataclan, etc)
They speak a different language and they don't rat on their own. It really is that simple. Slime families are actively aware of their fighting mens plans, they actually cover for them and even fund or help in other background logistics. They can even plan and coordinate openly in mosques without fear
I'm surprised how cucked Whites can be towards the state sometimes here in ZOGland. I remember having a discussion with someone recently where they said that they'd turn in someone like Kaczynski if they figured out they were behind crimes of a similar nature to his. Even kikes have a system against ratting their own out - mesirah.
(186.81 KB 957x740 gamergate.jpg)
Kikes and other shitskins feel on the defensive against European dominance so they see the world as ingroup vs outgroup. Most Whites on the other hand take their current position so for granted that they become lost in a individualist egoism. That was weaponized against us by the jews. We understand that we have to be on each other's side to survive. Unfortunately we're bound to the lowest common denominator who are lost in themselves and easily controlled. Alias, The Eternal Normalniggerfaggot.

>A soldier charged with sharing military information that threatened New Zealand's security was leading a growing White nationalist movement.

>The 27-year-old soldier, who has name suppression, was arrested in December at Linton Military Camp in circumstances that were shrouded in secrecy.

Any kiwi here?
Delaware used as base by extremist group to start civil war, documents say

>COLLEGE PARK, Md. (AP) — A hidden camera and microphone installed by investigators in a Delaware home captured members of a White supremacist group expressing hope that violence at a gun rights rally in Virginia this week could start a civil war, federal prosecutors said in a court filing Tuesday. In the video above, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam declared a state of emergency ahead of that rally.
>Former Canadian Armed Forces reservist Patrik Jordan Mathews also videotaped himself advocating for killing people, poisoning water supplies and derailing trains, a prosecutor wrote in urging a judge in Maryland to keep Mathews and two other members of The Base detained in federal custody.

>But the 27-year-old Canadian national didn’t know investigators were watching and listening when he and two other group members talked about attending the Richmond rally in the days leading up to Monday’s event, which attracted tens of thousands of people and ended peacefully.
>Last month, a closed-circuit television camera and microphone installed by investigators in a Delaware home captured Mathews was captured talking about the Virginia rally as a “boundless” opportunity.

>Mathews and fellow group member Brian Mark Lemley Jr., 33, of Elkton, Maryland, discussed the planning of violence at the Richmond rally, according to prosecutors. Lemley talked about using a thermal imaging scope affixed to his rifle to ambush unsuspecting civilians and police officers, prosecutors said

The Base got BTFO already. Bad OPSEC
Fun fact: each and every "ultra right wing" movement or group, no matter in what country or what the group actually stands for, can and WILL be used as a boogeyman by (((government)))s and (((authorithies))) to agitate them as boogeyman for the normalfags to be afraid of.
But (((government))) and (((authorithies))) are not afraid of them one bit, they are only afraid of who they cannot control.
See for the latter case the reaction of worldwide (((authorities))) to Brenton Tarrant and the initial wave of his disciples.
I was confused for a second then realized your using tor lol
Who could have predicted a generation of White men with no chance for legacy would sperg out and purge the ones responsible for their plight
if you use tor and have "safest" on you have to type out anons >> he messed up on the >> of >>19544
is this germany and is this the year of 1922?
(137.81 KB 902x1448 a big guy.jpeg)
From this article, it sounds like The Base guy was a glowie
kind of does but not really
boomer bot is so smart some times honestly he just sounds like one of those "im 14 years old and this is deep" videos
>>5357 how do I join? t. Homeless Anon in Tennessee
>>20461 Are you a journalist? I just read this https://www.informant.news/p/the-journalist-who-infiltrated-the and man, the absolute state of right wing "activists" is truly depressing.
>>20464 Am I the only one who thinks it would be easy to detect a journo infiltrator if you weren’t a drooling retard? I’m sure these journo moles talk in stereotypes with no substance or depth behind it, and will instantly expose themselves or say things that WNs would never say if confronted. With feds you gotta be a little bit more careful but I doubt that some third-rate reporter understands right-wing thought in any depth beyond “muh senseless hate”
>>20510 You don't even need to do that. Literally just background check the person: check where he lives/works, the people he hangs out with and if all of it fits the things the person told you online. How difficult can it be?
>>20464 >be stupid jeno fags give out the name of the person who infiltrated a group and got their friends sent to prison a group filled with former marines military personal and former awd members damn their smart they really know how to play fortnite >>20515 >act like a fed to find out whos a fed makes sense
(714.32 KB 1080x1920 enlightenment.jpg)
>>20510 Seems like just taking the time to get to know someone would go far in itself. Why fast-track some unknown? >>20519 jej he has marked himself to be put against a wall and doesn't seem to realize or care. Probably thinks he's on the right side of history and that the tide will never turn again


no cookies?