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Demographic Targeting of LEO and Military Anonymous 10/23/2019 (Wed) 20:36:08 No. 8554
A white national socialist movement needs to make good, attractive, easily digested propaganda red pills that are targeted at law enforcement, police, and military. This will matter so much more than going after basement pastries, soccer moms, and other assorted normies. Law enforcement and military are the only ones who really enforce the system and can/will get in the way of a natsoc community and it will be these, highly trained elite aryan warriors that a radical violent national socialist movement will have to fight, and will be slaughtered by. Im not trying to say such a movement should preach pacifism and try to turn themselves into sheep instead of wolves, but its been said many times the pen is mightier than the sword. There are literally entire armies already on this planet at the disposal of whoever it is that can program them. The White National Socialist programming should be superior to the jew programming because ours is on the side of truth, whereas the jewish programming is backwards and riddled with lies. With law enforcement on a white natsoc side they wont come down hard when their jew masters beckon them onto a white natsoc seperatist community, perhaps they might even do something crazier than just disobey such an order. Our current day is prime time for this type of attack, or maybe at least the best deal we're going to get with information being so easily distributed right now.
Generally speaking a person who joins the armed forces already has a stronger inclination at being nationalist.
The problem is that even if there were many nationalists soldiers among western armies, they are in just for a job like the cops, and those soldiers are at the orders of ZOG politicians and ZOG high rank generals.
It is true though that the only hope to have a successful uprising against the System is to have armed forced on our sides.
Unfortunately it seemed not to be the case in peaceful protests like Yellow Vests.
my boots im wearing have been to war more times than half the army. zog may be legally sanctioned to commit violence, but they do not hold the monopoly of martial combat or military experience. the only faction in my county better armed than myself, is the national guard, and thats only because they have tanks, which have their own sets of vulnerabilities.

if you want to protect yourself, get some armament, and spend the time and money at the range, practice and familiarize yourself; read some tech manuals on what you have, so you may troubleshoot or field repair your property as needed.

theres no real secret to martial combat, just practice and training. marksmanship is a highly perishable skill, so get at least one day in the range once a month, practice field stripping and cleaning on reagular intervals when one cant get range time. given enough time, your weapon will be an extension of your hand. practice, practice, practice, and practice some more. in real combat, you are only half as good as your best day of training.

both cops and criminals are sociopathic in the sense they want to harm their enemies, but do not wish to be harmed themselves. harden yourselves, and contemplate your own mortality. the worst soldier to fight is one who cares not if he lives or dies.

despite all the media fake news about us social outcasts, refrain from being the agressors. they will lie about us, but it is imperative we keep the truth on our side. defensive posturing is key, cops and criminals want soft targets that will not fight back. one should not fire unless fired upon. harden yourself. be an iron thumb that they cannot cut off.

live by the minuteman principle, be ready for war at a minutes notice.
a good idea for a flier could be something about race and violent crime, or about how "hate crime" modifications are only applied to Whites.

Maybe have something that sympathizes with them. Like something about how their hands are tied by the lying media who demonizes heroes like Darren Wilson.

My fliers never look good, so maybe someone with some skills could do this one.
(69.76 KB 1134x215 Selection_361.png)
>A white national socialist movement needs to make good, attractive, easily digested propaganda red pills that are targeted at law enforcement, police, and military.
I'm going to pretend this a serious proposition, even though I don't think it is. In fact, if one were to try to do anything suggested here, here is what would happen.
1. Retarded group thinks they can recruit police officers. Creates propaganda for them. Gives them to police.
2. Police take them. They themselves either send in their own spies, or pass the information straight to the FBI, who sends in their own spies.
3. Now you invited the ZOG into your organization, and they will keep tabs on you, or destroy you if you get out of line.
This is exactly what would happen.
For recruiting people in the military, the mind-set of a police officer in the ZOG is different from someone caught up in their military apparatus. ZOG-thugs (police) are trained to view the public like animals, but the military is indoctrinated to believe they're fighting for "freedom" and other stupid shit. It certainly may be more possible to recruit military and ex-military people, and I would say the chances of these people turning in an organization are probably (more or less) than same as recruiting a random ZOG-ling turning you into the police (which is to say, pretty high). Recruiting police into your organization is to invite certain death and/or political irrelevance.
>radical violent national socialist movement will have to fight, and will be slaughtered by. Im not trying to say such a movement should preach pacifism
This actually is what the OP is suggesting.
The truth is we have the advantage the guerrilla has. We can choose when and where to strike, something the ZOG security apparatus can not take away from us.
We can also pursue other tactics. Revolutionary White Nationalists literally have millions and millions of non-white targets to attack. These people should be considered farms for a revolutionary White Nationalist guerrilla movement, and anyone in need of some quick cash should not hesitate to kill them, as these types of crimes are nearly impossible for the ZOG to solve in most situations. This includes all Boomers as well.
(734.93 KB 1224x1213 police.jpg)
Police don't give a damn about you.
Holy shit I am saving this.
What a complete clown world.
(442.33 KB 1200x1850 nz.jpg)
Yeah, i made the same thread there first, and i used the copy and paste function, to make the exact same thread, right here. Now how does that make me jewish? It doesnt, youre a shill, rot and die.
There are no voices telling them to beat the muslims, there are voices telling them to beat the yellow vests. They do NOT do what they WANT to do, they do what they are TOLD to do.

