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A Nazi Goes To Africa Anonymous 10/19/2019 (Sat) 06:55:25 No. 8032
I am an white American man that believes in national socialism and race realism. I have recently moved to Africa for work. Ask me anything.
Specifically I’m currently living in Zanzibar
theres a lot of NGOs here full of white people i dont know the exact number though.
I dont remember seeing any ads for trips to Europe. Most travel ads I see are for Kenya or some other East African countries.
I've been to a bunch of places throughout Africa, all shitholes. On whole new level of shithole though. This entire continent is one big garbage fire.
Which funny enough they burn garbage on the side of the road constantly here.
I guess we'll never see that swedish cunt Greta lecturing niggers about environment in Africa, am I right?
Haha if she comes here for more than a week she’d turn into an instant nazi. Africa is shadily the most red pilling place ever.
Everyone should be required to come to Africa and complete a realistic goal in a reasonable amount of time. That’ll show people what niggers are really like.
I’m not here with an NGO. I have no desire to help these people. But in under developed places like this there’s good money to be made.
People here are 99% Muslims but they are some of the dumbest people I have ever met. More so than other Africa’s too.
I’m not sure how the NGOs work they probably hire local people to do the manual labor. Labor here is cheap. The NGOs definitely steal a lot of the money.
I can’t even begin to describe some of the shit of seen here. They all drive like animals. They have zero common sense, no thought process at all. No regard for anyone but themselves.
One recent story is I got a newly built house here so they decided to use wood for the bathroom countertops without any kinda finsh. So they had to take out all the sinks to put the finish on. The entire house reeks of that shit.
I’ve learned to laugh at this shit. If you don’t you’ll loose your mind here.
>dumbest people ever
Mental retardation is defined by an IQ under 70 and Tanzania has an average IQ of about 65-70. So yeah OP, sounds about right.


Average IQ on the island somewhere in the 70s
(10.91 KB 274x290 jews_maybe.png)
>Arabs are sexually repressed and really have no other choice.

But (((someone))) told me that islam is based and redpilled and we should embrace it to keep women in check!
Fuck Muslims, fuck Africans and especially fuck African muslims
(96.87 KB 469x469 barbara_spectre.jpg)
But no goy, stop! If you don't welcome them in the West, the West will not survive!
Look at this shit.
Whoops forgot the picture
Africa is like a reverse zoo
disgusting and sad
Yup pretty much. The British really fucked up by leaving this place and not putting them out of their misery

Anymore questions for a lost brother in no mans land?
what is the general behaviour of chinks toward the niggers?
do you think one day they might be fed up with their niggadry and genocide them?
that's my biggest hope for the future of this planet.
Yes of course I got vaccinated. I don’t have a gun because it’s hard to get here and plus I’ve never felt threatened at all here. Especially in Zanzibar.
Everyone here speaks English to some extent in Zanzibar a little less so but in Kenya they speak better English than Swahili.
They are very tribal in Africa. So some tribes hate others and some like each other.
China is taking over Africa. They build everything here.


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