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(89.56 KB 221x255 1563808684681.png)
SIEGE/AWD/NATSOC GENERAL Anonymous 08/09/2019 (Fri) 23:59:22 Id:c90a7d No. 78 History File history

SIEGE by James Mason:
PDF - archive.org/details/SiegeByJamesMason
AUDIOBOOK - youtube.com/watch?v=hysf446ysJc&list=PL1W0oCPjgdDSxW029hjFBASgfMEtmmycq [Embed]

Is SIEGE and Atomwaffen Division linked to Satanism?
Not anymore I think with their new posters and their new video Also James mason is just an extremely open minded individual, he converted to Christian Identity. Most AWD members are pagans in some form.

Isn't this just a honeypot?
Not at all, this has nothing to do with nazi larping or being a skinhead stooge. The System is quick to take down SIEGE related websites because it actually poses a threat to (((them))), unlike so-called Alt-Right sites that stay up for years because it's controlled opposition, it works within the confines of the System and is thus harmless.

What is SIEGE generally about?
It is an analysis of all the Fascist movements since the beginning, and it explains why modern Fascist groups have failed, then proposes the alternative to Total Aryan Victory. It promotes dropping out of the System(Varg style) and also forming a network of terrorist cells to directly disrupt the System and seize power through strategy, tactics and raw violence, might is right.
(8.10 KB 527x343 1560044151526.png)
You need to form cells. Find two people you trust that don't know each other then have them do the same. This way if someone gets rolled up they can't catch everyone.
FBI finds Anon 6 guilty of being white. tortures him until he gives up Anon 2.

They find Anon 2 guilty of being white. He is tortured until he gives up Anon and Anon 5.

Then Anon gives up Anon 1, who dominoes into Anon 3 and 4.

Not to be too gloomy, but how is that, or any association IRL secure while the government is busy trying to exterminate all white people?
it's the best thing against feds
(275.81 KB 413x612 Fry The Brain sniping book.png)
fuck siege. fry the brain
siege and urban sniping are both good nignog u can have two three really good books
(424.87 KB 740x552 39 - XUsyOpR.png)
Have you actually even read that book? Everyone who has knows that it's full of shit. There are good bits and pieces, but the book has very little depth (although the historical examples are very good).
>this has nothing to do with nazi larping or being a skinhead stooge.

Robert Bowers - 11 removed matzos.
AWD - 0.
Looks like a 'lone wolf/fire team' tactic is more effective than whole paramilitary organisation, which is existed for 5 years.
I would post Siege but pdfs wont work atm. Give it a read though, its worth it.
Im greatful for the audiobook. The guy is insightful with his comments after reading a section. Is the there a more fluid version? There are a lot of parts where he stumbles and it breaks the flow. While reading, for the most part, he reads it very well as if it was rehursed at least once, maybe twice. If there isn’t another recording, making a transcript and re-recording for a more smooth and continuous ‘meter’ would both give it more of a professional quality as well as shorten the time of each section, if only a little.
This book have some good parts, like the other anon said, but some parts like the "muh notsees" and "muh poor kikes" just make me cringe. Just read it if you can filter the boomerisms and the bullshit.
All they have to do is catch Anon and the whole web unravels.
(12.87 KB 695x269 0*8hwRBY6BSl1i3_4L.png)
(16.73 KB 700x145 0*_Wf_BxAo_Kefwwh1.png)
>All they have to do is catch Anon and the whole web unravels.

yes...only problem is it does not work like that (1 pic). it works like (2 pic)

With stigmergy, an initial idea is freely given, and the project is driven by the idea, not by a personality or group of personalities. No individual needs permission (competitive) or consensus (cooperative) to propose an idea or initiate a project. There is no need to discuss or vote on the idea, if an idea is exciting or necessary it will attract interest. The interest attracted will be from people actively involved in the system and willing to put effort into carrying the project further, not empty votes from people with little interest or involvement. Since the project is supported or rejected based on contributed effort, not empty votes, input from people with more commitment to the idea will have greater weight. Stigmergy also puts individuals in control over their own work, they do not need group permission to tell them what system to work on or what part to contribute. https://medium.com/your-anon-central/anonymous-on-stigmergy-cd5e448f9214
i have a decent collection of media from 8chan, over the next couple of weeks i will be collecting even more, repacking it and making it available to all who wants it.

here is the first in the series.


if you have anything else you think should be included let me know and i'll get it in the next series.

i will say that this is a a mix of good and shit tier info and entertainment, most of the first series is going to be natsoc orientated stuff, the more general content will be coming further down the line.
i would say the same about siege, which has no real details other than "lone wolf now"
>i would say the same about siege, which has no real details other than "lone wolf now"
"Lone wolf now" is the only strategy that produces any results. Literally everything else is a waste of time.
The Leader will emerge through the Lone Wolves.
Until we win the ideological war against the 'Right' wing of the ZOG, there can never be anything but the Lone Wolf strategy.
Without a correct ideological outlook, any organization is doomed to penetration and failure. Even at the point where the 'Right' wing of the ZOG can no longer ideologically control revolutionary White Nationalists, they will simply stop trying to do so, and will infiltrate for purely surveillance purposes, and will still have to be defeated by something akin to a 'truth serum,' as invented in the Turner Diaries by the clinical psychologist Dr. Clark.
Otherwise, there simply is nothing that can be done aside from 'Lone Wolf Now.'
Why is 4chan down?
don't spread this shit here I have a hard racal hatred of cuckchanners
thats not a detail about how specifically or what, where etc. siege is just a series of rabble rousing articles.
do you happen to have an archive of the Black Sun/Sonnenrad threads that were going on? they were interesting as fuck but i haven't had the time to look into all the sources provided in the 2 threads.
bump to be higher then slide threads
bump to be higher then jew threads
(35.79 KB 308x677 image0.jpg)
as an antisemetic gay jew i would recomend 2 things 1. sexualize kids 2. and go to this site https://archive.org/details/GeorgeLincolnRockwellAudioArchive/Brown+University+Speech+(1966).mp3 it is a huge resource.


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