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(15.34 KB 312x95 1567050812483.jpeg)
I finally understand. Anonymous 10/23/2019 (Wed) 06:58:23 No. 8492
I now understand whats going on with the whole Saint Tarrant/Accelerationism dillema. Bear with me.

(only oldfag replies preferably)

1. Am newqueer

2. am making a thread because, obviously there aren't any fucking admin/mods here to do anything about it anyways. (See? do your fucking job.)

Heres the deal. Saint Tarrants liberation assault may or may not have been faked. I'm pretty sure its genuine, but then again, we are living in a post ww2 reality. Everyone has doubts.

If it was genuine, then its a sign from Tyr himself. If not, Then its also a sign. Though which kind may be difficult to understand.

Ideally you should approach the topic as if_ both were true. And pay attention to the way the media reported on the...uhh, happening.

Here is what really matters. Im almost certain that accelerationism can benefit "US" or THEM. And that's the point. They understand what our only hope is. Remember Yuris elaboration on letting your enemy strike amd using its momentum against it? I'm pretty sure they're using their little gay version of that analogy.

They are relying on us to be too docile to actually get shit started, but just alive enough to enact the big brother state.

They want a *mini* wave of retarded but good hearted white men shooting up pointless locations, so as to enact new laws and get everyone to hate us even more. But thats it. And theyre hoping it stops there.

Honestly, I actually can't believe it. They're quite fucking literally playing with fire. Greek fucking fire. This is it. This decade will decide our fate.

Think on this for a moment.

You retards claiming Accelism is retarded? You will be our down fall. You would have us shoot out 5 million more mongrels while everyone else's population rises by 200 million every few months. Not only do you have no actual goal in mind other than sex, you haven't any actual understanding of asymmetric warfare.

Stop attempting to give your retarded opinions on how we should just do what everyone else attempted to do and "haev moar keds"

millions of more European children, and fucking elderly, will be raped and sodomized and you will say "just a little longer". "We're almost there". "We just need a few million more soldiers"

You're larpers. Youre retarded faggots who haven't put more then 5 minutes of thought into the subject. The SS at its peak numbered just over 1 million.

It doesnt matter how many children we have. We are too infertile, via drugs and diet, to compete with 10 children per house hold.

Even then, (((our guys))) Have like 4-5 fucking kids anyways. We aren't numerous enough to make any sort of dent in the demographic statistics.

And its too dangerous. The propaganda is getting too strong. We can't have 8 kids and risk one of the female children sucking Arab cock and realizing that her family is waycis, having the whole clan shipped off to reeducation camps.

Focusing on soley having kids in the Era of fucking black magic propaganda sounds a bit like Treason. Or autism. Or both.

Do you think the Spartans started fucking like rabbits when the Persians invaded? Yes, more soldiers would've helped. More soldiers, of age and of sound mentality.

They waited a bit too long. Just like us.

Having more kids would've just basically been breeding more slaves for the Persians.

Use your fucking head morons. Muh family and muh birthrates is a 40's thing. It is too late for that. We literally have like 15 fucking years before it literally doesnt matter anymore. Having kids is just breeding more fuck toys for niggers and Arabs.

Now, I'm not saying we should stop having kids. I am white. Not Jewish. And I'm not saying we should preform blood eagle sacrifices on rabbis across the country...

Huh. Now that I think about it, only one of those things would actually get shit started.

But only doing one of those things seems a bit fucking retarded and niggery.

I'm sure you see what I'm getting at.

Call out violence fearing cowards out whenever you see them. And also call out muh literal retarded domestic terrorist shills as well.

We need to be doing both. And to the absolute max. Do not half ass either. And definitely do not half ass the Accelism part. As that is (((their))) intention.


TL;DR: They want us to half ass accelerationism to enact the big brother state. Faking too many shootings would make them look too obvious.

They are smarter then we think. They know all of our weaknesses and all of our strengths. And use them accordingly.
>Here is what really matters. Im almost certain that accelerationism can benefit "US" or THEM. And that's the point. They understand what our only hope is. Remember Yuris elaboration on letting your enemy strike amd using its momentum against it? I'm pretty sure they're using their little gay version of that analogy.
William Luther Pierce predicted this type of 'theorizing' from "Right" wingers decades ago in the Turner Diaries. To quote the relevant passage:
>Our present inability to recruit is a source of great worry to everyone. Rumor has it that there has not been a single new recruit in the Washington area in the last two months. During that time we've lost approximately 15 per cent of our strength. I hope conditions aren't as bad elsewhere.
>Of all the segments of the population from which we had hoped to draw new members, the "conservatives" and "right wingers" have been the biggest disappointment. They are the world's worst conspiracy-mongers - and also the world's greatest cowards. In fact, their cowardice is exceeded only by their stupidity.
>The current conspiracy theory being circulated among conservatives is that the Organization is actually in the pay of the System. We are hired provocateurs whose job is to raise enough hell to justify the repressive counterrevolutionary and anti-racist measures the System is taking. If we would just stop rocking the boat, things would be easier on everyone. Whether they believe that theory or not, it gives them an excuse for not joining us.
To even entertain this sort of nonsense is self-defeating, but I think it can be shot down fairly easily by asking a question: has any regime, ever in the history of the world, organized a violent armed opposition inside their own borders, against themselves? Setting a building on fire and blaming it on someone you don't like isn't the same thing. Even if you accept the wildest conspiracies imaginable about 9/11, generic-Wahabism isn't a homegrown opposition force.
We know that create fake "Right" wingers, but none of these people have ever organized any violence whatsoever. In fact, for as long as the ZOG has been doing this sort of work, the "Right" wing's message is always against violence.
If the ZOG were to ever pretend to accept the necessity of violence, it would never promote a form of it that they couldn't control. That is, it would never systematically analyze the conditions necessary to start and win a guerrilla war. It would, at best, create an organization that does extremely minor illegal and violent accidents. In other words, the ZOG might not have a problem with a group like the Proud Boys, who go beat up random leftists at a protest, but they would never support an organization calling for Lone Wolf violence, which is something they couldn't control.
So the ZOG isn't behind the Lone Wolf attacks, nor will they ever create an organization that is devoted to developing the thoughts in people's minds to join the Lone Wolf guerrilla war.
They may, however, create pseudo-violent groups to harass other political pests. They may, depending on how much control they have over such an organization, be tempted to use them to harass groups the ZOG is pissed it (going to kill Iranian Kike-haters living in "America" or something). But there is no benefit to them to create a violent organization that is fundamentally hostile to them, just to enact policies they want to force on the population. They have already forced integration with niggers on us, enslaved our people to Kikes, and degraded our men and women in sexually unspeakable ways already. In this regard, there is actually very little for them to do. They think they have a lock on the population inside the ZOG's borders; they are only interested in such activities for populations outside of their formal control.
The way you describe our enslavement is a propaganda cartoon view of the world. The fact is, the people who are oppressed are part of the lineage that chose oppression over independence. We were hypnotized by greed and technology for generations while literal communism infiltrated our entire academic system. The brain of our society is controlled by them, and universities are so interconnected with the funding arteries of the government at this point that they are pretty much untouchable. Maybe the information age will create alternatives and people will just stop sending their kids to uni. I'm rooting for online courses to take over.

