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Creating a 5013c to funnel funds into our cause Anonymous 10/26/2019 (Sat) 09:19:49 No. 8736
Okay guys what do you think of this.

We make a 5013c in the state of our choosing. Then we create a website headed up by some of our top autists. We can then start owning property with the funds. We will build the ethnostate with our goybrothers tax free dollars. That way we can have the maximum amount of funding.

I was thinking we call it the WE foundation. Short for White Ethnostate. Well say its some normie bullshit.

>Pic related
is our current money situation.

We can buy property then give cheap rent to our kind. Also we can take control of the jewish Real Estate Empire.


Also, if any of you know where @Moniker is. Please report in. I have not seen him in a month. Bit worried.


Basically we need $1,000,000 to buy some property for the goyboys. How do we make that happen?

Run some GoFundme through Neinchan Lol?

We can run it through Tiblar
I suggest you read up on that. It's not as simple as lol no taxes. You sign away a lot of freedom and you and can be shut you down if you do or say anything they don't like.
hey bros, wtf is up. things are progressing well despite a few set backs, a lost phone and a partial greenhouse, which is no greenhouse btw (fucking contractors)
I'll get set back up on the *cord shortly
Anyone remember that NatSoc guy on infinitychan who was a Christian minister but a NatSoc privately and was going to take over a county in Maine, I think it was? He said elections were in August and his people were poised to win all positions in the county and govern it as National Socialists. I'll dig for screen caps anyone remember this guy? Anons differed whether he was a fed, LARPing or sincere. Infinity went down before he reported back his progress.
like this anon said 501c3's I think are pretty politically correct, I don't remember the reasoning but I was talking with someone about starting one and they looked in to the issue and concluded we wouldn't have freedom to promote the message we wanted to, but I don't remember the reasoning at all as to why
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