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(393.31 KB 474x700 Do roids, kids.png)
(1.24 MB 1075x1023 thick bitch.png)
MGTOW is the only way Jimmy Fitzsimmons 10/28/2019 (Mon) 02:16:26 No. 8982
You know how ninety percent of people are lemmings. That only applies to the male sex. Women are all lemmings, who, when set free, have only one prerogative: to a fill a hole.

They either fill that hole with food, children, or sex. They are degenerate creatures by their very nature, and that was why the men of generations past kept women under control.

As a new White Nationalist who was redpilled by Sandman, I recommend White men abandon women and continue the White race via in-vitro fertilization.

Let's say you do find a good women. Pic related is her after three to five children.
MGTOW benefits the enemy in a multi-cultural state. If White men "walk away" from White females, niggers and spics will just fuck them, and the White females will flaunt that out of spite. This is why multi-culturalism for Whites is so bad.

MGTOW functions as a tool of the enemy in this regard. I mean, in what reality do you think walking away will change anything for the better? You assume you are of such high value women will straighten up and chase you down. LOL.

the only hope for us is to get them right when they turn 18, or the age of consent which in some US states is lower. then impregnate them, then pray to God they don't abort. you cannot expect them to stay with you, and if you do get married, do it biblically, but not legally. (no marriage license which is really a corporate merger, this is how they financially fleece you.)

this is how our race lives through this time of mulitkuilti anarcho-tyranny. period. MGTOW's are idiots.
no. i have already clearly stated the strategy i believe in. in vitro, CRISPR, surrogacy will all bring dysfunctional people into this world. i dont support that shit.

my plan is what we should be using. simple and the best bet.
sandman is the most milktoast of mgtow content, his videos are 90% air and marshmellow cream ie fluff, if youre going to look into mgtow philosophy, stardusk, independent man, and barbarossa are the intellectuals and philosophical pwerhoses of the ideology...

that being said, mgtow does have a use and purpose, it is a great tool in a transitory sense, but as a destination, it is awful. when bluepill men are chewed up and spat out by their feminist girlfriends/ wives, its very helpful in recovering and getting a man to self actualize, to heal from wounds caused by unworthy women. for many, including myself, it was the first red pill taken, which led to another and another. as a final destiation, mgtow is harmful as it contributes to the the western white genocide; by lying down and accepting your fate as an incel, ensures no more white babies, society continues to unravel, which plays exactly into the hands of zog.
You don’t have to wait for in vitro, just by an egg from an egg donor and rent a womb from a surrogate mother. Sure it’s expensive, but it’s a lot cheaper than a high maintenance bitch (all girls with good genetics are that) and divorce, nothing can go wrong because everything is under your control.

Unfortunately most white girls have already fucked 2 niggers and a dog by 15. Gen Z girls are the furtherest left white demographic in history and they act the part.

However, we want white girls to flaunt their race mixing because it will wake up the lumpenproles to the degradation of their race.
(72.03 KB 1566x881 Anglin.jpg)
This. White women belong to the niggers right now. If you want to continue the White race, use surrogate mothers.
>redditnigger cuck thread
(498.45 KB 390x498 faggot_alert.gif)
>hello fellow racially aware whites can you stop trying to breed now?
This has been gone over already. Besides, MGTOW are homosexuals in denial anyways. inb4:
>b-b-but we believe in having irresponsible sex with women and dumping them
Cope for your faggotry at best. Nigger behavior at worst. Actually, you deserve to be put against the wall for reddit spacing.
>namefagging as our greatest american leaders is going to convince us
The sheer hubris. But here's a free (you) anyways because I'm not sure most people here would bother checking who I'm replying to if I just greentexted your post#
>belong to the niggers
They belong to the kikes, just like everything else under the influence of the judeo-american hegemony.

> You’re just not good enough, boyim. Go sodomize each other and pay taxes to support our goblin children.
White women to me are nothing but spoils of war to be raped by White Men after the Boogaloo. The survival of whites is the only thing that matters. If white women need to be raped by the few White men with high testosterone levels, then so be it.