I'm not Christian but I like the Bible's view on this matter. God is a force pulling life in a particular direction. So God is like the end result of evolution on Earth. The vision of this goal has been degraded and refashioned countless times to match what history has proved to be the fittest model of civilization. I have faith that certain traits such as intelligence will always live on and even thrive, by it's nature of adapting to difficulties imposed by lower life forms.

In a broader sense, there will be distributions of features in every population. There will always be a subspecies distribution that is more predisposed to any particular feature like intelligence, strength, nepotism, etc. or to any combination of features. Based on this principle, we would expect certain archetypes of interaction to arise in all populations. Sometimes the interactions are like one controlling many, sometimes it is like rock-paper-scissors: cyclical. The reason Jews have such control over the world is that they understand these archetypes better than everyone else due their spiritual numerology, and have foreseen that certain events and catastrophes are fated to occur over and over again in predictable harmonic cycles. When you know the cycles, you don't fight them, but rather move with them and acquire wealth with your foreknowledge. This is the way of "God's Chosen People", and it truly does seem to create the appearance that God favors them. There are certain things that cannot be killed, simply by their definition.

Here is what we do know, automation is going to seriously fuck our shit up in the next 10-20 years. I'm talking
>teachers replaced by internet
>retail replaced by warehouse robots
>cashiers replaced by touchscreens
>drivers replaced by AI
>call centers replaced by vocaloids
>even more regulations suppressing business

Not to mention
>mutilation culture on the rise
>degenerate sex culture on the rise
>victim culture on the rise
>housing bubble again
>college debt bubble
>college degree deflation from over-education
>boomers being pushed out of jobs by cheaper youngsters
>incoming roastpocolypse when millions of liberal women realize they actually wanted children
>AI bf/gf will become common
>weed legalization is a win-win. builds tension either way
>tax pool is about to get wrecked by demographic changes
>sjws pushing aggressively into every nerdspace
>comedy getting shittier, modern art is just embarrassing
>public waking up to MSM shadiness

So something is about to happen. Something is going to snap. I'm not trying to reassure/pacify anyone. I still push in a particular direction because after all that's how all of this works. Ultimately, I don't think I could do anything to stop the trainwreck at this point. No matter how hard we try, there's one thing we can be sure of: The events of today are increasing the correlation between intelligence and skin color.
>reddit spacing
instant invalidation, fuck off nigger
>>8758 I already apologized beforehand, retard
>>9574 Odin didn't drink semen. Leave it to Christians to fabricate lies about their war gods. What are you doing? You do realize the Nazis were pagan right? The hitler youth celebrates the solistices. The word christmas was not allowed on 3rd Reich documents. They chanted about their dislike of Christianity. You literally worship a new. go read some literature you fucking moron larper.

You are a traitor, and hence forth will swing.
>But there is no benefit to them to create a violent organization that is fundamentally hostile to them, just to enact policies they want to force on the population.
this is why when movements they are behind go off the tracks (MLK jr) they are swiftly taken down. so it shows the obvious truth about antifa, they absolutely have the blessing of the state, and are only ever penalized when they attack the state, not when they attack nationalists, the true target of the feds.
Dunno. What to think of someone who aligns himself with a ziokiller who had the blessing of the police to kill people on a Norwegian island.
Then also going on about how it's all about the birthrates and the need to remove non-white civilians without taking care of zog first despite having limited resources and numbers is not serious either.
Follow Tarrant at your own peril.
You will have to remove kebab (and more) but that will be a consequence of the states falling apart; it's far easier, in truth, to destroy the puppet states than displace TENS OF MILLIONS of people with the equivalent of a militia. It's, in fact, not only a complete waste of resources, but also totally suicidal.
Jews don't want to fight. Either they'll use China or Muslims inside your countries. But if you strike for the governmental assets, you'll cripple them all.
in my opinion these attacks all seem fake, it's just so easy to fake and then lobby for more regulations on everything. The videos always have contradictions in them and they don't always show direct conflict. There are always so many unanswered questions that are raised and it often fits a narrative perfectly. These (likely) fakes also make people who are inclined towards violence feel satisfied, just like sports is a vicarious way for people to express their aggression (as well as can absorb the empathetic emotions of liberals who love to "help" victims). It also seems easy to fake today to me because there is just too much going on, it's easy to forget about the latest tragedy, people's attention spans are short. Real tragedies can radicalize actual victims in ways they don't want. They're also using the law to enforce the "truth" about Sandy Hook for instance, just like they do with the "official story" of the Holocaust in other countries.

> just a little longer

Well, aggression and violence are often useless and counterproductive besides being often immoral. But yeah, this is a problem with everything in general, no one wants to take action. There's never a good time to do things. It can be hard to do much of anything today though as well because organization and numbers aren't there for things, so it really is a mission that can't succeed (and pointless to even attempt for that reason).

>you strike for the governmental assets
and how do you think this could be done
Best case scenario, some smaller countries have been taken back through coups, but that's an outlier case, although far more possible in Europe.
Maybe some US states might manage that too, but the problem is the US state is one big block, better organized (although weak in many points) than the EU.
A coordinated failure in several states in a Red vs Blue scenario would be the way to go, hopefully.
All of which conveys a greater purpose; ideally, we shall put our hands on some parts of the military, blocking non-Whites from doing the same (we have to aware of the quantity of non-Whites in the army, they'll fight for their side), securing key points and assets and rebuilding from there.

All the non-Whites in our countries are morons.
Chinese are probably the most dangerous (talking about those on our lands already, not Big China which will invade too, for many reasons). This will give us a fantastic motivation to eradicate hundreds of millions of gooks.
The other non-Whites (often brown) are just raping savages, good with guns and machetes, but incapable of building a proper industry.
So while we will be on equal footing at the beginning, the moment we manage to level up and build our factories, they're fucked.

In other words, once we Whites rebuild our countries so as to be able to reclaim our wartime industries and capabilities, likely around WWI-Vietnam level tech), it's game over for nogs, mudslimes, turbannigers, etc.
Then it will be up to us to decide if we go ethnoglobe or not: by that time we'll have reestablished satellite networks, developed laser canons - true - and we will roast them with glee.
Plus flying fortresses with enough armor to laugh at any shit these fuckers will try to fire at us.

One way or another, for Whites to survive, the corrupted governments need to be pruned.
We will have limited resources. It will be senseless to waste them on killing what will always amount to a small fraction of non-Whites.
Whites who control White industries, that's what we need to aim for. Once we're there, regardless of when, the rest is mere history and numbers.
Migrants of all shades will be a problem, but we shall contain them and defend ourselves most of the time.
However, like scavenging rats, as ZOG falls, they'll come out of their dens to grab food, weapons, ammo, other goods and also rape women.
They'll take hostages too, often. It will be difficult. Best way to handle that is refuse any negotiation from the beginning of hostilities, make ourselves feared as people who do not negotiate and take no prisoners.
Now, remember this: there will be no point spending our resources going deep into their territories.
That, our future planes, guided bombs, napalm guns and nukes will do it with more ease.