this is the problem: they obey orders, they are not there for high ideals like nationalism and esuring a future for white children, but just to cash on their paycheck.
You can easily say that about anybody but you dont know whats really going on inside their head. Every zogbot out there could be dying inside for an ethnosocialist revolution but theyre too afraid to act, too afraid to speak. They know everything and everyone will be taken away from them. Us not having families and lacking other societal attachments, its too easy for us to say they are all just cashing in on a paycheck.
I find it to be a good idea to publish propaganda towards the police and the army. I know a few policemen and soldiers, which are all very good guys, and also have a natural inclination towards our worldview. So they may even consider what we have to say. Especially the soldiers.

But: Recruiting LE would be futile. The best we can hope for would be, that a few of them look the other way without attracting attention, when things start to happen. They have to do what they're ordered to do, and someone will notice, if they defy orders. They wouldn't ruin their career for some stupid shit asking for trouble, but they might look the other way if they can get away with it. Let's be honest here, that's what most white people would do, even when reached by our propaganda.
I did not mean to solicit an invitation for them to join our "organization"(there fucking isnt one, unless you mean AWD LOL). I meant to convince people to work together to make simple easily digested redpill picture memes and then we can conspire on ways to distribute this political propaganda to police officers. I think its fertile ground to plant seeds. its going to stick to one of them eventually, and then on and such.
Honestly though with how much these boards are probably read by the FBI and paid shills, i bet more than a few have had thoughts.
I'm of the opinion that people like you who make every excuse under the sun for ZOGbots are going to have be killed just so you stop infecting these discussions with your wishcasting.
no to mention their zog handlers lie to them and feed them their own propaganda on how what theyre doing is for the good of society
Im of the opinion that you are a JEWISH SHILL who is making threats of violence to people who are trying something meaningful. You will not shoot me today, you will not shoot me tomorrow, you are a worthless bucket crab.
Board hop all you want, bluenigger. You'll get domed all the same.
>neo-nazis infiltrate us army
>die in pointless jewish war that utterly devastates their country
>under the president who allowed the largest influx of illegal aliens and immigrants period ever into their country while their wife was getting blacked
What a colossal failure. Bet they voted trump, too.
As much as it might be a whitepill to know our guys are into the armed forces, the fact that they are caught and others like minded probably all purged to let "diversity" and women in, well it kicks the blackpill up again.
Get off your fatass and dome me then you fucking faggot. Go do something productive instead of dragging down those who are trying, you wont though, because youre not here to be productive. You are a jewish shill.
>Now how does that make me jewish?
No one said you were, but thanks for outing yourself as a glownigger.
Cry some moar bluenigger
i know you are but what am i you fucking faggots
(27.67 KB 450x200 BUuB4872625.jpg)
oh hey look i found your guys picture online, its both of you together as you made your posts in this thread
(376.57 KB 774x530 Soldiers of Kek.jpg)
Just make sure that you're not giving out information on any organizations you run or are a part of. Not everyone in said apparati is moral or ethical. Never put naive trust of outsiders above your group or your cause.
Excellent advice.
I'm prior military and have been pro-White for a long time. I think everything you said is totally correct. You can't expect everyone being paid by someone else to be trustworthy. Also, see what they do for your org and don't hand out clearance levels to those you don't trust (minimize that, also). The ones you would actually want can't speak freely there and are only in ZOG for training and experience themselves. They will also get out after one or two contracts. They will never be careerists. You should be able to tell who NPCs are and who actually does helpful things for your org. You should be able to evaluate beliefs instead of engaging in wishful thinking that everyone agrees with you. Someone who does not hate huge aspects of the System and who is not willing to operate against it can never be let near your orgs or any important information, assets, etc. If you thought you had "friends" who will not target ZOG, you need to break ties with them and make it appear as though it were about something else.
Some agree with you more and some don't care. The issue is that you don't assume anything or grant trust to those who haven't earned it or where it is unnecessary. If you could adopt your own economic structure and ranks and billets, quite a few of them would fall in line.
That would be the key thing to figure out if you can: do they believe schlomo's propaganda? I knew about the rottenchilds before my first tour, personally, but I had things to do. Based on how loosely and in such an undisciplined manner most would-be "revolutionaries" operate, I would have to say I made the right choice.
Stop believing enemy counterintelligence. It's quite likely that they caught networks where they weren't reported and that they wouldn't report real networks. Why would kikes that want you dead give you truthful information? Would you tell an enemy whose extermination you intended the truth? That's what I mean about civilians being fucking naive--disgustingly so. You have to fix your shit.
tl;dr: go ahead and trust someone after they've saved your ass multiple times and literally written your procedural manuals and kept your people from being killed or captured for a long time.
IME, US cops are already redpilled on niggers, so I think the propaganda OP calls for would suggest to a cop that niggers, spics, and Muslims are going to replace them, deliberately, by the actions of the government they work for. They should at least be aware of the Commie nature of cultural Marxism, but they might as well also know that local townships allow illegals to take construction jobs so that they can build cheap housing so that foreign tech workers can colonize their hometowns.