Jewish feminists, on the hand, deserve to be raped with strap-ons that have serrated knives in place of a dildo, by white men.
(56.65 KB 194x195 but_that's_degenerate.png)
>I hate half of my own people
>The survival of my people is the only thing that matters
The levels of self-contradiction here never cease to amaze. Also, your obsession with rape makes it clear you're projecting your sadism. You aren't going to be doing any raping and neither is any sensible White man, and the boogaloo is not going down the way you imagine, mr. internet tough guy.
>Jewish feminists, on the hand, deserve to be raped with strap-ons that have serrated knives in place of a dildo, by white men
Case in point. Jewish feminists deserve to be disappeared, and I mean shot and buried or burned in the backwoods somewhere so their existence as a human face to attach to the evil they've done can be sent down the memory hole.
Our cause is the most holy and righteous, and that is the cause of fulfilling the creator's purpose and becoming a true master race through the merit of deed, through calculated eugenics, technological innovation, and conquest of this world. Those with skeletons in their closets like what you're advocating deserve no place in the Pantheon that is our race's history.
(397.14 KB 456x607 get_the_noose.png)
>The point is, White men need to become barbarians to survive
Sure we need the warrior gene to make a comeback but the boogaloo is not going down the way you think it is.
>The Greeks kept their women in line through rape. Why shouldn't we?
We aren't Greeks and Greek society failed. And our main problem has been refusing to cast aside tactics of the past that failed, especially concerning the past racial movements in Amurrica, and then wondering why no progress is being made.
>It keeps white women submissive to our authority.
Social pressure and lack of a government-backed economic incentive to divorce your spouse and seize all of his assets and offspring did quite a good job of that on its own.
>I'm a pure bred Anglo-Saxon hillbilly, created from my mother and father being 1st cousins
>Inbreeding's based.
This is some serious cope. Or judging by your habitual double spacing, I am beginning to suspect you're a r*ddit user come here to shitpost and/or perpetuate the "racially aware white man = inbred hillbilly" meme by screencapping your own posts as proof. So many problems here would be fixed if r*ddit spacing would be a bannable offense.
I'm not from Reddit, I'm from 4chan, and inbred hillbillies do tend to be more racially conscious than the general white population, as ninety percent of the general White population is composed of deracinated lemmings. Whereas Hillbillies are more racially conscious Whites than most urban, suburban, and rural white populations.

He'll, the average Amish person is more inbred than me, and I wonder if they're the only hope for our race, as they're one of the largest groups of Whites that breed above replacement.
>Literal optics cucking.
You're practising one of the failed strategies, faggot.
You both are so close yet so far. The first mistake you both made is assuming women are part of the white race. They aren’t even part of the human race, they’re only the matching 23 chromosomes to keep the white race going. Furthermore, they like rape too much for that to keep them in line as hillbilly suggests. The Bill Nye poster is forgetting how we got government subsidies for women in the first place, it’s not all the jews. The problem is women stopped being treated like property, commodities to be bought and sold. It was a slow process going back to roman times, at least, with no single culprit. But together you are fully aware of the current manifestations of the problem, which is most of the battle. But the old answers to the WQ were insufficient, we need a new regime unlike any before in subjugation of the female race.
This guy is a faggot.
Didn't read through all this thread but I find MGTOW to be pretty rational because:

>70% of divorces are initiated by women
>40% of marriages fail, and divorces negatively impact kids and men long-term
>many women are sluts and this reduces their ability to pair bond
>divorce court is anti-male and likely to take away kids
>good percent of women past a certain age are single moms, divorced, etc.
>"no fault" divorce exists

and beyond. I'm sure many of you know some of the stats, maybe you know all of them. Marriage seems like a game of Russian roulette. However, as long as you find the girl girl, it can still work out. It can just be ugly if it doesn't work out.

There needs to be more moral support of men who are divorced.

I am against in vitro fertilization as this is basically adultery.

If someone is going to marry today, they probably just need to make as decent of money as they can, and to marry a fairly young girl.