ZOG's legs need to be cut. That's the point. Anything else is a complete waste and a mere consequence.
(by the way, what page is that WLP Quote on?)
dude - so on point...
lots of good information in your posts
The "Conserva-tard" White (European) Americans have grown too complacent.
Be patient with me, its 2a.m. and I have to go to bed, but the thing that I've been saying over and over and over again, is this:
> What are our conservatives conserving? Nothing. They are merely permitting things to happen. They permit the Left to control the narrative. They permit homosexuality. They permit illegal migration. They permit the victim culture to grow. They permit more regulations. They permit Government Control. They are a group of Tolerant Permissives - nothing less than the Tolerant Centrist Democrat of the '70s, '80s, and '90s. They 'Turn the other cheek,' because their stupid Bible told them so. They have no fight in them. If they don't obey their Bible, then they go to hell because that's what their Bible told them, and they are sure as fuck afraid of going to hell for eternity.

I think the main endeavour should
be on USA, if it falls, the rest will follow as in a domino effect.
What about russia ? they are in the same situation as us, 50% of the population is white, the rest are mongrels or woks


the funny thing is that their own religion condemns the things they have permitted lol
(147.25 KB 850x400 cjhdlkjsfhkl.jpg)

also, israel pose a big threat since it has nuclear weapons and won't hesitate to use them against us
They could, but most Whites are spread across vast areas which render nukes useless.
Cities can largely get lost, they're full of urbanites, Jews, leftists and bankers.
However, Jews could easily do opt for a scorched Earth if they were mad enough and on the brink of defeat.
Only the control of the US and Russia's nukes could generate enough global damage. Certainly not anything close to extinction level, but damaging nevertheless.
The Samson Option has all coordinates of major European cities locked, but again these cities are corrupt and overrun by rats.
It's really a large release of most of nuclear weapons that would condemn a large amount of Whites living in the countryside: fallout would be generalized over vast continental areas, rivers could be polluted.
Thankfully, the desalinization technology is making leaps and we could theoretically live close to oceanic shores and survive like that.
I have no interest in Tarrant shilling. The output of memes for this guy is far in excess of what /pol/ naturally produces, regardless of where it is hosted.

wow man, that is a dire scenario, hope we can find a better solution
if it is possible
Well, I didn't include the case of losing all useful space technology that would be absolutely necessary to deflect a recently detected asteroid which the NASA, for all it's still worth, says would have very high chances of hitting us right in the face in about a century, and against which they green-lighted the use of nukes.

Nukes could still generate lots of damage in the countryside if there's enough dry grass and wood or lots of resinous trees: the blast zone would blow fires away but beyond that range, the fires would spread.
Most MAD/nuclear winter scenario involve a thorough bombing of vast acres of lands with small warheads, weaker or equal to Little Boy and Fat Man in yields.

All being said, a demilitarized Israel could be allowed to exist, smaller in size, under Aryan control for the rest of its existence. A country-ghetto with no exit permission ever. Obviously this is a complete reverse of the Eretz Israel policy, which only promotes madness and chaos in the Middle East.

