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Defeating the Boomerbot Mourning_Star (Admin) 10/28/2019 (Mon) 03:27:37 No. 8998
Greeting Citizens,

In an effort to purge the boomerbot, ive been shoah'ing the following types of posts/threads:

plebbit spacing = post deleted
"x is police state"=post deleted
"Wow."= post deleted
"bill of rights is repealed" = post deleted
"any incoherent paradoxical bullshit that reads like boomerbot post" = post deleted
supporting or being a subhuman (subhumans include but are not limited to: trannies, redditors, any person of any race that is not white, anyone with a sub 100iq and any person with leftist political views. [definition may be subject to change]) = permanent ban

Please avoid posting in the fashions listed above, and your posts will not be deleted, if it reads like a boomerbot demoralization blackpill shill post, it will be shoah'd.

Thank you for your cooperation and helping keep neinchan booomerbot free, Citizen.

That is all.
Edited last time by blackjack on 11/01/2019 (Fri) 19:26:42.
Please report all suspected boomerbot posts so they may be marked for review and/or deletion. just list 'boomerbot' in the reason.

Godspeed anon, you're doing the work of the lord

Neinchan is a police state

Also remember to donate to Israel, our greatest ally

have you fixed the report window? captcha never worked.
youre not boomerbot, you forgot the paradoxical word salad about how american should chop their thumbs off because, theyre born into prison, and how jews having big noses and the air being free is unrelated... also about tromp repealing the bill of rights and other some such nonsense
thanks for sorting me out...i got caught up in this i think due to spamming mein kampf...lol, won't do it again and understand how it happened but can we please get pdf support?
we really need to have books available for anons.
>spamming mein kampf
that was you in the thread about nigger stats? damn bro, this wall of text was defo uncalled for there no disrespect to Hitler, tho
yeah...i know,i'm ashamed, i had been drinking...no excuse i know.
i offer apologizes.
...but seriously, we really need pdf support here, the audio file and clip i have of chapter 6 are both too big, couldn't just post the pdf and say read XI, so in a cringe spreg moment of poor judgement that's what ya got. lol....again, no excuses, i own what i did, total tard move and I'm sure my embarrassment will prevent me from doing it again...at least that's something eh?
...also wtf are the mods doing?
they banned me for that yesterday, apparently removed the ban, so i could post above and then banned me again for the same reason?
either the mods are on crack or there's a bot run amok....i had to switch vpn's to even post this....
all well, maybe op was somewhat pissed but no harm done. i was just looking like wtf at the thread filling up with text and drowning out that little contribution i had to offer haha

next time perhaps upload pdfs at doublechan or nano and just link them here

btw, checked lol
lol, or just link to one of the hundreds of archive.org uploads where it's already stored...like i said, i wasn't thinking right yesterday...probably deserved a 24 hour ban just to sober my stupid ass up but they trying to ban me for 4 years. lol
i dont ban, i just clean boards of boomerbot, spam, and illegal shit, only way i'd ban is you posted chilled pepsi.

although plebbit spacing does tempt me to wield the banhammer
(9.51 KB 794x216 Untitled.png)
i keep getting this when i try to post, then it goes away and i can post again in a few minutes...kinda weird.
Probably range ban from before boomerbot got vpn, appeal it, but you already can post, so it's moot point
as you say, moot point, still wanted to make jannies aware in case there's something going on, on the back end...it would suck to lose new posters because they get this message and don't investigate further....lol, but then again i'm not sure we'd want them if they didn't try a bit harder to post...
(130.74 KB 1441x765 boomerbot 1.png)
its afraid
its trying to adapt.

your days are numbered
Hey report button still does not work.
Someone is spamming pictures of some faggot with a nose piercing in all threads, fucking up the catalog.
Fucking Jew
yeah its an old mod he is extremely autistic and gay
he shoved a hairbrush up his ass and stabbed his balls with a plastic for so that a 14yr old trap could assfuck him
just dont give him any attention
Edited last time by blackjack on 11/01/2019 (Fri) 19:29:27.
>stabbed his balls with a plastic fork
Ahem, anyways..
>subhumans include but are not limited to: trannies, redditors, any person of any race that is not white, anyone with a sub 100iq and any person with leftist political views.
Now That's my kind of anon!


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