To me it just seems like a lot, I wouldn't expect it to work out for me but also wouldn't abandon hope.
>wasting hitler dubs on plebbit spacing
i dont think this site is for you
Good luck finding a white woman who is not a thot who has ridden and sucked too many cocks. Those of you who think that survival of the race means that we should oblige to some monster with tits, fuck you. If survival of the race means I will have to be a beta provider to some reformed slut, then you can have the race and breed as much as you like.
>Gen Z girls are the furtherest left white demographic in history
source please. i have been hearing that Z are the most conservative since the great generation. the last generational political disposition data i say did not actually show anything by sex, just the generation as a whole. that's why i want to see this data, because it was my theory that white millenial females are are 60-70% leftist.
>I'm not a Jew or a sadist, I'm a pure bred Anglo-Saxon hillbilly, created from my mother and father being 1st cousins.
i knew their were at least some funny jews out their
step 1: legalize prostitution. this will single handedly destroy the female sexual utopia of power, and the courts anti-man bias. paying for sex is a financial contract, and thats how you win in america.
step 2: refuse to physically defend any white woman who doesn't consent to being owned by you. this will take awhile to achieve, but all the feminist independent woman bullshit goes out the window really fucking quick when a bitch is scared to death of nigger, mexican and muslim gangs. she'll be searching for a man's arm to cling to. step 3: mass boycotts of all infrastructure maintenance until females become property again, with no human rights. bought and sold like cattle. the big secret is that all these feminist cunts want this. they want nothing more than to be absolutely controlled by physical force. they tell us this constantly.
step 4: with that age old problem back under control, we can swiftly have an infinitely more stable society.
The sane males of Gen Z are far-right. The Women are lefties, and the men are right wing. Right wing ideologies like this appeal to testosterone. Left wing ideologies appeal to estrogen. Simple as that.
You had the opportunity to retort with your own ideal female role and how it could be superior to his ideal, and you simply call him a faggot? You should be taking every opportunity to voice your ideas, assuming your ideas are worth voicing in the first place.

Calling him a faggot instead of countering his point gives his points a certain quality--that an opposing system is so hard to envision, that opponents are only able to call the proposer a faggot instead of defending their own better model.
>I'm not from Reddit
>I'm from 4chan
Well, color me surprised.
Still a faggot though
Am in uni, most all undergrads are gen z now. Any discussion of generational conservatism needs to keep in mind the relative ages, everyone becomes more conservative as they age, and women experience this more than men because the wall is so visible to them. For example, boomers could rightly be described as a leftist generation, that’s how they acted in their youth. It’s true your average gen z male is quite far right, being open to anti-feminism (in the Sargon of Akkad sense of the word, which is something) on the low end to outright holocaust denial if backed up with facts. Most are at a racial IQ differences level, which is far better than you would expect given their schooling.
On to women, millennial females were about 70% leftists at their peak, I think; they are moving right as they hit the wall, so maybe 60% now. Gen Z girls, like the boys, experienced a completely femcentric education designed to bribe them into supporting leftist authority figures by the unlimited power those figures offered them (until a nigger enters the room). After 12+ years of school, I would say 75% are leftists. I assume this number will drop, too, especially as some of them enter permanent relationships with gen z guys and have the male political philosophy imposed on them. But few seem to be entering these relationships; after all, a core tenet of fem-lefistism is the cartelization of sex by women. This is a means to keep as much power in the hands of women by control access to sex, doling it out to those willing to humiliate themselves. It’s pretty impressive, really, the things they can get guys to do. Furthermore, the ones that are conservative mostly only do so as a means to infiltrate male dominated groups and receive undivided attention. It would be a pessimistic situation if women were the main (or even a contributing) cultural shaper.

This. The old style white nationalist who fancied themselves the guardians of vulnerable whites were the most cucked people to ever live.
Keep in mind that when I say leftist, I’m mean the hardcore, borderline militant type. They think anyone arguing for a less than 70% marginal tax rate is pure evil and needs to be sent to a gulag, at least as far as woman is capable of holding such convictions.
>This is a means to keep as much power in the hands of women by control access to sex, doling it out to those willing to humiliate themselves.
They give it freely to some. Git gud bro. Is there a >>>/fit/ on nein?