>Israel could be allowed to exist, smaller in size, under Aryan control
this is difficult to achieve yet possible, a derailed thread but one of the best actually
Christchurch shooting
>Military disarms a number of improvised explosives attached to two cars in the city
>Bomb scare at Britomart train station in Auckland
>2:20pm: Witness at the scene Mohammed Nazir told 1 NEWS he saw three women shot and bleeding on the ground outside the mosque.
At Al Noor, two persons are seen to flee through the smaller gate, into the street (the park is on the other side). They were dressed like two women and Brenton shot at them. One was gone but one was hit and crying for help on the ground, Brenton finished her. Where are the three victims?
More info on Mohammed Nazir?
>2:32pm: There are multiple reports on social media that there has been a shooting at a second mosque in Linwood.
Would be interesting to see those reports on social media.
>2:55pm: RNZ reports about 300 people were inside the Linwood mosque for afternoon prayers.
300 would barely fit inside the Al-Noor mosque (just count the number of praying slots on the floor). The Linwood mosque was small piss poor weakframe building in the middle of a small dirty courtyard, at the end of a dusty alley, all looking more like a works area than anything else.
>3:10pm: What we know so far:
>At least one gunman opened fire at the Masjid Al Noor mosque on Deans Ave around 1:40pm.
>3:53pm: Security Analyst Paul Buchanan says he has seen the gunman's manifesto and the shooting is "clearly a case of a white supremacist".
Pretty much expected.
>Hero says he smashed the car's window as he pursued Tarrant
Aside from the left front window that broke as Tarrant shot through it, several houses up the street from the first mosque (that's the part about a father and his son I think were late at the mosque and hte father got wounded but survived), have we seen any other window destroyed, notably as Tarrant's car was intercepted and immobilized on the curb?
>"By the time I took cover this guy came through the main entrance door and it's a small mosque - there were about 60-70 people there.
That's a far more likely number.
>A man from inside the mosque then tried to tackle the gunman.
>"The young guy who usually takes care of the mosque ... he saw an opportunity and pounced on [the gunman] and took his gun," Mazharuddin said.
>"The hero tried to chase and he couldn't find the trigger in the gun ... he ran behind him but there were people waiting for him in the car and he fled."
Tarrant was absolutely alone in that car (Subaru Outback).
So what is this silly story of people waiting for him in the car???
>At 1.52pm he attacked another mosque, this one in the suburb of Linwood. He fled after just three minutes, hunted from the scene by Abdul Aziz, a furniture shop owner who was at prayer with four of his sons and ran into Tarrant’s gunfire armed with the only weapon he could find, a hand-held EFTPOS scanner he’d grabbed from a desk by the door. By then, seven more were dead.
So he's the "young man" who already had four sons.
>Several guns have been recovered from both mosques. Two explosive devices were found on two vehicles at the scene. One has been disabled.
No, there was only one car.
>They managed to ram the car to the side of the road – 18 minutes after police received the first emergency call from the Al Noor Masjid – and, ignoring the bombs in the back seat, dragged Tarrant through the passenger side of the car.
So he had bombs on the back seat?
What about the second car?
>The suspect was thought to have been speeding to his third target, the Ashburton Masjid, and allegedly told the arresting officers eight other shooters were involved. But by the afternoon of March 16, police were confident the accused killer acted alone.
So Tarrant claimed there were eight other shooters when he got arrested. Nice trick, with all this confusion.
what?-- i don't recall his manifesto mentioning bombs nor him talking about bombs when he was live
>fire bombs
i don't see any mechanism attached to the fuel gallons located in the trunk
There is some pipe with an hexagonal end cap attached with black tape to the side. Shape is consistent with an ordinary pipe bomb. Watch at about 6:00 and then at about 9:00 when he gets back.
I have no good resolution video though to tell for sure what it is.
There were black attachments. The explosives would spread the fuel. I suppose he tested the design beforehand.
>It took police officers in New Zealand 36 minutes to catch the terrorist who murdered 50 people in two Christchurch mosques last week. Dramatic footage shows that just two officers—only one of whom had a gun—apprehend the suspect after his bloody rampage. We are now learning that this response time would have been longer, but police happened to be conducting a drill nearby practicing for a similar attack.
>In what can be described as an extremely strange “coincidence,” Chris Cahill, a detective inspector who is president of a local labor union for police officers, explained that officers were involved in a drill near the city center when the shooting broke out.
A drill? Usual cohencidence?
>According to the NY Times,
>>The police said a special armed tactical unit arrived at Al Noor Mosque four minutes after the first officers, or 10 minutes after the initial emergency call.
>>Mr. Cahill said it normally would have taken longer, with team members summoned to a police station to suit up. On Friday, though, they happened to be in a training session in the city center and wearing their gear, he said.
>“Any police force in the world — to get to the scene in six minutes, a specialist team there in 10 — that would be a success,” Mr. Cahill said.
>Police in New Zealand don’t typically carry firearms, much less dress in tactical gear, so officers holding a drill with all their tactical equipment and weapons at the ready was a helpful coincidence indeed.
>For those who may be unaware, the significance of the drill is important due to the fact that most terror attacks in recent history have coincided with drills very similar to the actual terrorism that unfolds.
>In November of 2015, during the tragic attacks on Paris, it was later reported that Paris-area emergency personnel and ambulance crews were taking part in a simulated emergency exercise on the very same day. The exact nature of the drill was a simulated mass shooting attack, according to Dr. Mathieu Raux, emergency room chief at the Pitié-Salpetrière hospital in Paris.
>Also, during the 9/11 attacks on the U.S., North American Aerospace Defense Command’s (NORAD) was in the midst of a training exercise called Vigilant Guardian, which “coincidentally” simulated planes being hijacked by terrorists.
>As if these two events weren’t a strange enough “coincidence,” the London subway attacks on 7/7 also encompassed drills happening only days prior to that terrorist attack.
>It seems odd that some of the most prolific terror attacks in recent history all share this common thread.
>This tragic event in New Zealand is already being used to go after free speech and gun rights. The New Zealand government began arresting people for sharing the video of the shooter’s live stream as well as pushing new gun laws.
>Another particularly strange coincidence is the fact that 30 survivors of the Parkland shooting traveled to Christchurch last July. The purpose of that trip, according to Sandi Davis, a sociology teacher at Stoneman Douglas, was a way to help the students cope with the tragedy they experienced and also as a way for them to learn how to sustain the anti-gun violence movement they had begun in the Parkland shooting’s aftermath.
Tough luck Mr Tarrant, NZ Christchurch was full of all sorts of armed forces, even external to the place or even the island.
>NZSAS soldiers in Christchurch for snipers event responded to mosque terror attack
>Some of the world's most deadly sharpshooters were in Christchurch when New Zealand's worst ever terror attack unfolded on Friday, with NZSAS taking to the streets to help hunt the rampaging mosque shooter.
>Snipers from the New Zealand military, as well as professional snipers from Australia and Asian countries, had been at the Defence Force shooting range at West Melton, 25kms west of the city, the Herald has been told.
>When the massacre unfolded, they were sprung into action and understood to have been granted special powers to take up arms in order to protect the public.
>NZSAS soldiers were photographed with weapons and balaclavas masking their face near the Al Noor Mosque by Hagley Park where a gunman stormed Friday prayer and shot dead more than 40 people.
>One photograph, which has appeared on social media, appears to show an NZSAS soldier with an army sniper rifle or designated marksman weapon outside the Deans Ave mosque.
>Others responded to a callout at Papanui High School which was feared to have been under attack too.
Where these guys those who were filmed at the school in that "they find it/take care homo" video?
>Heavily-armed masked officers were seen travelling in civilian rental vehicles with police on Friday afternoon.
>New Zealand Police special tactics group (STG) officers were also on the frontline.
>The Defence Force and Police have been approached for comment.
Well, at this point you could say the only other force missing was the Avengers.
>The two police officers who finally apprehended the gunman on Brougham St were also out-of-towners who joined the urgent scramble to find the fleeing gunman.
>They were on a training session at Princess Margaret Hospital in Cashmere, using a disused floor of the hospital to practice room clearing and dealing with armed offenders.
>After hearing there was an active shooter on the loose in the city, the officers, who are both based in smaller towns out of Christchurch, took to the streets to stop him.
>Driving on Brougham St they spotted someone fitting the description of the mosque shooter coming towards them.
>They confirmed it was the right car, did a U-turn, and decided to ram him.
>They ploughed into the gunman's car on the driver's side, knocking his car out of action. Footage supplied to the Herald shows the officers dragging him out of the passenger side.
>"I was surprised how calm and collected they were," said their boss, rural response manager Senior Sergeant Pete Stills.
>"They wouldn't have been scared, we practice for this stuff - to be honest, it was lucky two officers with that amount of service and experience were there."
>Footage of the arrest has been widely shared on social media and the officers have been hailed as heroes by many including Police Commissioner Mike Bush.
>Bush said without their brave actions, it was likely more people would have been killed.

An important anti-terrorist drill goes on nearby, the same day, involves all types of armed forces including snipers, both local and international.
When you are not willing to name the jew, the maker of this anti-White genocide, of this problem, then you're not better than a Karl Marx who refuses to provide jewish names to denounce the international banking system.

You call yourselves NatSoc people, self proclaimed intellectual heirs to the Third Reich, yet there you are, swallowing this horrible farce and accepting that the jew remains unnamed, that we never point out the role of Israel in this regard, nor its ultimate purpose, refusing to explain where the refugees come from, that the Middle Eastern wars are started by the Zionist cabal, thus creating both fake and genuine refugees who are then kindly encouraged to move to Europe, with the help of NGOs funded and led by jews! You hail a hero who much like Jordan Peterson, tries to make you think he's hiding a real antisemitism and perfect understanding of the jewish nature and the globalist purpose of Israel, when there is in fact none because you're simply fulfilling your wishes and filling in the blanks as per your desires, yet you're nothing more than dupes, being fooled. You are just a bunch of gullible clowns and already rotting with shills within your ranks.

<"Why We Are Antisemites" - Text of Adolf Hitler's 1920 speech at the Hofbräuhaus
>And so we can now understand why the whole Zionist state and its establishing is nothing but a comedy. Herr Chief Rabbi has now said in Jerusalem:
>“Establishment of this state is not the most important; it is far from certain if it will at all be possible.”
>However, it is necessary that jewry has this city as its spiritual headquarters because jewry “materially and in fact are the masters of several states; we control them financially, economically and politically.”
>And so the Zionist state is going to be a harmless corn of sand in the eye. Efforts are made to explain that so and so many jews have been found that want to go there as farmers, workers, even soldiers. (Laughter) If these people really have this urge in themselves, Germany today needs these ideal men as turf cutters and coal miners; they could take part in building our water power plants, our lakes etc. But it does not occur to them. The whole Zionist state will be nothing else than the perfect high school for their international criminals, and from there they will be directed. And every jew will, of course, have immunity as a citizen of the Palestinian state (Laughter) and he will of course keep our citizenship. But when caught red-handed, he will not be a German jew any longer but a citizen of Palestine. (Laughter)

You become abused by the most ridiculous pretense, namely that Tarrant, like Breivik, attempted to control the media's narrative. You accept this pitiful excuse as if these medias would not paint a violent White man attacking non-Whites as anything but a fascist, nationalist, racist, (neo)nazi, White supremacist.
But this excuse becomes very convenient to avoid naming and blaming the jew for the subversion he is responsible of.
Perhaps now is also a good time for a reminder: jews want Whites/Christians to fight a bloody war with Muslims.
Yet extremists are only a small minority. All is made to radicalize more of them.
Tarrant came, ran his show, then what?
Where is the acceleration, the awakening, the race war, the end of the ZOG? Where are the fleeing jews? Where is the sign that it has even started?
Whites have not gained a single advantage out of this.
How convenient that all which Tarrant defines as a gain for us, under the banner of accelerationism, is also what the ZOG wants.

