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New Religion Anonymous 10/18/2019 (Fri) 12:41:09 No. 7964
The universe is a web of energy that connects all things. The energy of the universe flows through all living things. You are the living embodiment of all of your ancestors. Your energy is transferred to your descendants when you die, therefore you must persevere your bloodline. You must understand this universal energy, but studying the physical and metaphysical universe. Pursue knowledge, pursue understanding through science and mediation. Feel this energy by taking care of your body and being fit. Have courage and do not fear the unknown, embrace it, study it. Listen to the universe speaking to you through synchronicities. Understand your place in balancing out reality.
I have seen this web personally. It connects all things. And it has been confirmed that such a web exists in the universe. There is a web or dark matter connected to everything. We just one small part of it. Learn to feel this energy within yourself
(157.94 KB 1080x1067 1561563181313.jpg)
Take your meds schizo poster
What is schizo about this post? Prove one point wrong
(1.83 MB 333x358 received_2269627513358282.gif)
I bet you are a jew you sound jewish
fuck you, you rat fucking kike
I will look into this thank you. But from the little blur that I saw on the site is more about science which I'm ok with, but there needs to be some spirituality in it and a religion should encourage physical development as well.
Read the lightning and the sun by Savitri Devi
Creed of Iron by Ron McVan
The Lightning and the sun pdf
>Prove one point wrong
Being factually correct doesn't mean we want to read your sappy /x/tier self-help bullshit.
"we are all connected" is not a "religion". There is nothing insightful about your post. It's an ironic atheist blog post about how you apparently just discovered things that humans have already known for thousands of years. but good for you anon. keep it up.
There needs to be a new religion that unites white people across the world. Christianity and paganism are outdated and cucked. There needs to be a new spirituality that looks towards the future and encourages self improvement.
There's enough religions already and Christianity is just fine if that's your thing. Just disregard the corrupt clergy of today. Don't read 'modern' translations of the bible and simple follow nothing other than the words of Pope Urban II he gave in his speech on 27 November 1095.

>muh kike on a stick is just fine
religion is for the weak
Believe in yourself, you can do it.
Not new. This is the essence of Cosmotheism, faggot. Look it up.
>There's enough religions already and Christianity is just fine if that's your thing. Just disregard the corrupt clergy of today.
I guess the one of yesterday that burned white men and women alive for being too smart is fine?
Or what about the one that grew in the 4th century to become an imperial religion, based on a large sum Jewish books?

Stupid, deceitful religion is.
>He's proud of his gay son

>Men should worship themselves
Go coom to porn.

Bruno and Galileo are both memes. Try to lay off the fedora if you want to win over Christian Whites Hypatia is feminist propaganda.

And there is nothing with killing off degenerates. You can be sure that any successful revolution will burn away fags, trannies, racemixers and terrorize feminists.
Bumping a good thread.
>Not abandoning physical reproduction and creating a son of man, freeing yourself from this existence and that web (((connecting))) you to every nigger in the universe, gaining divine powers and immortalizing yourself

Aw sheet. It's like you zoomers didn't live through the "new age" bullshit in the 80s.

We all connected bros, even nigs are part of the greater plan. Trust the pran -Qanon.
Fug, you beat me to it. Teach me to not read all the way to the end of the thread.
Just think how disgusting kikes and niggers are. Now consider a possibility of there being lifeforms even more disgusting than them in the universe. As below, so above, there must be the intergalactic jew out there. And you can bet it's not pretty. Why do fuck would I want to be (((connected))) with those? Once we are done with the earthly subhumans, we should start purging the unclean across other solar systems.

I'm sure the (((interplanetary union))) is not going to be happy about that. Those faggots thought they could contain us by imprisoning us on this shitty planet.
>>8393 People need a higher purpose, if they fail to find a reason for living beyond themselves they quickly fall into degeneracy, hedonism and nihilism. This is what creates weak men, cultures and nations. Believing you higher purpose is serving your country and your race is a good start but you need to think even bigger. Having a shared spirituality helps with social cohesion a lot.


no cookies?