>It’s pretty impressive, really, the things they can get guys to do.
That's on men.

>Furthermore, the ones that are conservative mostly only do so as a means to infiltrate male dominated groups and receive undivided attention.
Don't judge women based on some alt-right female talking heads. These people are attention whores, both male and female. They are not reality.
>half of my own people
Commie, plz.
Rape is a social construct.

This. This. This.

>voice your ideas
Your words are too long. She's just a dumb cunt. And nowadays she don't even need a vagina to be one.

>I would say 75% are leftists
No. 100% of them are leftists. It's just their biological imperative.

If only MGTOWs could stop themself from alienating incels they could become a foundation for the new jomsvikings.
>They give it freely to some
They give the allusion of control to some, but they will not hesitate to move to another guy if they feel like it, no matter how much of chad they’re with.

>That’s on men
It’s on boys.

>based on some alt-right female talking heads.
No such thing exists, unless you consider Milo to be alt-right. But that’s not what I’m thinking of. I’m talking about girls in Engineering who are only there to snag some beta-bucker or girls who play D&D to get fawned over in a fictional setting. The only two girls I know of who are genuinely interest in male dominated activities have been so high on the autistic spectrum that they could barely hold a conversion.

>100% of them are leftists
I’m talking about the bleeding heart types, see: >>9975 All women are leftist by nature, they only care that the chips get allocate equally because that’s a good way to raise siblings who are genetically identical, more or less. They never needed a more complex system of resource allocation; the likes male chiefs would be concerned with, where goods much be distributed justly amongst unequal men. As such, all women are egalitarian socialists of some stripe, which is the simplest and worst political philosophy imaginable. Another reason they should not get to have opinions.

>If only MGTOWs could stop themselves from alienating incels
The message needs to go from ignoring “modern” women to actively hating all women if they want incel support. The alliance of pickup artists, divorcees, and virgins is one of the most powerful political forces around. We need a generation of men who get a girl if they wanted (pua) but have never wasted the time (incel) because the know the consequences of associating with females (divorcee/MGTOW). It combines knowledge, hatred, and disdain.
I'm sure these posts are made by kikes. Think about how pointless these posts are. It doesn't get any more pathetic.
English not my native and I never had learn it. Deal with it.
Well, it’s not exactly what I mean but it looks you get the point.

If you watch you probably already saw this attentively
you can see a very simple thing. At all stages of the process, the main recipients of the subvert and it’s main driving force are outcasts. The bulk of the population is only an object for the normalization of outcast's ideas. They are passive in all stages. And it works just fine.
And who is the most outcasted part of morden society? It's not faggots, fanatics or criminals. It's incels.
Now, they obviously won't buy any MGTOW slogans or 14\88 mantras. They already have their identity as incels. Even if they not admitting it. Instead of alienate them with contradistinction them to MGTOW, just tell them what they already know. Not in a polite way. Spit it in their faces. With reminding them about dowry-based system. With the economic rationalization that what is happening is just a bubble in the cunt market. With the simple idea that punishing other man for woman infidelity is a right thing to do. Because stealing someone's cattle is an actual crime. Etc, etc.
Tell them they are oppressed. Tell them they deserve better. Radicalise them. Every day. Drop by drop. That's how you turn them to your side.
>White females will flaunt that out of spite
How do we get them to flaunt being with white men to spite the multicult?
>I recommend White men abandon women and continue the White race via in-vitro fertilization.
Fuck off degenerate. One should never put pussy on a pedestal and fail to realize that women are fundamentally overly emotional oversized children. Despite that, women have an important societal role and make up 50% of our race, I'm never going to abandon them, even if they do drive me crazy sometimes. Better yourself to your highest potential and then you will get a larger picking of women. Don't look for someone who is just a female version of you, you'll never find a good woman. The best wife would be an apolitical normalfag who isn't totally pozzed. They clearly exist.
Nice fetish fantasy, anon. But here's the real solution:

(1) start cracking down on extramarital sex
(2) make adultery a crime punishable by death like it was in the ancient world
(3) Establish government-assisted matchmaking programs for those who wish to opt in with parental consent
(4) Abolish the age of consent and promote young marriage (between young individuals no less than ten years apart) at the age of puberty, depriving girls and boys the chance to slut it around on the cock carousel, instead giving them stable monogamy and family life from a young age
(5) Ban pornography
(6) 'LEGALIZE POLYGAMY --The reproductive capacity of a woman is satisfied by a single man, while the innate nature of a man (by design) is to reproduce as much as possible. He can impregnate multiple women and never exhaust his reproductive capabilities. Islam recognizes this and takes a middle way by allowing a man up to four wives but no more, but only if he is able to support all four wives, and even then there are many restrictions on this. Monogamy, it could be argued, is a feminine institution. The superior males in an ethnically defined state should be encouraged to have as many children and wives as can be reasonably supported. Distinguished military service allows one to have more wives.
>(6) Ensure endless war
You are a dipshit if you think monogamous marriage benefits women over men. I'll say this, women benefit more from polygamy, because a woman would rather have 25% of a winner than 100% of a loser. Monogamous marriage benefits all men who aren't chads.

You could also say that women do benefit from not being in a country that is constantly at war because of excess males who don't have any reason (a family) to not fuck shit up and burn it all down. But that's a more long term thing.
MGTOW was created by faggot jews don't you know?

Jew: Don't reproduce goy, you don't need women when you have bromance
>In Chapter 8, Tacitus describes that the opinions of women are given respect. Tacitus further discusses the role of women, mentioning that they often accompany the men to battle and offer encouragement. He says that the men are often highly motivated to fight for the women because of an extreme fear of losing them to captivity.
>In Chapter 11, Tacitus describes a form of folk assembly rather similar to the public Things (folkesmōt) recorded in later Germanic sources where, in these public deliberations, the final decision rests with the men of the tribe as a whole.
>In Chapter 18, Tacitus says that the Germans are mainly content with one wife, except for a few political marriages, and specifically and explicitly compares this practice favorably to other "barbarian" cultures, perhaps since monogamy was a shared value between Roman and Germanic cultures.
>In Chapter 19, Tacitus also records that adultery is very rare, and that an adulterous woman is shunned afterward by the community regardless of her beauty.
>De Origine et situ Germanorum
>-Publius Cornelius Tacitus
Men will always worship pussy like the dogs that they are.
Fucking cuckolds. You will become a slave to a woman who will turn your child into fuck meat for her black boyfriend/pit bull.
Only under a society that follows the bible and remains obedient to their spouse, can society function.
Until then, MGTOW and beta bux I suppose.
Gotta love Yuri. But you are right, 1% create the ideas, 9% spread them, and 90% passively consume. or however that saying goes. We need to reach the 9% now. They are normie enough to not buy 14/88 or even MGTOW, but can still understand the idea that they are oppressed and need to act in their own self interest, as you say. Remind them that they can't get a wife, something all their ancestors had but is now denied to them, not through some fault of their own or "society," but because people made it that way, and those people have names and addresses. I wonder what the best way to go about is, now. Would bringing the word "incel" into common parlance be enough, remind them what their place in the world is and get them angry about it?

White women fuck dogs and horses. They only way to get them to fault being with White men is to make it the only thing they can flaunt. You will sooner turn all the jews into matzah than have the kind of social control to do what is necessary to make that happen. Not that it's impossible, but one step at a time.


READ HOPPE, footnote 53: https://mises.org/library/short-history-man-progress-and-decline/html/p/526
But really, you all shouldn't even care about what women want to what will make them happy. You need to balance man's desire to copulate with many women with the finite number of front holes in world and man's limited resources to support their existence. I don't think there is a good answer, which I why I would leave it unregulated. In fact, I would leave it all unregulated, government match making programs are just going to mate prime specimens with genetic waste so long as costs are separated from benefits, as they always are whenever the government does something.

That's great and all, but you can see where the cucking started. Men should not be motivated to do anything because of women.

Why did you just say two contradictory statements?
Sounds pretty gay.


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