Less freedom of speech? Got that.
More saint migrants? Got that.
Greater gun control? Got that.

And it's the beginning. The biggest joke is on you when you think that this fake manifesto makes the three points above fine because they were what Tarrant wanted (actually he only wanted two of them).
What next? Another manifesto that will reveal that White abortions were fine because they'd enrage noble Whites? More and more migrants is fine because Whites will question their government and repel them?
Is it what it takes, really? Introducing as pro-White moves what, in reality, directly serves the ZOG?

So what does this mean essentially? What is the strategy?
It's very simple. If you have a small army, go waste it against millions of migrants to remove them all by force.
There. Because it's the birthrates (repeat again and again).
But NEVER ever attack the System.
In other words, give all the reasons the System needs to crack down on Whites who will find themselves munched between two blocks: migrants and state, yet wasting their precious resources on the larger group (Muslims) that holds the less power and has no key to the military assets.

The point here is to understand that to properly remove all the non-Whites in a manner that is meaningful, we will need to have access to all the state's resources.
We will never achieve anything by being a revolutionary militia that never hits the government and finds itself stuck between said government and the brown masses it will protect.
Wage a war against the migrants and you'll give the government all the greenlights it needs to kill us.
Wage a war against the government, topple it and gain access to greater military power, then aside from violent bouts here and there and some snackbars, migrants will be under control at gun point, then cannon point, so the argument will be simple: you shut up or we bomb you. White soldiers will round up the brown mercenaries, thieves and killers, and exterminate them. Pockets of migrant population will be besieged and forced to surrender or die.
Migrants do not hold the most meaningful and greatest power in our countries. They are a problem, but a savage kind that suffers its own inertia. Nothing that an organized and brutal army could not handle.

So as you can understand by now, Tarrant's strategy is pure suicide. It is a waste of precious resources. Tarrant is used, pushed and shilled as a model for White men to follow, men who have all the reasons in the world to hate what happens to them and their people. But it's a deception.
After all how could this an example? All it's doing is sending woke people at their deaths or in jail. Yet we need these people to be active and to create their own networks, to actually prepare for the fierce and possibly gruesome battles to come. Every single White gun will count. But dead or captive, you are useless.
Let me explain what truly happened in NZ.
NZ is part of the Five Eyes. See this as a form of commonwealth, but of spying, intelligence and social engineering. It is an extension of the jewed Anglo-Saxon empire.
Now, here comes a concept. It's called
>A soft launch, also known as a soft opening, is a preview release of a product or service to a limited audience prior to the general public. Soft-launching a product is sometimes used to gather data or feedback regarding its acceptance in the marketplace, prior to making it widely available during an official release or grand opening. A company may also choose a soft launch to test the functionality of a product, allowing adjustments to be made before a wider release and marketing efforts are implemented.
>A soft launch is generally used when a business doesn't want to draw a great deal of attention to a product right away; they want to gradually introduce the new product or changes to the market. Perhaps they're providing a simple upgrade to an existing software package or releasing a test version of a new software to a limited number of people. In either case, it's not necessary to create fanfare around the releases so the company doesn't do a great deal of marketing, if any.

Tarrant wanted the 2nd Amendment to be destroyed, so then why not attack on US soil?
Because the ZOG had no proper intel on what would happen in a largely White country if a gun ban and a massive censorship of websites and data was forced upon the population.
It was safer to probe the waters in a much smaller and barely remarkable country where Whites are not so radical about their gun ownership but where some form of assault rifle can be easily acquired by the public.
So they tried it in New Zealand. It's small enough, almost flies under the radar yet presents an interesting potential for the test by fire, trial of severe anti-gun regulation (with the obvious appeal to emotion).
Applied within the context of a fabricated racist terrorist attack, this would dupe both normies and White nationalists.

NZ was the perfect place to establish a jurisprudence against guns without getting too much aggro from the mudslimes: not enough Muslims to trigger street rampage, but still part of the Five Eyes and Anglo-Saxon Western world to strike a meaningful ban of free speech and certain types of guns without much people protesting, largely because of the tamed White culture in NZ.

Also, why write about his manifesto that his former version was 240 pages long, then reveal that he decided to erase it all but was left with only two weeks to produce the new version?
This is what he says, he had only two weeks left.
Excuse me, but who fixed the date? It had nothing special, aside of course from the very important drill that took place in Christchurch.
Those Muslims would have been there the next week, the next month, even the next year.

Other point. What best place to start such a race war than one actually full of migrants? USA/Europe. The excuse Tarrant makes that violence can come even to a place like NZ doesn't fly at all.
If you want a race war, you try to trigger it where the savages actually live. Remember these apes burning some stuff, cars, etc. in France, the country Tarrant supposedly visited and where he really became convinced he had to do something? I've been told these same savages now routinely do that every once in a while, every time one of their own gets caught and eventually dies after a car chase or something similar involving cops.

Ignore the likes of Tarrant because they're not even efficient as lone wolves. Killing some forty or fifty nonames and getting caught or killed does absolutely nothing for us.
Use what we have left of liberty to spread the truth, the redpills. Use what we have left of money to buy weapons and food.
Don't forget that while we will have to fend off gangs of looters and rapists, the main and real objective is to defeat the jews and their acolytes.
>jews want Whites/Christians to fight a bloody war with Muslims.

No, jews want Whites extinct and only a mixed race of rootless dumb brown people left as perfect cattle that they want to use as eternal debt slaves.
They are doing exactly this via mass immigration into low fertility White countries and promotion of race mixing with negroids and arabs.
I am not even reading the rest of your rant as you are the usual deradicalization shill, or maybe a boomertard who shits on White men of action to feel morally superior or because is a scared coward.
I will never disavow White warriors, whoever does belongs to the enemy lines with liberals and marxist scum.
kebabism and bagelism are the same end through different means
(143.62 KB 899x1000 47892hfidsfh3.png)

>jews want Whites/Christians to fight a bloody war with Muslims
>jews want Whites extinct and only a mixed race
both things are happening, its a strategy, first one, then the other
>both things are happening
No they're not.
There is no bloody fight, Tarrant killing 51 vermins cannot be considered alone part of a war, sadly.
What is happening is White countries being flooded by high fertility foreigners, with muslims at the top of it that not only substitute via birthrate but also actively killing hundreds with crime and decades of terrorism - and Whites succumbing without a single shot in response (with the only exception of Brenton Tarrant and very few others).
(689.11 KB 812x619 3_14sahjkf.png)

remember, all wars got triggered by an isolated event, pearl harbour, poland invasion, assassination of a congressman in spain, so not sure if brenton tarrant acceleration is bad


even israel wars are an attempt to confront muslims with Whites, what do you think september 11 was ? yes, they want us to fight an ultimate war with muslims
(333.02 KB 953x831 greater_israel.jpg)
No, they want the muslims out of Middle East to expand Greater Israel, they want White people to accept them as "new Europeans" on European soil, they don't want any fucking war.
Get your heads out our your buttholes.
(((Tarrant))) insulted the Iron Guard's legacy.