However, the general sentiment of this thread is probably correct: Cops have no loyalty to high ideals. They are out to "get theirs". They work with and marry nigs and spics, and if those cops were fully redpilled, they would be more likely to off themselves. Maybe there are some cops who are still susceptible to 1488 ideology, but they would be hard to reach and convert as we can be sure that they all get some sort of "If you see something, say something" training...

So then here's an idea, since cops are all trained to spy on each other, they (or at certain subgroups) can be turned against each other. They are pozzed because they are in a system where they feel protected and provided for. So how would you convert a cop against ZOG? Get them fired by ZOG. Guilt by association, planting pepe memes on their personal objects, sending an email about White replacement from one guy as another guy. Anything to zog-slave or slave-slave tension.

"Neo-Nazi", "infiltrated",... What a joke this newsspeak is. I guess every disgruntled citizen from here on out is a "Neo-Nazi infiltrating" our beautiful patriotic government, no doubt commanded by the "underground leader known as 4kike".
One day, a White man will have to stop the police and start building a new free society without Zionists.
Your article seems to say that he was dumb enough to search stuff about National Socialism and Hitler on his government computers, as well (as I think I recall from other articles) as just openly googling things about these people and their schedules, places of appearance, etc. He got weeded out because he had bad opsec.
meant for >>8686
>IME, US cops are already redpilled on niggers
Niggers are a business model for police. It's always very, very dumb people who don't understand this. If police and the kind of people who become police didn't have niggers, they'd invent them. They justify budgets, overtime, salary increases, military surplus hand-me-downs, scare captive White taxpayers into forking it all over, generate suburb and subdivision growth to create new municipal postings and requisite salaries. The police are in lockstep with the niggers in killing and extorting you.
(341.70 KB 1280x1811 cops.jpg)
Cops are literally normalniggers for the most part
(211.07 KB 1280x950 brit-police-redpill.png)
The poster in that thread made valid points, but the thread was archived because it reached bump limit (on cuckchan it's after 300 posts) not because of the highlighted posts.
I agree.
We see this everytime someone tries to protest but at some point begins to be too insistent, like the yellow vests in France.
I have also heard that in France many police officers who can't stand the situation their life put them into have killed themselves.
Instead the resto of the ruthless ZOGbots go on and cash in their salary, perpetuating the oppression by the state.
It becomes more and more difficult for ZOG to keep on the mask that hides its true authoritarian nature.
some militaries even make it policy that servicemen are not allowed to express political views
>some militaries even make it policy that servicemen are not allowed to express political views
Germany for example, police got reprimanded when they decorated their patrol car's mirrors with a, wait for it, german flag cover during the soccer world championship cuz mu neutrality lol
It goes without saying that leftist shit is tolerated nonetheless.
>I know a few policemen and soldiers, which are all very good guys
The cops are not my friends
Military, yes.
Cops - NEVER
kill yourself ZOGbot. Cops are trash and must be exterminated in order for the White race to survive. They are traitors.
We got a new sheriff in my town and he was acting like he was going to stop all the drugs in our countie. He did a few shitty raids against small time drug dealers their charges never even stuck most are out today. He beefed up his force and the counties bought new vechicles and built a new jail. So not only do I live a police state, theres still tweakers and drugs abound. Cops are pulling everyone over for the slightest thing. I dont get it, If they want us to live in a police state then why cant we get the good things that come a police state?
The next Hitler will come from a military background, not police.
dont feed the boomerbot
I didnt think I was
any post that starts "americans x" or "america is a police state" is boomberbot. look at the thread on /meta/ to familiarize yourself with its pathetic attempts at demoralization
(530.13 KB 460x295 x4o09nbo.bmp)
So where's all the articles about leftist/Commie/antifa/ infiltrators?

Oh wait i already know the answer. You should know too. The system is pro left wing extremism.

Pic related of civilian police hired antifa thugs seen working against GJ in collusion with french police to attack journalists and protestors in general. They can be seen in civilian clothes usually with the red armbands. They are armed by police and given weapons.


Yes, french police hired antifa, they are one of the same arm, the systems hired left wing terrorists. Because the french police and entire system are leftist Commie/marxist.
(1.92 MB 3500x2333 pwned.jpg)
The only good cop is a dead cop


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