>pic 3
>Because Brenton chose to address the Islamic problem doesn't make him wrong.
When he's hiding the cause of this destruction, of this genocide, then yes, it does make him extremely wrong (huh, as if it were a "mistake").
It actually is a LIE BY OMISSION.
How interesting that the "heroes" shilled for by glowfags and dupes in the other (recruitment?) threads made everything possible to avoid exposing jews, the Zionist program, their allies, the origins and function of cultural Marxism, etc.
You cannot possibly be smart and fall for that gay crap. It's so blatant.
>No, jews want Whites extinct and only a mixed race of rootless dumb brown people left as perfect cattle that they want to use as eternal debt slaves.
>They are doing exactly this via mass immigration into low fertility White countries and promotion of race mixing with negroids and arabs.
You're forgetting something truly important here.
jews barely handle it these days. Half of the US, mostly non-urbanites, voted for the Orange man because he was patriarchal and surfing on some racist premises while he surrounded himself with some staunch and real racists (who he removed very quickly after hand when he got into the Office). As for Europe, it is totally on the edge.
The massive push in immigration is precisely to level the field: they're not blind those jews, they know the far right is on the rise among Whites, themselves less and less convinced that the so called politicians cut it. Meanwhile, it's become very clear that demography will play against Whites so we will not be able to afford pushing back the reclaiming of our lands two more decades. If Italy, Greece, Spain, France and Germany fall, the shitskins will have a direct conduit from the Middle-East through the Mediterranean into Europe. It will be an endless onslaught of savage rapemen and bloodthirsty throat slitters.
Israel is going to push for a M.A.D. scenario as Whites and shitskins reach a 50/50 demographic situation, and all these kebab terrorists wandering across Europe will be given the proper weapons in due time, like they were when in the Middle East. Hopefully for Zion, some of them will become local warlords. I'm not pro-Christian but it's obvious that Zionists made the conflict to be one of Christians (and anything they wish to put into that basket) on one side, and of Muslims on the other. Whether we like it or not, White lands are defined by centuries of Christian history, for good or bad reasons.
What jews do is trying to buy more time, to make sure it gets as close as possible to a 40/60 against Whites. They do it at a reckless speed. They increase the tyranny in glaring ways precisely to be able to maximize the immigration factor before some shit hits the fan. They try to keep power as long as they can, so they NEED PsyOps. Desperately.

They don't care about overplaying their hand because they already know that a war is coming. All they want is to make sure our lands are sufficiently fucked up so Whites will be weakened and destroyed/enslaved, and whatever will remain will disappear through residual miscegenation and further cleansing.

>no cant read more post
Too bad, it might have made you see how obtuse and wrong you are.

>Terrorism gud
Maybe you don't realize something here—and understand that I'm not trying to piss on the pain of Whites who lost family members—but the terrorism has zero influence at all on demography, regardless of where it comes from.
However, one thing for sure, it has always served the kikes.
(79.95 KB 732x732 1556725826849.png)
Tarrant called out the kikes, you're just too illiterate to read below the surface.
>remember, all wars got triggered by an isolated event, pearl harbour, poland invasion, assassination of a congressman in spain, so not sure if brenton tarrant acceleration is bad
(((isolated event)))
Get your heads out our your buttholes.
Speak for yourself.
jews want to decide when to trigger the war, the later the better, to make sure they provide enough anti-White forces so that whatever happens in the world, it will play out against White populations.
They want to shift the War on Terror so it fuses with the "silent" war on Whites. Therefore they need more White terrorism.

The idea that Whites will let themselves be invaded endlessly is retarded. Despite the power jews have over the media in our countries, they barely manage to control the narrative. They are not all powerful. Truth finds its way, so they try to block it anywhere they can. They know of the link between forums/boards and the young Whites. They already saw it for the 2016 elections and are on panic mode to "shut it down" ASAP.
So ignore the Tarrant/Breivik bullshit, continue spreading the truth on/offline and expose those fucking jews goddammit.
>Tarrant called out the kikes, you're just too illiterate to read below the surface.
>"below the surface" blah blah.
Mmm really?
>no exposure of kikes
>plays faggy games about whether jews are subversive or not
>nothing about Israel's integral role into the future world wide jewish domination
>lumps kikes with other migrants as if they were on the same level as, say, niggers
>doesn't explain that White genocide is organized and funded by kikes
>not a single URL he uses links to a redpilling source on kikes
>not a single mention of Zionist/m
The same pathetic excuse for morons like you who think filling blanks in this ludicrous game is fine. It's a manifesto supposedly written by a woke /pol/ack White racist/nationalist in a desperate time of White genocide, who totally sidelines the JQ. Fuck off.
The manifesto was specifically made shorter by Tarrant, and he focused on inciting White men to action, to revolt against the modern world.
It was not a fucking /pol/ compendium for dummies or an essay on world jewry, you fucking retards.

The only wars ZOG wants are the ones to achieve Greater Israel, they'd have only to lose from a war in Europe or even worse in USA, they need their goy cattle functional to keep their ponzi global bank/financial scheme going full throttle (because that's how they rule the goddamn world, not through wars).
Sure as fuck they do NOT want nationalist sentiments to further bloom in the west, they are fucking terrified by White terrorism, it's literally a prelude to new pogroms for them.
Your shit's all retarded.
>The manifesto was specifically made shorter by Tarrant, and he focused on inciting White men to action, to revolt against the modern world.
Revealing the truth is being against the modern world. It's an umbrella concept under which you can shove whatever you want.
>manifesto wasn't meant to tell the truth about the planners and organizers of White genocide and subsequent Whites' low birthrates
That we understood.
ty edgelord

>The only wars ZOG wants are the ones to achieve Greater Israel, they'd have only to lose from a war in Europe or even worse in USA, they need their goy cattle functional to keep their ponzi global bank/financial scheme going full throttle (because that's how they rule the goddamn world, not through wars).
First of all, they will not fight in Europe. Second, they use all their resources and power to maintain the grip on the message, yet they struggle with that. Since they'll never relinquish power (again, the longer they keep it the better for them), said power will only be taken by force. Non-Whites will not accept to be displaced either, they'll resist. jews know it's coming, because if it does not come, then it means Whites do not want to fight and will have not fought to defend their lands, cultures and blood. IOW, Whites will be gone.
Maybe you're not happy with the idea that we're in for a bloody war but it is coming.
War is coming, and we better not loose it this time or we're fucked.
>White terrorism = pogroms
No, pogroms had nothing to do with terrorism. Terrorism is a very specific kind of action.
Pogroms were large popular movements, sometimes even organized from above.
They know that if we want to be free, we will have to fight, and if we want to make sure Whites are there and still royally kicking in ten thousand years, we must win without remorse. Therefore, they know that they're next, that we will come for them. There won't be any smokescreen, such a story about good vs bad jews, this shit will be over. It's Aryans vs jews.
They want to exterminate us. They try to exterminate us.
We will not forget.
We will not forgive.
Poster of the video featuring two armed men entering Papanui High School. Intriguing video.
Were they police men encircling the school as it was under lock-down, like many other public places at that time?
Here's what the owner of this account says:
>@lookner please show this on stream no one gets shot or killed it just shows you there a at least 2 shooters I am from Christchurch
Doesn't look like this levi considered these people to be good people. But who knows? Snipers were wearing all sorts of clothes that day.
>7:36 PM - 14 Mar 2019
How did Twitter define the timestamp of a post and managed to set it on the 14th of March when it was already the 15th in both NZ and the US?
As for the account, it's so inactive it's as good as fake. Created September 2014.
>Free Thought @FreeThought84 Mar 16
>It appears the user deleted his account.
Can't check further data, I have no Twitter account.
More from this levi.
>levi beattie @levimacd Mar 14
>Yes there have been 2 shooters arrested but more there are possibly more I’m not lying this was on the New Zealand news
You may contact A. Lefebvre who asked this in the thread:
> Replying to @levimacd @lookner
>Levi, My name is Andrei Lefebvre. I am a citizen journalist following the tragedy in New Zealand.
>I saw your video on twitter and would like to find out more of what you saw.
>My email [email protected]. Would love to have you on my live stream http://WildNews.us
To know if he got any reply.
Another pic there:
A screen grab from what seems to be another video with the same "they find it" message (really??), this time by Naivid Haidari, featuring the brown skinned man in military fatigues (and supposedly accused of carrying a gun at some point in the newspapers), arrested right in front of the same Papanui High School (huh). Remember lads, this happened the same day. It's also the same school where the two armed men are filmed approaching with assault rifles. What are the chances? Was this to create further confusion?
Picture posted by "God Hami": https://twitter.com/god_hami
You have either poor reading comprehension or you are simply a slimy deflecting thickheaded dingus who thinks anyone would believe all that nonsense of yours.
Kikes have been slowly boiling the White frog for decades, they sure as fuck do NOT wish to up the flames now that it's almost cooked to death.
If anything, it's Tarrant with his accelerationist effort that wanted to go into that direction, trying to polarize and inflame society and through this speed up White people's awakening for their survival, which is the exact opposite of what the jews want.
>You have either poor reading comprehension or you are simply a slimy deflecting thickheaded dingus who thinks anyone would believe all that nonsense of yours.
Kikes have been slowly boiling the White frog for decades, they sure as fuck do NOT wish to up the flames now that it's almost cooked to death.
Talk about your reading comprehension moron.
It is not about what they want, it's about what we need.
jews mold the current geopolitical situation so Whites will be too few and too weak-willed to fight and win.
They try to turn far right into manageable civic-national parties while reducing free speech on internet now and making weapons harder to obtain and then to keep.
>If anything, it's Tarrant with his accelerationist effort
There's no "effort". If you don't name the jews and expose them, you're not doing anything. You're a moron or worse, a traitor.
>and he polariz—
Polarize shit. Whites and Zionists have waged wars that resulted in the destruction of countless Muslim and nigger countries, resulting in millions of deaths, yet nothing happened in Europe in terms of real and brutal infighting. 51 random casualties in the middle of nowhere won't antagonize them more.
The awakening comes with a mix of redpills and real everyday life experience with migrants. No amount of asinine shooting will do anything to awaken people. If anything, you'll just scare those who should be brought closer to us.
Now move on to that other thread where you faggots keep sucking on his dick while each one of you thinks killing fifty Muslims each will save our race.
Nigger commies in South Africa did not disavow terrorists act committed by their soyboy Mandela, and after several years they took power, free him and make him their leader.
But you instead go on your purity spiralling path anon, if that makes you feel so enlightened and superior.
But when shit will hit the fan people will be begging for the help of individuals like Brenton Tarrant.
didn't know about the wordfilter, of course it was not soyboy but c0mrade
>But when shit will hit the fan people will be begging for the help of individuals like Brenton Tarrant.
>help from people who die or end in jail
Keep wishing. Don't think we're not training either.
You've been botted.
>Nigger commies in South Africa did not disavow terrorists act committed by their soyboy Mandela, and after several years they took power, free him and make him their leader.
Apples and oranges. They didn't win because of those acts of terrorism, they had the jewish network on their side and South Africa was already about to fall.

Wait. Perhaps you think the black-on-White terrorism "accelerated" the anti-black government to crack down on blacks, thus pushing blacks to fight for their survival and freedom and that's why they won in the end?

My sides. XD>>12253
How those niggers achieved victory was not the point here.
The point here is shills and dumb Whites disavowing White individuals like Brenton Tarrant engaging in extremist acts against a group of foreign invaders in a White founded country, and being brainwashed and afraid to stand by the side of the the White "terrorist", even to the point of feeling sorry for the invaders instead.
Unarmed invaders are still invaders, and they are no less dangerous than the armed ones.

you are an idiot, a war between Whites and muslims will weaken them to the point that it facilitate the greater israel a gorillion times

this, it is obvious that tarrant actions wont halt White genocide, but will serve as a wake up call for society and like minded
people will find out who is behind
that genocide
>a war between Whites and muslims will weaken them to the point that it facilitate the greater israel a gorillion times

And how exactly? How could the constant flow of "refugees" continue to European lands if Whites were to stand up and wage war against them, you brainlet?
>How those niggers achieved victory was not the point here.
You just don't understand.
These niggers were backed by international jewry that had already infiltrated the political and media zone, could spin whatever they wanted on TV paper and radio, and therefore finished off the already weakened Whites who had been turned into soft normies after considerable guilt-inducing brainwashing.
This is at odds with what Whites are facing.

You use an example that in fact completely blows your accelerationism, for it shows that niggers being extremely violent against Whites has NEVER triggered the Whites of SA to take weapons and fight back.
There was no race war. NOTHING ever happened. The ZOG increased its power and now Whites can be openly threatened of expulsion, dispossession or even murder and are reduced to a miserable minority, and will never be able to reclaim the country they built.

If it needs to be repeated, let's do that: Your example utterly fails to apply here because the niggers had the backing of TPTB. They were not resisting. For this example to work as a mirror of our predicament, therefore if Whites had been in power the way kikes are today, if there had been anything close to a NatSoc structure, there would have been a massive crack down on niggers and their backers.

All you have is a convenient and (well played) "terrorist" who gave EVERY alibi the ZOG could ever dream of to destroy our only two means of resistance: Speech and guns, and this is just the beginning.

Nein is being shilled so hard it's not even funny anymore. They force upon us a suicidal dichotomy:

1. Take the blackpill, do nothing at all, so you effectively become a coward and a deserter.
2. Do something stupid that makes no difference for Whites yet nicely serves the ZOG by wasting your life being dead or in jail.

They never tell you to organize, strengthen White groups and local communities, get weapons and propagate redpills that expose jews and traitors as often as possible, nor tell you that if you really want to kill enemies, chose your targets wisely so as to make each bullet count.
Spreading our forces randomly on targets of low to no value at all simply does not help.

Just read Codreanu's book mate.

>The point here is shills and dumb Whites disavowing White individuals like Brenton Tarrant engaging in extremist acts against a group of foreign invaders in a White founded country, and being brainwashed and afraid to stand by the side of the the White "terrorist", even to the point of feeling sorry for the invaders instead.
Are you stupid or what?
Normies are already against Tarrant. For those who already lean towards far-right views, they simply don't give a shit by learning that 1, 5, 50 or a hundred Muslims died yesterday down their street or in snackbaristan.
Don't even pretend that people here side with the Muslims.

>Unarmed invaders are still invaders, and they are no less dangerous than the armed ones.
There is your problem. You see this in a binary way, as if we were in control of our countries and they were being invaded, as if our leaders were on our side, rousing militia men to stand against the hordes of incoming savages.

But this not true at all. We have two enemy groups and one of them holds the power.
>let's ignore the mind boggling coincidence of a massive anti-terrorist drill going on in the city exactly at the time of Tarrant's attack.
Stand against who?
If Whites really unite and wake up, the target is the ZOG, not large groups of migrants, of which only a minority will pick weapons.

whoever would win that war, israel won't encounter resistance for its agenda, as I said, you are an idiot

I think you are missing the whole point here, the thing is not killing 50 or 50000. It doesn't matter if all the zog and goverment machine is ignited again the resistance, as the very tarrant said the purpose of his actions was to accelerate the revolution, in other words to change the public opinion, once this is done, there's no way back
Imagine being this butthurt about your pet sandniggers being killed lmao.
>There was no race war. NOTHING ever happened.
That is your problem right there.

>Nein is being shilled
Admins get rid of shills, spammer and bots fairly good as far as I could see up until now.
The blackpill spammer has been identified and kicked out afaik, and there is no fedposting/baitposting going around.
>Normies are already against Tarrant.
Wouldn't been so sure about that, mate. it is you here sounding like a demoralization shill.
Despite the attempt of propagandists to depict the contrary, normies do not like the ugly inbred barbaric muslims.
It really makes me think that the biggest attempt at the character assassination of Brenton Tarrant is being pursued not on the normiesphere but on places like cuckchan, and has been going on incessantly since March.
It is not the normies that (((they))) are trying to brainwash into disavowing White resistance, it's us.
You are an agent actively indulging in this attempt.
Why all of you keep repeating this, as if we didn't already know the claim since day one?
I'd like to see you acknowledge, for once, that "his" plan just happens to be (((their))) plan too.
You say things as if you had taken your first redpill yesterday, completely missing out the fact that kikes operate gradually, more or less violently, by generating the excuses they need to do anything in their interest, from passing laws to starting a world war.
I'd also like to see you just acknowledge once the baffling coincidence of—as always—there being a considerable anti-terrorist drill in the very same city, few minutes away by car, the day and hour Tarrant "chose" to shoot people.
And maybe you could also acknowledge, finally, how Muslims going snackbar and redpills reaching into normie land, including potent memes, have done far more for our cause than any single death caused by Brenton "jews? What jews?" Tarrant.
>change the public opinion
So it changed? Show me the evidence then.

>Imagine being this butthurt about your pet sandniggers being killed lmao.
Go back to halfchan you brainlet, you'll find people to argue with who may actually care about muslimes.
>>There was no race war. NOTHING ever happened.
>That is your problem right there.
Clarify your position here please.
>Admins get rid of shills, spammer and bots fairly good as far as I could see up until now.
The blackpill spammer has been identified and kicked out afaik, and there is no fedposting/baitposting going around.
The hell you know? Didn't you even consider that the most obvious ones could be a distraction for the other ones?
>Wouldn't been so sure about that, mate.
We don't use the same definition of normie then.
A distinctive lack of racial awakening, lack of expression of racial instincts, is to me what defines the normies.
The half normies such as vaguely lefists or conservatives who openly claim not being racist but not wanting their kids in a negro neighborhood, lying to themselves maybe, found their dislike of Muslims in what happens in their countries and what some of them have to endure.
Some may rejoice about Muslims being shot, some may not care, but they surely didn't wait for random sandniggers dying on an isolated island to forge their own opinion about those savages.
>the biggest attempt at the character assassination of Brenton Tarrant is being pursued not on the normiesphere but on places like cuckchan
There has been every kind of possible opinion exchanged about him and ridiculous claims were made on both sides.
>It is not the normies that (((they))) are trying to brainwash into disavowing White resistance, it's us.
You truly have a piss poor opinion of your/ourselves if you think our resistance depends on supporting Tarrant. It's literally as if nothing ever existed before this specific fishy shooting. Just insane.
>kikes operate gradually by generating the excuses
Not necessarily.
They accelerate very fast when they need it - see 9-11 as the most blatant example.
But then if it's us who want to accelerate, for some reason this is not a good strategy anymore?
We need shit to hit the fan asap, we are running out of time.
>anti-terrorist drill
there are dozens of drills taking place at any given time in big cities, to think that actual coincidences never occurr plays in the field of pure paranoia
>you could also acknowledge how Muslims going snackbar have done far more for our cause
I do acknowledge it and I for one am extremely disappointed in the halt we have been witnessing in muslims snackbarring since Trump was elected since, of course, the snackbarring have ACCELERATED many normies towards the right wing and the redpills.
See, accelerationism works just fine.
>Clarify your position here please.
The problem stands in Whites not engaging in an open race war. In South Africa they allowed niggers to conquer ground.
If they responded to their kiked niggadry with violence and pushing harder on apartheid, things could have been different (same applies to the kikes pulling the string of the commie niggers).
Same thing is happening in the rest of the West today, so the lesson to be learned from South Africa is that our planned genocide should be dealt accordingly to the gravity of the situation, by not allowing niggers and kikes to keep their shenanigans going on without smashing their teeth down their throats first.
>Didn't you even consider that the most obvious ones could be a distraction for the other ones?
I don't understand, you don't make any sense.
>forge their own opinion about those savages
What opinion? Tarrant did not make his thing to change people's opinion about muslims, he made it because he knew beforehand that every westerner deep inside dislikes the goatfuckers, and his attack showed them that they are not in fact untouchable, that they can and should be dealt with the same medicine they inflicted on us westerners for decades now.
Reactions on all social media show that the main feeling about Christchurch is "those muzzies had it coming". This is called effectively pushing further right the Overton window.
>ridiculous claims were made on both sides.
Not really. The shills truly overplayed their hand on this (another thing Tarrant predicted smoothly in his manifesto)
>our resistance depends on supporting Tarrant.
It does not depends on it, but it clearly is a line in the sand.
Crossing it or not might be the difference between our disappearance or our Victory.

>happens to be (((their))) plan too .. gradually
no, acceleration is not gradual
>baffling coincidence
more evidence is needed to claim what you are implying, that tarrant is a fake
>Show me the evidence then
well, maybe it changes "gradually"; the thing is if we are meant to win, we need to use the same means and tactics the enemy does, read terrorist attacks, organized armied resistance and start a guerrilla war, let it be lone wolfs or not. The solution will not come from within the system
(2.71 MB 2500x1750 dfsoidj.png)
(56.99 KB 550x550 fdgdgfdgd.jpg)
>They are smarter then we think. They know all of our weaknesses and all of our strengths. And use them accordingly.
No, they just have more race realists whom can detect anything opposed to their interests from opposition


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